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Urban Design Projects - Fakultät VI Planen Bauen Umwelt - TU Berlin

Urban Design Projects - Fakultät VI Planen Bauen Umwelt - TU Berlin

10 3 ECTS / Sustainable

10 3 ECTS / Sustainable Urbanism / ISR Verantwortlich: Rafael Pizarro in English! The environmental crisis brought about by climate change and the nearing energy crisis that will result from the end of cheap oil have given new currency to the notion of sustainability and sustainable development. Sustainable urbanism is arising as the only viable urban design and planning paradigm to address the environmental and energy problems. The societal demands on action to mitigate global warming and to develop cities powered by alternative sources of energy suggest that all dimensions of planning and urban design (urban form, aesthetics, culture, politics, economics, and governance, for example) will have to be based on an ecological paradigm. This module exposes the student to state-of-the-art knowledge on sustainable urban environments and to the new so-called carbon-neutral, zero-carbon, low-carbon, green, eco-, or sustainable cities. The module ties together all the theoretical and normative strands that constitute what we now know as sustainable urban design, development, and planning. It provides students with knowledge on how to plan and design urban environments that are compact, pedestrianised, which meaningful, lively, and socially rich public places and that rely on alternative sources of energy for public transport and to power private vehicles. In addition, students will learn how to include within urban districts sustainable infrastructure systems to generate electricity, recycle wastewater and solid waste, and produce food. Overall, the course aims at developing a practical and critical understanding of sustainable urban design and development. Mi 10:00 bis 12:00 13.04.2011 bis 13.07.2011 Bauingenieurgebäude - B 319 wöchentlich

3 ECTS / Urban Design Lecture Series / ILaUP Verantwortlich: Giseke Lecture Series Urban Design The “Lecture Series Urban Design” delivers basic knowledge in the field of Urban Design for Master Degree students. The series reveal positions on Urban Design in the context of related disciplines. Three departments, the Department of Architecture, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning as well as the Department of Landscape Planning and Environmental Design organize this class in close cooperation. Requirements: Presence in the lectures Critical commentary of 1000 words, deadline July 25th 2011 at FG Giseke. Or Ad Hoc design ……. in English! Mi 16.00 bis 18.00 Uhr Erweiterungsbau - EB 202 13.04.2011 bis 13.07.2011 wöchentlich PI Module Stand 8.03.2011 Urban Design Lecture Series Coordination SoSe 2011 - FG Giseke- ILAUP Contact: María F. Agudelo Ganem__ Bettina Nr. Date Block Topic responsable Chair Institute 1 13.04.2011 Positions on U D Introduction ILAUP U. Giseke ILAUP 2 20.04.2011 Positions on U D Introduction ISR Henckel - Uttke ISR 3 27.04.2011 Positions on U D Introduction IfA Zillich-Richter-Carlow IfA 4 04.05.2011 Urban Governance Power Henckel ISR 5 11.05.2011 Urban Governance Participation/Resistance Stollmann -M. Heyden IfA 6 18.05.2011 Urban Governance Informality I Herrle IfA 7 25.05.2011 Urban Governance Informality II J.Stollmann IfA 8 01.06.2011 Sustainability Social Sustainability Henckel - Flecken ISR 9 08.06.2011 Cultural Constructions Urban Landscapes Giseke - Agudelo Ganem ILAUP 10 15.06.2011 Cultural Constructions Infrastructural Urbanism K. Zillich IfA 11 22.06.2011 Cultural Constructions Utopia Stollmann - S. Bartoli IfA 12 29.06.2011 Sustainability Economy D. Henckel ISR 13 06.07.2011 Sustainability Mobility Herrle-Alfaro d'Alencon IFA-ILS 14 13.07.2011 Cultural Constructions Space Production U. Giseke ILAUP Room__ EB202 Every Wednesday from 4 - 6 pm c.t. * Please notice you should organise the technical infrastructure yourself Output__ Critical Paper or Ad hoc design 11

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Aufgabe 2 (PDF) - Urban Research and Design Laboratory - TU Berlin
Aufgabe 2 (PDF) - Urban Research and Design Laboratory - TU Berlin