Klinische Syndrome mit Dysraphien - ASbH


Klinische Syndrome mit Dysraphien - ASbH

Syndrome mit Spina bifida 3

Maternal diabetes syndrome

Maternal hyperthermia syndrome

Mathias (1987) - X-linked laterality sequence

Medeira (1994) - neural tube defects; cleft lip and palate; limb reduction

Melanocytosis-neural tube defect

Ochoa - odd facial expression; hydronephrosis

Omphalocele-Exstrophy of bladder-Imperforate anus-Spinal defects


Patel (1988) - renal agenesis; meningomyelocele; mullerian abnormalities

Peters-Bankier - myelomeningocele hypothyroidism-sensorineural


Quelle: Oxford Medical Database

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