aller - Zermatt Marathon

aller - Zermatt Marathon

And again from St. Niklaus to Riffelberg

Dear runners, again, for the 11th time, we will be ready to host

the Zermatt Marathon on the 07th of July 2012 in our valley

within the Wallis Alps.

The Zermatt Marathon has over the past 10 years, managed to

develop itself into one of the most important summer events

in the upper Wallis region. The fact that our marathon is gaining

in popularity every year, is thanks not only to our loyal

marathon smitten runners, but also to our many volunteers

who make this run possible. Without our loyal runners and

volunteers, the event would never even get off the ground.

That is why we are anticipating you and many keen new marathon

participants to join us again this year. We know that

you are well and truly into your training, and that you will be

ready to take part in the Zermatt Marathon. With this training,

you are strengthening your body and preparing yourself for

the challenge ahead.

What does Jürgen Weineck say?

«If only medication existed which closely replicated regular

endurance training, thereby reducing degenerative pulmonary

diseases, we could not afford to buy it.»

In that spirit, I as the OK-President, again welcome you this

year. To reach the finish line at the Riffelberg will be your biggest

personal victory, second only, to the euphoria of having

finished the entire 42,195 km course.

I hope to see you all on the 07th July 2012 at the


Your truly, OK-President

Stefan Truffer

At our race everybody

is a winner!

A warm welcome to the 11th Zermatt Marathon

the run at the foot of the most beautiful mountain

in the world!

Dear Runners,

You can count yourself one of the lucky ones- you are

healthy, your legs have carried you along many untold training

kilometres throughout the surrounds, having discovered

the pure joy of running outdoors in nature. You have the

ambition and the courage to run a mountain marathon. Not

just any mountain marathon, the Zermatt Marathon, starting

in St. Niklaus, in the deepest valley in Switzerland, and ending

on the Riffelberg with amazing views onto the majestic

Matterhorn as well as 28 other four thousand meter summits.

Whether this is your first mountain marathon or you just

prefer natural tracks to asphalt, the feeling along the way is

the same. All your stresses dissolve, your tapping into natures

power and feeling invigorated. Your body sometimes even

feels lighter, even though your legs are slowly getting heavier.

And the incredible emotional climax, which overwhelms

you when crossing the finish line, is exactly the reason you

will always remember this unique, incomparable moment.

Dear runners, for your personal Zermatt Marathon, I personally

wish you lots of power in your legs, courage in your

heart and a wonderful running experience in the Valais

Region and its natural sorrounds.

Introduction by Andrea Schneider,

Managing Director,

Zermatt Marathon


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