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Dear OME readers!

Dear OME readers!

Welcome to the 2014 autumn edition of the

OME magazine! We have put together a fantastic

magazine for you with lots of different

texts written by students from the 5th grade to the 8th

grade. This year we also have a new editorial team, with

only a few people remaining from last year’s team. The

new members have worked really hard over the last few

weeks and brought some fresh ideas to the magazine. It

was great to have them as well as the “older” members on


Inside the magazine you can read about this summer’s

craze, the Ice Bucket Challenge, or about Budapest’s Secret

Rooms. You can travel All Around The World with our articles

on Bali, Africa or Slovenia, find out more about the

recently successful Gömböc project and catch up on all the

celebrity gossip.

We hope you enjoy the last magazine of the year 2014 and

we would like to thank Mr. Mayr and Mr. Atkins for his

help and advice.

Last year we had a photo competition about Budapest. This

year we will have another one. The theme is: OME School

You need to keep the following rules:

* Someone needs to be in your photo.

* Take portrait format pictures in the highest resolution

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* The picture needs to be taken either inside or outside the


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Ryan Arnott 8c



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Marcell Barts 8A


from Napoleon

by Lilien Gruber & Ryan Arnott

Can you believe that?

by Péczely Tallai Emma


Sack Russia!!

6 hours ago


Got an extra 10,000 horses?

5 hours ago

…people say ”Bless you” when you sneeze,

because at that moment your heart stops for a



We’ll need lots of cheese and

baguettes for the trip!

4 hours ago


Idc! I don’t like Russian food …

3hours ago

… the car ”Beetle” was Hitlers dream!


Elba is boring...

2 hours ago


Well… I used to like Waterloo…

1 min ago

What is it?

by Miklós Molnar 6B

It lives in the sea and it’s poisonous.

It’s bigger than a mouse and it’s as big as a small


It doesn’t swim fast because it has feet.

It lives near the Galapagos islands but only a

small group people have ever seen it.

It has a scary face.

It can’t kill anybody but you must pay attention.

You can find the solution on the next-to-last page.

…a majority of the world’s population of

roughly eight billion people do not use toilet


… American computer scientists tested the

speed of the dolphin´s brains. It was found out

that it is six times faster than the human brain.


ALS Ice bucket challenge

by Robi Hanson 7B

ALS is a very bad disease and there is not so much chance to survive this disease. This disease attacks

the nervous system. The ALS Association needs more money so they started the ALS ice bucket challenge.

For this challenge you first need a bucket, then fill the bucket with water and ice, then throw

the bucket over your head, make a video and nominate 3 other people. At the end you have to give a

DONATION. Many people don’t donate, they only join, but the reason for the challenge is the donation.

I also did the ALS ice bucket challenge and donated $ 15 to the ALS. It was great fun, but cold.

Beside me more than a million people have made the challenge, among them famous ones such as

Bill Gates and Bastian Schweinsteiger…. and the final result was $ 115 million has been raised. A few

famous people have this disease for example: Steven Hawkings and George Yardley... I’m very happy that

my family and I don’t have this disease.



by Lilla Sátorhelyi 6B

On Friday, the 26th of September we ( 6B ), 6A and the 5B left the school after the second lesson. Mr. Mayr and Mr.

Neuschmid escorted the class 6B, 6A went with Mr. Zehetner and Mr. Szűcs. Class 5B was accompanied by Mrs.

Mayr and Mr. Riesz. We went by bus and tramway. After half an hour we arrived at the cinema but we had to wait

some more time for class 6A. Then the German film Sputnik began. The name comes from the first Russian spaceship.

It was 90 minutes long. The movie was about a girl who lived in West-Germany. Her name was Erika. She lost

her uncle and was very joyless. Erika built a time machine with her friends. Soon the wall tumbled between West and

East Germany . This way her uncle could come back. I think the film was very interesting and no one had problems

understanding it. Afterwards we went back to the school. This day was very great!

Dangers of

the Internet

by Andras Varga 8A

My class 8a did a project about the dangers of the internet. We were trying

to open up each other’s eyes about what could happen to you if you don’t

watch out on the internet. Everyone was surprised what we found out about

this topic. Like even hackers could watch you through your web camera and

you wouldn´t even know it.

Inspired by this project, I had an idea to do make a survey about how the students

use the internet. I asked my classmates the following questions:

How many hours do you use the internet for school ?

On average how many hours a week do you use the internet ?

On which website do you spend the most time ?

Which social network do you use the most ?

The results were very interesting. Most of the student use social media such

as Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. What I also found interesting was most

of the students don’t use English news portals on a daily basis. Mostly only

Hungarian sites and video providers like YouTube or indavideo. They also regularly

use it between 30min to 1 hour daily, most of them even more. They

(myself included) use it from 1 hour to 4 hours a day.

Photos: Placards of our presentations.



As we thought we didn´t really know much about our

principal, Mrs. Stanzer, we asked her for an interview.


Mrs Stanzer:

Is it hard to coordinate

the school?

No, it’s a pleasure, because we

have a very good team of

teachers and a lot of nice

pupils and parents.

by Franka Tóth &

Alina Benedek 7B


Mrs Stanzer:


Mrs Stanzer:


Mrs Stanzer:


Mrs Stanzer:



Mrs Stanzer:


Mrs Stanzer:


Mrs Stanzer:


Mrs Stanzer:


Mrs Stanzer


Mrs Stanzer:

What makes a good teacher?

The first thing that makes a

good teacher is that he/she has

a good character and a good

personality. A good teacher

needs values, for being a good

teacher it’s necessary to like

children and young people. Of course it’s very important that a good teacher is competent about what

she/he’s teaching. A good teacher must love learning because that’s a lifelong duty for everyone.

A good teacher should be patient and polite. And I could tell you hundreds and hundreds of things.

But personality and being a role model is always important.

What was your best experience with students?

I can’t tell you any story. It’s always very interesting. Some students come back to see the school and

tell the teachers about their experiences. We learn a lot from them and they help us to stay up to date.

How can you remember all the kids’ names?

I think the schoolhouse is only a building. Without the children it wouldn’t be anything and most

important are the children. I walk through the building and I try to connect the names and the faces.

It’s not easy because, meanwhile, people grow and some faces change a lot and some of them don’t.

Do you enjoy teaching students?

Yes. I’m sorry that I’m not teaching students but the school is big and I can´t manage both.

What’s the biggest change in the school since you’ve been here?

A school is like a living thing. We did a lot of renovations like we changed the toilets. It’s necessary because

the building is getting older. We are still a Catholic school and our job is still the same; to teach

and make students ready for life. And I wish to continue what the first schoolmaster, Mr. Brychta,

built up.

When did the school start?

In September 1995 the school started under the name O.M.E school.

When and where did you start teaching students?

I began to teach in September 1979 in Tirol, Austria, in a small village.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

Yes. I knew that I’m going to be a teacher since I was 10 years old. And I never had a doubt about it.

But I worked not just as a teacher.

Do you support the students to make the OME Magazine?

Yes, I do

Do you read the OME Magazine?

Every time there’s an OME Magazine I read it, more than once even, and I show it to everyone because

I’m very proud of it. I’m one of the biggest OME Magazine fans.:)

Thank you for the interview.

You´re welcome!

ÖSB: What are the changes?

by Tilki Tekla 8A

I asked the former EUS student Anna von der Bank

about the changes in her new school. She said, that

everything was different. In the ÖSB you have to take

notes in every lesson because without notes you can’t

write a test. She also said that the tests are longer,

they usually take 2 hours. Furthermore they have

smaller check-ups, repetitions and they have a lot of

homework. Anna´s class has less classes than we do,

but they learn as much or even more. In the ÖSB there

are also optional lessons, like Italian, volleyball, maths,

IT, chess or art. I think it is cool that the students can

choose between different subjects. Anna doesn´t

have a desk drawer but she has a school locker. In the

gymnasium there is a snack bar and free WiFi which is

available for every student. Anna really likes the ÖSB

and I hope I will get the chance to like it too.

Model City

by Zalán Barts 6B

In the last Geography lessons we learned about cities and urban

development. It´s an interesting topic and soon we had the idea

to build our own paper model cities. We were divided into two

groups. The first group started to build Vienna which is a typical

European city and the other one chose to build an oriental

city. At the same time class 6A started to work on a typical US

and a futuristic city. Finally we want to present our cities to

each other.

We had about seven lessons to do that. Each team had two

group leaders who told everyone else what they had to do.

Some had to build houses, some designed green areas or streets

and some glued all the buildings on a large base plate.

The result are two fantastic

cities. I think both did a

great job but I´m in the

European group so I like it

better. If you are interested

in this project you should

visit us on the Open Day.

We are going to display the models next to our classroom.



Gömböc? I’ve never heard of it!

What is a Gömböc? A gömböc or gomboc is a convex three-dimensional homogeneous body which, when

resting on a flat surface, has just one stable and one unstable point of equilibrium. It was invented by two Hungarian

scientists called Gábor Domokos and Péter Várkonyi. They invented it in 2006.

Classes 5A, 5B, 6A and 6B did a project on this Gömböc with the help of the teachers as well as the painter

Christa Bartesch, acting instructor Kaposvári Anikó and filmmaker Donát Kopek.

Class 5A

by Craig Arnott 5A

My class, 5A, created scenes for the Gömböc Project. These scenes were about bad grades, losing our

friend, skiing, having bad hair, being bullied, struggling in a game and getting a brand-new jumper wet.

But things always turned out well in the end, we “stood up” again.

Dr. Anikó Kaposvári helped us to make the scenes better. We worked on the project for about two weeks

and I think the result showed this hard work. The teamwork was very good and we were all happy with

each other’s scenes, as was Mrs. Reichl.

Class 5B

by Julian Krenn 5B

Our class worked with a

painter, Christa Bartesch,

which was really fun. First

she told us what the whole

project was about. After that,

we played a game where we

had to kind of “fall into each

other´s arms” and hope the

other person catches you.

We also watched a film about

a special turtle which can get

back to its feet from all positions

– just like a “gömböc”.

Then, we had to draw a turtle.

When we were finished

we had to form a group of six people. Together we drew five turtles. The first one stood upright, the second one was

tilted a bit, the next one was completely on her back and the other two rolled back. Finally, we presented a show

where we had a PowerPoint presentation about our project and some talking. It was really fun.

Class 6A

by Thomas Kinnell 6A

The Gömböc is an object which always goes back to its original position.

This means for us children that when we feel bad or when

something wrong happens it will always get better.

In my class, 6A, everyone drew a

turtle and made a slide show with

our drawings. In the slide show a

turtle was turning around. We had

lots fun together.

At the end we made a video of the turtle in different locations. Ábel, our classmate made this video. At the

school performance we talked about „Gömböc“ and we showed a slide show. Mr. Zehetner and Mrs. Krista

Barts helped us with the whole project.

Class 6B

by Ödön Terényi 6B

On the second

day everyone

had to write

down his/her

ideas. Then we

wrote synopses

about them, and

voted which ones are the best and which ones we should make a film of.

The next day Donát came back with the screenplays. We split the groups. Everybody

got his/her work. There were actors, directors, cameramen, scripters

and sound technicians everywhere.

Last day we filmed the films. But sadly not everyone could make a scene.

Approximately a month ago there was the great performance. The three

classes 5a, 5b, and 6a performed their works. And last, but not least, we

came. The whole class went on the stage. After the films were shown we

got a giant applause. I think everyone from the class enjoyed the project

and it was a hundred times better then having ordinary lessons at school.

In my opinion the „Gömböc” project in our class, 6b,

was really fun. We were the highlights of the show,

because we made a films about the „Gömböc” effect.

Last spring Donát Kopek came to us. On the first day

we were speaking about „Gömböc” and the „Gömböc”

effect in people’s lives. You are probably wondering,

what’s actually a „Gömböc”? Well, it’s just like a tumbler,

but it doesn’t have weight at the bottom, so it’s

homogeneous. It is the only form with these abilities.

Photo: Vini and a Gömböc.

The Secret Room

by Lilien Gruber 8C

Last year´s OME editorial team.

Last semester our teacher, Mr. Mayr, invited us to join him on a surprise excursion. On a Friday he

took us to a place called “the secret room”. Even when we arrived we had no clue what it meant; the

secret room?

We were soon to find out. We were separated into 2 groups. One group consisted of all 8th graders

and the other one of the 7th graders. Back then I was in grade 7.

Then a man who was working there explained to us the meaning of the secret room. We were locked

into a room and we had to manage to get out in 60 minutes max. But it was not that easy. We could

not just break the door. We had to solve a lot of different logical exercises to get the secret code to

the door to get out. The 8th graders went to a room where they had to unlock the door plus they

had to deactivate a bomb. We, the seventh graders, went to another room. We were locked into a

pyramid. The challenge was that we had to open 2 extra doors to get the four numbers of the code

for the front door. At first we had no idea how we should get out because the first math exercise was

quite difficult. But in the end we could manage to escape. The whole activity was really entertaining.

One hour passed really quickly. Afterwards, Mr. Mayr invited us for an ice cream.

I had an amazing day. I initially already liked working for the editorial team, but after this trip I even

loved it. I am sure that this year working for the Magazine is also going to be amazing and a good

possibility to improve my writing skills. Moreover, I am sure I will still have a lot of fun.


by Bálint Komáromi 7B


My sisters and I are doing a very interesting and complicated

sport which is called vaulting. This sport isn´t very popular

in Hungary. What it is

about? It’s like an extreme

sport, because you have to

do various acrobatic movements

on the back of a horse

while the horse is running

around. We also do it in pairs which is called ‘pas de doux

‘or as a group when there are three of us on the back of the

horse at the same time.

You have to react to the music, to the horse and to your

partners and to be acrobatic. You have to be strong to hold

up yourself or another person and you need to have good

reflexes to stand on the back of the horse. You have to concentrate

very much on what you are doing because you don’t

want to hurt the horse, your partners or yourself.

I love the challenge. That’ why I like vaulting.


by Ryan Arnott 8C

Curling is a sport which was invented in Scotland.

You have eight heavy granite stones which you have

to slide into the target area. The target is made out of

four circles and the closer you get to the middle, the

better the shot is. There are two teams of four. Both

teams have eight stones. Two players (the sweepers)

can influence the path of the stone by sweeping the

floor in front of it.

The strategy is to make sure you let the stone slide on

the ideal path. If you let it go on the correct path, the

stone will go towards the middle of the circles. It’s not

that easy though, because the other team can push

your stone out of its place.

If you would like to try it out, you don’t have to go

to Scotland, there is a curling rink in Kamaraerdő,


Photo:World Champion Dorottya Palancsa and me.


by Franka Tóth 7B


by Dorothy Szép &

Anna Ondrusek 7B

Bogi Sipos from class 7B is a great

athlete. Read our interview!

I started basketball 7 years ago in kindergarten. Since

then I have been playing on a Hungarian team in Vasas.

We have won Hungarys best team 3 times in our category.

We also play in other countries like Italy and Slovakia.

I love basketball because, when we have training,

we always have fun! But our trainings are not just fun,

we are training also very hard. It’s sometimes very hard

but the hard work helps us win lots of games. I love basketball

because I have lots of fun when I play it!

Floor exercises

OME: When did you start wrestling?

Bogi: In 2006.

OME: Why did you start wrestling?

Bogi: Because I spent a lot of time at the trainings of

my brother and I really liked it.

OME: When was your first competition? What did you win?

Bogi: My first competition was the “Érd Kupa” in 2006

and I won it.

OME: What was the most important competition for you?

Bogi: The Hungarian Championship and the Students

Olympics. I finished third in both competitions.

OME: How can you arrange the trainings and the studying?

Bogi: I have training after school till about five o’clock. I

go to training every day. If I have a long day at

school, I study after the training.

OME: Well,thank you for the interview. We wish you

good luck and a great future wrestling.

by Teresa Windbichler 7B

I love „floor acrobatics“because it is very difficult!!! I´ve been

practising this sport for about one year. There are 4 children

from my class: Lili, Kata, Janka and I. Our trainer´s name is

Bobi (Barbara Simon) and I think she is the best floor acrobatics

trainer in the world. She teaches us the Rondart, balancing,

saltos; handspring,... .

Bobi told me that I can go to a competition in 4-5 months.

I´m going to dance to the song” Rock DJ”. I think it is a good

song because it has a good rhythm. Now I´m learning the

salto and the handspring, but it is very difficult. The other

children learn other things, for example handstand or roll. I

LOVE floor acrobatics! It´s simply the BEST!:)



by Réka Bosits 8A

Geocaching is an outdoor, environmentally

friendly activity. The word geocaching comes

from Greek geo and English cache words.

This hobby combines modern techniques;

Internet, GPS, hiking and tourism together.

It’s based on treasure hunting.

It started on the 3rd of

May, 2000 when the first

geo box was hidden and its

coordinates were shared

on the net.

Geocaching means that someone - a geocacher

- places a waterproof box with a notebook

containing a password and coordinates in an

outlying place, which is interesting in some

aspects such as geography, history or culture.

These coordinates, along with other details of

the location, are posted on the website.

The participants look for the box using the coordinates.

If they find a box with the help of GPS, they need to

record their result in the logbook and online and must

return everything to the right place so that other geocachers

may find it. The finder is allowed to take objects

from the box except the logbook and pencil, but have

to leave something of similar value there in exchange.

They can share personal experience and photos on the


The game is popular worldwide and is practised in a lot of countries. In Hungary, the first container was placed on

the 24th of June, 2001 and nowadays there are over 3800 boxes.

When we are on holiday in an unknown place with my family, we always look for geo boxes so we can find special

historical or geographical places. I recommend it to everyone because it includes hiking, excitement and you can

get to beautiful places where you wouldn’t go otherwise.


by Rudolf Rózsahegyi 7B

My hobby is playing the guitar. When I hear a good song or a song that´s special for me I always print the chords

of the song out and listen to it on YouTube. Then I begin to learn it . When I want and my dad has got some

time, I ask him: ”Do you want to play this song on the guitar?’’ He often likes the idea. So we learn it together.

After we learned it my sister joined our

band. So we’ve got 3 members. The only

member of the family who doesn´t play in

the band is my mom. She’s video shooting

our appearance. Oh and I forgot my

grandma. Fortunately she doesn´t sing

in the band. (She doesn´t sing very well).

Sometimes my sister wants to sing a

song and she asks me to accompany her

on the guitar. Often, after I studied hard,

I sit down with my guitar and play a song.

Playing the guitar makes me happy and

comforts me. When I was 8 my dream

was to play the guitar in a famous band. That was a silly dream, I think, but it was cool to dream about it. I recommend

everyone learn to play the guitar. It’s a wonderful feeling when I play my favourite song.


byVilmos Bábel 8A

Last Christmas when I got my LEGO EV3 Mindstorms as a

present, I opened it at 6 p.m. and worked on my first robot till

7 a.m. in the morning. At first I built everything by plan but,

after a while, I started to make my own robots. I built a robot,

used it for two days, then took it apart and made a new one. I

got obsessed with my new hobby because it was entertaining

in many ways and because I actually made something productive.

The Mindstorms EV3 is just perfect if you want to do

robotics as a beginner. I went to the USA in the summer to attend

a robotics camp at Concordia University in New York. At

the camp we worked with the latest LEGO Mindstorms and

programmed our own robots. It was really nice to meet others

who have the same hobby as I do and the camp also improved

my English. I wrote a few articles into my blog (www.robotx. about the EV3 and robotics in general. I think that

building robots is the best hobby because it’s never boring and

always different.


by Sofia Filipov 8C

American Horror Story is an American horror television series. I watch it because I love horror, but I know that

some people are too scared. The series is kind of scary, but not all the time. It always depends on the season.

Even though it has really sick moments, the scariness depends on the season, because every season is very

different. Every season there is a new story, new theme and a new cast. Of course there are a few faces that

return but still they are playing a different character each time.

The seasons also have different names so we can differentiate

them from each other. The first season, which doesn’t really

have a name but we still call it „Murder House”, was filmed in

Los Angeles, California in 2011. It´s about a family that moves

into a house haunted by its previous owners who died there.

„Asylum”, which is the second season, takes place in 1964

(but was filmed in 2012). It´s about patients, doctors and nurses

who work in the Briarcliff Mental Institution. That hospital

was founded to treat mentally insane people.

The third season, which is called „Coven”, was filmed just a

year ago in 2013. The story is about four witches who live in a

big house with a „teacher” who is also a witch. That woman

is responsible for the young witches who came to the house

because they couldn’t live at home anymore.

This year there are new episodes coming out of the brand new season called „Freakshow”. Freakshow is centered

on a circus, but I don’t really know what it’s about yet. I really recommend this series for older students

who like horror because it’s really scary!

Will Harry Potter return?

by Ryan Arnott 8C

Presumably, there are quite a lot of Harry Potter fans among you. But if not, I’m sure most of you have heard

about Harry Potter anyway.

Harry Potter is a wizard who studies Witchcraft and Wizardry at Hogwarts. His best friends are Ron Weasley and

Hermione Granger and, in the books written by J.K. Rowling, they have to face many dangers.

Lots of people wanted more books after the seventh and the last part came out. Since then, J.K. Rowling has told

us that there might be more books coming. So, until then, we´ll just have to be patient and wait.

If you would like to read more news about Harry Potter or play games, just go to J.K. Rowling’s website: where you will also be able to find out which house you belong to: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff,

Ravenclaw or Slytherin!



by Lilien Gruber 8C

Youtube is an oldie but goldie. Most of the teenagers

watch videos all day and all night. Nowadays, there is a

new trend that everyone does. It is called DIY videos. DIY

stands for Do It Yourself. The contents of these videos are

simple. You do something yourself and teach the world

how to do it. It sounds easy but to find a good idea, which

the world will enjoy watching, is pretty hard. I can say it

from my own experience. But if you have no creative ideas

that isn’t a problem either.Then you just watch!


by Anna Ondrusek 7B

Bethany Mota

by Lili Lóránth 8A

My favourite YouTube channel is Videomania. The videos

are made by Péter Dancsó. He is the biggest Hungarian

YouTuber. He has more than 220.000 subscribers. He

mainly makes critiques about films. He is really funny.

He has a series on his channel called “szakszerüen” and

Questions & Answers. I love him because he is really funny

and makes good critiques about Hungarian films. I can

recommend it to everybody who likes laughing.

Bethany Mota is an 18-year-old video blogger

from California. She started uploading

videos on YouTube when she was 13 years

old. She makes hairstyle tutorials, do it yourself

ideas, recipes and outfit ideas. Beth is one

of the most famous YouTube celebrities and

she has over 7 million subscribers. She has

her own clothing line at Aeropostale and she

was on a tour to meet her fans, who are called

“Mota-vators”. Bethany is now on the 19th

season of “Dancing with the stars”. She is one

of my favourite Youtubers and I like to watch

her videos, because she is very funny and entertaining

and I really like her style.



by Sofia Filipov 8C

The Donut Library is a really nice place to visit. Basically

you can eat Budapest’s tastiest donuts there! And it’s

not even difficult to get there!

If you haven´t been in The Donut Library yet, here’s a

little guide for how to get there on foot: take the 4/6

tram to „Jászai Mari tér”. As you pass McDonalds, start

walking in the direction of Pozsonyi út. Walk until you

find number 22. If you see it you’re there!

It’s a really calm place and you can find as many English

books as you’d like. The seats are also really comfortable

and to make them even more comfortable, there are a

lots of pillows to put behind your back.

There is a wide offering of delicious donuts! You can’t

even decide which one to order first! But if you finally

choose, you can also pick what to drink. The healthy part

of The Donut Library is that they don’t offer you sugary

drinks, only fruit syrup, milk, coffee, or even cocoa. If

you ordered your drink just enjoy the comfort!

Fact box

* each donut costs: 290 Ft

* address: XIII. Pozsonyi út 22.

* they use natural ingridients for the donuts

* DL makes their donuts using their own recipe

and don’t use flavor enhancers.

Fisherman´s Bastion

by Luca Bognar 8A

The Fisherman’s Bastion is the most famous national

monument of Budapest. It’s a terrace,

built in neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style.

Due to the wonderful panorama, it is one

of the most important tourist spectacles

in Budapest. It was built between 1895

and 1902 and designed by Frigyes Schulek.

The panorama from the towers and the terrace

reveals Margaret Island, Pest and the Danube.

The building is 140 metres long and has seven

towers.In the old times, t he fishermen always

took their catch there. They were also protecting

the castle from enemy soldiers. That’s the reason

it is called the Fisherman’s Bastion.



by Robi Hanson 7B

I was with my family in Namibia, Africa. We flew from Budapest to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt on the biggest

airplane of the world ,the Airbus A380, to Johannesburg. On a small plane we flew from Johannesburg to

Winhoek, Namibias capital city. There we hired a car and drove to the Ethosa National Park. We slept on the

top of the car in tents. It’s could be dangerous to sleep on the ground. In Ethosa park there are three camps

were you can sleep. You have to reach the next camp before the sun goes down. On the way to the other camp

we saw a lot of cool animals, for example: giraffes, kudus, elephants, lions, antilopes…

They are really interesting. My favourite animal was the kudu and its meat was really tasty. One morning

when my father and I had a shower, baboons attacked my sister and my mother. Fortunately nothing happened;

they only want to steal some food. This was my best trip ever! I will never forget this adventure !

„To infinity & beyond…!”

by Estzer Biro 7B

This summer our family was on the longest and

furtheest travelling, because we went to Southeast

Asia for 4 weeks. My parents, my 5 years old

brother and me. Firstly, we flew from Budapest

to Istanbul. Then, after 4 hours waiting, we went

to Kuala Lumpur on a big airplane. We got headsets,

fresh towels with lemon fragrance, a box

with earplugs, socks, lip balm, eye covers, toothbrush

and toothpaste , slippers, cover and pillow.

I was playing games and listening to music. The

„airplane meals” were very delicious and various.

I drank a „box of mineral water” for the first

time…and I was sleeping for a very long time.

After an 11 hour flight we arrived at Kuala Lumpur Airport. We had free time as the next flight was 5 hours later,

so we stayed at the airport. We walked around, watched airplanes take off and slept a bit. The next morning

we got on the next airplane and 3 hours later we landed in Denpasar, Bali.

We stayed in Sanur, at my parents friend’s house. It had a big garden and a swimming pool with banana trees

and some frangipani flower shrubs. Every woman’s hair had frangipani flowers in it. At that time it was the winter

season in Bali but the weather was sunny, hot and vaporous. The sea temperature was 30 degrees celsius.

There are a lot of unknown fruits, like dragon fruit, snake fruit, jackfruit and durian.

In Bali most people are poor but they are very happy.

When we were in native villages we saw kids

who were happy to see tourists in cars. The native

people are pretty short. I´m 163 cm and there 20

year old women are smaller than me. They drive

on the left side of the road and everybody has

a scooter. Bali is called the „Island of 1000 temples”

but the truth is there are more then 11000

temples. We drove somewhere every day. We

were in a rainforest, on rice fields, in bamboo

forests, at coffee beans and banana plantations. I

saw beautiful waterfalls and frisky monkeys next

to the road. We were swimming in the sea, took a

lot of excursions on the island and watched thesunset

by the ocean.

I think that it was a very special holiday and I thank

my family because it was very lovely and adventureous.

Thank You!!

This was the best summer of my life. I love Bali and

I will definitely visit this marvellous island again!

SLOVENIA by Janka Faller 7B

One of my favourite countries is Slovenia. We always go there with my family to trek on long weekends. Kranjska Gora, for

example, is a very good trekking place, situated in the Julian Alps. There are many clear rivers, lakes and waterfalls surrounding

it. For example, the Sava and the Pericnik waterfalls and the lakes Bled and Bohinj, of immense beauty, are around where you

can make a bicycle trip. A long bicycle path crosses it too, where we can go to Italy or to other parts of Slovenia. You can hire

a bicycle in the city( in Kranjska Gora ) but sometimes I used my roller-skates as many others do. The road runs through many

forests, pastures and wonderful valleys. There are dedicated bridges because a pretty, turquoise river runs along the road. One

of my favourite hiking places is a three-border-crossing. You can start from the village Ratece. It’s tiring, but it’s worth the hike

up there for the scenery. On the peak, in three steps you can visit three countries, Austria, Italy and Slovenia. It’s funny, isn’t it?

I’m happy to recommend the place for lovers of great scenery, hiking, and active holidays. Once you’re there do not miss the

local speciality; freshly made bourek.


by Lilien Gruber 8C

I think most of you already know what NASA is. Well let me

tell you in a few words what it is about. It is an agency responsible

for the space program in the USA. The past summer

I had the chance to go to Kennedy Space Center, which

is the place NASA uses to send their world-famous rockets

and Space Shuttles into space. Nowadays the place is filled

with visitors who can go and see all the amazing aspects

about the past and future of space travel. I am not the kind

of person who likes this kind of stuff, but seeing it in real

life is very impressive. How complex the structure of only

one small rocket is, is fascinating. The funniest thing I saw

there was that inside this Space Center was a little shop,

but this shop was not ordinary. People had the idea to open

a souvenir shop for the game Angry Birds Space there. It

seemed so funny to me to see among a lot of complicated

rockets such an attraction. I think I learned a lot spending a

day there and I also did really enjoy it. I recommend to everyone

who goes to Orlando, Florida to visit this place and

be sure to check out the Angry Birds “space shop”.

It’s worth it.



by Réka Tothfalusi 8A

Shakira (singer) and Gerard Pique (footballer) are expecting

another baby boy in May, 2015

Maybe Beyoncé (singer) and Jay Z (rapper) are going to

divorce… Jay Z cheated on Beyoncé

Ariana Grande (singer) and Big Sean (hip-hop artist) are

officially together. They confirmed their relationship by kissing

on a theme park ride

Mila Kunis (actress) and Ashton Kutcher (actor) welcomed

their baby girl, named Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher on 2nd October


Nerdy glasses

by Dorothy Szép 7B

Todays trend is nerdy glasses. They have

really thick frames. You can find it in any

colour and it’s still in style. You can buy

it in any accessories shop. Sometimes

people wear it for fun, just the frame

without any lenses. In the school you

can find it everywhere. Nerdy glasses

are also available as sunglasses.



by Dia Simon 8A

I have always liked to draw and paint and, now that I’m older, I

also like to do my make up That’s why I thought I should do a

Halloween Make-up tutorial.

This skull make up is really easy and you don’t need too many

things to do it; only white and black foundation, eyeliner pencil

and a sponge.

These 5 easy steps will help you to do this make up.

1. First I apply a white base.

2. I draw the black shapes on my face.

3. I fill out the spots that were black; first my eyes, then my nose.

4. I draw teeth on the skull and my mouth.

5. As a last step, I do the detail lines on my forehead, under my

eyes and I also paint some shadows.

Trick or treat? :)


This is my favourite soup from my dad. He first made it 2 ½ years ago when we were

with my sister at his flat, since my parents are divorced. My first impression was that it

is very good, and it would be my new favourite soup, and now it is. :) That´s the reason

I chose this recipe.

by Tekla Tilki 8A


1 pumpkin 1 big potato 1 apple 1 onion 3 tablespoons honey

1 orange 2 bouillon cubes 5 dkg butter Salt, pepper 1,2 liter water

nutmeg, thyme (as much as you want)

1,2 liter water

How to make it?

1. First you should cut the pumpkin and scrape

out the middle (of the pumpkin). Then you

should put it in the preheated oven (190 degrees) until it’s soft.

2. While the squash is baking we can prepare the soup. We cut the onion and we put it

in a bigger pan with the thyme and butter on medium heat. We stew it for a few

minutes. Be sure that the onion and the butter are in the pan the same time because

butter burns easily.

3. On the glassy onion we put the honey and caramelise it. Then we cut the apples

and the potatos.

4. Add the hot water, then add the bouillon cubes, potatoes, apples and cook on medi

um heat until it is soft.

5. When the potato is soft we take the soup off the heat and we put the scraped

roasted pumpkin into the pan. Make a purée with a mixer. Then put in the or

ange, salt, pepper and fresh grated nutmeg to the purée and mix it again.

6. Serve it with balm vinegar, toasted pumpkin seeds and with fresh grated


Bon appétit!

Man: I just watched a film where a man’s wife is brutally murdered

by a serial killer and his son is left physically disabled. In a

twisted turn of events his son is kidnapped and he has to

chase the kidnapper thousands of miles with the help of a

mentally disabled woman.

Woman: What is it called?

Man: Finding Nemo.

Wife: “How would you describe me?”


Wife: “What does that mean?”

Husband: “Adorable, beautiful, cute, delightful,

elegant, fashionable, gorgeous, and hot.”

Wife: “Aw, thank you, but what about IJK?”

Husband: “I’m just kidding!”



by Lilien Gruber & Ryan Arnott 8C

Teenagers these days use many abbreviations. This way they can

chat easier and more quickly. Here are some abbreviations:


I don’t know


I don’t care


Laughing out loud


By the way


You only live once


Do it yourself


I love you





How r u

How are you





w/ someone With someone


Hugs& Kisses


Oh my God


Happy birthday






See you later


Best friends forever


Be right back



Man: When I see your smile, I already see

our next meeting.

Woman: Oh, you’re so charming!

Man: No, I’m dentist.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Faces like yours

Belong in the zoo

But don’t be mad

I’ll be there too

Not in a cage

But laughing at you

by Karina Rác & Lili Lóránth

Solution: What is it?

It´s a batfish.


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