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Welcome to our new CLAN magazine which aims to 'Tell everyone about the amazing things He does'. Ministries from across the nation share their testimonies and vision for 2013, and our own leadership team have written some articles we hope inspire you. Happy reading!

My heart is confident in you, O God; my heart is confident. No wonder I can sing your praises!

Wake up, my heart! ... I will thank you, Lord, among all the people.’ Psalm 57:8-10

‘Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.

Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise!’ Psalm 96:3&4

A Welcome

As we were planing this magazine we knew

that we wanted to let you know some of what

CLAN is planning in 2013, but as we asked

God in prayer for how to go about this we

were directed to the scriptures quoted above

and felt he was asking us to publish the

amazing things he has been doing throughout

Scotland and through Scotland. We want to

shout out about the glory of the Lord! Shout

out about His honour, his mercy and his

strength. One way we could do this was by

bringing ministries together to produce a

magazine style publication that testifies to

God’s deeds, His plans and our unity through

the body of Christ in Scotland. A magazine

that tells a story of God’s incredible work in

2012 Scotland, and His hope bringing plans

for 2013.

We hope you are inspired and encouraged as

you read through the pages that the ministries

have put together - we were!

With love to you all,

The CLAN staff team.

Don Hilary Becca Ruth


3 Dear Reader - Don MacMillan





For the King and His Kingdom

Alan McWilliam

Oh my Lord Now what for 2013?

Andrea Wigglesworth

Is Jesus Enough?

Fred Drummond

Going Higher - A vision of worship in

2013. Allan McKinlay

16-17 Blue Flame

18-19 Discerning His Voice for Scotland

20 Adopt a Child

21 Release International

24-25 Tearfund

26-28 International Christian College

29 Comfort Rwanda

30 North Atlantic Dreams (Streams)

31 Glasgow Prophetic Centre

32 Operation Mercy

33 Invest

34/35 Light and Life

36 Just Trading Scotland

37 Community Advice Scotland

38 Try Praying

39 School of Intercession Scotland

40-41 Regius School

42-43 Compassion

Dear Reader,

I wanted to introduce to you our new magazine as another

point of connection. We are committed to keep in touch with you

throughout the year.

I once heard commitment being defined as “the state of being

bonded--emotionally, intellectually, or both--to a particular person

or course of action.” Commitment is sustained by dedication and

perseverance. Commitment is active – it is expressed and

realized in our thoughts and actions. Like other forms of giving,

commitment can produce some of life's greatest satisfactions.

CLAN is committed to see a Nation changed, one soul at a time.

For those who have made a commitment to Christ we fully

understand that we are bonded to him and together we form the

One Body. He remains the Head and we cannot do anything

without Christ’s help. The love of God connects us together

allowing us all to function wherever we are as a true example of

the One we love and serve. We are not to tolerate one another but

to love one another.

CLAN is all about helping individual Christians grow in their

understanding of the Scripture and in their experience of the Holy

Spirit. We want to help believers connect with their local Church

and help resource the whole Church here in Scotland so we can

all shine more for Christ. We were commissioned to work together

and not to compete with each other. It is about everyone of us

loving and helping each other to be more.

As we connect with you individually and with churches

collectively, we also want to introduce ministries that are in

partnership with CLAN, ministries called with specific services to

serve the One Body. As we learn, grow and connect we are

stronger together. This allows us to fulfill our mission, to preach

good news to the poor, to proclaim freedom for the prisoners, to

open up the eyes of the blind and to set the captives free. Our

mission ultimately is to let people see the real Jesus right where

we live! Imagine the change from being hopeless and helpless to

being transformed into a new life filled with love, hope and eternal


Our mission remains to see a vibrant, worshipping and witnessing

Church in every community in Scotland. We hope this magazine

and all we do helps to make a difference.

God bless you,

Don MacMillan

(Operations Manager) New Wine Scotland (CLAN)



For the King and His Kingdom!

Working with others to see Jesus lifted high and the work of his

Kingdom advanced - that is what CLAN has been at the heart of

in 2012 and that is what we are looking forward to in 2013.

Christians Linked Across the Nation or, CLAN for short, has seen

an incredible upsurge in partnership working throughout 2012. We

have been privileged to be able to work with 50 other ministries

and denominations throughout the year to see more people

saved, healed, refreshed and equipped than ever before.

For so many of us the stories of what God is doing today in

Scotland are incredible. It was only a few years ago that we had to

look to Africa, Asia or America to hear stories of people being

spiritually hungry and responsive to the gospel - now we are

hearing stories on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. The Lord

has been moving in greater measure as a result of the boldness

and courage of those who have been trained and equipped by

CLAN and our partners over these last few years. It really is

amazing to consider the type and volume of testimonies that we

have today. That is why we have produced this magazine. To give

glory to God for the amazing things that he has done.

CLAN as a ministry is committed to collaborating with others to

see them thrive, and we really believe that this is a crucial aspect

of what it is that we offer the church in Scotland. We really do

want to cultivate a culture of honour within the Scottish church

which sees the best in others and draws it out of them. We want

to celebrate the victories of others. We want to see those who

have been faithful and fruitful promoted and honoured. We are

actively seeking to change the culture that we live in so that there

is a real sense of people being encouraged, built up, challenged to

go further and do greater things for God.

One of the other things we want to give thanks for is the upsurge

in boldness and courage in sharing the gospel. Few of us who

have been to CLAN would deny that these last few years have

seen an explosion of creative ways to connect others with Jesus.

CLAN has been championing this change and believe that there is

much more to come in this area of church life.

In 2013 we are going to be focusing on how to

see more people equipped to be effective in

reaching their friends, family and colleagues.

We believe that creativity will be a significant

element of this training. This is because there

are so many ways to communicate the gospel

and creativity is often the greatest antidote to

the religious spirit that so often wants to limit or

hinder the ways we can connect with people.

This has all culminated in the last few years in

what we believe to be the first wave of the new

missionary movement rising up within

Scotland. We believe that as people have

engaged with the lost through Healing Rooms,

Light & Life, Try Praying, Street Pastors, Blue

Flame, Streams and others that we have seen

about 1000 people engaged in fresh patterns

of evangelism.

As we begin to think about what is coming next

in 2013 our sense is that there will be a second

wave of home-based missionaries raised up.

We think that this will be a much larger group

made up of people the length and breadth of

the country who are beginning to see that

church can be effective in reaching the lost

wherever they are.

At CLAN Gathering in 2012 there was a clear

call given to change the agenda for the church

in Scotland - to stop focussing on managing

decline and instead focus on reaching the lost.

In 2013 our aim is to beginning to put into

place the kinds of equipping that will enable

every church that wants to change and grow to

do so. We are looking at ways in which we can

begin to get Scottish stories of transitioning

churches from "inward and settled" to "outward

and engaging".

For so many in church leadership this is like

"changing the wheels on the bus while the bus

is still moving". But there are stories of hope

emerging in our context. There are people who

are growing in the gifts and abilities to see

change managed well, so that local churches

become healthy and fruitful.

Beyond the desire to see each church become

more missional there was also a call to see 500

new churches planted in the next 10 years. To

allow this to happen there needs to be a

massive commitment to the concept that

"Each one plant one". Our hope is that in the

next 10 years each church within the CLAN

network of churches will seek to establish a

new church presence in places that currently

lack it. Clearly this is a huge task, and at the

moment not everyone is convinced that there is

a need to gear up to do this. Sadly the church

statistics are very clear - we are moving into an

era where large areas of our villages, towns

and cities will have no vibrant, worshipping

witness within them. CLAN are therefore

committed along with our partners to train up

local churches that are willing to include this

within their 10 year vision. We will also be

working at training leaders to start new and

emerging patterns of outreach and mission

which will lead to these new communities of

faith being established.

The Lord that has done so much and we are

so grateful. It is because of his faithfulness,

kindness, goodness and desire that we are

excited about the year ahead. It is such a

privilege to be part of the church in Scotland at

this time because despite much that we see

the Lord is powerfully at work. At CLAN we are

just trying to keep up with Him!

Alan McWilliam is CLAN’s

Chairman and is a Church of

Scotland Minister based in

Whiteinch, Glasgow.


2013 Argyll


Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free

John 8:31

Andrea Wigglesworth

Faith Brennan Andrea Mill

April 13th 2013

Argyllshire Gathering Halls, Oban


scottish Charity No SC034886

Oh My Lord Now What for 2013?

In 2012 the leaders of Clan spent a lot of

time thinking and praying about a strategy

for Discipleship that would actually changes

lives. My prayer for the last 12 months has

been “Transform us Lord and give us a

growing love for others and for your Church

in Scotland.” I subsequently found myself

speaking in various churches up and down

the nation on the themes like “The

E m o t i o n a l l y H e a l t h y C h u r c h ” . o r

“Understanding the Emotional Climate

Within Our Relationships,” or “Leading

From a Healthy Soul”. The central thoughts

behind all of this are all related to the word

“Flourish” and the question I am pondering

in my heart just now is, how can our

churches in Scotland be churches that are


What does this word flourish mean to us in

the church at this time in our nation? The

meaning of the word is - to burst forth, to

sprout, to bloom, to blossom and to spread


This means we have to ask ourselves some

questions as we come to the end of 2012

e.g. How do you see your current situation?

Is your church flourishing – is mine? Are we

as individuals living a life that is flourishing

or do we feel we are floundering? It is an

obvious fact as we serve God together that

emotional health and spiritual maturity are

inseparably linked.


‘Planted in the house of the Lord

they will flourish in the courts of

our God’ Psalm 92:13

Therefore in Clan we are exploring and

teaching others the intricate balance

between learning to live in deeper

relationships that are balanced between our

life with God, our life within the Church and

our life with people who don’t know Jesus

yet. We want to create a radical discipleship

culture throughout the nation in the context

of our local churches in Scotland. It is

important for us as leaders to explore this in

order to get our churches ready and

prepared to walk through the new doors

towards those “greater things” that God

has planned for us in the coming year.


What are these new doors and what

makes it difficult for us to move on into


Door Number 1

The Door of Opportunity

1 Corinthians 16:9 & Revelation 3:8

Question for prayer: What opportunities

for greater things are coming my way in

2013? Open my eyes to see.

Door Number 2

The Door that is Open

Revelation 4:1 ‘ After these things I

looked up and a door standing open in


This door takes us through into another

realm a door that lets us see from a

heavenly perspective.

Question for Prayer: Where do we need a

bigger perspective in our lives or ministry

as we approach 2013? As it is in heaven

let it be on earth.

Door Number 3

Behold I stand at the door and knock

Rev 3:20

The Lord wants us to respond to His

knocking and respond to His desire to

open up new ways of seeing and to bring

new opportunities into our lives.

Question for Prayer: Which area of your

Church life do you feel God is knocking

on right now? What new areas can you

respond to Him in?

Unfortunately we sometimes get “stuck in

a moment,” which can be either a good

moment or a bad moment. A moment of

tragedy or trauma or a moment that

seemed to have worked well. As we

approach the end of 2012 and position

ourselves for the beginning of 2013, the

prophetic question that is being asked is

“Now What?” What is next for Scotland?

What now Lord?

2 Kings Chapter 6:15 is a classic now

what moment in Scripture when the

servant of Elisha says:

“Alas my master what shall

we do?”

This is a hinge moment, and it is a

junction moment. The servant could have

been stuck in a moment of fear or stuck in

a moment of doubt but the prophet said “

Do not fear” and then prayed to God:

“open his eyes that he might see.”

Here is the question I am asking the Lord ”

Now what for Scotland?” Oh my Lord

what shall we do now? The whisper I keep

hearing from the Holy Spirit is believe for

“Greater Things”

I want to suggest that the measure of faith

and the measure of grace and the measure

of seeing and understanding that we had

for 2012 will not take us into 2013. We

need bigger perspective right now in our

lives and ministries?

As we move into 2013 join with us in prayer

for Greater Things For Scotland. He wants

to give us:

• greater clarity,

• greater courage,

• greater confidence,

• greater commitment,

• greater joy,

• greater influence

• greater impact.

• greater passion.

Join with us as we pray that the Lord will

open our eyes to see and move through all

the doors He is setting before us as we turn

the page 2013.

Andrea Wigglesworth is the

Director of Counselling at St

Mungo's Church in

Edinburgh She teaches and

trains Christian Counsellors,.





What does the church scene feel like in Scotland in 2012?

It is a very difficult question to answer. There is

a strange mix taking place, a cloudy cocktail

where clarity is hard to discern. Death and

resurrection, hope and despair, action and

paralysis, unity and fragmentation all shaken

and maybe stirred as well.

There is some great work going on. From

fasting to food banks, on the streets

evangelism to political advocacy, alpha

courses to creative arts projects, the

church is seeking to make a difference in

the nation.

Yet alongside the encouragements there is still

decline. Some congregations fear their future

and a sense of uncertainty pervades many.

There are church leaders who appear to be

under a huge strain, and for some, mission is

taking a back seat to maintenance issues and

church structure.

In the midst of all that is going on in the nation I

have a growing conviction. Our greatest need

is to fall more in love with Jesus. We need a

renewed passion for the presence of God. My

conviction is that both our identity and our

praxis needs to be more rooted in a passion for

Jesus. As individual Christians and as the

church in the nation we need to allow ourselves

to be shaped by our abandonment to the one

who took the punishment for our sins upon

Himself. Let me ask you the question I am

asking myself. Is Jesus enough? Is My desire

for the presence of Jesus central to my life.

Rather than seeking new techniques and the

latest ideas do we need to simply throw

ourselves again on the

beautiful mercy of our


I have reflected many times on this story from

John chapter 12v1-8. It is such an easy

incident to visualise. A small dinner party for

Jesus at Bethany a week before Passover. I

picture excitement and conversation around

what Jesus did the last time He had been in

Bethany. How did Lazarus feel sitting next to

Jesus after Jesus had raised him from the

dead? What would the atmosphere have been


Then suddenly there is this unexpected

intervention by Mary. This is a Jesus centred,

lavish, extravagant act of adoration that must

have made a few guests a little uncomfortable. I

am convinced some people wouldn't have

known where to look. Tom Wright comments,

"by the apparently outrageous gesture of

anointing Jesus feet and wiping them with her

hair. She would need to let it down for the

purpose, that's roughly the equivalent, at a

modern dinner party, of hitching up a long skirt

to the top of her thighs." (John for everyone

SPCK p22) The point is that this is almost

shameless. It is further than most people would

find acceptable. It is also seen in the type of

perfume that she pours out on the feet of

Jesus. This was no cheap fragrance grabbed of

a dressing table. This pure nard was incredibly

expensive. Don Carson writes " the quantity of

the perfume was large, about 11 ounces. Nard

is an oil extracted from the root and spike of the

nard plant, grown in India....... Its purity,

quantity and origin count for an appalling cost;

when John labels this an expensive perfume,

he is thinking on a scale far larger than what we

may mean by the words." (D. Carson, the

Gospel according to John I.V.P p 428 )

This perfume was of such quality and cost that it

would normally have been kept either for a

wedding, as a pension or for burial. It was either

for money, intimacy or eternity. By pouring it in

anointing Jesus Mary is saying she can give

no more. She is holding nothing back. It is

everything for Jesus and He is enough.

Two final small points from this story. Firstly, the

atmosphere is literally changed by this act of

devotion. The house is now filled with the

fragrance. This outpouring has had an effect

much wider that just for the original recipient,

Jesus. Not only did they witness what Mary had

done but they experienced something of it. The

fragrance would stay with them for sometime to


I love T.V. programmes like C.S.I. However, the

final clue to catch the culprit is something to do

with DNA. Just a little of it, on a hairbrush or in

the car is always enough to solve the case. I

think of Mary going into the room, worshipping

with everything she had and leaving with some

of Jesus DNA. from his feet as she wiped them

with her hair.

Is our hearts desire to get to the place

where just being in the presence of our

Lord and saviour is enough? Are we being

changed by our encounters with Jesus? As

we go into the workplace, school or even in

the family do we carry something of Jesus

with us?

I guess I am yearning for a radical, over the top

group of people throughout the nation who are

totally sold out for Jesus. Where everything

begins and ends with desire for His presence, to

be abandoned in a way that makes some

uncomfortable and others question. It is to live in

the place of encounter and engagement, so

when we desire to see more mission and church

planting, it is not primarily for the renewing of our

nation, nor is it too see the

church become alive.

It is because we love Jesus. It is all for Jesus.

We live in the presence of and with Jesus and

because His glory and honour mean so much to

us we want to live for Him. We long for a day

when people of every tribe tongue and nation

will be lost in corporate adoration. Where the

One who is Lion and Lamb will be worshipped.

So, as I reflect upon the church in our nation, I

am encouraged by many things. However, our

danger is always to look for the next thing, the

new thing, or the idea that will change the

nation. We can be in danger of saying Jesus

plus something. I am not opposed to the new

things and the challenging questions about why

we do what we do. Yet in my heart I know

that it is not an idea that will change a

nation but Jesus.

For Clan, my hope is that together, we can

create an atmosphere of love for Jesus that has

the by product of changing everything. As we

are changed in His presence so everything

around us begins to be transformed. A people

who love Jesus, seek His presence and then

carry something of His DNA with them.

Fred Drummond

Fred is director of the

Evangelical Alliance in

Scotland and part of the

CLAN Leadership Team.





A vision of worship in 2013

By Allan McKinlay

On 27 th July 2012 the whole of Great Britain

were encouraged to ring out bells all across

the land to welcome the 2012 Olympic

games to the UK. A few weeks before that I

heard Benni Johnson from Bethel church in

Redding California speak about bells and

the bell ringing that was about to take place

in the UK. She reminded me that bells were

traditionally used in church steeples to call

the people in the towns and villages to come

and worship. She also said that she felt that

this was a prophetic sign from God that

there was a fresh call to worship, rising

within the UK. This had confirmed what the

Lord had been speaking to my wife and I


My wife, Naomi had a dream a while back,

of both of us on a beach, next to a church

building which was more in-land and there

was a mountain in the background. In the

dream there were 3 devastating waves that

were about to crash into the land and

destroy everything. Naomi felt strongly in the

dream that we, along with everybody in the

church, had to let go of what we were doing

and climb the mountain to safety.

We felt the Lord was saying through the

dream that the call up the mountain was a

fresh call to worship and to seek His face,

like Moses. We also felt that to do this there

were things we would have to let go of that

we were doing or holding on to. When

Moses climbed mount Sinai the Israelites

built a golden calf at the bottom and

worshipped it. We felt that the Lord was

saying that the church in Scotland (us

included) have been building our own idols

of worship and that He was going to send

some waves which would destroy these

idols. We felt the Lord saying that it is time

to let go of those things and to go on a

journey up the mountain, to worship Him.

When the waves come, those who are on

the mountain will see what happens from an

aerial view. They will see it from Gods

prospective. However those who haven't will

feel the full devastation of the waves.

In order to climb the mountain and let go of

idols, we need to humble ourselves. There

are many different idols which we can build

in our lives. For some it's building their own

church, ministry or empire, for others it's

addictions, selfish desires or dreams, for

others it's football, TV, internet, various

material things or even money! Giving up on

these things means having to let go. Let go

and let God. So many of us started out

doing what we are doing because it was a

good idea but was it a God idea? How many

of us are building our own empires just to

reach the top of Christian celebrity status?

Maybe we started with the right heart but

got sidetracked somewhere along the way.

Look how easy it was for the children of

Israel to get distracted and sidetracked with

their golden calf. They got fed up waiting. As

a nation we have had many incredible

prophesies and promises from God that

there will be a great revival that will spread

out to the rest of Europe. However I think

what the Lord asked us to do was to wait on

Him to do it. Some of us got fed up waiting.

Some of us have tried to make it happen

ourselves. Some of us have even said that it

is happening when it really isn't. We need to

let go and let God. It's time to wait on the

Lord. It's time to let go of all of these things,

empty our hands and climb the mountain.

We need to humble ourselves. God exalts

the humble but sees the proud from afar.

Pride is a huge problem in Scotland. Disunity

is a huge problem too. Lots of us think

that what we do is better and are really

critical of others. Some of us have the

appearance of unity but talk about each

other behind each others back. God has had

enough of our pride and dishonour. A wave

is coming. It's going to wipe out all of the

idols, pride and dishonour in the church.

Everything that can be shaken will be


If we really want to see our nation change

and experience revival, then we need to

humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and

turn from our wicked ways. THEN He will

hear from heaven and heal our land. We

need to humble ourselves and we need to

climb the mountain.

Will Reagan's song says

'I lean not on my own understanding, my life

is in the hands of the maker of heaven.

I give it all to You God, trusting that You'll

make something beautiful out of me.

And I will climb this mountain with my hands

wide open.

There's nothing I hold on to.'

Let me encourage you to climb the

mountain of the Lord in 2013 and to hold on

to nothing as you climb. Lay it all down and

put your life in the hands of the maker of

Heaven. Let go and let God!

I would like to share 3 different practical

things I believe we can do to start to take

some steps to climb the mountain.

Make Time

Practically we need to make time with the

Lord more of a priority. For me it was turning

the TV off and fasting social media websites.

Psalms 37:7 says “Be still before the Lord

and wait patiently for him” and Psalms 46:10

says, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Jesus often withdrew to spend time with the

father, in a solitary place. Too many of us are

far to busy 'doing.' Remember the story of

Mary and Martha in the Gospels. We need to

learn to take the time just to sit at Jesus


Make a Choice

Psalms 54:6 says “I will sacrifice a freewill

offering to you; I will praise your name, Lord,

for it is good.” We need to make a choice to

worship God in every circumstance. It's not

always easy to praise, rejoice and give

thanks to God especially when our

circumstances are difficult or we're going

through a hard time but when we choose to

praise and thank God no matter what the

circumstance, he often brings breakthrough.

Look at Paul & Silas in Acts 16 when they

were in the prison. They praised God in the

midst of persecution and what happened?

Their chains came off, all of the prison doors

flew open and they got freedom! Making a

choice to worship also changes our

perspective. Our circumstances can seem

so overwhelming but when we worship God

and see how big he is, we start to see things

in His perspective and we get an aerial view.

Make a Joyful noise!

Ephesians 5:18-19 says “Do not get drunk

on wine, which leads to debauchery.

Instead, be filled with the Spirit, speaking to

one another with psalms, hymns, and songs

from the Spirit. Sing and make music from

your heart to the Lord,”

Isaiah 12:5-6 says “Sing to the Lord, for he

has done glorious things; let this be known

to all the world. Shout aloud and sing for joy,

people of Zion, for great is the Holy One of

Israel among you.”

Sing to the Lord! There is something

powerful about music and melody. Let me

encourage you to sing your heart out to the

Lord. He so delights in it! It doesn't matter

what your voice is like! I've always believed

that there's a filter in the sky which autotunes

everyone’s vocals to sound pleasing

to God! Sing and shout, don't be silent!

Look at the power of music and shouting at

Jericho. It brought the walls down. I believe

that as we shout to the Lord and rejoice in

Him we will see walls come tumbling down

in our land.

So in conclusion, lets make 2013 a year

where we humble ourselves, climb the

mountain and pursue Him like never before!

Allan is a worship leader and song writer - to

find out more see www.allanmckinlay.com 15


Blue Flame

Reaching Out Further in Inverness

Following Jesus in Inverness is exciting. One example is “Blue Flame”. Believers

from different local churches and traditions, supported and led by The King’s

Fellowship and Inverness Community Church, are getting together to explore

fresh creativity, with a particular heart for reaching out where they haven’t felt

able previously.

The blue flame is the hottest and most intense part of a fire, and the colour

blue is often a prophetic symbol of divine revelation, God's love, and an open

Heaven. There is an intensity of revelation, love and favour that God wants to

lavish on us, breaking us out of closed thinking into fresh ideas, and out of

ingrained ways of doing things into being led very simply by the Spirit.

One of Blue Flame’s goals is to encourage and facilitate training and

opportunity in Spirit-inspired art working alongside Spirit-given gifts. There

was an amazing response to this at CLAN Gathering and CLAN Women this

year. People spoke of being drawn to various art forms and of receiving

profound messages from God through them.

Blue Flame have also been taking it “out there” for a number of years. At the

Belladrum Tartan Heart festival, tents are filled with heavenly art pieces, dance

and music while a “spiritual menu” offers ministry to the public in creative

ways. One lady’s story is typical. She wanted to speak to the artists of a

painting which was stirring her deeply with new questions and feelings. They

were able to share Jesus with her and she was moved to tears as they realised

that she was having a profound encounter with God through their art.

At another local spiritual fayre, working alongside non-Christian spiritual

practitioners, a prophetically-inspired metal sculpture was installed at a table

offering prophetic ministry, dream interpretation and healing. Stall-holders and

public alike were drawn to the sculpture and the atmosphere of peace and

healing around the installation. Many of these people came to a new place of

trust in Jesus and a new interest in church which they had previously rejected.

The Inverness Healing On The Streets team comprises believers from a

number of different local churches, and they have recently been joined on the

streets by people who have grown through Blue Flame. Dream interpretation,

prophetic art, a percussion circle, face-painting, and lots of creative acts of

kindness join the street party that is Healing On The Streets.

Creativity is also about finding new, sometimes lateral, things in the familiar, and discovering new

opportunities. On St Valentines Day, three Street Pastors in Inverness headed out into

something new, and something which seemed to be unique for Street Pastors in the UK: a

scheduled day time patrol in the City Centre. 9 months and1000 conversations later, they have

brought peace and comfort to those who the regular night-time teams never, or rarely, meet, in

addition to meeting people in agencies who share their compassion for the lost, the lonely, and

the least – people whose hearts are not far from the Kingdom of God, the "Father to the

Fatherless, defender of widows … [who] places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free

and gives them joy." (Psalm 68)

Many new and creative things are happening in local churches. Over the last couple of years the

wider Culloden community in Inverness has enjoyed four Big Free Give Away days – the brain

child of The Barn Church Of Scotland Community Worker, Paul Haringman. The idea is that

church folk donate new or nearly new items they’re willing to give away. Up to 2000 of these

are set out on stalls. Local residents get invited. The church can even manage some special

“customer focussing” as a result of consultation with local Social Work Services and others.

Ministries like healing, dream interpretation and prophecy combine well with traditional free

teas, coffees & baking, and three minute portrait sketching (which supplies each sitter with a

scroll affirming that humans are made in God’s image and therefore of high value) and become

part of the Big Free Give Away. The days resonated deeply with people and raised telling

questions and comments. Chances to share the truth of Jesus’ kindness and generosity open up

in a setting where His love is actually being demonstrated.

Blue Flame/Street pastors

Collaboration with Blue Flame has helped the Barn to develop a more holistic ministry with

widening community connection. The Church has also become friends with a local pub where

the church “staff” have “business” lunches. The link with Blue Flame led to the pub being willing

to stage a “Spiritual Fayre” in its restaurant area, aiming to reach spiritual seekers on their own

home territory. The pub owner is keen to build good community relationships and considers

Blue Flame and the local church to be part of this vision.

Contributors: Mark Hadfield, Charity Bowman-Webb, Andrew Gregg, Rev Jim Robertson,

Douglas Wilby

Photographs: (c) Karen Beaton, Andrew Gregg

Blue Flame: http://www.facebook.com/hisblueflame

The Kings Fellowship: http://www.thekingsfactory.com

Inverness Community Church: http://www.newdayinternational.org

Inverness Street Pastors: http://www.facebook.com/nesspastors

The Barn Church: http://www.barnchurch.org.uk







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Sponsor a Child ….

…. Transform a Community

Adopt-A-Child is an evangelistic sponsorship programme reaching out to the peoples of

Guatemala and Albania through feeding programmes, medical and dental care, Bible

teaching, discipleship training and prayer.

Despite difficult economic times globally, God continues to

bless and expand our ministry.

In Albania, two medical and dental campaigns took place

during 2012, reaching out to the adults and children in the

community with the Gospel, as well as offering treatment.

More than 730 people were seen and 70 responded to the

Gospel over the two week-long campaigns.

In Guatemala our 9 programmes are growing, with around 10,000 children

now registered. 2012 saw the opening of a new, purpose-built facility in

Dueñas, paid for largely with donations from the UK, to house a rapidly

growing programme of over 1,000 children.

Our programme in Zone 5 in Guatemala City is also in need of new,

larger premises and we are in the process of negotiating for a new



We are excited to be part of the work that God is

doing in Albania and Guatemala through Adopt-A-

Child and trust that He will continue to lead and

guide us through 2013 and beyond.

You can find out more about our work on our website


Adopt-A-Child (a programme of LWI) in the UK is a Scottish Charity No. SC 029685,

and a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee, No. 202663

International Development Coordinator, Paul A Cocking. Reg Office: AAC, Culloden Centre, Keppoch Road, Inverness, IV2 7LL, Scotland




I t’s

been an amazing year of encouragement,

rich blessing and joy at Release

International Scotland this year. Here

are just some of the ways in which, through

our supporters, we have been able to make a

di�erence to the lives of persecuted Christians:

� Together we prayed brothers and sisters out of

prison who had been jailed because of their

Christian faith.

� We held special camps to encourage pastors

and their churches who face di�cult times

serving God in their communities.

� We supplied Christian literature and Bibles to

persecuted Christians around the world.

� We held conferences to connect women of

faith in Scotland with those in restricted

countries su�ering for their faith.

� With our partner Pavel we helped churches

in Scotland to hear what life is really like for

Christians in Central Asia.

Thanks so much to our supporters who

have given their time, money and resources to

enable all of this to happen. A special thanks to

Philip in Glasgow and Laurie in Inverness who

undertook sponsored walks, and to Pat in Rhu

who asked friends to donate to Release Scotland

rather than give her gi�s for her 70th Birthday.

Others held co�ee mornings and Valentine

events. Supporters and churches have faithfully

prayed and given regularly to help support our

su�ering family in Christ. Your support is truly



Release International, PO Box 54, Orpington BR5 9RT

Tel: 01689 823491 Email: info@releaseinternational.org

Registered Charity 280577


In 2013 please help us to increase the number

of safe houses for women who have given

their lives to Christ in Egypt. A�er conversion

they o�en live in fear of their families and

the authorities and need a safe place to live.

Christian women and girls are an easy target

for kidnapping, rape and forced marriage so we

are developing a project to set up a network of

groups to protect them. We also plan to support

a vital training and discipleship course for those

who have come to faith.

It would be great if you would join us in this

exciting new year of serving Christ and our

persecuted family together. There are many

ways to help: from praying to raising awareness

in your church to taking part in a sponsored

fundraising event. When I meet persecuted

brothers and sisters and tell them that we are

praying for them, tears run down their faces

and they say: “Our God has not forgotten us and

neither have his people.”

From all at Release we wish you a truly

blessed Christmas and a peaceful new year.

Linda Oxburgh



Te a r f u n d


Looking back

‘I will give thanks

to you, LORD, with

all my heart; I will

tell of all your

wonderful deeds.’

Psalm 9:1

On the wall of our small

prayer room in the

Tearfund Scotland

office we write all the things

for which we are thankful to

God. It’s a wonderful reminder of

everything he’s done throughout the

last year, in our lives personally and

Tearfund’s work around the world.

At Tearfund our vision is to see people released

from material and spiritual poverty through

the local church. We know we will never see

that fulfilled without prayer. So last February,

in Queen’s Park Baptist Church, Glasgow, we

ran a dynamic twenty four hours of continuous

worship and prayer. It was a powerful time to

meet with God, exalt his name, and pray for his

kingdom to come amongst poor, broken, hurting

and marginalised people.

Teams from thirteen different churches across

the denominations joined us to lead worship

and prayer in many different styles. We also had

sessions run by Glasgow House of Prayer and a

24-7 prayer room. More than 400 people from

all over Scotland joined us over the 24 hours.

Working in partnership with other organisations

was a significant part of our year. From Alpha

Scotland to Bethany Christian Trust, CLAN to

the Alive Festival, we are so thankful for the

relationships God is developing in Scotland for

the good of his kingdom.

We’ve also been busy making another type of

connection – linking churches here in Scotland

with our church partners in the developing

world. As part of Tearfund’s growing Connected

Church programme, Scottish churches are

having their eyes opened to both the needs of

poor people and the power of local churches

as agents of transformation. For example, this

year Penicuik North Kirk began to help more

than 500 vulnerable families in four villages

overcome problems with hunger, through their

new connection with our partner Eagles Relief

and Development in Malawi.

The desire to connect was taken further when

Tearfund Scotland Director Lynne Paterson led

a team of eight of Scotland’s leaders to

see our work through local churches in

Uganda. The team was co-led by CLAN

Chairman Alan McWilliam, and included

other members of the CLAN family such

as Tommy MacNeil, Faith Brennan, David

Malcolm and Iain Sutherland.

All those who came were very touched by

the level of need they experienced, and

the difference that can be made when a

local church is empowered and motivated

by God’s love to do something about it.

The team saw the importance of tackling

mindsets in helping people out of poverty in the

long term. On his return, Alan McWilliam said,

‘After this second trip

with Tearfund, I am even

more convinced that their

work through these local

churches is the best way

I have seen of cutting

poverty at the roots.’

Alan McWilliam

Looking forward

You can find out more about the team’s

experience in Uganda on our website

www.tearfund.org/scotland or in Tear Times

Scotland magazine out in January.

Finally, we are thankful for the many volunteers

who have worked alongside us this year to raise

money, facilitate prayer, encourage people to

campaign against injustice – we would achieve

far less if it wasn’t for our extended family. The

fundraising bug even caught the Tearfund team

when all the ladies braved the wind and rain to

run the Glasgow Women’s 10k in May with a

group of volunteers.

2013 holds much excitement for us as a team. Volunteer Manager Jo

Mummery is leading a team of Tearfund specialist speakers to Peru in

January, and will be joined by worship leader Allan McKinlay.

We are planning other trips with church leaders later in the year, seeking to challenge and inspire

them to bring about change in their own communities as well as supporting and learning from

churches in the poorest parts of the world, as they do the same.

Prayer will continue to be the lifeblood of all that we do. We are partnering with Pray for Scotland to host

Poured Out, a two day prayer event at Stirling Baptist Church on Friday 19 to Saturday 20 April 2013. We

will be looking at what it means to be poured out in devotion, worship, prayer and action and will be crying

out to God to pour out his spirit on our nation and the world.

We will be up in Inverness at the Alive Festival again in June, then at CLAN in July, as well as many

other events throughout the year. To keep up to date with our latest news and events please visit our

website www.tearfund.org/scotland or like Tearfund Scotland on Facebook.



Master of Theology Programmes that Enhance Ministry

What is God doing in Scotland, and

across the world? Well, one thing

He seems to be doing is giving

Christians a real burden for getting

involved in holistic ministry and

helping to transform their

communities. This isn’t new – right

from Pentecost the Holy Spirit has been building

communities which reflect the kingdom. It’s

really exciting to see folk recapturing this vision.

However, if we’re going to be able to do this

faithfully and well in our 21st century world with

all its challenges, we’re going to need to be

resourced and equipped, and that’s why God

gives us pastors and teachers - to equip the

saints for the work of ministry.

But who resources the resourcers? An

increasing focus of the ministry of International

Christian College is providing a place where


leaders can take time out for personal and

professional development. It’s easy for this to be

put to one side in the middle of a busy ministry,

yet in the long run this doesn’t help anyone.

Doctors, lawyers, teachers and other

professionals all take the time to upgrade their

skills regularly – so how about pastors and

leaders and others involved in Christian

ministry? Sure, it’s an investment of time and

money, but it will pay dividends both in leaders’

own lives and in the lives of their churches.

That’s why we’ve just launched a Masters Level

programme in Community Learning and

“As a Christian practitioner in a 'secular'

organisation, I have found the combination of

theological, sociological and educational reflection

offered by the course vital in helping me continue

to develop my work with young people in

communities. Understanding my own heart, passion

and innovation for community work in the light of a God who is

zealous, abundant and creative is something that changes me,

challenges my approach to practice, and pushes me forward.”

Peta Garbett, Children's Service Manager


Development with Applied Theology, and we

have three other MTh programmes launching in

2013. They’re all designed to be done in tandem

with peoples’ ministry, with intensive study

weeks and online study support. Please pray

that God will use

these in His mission

of seeing his


come here in


and across

the world.

Scripture and Theology

New questions being raised in the study of

Scripture and of theology can provide

opportunities for the deepening of faith and the

development of ministry. The Master of

Theology in Scripture and Theology provides

the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills

in biblical studies and its relationship with

theology in order to develop academically,

professionally and personally. Central to this

programme is a focus on issues of Biblical

interpretation, and on the relationship between

Scripture, theology and context.

Ministry Practice

Involvement in ministry can sometimes leave

little time for reflection on what you are doing

and why, and yet this is essential for the ongoing

development of ministry. The Master of

Theology in Ministry Practice offers the

opportunity to develop academically,

professionally and personally through reflection

on Scripture, theology, context and ministry

experience. At the heart of this programme is

reflection on the students own spiritual


“The opportunity to engage in high quality personal

development while continuing in my role as a church pastor is a

special privilege. To share this journey with others - fellow

students and ICC staff - who have a similar passion to see the

church as a practical means of transformation in its local

community is a challenging and exciting bonus.”

Ken Brown, Pastor

Dedridge Baptist Church, Livingston

Community Learning & Development

with Applied Theology

Increasingly those involved in Christian ministry

are facing the question of how to engage better

with the communities, both Christian and non-

Christian, which they seek to serve. The use of

both non-formal and informal educational

techniques to work alongside groups and

individuals within communities offers an

For more information about these, and other, study

options at International Christian College contact:

approach to Christian outreach and discipleship

which can meet the needs of those in Christian

Service today.

The diverse field of Community Learning and

Development uses these techniques and

includes such specialist areas as adult

education and youth work.

The Master of Theology in Community Learning

& Development offers the opportunity to explore

not only the practical principles of community

learning and development, but to reflect on and

critique these principles theologically.

Ministry in an Urbanising World

Half the world’s population live in cities and this

proportion is rapidly growing. Urban values and

culture make their impact felt far more widely

than just in the inner cities and shanty towns of

our world. Christian ministry almost everywhere

on earth is now done in world shaped by urban


Reflection on practical, biblical, theological,

academic and personal resources, allows

students to develop their abilities as reflective

practitioners of ministry in the urban centres of

the world or those shaped by

www.icc.ac.uk | college@icc.ac.uk | 0141 552 4040

urban values. The programme

takes a global view, and includes

an intensive week of study and

engagement in Kibera, on the

edge of Nairobi.


What are you doing this summer?

New from ICC

for Summer 2013

Summer schools from

International Christian College

Church after Christendom

August 19 th -23 rd

A week for Christians to explore Biblical

teaching on the church and the practical

challenges of how we can plant and develop

churches which will thrive in our new

cultural landscape.

Evangelism and Conversion

August 26 th -30 th

A week for leaders and those with an

interest in theology to explore in more

depth some biblical, theological and

sociological perspectives on the themes of

evangelism and conversion.


For more information:


0141 552 4040


God’s amazing work in Rwanda in 2012

Comfort Rwanda is grateful to God and extends thanks to all its friends and

supporters for helping us:

� send hundreds of children to school, send students to university, and continue

to build the school, and dig a well, at Gakagati

� fund agricultural and bee-keeping projects for genocide survivors

� reach 50 houses Comfort completed Rwanda for the Healed Community at Kamonyi

� support rape survivors in DR Congo with funds for surgery and a sewing school

� provide homes for genocide survivors at Jari and Karongi

� finish the main building at the 9 classroom Ihumure Vocational Training

College, partnering The Living Church

� buy land to start the cattle breeding herd to provide cows for genocide


� provide monthly support for 100 genocide survivors and dozens of ex-street


� run the charity shops and promote the sale of Rwandan crafts

But most of all the best thing is the hearts that have been healed, the

guilty and shamed that have been forgiven and cleansed, the lost that have

been saved and the love that has been shared. Bless you all!

Plans of hope for 2013

One of our biggest challenges is to

provide places at the Vocational

Training College for ex-street kids

and genocide survivors like:

My parents and siblings

were all killed in the

genocide. When I left

the orphanage I had to

drop out of school, so I

need vocational training.

My hope is that God will change

my history & open a door for me to

get happiness in the future”

Mukeshimana Donatille

My parents died when

we were young and

we were forced onto

the streets. Thanks

to The Living Church

I left the streets and now wish to

be a responsible person and turn my

life around for the better. I wish to

learn a skill that will improve my

being and develop myself by

working and earning a living”

Biziyaremye Vivence

Would you like to change a life and give a

young Rwandan a hope and a future by

sponsoring them to go to the Vocational

Training College at £20 or £40 a month?

email enquiry@comfortrwanda.org.uk or

phone Julie at 0141 840 2742 or 01236 827251

We’d love to hear from you!

The Quiet



(or Fruit before Gifts) by Rick Hayes

Over 12 years ago, in year 2000, when John Paul Jackson first taught his course, The Art of

Hearing God, outside of the USA, he brought it to Scotland. The essence of this was, that God

had moved him to help restore Scotland’s prophetic heritage to His church. God had also

paved the way, by creating well-formed, good relationships (without which kingdom ministry

cannot be sustained) between John Paul and a number of Scottish church leaders, and

many Christians, by regular visits to Scotland since 1990.

Why Scotland first? Because the church in Scotland has a God-given destiny as a prophetic

missionary nation. This includes sending out missionaries throughout the world, as history and

present trends show; it also includes anointed preaching, for both of which Scotland has been

renowned. It also includes both of the above being enriched and empowered by the gift of

prophecy, for many Scottish Christians, even hearing the word prophecy warms their hearts –

it is meant to. Just one example, in the Lewis revival, Duncan Campbell’s preaching was

salted with revelation (listen to the testimony recordings!) See also Jack Deere’s books.

Since 2000, many who have taken The Art of Hearing God course have measurably matured

in their revelatory gifting (church leaders have commented favourably on that). Many have

taken further courses to prepare them to use their gifts in evangelistic settings, several have

initiated missionary communities, creatively connecting people with the love of God in

thousands of powerful encounters - much sowing of seed, and moving many toward their

creator and His church.

In the lives of these ministering Christians, the transformation has come through giving

attention to facets of character growth (epitomised by growing the fruits of the Holy Spirit) –

this gives a strong foundation to the growth of any spiritual gift especially the prophetic and

enhances life itself.

Rom 5:1 Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God

through our Lord Jesus Christ…but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know

that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.

Let us press on into our discipleship and hope, pray and make every effort toward continuing

maturity and effectiveness in presenting the good news of the kingdom and becoming



Learn to hear the voice of the Lord and to develop greater intimacy with Him

This course is designed to enable students to discern God’s voice in it’s many facets. Character

building for life, this foundational course covers:

Three Pillars of Prophetic Ministry : Five Levels of Listening, Knowing God's Voice : Practical Tips for

Delivering a Word : Prophetic Servanthood and Authority : Metaphorical Understanding : Fellowship

of the Spirit, Spiritual Authority : Spirit of Lawlessness in the Church : Role, Purpose, and Function of

the Church : Godward Meditation : Distinguishing Between Prophets and Psychics : Comparison of

Left-Brain and Right-Brain Characteristics : Role, Purpose, and Function of Prophetic Ministry in the


Course information & booking

Tel 07761 712220 or visit





We are celebrating the amazing testimonies of our clients this

year. The power of God has broken through again and again in


people’s lives! Releasing the prophetic has reconnected people

with their destinies and the awesome things that God wants to do

in, and through, them:

“All of what [the team] prophesied was incredibly accurate. I never really

believed that God knew all of me yet when you spoke what He was saying to

you [about me] I was blown away! ...through you God has done an awesome

work by stirring up boldness in me!” - from a 15-year old boy

“This year I received freedom ministry at Glasgow Prophetic Centre, where

the power of God changed me completely... some of the things God revealed

surprised me... I was set free... the changes in my life have been incredible! I

am so full of joy. I have a peace that is unexplainable, I know for a fact that

God loves me, I see myself di�ferently now - no longer as a failure but loved

and accepted... I no longer engage in [lists the sins of her former life], I can

love again...” - testimony of young woman


TO 2013

The prophets have heard that

there will be a ‘breaking storm’ of

restoration over the nation. This will catapult the nation into a

time of unprecedented signs and wonders. It will be a year known

as the ‘year of miracles’ and a decade known as the ‘decade of

wonders’ in church history. The Lord in this storm will also topple

that which continues in unrighteousness. God says that He is

taking the pause button off the move of the Spirit that He began

in the nations over 15 years ago. . . For the full word from Glasgow

Prophetic Centre for 2013, please visit our website.

Glasgow Prophetic Centre

26B Renfield Street Glasgow G2 1LU



Find us on Facebook: “Glasgow Prophetic Centre” or on Twitter: “propheticscots”


Now thousands every

day across Scotland

and the world receive

a word by email or

online. Why don’t you

join them, today?

And, to receive a

prophetic word in

person, simply visit

the website and book

an appointment

for a Prophetic

Check-Up. This is

now an international

service - with people

travelling from all

over the world for a


Why not have a team from Glasgow Prophetic Centre visit your church?

We can prophesy over the destiny of your church OR train in the prophetic gi�t.

0141 221 7273 info@glasgow-prophetic-centre.org.uk

International Network of Prophetic Centres. A charity registered in Scotland, SC043135



Whether facilitating partnerships with individuals and churches to OM’s ministries

worldwide or reaching out to diverse ethnic communities, OM has a longestablished

presence in the UK seeking to fulfil a vision of ‘Mission at the Heart of

the Church and the Church at the Heart of the Community.’


Certain things are obvious. OM remains a movement of

God, trusting in God, utterly dependent upon Him and

showing that dependence by our commitment to His Word

and to waiting upon Him in prayer.

Through God’s liberating love we are seeing remarkable

witness in our key focus areas around the world.

Through our Emerging Mission Movements, in Latin

America, Southern Africa and parts of Asia a new era of

mission workers is producing powerful fruit; in Europe

fresh life is being breathed into the church and hope

is being restored to rebuild lives; and we continue to

reach out in love to our brothers and sisters though our

Muslim Peoples ministry. We see God’s transforming

power working in young people across the world,

our Next Generation; and working in partnership with

international Relief and Development organisations we

are privileged to care for those suffering the effects of

natural disasters both in the short and long-term.


Established in 1957 by visionary, George Verwer, OM is

a dynamic, international Christian missions movement.

In the OM family of ministries, we have 6,100 workers


transforming lives and communities

representing over 100 nations in more than 110 countries

and through our ship, the Logos Hope.


Working in every region of the world our aim is to

motivate and equip Christians to share God’s love and

to strengthen and plant churches especially in areas

where Christ is least known.

For further information contact Sharon Rose,

OM Regional Coordinator for Scotland

T: 0141 572 0050 E: Sharon.rose@om.org





Operation Mobilisation. Registered office: The Quinta,

Weston Rhyn Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 7LT

Registered as a company limited by guarantee no.

2564320 and charity no.1008196 (England and

Wales), and SCO40988 (Scotland)

Hosting His Presence, releasing His Kingdom, bringing

His lost bride home.

Despite the

bombardment of gloomy newspaper headlines (double-dip recession, rising

unemployment, business closures etc.) the Spirit of our incredible God continues

to hover over our nation, and He is doing something wonderful.

Last year, literally

, and our volunteers found

themselves ministering constantly, hour after

hour, bringing people into encounters with the

God who loves them so much.

from deafness, arthritis,

back pain, knee injuries, broken bones, depression, fibromyalgia, migraines, and

many more conditions. . If we

accumulated the reports of signs, wonders and miracles in 2012, they would

outnumber those reported in the Book of Acts!

‘Joe’ came along to an event in Glasgow, he

was homeless. Some years ago, he’d fallen

from a bridge, smashing his hip and leg. He

was left with steel plates, unable to bend his

leg. To begin with, Joe came across as ‘tough’

and sceptical, but as the team prayed,

, and unprompted, he

stood to his feet and started testing his leg. Seconds later he was doing squat

thrusts, beaming, and exclaiming: “I didnae believe in all this stuff, but I dae

now!!!” Joe left, having experienced the Father’s love in an unforgettable way.

‘Jenny’, a teenager, came along to an outreach in Edinburgh. You could tell by

her demeanour that she’d seen and experienced things, no person should ever

have to. She’d been abused and raped as a young girl, and the experience had

left her with no confidence or self-worth. Watching her stare at the carpet as

she spoke was painful.

‘Ellie’, had only become a Christian a few months earlier, but offered to pray

with Jenny. As she invited Father God to pour His love into this precious, broken,

girl, a miracle took place, and


She was completely overwhelmed, and for the first time in her life, felt loved,

valued and accepted. Moments later, she lifted her tear-stained face and said,

“I feel like a new person…!”

. Every time we take His love to

the Market Place, we are stunned by the crowds of hungry people we meet, and

the way our amazing Jesus meets them at the place of their deepest need.

Our God is creating a spiritual hunger in the hearts and minds of ordinary people

in Scotland, and

In the last year, we’ve been

invited to parliament, schools, hospitals,

hospices, hotels, cafes, community centres

and even people’s homes! I am hard pressed

to think of another time in our history so

pregnant with Kingdom possibilities!

You can read more

testimonies like this in

Barbara’s new book: ‘A Book of

Miracles... Some Adventures of

God & His Kids in Scotland’ due

for release early next year.

As we look to next year, we do so with anticipation and excitement. Our diary

is already busy with invitations to run more outreaches, train more people, and

to work shoulder to shoulder with others to see communities transformed by

His incredible love, power and grace.

In the natural, many things in our society are being

shaken. But, , a God

who loves to take the word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ and rip it into

tiny little shreds, a God who will use every opportunity

to bring people into a closer, more intimate relationship

with Him. As we look to the future, we have a choice.

Let us be those who choose to say ‘yes’ to Him, and who

invest our time, energy, and resources into seeing His Kingdom advance in this


If you’d like to find out more about us, join us, pray for us, or support us, please

get in touch using the details given below.

Light & Life is directed by Dr Barbara

Jenkinson along with a core team of

gifted staff. Our volunteers are Spiritfilled

Christians from many different

churches and backgrounds.

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Interested in Tackling the

biggest need in your community?

In 2011 Community Money

Advice launched its very

successful model of supporting



to provide


face to


face debt advice in Scotland

In 2012 CMA trained

and provided full support

and documentation to

enable two new Scottish

centres to get started

In 2013 will you become part

of the CMA Scotland journey?

If you wish to know more about the work of CMAS or want to look into

setting up a debt advice centre in your church then please contact

Alan Davidson alan@communitymoneyadvice, phone 07976 144 720

or visit our website wwwcommunitymoneyadvice.com/scotland



Trypraying started in Edinburgh two

years ago. After our Easter 2012

campaign involving thousands of

trypraying booklets, 70 local churches,

scores of trypraying banners, over

£10,000 raised by local Christians to

sponsor adverts on 40 Lothian buses, 1

complaint to the advertising standards

authority (rejected!), and 40 days of

united prayer at Easter, we are

hearing an increasing number of

stories of God at work.

“I was driving past the church near my

home and felt drawn in. I saw

[trypraying] on their walls and thought

to myself, why not? Well I can tell you

now that something changed for me in

that moment. I asked God to help me,

to make me stronger...and you know I

felt different after, like a weight had

been lifted, and suddenly I knew it was

going to be ok - it was almost like a

light being switched on. Since then I

feel like my eyes have been opened,

and I feel like there are signs all

around me that God exists, and that

He hears us." Jenna, Edinburgh.

This is one of a number of amazing

stories we have heard at a local level,

with more being emailed to us from

further afield. Our God is full of grace

– in the case of the young woman

above, she didn’t even read one of our

booklets – seeing the two words ‘try

praying’ was enough to impact her

heart and change her life.

The children’s version of the

trypraying booklet is having a similar

impact, with reports of local kids

having thought-provoking discussions

on the subject of prayer. A number of

people have commented that in its

straight-talking simplicity, the kid’s

version speaks directly to parents and

teachers too. There’s also been high

demand for a youth version and we

are currently at the writing stage with

it, and pray that we can produce

something for 2013 which teens will

fully embrace. In addition, the adult’s

booklet is about to be printed in the

USA, and we are awaiting orders to


As for the future, we want to give this

away to other places. In March 2013

we would love there to be many local

communities where groups of

churches are putting ‘trypraying’ into

the public space. We are planning

another campaign in Edinburgh in

2013, with bus adverts and churches

uniting in prayer. Those from other

places are welcome to contact us

about planning something similar in

their own area.

The reports of people coming to know

Jesus through a simple challenge to

pray are greatly encouraging, and our

whole reason for devoting so much

time and energy to two little words!

For more info contact:


0131 202 6868



Our vision is to see the Kingdom come, equip and release the saints in prophetic

intercession, release healing, salvation, deliverance and the miraculous. To pray as the

bride of Christ, teaching on relationship, identity and intimacy with Bridegroom. To pray in

joy, teaching and mentoring how to be happy intercessors with testimonies bringing great

joy. To call and pull down heaven to earth from our position in the Throne Room, in the

towns, cities and villages where God takes us. To create a canopy of prayer for ministers

and ministry leaders in the nation.

SIS was commissioned in Whiteinch Church of Scotland in January and launched in

February this year. Since then we have travelled to various towns around Scotland as God

led us, praying blessing and listening to the Spirit. We ran our first school of intercession in

the spring looking at fundamental principles with people from local churches as well as our

own church folk in Whiteinch.

We also spent valuable time with prayer teams on site at St Andrews before Clan. The

harder it rained the better it got! It was wonderful to see God change the spiritual

atmosphere as we prayed. The enemy was routed. In Clan week we walked the site some

more, supporting leaders as well as those working hard and serving to make things

happen. Recently we spent some time with a small group of people in the St Andrews area

to pray for Clan. By the time this is printed our Day of Thanksgiving on 1 st December will

be past. We gather to celebrate the goodness of God and call the church to remember His

kindness in bringing us thus far. We sense this will be a landmark time as we prepare for

the New Year.

In 2013 we will continue to walk out our vision in towns, cities, villages, and in the

countryside, setting our feet where the Lord sends us, calling the land to life, praying in the

Kingdom, calling the lost home, praying for transformation. There will be another school of

intercession in Whiteinch in the spring and the Canopy of Prayer will be widened.

Sheena Downie and Iris Hall

sheena_eternaldance@hotmail.co.uk iris.hall@ntlworld.com 39

At Regius School we provide an encouraging and creative

environment in which children can achieve their full potential

and grow in confidence.

Our small class groups facilitate a safe, caring, family atmosphere.

We aim to be a centre of education excellence where each

child’s unique identity is recognised and developed, focusing on

their individual learning skills and aspirations.

The advantages and quality assurance of the Regius curriculum are also

available through our Distance Learning programme for individual

home-schoolers, community groups and self-starting schools.


Regius has all the benefits of an independent school and yet at

a fraction of the cost of the larger private establishments.

Regius School | 69a Whitehall Street | Newcraighall | Edinburgh | EH21 8QZ

0131 669 2913 | info@regius.edin.sch.uk | www.regius.edin.sch.uk

How to find


The School is

conveniently situated

on the south-eastern

outskirts of Edinburgh

with easy access

to the A1 and the

City Bypass.

A Park-and-Ride

service is located

close to the School,

from which a halfhourly

train service

operates into the city.

A regular bus service

runs from outside

the School.

Newcraighall Road

69a Whitehall Street | Newcraighall | Edinburgh | EH21 8QZ

0131 669 2913 | info@regius.edin.sch.uk | www.regius.edin.sch.uk

A charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland, no.151423 Scottish Charity SC022723







Today, millions of children from

desperately poor communities can

realistically dream of a povertyfree

future. It’s not a government

mandate or an international

agreement which has transformed

the lives of these young boys and

girls forever; it’s the global

movement of Christians with a

desire to live out the gospel and

transform lives in Jesus’ name.

In recent years, great strides have been made to

alleviate the suffering of those living in abject

poverty. A few decades ago, statistics showed

that 40,000 children died from preventable

causes each day; in the 1990s that number was

33,000 per day; by 2008 it dropped to 24,000

and now it’s down to 19,000. * Multiple

factors have contributed to the decrease in

this number, but one key element has been

Christians across the world uniting to bring

the hope of Christ to those in need.

Elisabeth’s story

Elisabeth Ovalle is just one of the 1.3 million

children currently sponsored by Compassion

who can testify to the impact Christians can

make in the life of the poor. At the age of just

ten, Elisabeth became the sole caregiver for her

family when her father was paralysed following

an accident at work and her mother died from

pneumonia. In the eyes of the world she is just

another statistic of poverty, but her local church

didn’t see her that way. They saw a beautiful

little girl full of potential.

Elisabeth was registered into a

Compassion project run in

partnership with her local church.

Staff at the project ensured that

she received assistance with

household chores, extra food and

supplies, medication for her

father, as well as help to continue her studies.

“They help me in lots of ways – they brought us

food supplies for two months and medicine for my

father and he’s fi nally getting better now,” says

Elisabeth with a smile.

It’s not just the local church supporting

Elisabeth. Thousands of miles away, a young

woman decided to invest in the life of a child

she didn’t even know. That child was Elisabeth.

Elisabeth and her sponsor share the same name

My sponsor


my LIFE”

and they now share letters and prayers with

each other. The fi nancial support her sponsor

provides makes a huge difference in Elisabeth’s

physical and spiritual life. She is slowly gaining

the skills she needs to step out of poverty whilst

learning of her eternal hope in

Jesus Christ.

Across the world, the life

stories of more than 1.3

million children have been

changed forever thanks to the

intervention of individual

Compassion sponsors. It’s a

number to be celebrated, but the challenge

remains to help the rest.

Join with us in this global,

life-changing ministry by

sponsoring a child today.

Visit www.compassionuk.org

or call 01932 836490

* Child Survival and Health, UNICEF, November 2009, www.childinfo.org

COMPASSION UK CHRISTIAN CHILD DEVELOPMENT Registered Charity No. 1077216 Registered in England No. 3719092

SCB freead

Becoming a FRIEND of CLAN

Either go online to www.justgiving.com/newwine-scotland

phone 01771637962 or go on

our website www.clangathering.org.uk for

more information

Become a CLAN Rep A CLAN Rep is someone who commits to

promote CLAN events within their church. As a rep you will be given a ‘CLAN Pack’ which

will include everything you need in order to tailor the promotion to suit your church.

e:admin@clangatheirng.org.uk t:1771 637962


Prayer Ministry Training

Intercession Team

13th April 2013 26th & 27th April 2013 24th May 2013

27th July 2013 27th July - 2nd August 2013 4th & 5th October 2013

www.clangathering.org.uk T: 01771 637962 E: office@clangathering.org.uk

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