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Hi, Welcome I’m Dawn Breslin, the founder of Harmony

Magazine. If you don’t already know me, I’m a Hay House

Author, personal& spiritual development teacher and Host

of the Dawn Breslin Show.

Harmony magazine is an off shoot of my NEW Harmonizing

brand and in the following pages, I’m excited to share with

you ideas on how to live a heart centred life, one which will

bring you fulfilment, passion, peace love and grace, something I believe so

many of us need this in this ever-changing fast paced world we live in.

I have created this monthly magazine as an inspirational, proactive

emotional well being guide, something which may offer you tools, hints and

tips on how to manage your energy, raise your vibration and cultivate your

full creative potential.

Each month I’ll share with you NEW ideas about moving out of the pain of

stress, stuck~ness, anxiety, depression, burnout, debt and despair.

My mission is to help you find ways to live in alignment with your true feelings

and to inspire you to re-evaluate your ideas about what success really means

to you.

I’ll help stir your thoughts around creating a nourishing daily rhythmic lifestyle

design. Why? Because I know that when you take the time to live in a deeply

nourishing way, you will gain access to your abundant inner well of creativity,

energy, inspiration and vitality.

Each month I will feature articles written by conscious creatives,

entrepreneurs, authors, teachers, healers and leaders who are shaping our

new way of living and being in the world.

If you feel your work is in alignment with our message and you'd like to share

your wisdom with our community, I’d love to hear from you.

It’s a pleasure to share with you.

Dawn X0

Find out more about my work at



The Playlist

Music impacts our mood, it

uplifts our spirit, it holds us

close when we are sad, it

rocks us gently into quiet

relaxation when we are

stressed or tired. If you enjoy

listening to new music, you

might like this bunch of varied

tracks on Dawn Breslin’s

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Cold Outside ~ Ruth Moody

Giving Up Everything ~ Natalie Merchant

Open ~ Rhye

Lay Down With You ~ Frazey Ford

Fire ~ Willemijn May

Raoui ~ Souad Massi

Fever To The Form ~ Nick Mulvey

XO ~ John Mayer

1973—Acoustic ~ James Blunt

You Are Never Alone ~ Lucinda Drayton



January 6

January Rituals 8

January Do’s and Don’ts 10

Allow your heart to design your life 14

Breaking the stress habit 16

Pause, Breathe, Notice: The power of Mindfulness 18

Rise up, raise your vibration and shine 24

Reiki & Healing Grief 30




Happy New Year to you!

In times gone by the New Year was seen as the

gateway to the light, the start of another cycle of

changing seasons and the coming of the lighter

days, a time which brings promise of rebirth and

awakening for all of us.

Many of us feel the urge to turn everything upside

down on January the 1 st , we feel sluggish in the aftermath

of the festive period and the effect of the

long dark nights may have already taken their toll.

When the gradual light of January comes around,

hope naturally blossoms in the heart. This is a time to

celebrate new beginnings, to throw out clutter (and

our bad habits!) and make space for the new.

This is the time to focus our hearts and minds on the

changes we desire in the days and months to





by Maddie Millett


Spend time alone.

After the bustle of Christmas, connect with who

you are in the stillness of solitude. Really enjoy

the sense of peace you feel in being alone.

Breathe deeply and enjoy your own presence.

Interacting with others is fun and rewarding

but we all need time to recharge and

refill our own energy. Take time to connect

deeply. By nourishing yourself, your sense of

peace will be apparent to those around you.

Go outside.

Take a bracing walk alone to clear away the

cobwebs and find clarity. Help focus your heart

and mind by removing all distractions - go out

into nature, contemplate the cycles of growth,

the rise and fall of the seasons. Contemplate the 5 feelings you would love to feel

each day. Sense the weather and the landscape around you. Take a notepad and

pen and leave the phone behind! Sense thoughts which bubble up from within.

Clear your system.

Tune in to what your body really needs. How could you improve your health and

overall sense of well being this month?

Think about ways you would like to move your precious body. Perhaps gentle movement,

dance classes, long nourishing walks, are what your body secretly craves.

Make your choices fun and fulfilling, not a tough chore which fills you with dread.

Maybe it’s time to clean up your internal system too...how about making some

clean, simple, nourishing food choices; perhaps it’s time to cleanse your digestive

system and give it a fresh start for the New Year.

Create a vision.

Sit quietly on your own, or with one or two close, supportive friends. Find a selection

of beautiful magazines. Go through them, instinctively pulling out any words or pictures

which call to you - don’t overthink it, go with what would make you feel happy,

nourished or fulfilled. You may be surprised at the overall picture that suddenly

comes together when you arrange your collage.

Let this collage become your guiding vision for the coming year. Images speak to us

on an unconscious level and can deeply motivate us to bring into being our dearly

held dreams.



Do’s and Don’ts

by Maddie Millett


...set intentions


Meditate on what truly lights your heart up for this coming


...focus on what you want to feel

Rather than material aspirations you wish to achieve - imagining

how you want to feel sets up a subtle message to your inner

compass; your unconscious mind. If you focus only on

your end goal then it is out of reach, something you don’t

have yet, and this is a negative motivation.

...start slowly, start small

By just taking one small do-able step you are getting into

flow, and this creates it’s own forward momentum. You will

feel encouraged and are more likely to carry on.




Pick one thing at a time to work on. You may have many exciting

ideas and plans, but this can easily cause overwhelm.

Picking one thing to do at a time doesn’t mean you will give

up on all your other ideas, but it might mean you get more

things done!


Try juicing or find a really good multi-vitamin or probiotic -

give your digestion and brain a chance to clear after the

possible excesses of Christmas. We can all overindulge over

the holidays, but now is a chance to give yourself a boost

back into healthier ways - your mind and body will thank you

for it!

...follow your heart

Allow the adventure of your life to unfold! Be daring - what

have you secretly always wanted to try, but you thought it

was crazy, or you wouldn’t be ‘good enough’? You don’t

know till you try! Let yourself experiment, it might not work out

but then again, you might find yourself following a whole new

path you’d never even imagined before


...go over the top


With the New Year’s resolutions! It may be tempting to try and

get rid of every bad habit you’ve ever had, but your enthusiasm

will wane pretty quickly this way.

...give up

Try to ‘give up’ everything at once, rather replace the not-sohealthy

habits with new, nurturing, healthier ones. Remember, all

it takes to embed a new habit is 21 days.

...change everything

Try to change everything at once, overnight. Take small, bitesized


...be too rigid

Be rigid about goal setting.

Sometimes the end you had in

sight will shift, this is OK, but be

careful not to get too sidetracked.

Discern the difference

between a new exciting path

and just plain old boredom and

allowing yourself to be distracted

from a goal that restricts you too


Try to control your life with planning

- take positive action and

then allow what you want to

come to you.


Allow your heart to

design your life

As part of my new Harmonizing

process, I love to use heart

based intention setting to help

align clients with their true nature

as I guide them into living

their fullest potential.

In contrast to mind centred goal setting formulas

which are based on creating a desired outcome,

a strong supporting belief and an action

plan to reach our goal, heart based intention

setting is a much more gentle, natural unfolding

process, one which complements the life we

are already living and can offer immediate positive


Heart based intentions don’t put us under pressure;

they actually work in the opposite way,

they add immediate value to our lives and potentially

take the pressure out of it.

To create our heart based intentions we need

to cultivate the time and space to tune in to our

deep emotional yearnings, as we begin to take

time to listen to our cravings we will begin to

hear the calling of our heart.


These subtle thoughts and

feelings are the keys to

our emotional wellbeing

and are essential for soul


By giving ourselves what our heart authentically

needs, our mind, body and

soul dynamically move into alignment,

our energy increases and a natural

state of flow begins to arise within us.

Flow is the state where life feels easy,

fun and hugely enjoyable. It’s the opposite

state to wading through treacle

and feeling stressed as we try to do

everything on our list.

When we refocus our lives to include

routine and ritual which honours our

true needs; our stress and tension begin

to melt and our energy, motivation, vibration

and attraction power begin to


So, how do we create

heart based intentions?

It’s simple really, all you do is choose 5

words which would give you the feelings

you crave each day. The words

can be anything from:

calm, peace, fabulous, confident, happy,

relaxed, motivated, empowered,

wondrous, loved, fun, inspired, fulfilled,

feminine, sexy, sensual, joyous, balanced,

beautiful, abundant, creative

….. you get the idea!

Your heart knows the difference between

material desires and what is really

good for you. Your heart knows what

you can give yourself to thrive in the


Once you chose your 5 very different

words: ask yourself how you could

weave these 5 words/feelings into each

of the different aspects of your life.

-Daily work



For example, if you would like to feel

more loved.; ask yourself how you can

act with love, kindness and compassion

towards yourself in the areas of work,

relationships or health.

Make a list of things you need to start

doing and a list of things you would like

to stop doing to reach these feelings.

Once you have created a list for each

of your words, think of ways you can

begin to integrate these intentions into

your life with immediate effect. You

may wish to create a vision board with

your 5 words to help anchor your intentions.

After three months of living in alignment

with your heart based intentions, you

will definitely feel the difference and by

regularly reviewing your intentions, you

will move closer and closer to your natural

life design.

The journey to your heart’s

desire is one where you

will learn so much about

yourself and your place in

the world.




Life Review


Increase your energy vitality

clarity & direction

Spring 2016


33% off until 31 st January



Breaking the

stress habit

So much of what we do is habit; we

do it because ‘that’s the way I’ve

always done it’ or because we don't

know of another way to do it. Thankfully

habits can be changed, and a

willing attitude to change the way

you live is the first and biggest step

to stress recovery.


I wonder how many bad habits

you feel you would like to give up

this year? Maybe you would like

to cut down on wine, stop smoking,

stop working so hard, stop

eating bad food or stop losing

your rag …

When we become less

stressed, things which are

not so healthy or things we

feel we need to ‘give up’

can actually begin to fall

away naturally.

It’s a proven fact that as soon as

you begin to enjoy life more fully,

you need less of the bad stuff to

get you through.

So perhaps instead of considering

giving stuff up this January you

could opt to introduce more stress

free ways of living to help you

clear out the habits which aren’t

working for your overall emotional

and physical wellbeing.

Pushing through and constantly

being busy are commonplace in

many lives these days, and the

challenge we face is giving up

these habits when there is simply

so much to do.

Perhaps you can identify with

some of the following stressful

thoughts and habits which keep

us stuck in exhausting ways of living


Telling yourself it will all fall apart if

you were to let something/

someone go.

Telling yourself you are not allowed

to take a break

Telling yourself you can’t possibly

slow down until everything is done

Thriving on the buzz, the adrenaline

rush of constant demands on

your time

Responding to constant distractions

such as phone calls, emails,


Taking on too much responsibility

or too many commitments.

Spending weekends doing jobs

around the house

Is all this busyness what

you really want? Do you

quietly crave time for

yourself or some time out

to simply Be?

Learning to live in the moment, to

be mindful, helps you to live in a

peaceful state of inner calm and

can help you review your

thoughts and habits. The process

may seem counterintuitive at first,

however learning to change the

way you think is a beautiful first

step to letting go the stress and

strain you feel inside.

In the next article, Harmonizing Expert

Maggie Kay will talk a little

about how mindfulness can help

us change the pace and perspective

of our lives.


Pause, Breathe, Notice

The power of Mindfulness


Harmonizing’s very own mindfulness expert, Maggie

Kay spent many years as an ordained Buddhist. She

is now a life, business and spiritual coach as well as

an author, coach trainer and meditation teacher.


There is a world of difference between a life lived on automatic

pilot - where we feel out of control and stuff seems to just

happen to us (reactive) - and one where we feel calm and

centred enough to behave and guide things the way we want

to (creative).

Amazingly, one simple skill can totally flip the switch between

‘mind reactive’ and ‘mind creative’ and allows us to be masters

of our own destiny. (Interestingly enough, the word reactive

and the word creative are made up of the same letters!)

That skill is mindfulness.

Mindfulness comes from the Buddhist tradition and describes a

state of being where we feel relaxed yet in command of ourselves

and able to make the best choices in response to what’s

going on in our life. We can see things clearly. We feel poised.

We feel confident.

With a little practice, everyone can learn to be more mindful.

Here is an easy way to help flip your mindfulness switch to the

on position.

Pause, Breathe, Notice.

‘Pause, breathe, notice’ describes the practice of mindfulness

in three words.

Mindfulness is about being fully present, aware and alert to

whatever is happening in the here and now – everything you

can see, hear, smell, taste and touch, right in this moment.


Everyday Mindfulness

Most of the time our minds

are full of thoughts and feelings

that take us away from

what is happening right


We don’t “wake up and smell the coffee”

because we are too busy worrying about

the bill that’s just arrived in the post to notice

the delicious aroma.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to experience

being mindful in the moment is

to pause whatever you are doing, take a

few slow deep breaths (closing your eyes

for a moment if it’s safe to do so), and notice

all the physical sensations of your

breath filling and emptying from your


Pausing, breathing and noticing your

breath for a few moments like this is instantly

soothing and refreshing. When you

open your eyes again, you will feel a bit

different – maybe a lot different!

Find two or three regular times in the day

to practice this, for example, sitting down

with your first morning cuppa, traveling on

or waiting for the train, at the end of your

lunch break, when you get in from taking

the kids to school, just before going to


Before you read any further, take a moment

right now to decide when in the day

YOU will practice ‘pause, breathe, notice’

and flip your mindfulness switch on.

As well as having an immediate effect,

practicing ‘pause, breathe and notice’

brings more and more spontaneous experiences

of calm mindfulness into other

parts of your everyday life.

You can also play with extending your

mindfulness to other things other than the

breath. The principle is the same - allow

yourself to become fully absorbed in the

physical sensations of whatever you are

doing, for example, while you are walking,

eating, making love, being in nature or

even doing housework.

Mindful walking – the whole body moving,

all the things you sense around you

Mindful eating – enjoying every mouthful,

every taste and texture

Mindful love-making – being fully present

with the sensations rather than thinking

Mindful being in nature – appreciating

beauty, contrast, shape and colour

Mindful housework – aware of all your

movements, like a dance.

Continued on page 22



Continued from page 20

As well as creating a ‘little gap of calm’, being

more fully present and absorbed in the moment

with even simple, everyday activities can

make them much more interesting and pleasurable.

One of my favourite Zen Buddhist teachings is

to “wash the dishes to wash the dishes.” In other

words, don’t do the dishes feeling resentful

you have to do them, hurrying because you

really want to be sitting down watching TV. Instead,

relish what you are doing. ENJOY all the

physical sensations AS you wash the dishes.

Just WASH the dishes, fully absorbed in washing

the dishes. It is so much more pleasurable this

way. Honestly, try it!

This is because there is a connection between

mindfulness and love. When we love something

or someone, we naturally want to give

more of our attention to it/them. Likewise,

when we truly give our whole attention to

something or someone, we appreciate, understand

and love it/them more.

So go ahead and flip your mindfulness switch

on. Light your life with calm, creativity, mastery,

pleasure and love – it can be as simple as



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4 x 1hr Online

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With Maggie Kay

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exhaustion and irritability




With Dawn Breslin

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January 2016


January 2016





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Rise up,

raise your


and shine

Lessons in Self Love, Kindness & Compassion


Forgiveness is the

greatest act of


How can you forgive - and why should you?

At first forgiving someone may seem unnatural, it could seem as if you

are condoning another's harmful acts or words and being passive

about the hurt you received however true forgiveness comes directly

from your heart, and once you learn to let go the attachment of whatever

happened in the past, it really can set you free.

Forgiveness is not about saying what the other person did is alright, it is

about being able to let go of the hurt, taking long-simmering resentments

off the boil and releasing your pain because the only person who

is hurting from you holding on to the memory and emotion is you! Forgiveness

towards others is a huge act of self compassion.

In the same way we need to learn to forgive others, it is equally useful to

forgive ourselves. Human beings make mistakes, it’s part of our soul

growth on the journey of life. Once we embrace our imperfections and

commit to learning from our lessons, we can chose to love ourselves

and let go the shame and guilt we feel. It may be useful to remember

that when you ‘got it wrong’ you were probably doing the only thing

you knew how to, with the knowledge, understanding and wisdom you

had at that time. Hindsight is a great thing!!

Life lessons (otherwise known as 'mistakes'!) allow us to grow and when

we let ourselves off the hook and learn from the experience, we can

move on, release the pain, lighten up our energy and propel our lives in

a more positive direction.

So, who do you need to forgive?


Giving Up


Do you have unrealistically high expectations?

Do you believe you have to do everything on your own, never

asking for help? Do you constantly criticise yourself inwardly

- how you look, your weight/size, your achievements in life,

your parenting skills, your performance at work, your relationship

or even the lack of one?

The perfectionist habit is toxic, it can kill creativity, spontaneity

and mystery of living, it can kill our dreams our hopes and

desires, it can squash our self esteem and rob us of the joy of

living. Trying to be perfect holds us hostage in a metaphorical

straight jacket, it’s a cold, painful and harsh place to live.

In reality, life, love, mystery and fulfilment all live on the other

side of perfection. Accepting our quirkiness, our uniqueness

and our imperfections is an essential part of being human. To

feel liberated, free, to build strength and resilience, it is so important

that we get things wrong. When we embrace imperfection,

the dance of life begins..

To blossom into your fullest potential, to feel liberated and

free, it makes sense to cultivate gentle ways of giving up the

‘perfection’ habit. Instead of judging and criticising yourself,

make a commitment to find a tone and a language to offer

yourself the compassion, love and kindness you would offer

to a child.

This is your golden ticket to increased self esteem,

strength and freedom!


Daily Gratitude

Do you count your blessings

each day or do you find yourself

focusing on what you don’t

have in your life?

Life can feel tough at times, and when we

are deep in difficulty there often feels like

no way out. When our thoughts and mood

plummet, it can feel impossible to see the

good in anything.

By making a regular routine of noticing

what you are grateful for - seemingly simple

things such as a roof over your head,

food on your table, your children's laughter

or the support and love of good friends

can raise you out of your slump and turn

things around.

Just taking a moment or two to breathe

deeply, acknowledging that all is okay

right now in the present moment you are

breathing in, can ground us and anchor us

to the positive force once more.

At the end of each take a moment to

make a note of what went well, give yourself

praise for ALL that you did and all that

you ARE.

You are a wonderful, unfolding

human work of art!


Life Drains

What or who is stealing your energy & personal power?

Do you give more than you receive in your relationships? Do people close to

you want to unburden their problems to you, but have no time when you

want them to listen to you? Does your work light you up inside? Do you get to

use all your many talents and skills to your full advantage? Think about your

home, would you like to redecorate in a new style, or finally get those repairs

done? Is worry eating away at you about things that might never happen,

about your health and your finances? Many aspects of modern life can sap

you of your vital energy, so that you have little left for the things you love in

life. How much time do you spend on social media, phone calls and worrying

about the problems of others or what they think of you?

Perhaps it’s time to do an energy review.

Trust that life will unfold just as it’s meant to, with your best interests at heart.

Think of all you could do and be once you free yourself and your life from

what is draining your juicy power!


Saying No and

Setting Boundaries

What stops you from saying No?

Having strong boundaries does not mean you become

cold or you must cut yourself off from others, this powerful

energy tool, can be a positive way to define who you

are, what you want and what is not acceptable to you.

So what stops us from setting these necessary boundaries?

For most people it’s fear of displeasing others, fear of rejection

and loss of approval from others.

How important is gaining approval from others to you? .

Pushing your needs to the bottom of the list all the time

doesn't make you happy, it doesn't make you a better

person. Ironically rejecting our own needs makes us a less

pleasing person to be around, as we lose sight of who we

are and we function as a lesser version of ourselves.

On the flip side, saying Yes to the things, people, places

and activities which light a spark within our soul is a vital

for inner strength, confidence and joy in life.

Stepping out of your comfort zone to state your likes and

dislikes and claim your real, vital, true-colours self can be

uncomfortable at first, but the joy, strength and sense of

freedom you will gain is rich reward.

Make a list of the things you would love to

say no to.

by Maddie Millett


Healing Grief

with Reiki


Lorna is a Reiki Master Teacher leading reiki classes, gatherings

and shares in Scotland. As well as Reiki, Lorna also offers

many holistic therapies, talks, events and workshops including

Aromatherapy, Sacred Healing, Space Clearing, Goddess

Empowerment ~ information can be found on


Grief is the last act of love we

have to give to those we loved ~

Where there is deep grief, there

was great Love ~ Ahh the Great

Mystery of it All…

Having lost my son Jonathan at the age of 17 in a road traffic accident,

I understand the depths of Grief. I also know there is so much

fear and taboo around the idea of Death.

In the same way as each individual on the planet lives in their own

unique way, each of us grieve in our own unique way too, what

feels right for one person may feel completely wrong for another.

Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a much loved pet, a divorce or

the loss of a job ~ there are so many life events which can stimulate

feelings of grief.

From my own deep and sacred experience of grief, I found Reiki to

be one of the best ways to heal, it has helped me in so many ways.

Emotionally, spiritually and physically it can help us find a sense of

peace and calm. It is food for the Soul and has the ability to lift us

up, raise our vibration, our hope and our will to continue.


What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word for

which there is no word in English - the nearest translation

is 'universal life energy'. It is an ancient healing

system which was brought to our attention by

Dr. Mikao Usui and was developed as a therapy in

the early 20th Century. It’s a powerful holistic and

non-invasive therapy and if you haven’t already

tried it out it can have a deeply relaxing and profoundly

calming effect.

What I love about it is it’s a simple, safe, natural and

holistic way of treating dis-ease within the body. It’s

a gentle energy which can promote balance and

harmony within and around the body and as a holistic

treatment, it can be used alongside orthodox

healthcare and assists in developing a healthier

and more resourceful state of being. The benefits of

just one session really can be felt for several days.

What can I expect in a Reiki session?

Usually the recipient will lie down to receive a Reiki treatment. The practitioner's hands

resting lightly on or above the fully clothed body will bring through gentle warming vital

energy. The recipient will go on to absorb as much Reiki energy as their body requires. It

has a profoundly calming effect which is particularly effective in relieving stress.

Often just one session of Reiki can begin to make a difference and once you have experienced

this beautiful energy you will be ready to come back for more.

How will Reiki make me feel?

The feeling of Reiki varies from individual to individual. Frequently mentioned are sensations

of flowing energy, tingling, warmth, pulsing, waves and even coolness. Some people

however, feel little in the way of sensations, nevertheless, as Reiki seeks out blockages

and imbalances, a deep and warm relaxation comes over the body as it's natural ability

to heal is reinforced.

Living with loss.

I have always walked a peaceful path; many times I have been asked if I am Buddhist.

My answer was always that I couldn’t be that disciplined! My life experiences have given

me much compassion, courage and strength. Some thought I would lose my faith in the

great mystery after my son’s accident; however this family tragedy only served to help

me understand even more deeply that we are all divinely connected.

I believe the energy we currently call Reiki has always been with us and is ultimately a

vibration of love, this same love is both around us and within us. I believe we are all spiritual

beings having a human experience in this emotional body suit and because of this

we will feel every emotion under the sun as our loved ones complete their purpose for

being here on this Earth.


It’s perfectly normal to feel the sadness however, what if we were to contemplate the

possibility that death may simply be a rebirth and there is a possibility that we will all

meet again, the grief of losing your loved one forever takes on a new meaning.

“If we can begin to change the way we look at death and dying, and accept that we

are much more than a physical body then we can begin to see death not as an end result,

but as a process of soul healing, it is the defining moment when the physical self

transcends, evolves and returns to our original form of spirit” ~ Phillip Hawkins

My particular blend of Reiki.

I have been consciously connected with Reiki since 1996 however more recently I have

received the teachings and ignitions to Usui/Holy Fire Reiki. This beautiful NEW form of

Reiki is a gift to the World. It is a powerful, yet gentle vibration of energy, and provides

transformation and purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. These new

teachings have profoundly influenced my ever evolving personal practice.

What's noticeably different about this form of Reiki is

It works continuously

It can spontaneously heal issues as they come up

It heals relationships and interactions with others

It releases worry and replaces it with a sense of safety

Find out more at lorna@lornamclean.co.uk

See Lorna’s story in January on the Dawn Breslin Show



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