#Osborne Issue 3


Logo: Max Andrew, LRB+

Montage: Megan Jones, 10HH

We went to the Royal Albert Hall to

sing in front of thousands of people.

Our band Rubik’s Cube sang really

well and we loved it. We

sang a medley of songs.

You can watch videos of

us on YouTube. It was the

best night ever. By Jamie-Lee, 11BD ©2016 The Osborne Team.

All rights reserved.

On Friday night at 12:00 pm

the bad people stomped into

the rock concert with guns

and bombs and shot at 129


All the people ran to the door

and bad people started

shooting at the people.

The police came into the

building and saved as many

as they could.

WE remember Paris terror

attack on Wednesday and

around the world remember


By Josh, 9BR

By Taryn, 8EVBC

At Christmas we put on a performance

of Wonderland. The practice was fun

but very stressful It put a bit of pressure

on me. I thought I would never be good

with the dances In the play but practice

makes perfect. I was nervous for the play

but I enjoyed It. I thought that the play was

wonderful. I’m good at the dances now

although I can mess up sometimes. I’m the

assistant dance captain now and I’m

looking forward to the future plays!

In October Osborne School went for a late night,

doing a most phenomenal Shakespeare Schools

festival play called ‘A midsummer nights dream’ at the

Theatre Royal in Winchester. We started at 7:00pm

and it finished at 10:00pm. We started rehearsing in

mid September. The show was mind-blowing and

brilliant. It was directed by Hannah Corrall, and the

dances were done by Steven Maloney. We had such a

good time. The video is on Youtube. By Connor, 10HH

Are you ready to fight? Are you

ready to rock and roll? Well good

news for you buddy, because

you’re about to play the most

awesomeness card game called

Coming Soon!

In Osborne VS. you can challenge your friends for the

ultimate fight-off with the Osborne VS. cards. Each card

has four different elements like Attack, Defence, Power

and Level. The player with the most element points on their

card gets to take the opponents card away and make the

enemy card join your team. There are two movie sets

including Return to Nuclear Island and The Jellies Are

Coming! Including regular sets like Microbes, Animals and

Dinosaurs. Bored using the same card series? Well don't

worry because you can have a Mix-Up Battle using the

cards that you have collected.

Movie Sets

Regular Sets

©2016 The Osborne Team. All rights reserved.

By Max, LRBJB+

On the Army day we

went down to the hall

and played some army

games with some army

people. They showed us

what army do for real life

and went back up to the

class and an army man

came up to the class to

work with us. They did

work with the whole


By 9BR pupils

Rubik’s Cube Rock

at the Cathedral

By Megan Jones, 10HH

We went by mini-bus to the cathedral

in Winchester. We got off the bus. We

got all the equipment and put it

together. Then we performed in front

of a big audience. Thousands of

many mums and dads were watching

us*. We sang a couple of bits and

bobs. It felt so nerve-wracking. I was

really shy. It was great fun because I

was around all of my mates.

*Megan may have her numbers wrong, but it was over 30!

By Tori, 10HH

1. Make sure you don’t look at emails

from people you don’t know.

4.Make sure that you only share personal information with your

friends .

5.Make sure you don’t open any offers on games because it

could be a scam.

Should We Let Refugees into the United Kingdom?

By Thomas Williams

In the news lately there’s been story’s after story’s about refugee’s not long ago

David Cameron said that the UK will take up to 20,000 Syrian refugees over five

years. So the question is should we allow refugees into the UK?

Refugees are people how have moved from there home country because there’s

war or there afraid of living in there home country. Refugees seek for a better

place to live so they leave there home country and head off in look for a better

future. In the news lately there’s been story’s of refugees trying to cross borders

and most have succeeded. Some people in this country are happy to let them in

to our country.

But On the other hand people don’t like the idea. The main reason why is

because there afraid they will take jobs that people in this country might want.

People in this country are afraid that if we let more refugees into this country

more will try to and more will die doing so.

The reason that the refugees have been in the news is because of the fight in

Iraq and Syria. People have been forced to move for there protection. Lots of

other countries have been under pressure to keep the refugees under control.

In conclusion half of the people in the UK are fine with refugees coming to this

country but the other half are not so upbeat about them coming to this country.

In my opinion I’m fine with them coming to this country.

Are you a

vegetarian or

a meat eater?

Do you like the





What type of

music do you



I’m an old


Rock, Pop

and R & B!

Do you like

Raw meat?

What's your

favourite – fast

food or



No, I am not

a wildcat!

The fashion show was really good and it

was so fun to see if the pupils dressed up

as princesses, angry birds, football teams

or sparking stars. Steve and Hannah were

hosts, they bring down the year groups like

7,8,9,10, 11, Toms class, Max’s class, LRB

and post sixteen Osborne house.

Ben started doing the music to start the

fashion show. On that Friday afternoon we

went up on the stage and showed our t

shirts to everyone in the audience. At the

end of the fashion show the whole school

raised over 100 pounds. So the whole

school will do it again for the next children

in need.

By Stacey and Matthew,9BR

Christmas with the coopers

is a pretty ok Christmas film

but it’s a bit of a hit or miss

film. I would go and see

something better if I were

you, maybe Star Wars?

By Thomas, 11BD


Star wars is a good film it has lot of

fighting and I think at the moment it

is one of the most popular films in

the world the bit I think is messed

up is when Kylo Renn kills his own

father Han solo but I did like it. it

gave me goose bumps in some of

the bit at the end was probably the

best bit out of the whole film seeing

Luke sky walker and Rey handed

him the lightsaber.

By, Luke



By Max, 11VMC


By Joe, Post-16



They can win money

If you can vote for

your favourite person.

I love the show.

By Connor, 9BR

This GAME IS awesome. Its

got a BATTLE ON cybertron

By Thomas, 11BD




By Jay, 11BD




By Shea Calder, 11BD

On the 4 October 2015 Liverpool

football club have sacked Brendan

Rodgers after 4 years at the club. The

reds best finish is 2nd in the 2013/14

season. I think as a Liverpool fan he

should be sacked, he has not done good

in the last two years. He has spent

£2,000,000 in 4 years at the club. I think

Jurgen Klopp is an amazing manager for

Reds. If Klopp gets the job he will have a

difficult start to the job. If he is manager

the first game is Tottenham on the 17 th

of October 2015. I think we have a

chance to win the league.

Sturridge, Coutinho and Simon Mignolet

are signings by Rogers. He has done

some bad signings like Dejan Lovren.

Why did he sign him? But Rodgers made

Suarez a better player. His attacking

was amazing but his defensive tactics

were bad. We scored a lot of goals and

lost a lot too but Jurge Klopp has an

amazing attacking mind and so good

with the defensive mind too. If Klopp

signs the right player Liverpool will be a

dominant force in Europe and back to

the glory days in the years to come.

By Luke, 10LR

By Ella, 9BR

By Jack, 10LR

Issue 3

The first meteor went to the light land. It crashed down.

By Christian Rivron

The guardian bought the villagers to the meteor. Everyone – from babies to old

people – came to see.

They held their breathe as a figure stepped

out of the flames and the fire.

It was a blonde hero. He didn’t know who he was,

or why he was here.

The two met for the first time.

Where am I?

And, who am


The guardian of light showed ‘Lightor’ his true quest.

Suddenly Demon Spiders jumped out to eat them all.

You are ‘Lightor’

the master of light.

You have been sent

to us on a quest.






Then Lightor fights the Demon Spiders.

Everyone bows and cheers to Lightor.

You still doubt your

quest Lightor? Come

with me – we have no

time to waste!

Ok. What



Issue 4 coming soon….

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