Lust Bites Magazine Diversity Issue Edition 2


The second issue of Lust Bites is all about Diversity in the publishing community, and getting to know some authors you may not even be aware are taking the charts by storm!

Letters from Letty

Advice for authors and readers who love them

Dear Author (and Reader on this one!)

How about we look at the numbers, eh?

Please understand how the $0.99 book isn’t always the best decision, and how

this hurts the market.

It’s a bit odd to say this, but it’s very true. Everyone loves a good deal, right?

And you’re right. It’s great for a first book, a special pre-order price, and a special

gift to readers (because truly, we wouldn’t be here if not for you guys!). But

that doesn’t mean that readers should then turn around and feel that all books

should be that price.

0.99 gets an author 35% royalty, that means 0.34.

Hey, if the book is less than 100 pages, then I’m all for that. More than that

though? Now, you’re coming into darker territory.

2.99 or more gives the author 70% royalty, that means 2.24 a book.

See the difference now?

From 2.98 to 2.98 that is the difference of dollars for an author. So please, understanding

that 0.99 can be great, wonderful, and amazing, but not all books

shouldn’t be at this price. You shouldn’t expect books over 100 pages to be that

rate, especially when many are willing to pay 6.99 for a Big Publisher author.

So, hey Indie Authors, stop hurting yourselves. Readers, support the Indie livelihood,

and make sure that you are loving the authors you can’t stop reading.

Until next time stay Fab, Fierce, and Geeky.



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