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July 2016

Fitness corner, say

Fitness corner, say press-ups, dorsal raises (back extensions), sit-ups and squats. Decide how you travel between the corners, say a side of each jogging, sprinting, lunge walking and bear crawling (all these exercises are easily Googled). After warming up, complete as many laps as you can, doing, say, 20 reps in each corner. Cool down. Advertorial Pilates Named after its founder, the German physical trainer Joseph Pilates, this holistic system of exercise aims to strengthen you in an even way, with emphasis on core strength. Roger Love, a local personal trainer, continues our A-Z of fitness with... P Press-ups (push-ups) and pull-ups These have featured regularly in this column over the past months and without apology because they really are worth it. A routine of press-ups and pullups, alongside some squats and sprints, would be a tremendous basis for getting fit and could easily be done in one of our local parks. Well Street Common, Victoria Park and London Fields all have pull-ups bars. Hackney council has been consulting the public about creating an outdoor gym area in London Fields (replacing the one in the Broadway Market-end playground) to include pull-up bars and parallel bars. Hopefully, it will match the legendary Tompkins Square Park in New York’s East Village, the playground of bodyweight exercise guru Al Kavadlo (who now, incidentally, has an app). for inspiration. Parade Square Corners A mainstay of boot camps, which can easily be set up for yourself or a training buddy. Find yourself a square – maybe a football pitch in Victoria Park or a space marked out with cones or in your own mind – and designate an exercise for each “It is effective as it addresses underlying structural imbalances in the body which can create on-going pain and difficulty with movement. The whole body is considered. Lengthened and strengthened muscles improve posture and overall fitness and retrain dysfunctional movement patterns, restoring optimum physical function,” says the Pilates Foundation, summing things up in a nutshell. In Hackney, there is a wide range of classes and teachers, including my neighbours in Netil House, Tempo Pilates, who run their classes on Reformer machines that offer resistance or support during exercises. See The Fix physio studio, in Richmond Road, offers 1:1 and 1:4 classes on mats or machines with the inspirational Eleah Waters and Natasha Vieira. Roger Love is a personal trainer based at Netil House, Westgate Street, E8. 40 LOVEEAST

Wellbeing Advertorial Make time to nurture your relationships and you'll reap the benefits, writes Karen Liebenguth Healthy and supportive relationships help us to flourish as individuals and as communities. They are essential for our health and wellbeing, and yet we often don’t look after the important relationships in our lives as well as we could. When our relationships feel difficult, it’s often because our needs are not met: our need for understanding, respect, acceptance, recognition, support, love, trust, and so on. When someone is not the way we want them to be, or does not do what we want them to do, we are quick to react, to judge, to blame, because deep down we feel upset, disappointed, or even angry. And when we feel sad and frustrated we need understanding, love, connection and care. What truly connects us to others is compassion We all long for connection and yet it can be one of the most difficult things to do because to truly connect with someone, we need to let our defences down and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. How do we nurture our relationships? n Set aside some quality time. n When asking someone "how are you?" stop and listen; be interested in how they really are. n Smile more at your partner, children, a friend or colleague (or as many as you like) every day for a week and notice what happens, how you feel. n Make time to contact a close friend or family member you haven’t been in touch with for a while. n Notice someone under stress and lend a listening ear. Green Space Coaching and Mindfulness Training offers 1:1 coaching, team building (MBTI certified) and mindfulness courses for individuals, and organisations. Karen specialises in working with clients outdoors, offering coaching while walking and team-building workshops, as well as away-days in London’s green spaces, tapping into the energy of the outdoors to enhance creativity and insight. Get in touch to book a FREE coaching while walking taster session in Victoria Park 07815 591279 LOVEEAST JULY 2016 41

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