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2015-2016 RISE Program Report


STUDENT SURVEY RESULTS 91% Say that they feel calmer and more relaxed after practicing yoga 70% Say that yoga has helped them feel more energized 77% Say that yoga has given them useful tools to handle stress 55% Say that they sleep better at nighth after practicing yoga Say that they have learned how to use their breath to calm down when angry or upset 74% 54% Say that yoga has helped them focus better in academic classes 73% Say that yoga has helped them gain strength and flexibility

WHAT STUDENTS SAY ABOUT THEIR RISE YOGA CLASS • “Yoga made me want to come to school.” - Kaitlyn • “Yoga has helped me be better to myself.” – Clarise • “Yoga taught me that being more calm helps with everything.” - Dylan • “I’ve learned to eat healthier and to care for the world.” – Francisco • “Yoga has helped me learn more about how my choices affect the world.” – Gabriel • “Yoga has helped me be more mentally active while doing my school work.” – Anthony • “Yoga has really helped me in dealing with other people. It’s taught me to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.” - Alyssa • “Yoga has helped me discover who I am as a person. Now, I am more in touch with my feelings. I listen to my body a lot more.” - Veronica • “I definitely focus better the period after yoga.” - Diana

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