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2015-2016 RISE Program Report


RISE TEACHER SPOTLIGHT: Maria Allocco What did you Learn from your RISE students this year? “So much. I know for a fact that these students often times come in with heavy trauma, and that they have the trust in me to lead their bodies through asana for every class - and the trust in themselves to take care of their own bodies for that class - is remarkable. It shows a dedication to the practice that is inspiring. When I think about the intensity of high school, and what these young people are going through, it makes my practice mean more, and balances my perspective out when it needs it.” What are some ‘big wins’ from this year? “Some big wins at June Jordan: Jaime going from being really hard on himself, to finding balance and self compassion in his asana. Menfil being honest (after some trauma) about wanting his own sequence for extra grounding (he’d do his own special wall-sequence during class), Nalayah going from texting on her phone to not wanting to miss a class, Jasmine having an emotional break-through in pigeon pose, and all of us reaching the point where we could do deep meditation together for 5 minutes at the end of class. Some big wins at Hilltop: Danyell and Stacey starting their own at-home practice!” What is the biggest difference between teaching a regular (adult) yoga class and a RISE (teen) yoga class? “The energy is strong and easy to read in the teen RISE yoga classes. This makes it easier for me to adjust the sequence to fit the flow of the room. I find that the students also will come forward and be honest about what they want, through their words and through their body posturing. It’s a big gift to be able to sync into the flow together. Also, what I love with RISE yoga classes, to be honest, is that as a mixed-race person of color, I can teach other peoplpe of color. We feel a deep sense of safety in the room, which promotes understanding, depth of practice, and further release.”

RISE SCHOOL SPOTLIGHT: Hilltop High School About Hilltop High School Hilltop is an SFUSD Pregnant Minors Program that enables pregnant and parenting teens to: progress toward completion of their secondary education; to make responsible and informed decisions; to have healthy pregnancies and healthy families; to become responsible, effective parents; and to become contributing, well-adjusted, self-sufficient members of their communities. Hilltop students receive core academic instruction toward high school graduation, special support classes in birthing, child development, and teen parenting education. RISE PROGAM AT Hilltop The RISE yoga and wellness program at Hilltop High School offers bi-weekly pre/post-natal classes for the teen girls. Classes are focused on various pre/post-natal breathing techniques, restorative and therapeutic yoga asanas, and an in-depth study of relaxation and mindfulness exercises. A big emphasis is placed on compassionate self-care and therapeutic yoga and wellness education, so that these young women can enter motherhood with confidence and grace. HILLTOP STUDENT DEMOGRAPHIC 95% Socioeconomically disadvantaged 64% Hispanic or Latino 37% English Learners 24% Students with Disabilities African American 19% 7% Foster Youth

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