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Letter from the Editor A

Letter from the Editor A very happy New Year to all C.E.F.A.A. members. My very sincere apologies for the late arrival and the emaciated condition of this edition of the magazine. I have waited anxiously for the post to arrive on a daily basis, hoping for articles and photographs to little avail. I am sure everyone was extremely busy with personal, family and church affairs before Christmas and too exhausted afterwards to write, so perhaps you will let me off this once. Over the festival season I was made very aware of how some of our members who can no longer arrange with us still enjoy contact with Association members. I would like to urge the branches to look at their membership lists and check to see if the occasional visit to non-active members is a possibility. Please put the date for the 2017 A.G.M. in your diaries and note Roger’s heartfelt plea for active use of the website. Material can be sent to Mark – email address at the bottom of the inner back page or Roger, details on the inner front page. Easter Day is relatively late, April 16, so it may be possible to have the April edition out by then. If you have any special Easter designs to share with us please send details to me. New ideas for Easter will be very welcome for the April publication. Ruth 1

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