Winchester College VA Series 2017-18 brochure


Six professional concerts in the beautiful surroundings of Winchester College.


Sunday 29 April 2018

St ile ant ico

"The singing is staggeringly

beautiful, the balance meticulous."

The Sunday Times

Photo © Marco Borggreve

St ile ant ico is firmly established as one of the world?s

most accomplished and innovative vocal ensembles,

thrilling audiences with their fresh, vibrant and moving

performances of Renaissance polyphony.


Elizabeth I as Monarch, Patron and Lover

The reign of the great Tudor Queen, Elizabeth I, saw an

unparalleled flowering of the arts in England. The 'Virgin

Queen', herself a talented musician, presided over a

court which revelled in the skill of composers such as

Thomas Tallis, William Byrd, and John Dowland. This

programme explores the way music was used to gain

favour with the Queen by courtiers and diplomats and

even by suitors, seeking to win the royal hand in

marriage. Along the way we meet foreign spies,

disgraced favourites and plotting noblemen, illuminating

the life of a court which rejoiced in some of the finest

music ever created in England.

7.30pm , New Hall Ticket s: £20/ £15 (£15/ £10)


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