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2016-2017 Annual Program Report

RISE Yoga for Youth celebrates it's fifth year of operation in Bay Area public schools!


School TEACHER Testimonials Stephanie Camoroda Intervention Specialist Leadership Public School Oakland “It has truly been a pleasure partnering with RISE Yoga for Youth. Our teacher Madoka was very kind, professional, reliable, and creative. Our students enjoyed the opportunity to learn something new and many students shared with me that Yoga helped them to relax and de-stress. The class was particularly helpful for some of our senior students who were stressed about grades, college decisions, final exams, and finishing up their high school careers. Other students who experience anxiety shared that the class helped with their anxiety symptoms. We started with one class and are now getting ready to offer our third yoga class through RISE during Summer School. Thank you RISE for your amazing work and for bringing yoga to our school!” “In the past three years that ICA has partnered with RISE, our students (and adults on campus!) have benefitted from the yoga practice. Whether it be at 7:00am with Sunrise Yoga, or in the afternoon on our sun-drenched rooftop, our RISE instructors - Regina and Maria - celebrate our students as they share time among them. We are now at a point when some students can lead in class, which helps to create an even more collaborative and engaging environment. Students from different grade levels get to know one another and create friendships and connections that strengthen our school community. Our students experience an incredible amount of stress and anxiety in their daily lives. In wholeheartedly integrating RISE on our campus four times per week and at community wellness celebrations, we are grateful to RISE and the special donors to the program who make this access to skilled, compassionate, and celebratory yoga available to all our students.” Carolyn Sideco Athletic Director Immaculate Conception Academy

SCHOOL SPOTLIGHT: LPS Oakland About Leadership Public School Oakland Leadership Public School (LPS) Oakland, located in East Oakland, is part of a tuition free public charter high school network in the Bay Area. Their mission is to create educational equity by empowering and preparing students for college, career and community leadership. 87% of LPS students will be firstgeneration college graduates, and 47% of their students will be the first in their families to graduate from High School. RISE PROGAM AT Leadership Public School Oakland The partnership between RISE and LPS Oakland started this past fall, with a small pilot yoga class taking place once a week with the juniors and seniors. After seeing tremendous success in the program, LPS Oakland decided to expand the yoga classes to twice a week, opening it up to students in other grade levels. RISE works closely with the social workers and principal at LPS Oakland, regularly checking in about student progress and growth in our yoga and mindfulness program. Classes focus on building self confidence, learning stress management skills, and finding new, healthy ways to connect to the body and mind. Relaxation and mindfulness exercises are also an integral part of our classes. Our goal is to create an environment and culture where students can be fully present with themselves and build the inner resources to face life’s many challenges in constructive ways. We help students learn compassionate self-care through the building of healthy physical and mental habits, so that these young scholars can enter college with confidence and become the next mindful leaders of our world. LPS Oakland STUDENT DEMOGRAPHIC 93% Socioeconomically disadvantaged 86% Hispanic or Latino 30% English Learners 34% Students with Disabilities African American 9% 87% First Generation College Graduates