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2017 Fall Program Guide

JCC of Syracuse newsletter and fall program guide. Check out all of our programs/services and upcoming classes!

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315-445-2360 | Jerome and Phyllis Charney Early Childhood Development Program We are committed to developing the social, emotional, physical and intellectual well being of each child, allowing them to grow and flourish as productive members of the community. Our Hours Monday–Friday 7 am – 6 pm emphasis is on helping children become independent, self-confident, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners. Pam Ranieri Director Christine Flynn Morning Receptionist /ecdpjccsyr Amy Bisnett Assistant Director Jennifer Paine Evening Receptionist HOW to REGISTER Registration for the 2017-2018 school year has been ongoing, and space is typically very limited. Each new school year requires registration. When a class is filled, based on New York State licensing requirements, a wait list is developed. Once the school year begins, children are admitted from the wait list on a space-available basis. There is a $25 reservation fee to be placed on one of our wait lists. This does not guarantee placement in a classroom. We will notify you if a placement becomes available, and you will have 48 hours to accept the placement. Withdrawals, changes Enrollment in ECDP is a commitment to our 10-month school year which consists of three sessions: September–November, December–February and March–June. Any program withdrawals or enrollment changes must be made 30 days before the start of a session. For more information, and to schedule a tour, please call us at 315-445-2040, ext. 123. Infant Level We offer the highest quality of care to our youngest members in the Syracuse area. To maintain a developmentally appropriate environment for our infants, they are separated into two age groups: Infant I and Infant II. Infants who are 6 weeks to 12 months old at time of enrollment are placed in the Infant I classroom. Infants who are 12 months to 24 months at the time of enrollment are placed in the Infant II classroom. The ECDP provides a responsive environment that supports and encourages exploration through a variety of classroom routines and experiences. Infant caregivers focus on daily routines such as hellos and goodbyes, diapering and toileting, feeding, dressing and soothing to sleep as part of the curriculum. These one-on-one routines help to build positive relationships between infant and caregiver, promoting trust and allowing infants to feel secure in their environment. Once infants have developed a trusting relationship with their caregivers they will start to gain new skills and participate more actively in daily routines. The teachers are then able to provide intentional indoor and outdoor experiences that allow children to learn while imitating and pretending, connecting with music and movement, exploring with sand and water and creating with art. Toddler Level • Must be 18-months old by September 5, 2017 Toddler children are at an age when they establish secure attachments with their caregivers more quickly and are now eager to experience their world. They react to what they experience through their senses and physical activity. ECDP teachers provide intentional experiences for toddlers through a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences. Learning materials that match the children’s growing abilities and interests are provided and the children start to explore objects and begin to use them purposefully. While playing with toys, imitating and pretending, exploring sand and water, creating with art and going outdoors, the toddlers learn to communicate and socialize with peers and adults, to think mathematically and to discover like scientists. Toddlers start to enjoy special programming outside of the classroom setting, such as Toddler Tango and gym class. Toddlers are placed into classrooms according to their chronological age. Children do not need to be toilet trained, and when appropriate, toilet training will be incorporated into one of the goals for your child. 12 JCC of Syracuse | 2017 Fall Program Guide

315-445-2360 | Jerome and Phyllis Charney Early Childhood Development Program CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 1. .......... Meet your teacher 4. .......... Closed – Labor Day 5. .......... First day of school 19. ......... PJ Library Wear your pajamas to school! 20. ......... Close at 5 pm – Rosh Hashanah 21, 22 ...... Closed – Rosh Hashanah 26. ......... Field trip to Beak and Skiff 29. ......... Close at 5 pm – Yom Kippur OCTOBER 11.......... PJ Library Wear your pajamas to school! 18, 19 ...... School photos NOVEMBER 14. ......... PJ Library Wear your pajamas to school! 23, 24. ..... Closed – Thanksgiving DECEMBER 13. ......... PJ Library Wear your pajamas to school! 25. ......... Closed 26–29 ......Vacation Camp 18 months and older full time Three-Year Old Level • Must be age 3 by December 1, 2017 With kindergarten just two years away, this is an important time for every child to learn that the world is bigger than imagined. Children learn new skills and concepts through our thematic, hands-on approach to learning. Daily activities are carefully planned to promote children’s social, emotional and cognitive development. Our teachers are trained to recognize differences in rates of development within this age group, and individualize instruction to meet every child’s needs. Materials and activities are appropriately tailored in an effort to challenge children’s abilities while building their selfconfidence. Throughout the year, children will discover the wonder of the world they live in. All of our three-year olds are actively engaged in group discussions, long-term studies, sensory play, cooking, process art and more. Our three-year olds are reading stories, singing songs and playing their way through the day. We also tailor gym time with our specialized gym instructor to the needs of our three-year olds. We play outside every day, weather permitting, on our beautiful fenced-in playgrounds. With all of these wonderful activities happening in our three-year old classrooms, the Early Childhood Development Program provides a well rounded and positive learning experience for your child. Pre-K Level • Must be age 4 by December 1, 2017 Our oldest children explore the world through our hands-on, developmentally appropriate approach to learning. We include both child initiated play and teacher-directed academic experiences on a daily basis. Planned lessons and activities allow teachers to informally and continually assess each child in order to effectively modify and individualize instruction. Academically, we focus on exposing children to the skills and concepts needed to succeed in kindergarten. This includes creative expression, math and reading readiness, along with fine and gross motor skill development to help each child learn, grow and succeed. Each classroom is also equipped with a SMART board where the children are engaged in daily interactive lessons which promote creativity and critical thinking. Children at the Pre-K level attend field trips which coincide with what they are learning. In the fall our classes will visit the apple and pumpkin farms. Later in the school year we’ll visit the MOST, F-M Planetarium and Fayetteville Free Library. JCC of Syracuse | 2017 Fall Program Guide 13

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