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1985-1986 Rothberg Yearbook

SINAI As this year’s

SINAI As this year’s end is coming near, It’s time to remember the past so dear. First we will remember the semester break, And the Sinai trip some of us did take. Complete with camels and bedouins too, Some homemade pita and some weed for a few!!! Through the Sinai we marched, all in a long line, Occasionally stopping for the people behind. We all will remember our first frozen night, Tossing and turning until it was light. But then we grew smart and paired up in twos, With double the warmth, we all got to snooze. No one will forget to stand on a slant, Or to their dismay they will have a wet pant!! At night by the fire, oh the stories we told, Some people quite shy, but others sooo... bold!! The food we prepared was nothing too bad, Except for the night when dogfood we had! In the wadis we washed, with our friends helpful touch, But the shaving of leap was a little bit much. And our bedouin guide, who we all got to meet, In his dress and his sandals, how’d he stay on his feet? With the return to Jerusalem, all seemed in such order, Until we realized what w e’d left at the border. Of course there was Micha, the organized man, If he couldn’t do it, then nobody can! All in all we will say the six days were a blast, A time to remember in the year that has past. by Shana Cherry

40 Israel's Answer to "The Boss" When one thinks of Israeli music, two classic songs com e to mind: “Hallelujah” and “Yerushalaim shel Zahav” . Nonetheless, curiosity led me to an Israeli concert at Sultan’s Pool this past summer. All I had heard about the singer was “Shalom Hanoch is a cross between Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen and Lionel R ichie.” The concert turned out to be the highlight of my summer adventures. n m \ ־׳/‏ L nJ־U־Ll ־r1‎־‎1‎ n r Let’s Party Two weeks ago Shalom Hanoch played at Binyanei Ha’oom a. He played to a crowd of roughly 2000 energetic fans with a set lasting almost three hours. Fortunately through word of mouth about Hanoch’s music, OYP’ers were highly noticeable. There were about 30 of us who decided to take advantage of the unoccupied upper left wing of the hall and dance to our hearts desire. Looking around, I noticed the enthusiasm in m y friends’ face; Shalom Hanoch had altered his ideas o f Israeli music — no more accordians. We were dancing to the sounds o f bass guitars! The ever-popular song and the title of his new album “Mahchim Lemashe’ah, Waiting for the Messiah,” was received well — so well in fact that Hanoch played it twice! He received three encores. A concert well done. Stella Singer חנוך שלום Shalom Hanoch עצמו בתוך אדם A Man Within Himself M k '