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1985-1986 Rothberg Yearbook

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n־־‎1‎ Ln-TLTL r \ Dive Your Plan circling), avoid ugly urchins, go up on reserve, know your signals, spit in your mask, and for G-d’s sake, DON’T DRINK AND DIVE! Air embolism and decompression sicknes are not the same and Nitrogen Narcosis is not as funny as it looks! O.K. Thumbs down and w e’re deflating. Wave goodbye to the suckers on the beach. The real bathing beauties have fins and gills. Completely unique to this part of the world, the corner fishmart would not have these species stocked in their freezer compartment. So, if your buddy’s eyes are bulging - it probably isn’t mask squeeze... the underwater world is incredible. The Red Sea (not to be misconceived by its name) is a rainbow of colors! This spectator sport is like none other — you ’d never believe it until you swam beside it. Long and squirmy, fat and squishy, hard and prickly, soft and slimsy, we hand-greeted them all: the squids, the eels, the octapi, the cucumbers, even the scorpians. Every inhabitant was so hospitable and none seemed to mind us trespassing in their colorful coral gardens. A few even invited us in for a drink. (D on’t forget to clear your regulator!) From our unforgettable diving days, we discovered that some of Israel’s most spectacular nature reserves are 10 meters down, and for anyone with a wetsuit, a PADI license, and some gifts they’re there for the viewing. Michelle Buver Shana Cherry

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