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40 over Forty AFW 2018 Magazine

Our first online magazine for the 40 over Forty Absolutely Fabulous Women Awards & Gala 2018 on the occasion of International Women's Day.


APPRECIATION AWARD CONGRATULATIONS! Josephine Benedicto Arguez Community Support Luisa Herrera-Nolido Community Support Josephine Arguez is the President of the Filipino Social Club of Oakville, a non-profit organization that helped a total of 45 communities here and abroad including the new Oakville Hospital’s needed equipment, and housing through Habitat for Humanity, Philippines. As a Certified Community Service Worker doing In-Home Care for the elderly over 11 years, she’s also Hospice and Friendly Visiting Volunteer with Acclaim Health for 6 years. As former High School Teacher, she advocated for the poor, lost and abused students; opening her home to their safety, supported them until they finished education and became independent. As a mentor and youth adviser, she strongly believed in social justice, equality, respect and the right of the youth to be educated, treated fairly and have a place for themselves under the sun. A naturally compassionate, caring person, she is committed to help and create a positive impact to the communities. In 1992, Luisa co-founded a non-profit Club Filipino, now Filipino Social Club of Oakville, holding executive position. Today, serving as Executive Adviser, she’s considered the organization’s fabric with 25 years active involvement in raising funds annually, supporting communities. A Head Nurse back home, she practised in Toronto hospitals operating rooms. Notwithstanding her demanding job, she volunteered in Sampaguita Village Seniors Home, now Living Waters Inc. as Director and maintained membership for 25 years. She served in Halton Multicultural Council as Secretary-Treasurer for 2 years, coordinated the Filipino Language Heritage Class in Partnership with the Halton Catholic School Board, having 2 teachers for language and culture. Luisa led the Filipino Club’s winning the first place twice in booth exhibit of Carousel of Nations. Now retired, Luisa helps accommodate, integrate, and attend to foreign workers’ needs. Humble yet full of integrity, she advocated club’s motto: sharing and caring for community. Kacy Chohan Community Service Kacy Chohan possesses 3 Master Degrees - MA English, MA TEFL, MA App. LING-TESL and is TESL Canada & Ontario Accredited, TESL Trainer and Language Instructor with extensive professional teaching experience with diverse (L2) learners, effectively facilitating the Non-native speakers' (NNS) second language learning communicative competence with innovative pedagogical strategies to overcome the English language barrier and strive for excellence in Canada and International. She is a multi-talented community activist and a Canada TV Show host named ‘The KacyC Show: Your Lead to Excel’ where its purpose is education, cultural awareness, societal issues, business promos and professional training for the community. Her endeavour to always walk an extra mile with her expert advice has helped many individuals to excel in their language and professions thus supporting to settle and integrate into the Canadian society She continues to encourage the shift in paradigms and is a strong believer in women empowerment, change and development. Continue reading at next page >

APPRECIATION AWARD CONGRATULATIONS! Magda Megalli Health & Wellness Awards Sponsored by Monica Graves Community Support Magda was born in Egypt as an only child. Since her early childhood, Ishe has had a deep love in helping her community and her passion with all ages have grown as the years go by. She was very successful in her academics which allowed her to graduate with honors in Mechanical Engineering. Magda was also nominated and became captain of her Tennis Table team. Her leadership won them the provincial trophy. As successful as she was in Egypt, she dreamt of a better life for her family. Magda came to Canada in 2003 with her husband, 2 daughters, and a mother whom she cares for. She continued her studies as a professional engineer while working full time and raising her family. However, this career was not what her heart longed for. In 2011 Magda decided to venture into my her business in the healthcare sector. She is now a successful independent businesswoman helping her community; Care Forever. Monica Graves created glamjulz because she had a dream. SheI wanted to do something with her life that made women feel empowered. She worked in the corporate world for 18 years and in 2007 she decided to take the leap and follow that dream. Personally, she was always a big fan of jewelry and loved how it made her feel. Wearing heirlooms from her Mom and her grandmothers always made her feel special and all grown up when she was a little girl. As Monica got older she developed her own taste in jewelry and realized that it really helped her to express who she was in the world. So glamjulz really is a collection of designs that are reflective of a woman's uniqueness and individuality. Monica’s jewelry pieces are handmade using the highest quality glass beads, crystals, and semi-precious stones. A huge part of my business is giving back to the community with special fundraising pieces that I create. Thanks to purchases from our wonderful customers we have been able to donate over $30,000 to the people that we care about in our community. Mirslu Arslanova Community Leader Mirslu joined the Tatar Community "Berlek" that means "Unity" in the year 2003, and later it was registered as a non-for-profit organization on January 19, 2004. Her husband was terminally ill at that time and I wanted to find people of Tatar origin in Toronto and GTA to get some support. Luckily, I was called in by my family friend who said that there was the first meeting of Tatars in the park and an article had been published in the local Russian newspaper written by Farida Samerkhanova about that meeting. Year after year, more people were joining the "Berlek" Community because there was a welcoming spirit for every newcomer. Gradually, the "Berlek" community grew up from 30-40 members to over 1500 members. She was elected as a President of the "Berlek" community on October 14, 2007. For the last 10 years, Berlek has expanded our ties with other Tatar communities not only in Canada but in North America and all over the world. The World Tatar Congress knows the community "Berlek" in Ontario as a strong developing organization. We hold annual activities such as the national festival "Sabantuy", picnics in the park, arts and crafts for children, participating in multicultural events, helping elderly people and families in need. I am proud to be part of this process and I will be doing my best to keep my community strong, friendly, and peaceful. Continue reading at next page >