Aeolus, Antyre, Profil, Treadsetters and Uniroyal - ECI International

Aeolus, Antyre, Profil, Treadsetters and Uniroyal - ECI International

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9, 10, 11 October

EventCity, Manchester, England

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Aeolus, Antyre, Profil, Treadsetters and Uniroyal truck add

tyre power to Brityrex 2012 in Manchester

Brityrex International 2012, Event City, Manchester, 9 -11 October 2012

More big name exhibitors have been announced for Brityrex International 2012 in Manchester, joining

other leading brands at the UK’s only specialist tyre and equipment exhibition.

New names recently confirmed for the show include Uniroyal Truck Tyres, the Chinese manufactured brands

Aeolus and Antyre, UK-based international wholesaler Treadsetters and Profil Tyres, the Polish car tyre

retreader. They join other leading brands including Infinity Tyres, Westlake, Matador, Kleber agricultural and

Cooper 4x4.

Treadsetters, the Telford based wholesaler will be using the show to introduce their all-new TORQUE car

tyre brand. A range of TORQUE truck tyres will also be on display as the company's House brand makes its

UK debut at the show.

With Brityrex now covering the full spectrum of tyre and fast-fit suppliers, show organiser ECI International can also point to an excellent response

from garage equipment specialists including Apaseal, Supertracker, Hofmann Megaplan and DQN Du Quesne.

As they did at the last Brityrex in 2010, Hofmann Megaplan will once again be giving away a free machine worth thousands of pounds for a lucky

show visitor to use for a year.

“We have a couple of very exciting product launches coming up during 2012”, commented Hofmann

Megaplan managing director James Boon. “This year we want to keep the ‘giveaway’ under wraps until

the show opens, so all we can say is that visitors will be well advised to drop by our stand as they have

a genuine chance of winning a balancer or tyre changer worth in the region of £7,000 to £8,000!”

All of the company’s machines will be fully operational and expert advice will be on hand to advise

tyre shops on the latest equipment and technological developments.

Paul Farrant, Managing Director of Brityrex organiser ECI International, commented: “The show is

building very nicely with many leading tyre and equipment companies confirming their involvement.

Negotiations are also nearing completion for a major name in the tyre industry to participate in the show

for the first time. We hope to announce more details of that exciting development in the near future.”

Hofmann Megaplan will once again be exhibiting at Brityrex,

demonstrating their range of tyre-bay specific garage equipment, and once

again giving away a FREE MACHINE for a lucky customer to use for a


Following the 2010 exhibition, Mill Tyres of Boston were the lucky

winners of the megamount Smart ‘lever-less’ tyre changer, and Hofmann

Megaplan will once again be laying on a competition to win a top of the

range tyre changer or balancer.

“We have a couple of very exciting product launches coming up during

2011”, commented Hofmann Megaplan MD James Boon“. This time we want to keep the ‘giveaway’

under wraps until the show opens, so all we can say is that visitors will be well advised to drop by our

stand as they have a genuine chance of winning a balancer or tyre changer worth in the region of £7,000

to £8,000!”.

As always, Hofmann Megaplan will have their machines fully operational, and expert advice will be

on hand to advise tyre shops on the latest equipment.


Profil” deals with production

and wholesale of retreaded car

tires for all types of cars:

personal, delivery and off-road

ones, in many sizes and many

patterns of the tread, both

winter and summer types.

The treading, also called the

regeneration, consists in placing

a new layer of the tread on the

tire and strengthening the tire sides. The final product is a tire whose

parameters do not differ from the parameters of a new tire (equally

durable) and which is in fact more preferred in the world taking into

consideration environment protection (recycling)

The “Profil” company regenerates mainly tires for personal, delivery and

off-road cars, in typical sizes: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 inch ones, as

they are the most popular sizes on the market. The technology of producing

the treaded tire and the tire itself are characterized by high quality,

durability and good use, which is especially important taking into account

the safety of driving. Apart from the above-mentioned features, it has much

lower price than the new tire. Our company buys the highest quality

products from well-established producers of rubber mixes and from foreign

tire providers.

Since the beginning of its operation the “Profil” company has paid

special attention to the quality of produced tires. A number of tests carried

out before and after the regeneration allows us to produce a faultless tire

which is ready to be used.

Albrecht Auto-Zubehör GmbH, established in 1919 and based in

Germany, has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of plastic

wheel covers. Our high quality products are distributed to a worldwide

market. Albrecht Auto-Zubehör GmbH offer a wide range of wheel covers

in different qualities, designs and inches.

Albrecht Auto-Zubehör GmbH is well known to react quickly to customers'

demands, e.g. production of a wheel cover to customers' request, printed

logo etc.

For further detailed information please visit our homepage

We are really proud to present our wheel covers at Brityrex International

2012 and look forward to seeing you on our Stand No 103.

Maritime Cargo Services (MCS) is

one of the UK’s leading freight

forwarding specialists in the tyre

industry looking after more than 20

major tyre importers and managing the Customs Clearance

and delivery of thousands of containers to well over a hundred

tyre warehouses and depots throughout the UK and Ireland.

With estimates that shipping costs typically represent

somewhere between 3-10% of the street price of tyres, MCS

appreciates that effective freight management is a hugely

important consideration for tyre importers in today’s market.

MCS has focused on specialising in container management

using its own in house developed systems, with focus on

achieving deliveries within budget and on time. This coupled

with proactive and efficient friendly staff, we have

revolutionised many of our customer’s delivery systems.

MCS also offers its clients a unique innovative online freight

management and tracking system, MOATS, which was

designed to encompass absolutely all of the customer’s

relevant shipping information - including B/L and container

numbers, vessel, port and cargo details, ETS, ETA and delivery

depots, dates and times, free-time agreements etc. Changes

are carefully monitored and any adjustments (such as ETA) are

immediately filtered into a log book and instantly available

online to the client. The result is a fast, flexible and multifaceted

online system supplying real-time information safely

and securely whenever it’s required and now, with the addition

of our MOATS web app (available via our website using your

QR Scanner or quick web-link) MOATS is available from the

homepage of your mobile device giving full and remote access

to tracking information of all consignments simultaneously.

Designed to manage every element and contingency in the

shipping process today, MOATS has also been future-proofed

to continue to meet the requirements of tomorrow. And the best

thing about it, MOATS is provided to all clients free of charge!

ENTERTYRES UK LTD is making its debut at Brityrex Int’12.

Company has many years experience with trading in high

quality retread car tyre within the UK market. Within last couple

of years tyres have been sole in the English, Scottish and Irish

market and the Company has achieved high sales targets and

has became a trusted and long term supplier for many tyre

companies throughout the UK.

ENTERTYRES UK LTD will be exhibiting on stand 50C at

Brityrex and during the show will exhibit summer and winter

retread car tyres range of popular sizes from 13 inch to 17 inch

and also commercial van tyres. Thanks to a professional

customer service from ENTERTYRES UK LTD all visitors visiting

stand 50C will be impressed by the product range and

information available and will be able to spend quality time

discussing their tyre requirements with a positive outlook on the

market. Tyres are ENTERTYRES passion. Visiting ENTERTYRES

UK LTD during this year's Brityrex show is highly recommended!

Supertracker has been in business

twenty five years this year and we

are very pleased to be exhibiting

once again at Brityrex 2012.

Brityrex shows over the years

have always given us a great

platform to show case our

products and promote the

services we offer. In this modern

day of the internet too many bad

equipment purchasing decisions are made on the quality of a

picture and a cheap price. At the exhibition we will have on

display our wide range of products, allowing you to see and

feel the quality of our UK manufactured equipment.

Our technical staff will be on hand to answer all of your

alignment related queries. On display will be our top of the

range STR410 Computer Aligner, the mid range STR300

Computer Aligner, STR200 Laser Aligner with colour print out

and last but not least the industry standard Laser Aligner. All of

our aligners will generate a fantastic revenue stream to any

business; with return on investment models that make any

purchase an easy decision.

Come along and see us on stand 62 for a chat, existing

customers and potential new customers most welcome.

Founded in 1919, Actia Muller – formerly Bem

Muller – is both one of the oldest garage

equipment manufacturers, and one of the

pioneering designers who developed many of

the service and test equipment tools we find in

workshops today.

Actia Muller (UK) was created in 2008 as part

of Actia Group, to bring to the UK the combined

expertise of the global electronics expert, and

that of Bem Muller, the historic garage

equipment manufacturer: technological

innovation, support, service and good business.

In just 4 years, Actia Muller (UK) has become

one of the front-runners in ATL supply in the UK,

providing workshops added benefit testing and

profit opportunities over and above those of

typical MOT or fast-fit workshop operation.

General Manager Simon Stone says “From our

first Wheel Service Centre in 1953 and the first

diagnostic tool in 1985, to the first Automated

Test Lane in 1987, we have constantly pushed

the boundaries of technology to deliver

equipment with innovation. Never satisfied with

simply what needs to be achieved today, we

deliver additional capabilities to take our

equipment and vehicle testing into the future.”

For free consultation on how you could benefit

from this unique industry and equipment

expertise, visit Stand 23 at Brityrex UK 2012.

Winning the NTDA TAFF Tyre & Aftermarket Supplier of the Year

award has brought even more attention to the technical expertise of

our TPMS programme. As we are progressing with our training

programmes all across the UK we are receiving more and more

positive feedback about the expertise we are able to demonstrate and

share with our customers. The response has been greatly appreciated

by everyone involved with Autogem.

A common theme has been the ability of tyre traders and garages to

not only retain business which would have been lost without the right

equipment, but to also maximise the tools for greater revenues.

In 2011 we were predominantly informing customers about our

programme, so far in 2012 we have been in full swing training them.

This support will be supplemented by the introduction of further

technical TPMS product in the coming months.

In addition to this we are excited about presenting ourselves for the

first time at the Reifen Show in Essen, Germany where we will be

demonstrating some of the training techniques that have allowed our

programme to be recognised as award winning. Reifen will be

followed a few months later with what we hope will be another

excellent show at Brityrex, Manchester between the 9th and 11th


All in all 2012 is looking like another busy year for Autogem where

we will be exhibiting at 8 shows and dedicating 25-30 evenings to

training and educational courses for our customers. Our mantra

remains, think TPMS think Autogem.

Arcom was established in 1996. The principal activity of our company is the

production of welded, leight metal storage construction, mainly for the automotive and

logistic industry. The largest part of our production is the tyre industry. In our offer you

will find all kind of stillages, racks, trolleys for tyres’ transport and pallets for all kinds

of tyres; e.g. small tyres as used on ATV's and scooters, medium-sized tyres as used on

motorcycles and cars, large tyres used for agricultural vehicles and giant tyres as used

for special vehicles.

Our products are designed to be appropriate to the type of premises: garages, shops,

factories, etc. in which they will be installed and to more and more popular tyres’

storage (hotels for tyres).

We are one of the leading European companies producing storage products for the

tyre industry. Over 95% of our production is exported to 30 countries on 5 continents.

Many Polish companies have observed the effectiveness of our warehousing solutions

and they have started to adopt them.

Our customers' comments over the last few years have been of exceptional

importance to us. We take very careful note of these to produce a product that exactly

matches the needs of the market.

Apart from tyres we also produce pallets for components and spare parts for

automotive industry and industrial needs.

Our design office can produce customer's specific designs; even short production

runs. We can also, if you wish, organise the transport of our goods to your premises.

Well-qualified staff plus modern high-technology machinery (e.g. welding robot, stateof-the-art

powder coating plant, etc.) ensure that our products are of the highest quality

and durability.

We implement ISO 9001-2000 and have TUV Test + Monitoring from the Welding

Institute. We produce from raw materials which have CE certificate. We take care of

the environment very seriously. Wherever it’s possible we save energy and use

environmentally friendly methods.

We encourage you to make yourself familiar with our full offer. We shall gladly

answer all questions, provide consulting and help to choose the most optimal system

for your storehouse.


Brityrex International 2010 Exhibitors List

Air-Seal Products

Airtec Corporation

AME International


Armagh Tyre Distributors Ltd

Autoclimate Ltd


Ayce Systems Ltd

Balkrishna Tyres (Bkt)

Banner Batteries Gb Ltd

Beissbarth Uk Ltd


Bradbury Equipment

JHM Butt & Company Ltd

China United Rubber Corp

Clampco UK Ltd

Daly Tyres


Ears Uk

ECI International Ltd

Encircle Marketing Ltd

Environment Agency

Garage & MOT Professional

GEA (Garage Equipment Association)

Gradeall International Ltd

Gripen Wheels Ltd

Guizhou Tyre Co Ltd

Haweka (UK) Ltd

Hoffman Mega Plan


Indian Rubber Journal

Interstate Tire & Rubber Co

JIA Sources International

The Venue

EventCity is the second largest exhibition space outside London and offers all the benefits of being located next to

The Trafford Centre, Britain’s most successful shopping centre destination.

Offering over 28,000 sqm of versatile space and FREE parking, when it comes to choosing a venue EventCity = simplicity.

huge range of dining, entertainment and leisure facilities on the doorstep.

immediate access to motorway networks.

minutes from Manchester city centre & Manchester Airport.


There are four hotels within a one-mile radius, an award-winning 4* hotel

set in 200 acres of parkland and an 18-hole championship golf course only 5

miles away plus a vast choice of 4* & 5* contemporary and traditional hotel

accommodation in and around Manchester.


Phoenix Way, Off Barton Dock Road

Urmston, Manchester, England, M41 7TB

Telephone: + 44 (0)161 870 9800

Sat Nav Ref: M17 8AS


Hotel Accommodation

Keskin Tuning

Kings Road Tyres

Kirkby Tyres & Wheels

Koryo Tyres Industrial

Liangungang Allen Iron Steel

Long March

Major Lift Hydraulic

Mam Software Ltd

Manbat Ltd

Marix UK

National Tyre Distributors Association (Ntda)

NDI Tyre & Tube Supplies Ltd

Ningbo Alpha Autoparts

Ningbo Junda

Norbar Torque Tools Ltd


North West Tyre Traders

Omni United

Pang UK Ltd

Pang UK Ltd


PCL Air Technology

Point.S UK



Puncture Safe Uk

Qingdao Qihang Tyre Co Ltd

Qingdao Yongdao Int Trade Co

Ranger Stork

Recauchutagem Nortenha S.A

Rema Tip Top Automotive

Retreading Business

Rotary Lift (UK) Ltd


Rubber Asia

Safety Seal

S D International

Shandong Wanda Boto Tyre

Shanghai Yadong Exh Services

Snap-On Equipment

South China Tire & Rubber Co

Stamford Tyres

Steelmate Automotive UK Ltd

Straightset Ltd

Strongman Tools

Supertracker Ltd

Team Systems

Techking Tires Ltd




Tyre Industry Federation

(TIF) Lounge

Tyre & Rubber Recycling


Tyre Trade News

Tyres & Accessories

Tyre Trade Journal

Tyrewholesalers Ltd. Int

Uniroyal Truck Tyres

Value Tyres

Weber Marking Systems

Wegmann Automotive

Zhejiang Dawning

Zhengxing Wheel

Accommodation for Brityrex International ‘12 is being organised by Reservation Highway, our specialist conference and exhibition hotel reservation service.

Bookings can be made with Reservation Highway by contacting the helpdesk on:

Tel: +44 (0) 1423 525577



Fax: +44 (0) 1423 525599

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