Professional, safe and considered solutions in the cleaning with ...

Professional, safe and considered solutions in the cleaning with ...

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Professional, safe and

considered solutions

in the cleaning with

mineral free water

Use of AquaQlean ® system solves the main cause

of performance loss by solar panels.*

AquaQlean ® reduces working time

without using detergent.*

* Proved by research of the

University Albstadt-Sigmaringen.












The AquaQlean ® System!

Cleaning glass and façade cladding has been a specialised

area within professional cleaning services for years. Aspects such as

safety, cost and accessibility are of essential importance. However,

this combination of aspects can lead to problematic situations.

Architects often design striking buildings in the most contemporary building

styles. But this very architecture also means that glass,

facades and roofs can be extremely difficult to access for cleaning and

maintenance. The ideal solution for this kind of problem can be found in

the clever AquaQlean ® System. Aquaqlean ® offers optimal accessibility

and a perfectly clean result through the use of light, stable and durable


Situations where glass, facades and roofs can be virtually impossible to

reach include roofing over shopping promenades, domed roofing or

situations where fountains or gardens form obstacles, etc.

Go for efficiency, accessibility,

safety and environmentally friendly.



Problem areas highlighted by both the professional cleaning branch and technical services

(real estate market) relating to the aspects mentioned above have resulted in the development of a

system that offers safer and more productive levels of glass, facade and roof cleaning in most

situations. As also the cleaning of vehicles, boats, solar panels etc.

Cleaning will be done with the use of mineral free water for maximum cleanliness

and (after drying) a perfectly transparent result with no visible streaks.

The most important advantages of the AquaQlean ® System are:


- Dries without leaving streaks and marks in all weather

conditions, even in direct sunlight

- Stays cleaner for longer - the mineral free water protects

the surface from soiling. Reduces the effect of static

electricity to a minimum.

- Suitable for cleaning glass, window frames,

illuminated signs and lights, wall cladding, awnings,

vehicles, solar panels etc.

- Optimal accessibility and rapid application

- Safe working conditions

- Light and robust aluminium or carbonfibre tubing



How does AquaQlean ® work

and what is purified water?

We know water as H 2 O. Each water molecule consists of one atom

of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen. These atoms form two

charged ions in water.

A hydrogen atom is a positively charged hydrogen ion (acid); the

other is compounded to the oxygen atom to form a negatively

charged hydroxide ion (alkaline). Purified water therefore acts as a

remarkable solvent, thanks to the ability of these charged ions to

form compounds with other ions in the same way.

In other words: the positive and negative charges attract

each other. This property of purified water is exploited in the

AquaQlean ® system. When purified water flows over a surface

it dissolves all the substances it comes into contact with and

leaves a clean, streak free surface behind. To achieve this effect,

correct cleaning methods and sufficient rinsing time must be

taken into account.

For a detailed information package with full technical

data about AquaQlean ® please contact your dealer...


Your AquaQlean ® dealer:

• Streak free results

• Tubing: Stable, durable,

robust and light

• To clean glass, window

frames, illuminated signs

and lights, wall cladding,

awnings, vehicles,

solar panels etc.

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