DORMITORIES - University of Delaware

DORMITORIES - University of Delaware


STANDING: J. Patterson, E. Melby, M. Kaleeb, M. Lindale, M. Blaine, J. Brennan, P. Collins.

SITTING: J. Haclcett, C. Weimer, J. Conaway, Treas.; J. Greenfield, Chm.; N. Browning, Sec.;

R. Priestly, Dean Collins, Faculty Adviser.




The Women's Affair's Committee, which has jurisdiction

over all social and dormitory activities affecting women stu-

dents, is composed of a chairman, who is elected by the women

students as their official representatives on the S.G.A., the

elected head of each dormitory, representatives from the com-

muters and Tassel, and the Dean of Women, who is a member

ex-officio. The Inter-Dorm Playbill and Women's Weekend are

major parts of the Committee's activities. The annual May Day

ceremonies are sponsored by Women's Affairs, and it is they

who elect the student chairman of the whole event.

One Hundred Thirty-three

FIRST ROW: M. Snair, M. Alagia, V. Steinmetz, J. Evans,

S. Beatty, J. Baird, C. Davis. SECOND ROW: A. Armstrong,

M. Stickley, M. Kaleel, J. Oliver, E. Parkhill, C. Holbrook,

J. Ryker. THIRD ROW: J. Durgin, J. Swezey, P. McKay, K.

Comely, S. Robinson, G. Melvin, J. Lentini, A. DiSabitino,

L. Lang, J. Evensen, K. Baur, N. Shirey, M. Walter. FOURTH

Covey of quail

One Hundred Thirty-three


ROW: A. Barrowclough, E. Conroy, J. Underwood, J. Johnson,

J. Bockius, M. Wolf, B. Taylor, L. Malamut, B. Waldman,

M. Kesler, A. Borneman, J. Corbin, K. Kreemer. FIFTH

ROW: N. Lange, C. L'Anglois, J. Hastinqs, E. Wise, N.

Allen, M. J. Horty, I. Smith, L. Cassedy, R. Cusato. ABSENT:

E. Timmons, M. Strecker.




Head of House

Social Chairman

Neatness Chairman

We've had a wonderful year together. What with

our open houses, our dorm parties, and our teas

we've managed to keep our social calendar full of

fun for all! Remember those nights before exams

when we all piled into one room to do our term's

studying? We never thought we'd live through

finals, but we did! Or will you ever forget those

midnight parties and gab fests? And how about

Women's Weekend? You know, when we get right

down to it, our freshman year wasn't so bad after



FIRST ROW: D. Kolditz, C. Walsh, C. Isenberg, D. Heffner,

A. Piatt, P. Smith. SECOND ROW: J. Russell, E. Ryan, J.

Hackett, E. Dalton, S. Tibbett, L. Tupp. THIRD ROW: P.

Middleton, N. Herndon, M. Gruwell, A. Robb, R. Kullman,

R. Weisman, B. Robertson, J. Oechsler, A. Edwards, N.

Wenti, T. Ciconte, P. DeLang. FOURTH ROW: N. Shug,




We, the Hanover girls of '56 entered the

University of Delaware with super-duper ideas

of setting the campus on fire!

Our first activity was a tea for the other

Frosh Dorms . . . I. F. Weekend, we held an

open house for freshmen boys. Some terrific

friendships were made . . . Our Christmas

party caught all of us in its gaiety. Presents

were exchanged, and familiar carols were

sung . . . Kathy DeLillis was Hanover's big

attraction for Women's Playbill ... A spring

tea for parents, and Junior Advisors gave

us a chance to "show off" our campus.

One Hundred Thirty-three

S. Redfield, M. L. Miles, J. Blair, K. Nopper, P. Monks, C. *

Forster, L. Ferdon, J. Brown, J. Scullion, P. Ware, S. Townsend,

F. Jorgenson. FIFTH ROW: J. Lang, J. Ross, J. Bartels,

D. Wood, M. Stamler, D. Strobel, S. Maisel, S. Wren, B.

Wright, C. DeLellis, D. Brugge, E. M. Hubbard, N. Mc-

Clellen, L. Puder.

. .. School days are happy days


FIRST ROW: J. Berry, B. A. Carey, J. Davis, A. Simon, G.

Strobel, Sec. SECOND ROW: D. Phifer, P. Dinsmore, D.

Dukes, J. Clay, P. Collins, P. Ernest, N. Warfield, L. Brunkhorst.

THIRD ROW: P. Billings, E. Collyer, J. Turner, P.

Fauerbach, L. Brandschain, P. MacFarland, M. Gansberg,

R. Kaplan, L. Waller, M. Minner, M. Smith, M. D. Tweltridge,

. . . Look what Santa left!

One Hundred Thirty-three


M. Scott, M. Bieri, FOURTH ROW: J. Galgreath, M. Chappell,

J. A. Reeger, S. Hanby, C. Harvey, J. Birch, P. Adams,

C. Bernhard, L. Seemet, A. Cunningham, J. Bowman, L.

Ludvigson, P. Rainey. FIFTH ROW: B. Heath, J. Hofstetter,

J. Andres, J. Milano, J. Frederick, M. F. Omwake, M. Mayo,

J. Parker, N. Procious, M. Locket, H. Griffith. ABSENT:

L. Clements.

PAT COLLINS Head of House

DIMITY PHIFER Social Chairman


House Director, Mrs. Bullock . . . Head of House,

Pat Collins . . . House Council, Dimity Phifer,

Gladys Strobel, Janet Clay, Penny Ernest, Doris

Dukes . . . Lee Seemet our choice for football

queen . . . Mary-Jo Davis and Doris Dukes working

so hard on the float . . . then the rain . . . Very

enjoyable open house for the freshmen boys . . .

after beating Bucknell . . . wonder where our

leftover potato chips went??? . . . More excitement

. . . KA's serenaded Pat Billings and Margie Scott

... an unexpected visit from the frosh boys . . .

has everything been returned yet? . . . Our Christmas

tree . . . really did a swell job, Pat . . . Our

wonderful Christmas party ... in our terrific form

. . . Windsor.


FRST ROW: J. Sherman, J. Roth, P. Adkins, R. Priestley,

G. Schulze, B. Hoch, N. Goyne, S. Munson, F. Hafner.

SECOND ROW: J. Straughn, R. Sloman, N. Bradford, N.

Perper, N. Browning, Mrs. Derrow, House Dierctor; M. Grant,

B. L. Baker, L. Alava, M. Parker, J. Buck. THIRD ROW: B.

Dear ol' Warner

One Hundred Thirty-three

Martin, C. Williams, K. Adams, S. Ferver, M. J. Guenveur,

J. Greenfield, T. Gilgenast, N. Burri, R. Pierson, L. Baugher,'

J. Gibison, D. Simon, A. Colona, B. Smith. FOURTH ROW:

M. A. Catts, P. Goller, H. Adams, J. Thompson, V. Mc-

Quaid, D. Geyer, M. Forsyth.

"Oh, we're the girls of Warner Hall" and in some

corner of each mind lurk the lasting impressions of

life in the senior dorm . . . Rooms and beds left

vacant by student teachers . . . pep fest paraphernalia

in the second floor quad . . . decorating and

float making . . . the Cheerleaders' Trophy gracing

the front hall . . . "Red Riding Hood" at the *

Halloween party . . . Sracie Fuller Brushing . . .

and "Brooksie" shushing . . . sleigh bells and candles

and Maggie directing Christmas carols . . . Ruth

"Santa" Purdy distributing gifts at the party . .

Greenie's Gremlins — top volleyball team .

people moving in and out, up and down, and even

crosswise at the start of the new term . . . Lois

and Bobbie Lou putting us all to work on the Playbill

. . . talk about a formal dorm dance . . . planning

the Faculty Open House ... the Women's Weekend

party . . . parents visiting for their Annual Tea

. . . Fu n, wasn't it? It's not ended; see you at the

weddings all summer long!


Hash house Henrietta

Cram session

FIRST ROW: A. Neilen, M. Dougherty, M. Mumma, M.

Stauseback, J. Homiller, R. Starlc, R. Taylor. SECOND ROW:

E. West, J. Kowalewski, N. Young, K. Oliver, M. Backora, P

Green, C. Kessler. THIRD ROW: J. Lord, C. Cook M L

One Hundred Thirty-three

Bridge session

Bice, I. Roman, M. Taylor, E. Pavoni, J. Erdman, E. Hurley,

N. Hamstead, H. Macklin, D. Maloney, M. Berg. FOURTH

ROW: J. Davis, D. Kaeks, H. Purdy, C. DeVoe, J. McDonel,

M. Brown.


FIRST ROW: E. Sands, J. Archer, P. Lecrone, J. Shaw, D.

Sund, L. Wellikson, M. Haley. SECOND ROW: D. Crouch,

M. A. Lindale, D. Warren, M. Shank, J. Trout, N. Tobey, R.

Young, G. Dye. THIRD ROW: M. Woodward, J. Smith, C.

New Castle

One Hundred Thirty-eight

Clift, E. Klair, D. Coffin, J. Porter, D. Dellcer, A. Puhl, P.

Pepper, J. Stein, S. Carpenter, J. Glover, M. King, R. Fisk,

J. Yerkes.

Our House lights have dimmed, but as the curtain

rises everything grows bright again and we see it

all. . . . Will you ever forget our after-dinner

coffee hour in honor of Dean Collins? Quite a

juggling act with those cups! — The Halloween

party was more fun, never knew we had such talent.

Where in the world did all Mrs. Forewood's cookies

go anyway? — Then came the series of Saturday

afternoon card parties with the males included. A

Christmas tree, carols, and a Santa, too, made our

holiday gay. Sleepless nights and ragged nerves,

but still our musical for Inter-Dorm Playbill was a

rhythmic success. Our biggest social event was the

wonderful party during Women's Week End. Oh,

we can't skip over that spring tea for parents,

either! The scene grows hazy. We suddenly remember

the happiness we were able to bring to the

English foster child we adopted, and we sort of

stand a little taller and feel a little sheepish about

the difficulty Janet had in collecting our pennies.

— We really did cram for that last set of finals!

The curtain descends and another act from New

Castle Dorm comes to an end, but our memories

linger on.


Kent's Finest

Nothing else to do

FIRST ROW: L. McKay, J. DeVries, J. Leap, M. Bayruns,

D. Greene, P. Sanner, A. Moore. SECOND ROW: E. Strawbridge,

C. Goodley, B. Miruk, A. Herbst, M. Straughn, M.

E. Miller, L. Albed, M. Burford. THIRD ROW: N. Kroger,

One Hundred Thirty-three

Our entry for car parade

C. Boyer, L. Bigton, C. Rehfuss, M. Martin, S. Parrott, E.

Ungerleider, C. Curfman, G. Harrison, B. Raughley, B.

Ireland, M. A. Simpson, R. Conner, V. Benator.


FIRST ROW: P. Sklut, H. Lewis, J. Leary, P. Reed, M. Reinke,

S. Thomas, P. Phillips. SECOND ROW: B. Menges, J. Lindell,

P. Muth, J. Liebert, L. Lashar, J. Brennan, J. Banks, J.

Martin, M. Matthes, J. Stewart, F. Ward. THIRD ROW:

Cannon Hall

One Hundred Forty-three

B. Reed, L. Pellegrine, O. Smith, B. Nevins, A. MacCormack,

B. Whyte, J. Damico, J. Merrick, D. Lamb, F. Phillips, J.

Wood, C. Seidel, A. Massoth, D. Locke, A. Miller, B. Wynn,

J. Mill iron, M. Mundy, N. Murphey, H. Orloff, M. Metzger.

June . . . 1952 ... we drew for our

rooms, chose "The new dorm," and took

our chances that Cannon Hall would

meet our expectations . . .

September ... 1952 ... It Did!

Because Cannon Hall was newer,

gayer, and more modern than we dared

hope its 93 very pleased occupants, with

the unfailing help of Mrs. Etheleen

Smith, our House Director, and Martha

Lou Sandy, Assistant House Director,

started right out to live up to our new


Activity started immediately with a

punch party before the Harvest Ball.

Of course, we've had teas, open houses

and Sunday Afternoon socials, but the

highlight of the year was winning second

place in the Cheerleader's Competition.

June . . . 1953 . . . Cannon Hall is a

setting we'll recommend for a wonderful


Open House

Don't forget to sign out!

FIRST ROW: A. Holliday, D. Ferguson, A. Harlcins, D. Fry,

B. Itzkowitz, R. Brofslcy, C. Alava. SECOND ROW: L. Keene,

J. Cella, B. J. Comegys, D. DiSabatino, B. Cramer, B.

Jennings, J. Kase, B. Brown, E. Evans. THIRD ROW: D.

One Hundred Forty-one

Dumb Waiter?

Carmichael, C. Kolb, H. Draper, P. Emmott, S. Clouser, G.

Bossard, D. Devine, S. Cunningham, M. Gatta, A. Holland,

B. Copps, J. Ford, J. Currier, A. M. Dumas, M. Brown, V.

Carmer, J. Gibison, A. Johnston.


FIRST ROW: C. Hutson, A. Barrueto, M. Lockerman, J.

Hollingsworth, S. Pratt, M. Clark, N. Jones. SECOND ROW:

A. Crispin, A. Ferguson, C. Chaiken, M. E. Bull, S. King, J.

Conaway, B. Nespor, Mrs. Patterson, House Director; M. L.

Sussex Hall

One Hundred Forty-three

Conover. THIRD ROW: K. Valentine, N. Sterling, E. Ough,

M. Colwell, N. Gast, J. Smith, P. Phillips, D. Lease, M.

Little, D. Melick, A. Buckley, J. Kennedy, S. Anderson, J.

Schaller, S. Schwartz.

Sussex Hall has been very active this year in

South Campus activities. In November we made

plans for our float to be used at the Lafayette

game. Did we ever labor over that "thing!" As our

float materialized, so did the clouds, and the rain

spoiled our hard work. But our spirit was still there.

Mary Ellen Bull was our candidate for Football

Queen. We sure were pleased when she was chosen

as a member of the queen's court. The Sunday

before Christmas vacation, Sussex's doors were

open to all the fraternities and men's dorms. What

a gay time that was! Our own Christmas party

was held the next week, and we kept the true spirit

of the holiday by collecting toys and food for

needy families. During the volleyball season Sussex

entered the tournament. Then came exams and

somehow we managed to come out with that 2.0.

The work and excitement of Women's Playbill

added to those "sleepless nights," but it was fun.

And so ends another busy, but enjoyable year.

Going home.

You name it!

FIRST ROW: P. Ingram, G. Larson, A. Wenke, B. Jones,

J. Steinmetz, A. Frazier, A. Lloyd, J. Roman. SECOND

ROW: N. Peck, N. Curry, B. Hahne, L. West, J. Steinmetz,

R. Timmons, G. Picker, M. Thomas, Mrs. Patterson, House

One Hundred Forty-three

"What do you think of the

world situation?"

Director. THIRD ROW: S. Lewis, J. Brown. FOURTH ROW:

K. Mott, E. Downing, M. Greeley, P. Brenner, L. Humme, J.

Auchter, B. Day, B. Andrews, S. Ogden, M. Smith, R. A.

Williams, P. Baxter, C. Nabb, B. Landy.


FIRST ROW: E. Porter, B. Brown, C. Javlik, M. Larkin, A.

Kirkpatrick. SECOND ROW: M. McClellan, J. Patterson, P.

MARY LARKIN ; Head of House



At the beginning of the year Topsy was just a

bewildered bunch of transfers and freshmen, but

it wasn't long before we got in the campus spirit

and stopped following the crowd. In October we

threw a Halloween party . . . complete with cider,

ginger snaps, and the boys from Harter! Remember

the scavenger hunt and the dreamy dancing?

Christmas time, Topsy sparkled with all the trimmings;

another party . . . laughing and exchanging

gifts. A January wedding, and the dorm rang with

congratulations for Bobbie Brown, now Mrs. Don

Reath. Then came Women's Playbill with its midnight

rehearsals, and Women's Week-End followed

by oodles of fun for everybody. A great year,

wasn't it?

All this, and Topsy also claims the only pogo

stick and resident F. B. I. agency on campus!

One Hundred Forty-three

Mooney, J. Warner, P. Taylor. THIRD ROW: P. Dobb, S.

Saver, Miss Constance Mitchell, D. Golomb, M. Bridegium,

R. A. Johnson.

Watch the birdie

FIRST ROW: M. Tigue, C. Holmes. SECOND ROW: J.

Jefferson, G. Conway, J. Smith, J. Kreer, Miss Luars (Housemother),

G. Baird. THIRD ROW: V. Andrews, M. Manchee,

Sexy! Huh?

One Hundred Forty-three


B. Nast, E. Lipman, M. O'Brien, E. Milby, P. Ratchford, F.

Poole, G. Longenecker. ABSENT: L. Furnish, R. Weakley,

D. Davis, E. Paul.

ELSA MILBY Head of House


LOIS FURNISH Social Chairman

Turvey may be one of the smallest dorms on the

campus, but it certainly is not the least active.

Headed by Mary Jo Lucus as housemother and

Elsa Milby as student head of the house, it held a

number of social activities including a tea for Dean

Collins, birthday parties, and various holiday

parties. Thanksgiving dinner was provided for a

needy family, and it adopted a foster family to

help throughout the year. Turvey was well represented

at all campus activities, drives, and goals.

For big events, such as Women's Playbill, Turvey

joined with Topsy and Boletus and worked together

to prove that big things can come from little droms.


FIRST ROW: C. Morgan, P. Schulman, E. Stafford, M.

Murphy, M. Faulkner. SECOND ROW: N. Parkes, L. Darby,

E. Bunting, M. Blaine, B. Simon, J. Morris, A. Short. THIRD




Head of House


....Social Chairman

The Boletus girls have really been active in

campus activities this year! The highlight of the

fall season was placing second in the competition

between the women's dormitories for house decorations

and spirit. An informal tea was given by the

dorm to welcome Dean Bessie Collins. Gay occasional

parties were held at Halloween and Christmas.

Practically the whole dorm turned out for the

W.A.A. sports.

One Hundred Forty-six

ROW: P. Thompson, P. Yount, J. Tull, E. Hanlon, Miss Gearhart,

J. Williams, M. Fullerton, R. Ward, C. Phillips.

. . . Moma's little angels


FIRST ROW: G. Hudson, Pres. of Mosher Hall; S. Baliclc,

Pres. of Brown Hall and Chairman of Men's Affairs Comm.;

J. Carbonetti, Pres. of Training House; R. Hughes, Pres. of

Sigma Phi Epsilon; W. Phillips, Pres. of Alpha Tau Omega.

SECOND ROW: R. Olconow, Pres. of Alpha Epsilon Pi; H.


Prettyman, Pres. of Pi Kappa Alpha; T. Sheaffer, Pres. of

Sigma Nu; R. Home, Pres. of Harter Hall; R. Wright, Pres.

of Kappa Alpha; D. McCarthy, Pres. of Theta Chi; C. Carey,

Pres. of Phi Kappa Tau. ABSENTEES: H. Holmes, Pres. of

Knoll; A. Eglington, Pres. of Delta Tau Delta.

Men's Affairs Committee consists of the presidents of the nine

social fraternities and the presidents of the five men's dormitories.

The committee is the link between the men's organizations and the

S.G.A., and it deals with problems directly concerning the Uni-

versity's male students. This year the committee discussed the ques-

tion of allowing women in the fraternity houses on weekends. Another

question taken up concerned drinking in the houses. Concrete recom-

mendations for these and other problems were made by the com-

mittee to the administration via the S.S.A. The chairman of Men's

Affairs is a voting member of S.G.A.

One Hundred Forty-three


FIRST ROW: H. Kreh, J. Taylor, G. Pizer, L. Lore, R. Stimble, W. Eisenberg, K. Knight. SECOND

ROW: A. Arnell, W. Dickey, J. McDaniel, S. Balick, Pres.; V. Lamkin, S. Kambouris, H. Hall. THIRD

ROW: A. Schmalfuhs, R. Taylor, W. Adkinson, G. Enterline, R. Singer, D. Goodridge, J. Pettyjohn,

B. Stewart, H. Truax, J. Allen, G. Griggs, W. Chambers, J. Kennedy, E. Fogel.

Men of distinction in a discussion

One Hundred Forty-three

Budding geniuses!


FIRST ROW: E. Bossard, W. Jebens, D. Wood, A. Silvestri, B. Short. SECOND ROW: J. Badgely,

C. Nise, J. Griffiths, B. Home, J. Miles, O. Houston, D. Blest, B. Foster. THIRD ROW: J. Farley,

J. Ray, K. Richter, C. Dean, D. Steele, J. Swyler, B. Wilson, J. Trowill, F. Susi, B. Evans. FOURTH

ROW: B. Stout, B. Karau, J. Richter, J. Waddington, B. Farrow, R. Barber, B. Greely, J. Hopkins,

E. Gearhart, B. Burton, D. Williamson, H. Simpkins, G. MacTurk, R. Hearn, D. Battis.

So's I told the Dean ... Enee, Menee, and Minee—There ain't no moe!

One Hundred Forty-three


SEATED: D. Mitcell, W. Ulin, I. Carty, Pres.; W. Garber, Sec.; R. Dryden, W. Wood. STANDNG:

E. Isaacs, B. Tilgnman, G. Hudson, F. Carl, W. Nolde, R. Harmon, M. Strom.

What kind of poker?

One Hundred Fifty-one

Some of de boys


FIRST ROW: F. Barile, B. Cornwall, T. Redfield, J. Rizzi, F. Heilig, A. Wagner, P. Braungard.

SECOND ROW: C. Crisconi, D. Ford, J. Carbonetti, J. Borreson, E. Bernauer, J. Allen, K. Reith,

C. Searfoss, J. Lauletta. THIRD ROW: J. Meyers, J. Palumba, A. Magistrelli, B. Barnes, J. Loomis,

B. Hooepr, J. Flynn, J. Schonberger, A. Pecora, A. Czarneclci, A. Pannarelo, B. Smith, B. Doppstadt.

FOURTH ROW: S. Gambone, B. Annonio, D. Green, J. Zaiser, B. Jones, C. Franjos, R. Brown, R.

Dickerson, P. Carlson, J. Mulcahy, A. Parker, P. Mueller. FIFTH ROW: G. Buckwalter, D. Jarvis,

J. Cooper, T. Marsall, B. Hagerty, M. Apostolico, B. McClaughlin, T. Oues, B. Graham, J. Gugliamo.

An every night occurrence at the "Palace" A moments relaxation after a hard

night of studying

One Hundred Fifty-one


TOP ROW: H. McCurdy, A. Tally, G. Graham, L. Miller, A. Eisner, T. Katman, D. Racine, T Duff

SECOND ROW: F. Freibott, C. Ingram, A. Holmes, K. Whiftingfon, J. Cashel. BOTTOM ROW:

R. Perry, D. Sapp, B. Lotter, A. Bacon, J. Myers.

How about going to the Prom? Critics of fine art

One Hundred Fifty-one

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