Part two -


Part two -

Mobile Gaming 2008

… some thoughts about the industries' responsibility

Wolfgang Schwens


• WHY:

Discover why bwin has pushed social responsibility higher up

the agenda and how the role of a CSR-Manager has been vital

within this


Hear the latest developments and progress made by Problem

Gambling organizations across Europe and evaluate the

feasibility of a Europeyn-wide CSR program


Listen to the key challenges facing operators and how your

business can start to implement these processes right now.

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Part one: WHY

• bwin´s Ideas of going the "responsible way"

… discover why bwin has pushed social responsibility higher

up the agenda and how the role of a CSR-Manager has been

vital within this

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Part two: WHAT

• the industries topics and related organizations


• Co operations

• Research

• Challenges


two (self regulating) activities

• ESSA – European Sports Security Agency

• EGBA – European Gaming and Betting Association

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meet the obvious challenges

• Recognizing gaming addiction is real

• Always one step ahead

• Support for open discussions about gaming addiction

and problematic gambling behavior

• Fund research and researchers in fields, where no

or insufficient insights are available

• Don’t fund results

• State-of-the-art intervention strategies

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Harvard Medical School project

• “make the world a better place …”

• … make gaming a better and safer form of


• Groundbreaking research with immediate impact on

responsible gaming measures

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Part three: … THEN challenges

• Challenges

• Limit policy

• Self exclusion

• Re-entry initiatives

• Monitoring-systems

• Self-evaluation kits

• Training and development

• "Bridges" to organizations

• Consultancy and Therapy

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Responsible Gaming means:

• apply technical measures and offer assistance at social


• early detection of problematic gaming behaviour

• ensure affected customers are made aware of their


• ensure addicts are derdenied access to offers

• exclude so-called pathological gamers while offering

suitable help (cooperation with selected leading

partners) to others

• make known names of quality agencies and

organizations offering support and consultancy

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… further information

Wolfgang Schwens

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

bwin Interactive Entertainment AG

Börsegasse 11/Elevator 3/Top floor

1010 Vienna, Austria

P: +43 (50) 858-20020

M: +43 (664) 8476688

F: +43 (50) 858-20020



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