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PRESS RELEASE - galerie huit

PRESS RELEASE - galerie huit

About Galerie Huit

About Galerie Huit Penang Galerie Huit Penang, the Malaysian little sister of Galerie Huit Arles, is situated in a traditional shophouse, in the historic centre of George Town, on the island of Penang. Listed as an Unesco World Heritage site since 2008, the multi-cultural city of George Town is now recognised as a Southeast Asian urban treasure. Galerie Huit Penang showcases both local and international artists in an informal setting. It is situated in Muntri Street, once the domain of wealthy Chinese spice and other merchants. The Muntri Street area is fast regaining another lease of life, with a lively art scene, cafes and boutique hotels attracting new energy back to the inner city. GALERIE HUIT PENANG, MUNTRI STREET About the theme and the responses to the theme: Transience The theme Transience invited work that evoked and relayed references that relate to change and the process of changing and our relationship to a permanent state of transition, impermanence and the passing of time. The notion of Transience encouraged the exploration of any number of observations, concepts, emotions, experiences and beliefs. So it is not surprising that the interpretations, response and genres relating to the theme were so versatile, creative and thought provoking and covered a range of subject matters ranging from personal, historical, environmental, cultural, global, political, social, geographical, fictional or seasonal. Finslists images can be clicked through from: Artists participated from the following 32 countries Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA, Venezuela. 105 Exhibiting Artists Claudio Allia, Italy - Ian Atkinson, UK - Alexander Awramenko, UK - Richard Baldwin, Australia - Thomas Ball, UK - Lyn Balzer & Tony Perkins, Australia - Jesse Morgan Barnett, USA - Peter Bennett, UK - Carlo Bevilacqua, Italy - Michael Blann, UK - Dmitry Bobrov, Russia - Brittain Bright, UK - Camilla Broadbent, UK - Andrew Bruce, UK - Sean Bulson, UK - Adrian Burke, UK - Anthony Carr, UK - Patricia Casey, Australia - Stefen Chow, Malaysia & HY Lin, Singapore - Lucinda Chua, UK - Elizabeth M. Claffey, USA - David Clark, UK - Manuel Cosentino, Italy - Neil Craver, USA - Rebecca Dagnall, Australia - Lottie Davies, UK - Glenn Dearing, UK - Tamas Dezso, Hungary - Marco Di Lauro, Italy - Caroline Douglas, UK -William Eckersley, UK - Tim Edgar, UK - Odette England, USA - Juan Guillermo Escobar, Spain - Colectivo Estetica Unisex, Mexico / Colombia - Virgilio Ferreira, Portugal - Susan Friedman, USA - Ana Galan, Spain - Robin Gardiner, UK - Candace Plummer Gaudiani, USA - Michelle Given, USA - Richard Glover, Australia - Lydia Goldblatt, UK - Maria Gruzdeva, Russia - Catlin Harrison, UK - Oliver Haupt, Spain - Teri Havens, USA - Steve Hoskins, UK - Nicholas Hughes, UK - Florence Iff, Switzerland - Joe Johnson, USA - Valerie Jolly, France - Ed Kashi, USA - Jens Knigge, Germany - Linda Kosciewicz-Fleming, UK - Arnoldas Kubilius, Lithuania - Kyunghee Lee, Korea - Alex Leme, Brazil - Wang Lin, China - Miranda Lopatkin, UK - Judith Lyons, UK - Jonathan May, Australia - Laura Medler, UK - Jo Metson Scott & Nicola Yeoman, UK - Diane Meyer, USA - Michael Meyersfeld, South Africa - Bressan Michele, Romania - Karenann Miranda-Rivadeneira, USA/Ecuador - Jose Ramon Moreno, Spain - Lorena Morin, Spain - Geir Moseid, Norway - Yulia Mouraviova, Germany - Greer Muldowney, USA - Mehrdad Naraghi, Iran - Jim Naughten, UK - Milo Newman, UK - Rikard Osterlund, UK - Kate Peters, UK - Kyle Petersen, USA - Sever Petrovici-Popescu, Romania - Anno Pieterse, Netherlands - Bojan Radovic, Slovenia - Jean-François, Raffalli France - Rebecca Reeve, USA - Nick Rochowski UK -

Carole Romaya, UK - Bojan Salaj, Slovenia - John Spiller, UK - Thomas Stanworth, UK - Magnus Stark, USA - Jeffrey Stockbridge, USA - Carole Suety, France - John Sunderland, Ireland - Dominik Tarabanski, Poland - Sabine Thoele, Germany - Prince Thomas, USA - Kurt Tong, UK - Tahir Un, Turkey - Martin Usborne, UK - Rihards Vitols, Latvia - Manuel Villanueva, Germany / Venezuela - Vincent Goutal & Olivia Leriche, France - Alec Von Bargen, Mexico – Mirjana, Vrbaski Serbia / Canada - Graeme Webb, UK - Alexandra Wolkowicz, Gemany / Poland - Jon Wyatt, UK About the 2011 winners of Galerie Huit Photography Open Salon and the winning concept on the theme Transience The winners of the 2011 Galerie Huit Photography Open Salon are Stefen Chow, Malaysia and HY Lin, Singapore. They won with their concept The Poverty Line and the case study for China. As winners, they have been awarded a one month artist in residence with the Galerie Huit in Arles where they will further explore the concept of The Poverty Line and extend the case study to France. Their study observes and records in a very accurate and pragmatic way the changes in the growing Chinese economy in recent years and the numerous dramatic adjustments of the Chinese standard of living and its poverty line. Other case studies in the same series cover Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Nepal. Malaysia and France to follow. POVERTY LINE BY STEFEN CHOW AND HY LIN WINNERS OF GALERIE HUIT PHOTOGRAPHY OPEN SALON 2011 Artist Statement The Poverty Line. This body of work explores a simple question. What does it mean to be poor? This is not an emotional analysis of what it means to be poor. It is an examination of the choices one would face being poor. This is an ongoing project, with the first series covering China. The project has since been expanded to Nepal, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand. The plan is to cover countries in other continents in coming months. The visual representation uses a per-person, per-day rate of a national poverty line, to have a portrayal of items found in that country that could be bought with that amount. The items are placed against local newspapers bought on the day’s shoot. Countries maintain their own definitions to monitor socio-economic conditions and formulate poverty alleviation policies. In coming up with the poverty line, developing countries largely use an absolute standard based on consumption amount, while developed countries use a relative income or expenditure standard. This is not to compare different countries’ poverty, but rather to have a starting point to understand poverty within a country’s context. Everything else is left up to interpretation.

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