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townsville regional investment prospectus - Townsville Enterprise



















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Townsville Enterprise is the leading agent in ‘making things happen’ in the Townsville North Queensland

Region. As North Queensland Region’s peak Economic Development Organisation, Regional Tourism

Organisation and Convention and Events Bureau, Townsville Enterprise ensures that the Region benefits

from investment and economic prosperity, tourism opportunities and business events and conferences.

Townsville, Magnetic Island, Charters Towers, the Burdekin Shire, Palm Island and the Hinchinbrook

Shire comprise the North Queensland Region. Our mission is to build and develop North Queensland to

achieve sustainable economic and lifestyle benefits and to promote the Region as an ideal destination to

live, work, invest and visit.

Townsville Enterprise prides itself on its ability to foster functional relationships between Members to

achieve sustainable benefits for the entire community. Townsville Enterprise is your link to business in the

Region and the voice on the national stage to lobby for growth, infrastructure and new investment.

Townsville Enterprise creates opportunities, opens up new revenue streams, introduces professionals to

key decision makers and connects like-minded individuals who share a common objective of generating

growth and prosperity in the Region.

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Townsville Enterprise

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This document is compiled by Townsville Enterprise. Every care is taken to ensure that content is current and factual at the time of release. Townsville Enterprise takes no responsibility for errors, changes or omissions. 1



Second Capital of Queensland…

Townsville, known as the Second Capital of Queensland, is a thriving precinct positioned strategically in

North Queensland. The area of North Queensland encompasses five major regional centres:

Townsville Charters Towers Burdekin Palm Island Hinchinbrook

Townsville is well positioned among these five dynamic regions and is recognised as the central hub

for business and investment. With easy access to domestic and international markets, this unique

location provides you with diverse opportunities. Each region is strengthened by industry growth and


Land availability for business, living and leisure, abundant water, transport links to Asia-Pacific and Papua

New Guinea, superfast communication technology such as the National Broadband Network (NBN) and

a superb tropical lifestyle mean that the Region offers investment potential like no other.

The lifestyle in North Queensland is second to none – ocean views, rainforest, leisure activities, extensive

health care, quality housing, retail and dining options, all showcase why the Townsville Region is known

as a thriving and dynamic zone.

Images: Cameron Laird, Dirk Mohrmann, Fiona Wright, James Cook University, Phil Copp, Townsville Airport, Townsville Enterprise

Why do Business in the Townsville Region?

No other Australian region boasts the resilience, diversity, lifestyle and economic potential that Townsville

and North Queensland enjoy.

Townsville and the immediate North Queensland Region have a 237,462 strong population estimated to

grow to 346,262 by 2031.

Sustainable economic development is a priority and encourages projects that will enhance economic well

being. The Region has experienced strong and steady economic growth with an annual average increase

of 9.8% over the past decade. A commitment to infrastructure investment ensures continual economic

growth and development of the Region without compromising lifestyle. The economy is resilient and

currently has over $54 billion worth of mining, construction and infrastructure projects either underway or

proposed for the Region.

A comprehensive array of professional services is available to cater for all your business needs. Direct

flights to most capital cities from Townsville make business travel hassle free and accessible.

A highly capable workforce and internationally recognised education and research facilities ensure the

Region continues to grow and maintain its competitive advantage.

Competitive Advantages

Strategic Positioning

The Region covers 80,059.2 km 2

Five major regional centres

Diverse and stable economy

Close to Papua New Guinea and the Asian powerhouse economies

Coastal link for the North West Carpentaria Minerals Province

Strong population growth

Affordable housing

Urban and rural lifestyle that is second to none

Access to excellent education and health facilities


Diversity – no single sector contributes more than 17.6% to Gross

Regional Product

$13.37 billion in Gross Regional Product

$54 billion worth of projects in the pipeline

Average annual population growth 1.9%

Key Industries

Public Administration (including Defence)

Mining and Manufacturing

Real Estate



Tourism and Events

Emerging Industries

Renewable Energy

Algaculture and other Bio-Industries



Range of quality office space

Strong administrative service industry

Dynamic business networks

Immediate access to Townsville Enterprise – Regional Economic

Development Organisation (REDO) and Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO)

Quality communication networks – National Broadband Network connectivity

Abundant and secure water and electricity supplies

Easy access to major transport networks – sea, air, road and rail

Third largest multi-cargo port in Queensland

Direct flights to most capital cities

Fourth most sustainable city in Australia

Quality health facilities

Australia’s leading tropical research University

Range of recruitment agencies and registered training organisations

A skilled and readily available workforce

Attractive lifestyle for employees and their families

Affordable commercial and industrial land

Industry and Investment Opportunities

Renewable Energy

Townsville State Development Area

Data Centre

Ageing Population Facilities


Tourism, Ecotourism, Cultural Tourism and Events

Residential and Commercial Development Opportunities

Retail and Office Space – CBD incentives

Heavy Industry




Diversity is Key

With a strong vision for the future, diversity and balance underpin the economy of the Townsville Region.

No single sector contributes more than 17.6% to the Region, ensuring economic stability.

Gross Regional Product

The Townsville Region contributes $13.37 billion in Gross Regional Product (GRP) to the local economy.

Key contributors to the Region’s Gross Regional Product are public administration including defence

($2.1b), manufacturing ($1.3b), real estate ($1.4b), mining ($892m) and construction ($834m).



Public Administration & Safety 17.6%

Rental, Hiring & Real Estate Services 11.2%

Manufacturing 10.5%

Mining 7.2%

Construction 6.7%

Health Care & Social Assistance 6.2%

Financial & Insurance Services 5.3%

Transport, Postal & Warehousing 5.2%

Education & Training 4.7%

Retail Trade 4.3%

Wholesale Trade 3.7%

Professional, Scientific & Technical Services 3.3%

Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services 3.0%

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing 2.6%

Accommodation & Food Services 2.4%

Information Media & Telecommunications 2.3%

Administrative & Support Services 1.8%

Other Services 1.4%

Arts & Recreation Services 0.6%

Population Trends

With over $54 billion worth of projects currently in the Region’s development pipeline, many people are

relocating to Townsville for the employment opportunities and this is reflected in population projections.

The population within the Region is projected to increase by an average annual growth rate of 1.9% over

the 20 year period 2011 to 2031. By the year 2031, it is estimated that the population will be 346,262,

accounting for 5.3% of Queensland’s total population.

Image: Cameron Laird


Local industry provides 104,575 jobs to the Townsville Region. The main employment providers are retail

trade, health care and social assistance, public administration and safety, manufacturing, education

and training and construction.



Retail Trade 11.79%

Health Care & Social Assistance 11.71%

Public Administration & Safety 11.53%

Manufacturing 9.32%

Education & Training 9.06%

Construction 7.64%

Accommodation & Food Services 6.86%

Transport, Postal & Warehousing 4.79%

Professional, Scientific & Technical Services 4.73%

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing 4.15%

Other Services 3.76%

Wholesale Trade 3.10%

Administrative & Support Services 2.40%

Financial & Insurance Services 1.93%

Rental, Hiring & Real Estate Services 1.78%

Mining 1.58%

Information Media & Telecommunications 1.55%

Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services 1.50%

Arts & Recreation Services 1.17%

Labour Force

The local labour market provides access to a highly skilled and stable workforce which is critical for

business success. A range of local education, trade and apprenticeship opportunities is in place,

providing people with the contemporary skills required to progress the Region. The workforce breakdown

is in excess of 16% technicians and trade workers, 15% managers, over 14% clerical and administrative

and over 14% professionals.



Key Industries

Public Administration

Public administration represents over $2.1 billion within the Region. Defence is included within this sector

and continues to expand its operations. The recent relocation of 720 3RAR Defence personnel cements

Lavarack Barracks as Australia’s largest garrison post with over 7,000 enlisted soldiers and their families.

Townsville has the largest government sector in Queensland outside of Brisbane. At the time of the 2006

Census, there were over 17,000 government employees working in local, state and federal agencies.

Real Estate

Commercial and Industrial Land

Prime commercial and industrial land is available in all five regions across North Queensland. Small to

large lots are available at affordable prices and with proximity to major transport and infrastructure

systems, are an asset to industry and economic growth.


The North Queensland Region has a large and diverse range of housing options to suit the varying needs

and desires of its residents. From modern, chic city units to the traditional style Queenslanders, there are

numerous options available on both the rental and purchase markets, making North Queensland a

dynamic and livable location. There are 624 developer lots available for purchase and according to the

latest real estate figures, the current median house price for Townsville is a very affordable $354,000

compared with Brisbane’s $430,000.

Images: Paula Halliday, Townsville Enterprise

North Queensland Median House Prices

Townsville $354,000

Charters Towers $250,000

Hinchinbrook $299,000

Burdekin $213,000

Source: RP Data 2012

Mining and Manufacturing

Townsville is surrounded by two major mineralisation regions in the north west and north east. The North

West Carpentaria Minerals Province is a mature mining district with significant deposits. Mineral and

mining opportunities continue to expand, with an estimated $3.4 billion of investment in the North West

Carpentaria Minerals Province expected to get underway between now and 2017.

According to the North East Minerals Province Economic Potential Report by James Cook University, there

are 21 mineral deposits being explored for viability in the North East Minerals Province with a potential

output of $730 million a year until 2020. Expansions also looks likely for the region with the announcement

of further gold mining to commence in the Charters Towers area, Australia’s richest goldfields.

Three major mineral processing plants operate within the Region, these are Sun Metals Zinc Refinery,

Queensland Nickel Limited and Xstrata Copper. This complements the Region’s strong links to Mt Isa and

the mining industry of North West Queensland.

Townsville offers an extensive range of services directed at the mining industry and supplies a large

number of fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) personnel. FIFO services ensure work and lifestyle choices aren’t

compromised. Securing direct flights from Townsville to Moranbah and Darwin enables easy access to key

mining provinces.


Construction is a major industry in the North Queensland Region providing economic stimulation and

jobs. With over $4 billion worth of infrastructure and services projects and over $7.5 billion worth of

property and construction projects currently proposed, underway or awaiting start in the Region. Major

projects include the Port Access Road and expansion of the Townsville Port, continued expansion of

the Townsville Hospital and Lavarack Barracks, various industrial estates and residential estates

including Stockland Development’s North Shore, Maidment Development Group’s Sanctum and

Urbex’s Kalynda Chase.


The entire North Queensland Region has a booming farming and livestock sector and is recognised as

one of Australia’s premier agricultural areas due to abundant water supplies, fertile land and perfect

climate. The Burdekin is one of Australia’s largest sugar cane producing areas, with 80,000 hectares of

land dedicated to this crop, and cane yields among the highest in the nation. Additionally, the Burdekin

harvests one-third of the nation’s mangoes and also produces capsicums, zucchinis, pumpkins, corn,

melons and other fruit and vegetables. Burdekin and Hinchinbrook are known for their sugar cane whilst

Charters Towers is recognised for its quality beef industry.

Tourism and Events

The Townsville Region is a diverse holiday destination with abundant natural attractions, including the

World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, tropical islands, pristine beaches, wetlands, wet tropics

rainforests and national parks as well as the historic outback. The numerous attractions on offer within the

Region have seen the destination’s popularity rapidly increase over recent years.

Townsville has three national sporting teams – the long standing North Queensland Cowboys (NRL), the

Townsville Fire (WNBL) and theTownsville Crocodiles (NBL) and is the latest city to host the national V8

supercars circuit. Cultural events including the Australian Festival of Chamber Music, Groovin the Moo,

Greek Fest, Ingham Australian-Italian Festival, Ten Days in the Towers and Tastes of the Burdekin

ensure North Queensland remains in the national and international spotlight.

Townsville is the ideal destination for Business Events. The accessibility to Townsville could not be easier

with over 23,000 airline seats into the city each week. Townsville has the infrastructure to suit all special

requirements needed to create a memorable conference. What makes events in Townsville affordable

and appealing is the effective regional costing, as well as the specialist key note speakers available due

to the strong Mining, Agriculture and Marine Science presence in the Region.



Office Space

Townsville offers a range of quality, affordable office space to meet your business needs. The dominance

of government administration and manufacturing in the Northern Region is creating demand for office

space for both private and public sector organisations which is driving new supply in this sector.

Business Support Services

The Townsville Region has a very strong service industry to support your administrative needs.

Whether your requirement is for professional accounting services, legal expertise, management

consulting, clerical services, catering, logistics, cleaning or recruitment, these high quality services are

available in Townsville.

The Region has an active and supportive business community and offers access to the Department of

Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, AusIndustry, Regional Development Australia,

Townsville City Council, Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Charters Towers Regional Council, Burdekin Shire

Council, North Queensland Small Business Development Centre, Hinchinbrook Chamber of

Commerce, Home Hill Chamber of Commerce, Charters Towers Chamber of Commerce, Townsville

Chamber of Commerce and Townsville Enterprise – Regional Tourism Organisation and Regional

Economic Development Organisation.


The National Broadband Network (NBN) is the largest infrastructure project in Australia’s history and

Townsville will be one of the first fully connected provincial cities. The NBN roll out will continue

throughout Townsville and the Region. Currently the Region offers quality wireless broadband services,

ADSL2, internet and data and video conferencing capabilities.


North Queensland is connected to the national electricity grid by a 1,000MW transmission line to

Central Queensland. Mt Stuart Power Station is the largest power station in North Queensland with a

capacity of 414MW and the Yabulu Power Station contributes 230MW into the national electricity

market. North Queensland is already leading the field in innovative alternative energy generation, with

numerous bagasse, ethanol and algae biodiesel projects underway.

8 Images: Dhanya Ganesalingam, Port of Townsville, Townsville Enterprise

Industrial, Commercial and Residential Land

Access to affordable commercial and industrial land is available in four Townsville regional areas. With

rail lines directly into the port, companies can take advantage of land within the Burdekin, Charters

Towers, Hinchinbrook and Townsville.

The Townsville industrial market has grown considerably as a result of the Region’s strong economic

growth. Townsville has land, either developed or undeveloped, available for build and lease. 68 vacant

serviced industrial lots are currently available ranging in size from smaller lots up to 2,500 square meters

to lots greater than one hectare. There are 624 residential developer lots available for purchase.

Available Water

North Queensland is blessed with abundant and secure water supplies. Having three dams – the Ross

River, Paluma and the Burdekin (one of the largest in Australia) – and excellent water delivery infrastructure,

the Region can accommodate water intensive industries with the confidence of regular supply.


Port of Townsville

The Port of Townsville is a catalyst and a partner in establishing and developing trade within North

Queensland. The Port of Townsville is Queensland’s third largest multi-cargo port with a diverse product

base. The port is well adapted to handle bulk cargo with current facilities developed to service

containerised cargo, the sugar industry, Queensland Nickel Limited and bulk commodity products from

the North West Carpentaria Minerals Province.

The Ocean Terminal is an exciting development that will provide a dedicated facility for cruise and military

vessels in North Queensland. This $85 million development will be a boost for regional tourism, hospitality

and local business. Additional long term plans include several new berths and a range of new


In 2010/2011 international exports out of the Port of Townsville were valued at more than $6.2 billion,

making a significant contribution to the regional economy. During 2010/2011 trade throughput reached

the highest volume ever with 10.6 million tonnes recorded; 2011/2012 volumes are estimated to be in

excess of 12 million tonnes.

Abbot Point

Located 25 kms north of Bowen and 180 kms south of Townsville is Australia’s most northerly coal port.

Almost 128 million tonnes of cargo was traded during 2010/2011, handling 190 ships during that time.

There are currently major expansion plans underway for both Townsville and Abbot Point port facilities.



Sustainability and Innovation

According to the Australian Conservation Foundation, Townsville is the fourth most sustainable city in

Australia, scoring well on transport, biodiversity, health, employment and household debt.

With more and more focus on sustainable practices throughout the world, North Queensland is quickly

becoming a powerhouse in sustainable, best-practice tropical expertise and design. Encompassing a

range of vital industries from architectural design and engineering to research and medicine, North

Queensland companies are becoming leaders in their chosen fields. Our location and experience in

the Tropics allows these industries to stand apart from other organisations providing similar products

and services.

The Townsville Region is acting on the opportunities climate change present. It is a diverse Region with

a strong commitment to its natural environment.


Townsville Solar Cities

The city is one of only seven chosen to be part of the $94 million Australian Government Solar Cities

initiative. Led by Ergon Energy in a consortium that includes Townsville City Council, the program is

working closely with industry, business and the local community to cut greenhouse gas emissions by

more than 50,000 tonnes over seven years.

Campus District Cooling System

James Cook University is leading the way in energy efficient practices through its award winning ‘Campus

District Cooling’ (CDC) system. The CDC is an innovative and sustainable way to air condition buildings.

The system is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and reduces energy consumption during peak

times by up to 40%.

IBM ‘Smarter Cities Challenge’

In 2011, Townsville received an IBM ‘Smarter Cities Challenge’ grant that provides the city with access to

IBM’s top experts who assist in recommending technologies to support better civic services, more

community engagement and enhance efficiency. Only 100 cities world wide received this grant which

shows that Townsville is continuing to lead the way in technology.

10 Images: James Cook University, Townsville Enterprise, Townsville Hospital


James Cook University (JCU) undertakes numerous research projects to address the challenges of the

Tropics including Tropical Ecosystem and Conservation and Tropical Health, Medicine and Biosecurity.

The University and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have

formed a strategic alliance to facilitate collaborative research. Both organisations are co-located in the

Australian Tropical Science and Innovation Precinct (ATSIP), situated on the JCU Douglas Campus.

Research organisations in the Region include:

Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) – a world class research centre with capabilities

in marine biodiversity, impacts and adaption to climate change, water quality and ecosystem health

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) – Australia’s

national science agency is one of the largest and most diverse agencies in the world

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) – the principal advisor to the Australian

Government on control, care and the development of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Health Facilities

The Burdekin, Charters Towers, Hinchinbrook and Townsville all provide quality health services and

facilities including hospitals.

Townsville offers both public and private hospital options. The Townsville Hospital provides the very latest

in cardiac, obstetric, gynaecological, paediatric, neurosurgical, orthopaedic, cancer, mental health,

neonatal, allied health, anaesthetic and intensive care services to the community.

The Townsville Hospital is also the major teaching hospital for James Cook University’s Schools of

Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health and for the Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE. The hospital continues to

expand with the first stage of the $437 million redevelopment project recently completed.



Education and Skills

The Townsville Region is strengthening skilled labour through the numerous educational facilities from

tertiary and vocational to trades and training. Courses and training are constantly evolving to address the

shift in labour demand. Hosting over 60 state schools and 11 state high schools, the Region is also home

to 35 private schools at primary and secondary levels.

James Cook University

James Cook University (JCU) is Australia’s leading tropical research university and Queensland’s second

oldest university. Offering excellence in teaching and research, JCU’s main campus is based in

Townsville with additional campuses in Cairns, Brisbane and Singapore.

Over 19,000 students including 5,600 internationals from more than 100 nationalities currently study at

JCU. The University was established to conduct teaching and research on areas of importance to North

Queensland and the Tropics. Its graduates have the expertise and intellectual curiosity to make a

difference in their profession and their communities and conduct the research needed to meet the

challenges facing the tropical world.

JCU’s activities have a strong focus on regional Queensland but its impact and reach are international,

as recognised in the respected 2010 Shanghai Jiao Ton World University ranking system which has

placed JCU in the top 400 universities in the world. It is one of only two Queensland universities to

achieve this ranking.

Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE

The Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE provides vocational education and training to more than 14,700 local,

interstate and international students annually. Students are enrolled in over 200 training programs

ranging from Certificate through to Advanced Diploma level. The Institute also delivers training in

traditional trade areas to more than 2,000 apprentices and trainees annually.

The Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE currently works closely with business and organisations of all sizes

across North Queensland to provide customised training options. Training in this mode can be

delivered as accredited (nationally recognised) or non-accredited with most of this delivery occurring in

the workplace.

12 Images: James Cook University, Queensland Nickel


Tec-NQ is an independent non-state school and an approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

and Group Training Organisation (GTO). Tec-NQ is exclusively dedicated to school based (QCE

achievement) and full-time apprenticeship training and employment in North Queensland.

Tec-NQ is a community based organisation which works in partnership with local employers and industry

in the development of trade skills and competence.

The Tec-NQ model uniquely transitions young adults from school based education to fully qualified

tradespersons whilst providing flexible employment solutions through direct placement via the GTO.

Tec-NQ has 250 school based apprentices and approximately 400 to 500 full time apprentices each year.


TORGAS is a not-for-profit organisation operating as a commercial business providing apprentices and

trainees to businesses throughout Queensland. With an enviable record for achievement as ‘The

Apprentice and Trainee Specialist’, TORGAS has built strong partnerships with industry to provide quality

employment opportunities in apprenticeships and traineeships.

TORGAS offers employment in a diverse range of industries including automotive, engineering, electrical,

construction, hospitality, optical, warehousing and business administration.

TORGAS makes a significant contribution to the community by providing quality apprentices and trainees,

not only to big business but also to small specialised operations unable to provide full apprenticeship

programs of their own.


Skill360 Australia is a Group Training Organisation (GTO) and Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

providing complete workforce solutions across Northern Australia.

Skill360 Australia specialises in all employment services including apprenticeships and traineeships,

Indigenous employment and training, professional development training and short courses to

Management and Diploma qualification levels, recruitment, labour hire and payroll services.

Skill360 Australia has been operating across a wide range of industries throughout Northern Australia for

more than 26 years.



Industry and Investment Opportunities

Renewable Energy

Townsville and North Queensland are uniquely positioned to reap the benefits of renewable energy projects

to feed an ever growing demand, particularly due to the growing number of projects, developments and

forecasted population growth within the Region. There is great potential for renewable energy options to

contribute to the north’s energy supply.

Townsville State Development Area

The Townsville State Development Area (TSDA) covers approximately 4,900 hectares of land including the

Stuart Industrial Area and the proposed Townsville Eastern Port Access Road and Rail Corridor. This area

provides great opportunities for investment in value-added processing, transportation, logistics and

distribution services.

Data Centre

In a growing technology dependent world, the need for access to large electronic databases is increasing

at an exponential rate, particularly now the NBN is rolling out throughout Australia. Utilising key assets in

North Queensland including the sun, wind, bioenergy and abundant water supplies provides an opportunity

to build a Data Centre fuelled by renewable energy sources. Townsville offers a range of competitive

advantages which would allow for the profitable running of a master Data Centre.

Ageing Population Facilities

With lush landscapes in a relaxed environment, the surrounding areas of the Burdekin, Charters Towers

and Hinchinbrook make an ideal location for retirement. There are opportunities within all five regional areas

to build ageing population facilities, particularly within the Hinchinbrook and Burdekin areas.


Townsville is host to the Northern Australian Aerospace Centre of Excellence (NAACEX), a high security,

fully serviced General Aviation Precinct and Business Park located at Townsville Airport . The Region

presents many opportunities for aerospace and support industries that will service both commercial and

Defence clients. Additional opportunities are present within the smaller airports around the Region.


Palm Island has proven aquaculture potential including pearl farming, and feasibility studies for sea sponge

farming have been completed. The area is also a renowned wild fishery for mackerel and close to the outer

Barrier Reef for reef and coral trout fisheries. There are several aquaculture facilities operating in the

Region with the opportunity for many more.

Hermit Park


Railway Estate




South Townsville



Cleveland Bay



TSDA Boundary

Buffer/ Restricted Development

Heavy Industry

Investigation Area

Low Impact/ Light Industry

Materials Transportation / Services Corridor

Open Space

Special Use (Townsville Landfill)

Transport Industries / Medium Industry


Tourism, Ecotourism and Cultural Tourism

The development of the White Mountains National Park (near Charters Towers) will present opportunities

for the advancement of eco and cultural tourism initiatives.

Surrounded by pristine waters and bountiful landscapes, Palm Island has untapped eco-tourism potential.

Townsville receives approximately one million visitors annually with one-third of these travelling for

business. There is a great need for increased hotel space. With very strong corporate business and

government presence, an increase in successful major events and a strong and growing business events

industry, there is high demand for the current 3, 4 and 5 star room stock.

The Townsville Region hosts many opportunities for tourism development into the future. The Townsville

North Queensland Tourism Opportunity Plan (TOP) provides direction for the sustainable development of

tourism in the Region to 2019. The Plan identifies new and upgraded tourism products, investment

opportunities in infrastructure, provides information on tourism supply and demand and an agreed focus

for the tourism industry.

Moving forward for Tourism in the Townsville North Queensland Region there will be a strong focus on

consolidating the Regions’ role as a capital city destination for entertainment and offering engaging and

interpretative attractions while providing a service to the broader northern Queensland region to market

and develop the Tourism industry. It has been identified that the key market is within Queensland,

specifically within a ten hour drive reach. This market will be engaged as a primary or tier one source

market for the Region with tier two markets including New South Wales, Victoria, New Zealand, UK,

Germany, France, Netherlands and Nordic region. Tier three markets include USA and Canada while

China and Hong Kong have been identified as emerging markets with key opportunities to be developed

over a period of time.

Retail and Office Space

Townsville’s CBD has recently undergone a $57 million transformation that now provides direct access to

the heart of the CBD via Flinders Street. Townsville City Council is offering significant financial incentives

including exemptions on rates and charges, and providing assistance in the development process.

Heavy Industry

Currently there is approximately $13 billion worth of mining, construction and infrastructure projects either

underway or proposed for the Region – that’s a big industry to support. Opportunities are abundant for

savvy multi-nationals or small to medium enterprises in the sectors of mining, minerals processing and

construction and associated suppliers.



Vision 2030

• Services and Infrastructure for Growth

• Business, Innovation and Developing New Industries

• Strong Regional Representation

• Building the Capabilities of our People

• Maintaining our great North Queensland Lifestyle

Images: Bruce Muller, Cameron Laird, Jacinta Lymburner, James Cook University, Michael Trujillo, Townsville Enterprise, Tracey Adams, Tracey Harrison-Hill

Services and Infrastructure for Growth

Ensuring we have the infrastructure and services necessary to improve productive capacity, maintain

competitiveness and sustain long-term economic growth, servicing a growing population.

Business, Innovation and Developing New Industries

Building on the strength of regional industries to further diversify our economy and add value to what is

produced in the Region. Diversification of North Queensland’s economy through advance tropical

knowledge based industries and education, including the commercialisation of North Queensland’s

scientific expertise and the development of supply chain businesses to support that expertise.

Strong Regional Representation

Our Region is heard at a state and national level, raising our profile to attract investment, visitors and skilled workers.

Building the Capabilities of our People

To have a skilled workforce that meets the needs of a growing and diversifying economy by developing

skills, knowledge and capabilities of existing and future workforce, keeping our children in the Region and

helping them to make a strong contribution to our local economy.

Maintaining our great North Queensland Lifestyle

To enhance the North Queensland community’s quality of life. To create the setting for a lifestyle where people

love where they live, that people are attracted to, where they have access to affordable housing and transport,

are healthy and safe and have access to a vibrant arts and cultural scene and recreational precincts.

Emerging Industries

Emerging Energy Industries

North Queensland is moving toward a cleaner, more sustainable path of energy production and

consumption. Technologies such as solar equipment, wind farms, ethanol, algae biomass and biofuel

production are new developments that are powering North Queensland’s future.

Emerging Algaculture and Other Bio-Industries

Algaculture is the farming of algae to produce jet fuel, ethanol, biogas, solid fuel briquettes, biochar,

biodiesel, syngas and animal feedstock. This emerging industry is based in Townsville and is resulting in

environmental and economic performance.

Emerging Horticulture Industries

Sugar cane production is strengthening North Queensland’s agriculture industries. Innovative chemical

and allergy free dietary fibre powder and bioenergy companies are utilising this natural product to create

sustainable new industries.

Cassava is a drought tolerable crop producing carbohydrate foods and food starch for energy.

Achacha (Bolivian fruit) is the only internationally commercialised plantation outside Bolivia. It’s a world

first! The Achacha fruit doesn’t ripen further once harvested, is considered an exotic fruit and is grown

here in North Queensland.

Processed rice, grains, mung beans and pulses are packaged and exported out of Townsville.


18 Image: Tracey Harrison-Hill


Known as the Second Capital of Queensland, Townsville’s sustained growth has confirmed its standing as

the most dynamic city in Northern Australia. With a population of approximately 191,000, the city and its services

are predicted to expand to become home to an additional 100,000 residents over the next two decades.

Positioned amongst beautiful tropical surroundings and anchored by the Australian Defence Force and

manufacturing industries,Townsville is maturing and developing into a vibrant metropolitan city. Townsville

is the transport and logistics hub for the mineral and agricultural industries of greater North Queensland. It

is unlike any other regional city in Australia of comparable size in that it is closely connected to the future

prosperity of the country through its broad base of industry and government sectors.

Townsville boasts three major natural resource refineries and a multi-cargo port which has created a large

heavy industry services and supplier sector. Townsville has built and nurtured knowledge-based

industries and continues to look for even better ways of doing business and incorporating innovation and

improvement in the delivery of services. Offering stability, urban concentration and prosperity with a

unique mix of employment drivers, the city enjoys one of the highest skilled workforces in Australia.

The city boasts hospitals, specialised health care services and top quality educational facilities. These

services continue to grow and expand to meet the demands of a growing and diverse population.

No other Region punches above its weight like North Queensland when it comes to hosting major

sporting, cultural and music events and festivals.

Townsville has three national sporting teams, including the long standing North Queensland Cowboys

(NRL) and is the latest city to host the international V8 Supercars circuit. Cultural events such as the

Australian Festival of Chambers Music, Greek Fest and Groovin the Moo remain in the national and

international spotlight.

Images : Bruce Muller, Chris Wake, Dirk Mohrmann

There are three major suburban shopping centers, dining and entertainment precinct, plus a CBD

shopping district, all of which are expanding at a great pace. The iconic Stockland Shopping Centre

includes a Myer store as part of its $180 million development. The historic Flinders Mall has recently

undergone a major $57 million redevelopment that has injected new life into the CBD. The redevelopment

and rebranding of the Mall to Flinders Street has won the State Industry ‘Urban Renewal’ award

presented by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (Queensland).

Willows Shopping Centre is about to embark on a $130 million expansion. Cannon Park Dining and

Entertainment Precinct provides the Northern Suburbs with convenient and accessible experiences. Palmer

Street is lined with busy restaurants and cafes and continues to reinvent itself to suit all tastes and budgets.

The city’s beachfront has been compared to some of the best in the world. The Strand is a 2.2km long

promenade that has been custom built for enjoyment. The Strand attracts thousands of visitors and locals

each week to its palm tree studded stretch.

Magnetic Island is located just 8 kms off Townsville, and just a 20 minute ferry ride. Offering a relaxed

tropical lifestyle, quiet secluded beaches, natural unspoilt beauty and abundant wildlife, it is a picturesque

and unique part of the world not to be missed.

The Townsville Region offers the kind of relaxed atmosphere that has made North Queensland a vibrant

resident and tourist destination. Townsville is the scenic gateway to the World Heritage listed Great

Barrier Reef and encompasses one of the State’s best kept secrets, Magnetic Island.

Over 300 days of sunshine each year and affordable house prices (when compared with Australian

capital cities) all contribute to the popularity of the city with people looking for a new start.

It’s no wonder that Townsville is quickly becoming an economic power house and preferred lifestyle

choice. No other Region can offer such diversity with so many opportunities.



Charters Towers

Charters Towers is a scenic city full of history and character with the authentic spirit of country at its heart.

Known for gold mining, history is brought to life as you explore what was once Queensland’s largest city

outside of Brisbane.

Charters Towers lies at the strategic crossroad of the Overlander’s Way and Great Inland Way. It is a

scenic gold mining city with history and character at its heart. Located just 137 kms or a 90 minute drive

from Townsville, the Charters Towers district has a strong vision for the future.

Beginning from a chance discovery of gold in 1871, Charters Towers burst into a life as a bustling

metropolis which, at its peak, was the second largest city in Queensland.

More than 120 years on, Charters Towers is a support centre for the booming mining and beef sectors. It

also boasts excellent retail, manufacturing and transport services all within easy access of well

established cultural, health, educational, sporting and recreational facilities, not to mention the beautiful

heritage buildings throughout the city.

With a stable resident population, a pleasant, drier climate and an abundance of natural resources,

Charters Towers is attractive to new businesses and industry players and investors.

There are many growth opportunities to capitalise on the natural competitive advantages that the

Charters Towers region offers – reliable water, available residential and industrial land, sunshine and

proximity to the Mount Isa to Townsville transport corridor.

Future prosperity will be driven by creating synergies between current and future mining projects,

drive-in-drive-out employment, minerals processing with particular reference to fertiliser and high quality

marble, and lifestyle opportunities. These are just a snapshot of the opportunities that exist in the Charters

Towers region.

Along with excellent health services, several boarding schools, education and training opportunities and

quality employment prospects, the region boasts significant infrastructure with the capacity to rapidly

expand to cater for new commercial and government projects and initiatives.

Images: Deborah Bray, Townsville Enterprise


The Burdekin Shire, just 90 kms south of Townsville, is home to almost 19,000 people. The Shire’s two

main bustling townships of Ayr and Home Hill are located just 12 kms apart and are linked by the iconic

Burdekin River Bridge. The district is situated on a vast underground aquifer that holds an estimated 20

million mega litres of water. This natural resource, combined with the massive reserves of the Burdekin

Dam, provides an abundant supply of good quality water.

Guaranteed water, fertile soils and over 300 days of sunshine a year make the Burdekin district one of the

most productive in the country. It’s one of Australia’s largest sugar cane producing areas, with 90,000

hectares of land dedicated to this crop and cane yields among the highest in the nation. Burdekin farms

produce an average of 120 tonnes of cane per hectare.

Known as the mango and melon capital of Queensland, the district’s natural resources are also the

foundation of its multi-million dollar horticultural, grazing and aquaculture industries. From April each year

there is a huge amount of work generated by the sugar cane, fruit and vegetable industries. The Burdekin

is cultivating new and emerging industries such as ethanol and energy co-generation production and

cassava (tapioca) plantations.

With a prosperous local economy, well serviced towns and significant reserves of strategically located

industrial land, the Burdekin region is ripe for growth.

The Shire is further complemented by a variety of education, health and sporting resources with three

high schools, numerous primary schools and day care centres, as well as a TAFE College and the North

Queensland Centre for Tropical Agriculture.

With a median house price of just $213,000, the Burdekin Shire offers a family friendly lifestyle and range

of commercial opportunities. A great place to live or conduct business.

Images: Paula Halliday, Townsville Enterprise


Palm Island

The Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council is located approximately 70 kms north east of Townsville. The

Palm Island Group consists of 16 beautiful tropical islands with sandy beaches, rainforests and timbered

mountains. The main settlement on Great Palm Island is home to approximately 3,000 Aboriginal people.

The Palm Island Group is the traditional country of the Manbarra people but more recently has become

the home of the Bwgcolman people, encompassing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups from all

around Queensland.

A new CBD Master Plan has been completed and a town planning scheme is being developed to support

increased commercial investment on Palm Island through streamlined leasing arrangements. Investment

opportunities exist in retail and related services with a comparatively young and active workforce ready to

support new businesses. Feasibility studies have been completed for the construction of a new retail

precinct, for which investment will be sought, to meet the community’s future needs. Significant

Government investment in social housing will see the construction of 140 houses over the next 10 years.

Palm Island’s assets are its unique Indigenous heritage and its location within the World Heritage listed

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The development of new marine and cultural tourism initiatives will

provide the community with a setting that is of regional, state, national and international significance.

Investment opportunities exist in retail and related services supported by streamlined leasing arrangements.

Pristine waters and islands within the area have proven aquaculture and eco-tourism potential.

Regular air and sea links ideally position the Palm Island settlement to become the service centre for

tourism activities. Already, the Island’s busy airport serves as a transit point for visitors to Orpheus Island

Resort, which is surrounded by 1,300 hectares of unspoilt National Park and fringed by coral reef. This

allows visitors to enjoy the vibrant marine life along with the relaxed and natural lifestyle the Island has to

offer. The Orpheus Island Marine Research Station operated by James Cook University is a hub for world

class marine biology research. A number of dive companies and expedition cruise companies also utilise

the natural assets of the region.

During the first weekend of September, Palm Island holds its annual Spring Festival, a celebration of its

unique Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage. With over 6,000 people in attendance in

2011, extra ferry services were introduced between Palm and the mainland. The Festival has the potential

to become a significant regional event that can leverage international interest in unique community based

Indigenous Festivals – similar to what has been achieved for Garma in the Northern Territory and the

Laura Festival in Far North Queensland.

22 Images: Townsville Enterprise


The scenic Hinchinbrook Shire lies nestled in the Herbert River Valley, roughly 112 kms north of

Townsville. The district is contained within the lower catchment of the Herbert River and is home to a

diverse range of ecologies including Wet Tropics rainforests, flood plains, extensive marine and fresh

water wetlands and is adjacent to Hinchinbrook Island.

Hinchinbrook Island is Australia’s largest island National Park and is nestled amongst some of the most

scenic and diverse ecologies on the planet. Hinchinbrook Island lies just off the mainland and is home to

pristine rainforests and secluded beaches. Wallaman Falls is the largest single drop waterfall in Australia,

tumbling 305 metres to a crystal clear fresh water pool.

Tyto is a 120 hectare wetland site that integrates lagoons, walking tracks and lookouts into the natural

environment to provide a unique wildlife experience not to be missed.

The main commercial centre of the district is the town of Ingham, which has a colorful history with a rich

diversity of cultures from the early settlement and establishment of the sugar industry. More than half of

the town’s population is of Italian descent and this strong influence is the basis for one of the district’s

largest annual festivals the Australian-Italian Festival. The Shire covers an area in excess of 2,882 square

kms and is home to an estimated 12,500 people.

An ambitious growth strategy for the area includes the doubling of the Ingham population to 25,000 over

the next 40 years. This strategy will consolidate the town as a major activity centre that contains a

concentration of business including retail and service offering, government administration centres, health,

education, cultural and entertainment facilities.

The Economic Growth Strategy is a vision to position Ingham as a place for new business by acting as an

incubator for small start-ups and target the key areas of tropical sciences, eco and cultural tourism and

agri-business technology.

In support of this growth strategy, the Hinchinbrook Shire offers well developed infrastructure, an

airport, sophisticated road and rail networks, good transport linkages to major regional cities and ports

and an abundant water supply. The Hinchinbrook region is set to do business by supporting the needs

of new enterprise.

Images: Dirk Mohrmann, Townsville Enterprise, Tracey Adams, Tyto Wetlands



Townsville Enterprise is the peak economic

development and destination marketing organisation

for the North Queensland Region.

Townsville Enterprise is committed to promoting

and developing sustainable growth in North

Queensland, of which a large part is attracting new

business and investment. The organisation

provides potential investors with invaluable

information, including the latest economic data,

trends and projections.

Our Vision – To be recognised as the number one

regional development organisation in Australia.

Our Mission – To build and develop North Queensland

to achieve sustainable economic and lifestyle benefits

for the Region and Australia.

Townsville Enterprise is an organisation that time

after time is the leading agent in making things

happen in North Queensland. Our focus is based on

the future growth of Townsville and North Queensland

that will benefit members and the broader community.

The organisation consists of three core business areas:

• Economic Development

• Tourism Marketing and Development

• Convention Bureau

Townsville Enterprise is the first point-of-call for investors or those wanting to learn more about our

diverse and opportunistic Region. Together with our local authorities and supporters, Townsville

Enterprise will assist you to source further information and familiarise you with the facilities our Region

has to offer.

Contact Townsville Enterprise to find out more on Townsville – ‘Real Diversity. Real Opportunities’.

Contact Details

Enterprise House - 6 The Strand, Townsville, QLD 4810

Phone: 07 4726 2728 | Fax 07 4726 2700

Email: |



The First and Only

Knight Frank is the first and only full service Property Advisory, Management and Brokerage Firm in North

Queensland. Established in Townsville in 1998, the Townsville Knight Frank partners have been active

in the Residential and non Residential property markets in North Queensland since the early 1980’s.

Regional Focus

Knight Frank service North Queensland and Central Queensland.

The Townsville Sales and Leasing team work with Knight Frank Agency offices in Cairns, Mackay and

Rockhampton. Asset Management Services manage major commercial assets in the Townsville and

Mackay regions. The Valuation and Research team operate from Gladstone to Townsville, including Mt Isa.

Community and Industry

The partners of Knight Frank not only work in the region, they remain active within the wider North

Queensland community as leaders within Chambers of Commerce, Property Council of Australia, Urban

Development Institute of Australia and the Australian Property Institute, as well as local community and

charitable associations.

Here to Stay

Local ownership in partnership with Knight Frank Australia means Knight Frank is in North Queensland

for the long haul.

National and International Access

This ownership model provides North Queensland clients with seamless access to Capital City

Databases and the client relationships maintained by Knight Frank Australia and Knight Frank Asia.

At a time when the natural assets in North Queensland are attracting international attention, having a

partner with strong Asian associations allows our clients a broader scope.

Knight Frank’s Vision

Knight Frank's vision is to be the most forward thinking, trusted, global real estate group - the

perfect partner.

Our Brand Position

"Knight Frank is your trusted partner in the market. We have the unique ability to work in close partnership

with clients, providing strategic vision and customised support that will ensure ongoing success."

Contact Details

Central, Ground Level, 520 Flinders Street, Townsville QLD 4810

Phone: 07 4750 3000 | Fax: 4721 2471



NPS Corporate is a local North Queensland business that has been operating for over 40 years.

Located in Townsville with modern premises, the Company is focused on being a major provider

to the Printing, Office Furniture and Storage Solutions market. Our motto “Solutions for Business”

summarises our approach to our customers needs with our objective of becoming their Supplier

of Choice.

Graphic Design and Printing

We print locally, so not only can you talk with our sales team, you can sit down and speak directly with

our design team.

We print here in Townsville at our modern production facilities, which you are invited to view. Our staff

and Management Team have years of technical experience and combine to ensure the critical integrity

of your print requirements.

Office Furniture

Our Office Furniture Division undertakes projects right

throughout North Queensland, from a single workstation,

through to major government and corporate fit-outs and

construction projects. NPS Corporate has an

established reputation in co-ordinating supply, delivery

and onsite installation.

NPS Corporate proudly displays the “Alpha Office

Furniture” banner as the exclusive dealer for the Townsville

– Mt Isa Region.

Storage Solutions

Be it archive or mobile shelving, filing systems, industrial

racking or a raised storage area, NPS Corporate can assist.

As the Regional Dealer for APC Storage Solutions and the

innovative Metalsistem range, we have access to a variety

of options to provide the right solution.

Contact Details

65 Leyland Street, Garbutt, Townsville QLD 4810

Furniture - 07 4779 4711 | Printing - 07 4728 1306

Fax 07 4775 2995 Email


Strong. Innovative. Diverse. It’s Abigroup.

Abigroup is one of Australia’s leading and most diverse national contractors, with 50 years of

experience delivering works in building, roads, rail, water, mining services, tunnels, bridges, energy

and telecommunications. To date it has successfully delivered some of the country’s largest and most

important infrastructure and construction projects and is poised to continue this success into the future.

Abigroup has been active in the Townsville area for 18 years and during that time has constructed close

to 100 projects throughout North Queensland. The North Queensland operation is one of three

divisions in the State, with the Engineering and Building Divisions both based out of the Brisbane office.

The North Queensland operation was established to cater for both engineering and building projects

and works to support the continued growth and opportunities that exist in Far North Queensland. The

Division is responsible for undertaking works anywhere from Rockhampton to the Torres Strait and

throughout Western Queensland.

A prominent contractor, based in Queensland’s second capital, Abigroup has delivered a number of

building and engineering projects in the Townsville Region, including:

• Blue on Blue, Magnetic Island, $63m

• James Cook University, Medicine and Pharmacy Expansion, $35m

Townsville Aquatic Facilities, $13m

• Mater Hospital Stage 1B, $18m

• Ayr Hospital Redevelopment, $10m

• Innisfail Hospital Expansion, $34m

• Reef HQ Upgrade, $2m

• Water Matters Program Alliance, $110m

• Vincent Village Shopping Centre, $6m

• C17 Heavy Lift Infrastructure, $17m

In 2011 Abigroup was named the preferred contractor by Townsville City Council to project manage an

estimated $50 million of Natural Disaster Relief & Recovery Arrangements work utilising local

contractors and suppliers to rebuild Townsville’s roads damaged in some of the Region’s worst natural

disasters in recent history. With vast experience as a road builder in Queensland, this program adds to

Abigroup’s road building capacity in Townsville on the back of other important local projects including

the Townsville Port Access Road ($190m) and the Douglas Arterial Duplication ($110m).

Contact Details

52 Walker Street, Townsville QLD 4810

Phone: 07 4781 0600 | Fax: 07 4781 0699



Colliers International Townsville is the leading commercial and industrial property specialist in the

Townsville Region and part of the Colliers International network of over 512 offices in 61 countries.

Colliers International Townsville brings this wealth of corporate knowledge and expertise from a

national and international level to a local level, linking the Townsville commercial and industrial

property market to the world.

By taking a specialist approach to the Townsville commercial and industrial property market, Colliers

International Townsville has stood out from other real estate operators in the Region and built a team

with a depth of knowledge and experience that others cannot match. Added to this, the company has

developed a core set of services specifically targeted to the wants and needs of investors, developers

and a wide range of business operators in the Townsville market.

Colliers International Townsville consistently delivers unsurpassed real estate services through a team

linked into the local community and is able to provide in-depth understanding of issues affecting our

Region’s commercial and industrial property market. The standout element of Colliers International

Townsville’s success has been its ongoing commitment to excellence and its focus on staff

development and community involvement.

The strength of the Colliers brand has allowed the Townsville team to extend their influence well

beyond North Queensland and work with clients across Australia and internationally who want to be

part of the strong economic growth driving Townsville and the entire North Queensland region. As a

result, many of the region's major commercial and industrial property deals have involved the Colliers

International Townsville team and its client list is a Who's Who of the Region's top investors and

property owners.

Townsville is widely recognised as one of Australia's fastest growing regional markets and investors

wanting to enter this market successfully need a locally based partner able to tap into the local market

to provide the best advice and the best opportunities available. Colliers International Townsville is the

right partner for any investor seeking involvement in the Region's commercial or industrial property

market and its team can source, lease and manage your property to provide you the best possible

outcomes and the best return on your investment.

Contact Details

Peter Wheeler

Managing Director


Mobile: 0418 188 849

Phone: 07 4722 2444

Steven McDonald



Mobile 0418 766 680

Phone: 07 4722 2444


Introducing North Shore: North Queensland’s best master planned community.

Developed by Australia’s leading diversified property group Stockland, North Shore is a $1 billion

community located just 12 kms north of Townsville’s CBD. Set over 1,000 hectares at the gateway to

Townsville’s booming Northern Beaches, North Shore will become home to 15,000 residents over the

next 15 years.

Town Centre

The sub-regional North Shore Town Centre will boast a 40,000 square metre Stockland Shopping Centre

and approximately 60,000 square metres of civic, commercial and bulky goods. North Shore is well

positioned to serve a 60,000 strong population expected to call the Northern Beaches home over the next

30 years.

The North Shore Town Square and Central Park will evolve to become the vibrant, entertainment precinct

of the Northern Beaches and incorporate everything from a tavern to restaurants, free wi-fi, cafes, the

North Queensland Farmers Market and more, all connecting to a 33 hectare Central Park.

Current Community Assets

• $25 million Stockland Shopping Centre

• $5.1 million Northern Beaches Aquatic Leisure Centre

• $5 million Medical Centre Precinct

• St Clare’s Catholic School catering for Prep – Year 7

• McDonalds 24hr

• 1st km of 6km Green Spine Parkland Corridor

• 5 Neighbourhood Parks

Coming in 2012/2013

• $29 million Bunnings store

• $6 million Town Square

• Stage 2 Northern Beaches Leisure Centre

• 33 hectare Central Park

• Child Care Centre

• Construction commencing Townsville Grammar School

With a sense of community at its very heart, North Shore is designed to deliver the perfect balance

between work, life and play – There really is more to life at North Shore!

Contact Details

Sales & Information Centre - 8 Kahana Avenue, Burdell QLD 4818

Phone: 07 4774 3844 |


• NQ’s biggest Display Village

• Shop 7 days a week at Stockland

North Shore

• Walk to growing Town Centre

Entertainment Precinct

• Four schools and two child care


• Northern Beaches Leisure

• Every home within 200m of parkland

• 40% of your neighbourhood

dedicated to open spaces

• Central Park & 6km Green Spine

Parkland Corridor connecting you to

the Town Centre & neighbourhood


• Home to the NQ Farmers Market

• Fast link to James Cook University,

Townsville Hospital & Lavarack



The Port of Townsville provides Australia

and its international business partners with

a world class gateway for trade and

investment. More than an eighth of

Queensland’s international trade by value

is handled over Townsville’s nine

operational berths, underlying the port’s

standing as a major driver of economic

growth and Northern Australia’s port of

choice. This trade is carried by some of the

20 shipping lines that operate out of

Townsville, offering over 40 services, and

covering some 136 ports around the world.

As the primary sea link to internationally recognised minerals and agricultural regions, industrial

heartlands and regional population centres, the Port of Townsville is located on major national and

state road and rail networks which ensure comprehensive transport links north, south and west.

These basic strengths arising from a unique combination of geography and infrastructure are

complemented by an ongoing program of substantial investment in quayside facilities and

cargo-handling equipment, and further augment Townsville’s reputation as an attractive place to invest

and do business.

The Port of Townsville is administered by Port of Townsville Limited, a Government-Owned

Corporation that combines academic research and evidence with practical industry engagement to

maintain a broad perspective of current micro and macro economic factors impacting trade

development. This robust methodology underpins a commitment to build and strengthen partnerships

with customers, both current and potential, and maximise trade throughput and business opportunities.

Trade throughput is anticipated to grow strongly in future years, necessitating strategic planning for the

delivery of port infrastructure to ensure the Port of Townsville is capable of handling any product now,

and into the future. As such, extensive master planning processes which examine a number of trade

growth scenarios have been completed, and a program of infrastructure improvement in the short,

medium, and long term has been devised. These improvements include planned upgrades to a

number of existing berths as well as the construction of up to six new berths in an outer harbour.

Contact Details

Business Development Team

Phone: 07 4781 1613 | Fax: 07 4781 1525

Email: |


Who's always open for business in Townsville? We are.

We understand that if you’re running a business you need a bank that’s committed to helping you

make the most of every opportunity.

NAB has continued to support Australian business with increased lending of over $15 billion since

November 2008 while in the same period other banks decreased their lending by $50 billion.

So if you’re looking to grow your business, talk to the bank that’s always open for business.

Talk to your local Townsville Business Banker today:

Graeme Kane, Regional Business Banking Executive

Mobile: 0439 843 195


Denielle Pohlner, Business Banking Executive

Mobile: 0477 318 303


Ashley Scott, Business Banking Executive

Mobile: 0408 885 329



Honeycombes Property Group is an innovative, privately owned Queensland based company focussed

on maximising property solutions in regional markets through its expertise in all aspects of development.

Led by a highly skilled and proactive team, the company delivers specialised property services including

site analysis, project development, construction management, administration, marketing, sales and asset

management. Honeycombes has significant experience in all spheres of development - industrial,

residential, retail and commercial for the owner-occupiers and the investor market.

Honeycombes has gained an impressive reputation as an industry leader in mixed use development and

staged urban renewal projects in key regional Queensland centres. From the $450 million multi-stage

masterplanned central development in inner-city Townsville, to the $172 million luxury Harbour Lights

apartments project on the Cairns waterfront, Honeycombes Property Group creates innovative new

lifestyle precincts.

Benefiting from long term strategic partnerships with leading public and private companies,

Honeycombes has secured and successfully developed some of the most sought after sites on the east

coast of Queensland.

Honeycombes projects are designed to create genuine lifestyle choices that are close to all community

amenities and often include integrated retail, commercial and leisure facilities. The company also has

activities in the non-residential sector using the same approach of identifying new opportunities and

tailoring projects to meet the needs of the community.

With more than 20 years of regional Queensland experience, the company has more than $1 billion in

projects that are either completed, under construction or in the pipeline. Many of our residential clients

are repeat customers who have purchased both primary residences and investment properties in

Honeycombes projects. All projects are located in prime investment regions.

The company’s extensive expertise, strong skills integration and high level of commitment ensures it can

produce the best possible outcomes in every aspect of property delivery. We are big enough to absolutely

deliver, yet small enough to be flexible and responsive.

Honeycombes Property Group has the right experience, the right people and the right approach to offer

a complete acquisition, development and marketing solution for today’s market. With active projects in

the booming resource sectors of Queensland (Gladstone, Mackay and Townsville) Honeycombes is an

experienced Regional Queensland expert.

Contact Details

Blair Shillington

Mobile: 0419 661 112

281 Sturt St, Townsville Qld 4810


Repairs, refurbishments, renovation, restoration or

maintenance, Aizer can provide all trade services

and manage the work to provide a full turnkey

solution. This provides peace of mind and comfort

for our clients.

Aizer originated in the insurance rectification

sector dealing with a wide range of repairs from

minor restoration to full rebuild. We now provide

specialist services and handle projects of

significant value throughout Qld and NSW.

With a team of highly experienced and qualified

tradesmen, Aizer can deliver solutions for all

building related needs – domestic and

commercial. Our electrical team has a strong

history with major air conditioning projects and our

building team has been completing disability

modifications for government and private

departments for a number of years. No job is too

large or too small for our Painting division.

Aizer’s clients include major Insurers, Government, Defence Homes, Body Corporates, Companies of all

sizes, Hotel chains, Aged Care chains, major Shopfitters and various private clients. We have been at the

forefront of providing rectification services to many of the natural disasters throughout Qld and Northern

NSW in recent years.

The use of sustainable product solutions and optimizing energy efficiency is important to Aizer, we are

currently expanding our involvement in providing environmental solutions and improvements.

No job is too large or too small. Whatever your Building or Electrical requirements may be, Aizer can

deliver the solutions you need.

Contact Details

Greg Rangitaawa

Mobile: 0447 180 220

Phone: 1300 480 443



Boulton Cleary & Kern Lawyers (BCK) has been a part of North Queensland’s legal landscape for

almost 80 years. As one of the region’s largest and most progressive firms, BCK represents a diverse

client base extending from major corporations, public sector groups and large and small businesses

through to families and individuals. At BCK we understand that our job is not only to interpret the law; it

is also our job to provide our clients with intelligent, creative solutions that achieve their personal and

commercial goals.

The range of legal services provided by BCK includes:

• Litigation & Dispute Resolution

• Insolvency

• Family

• Personal Injuries

• Property

• Building, Construction & Mining

• Business & Corporate

• Industrial Relations & Employment

• Intellectual Property

• Planning and Environment

• Wills & Probate

• Business & Estate Planning

• Criminal

With strong relationships within the business and legal communities and working closely with leading

barristers, financial advisors and other experts, BCK provides a level of specialist advice that is not

always readily available in regional centres. The firm currently represents a number of publicly listed

and private Australian companies, employer groups, business associations and government bodies.

Contact Details

Phone: 07 4772 9200

39 Martinez Avenue, West End QLD 4810


Arup is proud to be a supporter of Townsville and the surrounding region through Townsville Enterprise

and this Investment Prospectus. Arup is an international firm of consulting engineers and managers

providing engineering design, planning and project management services in every field related to

building, civil and industrial works.

As an independent design firm, we have a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental

responsibility. Through our carbon footprint studies and carbon management strategy, we constantly

seek ways to reduce our carbon impact and minimise our emissions in our offices and operations. We

also appreciate that ultimately it is our clients and their projects which provide significant opportunities to

influence positive change and make a real difference. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions

to the challenges posed by the Tropics – extreme weather, the impact of tourism, and the ability of the

built environment to coexist with the natural environment.

Arup provides a comprehensive range of professional services for every stage of a project – from

inception to completion and beyond. We undertake projects of all types and sizes from feasibility reports

and specialist operational performance studies to detailed design and large scale capital works

programs. Our core role as engineers to the building and infrastructure sectors is enhanced and

complemented by a broad spectrum of consulting services. This includes civil, structural, electrical,

mechanical, hydraulic, maritime, acoustic, fire, traffic and water engineering, project management,

existing buildings upgrade, energy ratings (NABERs), alternative energy solutions, town planning and

urban design and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Our global skills networks enable all staff – regardless of their location – to access specialist resources

with ease, built up from the knowledge of our highly experienced staff. We are a large, private, financially

robust firm, owned exclusively by our employees and the stability this brings is important – particularly in

economic times that continue to be challenging.

The above is summed up in our vision statement: We shape a better world.

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ABN: 58 053 020 536

Enterprise House

6 The Strand, Townsville

Queensland, 4810 Australia





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