10-24-1923 - Village of Pinckney


10-24-1923 - Village of Pinckney


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TO e eneppy dayi of Fall bring with them •breath of approach*

lag winter aad a" realisation of the need for warm winter


' ItVeaay taamiSc when the sharp winds olowrif yon can smuggle

down in the collar of one of these fur-trhnm«d coata. The

, tfck pUe fabrics with their soft for trimming* ere lovely,

Vri&& 989.00» $$9.50.

... " . '

;HovitTy wfcAVfis FOR SFOKTSW*A* -

Jaonty sports coats ate of novelty weaves i sebm striped, or

piald, perhaps fur trimmed. Priced? $M.00, $49.50 sod up/

(Mack's Second P1oor>



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' Fi^ia A^ofr for



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Tn* hwptovnd Snaatnry Owoa Gin**

SnOTtmm^ *

Wn eonr the Jevgwatitock of Vlctrolnn and Vlnto* tWorek

m jfe

- We H»%« Yew Fnrortt.

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We tn Heweira loading and Original

Vietav Stovo

Yootl Do Better At




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^ ^ ^ « » i Wedne»d.y. October 24,1923 Nw,43

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Mayor of Tarrant OtyyAla^ and

of theitoto,»atflt


to gtre fete wgMiiM «n>

to Tunis*,

h^sgeatlon bfo«40ut got to

of a'(_

to afford much veUat" eaM

"l could antftty ant

to keep going; asd hecamo so

waak and nervous I could hardly attoad

to my duties.

"Finally I started on Teniae and aiz

bottles ftxad me up to fine that I felt

ton years younger, and my good health

attn remains with me,"

Teniae la aald by afl food druggists.

Take BO substitute. Over 40 million

bottles sold.—Advertisement

Thunder Brings Out Worme.

It la the thonder that causce ae

many worme to be sees on the ground

after a rata," aayt J. W. Gannon of

Abu to the Detroit

Be explains: 'They leave the

oa account of the vibration

by the thunder. They are never

aaaa except after an unusually hard

thunderstorm. The thunder doe* It;

set the rain.

"Down here, where we would rather

flaw than eat. If you est a native abort J

getting his bait he will tell you that

be ta going to fiddle 'em out*' or 'saw

'em out.' Be. drives a stout piece of

plank down In the ground a foot end •

half or two feet deep and then takes a

heavy piece of plank end draws it

aeyees the top of the piece driven In

the ground for e tew minutes, causing

a vibration of the ground, and all the

worms within a radius of several feet

will come oat in a hurry."

tasy Way to Make Heme Improvement*

Almost every man likes to do ilttlt

Joke of building, particularly when bj

doing them he can make permanent

labor-saving improvements around hi*


If you have been wishing for a sidewalk

that will keep the house dean

and the feet dry—-non-rot steps and

porch floors, ornamental gatepost*—

say one of dosens of Improvements,

you will be Interested to know that

yon can now obtain complete dlrec*

ttons free of cost

The best concrete construction experience

has been drawn upon to provide

these directions. Ton win and

everything you need to know about

small jobs—how much cement to use,

how to mix the concrete, what tools

to use, and an the rest

A request to the Portland Cement

Asnoclatiea, HI West Washiagtor

Street, Chicago, wfll bring this fret

booklet "Concrete Around the Heme,*


Washable Paper.

Many possible uses suggest tbenv

eeeves for a special paper recently produced

and patented by a Japanese inventor.

The peper Is said to he reasonably

strong and can be crumpled np

and wanned with soap and water. Be

durable Is this paper that It ran be

need as a covering for umbrella* and.

when soiled, can be easily cleansed at

As s wrapping paper, It could

over and ever, being washed

when soiled. It is said that the product

can ue made at a reasonable price. It

baa a texture somewhat Ilka doth, and

hi not to be confused with eOed paper.

CwMonra to/thee honing Scalp*

On lathing gently rub spots ef demand

itching with Cutlcura Otntmorning

shampoo with

Cotfteara Soap and hot water. Make

everyday toUet preparations

a dear akhi and soft, walto

eaawsV WVnMViStaPlfeaVlumWf


president of the

Ubrery assentation at the

of the thirty-third annual

meeting here.

Uuuing—Seou B. Lamb, chief examiner

of the State Basking Deparv

meat, last week announr ad his reel*

nation. Barry CT. Groa* of the ex*

am filing staff, will succeed Mr. Lamb

as chief.

Big Rnpids—A crane measuring

fcur feet from tip to Up put electric

power out of commission for a little

while here recently, and lost its own

life in so doing. It flew in between

two wires, causing a short circuit.

Bay City—The Odd Fellows of

Michigan conduded their state convention

here last week.. Alpena was

selected as the 1924 convention ctty

tor both Odd Fellows and Rebekahs.

Homer C. Cart, of Detroit was reelected

as s member of the home

board of the grand lodge.

Lansing—Eton B. Baton, termer

Kalamasoo newspaper man and former

sheriff of Kalamasoo county, has

been appointed secretary to Governor

Groeabeck. He succeeds Major


Washington, D. C.~Dr» TV A,

gar, votcaoologlst of the weather

reau, United 8tates • J>epartmetit]

Agriculture, who baa left to study

cause of the recent earthquake



Tuberculosis Tests Reveal fewest

actions in Last 6 YeurnT

Lansing—A substantial decrease li)

the percentage of cattle infected wit

Rolph Duff, who recently was ap­ tuberculosis is shown in a report

pointed a member of the Michigan ering- tubercular inspections for

public utilities commission.

fiscal year of 1923, completed by

Monroe—The board of supervisors State Department of Agriculture.

of Monroe County adopted the grand Of 274^014 cattle tested, 6,090

levy for 1923, in which the state tax acted to the tubercular test for a pe|

is fixed at $198,036.36; county tax, centage of 2.22 per cent In 1922

1189,478.60; county road tax, $241,- percentage of infected cattle was 3.61

Q62.69, and state Covert road tax, in 1921, 248 per cent; in 1920, S-4

$62,260.67. Monroe County's tax per cent and in 1919, 8.46 per cei

rate will be approximately $13 per The cattle tested last year represei


ed 16,5 per cent of the total numl

Kalamasoo—The Thirty-third con­ In the state.

vention of the Michigan Library As­ According to the report theresociation

was held here. One of the 464 herds of pure-bred cattle in

speakers was Dwight B. Waldo, pres­ state, absolutely free from tt

ident of Western State Normal lost*, and 27,964 herds of other

School. Jacob Kindleberger, of the containing 205,200 cattle that

Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Co. successfully passed the test

explained the process of making Four counties, Hillsdale,


Antrim and Charlevoix, were

Muskegon—. "The Muskegon State. on the official accredited list,

Park" is the name selected by a lees than one-half of one par'

committee for the new $15,000 state infection. Inspection work la In

park near here. The name was* areas In 15 counties, and 21 are

chosen after a contest conducted by the waiting list It U estimated

the Muskegon Chamber of Com­ 40J88 herds, containing 426,214

merce. Four Muskegon County resi­ tie are waiting for inspection,

dents, all women, submitted the win­ lanau and Grand Traverse count

ning name.

as the result of. recent tnspectloi

will probably soon go on the

Alpena—-The city of Alpena has ed list

purchased from the United States

Government the buildings of the Al­

Despite the controversies hi

pena radio station, which was estab­

Che tubercular Inspection work

lished during the war and abandoned

been Involved to the past year,

a year ago with other lake radio

the State Administrative Board

stations. The site reverted to the

the Legislature, the rem

city, having been given by the late

that the state* during the year,

Frank W. Fletcher with that proviso.

out $316460 in indemnities as

pared wtth tig**** the

Lansing—Figures complied by Judson

Pratt, city comptroller, show

that the winter tax rate for Lansing

covering the state, county and school mm UMBER DWARFS MATE

district taxes wfll be $15.11 per thousand

dollars of valuation, an Increase •ertog, Wanes* Plane, Carrtaa the

of $1.25 over last year. The biggest

Item Is the school district, ttJf,

Tone af Casollne.

with the state $2.46 and county $ML

O.—The Barttng bomber

Ann Arbor — Georgia Robertson

M the largest aeroplane, Tus Mar­

Balrd, wife of Charles Batrd, former

tin bomber, the krgeat aeroplane In

director of the University of Mich­

una by the air service before the adigan

athletic association, died in

vent of the Barling, Is a fdgmy oom-

Kansas City, Mo- according to word

to ft The Barttng soon Is to

received here. Mrs. Bsird studied

a tour of the country.

In the medical scooi of the univer­

•The Barling has a wing spread of

sity from 1894 to 1896 and was grad­

tto tout, a bight of tt feat and an

uated from the literary college la

ewsfall length of 65 feet.


The gneoltne capacity tt six touev

Lansing—Briefs filed by W. W. Pot­ or IflOfl gallons. The oil eapaeity

ter, Chairman of the State Public UM pounds or 181 gallons.

Utilities Commission, with the Inter­ Biz Liberty engines are required

state Commerce Commission, In con­ to power the Berlin*,

nection with the tatter's general hear­ minimum crau

ing oa depredation reserve, recom­

the. Barltof eonsiats of

mend that the public be not required

to pay for the excessive depredation The weight of the

of railroads or telephone systems wfll exneed 44,464

caused by mismanagement


of 94 miles par

tafttal flight the





6Jut Mary's River Allotted $WQ0^

Washington — Rl VJ



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* • - * - T -~ J.' *£jfr*7£ it. w >

_ A#JUaV

- «*sju*$i*>- ; MWntiffJl • DftFftr

' W^lM «OVfcr^MtU^. \'";"

_ ^S/SSJPx. YJaSSB'.' '.He - nwsw^ses»-«--

," jssp»w^^w.flw. w>w^: w^f»V •- fl?^nw.

¥flth:: djatMay'**•••«- By •'

latornat sHrtfa,

^ ^ __^ resaripBt baitwean

BavnrtoandBaxony hswebeas

tn»vfrad. Saxony dismissed Its cbarga

[d t eitalres to Bavaria and eanonneed

ithe appointment of a nesr mtolstor,

l^whereapon the, Bavarian fo^srnsaant

~*~ ' daeHnlng to receiee the now

asv long as the eoanmnlst

party was represented to the 8snss>

ministry. At the same time 1$ recalled

the Bavarian minister from Dresden.

Threats by the German federal gov*

ernment of immediate drastic military

action against Rod Saxony Thursday

followed declaration by Dr. Zeigaer,

the radical premier of Saxony, who

openly defied the damaada of the federal

dictator of the Dresden district

| General-Mueller.

Zeigner declared In the Diet he wad

I ready to fight for a dictatorship of the

: proletariat.

With President Bbert of Germany

refusing the Socialist demands here

to raise the state of siege proclaimed

throughout the country and Mueller

in a mood to sptH blood to Saxony,

the situation waa considered the most

tense that has confronted the retch

since it abandoned resistance in the


The cabinet met to consider the

dangerous stfnation in Saxony whero

the communists are in control of the


Speeches made in the Saxon diet at

Dresden indicated there is virtually

an open break between Saxony and

Berlin. [

Official announcement waa made in I

the afternoon that the BetUn govern­

ment fully backs up General Mueller,

oenuaaader of the retoboweur In Saxony

and supports his ultimatum to

Premier Zeigner of Saxony, demanding

dlabaadment of the armed H pro-


•dlter Declares Union Leber Moneply

Means High Prioes.

Charleston, W. Va.—Declaring that

the Federal coal commission had

recommended that congress shall "sat

In motion practices which must give

to the miners' union a monopoly of the

right in our coal mines,'* George H.

publisher of a coal trade

. Issued la New York, asked

an address before the Kanawha

operators' asaociatlon Thursday

too members of too oommiastoa

what, this would moan to the

_, of production.

Describing the address as the first

n serine embodying auostton* to

members of the commission which

aald ho planned to make to "every

of cJttosns whose Ufa wfll be

by acceptance or rejection

these recosMneodatfons* Cushtog

tab rommrsston did not addrana

rsnnaimsarlstlow toany modf

of the power of ton unton.

trnder "social 1 * cost of coal nrodnohe

listed "workmen's



.fljsanu* -NJ.-P

ussnsn . • ^BBy^s^ssjakSjusj^BisujBjsRsU[i _ ^BBsswns^^aw

a>aa»msLa^BeiAes>e> .. aBewa

HnBMpnVu^BV- evOC

tdaptod f or the \ .

em** xoion of w^rkera th«

slaUad LdOO fnet ot stogtoi

,"*!^^^st»al^F .-••• w - -*^UT^'W W. J^^^anf^^r 1


, ft was; nttod Jhi-dnto:sjay4i--.-. with; #C

thY m* r *Sm*m, &* i«

engtee, wtth * drunv •*&*„

tho drawbar. T|M» ^oible. ereji

atoflsT beneath the aurfacs of

BjhjjpS^anjsaga j angy 3*?* 4jr*n#we*ununsnje£^n)

the plow procoeded the en

u) the trench mads,

attained a- atttl better nscordI wbg#

plow waa^Bugad by- a. moos r -^

Jgjflppe*sms'sunuyj ^nus^s^ajgarene * ^a*auu^sUie^Fnuiu^^»w# ^

device la limited to use in sMy

sr to anlwrbM installations whuft*

cable has to be strung a^rogf a toffft

town, The wotflt can be hauled —~where

by a small truck*

woaan DYE FADED -


Oy* «r TlBt Alky Warn, aiMMy li*.

Bach lf^eent package

Dyes*' contains directions no

that any woman can dye or ttet

old; worn, faded thing new* avn

dyad befora, Otoanjn

wUBSft^y u^^sw^wu) sssuj nssf aaflu

St Peter's Built In 174 Years. --

From the time the foundation of ttV

Jeter's in Rome was laid la leTh\ a»dar-Pono

Nicholas Y. to too dedlention

of the completed cburcb by Urban

vni. November 18, 4«a6r 1W yearn

were spent in building the magnitlciat

basiltca, says the Detroit News. Durf

tag that period 28 popes reigned. Tho

cost: of the basilica proper, exctay

Rive of bell towers, statues, moea)OB|

etc., has been estimated at aearty $st^

OOfMKA. The sacristy added by Pttto

VI ratsad the coot slmost tT^OO^OOlV

one of the strangeet facta relstln# ts>

St. Petcrt to thnt with one or two

exceptions all its pictures aromsaetktv

So perfect are they thnt they seem to ^

be oO pntotlnga. let there are ofd>

one or two oil painUngs to the -^*-

And than 1 saw the m I^BBJO esw« asnv^s; SBBSBISSSSF.

-they wore looking at

length of tho jetty was fun of

I saw hfvwnt betSBaji yojtow,:toso|n\ —r

hto# eyesv the gutter, tlm osiot of aflr

Rastorajwwi And aU then* bernjfr

stared without a ntormur, wttoMtt.ntr

sigh, without a OMJvement, • * . Majavtng

moved. Tho fronds of pahns stoint'

etui against tho sky. Not a braadtv

stirred along tho aboro, and rhesoowfi

—^^^t_ ^+ h^maRanXsksni •a^^nsnsnen en^^smkmkA- esf^^Usisnnm^

TOHnl W sUWMsB BQVwl pVVpW |llfj

tho green fottnen, nbtntof throngh and tho stiB'Bhm^

of bMvy metal flinV

of the ancient na

nut and tombor, Hving and

CaajfinY to Tonth,

V a

: • : • $ $ •

• *»•«.'



*""•*;'' iT* '.

s^*- •«-,*.*-





p.. **.-•-



* ? * •

F ~- - ^ *T ^:^40

• • .-* I toM boys upon the porch. Then he ct-owdai

him. Re jerked a r my *e*i. -I took M htadejlne and Alfred an falling to get- them through door n#d

proaebed with Bnnrta. Padre Marcos windows, he planted bis wi anddealy dittoed that It waa not aa cool—to wait"

ffar^ar hlmaalf which made him dread

dtadoanrea af that night, hat "Let me go! Let BM far cried

• her—fear af abame aha might

Stawart; and tha pohmaacy af that cry

WBUtt throogh .hrm*

pierced Medettne'a heart ""Let me go,

BW,tt yoa'ra my friend. I eared your

Pat Hawa eaekad We head ta ana

Ufa once—over In the desert Too

wttavfke a vattMa ahoat toatrtke with

aad CTmnlngly eyed Madonna.

1 teatlmoay, what

a napoTtaat aa COB*

Bat Tm cklnriathV that the

*rm w«at to her exptataed why

e*rran-thWy tm ooela,

that watthV room aloa# with

BlawaHberata epeach met with watt

Imagined a ramarkabla >ra*

LfHhB-Slawai'fk anw> gaea a't^piefraja

snilwafl, whoar Mr

at the aaefc of Wa ahfrt, a

M Now, bath yoa armed officers of the

oAl Flash your guna!

aa'be quick I Meaty Price

U be dayttght through

before yoa fan a hammer!

jrtrin' yoa a chaaat to sting

hollar law, aa* my way is


th cam? quicker, hla volea

raw, aad be crouched lower.

body except his rigid anna

with a wonderful muscular

Skunks! Buasardst Flash

arm flash mlnet Anar

ideUfis it aeemed tha three

icbiag men leaped into b>

aad united action. She aaw


chaae away them two fellers bangln'

back there. Chase *em, quick 1"

These men. the two deputies who bad and Lowsr He Bant, a Tarrtbls

remained ta the background with the

Figure of Ferocity.

pack-horaea, did not wait for Net*

They spurred their mounts, wheeled*

of fire—streaks of smoke.

and galloped away.

Thjggi a crashing volley deafened her.

"Now. New, cut the gurl loose," or*

Ik aaahed as quickly. Smoke veiled

dered Monty.

aha aaane. Slowly it drifted away to

three fallen men, one of

Nela ran forward, Jerked the halter

Monty, leaned on his left

ant of 8need*s band, and pulled Bon

tta'a horaa In dose to the porch. At

h smoking gun In his right He

be silt the rope which bound her she

for a movement from the

tell into his arms.

two. It did not come. Then,

"Hawe, git downl* went oa Monty.

terrible smile, he slid back and

"Tace front an' atlffr

ed out

The sheriff swung bla leg, and, never

moving hla hands, with bla face new a

deathly, efckenlng white, he slid ta

tha ground.

"Line ap there beside your guerrilla'

hard. There I Ton two make a d—*

fine ptctoor, a d—n fine team af

pisened coyote an* a croaa batweea a

wild mala aa' a Oreaaer. Now llaten^ ^)ff1me kind could ahe escape; n

« ,¾

hr tfca cold tiff aoaat Haft;

arhfca was both a ham ffaff

W* 4

_ ^ ^rha^h} aTadafiaa

wjnwjjrei, aa jaapjanqg*• m






-aM'*^aisa'' Jte^n. "aMsM

L Monty made a long pause, la whi

hla breathing waa plainly audible.

Madeline's eyes ware riveted u.

Monty.' Her mlad, awlft aa Ughtnl

bad gathered the subtleties In action

and ward succeeding hla domlnaMon

of tha men. Violence, terrible violence, 1 tal aurslng.

tha thing aha had felt the thing 2£fr*

faced. terrible Monty Price now raah,

aa It ware, out of hla paat wild yehjav

and ao power an earth or In heajpjax

could stay hla hand. With eyes

ly hasing red, she watched him;

listened with thrumming ears;

waited, slowly sagging against !


"Hawe, If yon aa' year dirty paaff

bar loved tha aound af baman rc4g%

than Uataa aa' Hatch hard." ajgff

Monty. "Per Pre been gobY contratF

to my ola ttyla jest to bar a anfar^

with you. Ton atl but got away m

nerve, didn't you? 'Cause whft

rott ta hare lik> a mad steer

yer ^adga aa' talk mean, t

WufT-away with It. Too heart

about Miaa Hammond's cowl

t atoppta>* drinWn' an' cusaia'

Tneyra took- oa

an' deceat Uvia», an' sure th

ay to hobhta aa' drive to JalL

ttatan. There waa a goad an'

4aV ha eetifaX. wotBaa eoma oat

the Bajt aomewhacaa, aa* aha

. a lot of aunahmo ao' haj

aa* aaw ioVes bitoibe tough ti

eowboya. I reckon tt»e beyond

em' what aha came to mean

TUTU tell yon. Tbay-ali

ant af their bead* Thev-all

fat ' ehay aa* eweet^em;

ffot ao ttwy couWnt-kill a

a ey^splhg: calf fe f mudi

g«a^-ffa ata, worn-out bd


*n*-lhwfT ikrf yam, m


a*' faaf 'ftMBdlaaB


rywa coww ajoac aa* taaa

Bawe^ aatd m

aa* lova aa*

aafyaaj yam aV^fltaf^ .

- *'



f *r*hJS**th 1 whip* sparred him. Stewarfe Iron am

held the horaa. Then Madeline, hi a

flash of paeetoa, struck at' Stewart*

face, miased it atrucfe again, and oft

With one pull, abnoat drawing bar

from the aaddhvhe tore the whip from

bar bands. It waa not tliat actioa oa

bla part, or the sodden strong master

fulness of hla loot, so much aa the

livid mark on his face where the whip

bad lashed that quieted. If It did not

check, her fury.

-That's not ting," he saJ5, with some>

thing of hla old audacity. "That's

nothing to bow you've hart me."

Madeline battled wtth herself tot

control. Thla man wouM aot be de>

1 nled, About him now &are waa onlj

1 the ghost of that finer, geotier mag I waat right ont and gat gaa a heeds of

, abe bad helped to bit** into being. Lydia tntokhejnV Vegetable Oaa>

{ The piercing dark eyea he bent upon npnund,and before I had taXen the whole

her burned her, went th>euxb her as

that bottiel knew It WMhetetag am.

ookahtbottlaa.aad than laahoutthtee

If be were looking Into her aoui. Thea gooatbaltooktwomaca. Now I am hi

Madeline's quick sight caught a fleet perfect-health. I do afljof my own wars

ing doubt, a wilfulness, a surprised and could do more. I caa txuly nay anal

and saddened certainty In his eyes* rSowLydk EL r&hamTVigsfrtE

saw it shade and pass sway. Her Outupoaad gave ma my neatta.'—eua,

woman'a intuition, as keen aa her

0. J. Hofcsxar, 816 union Are^ Haa>

nhJa* Tann,

sight told her Stewart in that raoment

bad sustained a shock of bir*cr, final

Lyuta E. Pmkham'a Prirata Tea*.

Book 0 'Ailmeata PaonBar -4a



For the third rime he repeated hla

question to her. Madeline did nut answer

; ahe could not speak.

contains raluable miormation.

"You don't know I love you, da

you?" lie continued, passionately.

That ever aJace /on stood before ma SPOHN'S

In that hole at vMrkabua I've loved

you? lou can't aee Ire been another

man, loving you, working for you, lie*

in*? for you? You won't believe Pre N COMPOUND

turned my back on the old wild life,

that I've been decent and honorable


and happy and useful—your kind of mules withmoe ^ ^

a cowboy? You couldn't tell, though For tiurcr yean Sponn.

1 loved you, that I never carted }'ou UN scaadani remedy far

to know it, that I never dared ta Inauensa, Ptok Eye, Catarrhal Ferae,

think of you except as my ang*l, my Heaves and Worms. EwraBsat sat

holy Virgin? What do you know of

aad Wt

Sold hi

a man's heart and soul? How could


'jPOHN 1

you tell of the love, the salvation oi

a .man who's lived Ms life in the alienee

and loneliness? Who could teaei

you the actual truth—that a wild cow

boy, faithless to mother a*id sister, es>

cept In memory, riding s hard, drunk.

en trail straight to hell, had looked

Into the face, the eyes of a beautiful

woman infinitely beyond him, above

him, and had so loved her that he was

aaved—that he became faithful agam

—that he saw her face In every flower

and her eyea In the blue heavenT*

Madeline waa mute. She heard hat


heart thundering In her ears.

Stewart leaped at aer. Hla pewwr*


ful hahd dosed on her arm. She

king and sleeping hours, Made- trembled. His action presaged the

ammoad could not releaae ber- old Instinctive violence,

tne thralling memory of that M

Ne~{ but you think I kept Boaita

She was haunted by Monty up la the mountains, that I went se­

a terrible arolle. Only In action cretly to meet her, that all the while

mi I served you t waa— Oh, I know

•at end aha worked, ahe walked what you think 1 I know now. 1

Pode. She even overcame a strong never knew till I made you look at

which she feared was unrea- roe. Now, say It I Speak 1"

diaguat for the Mexican girl

White-hot blinded, utterly In thf

BoalU, who lay HI at tha ranch,

fiery grasp of pension, powerless h

bruised aad feverish, in need of skill-

stem the rush of a word both shame

lib aurslng.

ful and revealing aad fatal, Madellai

One afternoon ahe rode down to the


Ifa fields, round them, and back


tha spillway of tha lower lake,

a group of mewquita-treee, ow-

Ha. had wrenched that word from

to the water that seeped through

her, but be was not subtle enough, not

eand to their roots, had taken en

versed hi the mystery of woman's

aad beauty of renewed Ufa. Un-

motive enough, to divine the deep

theee trees there was shade

significance of her reply.

h to make a pleasant place to For him the word had only literal

Madeline dismounted, desiring meaning confirming the dishonor la

t a little,

which she held him. Dropping bar

er horaa. Majesty, tossed his head arm, be shrank back, a strange actioa

flung his mane and switched his for the savage and crude man aba

at the files. He would rather Judged him to be.

been catting the wind down the "But that day at Chlricabua yoa

slope. Madeline aat with her apoke of faith," he burst out "Toe

against s tree, and took off her said the greatest thing la the world

brero. Suddenly Majesty picked waa faith In human nature. Yoo said

bis long ears and snorted. Then you had faith In me! You made ma

line heard a slow pad of hoofs, have faith in myself P

orae waa approaching from the di- Hla reproach, without bitterness ot

km of the lake. Madeline bad acorn, waa a lash to her old egoistic

to be wary, and, mounting belief In her fairness. She had

, she turned him toward the preached a beautiful principle that

A moment later ahe felt glad abe had failed ta live up to.


caution, for, looking back ba­ You think I am vHe," he aald. Tea

the trees, she saw Stewart lead- think that about Bonltal And all tha

horse Into the grove. She would time Pve been . . . I could make

of hare met a guerrilla aa (hla yoa ashamed—I could tell you—**

Hla peeeJooate utterance ceaaai

with a snap of bla teeth. Hla lips sat

Majesty had broken lata a trot

hi a thla, bitter line. The agnatic*,

when a shrill whistle rent the air. The of hla face preceded a eoachialtw

horse leaped tad. wheeling ao swiftly wrestling of hla shoulders.

that he nearly unseated Madallae, he "No, nor he panted. Waa It bta

back straight for tha mes- aaewer to acme mighty bamptattomf

MadeUne apoke to Mnv.' «••! V*;-

*. - a^ar¥- a^s^e^aj.,*w ewew'saagea. ••>>

LUggggggggk ^ v d >' *^rvwfewSKJ53ll

A. * . X

''1 "'S'













For Tablets


and all

School Supplies


Hone Shoeing, General Repairing

w Ford Repairing


Petteyevule Michigan

Fonerei Director


Phone No. 99

fee&may - Mfch.


Ann Arbor Auctio

SeMe Everything for Everybody

See aee before having a tale,

fwufch tin cups and auction

bflb free.

SSI Second Street

Phone me at my expense


Awangcsnents can bemade at the


Expert Auctioneer

Sells Anything for Anyone—


I am conversant with Cattle and

Hog Pedigrees

For dates and terms call, phone

or write, Anderson Corners,

Pinckney, or

Dispatch Office


Cream, Eggs, Poultry

£Creaui teceived Monday forepjulti-y

Monday and

iday, and eggs every

l^ay. Will pay all the

larket affordi at ail time*.


m H H W W W » W H H * » W » W «



Office Hours:

12*30 to a;30 r. M.

Sundays. 1 to 2 P M

% % » % % » » % » » % » % % » * * * * * » » % % * » * • % % * * * *

The Pincki.rjy

Exchange Bank


a Conservative

tinsiuess. . :.


4 per cent

on all Tim© l)»po*it>«


6. W. TftBPLB




mm hi' Head"



to :

WW ftnri


'•yet*m, •

Nasal Catarrh.

luaot.-folds in

that the we ef


fpaase tfte Btoed

liable te colds.

or Aeete Catarrh

Ojttrtjfc ' '



aa4 aet> (httn^ tha



Your Annual Garage Bill

WiU be Smaller

if the work on your car is

always done by a reliable,

skilled mechanic whose

first, last and only aim is

to fully satisfy his patrons



••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••i tea



129 to 135 East Main St.



Jackson, Mich.


I 40th Anniversary Sale














Women's Coats of the better kind. A new assortment just arrived

at .S45.00, $59.50, $79.50

We have some lovely coats—all new fall models $35.50, $37.50

New Silk Dresses for this Anniversary Sale $10.75, $16.50

(Big Variety of Styles, Unusual Values)

Better Dresses in this Anniversary Sale $49.50, $59.50

Girls' Winter Coats $7.98 to $25.00


Come to our Women's Ready to Wear Department and see the

display of lovely new models, in Coats and Dresses. • Our prices

will surprise you.

We are showing an Advanced Display of Christmas Goods in Kenilworth

Gift Shop—Third Floor.

Accounts made in August and before must be paid at once in order

to keep credit good.



W. H. Mfirsh and wife were in Howell

Monday of last week.

George Arnold and wife attended the

sale of Jersey cattle lust Tuesday at

his nephew's, Mr. Frederiek, near Williatnston.

Mrs. Hill accompanied them

to Win, Heniinger's.

Mrs. Ernest Morse of Brighton came

Monday and spent the rest of the week

with Mrs. 1». S. Giltner.

Several ladies were invited by Mrs.

Wilmnr Grossman and Mrs. Frank

Worden to the home of Mrs. Fitch

Montague last Tuesday afternoon in

honor of Mrs. Montague's birthday, A

pleasant afternoon was spent by the


Wilmnr Crossman was in Detroit last

week on business.

Ray Hill and family moved onto his

farm hist Wednesday near Bell Oak.

It was reported that the lateness of

the train last week was caused by the

trwin running into a truck, causing

several deaths.

Mrs. F. M. Bowdish and Mrs. Hill

attended the funeral of Mr, Giltner '

last Thursday afternoon. |

Walter Corser and son Edward were

in Springport last Friday. j

Mr. and Mrs. O- B. Arnold were in

Howcil Wt Friday afternoon. i

The children of Mr. and Mr*. Mack,

with their families, of Lansing, Detroit

and Ann Arbor, spent Thursday here.

Russell Livermore and family spent

the we*k end with friends in Uochester.

M. .1. Titus and fatter visited relatives

in Mason the *VB£*jd.

C. A. Bum an aueEfMWy *Wt 4p

town Sunday. T?T^7

Clare B. Titus of Rvefeater «a0 ft|V

wyna Titus of near M*. Cfcmeet weife

home the week end.

Wilfred McClear ot Detroit apent the

week end at nae**«

Saturday nijrht aonie d«f» a»t let*

the flock of ahcep- owaed by WLbeaf

Crpaaman, bat oot m«

'^ '»






3 flaefcaiat Macaroni-—

Arte Cora Starch ~~ *c

2 Can* of Del Moate Com 25c

2 Cam of Pea* 25«

2 Large Packages Flakes

1 Can of Corned Beef

No. 1 Rad Salmon.-^

3 Bart of Any Toilet Soap


Reason & Reason




We Carry Fruits and Vegetables

Ice Cream and Soft prinks

"Cigars and Tobaccos

Daily Newspapers

Groceries and Jackson Bread


Pinckney Bakery

For Pies and Pastry

Bans and Rolls

Fried Cakes and Doughnuts

of Highest Qoafity

The Demand for Our Bread

SteadPy Increases

This Proves Its Excellence

G. BLAIMK&N, Prop.

Pinckney Grist MHf



. ^ - . ; * - > - • ; — < ; • / - **'»

•&* .;•'•*? '.' -I***Jrto :



Ptnekney Dlppatch

So tared at the Poetoffioeei Pine*

"j, Mich., aa Second Claes Matter


'tfftseripU**, $1.16 a fear la Advene

Adveriiaing rate* made knows


Cards of Thank* fifty cents.

Resolutions of Condolence, $1 60

Local Notice*, is Local colnsaa*

sent per line per each-insertion.

A1J mailer u>leaded to benefit tbe per*

*oal ur business ioUrast of any Individ

»i Wili be published at re^iiim «UvertJK

*- rnlft

tun uDi^mrm of «rni»-ruinaimita, etc

Mil br j. 1,1 f.., a| rrguUi Local N*tit-<

ObilUao H (Burring* ootu *•• »r* pu>>-

•*fted irrv \ riiarxe.

*«*»trv mm. hr paid for ^i *r raie

-•e orals t>«r line.

Mrs. C. S. Harger was

visitor Tuesday.

a HoweJ

Mrs. John Chambers was a Howel]

shopper Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Darwin were

Hamburg visitors Sunday.

^vi^Me*amasHOHja >

Mrs. W. A. Carr is spending several

.veeks with her sons in Detroit.

Mrs. R. Day Bird and daughter are

visiting relatives in Ann Arbor.

Mrs. Addic I'otterton of Detroit WKJ

i week end guest of Miss Jessie Green

Miss Grace Young'and Mrs. ('. J.

Teeple motored to Lansing Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Swarthout s5*t

/isiting their daughter at Grand Rap


E. W. Diiniels of Xorth Lake tranr

ieted business in Pinckney Wednet


Miss Gludys English of Detroit \v*t

a week end guest of Mr. and Mrs. /

F. Drown.

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Vincc of Byr©

were visitors at the Jesse Richardson

IODIC Sunday.

Mrs, C. Lynch and Mrs. I. H. Ken

nedy and daughters are visiting relatives

ut Kalamazoo.

Mr. and Mrs. James A Green of

Lansing were week end guests of Mr

and Mrs. R. J. Carr.

I.orenio Lavey of Detroit spent tlie

week end at the home of his parent*

Mr. and Mrs. M. Lavey.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dixon spent

Sunda\ at the home of Mrs. Dixon":

molher, Mrs. John Fitch,

Mr;.. Victor Johnson underwent an

operation for appendicitis at Lincoln

hospital, Detroit, last Friday.

Walter Reason of Detroit spent the

week end at the home of his parents,

Mr. and Mrs. San ford Reason.

Mrs. Clarence Alley and Mrs. Raymond

Litchfield of Dexter were guests

of Mrs. Will Curktt last Friday.

Miss Elisabeth Devard of Whit mo re

Lake spent Monday evening at the

koine of Mr. and Mrs. Ona Campbell.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas Sraoyer and family

of Akron, Ohio, spent the week end

at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. T.


Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Carr and

daughter Dorothy, and Mr. and Mrs.

Milo KettleT were Ypstlanti visitors


John J. Teeple, Chas, Van Orden,

and Win. Jones of Detroit are in the

northern part of Michigan for a week's




YOR SALE—10 Shropshire Ram

Lambs. E. W. Daniel*, North Lake.

WANTED—25 Bu. Hickory Nuts.

WANTED—50 Bu. Walnuts

WANTED—100 Bu. Apples.

Lapham Farms.


pigs for sale. Weiss Bros. Farm

Patterson Lake.

LOST—Gold watch with Indian fob.

Reward. Domino Feed Co., Howell.

POR SALE—Green and ripe tomatoes.

Frank Mowers.

FOR SALE—New Milch cow and calf

for sale. W. C. Hendee.


Trifon Pian.

FOR SALE—Finewool Ram, also

grapes. R. G. Webb.

FOR SALE—Household furniture. In

quire Ross T. Read.

WANTED—Old and second hand fur

niture. Harry Storey, Dexter.

P. Leavey spent the week end in I

I Jackson.

FOR SALE—One gallon gas pump

Meyer's Pinckney Garage.

Marguerite Pounds, Dr Ho|

/and Donald Sigler of D<

ests of Dr. and Mrs. C. L.

FOR RENT—Blacksmith shop wit!

one living room in Pinckney. In

quire Pinckney Exchange Bank.

FOR SALE—Aristocratic Barred Rock

and Silver Campine eggs, for hatch

ing. $2.00 a setting.

Ben E. White.

FOR SALE—Some choice hay. Inquire

of John R. Martin.

HATCHING EGGS—Superior quality,

winter laying White Leghonrs. 50

cents per dosen. Lily White Poultry

Farm, Clms. MacGregor.

SERVICE-^Shorthorn Durham

Hall eligible for registry.

Ed. Spears.

•MISTERED Poland China Boar

(W. E. Livingston strain) for ser

•ice. Ed. Spears, one mile west

,o# town.


414-26. Age 40, $19.41.

R. J. Carr, Agt.


• T Albert Frn*»

'Pottoffice officials have received won'

• b* on the lookout for a new coun

erfeit $10 federal reserve note on thfateful

Fte.serye bank of Atlanta. The

wprkoinnsliip on thift note, which is of _

th« series of 191 i, is so crude that it SJ

houls) be easily detected by unyoix

CCaatomed to .scrutinizing money, no

raiding to.officials.


By Gloria Swanson

re are two kinds of thrills, thrills


y~- •/<



[LA** 1


f|f a


^Ihil.t ,-i

b nan a MMkar k ue


Ksariy s*r*ry nonr is particular

pas^RsWor mmmsp OXtBw4W*S> ^^Sl wSs^s^Bsawurap SjSawnBW gp^*Bsmw

Us pip*. WUte ha nay anon a


froen a friend's pooch for the

*f f^ipTfflf'ykfri fwittjptp spd

he presets his ova

yet if you ask the avenge

what it it ha likes about hfe

hehfeaea,, ha nay have *Hflhi*afty la

Mr. Joe Users, whoaa letter f ol»

la a confirmed Idgeworth

la sttatnpttng to describe

ha liket about Edgeworth, ha

the word H tatty^meHfulaeei. w

aa this does not entirely satisfy

he pitta the qutsttoa up to other



Q^artag triad BM-* eisas aad tip* toft

Tm vaUbod row i

eRwae/ tea* for at* •fata «dr to


tea mouth Md a«etrifc at



Why doa*%r*« got **»••(;

emwas«ea< -




** -^-AyA_ . _-. JL, -*^

_ *- :.1 i

-» w

A v#eJWrnnwu artist who la a

of the trend of the tim hsy

that iHtis m Y«f*y tiujertsat w J.,.

MORI As3&T l*OO0

For those who

***^OV f^W^jp^ ,^ W^f^ft

'&*"„ f.

^ -1 ¾¾^



uattfed rrsjp.^.Cn^^

boBcMomb Ma'.tii

^•••wsrww^s'^ - »»•» •-^sw^ *"F^ I «• ,

ptocce- for aervmg A

parboH eight mlnntes, ts>;

lag asmat parts of milk;

and water. Dsain. spring

kle with salt sod p

rail la tour, and sautai

in butter ia a hot iroa-*

frying pun. Bamofs to a *ot platter 1

and gsrniah with lemon sttees sad


gatokad Fish Csaapea^Cat stale

bread Into one-fourth inch slices, remove

tha crusts and cut into obioags

four by three mebes; then sante m

olive oil until delicately browned. Arrange

on each slice lengthwise aitef*

ante pieces of smoked salmon and her*

ring, nalag two on each. Pipe around

a border of owned barter, seasoned

with anchovy and lemon Juice,

Washington Ws—Cream one-fourth

cupful of batter with one cupful of

sugar, add two well-beaten eggs and

one-half cupful of mOk, ails two and

one-half teaapoonfuls of milk with one

and two-thirds cupfuls of flour sad add

to the first mixture. Best well end

bake in layer tins. This will make two

tayeia. Put together with raspberry

jam and top with powdered sugar.

Marshmstlew Puddina—-Ddaaotre one

tablespoonful of gelatin in one cupful

of boiling water, add one cupful of

sugar and as soon aa dissolved set the

bowl jnto a pan of Ice water. Add





wsaa^oaaM»^iowa».**> •






COyCH m*i


Probably there

are any number of

reasons why men

smoke Edgewonh.

One friend actually

admitted he smoked

ft because hie wife

Bked the shape of

tike Edgeworth

glass Jsra to fit on

her pantry shelf

However, the

ana outstanding

feature of Edgeworth*

aaseen b>

most smokers, is

tss aalfei ratty. Ye» after year, smokaaa

east ba sure ef getting the same

ejuaJity of tobacco.

in the savor or frail

is ajwaya a good tmoke.




mj.&riSr-JWi,- «&*&qp

many oilier i




•w«mp *r

•^f* SB©"-/ s^

•T~>..-«i *.



ipection of Milk Is

I Discussed in Bulletin

rk Includes More Than

itection of Adulteration.

4f^|»arca * the UaiteS States DtHHmut

- ef Agrtealtore.)

work of milk inspection has

deaed in moot |ei« *nd now

udee mora than the detection of

torauon, though many people la

ordinary una of language do not

this fact, and continue to

k of puro milk' as milk that hi

watered and contains no preservs-

H say Brnaat Kelly and a 8.

Joint authors of Department

are, Inapoetion of Milk

' "t^v^flk


The ch


Each to

putty of

areolar 276

tho city at well

II gives the qualifies

epectors and

nances, Tho

inspection of dairy

planta is described.

seora cards for

Jatt issued by the United

ant of Africuttore,

content of the milk

tskea, into conaMora-

^fel&k aa porn,

oglcel and aaa>



be confused,

dying Cat


Tho drcalar a!ao takes op

control, giving a Hat of oattJpasant an

the ptoctdttTt for ttalyntef samples

of milk.

-IfJft teapoetioa hns reached the

la its dsTslspment whett thrso


iasaarlsl,** says tho etrcoJar. Tboss

foatares sis: JJalry inspection, dairy

hsstTsctionv and mboratory ' eaa>

trot" y ,... »Aa rSjcostiUmtaasoa after


- - 1 ; ,- .a.-- "•-^ * -' '-*S •• •*-»-' ^¾ ** , •"


Disease of Sweet Co

Is Discovered IAY

A disease of rweot corn, wn

caoses srahted growth followed by

wilting snd desth of affected plants,

has been reported to the Ohio experiment

station by several growers.

Station pathologists stst* that in

thw affection, known aa 8tewart's disease,

the Interiors of the stems If cot

just shots the ground are found to be

discolored end the sap to be thick and

sticky, due to the presence of the boo

terls which cause the disease.

The disease Is carried on the seed

and In the remains of diseased plants

in tho soil or in manure.

To present the spread of the fllsoaie

affected plants are polled up and

burned and corn is not grown on the

ground for at least four years; Though

Sold corn is not noticeably affected It

la not advisable to grow it noon land

where diseased sweet corn has boon

grown, as it may setro to koop tao Infection

la the soil ^.

Best Depth for Plowing

Wffl Vary With Seasons

Oonmiootmg on an article regarding

deep versus shallow plowing which

appeared fa a recent issue of Seasonable

Hints From tho Dominion Exper*

oatai Farms, Ottawa, Canada, Prof.

Reser, chief agronomist, Colorscnltnral

college, said:

th of tao matter is that

oao depth, aaattow or deep,

depth ta> plow. The

vary with tho time tho

ooU, crop to bo

tho season whers

tho ctw^WWPfHt hi or where tho

plowinff h7oMsl¥eon illustrats this

last point by o3tJ|nf tao Canadian experlsjnet

sgsJn. They found that snythaaf

wrnr tao fonr-lach plowtagl»the

Peace Bitot country tfalays tao wheat

crop so that It is ofton attacked by

front, while tho shallow ptowtog ons>

biottht aarreat to got. eat of tho way

la ao oao right

mmii s»WSP»MpS-SBS


•VftCAU 09 MARKftTt


Uv« tUcfc so* tieste

it Chiosso OHOMU Hois, ton*

. _., i of osles IM0O7.M; BMdittOl

sifii sood beef stotre StOjl.M: butcber

Ddn Md hetrera, H.»t>lO.»S; liter

stesrs |4.ttO>&: Urh.t and nedhim «n v«sl

eshres lUUltdW; f»t lajnbs *1fW01|;

feetSttS lanbi til. 1501116: yearUnts «

«10.71; tax *»M »1750€.M. October p

pftoee food trade maatai B4Mf ll*SJlt:

yoai m©»; lamb 1260IS: mattes «14

fit; UsHt park loUu WVU; boavy loiiis


_Quoted October 17: No. 1 timothy, New

York StS.M; PUtabur* H4.W; Kanaaa

Cfty 117.60; Memphis 126; Cincinnati

124.76; Cbioafo 126; Minneapolis #19.5«;

KAnaaa C1ty|l< 75.

Fruits and Vegetables

New York aacked round whites fLB&O

Id per loo-lbs, tlJ5©l.W t. o. b. Northam

round white Chicago at SOcGSl.10

aacked and' bulk per 100-Iba, 8B#»6c f.

o. b, Onkuta New Tork yellow varieties

tS.7S0l.SO sacked per lOO-lba eastern

markats. lildwestem stock $X.M®3 In

Chloaso. ll&OOl 76 f. o. b. Cabbase New

Tork domestic type at 616016, eastern

"lea, mostly 111 t. o. b. Danish type

1016 bulk per ton city markets, $150

€ o. b. Eastern apples, York Imperials

IOS.76 par bbl In New York and Baldat

$4 In Philadelphia.


Orcein* prices in Chicago Cash market:

Na 1 red winter wheat $1.01; No. % hard

winter wheat $1.09; No. t mixed core

11.10: No. I yellow corn 11.12; No. S whlU

OSta itc Average farm price No I mixed

corn in Central Iowa »7rkers, $7^26; $7.26; roughs, roughs. W.26.

h iv:


POULTRY—Fancy colored spring

ins, 8 lbs up, 22©2So; medium

20©21c; leghorn springs, 18c;

6 Iba up, 26©2sc; medium hens, 24

leghorns, 16c; roosters, 16c; geese,

ducks, 6 lbs and up, 22©23c;

•r, 18020c par lb.

Butter snd Cogs

BUTTER—Beet creamery, in tubs, 440

45 1-2c par lb.

EGOS—Fresh, current receipts, 84©

86 l-2c; candled nrsts, 86 l-8©87c; storage.

27 1-2029 l-2o.

Farm Product*

APPLES—gnow. $202.26; Mctntoah

rod, $202.26; Wolf River, $1M©17I;

Alexander, $i.6091.76; Wealthy. $186©

1.60; Culver, $1.26©1.60; Greening. $1 60

©1.76; Baldwin, $1.60©1.76; Spy, $1,710

2 par bu.

CRA1 NBERRIE8—Early black. $4.7601

per box.

CRABAPPLE* — Michigan,

par busheL


PEARB—Bertlett, $2 60©4: DutCheas,

$2.6002 76; Kaeftr, $1.76©! per bu.

ORAPES— U'ichlgan Concorde, MM©

2.60 par bu; 16-lb baakata, 7kc©$l; 6-lb

baskets, f24©86c.

PEACHES—New York Elbartaa, $1.2«

•1.71 par bu.

QU1NCES-$2.26©t.60 par bu.

CABBAGE—Home grown. $1©1.S8 par


POPCORN—Little Buster, 7 l-8©8c per

lb: common, 4 1-40)4 l-2e per lb.

POTATOB8 — Michigan, $J©12* par

lW-lb aack.

DRESSED CALVES — Beat country

dressed, 14©l6c par lb; ordinary gradaa.

18c; city drassad. 18©18c per lb.

NUTB—Chsatnuts, 21 ©40c par lb; CallfernU

aoft-sh*U walnuts, 111 par 100-lb

ONIONS—Michigan, $8.1098.71 par 160-

Ib sack; Spanish, $I©8,60 per erata

TOMATOES-«e4hoo»a, $1.76 ©2

lS-ib basket, home grows, |l7|OLl LSI par

btu California repacked sta>bssket


rWBET POTATOES—Virginia, $*.Tf©

4 psr bbL


Carrots, $1©1.2« par bu: bsota, $1©1.2S

psr bu; turnips, $1.26©L$4 per bu; round

radishes, tl.TlfJI par bu; curly psrsley,

40060c per dos; groan sospers, $128©

LTi per bu; bushel sploach. $1.64©1.71;

was and greea besss. H8t©lso bam*

par; green onions, saotte dos; esuHflower.

Mlto ptr bu; tfaptant, $12101.71

r bu; cooumbers, neCToose. StO)s.sf psr

Cs for fancy. $S.Sf©2.60 for extra fancy;

rutshaaaa, |i-$s#l per cwt: Hubbard*

sttussh, $s,8S©JLSS per cwt;

Ess¥i.ss pec bu.


WBEAT^-Cbjsh No, 1 pod. ILig t.|; No.

,^¾¾¾ CO«H_CM» H* \ «4,;

Na. 8, 49c; No. 8,

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V**T7" > '•*. \>:t

Essential to Profitable Farming

ExpnaTruck DD\J f.o.b.FU*t.Miik.

BUB any Standard Titasfc Body



Ooaof ducbiof

snretssjs tsrassr*s poor tariWrtts tor soowing his

soths pUcs where he can sail or ship to

Bocsttss of the class sssdsapssus of ofavocss horse uclivery muuVme of

dollars worth of prodmes ffH^ antmsily oo

The saving of this waste would, in assay

s losing

farm to a moncyHnaksr,

This low-pricod, high grade, reliable truck

assrting fast low^oat hsulage of heavy or balkT . _ goods, It

any atsndsrd type of Con truck boay. Ask any

for pries of tho style of body you requite.

Prices /.0.0. Fife**, Michigan

Oievrolet Motor Co., Detroit, Mictu

Dssssioa of Oeaerevl Messrs'



Black • Tan • White • Ox-Blood . Brown

StflJKlA nnd the Shmola Home Sat

ihouki be m every home. Every member el

the Umgy can use it (or it fives the quick

easy shine. The shine that preserves leather

snd resets weaiher. 8tfl1$DtA in the hsarfy

qukk opening box with the key.

with the Home Set. The Shine for Mine''

•rsve Queen Bess

Nesrly s thousand vessels psss

TUbury. Bnglsnd. every day. where a

Bailors' Rett bss Just been opened by

the British snd Foreign Sailors' so

dety. The Thsmee Is very deep here.

and the docks offer special facilities

to craft of svory kind, from the Isrg

est Austrsllsn liners to the humhU»et

cargo boat. It wti here that Queen

Bllasbeth reviewed bar troops In 1A88

when the Armada invasion was

threatened, using the memorshle

words, "I know ( hsve the body of s

weak, feeble woman, but I have the

heart and stomach of a king, and of

a king of England, too!"

Remembered Aeeuretsly.

Actor—I played Hamlet once,'

Bis Friend—Indeed t Did you hsvs

much of a runt

"About six miles, aa I remember It,"

—London Ttt-Blta.

Bible In Translation.

The Bible Is far In advance of

other book is the number of its

Istlons. for It has actually beea

dered In whole or in part Into 770

guages and dialects and the end is

yet In sight. The translation la

progressing st the rate of one 1

plete book of the Blhle In s

jruage every six weeks, a speed

which has been maintained for

twenty years.—The Mentor.


"Too much rash tteee days."


"In the last fen years wo have

more history thsn we ena sort OSJ

fifty."--Louisville Coarler-JournaL

A Plum for Him.

"Then Jack's effort! to

heiress bore fruit sfter alL"

"Yes, s wedding date."


Why the Doctor asks:.

"Do you drink coffee /*


K •ra ttosrttod frith caoao of diatarbtne© te

h> tmaith.

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to > ffwasjam prwSartj©

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. . . . • , . / .

|l«vinf tented aay aapat> I wffl tall at pobbc auction an the preon***, S V%

tf|y ajiarawat of fvaoanar or 3 sailes east and ¼ mile north of Gregory,

rJbia f nlawaag described partonal property, on



at I o'clock •harp, Fast Time



Bay Mara, about 14 yean old

Grade Cow, Brown Swiss and Durham, due to freshen about March 30

Grade Jersey, due in November

21 American Delaine Breeding Ewes, good ones

t>alnanri Rams One Hampshire Ram

Wfapfle Wheel SatiBtjtootii Harrow



•^i: JH K* *•