Stacking door - Omnicompact Conveyor system closures RGT ...

Stacking door - Omnicompact Conveyor system closures RGT ...

Conveyor system closures

RGT, Universal and OS

EI 30/EI90 conveyor system closure

for interrupted and uninterrupted conveyor


tested according to DIN, British Standard, FM,

in Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland

approval no. Z-6.6-149 (Uni B), Z-6.6-1522 (RGT),

Z-6.6-1843 (OS)

Tube sealing -

Ecotube / Omnitube

EI 90 conveyor system closure for pneumatic

conveyor systems

for over and under pressure

temperature of the conveyed material up

to 600°C

tested according to DIN 4102

approval no. Z-6.6-1585

Tube sealing - Duoflap

K 90 fire protection closure for industrial air

exhaust systems

applicable at walls and ceilings

for square and round ducts

tested according to DIN 4102-6

approval is applied for

Stacking door - Omnicompact

EI 30/EI 90 fire protection stacking door

• little demand for space

suitable for large scale openings

high number of cycles

tested according to DIN 4102

approval no. Z-6.6-1674

High speed door and

fire protection door - Firefast

Combination of a high speed spiral door with

an integrated, textile fire protection closure

up to E 90 (Warrington Test Report – WFRC

No. C123428)

Revolving and sliding doors

for special applications

EI 30/EI 60/EI 90 fire protection insulation doors

for buildings

A 60 fire protection insulation doors for ships

EI 30 fire protection insulation doors and

in panel walls

EI 30/EI 90 stainless steel doors/gates in hygienic

design (conform to veterinary demands)

Flexible smoke barrier –

Moducoil and Supercoil

Automatic smoke barrier,

ideal to implement smoke concepts

tested according to EN 12101-1

approval no. Z-78.9-59

Smoke protection closure -


Flexible smoke protection closure

tested according to EN 1634-3

for large openings in buildings

test certificate P-3548/5488

Fire protection closure -

Fibershield „space”

Flexible fire protection closure for the

installation to walls or ceilings

tested according to EN 1634-1

E 90 to E 240

WE 60

EI 120 (with water irrigation)

FSA - Fibershield „Façade”

Flexible fire protection closure

avoid the transmission of fire between limiting

building parts

applicable at facades and roofs

also applicable at exterior installations

Fire protection hoods - Copy-Cap

Fire protection system to keep escape routes

free - made of a textile

for copy machines, printer and server

officially tested at the MFPA Leipzig - report

no. UB III/B-05-023

Sound protection - Sonasorb

Automatic sound protection curtain for large

scale sound protection applications

assessed sound absorption degree:

R´ w(C,C tr)=10 dB

R´ w(C,C tr)=15 dB

applicable at the inside and outside

of buildings

Stöbich - The Specialist

Since 1980 Stöbich Brandschutz became the worldwide market

leader for conveyor system closures as well as an international

trendsetter in the field of textile fire and smoke protection.

The know-how, which grew by the impressive number of

completed projects and fire tests as well as by the proven

constructive competence, made Stöbich a fire protection specialist

with a wide range of products and an extensive range of services.

Seven novelties and three awards so far, express the innovative

and customer orientated design of the Stöbich products and an

effective control of processes.

Four branch offices and numerous national and international

agencies allow for the direct presence and proximity to our

customers during all phases of the project.

Additional information

(Videos, CD´s or Internet)


German Award of



Stöbich Brandschutz GmbH


Pracherstieg 6

38644 Goslar, Germany

Telefon +49-(0)5321-5708-0

Telefax +49-(0)5321-5708 88

Affiliate South

Stöbich Brandschutz

GmbH & Co. KG

Gewerbehof 8

73441 Bopfingen, Germany

Telefon +49-(0)7362-9614-0

Telefax +49-(0)7362-9614 50

MDR 1 award for the TV

series „einfach genial“


Certificate mips 2005


Affiliate East

Stöbich Brandschutz

GmbH & Co. KG

Geltestraße 12

06188 Landsberg OT Queis, Germany

Telefon +49-(0)34602-5520

Telefax +49-(0)34602-55250

Affiliate West

Stöbich Brandschutz

GmbH & Co. KG

Südfeld 23-25

59174 Kamen, Germany

Telefon +49-(0)2307-27700-0

Telefax +49-(0)2307-27700-9

Branch North (Headquarter) Pracherstieg 6 38644 Goslar

Branch South Gewerbehof 8 73441 Bopfingen

Branch East Geltestraße 12 06188 Landsberg OT Queis

Branch West Südfeld 23 23-25 25 59174 Kamen

International Representatives:

· Australia

· Austria

· Belgium

· Bosnia/Serbia

· Bulgaria

· Cyprus

· Denmark

· Estonia/Latvia

· France

· Greece

· Great Britain

· Hong Kong

· Ireland

· Italy

· Lithuania

· Montenegro/Slovenia/Croatia

· Netherlands

· Norway

· Poland

· Portugal

· Romania

· Russia

· Sweden

· Switzerland

· Spain

· Czechia/Slovakia

· Ukraina


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