TC Beirne School of Law - University of Queensland

TC Beirne School of Law - University of Queensland


2008 Highlights

Collaborative international research to

fight organised crime in Australia and

the Asia Pacific Region

UQ Research Excellence Award to

analyse foreign sex worker exploitation

and human trafficking in Australia and


ARC Linkage International Fellowship

for interdisciplinary research with US

universities on consumer bankruptcy

Australian Research Council Discovery

Project grant to study the effect of

patents on the agricultural industry

Establishment of TC Beirne Working

Paper Series

Strategic Goal:

To increase the quality of all

research outputs within the

School to a level consistent

with the School’s aspiration

to be an internationally

recognised centre of research


Page 8 | TC Beirne School of Law Biennial Report 2008-2009

2009 Highlights

Launch of the Australian Private Law

Network in collaboration with the

University of Melbourne

Launch of Current Legal Issues

Seminar Series in collaboration with

the Queensland Bar Association

2009 Fulbright Symposium on US-

Australia Free Trade Agreement

Launch of a biographical website

about NT judge Justice Martin


Collaborative international research

investigating environmental crime and

corruption in Tanzania

Release of research report Mothers

and the Child Protection System


The TC Beirne School of Law creates

and disseminates leading-edge research

across a wide range of legal fields. The

School’s academic staff are a diverse

and energetic community of scholars

who seek to make significant and lasting

contributions to the understanding

and development of law nationally

and internationally, adding both to the

effectiveness of law as a discipline and to

a better understanding of its relationship

with other disciplines such as science,

philosophy, economics, sociology, politics,

business, and social policy.

Research activities and initiatives during

2008 and 2009 supported the School’s

operational strategies of increasing

opportunities for interaction with outside

bodies and identifying areas of emerging

legal, social, economic and other

intellectual importance.


Happy Birthday Brothels – report on

the 10th anniversary of prostitution

regulation in Queensland

Interdisciplinary research project

investigating the marine, legal

and anthropological aspects of

conservation in Marovo Lagoon,

Solomon Islands

UQ Research Excellence Award to

study baby boomers and the state

of their investments amid the global

financial crisis

National Drug Law Enforcement

Research Fund grant to undertake a

detailed analysis of the drug khat, an

emerging Australian drug concern

Research Strengths and


While individual research projects span a

very broad intellectual spectrum, within

the School there are a number of current

and emerging areas of strength and

specialisations. Some of these areas of

strength have been rationalised into formal

research centres or informal research

networks, which engage in collaborative,

inter-institutional or interdisciplinary

projects. Many projects are also

undertaken in association with industry

and/or government stakeholders both

within Australia and overseas.

Existing Research Strengths

The following are established areas of

research strength within the School:

– Public Law

– Private Law

– Legal Theory

– Transnational and Comparative Law

Intellectual Property

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