AGRO Business Network

AGRO Business Network

AGRO Business Network

Southern Denmark

Agro Business Network

Southern Denmark

Within the Region of Southern Denmark

you will find a great variety of Agrorelated

business, providing leading edge

solutions within almost every field of


To facilitate your multi-disciplinary

demands, the Agro Business Network

of Southern Denmark, gives you the

opportunity to build business with trusted

partners of the highest standard, linked to

people you know and trust.

The Agro Business Network invites you to

request more information or to visit any of

the related businesses of your choice.

Welcome to our world of partnership.

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4 AGRO Business Network - Southern Denmark

At JF-STOLL we know that an efficient production of

green feed and an efficient discharge are important

parameters in order to obtain good operating results

At JF-STOLL we have chosen to follow the grass “from field to stable” and to make this

our core area. We present a current product range consisting of strong and efficient

grassland machinery and complete diet mixers for handling of green feed and discharge.

The JF-STOLL product range consists therefore of:

Mowers �� Tedders �� Rakes �� Forage harvesters �� Diet mixers

JF-STOLL optimizes all links in the machine chain from field to stable no matter

whether you work with a short or a long machine chain.

Great experience within green fodder technique

JF-STOLL has always exported most of its products and we have therefore supplied

our machines to farmers working under very different conditions. This has given

JF-STOLL a great experience and knowledge in developing and adaptation of grass

machinery in the global market. Even though there has been a great deal of development

in the product range since the establishment in 1951 the objective for JF-STOLL is still

the same; to develop innovative products that contribute to the efficiency of modern


Distributors world wide

The development and distribution of JF-STOLL’s products are handled through a

close and long term co-operation with distributors who have very specific knowledge

concerning the needs in the different markets. JF-STOLL’s main markets are in Europe,

but JF-STOLL also has a considerable export of products to remote overseas markets

such as Canada, Chile, Australia and Japan.



JF-Fabriken - J. Freudendahl A/S . Linde Allé 7 . DK-6400 Sønderborg . Denmark

Phone +45 7412 5252 . Fax +45 7442 5808 .

Vitfoss is a dynamic and innovative company

specialized in premixes, the main focus being on

production and marketing of vitamin and mineral

premixes to the feedstuff industry

Vitfoss is one of the largest premix manufacturers in Europe and offers a wide range

of products in all EU countries. In non-EU countries we offer a limited range of

products due to registration requirements. And in North America, Central America

and certain countries in Africa and Asia as well as in New Zealand and Australia

Vitfoss markets a limited range of special products.

Our international activities are based on Vitfoss-owned representations, local

production in selected markets and co-operation with independent distributors.

In recent years Vitfoss has increased its turnover significantly thanks to its

modern production facilities. Up-to-date production facilities are vital to maintain

our position as market leader and to make optimum solutions adapted to the raw

materials that are available to the individual farmer. Recently Vitfoss implemented a

new production technology for manufacture of the vitamin and mineral compounds

of the future, i.e. Vitacaps@.

Vitfoss aims to expand its dynamic and innovative activities, the main focus being

on animal health and cost-efficient nutrition combined with optimum growth for the

benefit of both animal and owner. As suppliers to the food chain, we are aware of

our responsibility for maximum food safety and food quality.


VITFOSS . Ulsnaes 34 . DK-6300 Graasten . Denmark

Phone: +45 3368 5600 . Fax: +45 3368 8635 .

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6 AGRO Business Network - Southern Denmark

Swienty A/S is active globally as a manufacturer

and wholesaler of beekeeping equipment. We are

especially well known for our filling machines for

honey and other viscous liquids, which serve large

scale honey processors world-wide

Swienty A/S has been awarded numerous awards during recent years. On several

occasions we have received medals for technical innovation at Apimondia (the world’s

most important exhibition for beekeeping and beekeeping equipment).

Swienty World Wide – We are convinced that our success builds on our 29 years of

experience, sending our products to all corners of the world, something that has given

us unparalleled experience and know-how in exports, logistics and freight.

Core areas

Innovation, quality and utility are key elements in our more than 80 “home grown”

products which more or less fall within the following 4 categories:

FILLING: Our famous DANA api MATIC product line, which is the most reliable filling

system in the market. It is professional, flexible and can be upgraded continuously to

meet the requirements of an expanding business.

HEATING TECHNOLOGy: Our DANA api THERMA heating and straining systems are

ideal for honey processing, straining and liquefaction. The tools are effective yet

gentle on the honey, which preserves the quality of the honey at the same time as

reducing the workload considerably.

POLySTyRENE BEEHIVES: Our top quality polystyrene beehives SWI-BO are

manufactured in several hive sizes and exported world-wide.

QUEEN BREEDING: Our high quality equipment covers every aspect of queen breeding:

API-QUEEN PUZZLE shipping cages, SWI-BINE mating hives, Swienty Incubators and

of course the award-winning Swienty artificial insemination apparatus.


Swienty A/S . Hørtoftvej 16 . 6400 Sønderborg . Danmark

Phone: +45 74486969 . Fax +45 74488001, .

BoPil A/S and Bopil Aqua a/s specialize in consulting,

design and delivery of high-tech solutions within

the livestock sector both in Denmark and internationally.

Our solutions are always individually tailored and

profitable with quick payback

We have special focus on improving our customers’ productivity and improvement

competitiveness in the global market. That is why we work with customer solutions

that meet the following requirements:

• Environmentally clean feeding and animal care

• Animal welfare and respect for natural animal behavior

• Optimized and targeted feeding and distribution

• High-tech management with IT and software solutions

• Solutions which are profitable for our customers with very quick payback

Some examples are our future-proof mixing and distribution systems: Spotmix ® , ESF,

SpotCow ® and SpotFish ® , which enable the farmer to optimize feed efficiency, gain

full control of feed composition, feed distribution and implements tools to provide

labour savings and traceability.

We create a difference for our customers with the supply of solid and intelligent

solutions and efficient follow-up service. This guarantees a satisfied customer and

lets us enjoy our work as well.


BOPIL A/S – BOPIL AQUA A/S . Pilene 10 . DK-6470 Sydals . Denmark

Phone: +45 7440 7025 . Fax: +45 7440 7026 .

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8 AGRO Business Network - Southern Denmark

DanHatch is one of the largest hatchery organisations

in Europe with an annual production of approximately

185 mill. broiler hatching eggs and 125 mill. day-old

broiler chicks. The company is owned by leading

Danish feed companies and hatching egg producers

DanHatch is seeking to expand and establish new business relations in an even more

global market of poultry meat production.

DanHatch hatching eggs and day-old chicks originate from facilities based on modern

technology and high hygienic standards, thus ensuring the delivery of zoonosis-free

products. All facilities are subject to and comply with regulations under the Danish

Veterinary and Food Administration.

DanHatch benefits from competent and experienced in-company resources

responsible for all veterinary, nutritional and management issues, and the company

performs a strict and uncompromising management program, subject to HACCP

standards, at all facilities within the organisation. This ensures full control over health

protection, vaccination and nutritional composition, as well as best management


DanHatch has a tradition for close contact to our customers, and from experienced

and competent in-company resources. We offer to assist our clients with registration

of achieved performance from our supplied products.

– During the past years our export activities have shown a successful and increasing

development, especially in the field of exports of day-old broiler-chicks and hatching

eggs. We export to a number of countries both within and beyond the EU.


DANHATCH A/S . Hørtoftvej 14 . DK-6400 Sønderborg . Denmark

Phone: +45 9656 5700 . Fax: +45 7448 9080 .

ATTEC Danmark A/S is specialized in individual

solutions for slaughter plants, meat processing

companies and other companies in the Food Industry.

Attec is represented world wide with offices in the

UK, USA, New Zealand and Spain, or through agents.

Attec Danmark A/S was established in 1987, and has collaborated with ITEC GmbH,

Germany since 1990. ATTEC is a leading supplier of turn-key solutions within fully

and semi automatic cutting, deboning, trimming, packing, internal transport and

storage systems, as well as automation systems for sausage production, personal

hygiene systems, machines for casing factories and ergonomic equipment for

lifting, tilting and weighing of products in the food industry.

Attec also offers complete traceability solutions for every project from cooling room

to dispatch.

Together with our highly-qualified staff, customers can find the best solution by

consulting Attec in the initial planning phase of their projects, to make the most of

our innovative and technical know-how.

All machines and equipment supplied by Attec are designed and developed to fulfill

industry requirements for fast and easy cleaning processes, and easy access for

maintenance. Our design meets the requirements of HACCP procedures, EHEDG

and USDA.

Energy savings, working environment and health & safety are key words not only

for our customers in general but also for each individual operator working in the

process area. Each country and each food producer has its own requirements

and standards for these focus areas, and through Attec solutions these issues are

implemented and completed.


ATTEC DANMARK A/S . Mommarkvej 293-297, Tandslet . DK-6470 Sydals . Denmark

Phone: +45 7440 7644 . Fax: +45 7440 7929 .

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12 AGRO Business Network - Southern Denmark

Daniit is a full-service provider of Industrial IT for

the Animal Feed, Aqua Feed and Pet Food industries

world wide

Daniit develops and implements technologically advanced solutions for the control,

data reporting and traceability of the entire production of animal feed, aqua feed and

pet food from raw material intake to the end user.

The Agro3000Flex process control and traceability control system from Daniit

has been developed by Daniit in close collaboration with leading feedstuff

manufacturers. The Agro3000Flex concept has been developed to meet the strict

regulatory and EU requirements for traceability and documentation of feedstuff

manufacturing processes.

Agro3000Flex is a flexible, modular control system that can be adapted and used

in all types of animal feed production. The modules may be combined to form an

individual solution, and control and data collection modules may be added as and

when the need arises. This makes good economical sense.

Daniit has extensive experience and in-depth application knowledge in control

traceability and IT integration in the animal feed, aqua feed and pet food industries.

As a full-service provider for the feed mill industry, Daniit handles the entire

electrical engineering contract, including supply of control panels, motor control

centres, electrical field installation, supervision and commissioning. Furthermore

Daniit offers 24 hour hotline service – 365 days a year.

References: Since 1995, the Agro3000Flex process control and traceability control

system for animal feed, aqua feed and pet food has been installed at more than 50

feed mills worldwide.


Daniit A/S . Jyllandsgade 30 . DK-6400 Soenderborg . Denmark

Phone: +45 7342 3636 . Fax: +45 7342 3630 .


© Claus Sjödin

© Claus Sjödin

The slaughterhouse in Blans is part of Danish Crown,

which is an international food producer

with production and sales throughout the world


Slaughtering – Cutting – Deboning – Bacon production - Special pigs – Packaging

– Lard and by-products

The slaughterhouse in Blans is part of Danish Crown, which is an international food

producer with production and sales throughout the world.

Danish Crown, the parent company, produces and markets pork and beef. Danish

Crown’s subsidiaries produce and market processed food products and other

products for food production.

Danish Crown’s mission is to supply products, which meet consumer requirements

for differentiated quality, and thus ensure our owners the highest possible price for

their raw materials.

Danish Crown is:

• The world’s third largest – and Europe’s second largest

– pig slaughtering business

• Europe’s largest meat processing company

• Denmark’s largest cattle slaughterhouse business

• The world’s largest meat exporter


DANISH CROWN AmbA . Langbro 7, Blans . DK-6400 Sønderborg . Denmark

Phone: +45 8919 2600 . Fax: +45 8919 2639

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14 AGRO Business Network - Southern Denmark

Brødr. Ewers is a strong private alternative. Today

we are the largest privately owned grain and feed

business in Denmark. With representation in Jutland

and on Funen, the company is strongly positioned to

meet the growing concentration of industry

With a total production capacity of approximately 300,000 t located in Port Aabenraa

the company is centrally located in an area with a large animal production. With

the recent substantial investments in storage facilities at the Port of Aabenraa, the

company today has major advantages to exploit marine cargo.

With a consumption of well over 100,000 t of cereal, cultivation plays a vital role in the

company’s business development. Besides internal processing of large quantities of

feed grains, the company also supplies large batches of malting barley and rapeseed.

Furthermore, the company is also a supplier of fertilizer and pesticides for agriculture

in Jutland and on Funen. With a substantial shareholding in Dangødning, producing

liquid fertilizer for Danish agriculture, the company has also secured a good platform

to gain additional market share within the fertilizer market in Denmark.

Energi Brødr. Ewers has had a long-standing close collaboration with yX Energi in the

supply of diesel and heating oil. Another prominent field in our energy business is the

sale of wood pellets. Brødr. Ewers is one of the largest suppliers of wood pellets to

private homes and agriculture.

We also have an extensive product range within packaged goods for agriculture. Via

the new website, customers are able to order most products online for weekly delivery.

Brødr. Ewers owns a number of businesses which support the core business. For

example, ports and grain plants in Lithuania, fat plants (vegetable oils imported directly

from Malaysia, amino acid factory and fertilizer plant). Finally, Brødr. Ewers is also part

owner of farms, pig production, and gross product business in Ukraine.


BRøDR. EWERS A/S. Ellegårdvej 19. DK-6400 Sønderborg . Denmark

Phone: +45 7442 2975 . Fax: +45 7443 4446 .



Lachenmeier Maskinfabrik A/S designs, plans, and manufactures complete plants for

the correct environmental handling of grain and feedstuff as well as bulk handling

technology for the biomass fuels industry. We have more than 50 years’ experience,

and with us you will have a solid and competent partner who will cooperate closely

with your company to see that the project progresses steadily and safely from the

original idea, through design to completed plant.

We manufacture machines and plants for:

• Industrial grain drying and storage plants

• Industrial feed factories

• Wood pellet factories

• Bulk terminals for grain and raw materials for feed production

• Port terminals

• Fish food and pet food factories

• Seed factories

• Oil mills

• Bio ethanol plants

• Meal mills

• Malthouses

• Breweries

At Lachenmeier Maskinfabrik A/S we design plants consisting of mass-produced

machines and individual plants, designed to meet the demands of your company.

Lachenmeier Maskinfabrik A/S has considerable exports to customers all over Europe,

Asia, and Africa as well as North and South America.

Lachenmeier Maskinfabrik A/S employs a permanent staff of experienced engineers

and supervisors for installation and service. Our service department provides 24-hour


Lachenmeier Maskinfabrik A/S manufactures equipment which is designed for heavy-

duty performance with 24h operation and gentle handling of the processed materials.


LACHENMEIER MASKINFABRIK A/S . Grundtvigs Allé 176 . DK-6400 Soenderborg . Denmark

Phone: +45 7442 2464 . Fax: +45 7443 0404 (Adm.) . Fax: +45 7342 2735 (Technical Department) .

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16 AGRO Business Network - Southern Denmark

Graasten Agricultural College (GAC)

GAC offers a full agricultural education program.

GAC’s farm has 160 dairy cows, 400 sows in modern

facilities, and 200 ha with crops. GAC provides meeting

and conference rooms, including catering and with the

option of accommodation for part of the year.

Graasten Agricultural College is located in the countryside, but close to the highway,

train, bus and airport. It is one of the bigger agricultural schools in Denmark, founded

by the local farmers in 1924.

The school is special in Denmark, because it owns the farm, where the students are

trained, and can study normal high agricultural practice.

The staff of 45 provides good service. This includes everything from teaching at a high

level, to good and healthy food, to a comfortable atmosphere.

The students are aged from 16 to 25. They live primarily in single rooms. They have

a good social life with the other students after hours.

Many local companies and organisations use the school’s facilities for meetings and


Please visit the web site for more information.


GRAASTEN LANDBRUGSSKOLE . Fiskbaekvej 15 . DK-6300 Graasten . Denmark

Phone: +45 7465 1024 . Fax: +45 7465 0624 .


– A natural choice for the professional farmer

LandboSyd offers advice and services in a range of disciplines.

To learn more about our capabilities, pricing and conditions, please feel free to

contact us.



• Cultivation

• Swine Operation

• Cattle and milk production

• Ecology


• Environmental Applications

• Environment Strategy

• Environmental Technology

Business administration:

• Budgeting

• Finance / wealth management

• Strategy

• Operational Analysis

Accounting & Auditing:

• Annual reports

• Tax advices

• Pension / retirement

Human Resources:

• Personnel management

• Education & training

• Recruitment

• Employment contracts


• One address

• Total Consulting

• High degree of specialization of individual consultants


LANDBO SyD . Peberlyk 2 . DK-6200 Aabenraa . Denmark

Phone: +45 7436 5000 . Fax. +45 7436 5001 .

Real estate:

• Purchases and sales of agricultural property

• Advice on investment in Germany and abroad

• Price negotiation, deeds and conveyancing

• Rent of land and farms

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18 AGRO Business Network - Southern Denmark

The Sonderborg area

The Centre for Regional Economic Development (CfE) is the focal point for the

organised effort to strengthen competitiveness and growth in Sønderborg, such

that the region is characterised by dynamic and creative processes.

CfE is a credible, professional and open minded partner for the region’s

industries, institutions of higher education and the public service sector.

The core of CfE’s modus operandi is to facilitate cluster initiatives and networks,

such as the Danish Mechatronics Cluster, the Agro Business Network and

various entrepreneurial networks.

We support special interest groups e.g. Supply Chain Management, Human

Resources, Project Management and Lean Processes. In addition we sponsor

and assist social networks, the Network for Newcomers being just one of


We have what it takes, especially when it comes to vision, knowledge and

ability. For its size, Sonderborg is one of the most dynamic business centres

in Denmark. Sonderborg has the highest population density in South Jutland

and the largest concentration of companies. As a result, Sonderborg

attracts the attention of creative minds both from Denmark and abroad.

Alsion – Sonderborg’s new university, research and cultural centre – is

aptly suited to stimulate and enhance the creative cooperation between

the business community and the research and education environments.

Our ambition is to create one of Denmark’s foremost growth centres for

research and education.

CfE . Alsion 2 . DK-6400 Sønderborg . Denmark

Phone: +45 6550 8190 . Fax: +45 6550 8193

AGRO Business Network

Southern Denmark

AGRO Business Network - Southern Denmark 19


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