STANDARD - Northern New York Historical Newspapers

STANDARD - Northern New York Historical Newspapers





•• vMd by ntne-tenfluof tUAfAmltlw

%m ttM towiuhlp of Iti pablioation and

••VM best ramlts to advertlBen.

VwuiahM high prnde Job Prlntlns



K. W. ADDIB. Prap.


I wa ipaettMttoM Mtdt M Mart MtM

iPuiraB.WMn.BNWMW,inv Vflfflt.

iiodwtn Dentistry,

•HWMi auvw. BwoeedB tt. milar mi

•vm ft MOOKB, X. D..


Pnetloe United to

Medical and Surgical,

S; MMMW oc He, Bftr, Moae fta« TUioM.


Undertaking Co.,

BrawBter, H. Y*

JAim KBMT Sutra, Miaager,

, embalmed or loeO. Teleptone call trom

MiMio bUlwate day or r algi Blffbt, Camagei


Physician db Surgeon^


gmi boon* op (o 9 am., and tram 1 to t and



Metchant Tailor,

HABuniDBror, - BuvsrsB.M.r.

alwars nawe on band a arsb-clasa Une ol

»bw goods ol bota lorelgn and domestic

bleu 1 am prepared to make up in tbe

AsUlea. EveryUitogturaedMitUapBnfwt

rrtoeslbeloweaL Call aud see my goods.


Teachei of Violin,


Baaldence and Studio.


Attorney ^ Oounseloi

At Law and Motanr Publla



OBO. B. BBYMOLDB. Paoraineoa.


Tbe buUdlngU a reoenuy erected brtck atruo-

Mce,oentraUy located, every room belns well

lUluedaDdpIeasaal. TbefuraiUireaadatungs

aMaewaodtbebonaeIs equipped wllb steam

as*t> oloctrlc bells and all Ibe 1 mprovcaieDU of a

Modern buUiL Oood Uvery aooommodaaoaa.


I a. VBWMAM. M. O.,

Physician & Surgeon,

Oak BtreeU BrewsttT. N. Y.

Tetopltone. Mr. Bbove's Btables day or ulgbt.

ter from Mr. Bey Kemp, of Angola,

lud. "I was in lied four weeks with

la grippe and I tried many remedituand

spent ounslderable (or treatmeul

with physiolans but J received no relief

until I tried Foley's honey and

Tar. Two small bottles of this mudloine

cured me aod I now use it exclusively

la my family." Take nosubstitutea

M. B UeForettt, Brewster,

BIbert B. Purdy, Croton Falla


Plelurrsquc, aell Conacloas asd th*

Popular Uvro o< Spain.

Vou could never mistake u bullfighter

foi- u muu of any other calllug. Uu

eufurces UIH>U himself u street costume

the detulls of which are us immutuble

us thuse of u soldier's uulfurm. ills

hulr must: be brushed furwurd over bis

eurs, he must he smuoth shuveu, he

must weur u tiuy plgtuil. his JucUet

uiuy uut come helow his wulst line, his

shirt is deeply tluied. uud in Its frout he

wears us mugulUceut u dlumuud us bis

eurulugs und the gifts of his udmlrei-s

cuu supply. Wheu be wulks the streets

uu his high Kreueh heels, gluuclug self

(x>uticiuusly from beueuth his flut hrlmmed

sumbreru, he is fuUuwed ou every

side by pointed Uugers.

Tu sit with him ut u cuCe table is a

dluLluctlou, uud the yuuugest of Mudrld'ti

tiuldeu youth flush with pleusure

wheu in public pluces he nods tu them.

At the fttshiuuuble huur iu tbe Prudu

they iflve him the seut uf huuur lu the

uutomublle. It Is u survlvul of the relutluus

of the "putrou" uud the giudi

utor. And iu returu fur this soclul reeogultiuu.

wheu tiuuduy comes, the muludui-e

befure be kills the bull t>uws tu

the IJUX lu which his rich piitruu liiu

und throws him his three curuerud hut

uud by su duiug hlls wJlh euvy the

hcurts fit lO.UOU meu.

Whut the vSf-vi bis fume, his silken

culves uud his cluth uf i{uld huvc upuu

ihc wumeu of l:»iiulu bus biH^u sung by

geiici-uUuus uf puets, plu^'wrlghts uud

uuveUsls uf his uwu country,—Ulchiu'd

liurdiug l>uvls lu Bcrlbuur's.

The crowued beads of every oatloii.

Tiie ritili uif u, puor lueu uud miserk

AH i'Au iu ituyiuK tribul4t tu

DeWillH Ijittle Uearly UiHers.

H Williams, Kau Autuuio. Tex ,

writes: Little Karly Riser Pills ar*t

Ibe btM>t 1 ever uued in my family 1

uulit-^itutlugly reuuriiiueud Ibem to

fVerytiudy. They cure (^USl)|>atii>u.

liiliioufuuHK. Hiuk Headache, Tori id

I>lver, Jauudiue. Malariaoud all oti er

Aiv«r troubles. James Kent UmltlL




Atlantic White Lead

96.2S per lOOIb. '.

Pure Lead and ZInk Paint

fl.46 per gallon,


In Kreat Variety.


Nasal Catarrh



It Is wondertolly effeotlve'as a noaa

' aleanser, at


289 Main Street, Danbary. Brewater. - New ?ork


New Location, New Styles, New Goods,

258 Main Street* Danbury.

(Corner Library Place.)

Ladies* Tailor and Fnmer.

Agent for Statep Island byloK Bstabltobnent

: Photographs

In all theiateat styles and new


Nothing li too goad for ua.

, We are right In line for prQ>

gress. Floe Portraits, New


Artlstia production for the

wants of all.


suooessor to BormsD a Johnson.

248 Main Street

Stillman College

Teaches Business

Aol Hems Grainata into

Tenth Year Now Open.

Catalog Frea

Ten Per Cent Discount

If you meotioQ tbts paper

Address, w. J. statmsn, Dsubory, Conn.




and Ice Cream


Su.7l«r'a Oaaa.di«s.

Tea and C!offee Served.

207 Main Street, Danbnry.


If you want to^get your

Bicycle, Umbrella or Lawn

Mower Repaired take it to


311 Main St. Onjthe Bridge.




The Very Beet>t the

Ives Seed Storei

2M Main Street

Qreen Honses, 1, S, 0 Uoss Avenua

Pianos Tuned,

Voiced, Regnlated and Generally

Beiwlred (or a Reasonable Price.

Pianos Re-8trnng, Re-Felted, Re.

Varnished and Overbaoled like


Second hand nprlght and square

pianos for sale.


Danbury Art Store,

Danbury, Oonn.



should bear In mind that they

oan save 1-8 of their money in buy>

Ing their Fnrittnre, Floor Curer-

lugs and Draperies of


39 White Street, Danbury.

New Year's.

Our elaborate Holiday stock Is

now ready and it waa never better

in our selection.


Reliable Jeweler,

244 Main Street, Danbury, Conn,

Look for the Big ClotiK.

; WlieD in Danlmrf try a Barnd of Genenil Fntnam Floor.

It's the cheapest of the best Minnesotta Flours.


Rose Street Elevator and 270 Maiu Street, Danbury, Conn.


Danbury Troy

has been doing


work tlirougb their Agent F. U.

HOUBUS for nearly fourLeen years

and from the foot tbey are doing

wore t bau'ever ubows their patrons

are well satished. Try them.

Allen's Studio.

Wheu tooklug for a good

portrait uoil at Allen's

Uiid look over tbe sam pies.

We make any kiud,

siw and style, at

prices to suit all. ^




Denbury. Oonn.


m I wm

Drop in at HENRY

DICK'S and sample his

Choice Liquors. He is

headquarters for Imported

and Domestic Wines,

Brandies, Gins and Rye



80 White Slrcct.

Team Coliars,

_ I

tircalefrt 75c HurKaiu ^ou Kver

Heurtl or.

Kaeh collar Is as si route as iron

beiug well made uf ihtt luuKhehi

leaiber, wilb open top and paleut

foKltioer. Better drive over and

luok ttt Ibeui l>euauM* tbe assortment

will not last luug ai tbi^prloe.


Crouby St,, Danbury.




CoasMtlrat reaehen KIIIH.

J. H. Hkle. of Booth Qlftstonbnry;

irho |R thfi leiwlitiK «uihorily on

pptwhcK fnthn country, wim recently

askeil nbont the ramortHl destruetlon

of the yoiinff biuls ^y i\\t> recent extreihe

eoM. Mr. Hale mfd Hint he

had Iteen home only A few dnys from

• month'i trip away. He heard of the

eald weather hereahontts bat had

•npponed that the trees on hi«h land

wonid be nil rlicht. He went out to

look thinffK nvfr and the flrat tr«M

that he exaitilned failed to show any

nve bndi*; do he moved lo a hiKber

level, bnt there he fonnd the same

roodftion. Finally he reaehiMl his

hlKhest elevation, from whioh it is

iin|i|K>wMl the frnst will roll down Into

the valteys, and even there he oould

not find one bud with a tAttn of life.

Then he tetetdioned to the exteufflve

oreKards atBeymuur, run by hiiiiBelf

and Ur Uoleman, that are up l.tXiU

feet above nei^ tevel, and a«ked Mr.

Coleman how thlnipi were there. The

answer was. that Ur. Coleman had

heen tinabte to flod one live bud in

the lot. Mr. Hale's oiMiclaRlon i» that

the entire crop of the stale Is icone.

There will IM here and there a |»e«oh,

bat he sees no reaNon t« expect mnf

yield for the market Irani Conoeot4eai>

•r. Hale .In not woiVylnic however.

Be name home by way of his vast

peaflh farm fn Oeorgia and there he

fonnd everyihinic in the ttnest and

•tost pruinisinic shape.

ttreaUst kpplt Qrowlar HUt«.

Mr. F K Dawley, who is the seorf>tary

of the N^w York Btare Frnit

Mrowers' Assoelatlon, and has hail

ehariie of farmers lustltntes In varioui

pairjtoof the state under the aitrioul*

tnral department at Albany. Issaes a

stHtemetit with reference to the produttiiun

ut apples. He refers to the

•real uumtier of newspaper artlules

that have been going the rohuds

about some of the western statef.

whoKe people understand tlie value of

advfrilHinic, and are always boaKtlnR

Iff their great protloetiuu. They have

a large aereage of young trees, and we

believe the state of Missouri' clalmR

more trees than the state uf Sew

York. A great deal also Is tM*ing said

TMti V. B. iWhltlMk V«. r«llar«.

On MonAaj last L. A. Shove attend>

eil a meeting of the Whltlbek Co.

creditors held In New York. The

seaslon etarted off with mnehi bitter^

uess of reeling and tnme higfily de>

nnof lalory reaaarfcn were Indulged In

by thoso who had twen "oangbt for

big tuoney" on the eve of the anlgnnient.

Up6n th« enmect personal

apiteal of Mory W. Bitalth a dealer

sent np several oar loads of ooal "to

help the |Kior«" then.' bearing of (he

failure, tried to stop delivery, but

fimllh had paid the freight and the

ooal was tn prooess of anioading frotn

alKiiit the "land of the big red apples" I authorized to raise the offer to 80

In Arkansas and fcooiliHrn -MISMHIH, oeois certainly, and perhaps to the

. and people who are nut iMMted seeto 1 full U3 asked fur.

lotinrik that ttione stales stand In the[ The dwindling and decay of a great

lead, while the fact Is that Arkansas ^'"'•Ine"'*. always his prUle, Is undoubtproduces

less than any of the large! *"lly * great sadness to Mr. Whitlook.

apple growing slates, being Ufteeutli

hi the libt, while Uihhourl IM uulyHlxth.

In faot. Ihe whole Ultwlwippi Valley

j»it ifigeiher did not prtxluue m^ many

aiipleH IhiHyf-ar hy HUIIIH milliuns of

huhhels us Ihe hiate uf New York

a'one In the prefent yenr New Vtirk

1 cridlled with uver thlriy-bix iiiiliinu

b itfhelH. Kelt to her uoiitek iViiiiHyi-

Viiitu with a Itlllf leM than twenty

miliioiiH, Iheii MlolitKaii uhli Keveiitut-ll

Ohio will) fuurU'eii and Minttuun with

t.'U lullli'iiiK.

Ur8. Hrleu Hfioiri, whu uul off tlie

h :aile of tier I wo chiMrfU ai Ariingtou

a nut live ytraix UKO while liopeleiutly

i .Mtue, i» now uu iuiuate of the Matt-iiwu.u

btate iltjri'iial wliere t>lie Is

• tiibiug llie kee|terH ii^ueh I rouble 10'

h -r del'tTat*' wajf. Latvt tiuuday,

wliilf the iiurne lAun huby in auotiit-r

p.rt of the wmd, Mro. Ujiorri uuil

MJiUlher woiiiHU jialleut who IK very

quarrtrlMiiie aiel ILIMJ a iMiralelic. Iiml

a quarrel, and as u reiiuli, tdin. Sporr

b>- Miss Adeline Batter whoisattend-

lug Brewster wlili coal.

lug tlie Sacred Heart Convent In New

After the coal man, the feed, man York spent her holiday vacation with

and others were lieArd from." They her parent*.

didn't uuderslaod how a business lees Thf«e sections of the railroad bridge

than two years old could legitimately are on the siding awaiting to be

show ilat»llitles of (80,000 and only placed. There have been various

•8,niU aRsets. The assignee. Mr, B. a .causes of delay In placihg them.

Pfilmer, of Cnrmel, explained the Two young boys living in the

buMness ootmection of A. H Whltlock eastern |iart of the town got into

and his sons-in-law Mory W. Smith mischief this week and were sent to a

aiid A. Vail Bmlth. As is well known children's home to be eared for.

the original bbsintMof Mr. Whttlock

was at Croton Falls, and always a Blbert Bloat, uf Union Valley, fell

money-making plant The Smiths, on Saturday and broke two ribe. This

under various styles of firm name*, !• the third fall that Mr. Bloat has had

had been running businesses of every and each time (raotorlng hit rlbe.

kind from baby carriages to burial A domestic employed by C. B.

orsket% In many towns—geMing In Gregory developed signs of Insanity

and oat. Just as they pleased and leav­ on Wednesday. After making things

ing father Whltlock to foot the bllla lively for a while abe disappeared.

This, Ur. Whitlook's tympalblxeni Ur. and Mrs. Balpb Campbell, of

•aid, had tieen a oontlnuous perform­ New York, are visiting Dr. Hltcheoak.

ance resulting finally In an Indebtod- Mrs. Campbell Is a neloa of Ura.

neMof •ai.OOO, whloh seemed to Iw Ultohoook and Is well known here.

carried along on the books of the James Batterlee. of Bonutv, who

Bmltba How It beeame transferred was reported ill last week died on

from theaeoountaof A. Vail Bmlth 4 Bnnday. The foneral was held on

Co., to The WhiUoek Co., Is of no Toeeday, Bev. Ur. Bussell had charge

•peelal Importanee. It Is there, ^s of the service.

we understand It A. VatI Smith has A new business enterprise will start

no Interest in The Whltlock Co., and on Monday In this village, O. U.

Mr. Whltlock bad no Interest except Clark has leaeed part of J. H. Mo*ea

as a creditor. '• building and will open a general

Mr. Shove talked as well as he could grocery store. We wish htm snocess.

to make matters smooth and finally

R B. Palmer, assignee, opened The

Ur. Palmer said Mr. Whltlock would

A. B. Whitlook Go. store Tuesday and

pay off the creditors on a 29 per eent

Is selling the stock. Notice has Iwen

Iwuiis. After more talk th^. creditors

submitted a 88 per cent, proposition, ••»" » »" V*»ose who owe the firm

which Mr. Palmer has since presented

to Ur. Wnltlook. It Is generally

underMood Ihatat the next meeting

of the creillton* tir. Palmer will be

While muuh is said alwut the use of

hlH name in the "oompauy," his

honoi'dy and Integrity stands us firm

Hi hills.

Frank Bradj lu Trouble.

ChristniHs day proved an'eventful

one for Fcank Hrndy. a son of K. JJ.

Uraily. uf R. K. Hraily & Bon,

tiuHiiiiths at Maho|iao Fallc, and lie

prohfilily now wikheH lie liad never

left the hordei-H of Putnam County.

A di»ipHtoh from Newark, N. J.,

that a settlement Is required In thirty


George Sunderland, an aged resident

of Soment who Is well known

here was another victim of a fall- On

Sunday he slipped on the ioe and

cracked one of the bones of his


The firemen's ball was successful as

in other years. There was a good attendance

and everyone enjoyed

theiiiselvas. The exact amount has

not been determined as yet as all returns

are not In.

A reiK>rt was circulated here on

Monday that A. J. IjOudell. of Salem,

had died rn Sunday. The reimrt

was uiifouudetl (or Ur. Luhdell, al-

Itiuiigh sulferiiig from au attack of

gripiie watt luiioli belter.

In the shoulder.

Just passing. Hi

set the bonea.

Dr. Bttehoook was

was oalled tn.and

The ofllolals of the New York Hoard

of Health have been mueh Intereeted

In recent experitnenta wbleh show that

lyphold fever germs are killed by

lemon luloe. Tliey advise the nee of

this '-plearant preventive in drinking

watef and In-plaoe of vinegar In salads.

People who are fond of a slice of lemon

In a cup of tea will feel doubly safe

from germs with boiled water and

lemon Jnloe.



Wear for



embraees every known

good thing In apparel made for the

bodily oomfort of man and boy, no

matter what his site, inclination or

ooioopatlon. For dress, work or

•port. For home, office, shop, store

or field. For walking, driving,

eyeling or aniolng.

The man hai never yet darkened

our doors who was too large for ne

to fit, nor have weeeentbaboy who

was too small.

Out-Door .


For Heavy Work.

We are selling a great VS reefer

for farmers, milkmen and drivera

It is made of heavy domestic

woolen, waterproofed, whole skin

sheep lined, has riveted bnCtons,

double-stayed seams, large pockets

and i rioiny and comfortable.

We also have a 96 Canadian reversible

reefer, goat skin and

corduroy, surprisingly warm and

Very durable.

Lined canvass coats. 91.60,

Rubber reefers, blanket

tl.SO; heavy wool lined, f2.

Sheep-lined coats and

Ruwian vestil Wer-t i''oilH hi Ihf ItfVtllU- MrM. 'IVrry wae thl.rly< ne yearn old, i held after the morning Mjrvlco.

liou. It it< >iiimied oil .Mount Inde- and waM known tthllie "Pretty Widow' Harry Qannug who IH employed an

pHnilellce. iu liie liighlaiidx of tlie MeAlli^ier" when Terry married iier. I,„„j| lue^seinter at Grand Ciutnti

I'iudM^ij, 4115 feet ahove the river, and Hhe lUt^u owned a hotel hi Newark, | gtalion fell and broke his ario on

ehi»ii;reil around il are luiitiy of liie which wanaitopular reBort for sport-,'i-uegday. Ho clipped as lie threw a

iiM>^t iiieiuorHitle point? of iit'Volution ing.uharaulerH. Terry came from thel,„^(| ,,oi,ui, (uto a car and struck Ids



ary hiniury uml iiiteret^l. TIIH tact West and b-oame one of her "nmy shoulder against the truck of tie car.

yearly - face

a«o. Terry ordered him out of the ,^.,,^j^,^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^,,^,^^ ^.^^^ l^ADl FROMpURC f^LAGA(^RAPE

•toufii' ul tile walld^lo fall awuy from


Ihe liackiijg over nearly the whole ''ir, Friiul'Tefry returned home had a voice thai very mneh re^-mbled


work. 11 if only u queoUou of a hhort from hib work at 1 a. ni. HIH wife was ' Michael OallagUer api>eared and dis-


time whfu all lliHHe piirlo muhl albo uotathome. She had lold him she tribui«d presents, o^udy aud oranges


orumhie awuv- The reitaiUiiuv of the w*« Boing to Biiwibelh^lo vlhit her ^ the children. The affair wa« very

piiiapel wulln entirely, liOfii the KiMer., He went Into the Mreet and '"""l* enjoyed.

QiUury (ulinary ^BndBming^mpanu.

fuuijdalioij lip, ix Ihe only piauiicahle walked up and down until "i a. m., The enterlalutueut which was to 369 FcARLSTREEr.Nkv^'^fQiUl.

V4y to reMoie and prerei-ve the work when he returned home. In a slate- have been given by the children of

Tne iiiaMiiiry of the old eji»




B^mtvr Union Free Bohool re*

opMM ofi Mondajr.

The Vnnoftl elui will meet ftt the

Baptiflt ehareh thto cventnir.

Henry B. HodRe. of Norwich, N. T.,

Vi ependinc • few day* In town AUIODR

hbi host of former •noolAtn itnd


Cbarlee BroekwAy, who ftpent the

t^nmmer months M the Fulff farm,

diMl At his New York home on Mon*

d»y last

Beven ten weeks' old Berkshire plffs

are advflstlsed for sale amont tbs

readlnic notloes.

Robert Stoflk adrertfse* for sale his

live ftiook, waRpMi, harness, et«.. In

Anticipation of an Bnropean trip.

See readlDR notlue.

Groton Lodice, No. 888, P. A A. M..

will InHtall newly elected and ap­

pointed ofBoers neit Wednesday

evening and confer the first decree.

Prospective buyers of horses will do

well to be on hand at Shove's stables

next Tnesdajr and look over the car

load of Canada stock whioh he ex-

pacts win arrive on that day.

St Andrew's ehoroh marked the

pasRing of the old year by a watoh

ntght service on Wednesday night,

beginning at 11:80 and eontlnning

throngb ten ralnntes of the new year.

Rev. 8. b. Heam took occasion to

thank his oonKregatfon and friends on

Sunday morning for a Christmas

purse of about 9100 presented to hire

on the evening of the Sunday school


Good skating hat been enjoyed 6n

nearly nil the vicinity reservoirs and

lakes this week. '

The Ceclllan Soelety will meet with

Mrs. Caalkfns on Monday afternoon

next at 3:80 o'clock.

The Charles Northmp farm at T)e-

Forest Cornent, will be sold at public

auction at the Town Hall at 10 o'clock

a m. on January l.tth. See advertise­

ment in another column.

The annnal meeting of the stock-

holders of the Fint National Bank

vill be held at the l>snklng house on

Tuesday January 18th. PolU will be

open from 10 to 11 a. ro. for the elec­

tion of directors.

IJveryman Shove has had a Florida

• boiler , placed In the eeller under his

ofliee and' will Install steam heating

apparatus In his business nfllcee, the

workmen's sleeping rooms atxive and

the'eentral telfipbonft olBee.

A week.of prayer will be observed^

in the Methodist, Presbyterian and*

BapUsi chnrehes next week. On

FrMay evening the three chnrehes

wili' hold a united meeting at the

If«kh6dlit church. The meeting will

he tnchargeof Rev.T. VassarGaolktns

of ifie Baptist ebnroh.

There will be a New Years enter­

tainment at the Mllltown Chapel on

this evening eonslstlog'of speaking, Osaar Bailey will sell at

phonograph ^leotloni and oUier: auction at his farm two miles south

muitcal features. Refrefihroents will {of Brewster on next Wednesday at

l>e served and a pleasant evening's : 11 a. ro., twenty-four Holsteln beifen

«ntertainment Is anticipated. All are and other farm slock—an exeeptlon-

oordlally Invited to attend. ally floe lot of cattle. W. A. Ferris

A whlsfc congress, the prettiest and |"'» ^ the auctioneer.

largest ever held In the village, wasj jaues I^eary, for some time past

given by Mrs Frank Wells at herjoperator at the **¥" has recolved

home last evening to a company ofi merited promotion this week In a

Iadlf>N which ailed nine tables and transfer to High Bridge. George

euloynd the fawlnatiug game and Gallagher has tieen appointed to fill

congenial surroundingb. The priEes j the place made vacant by Mr. Leary's

were won by Mrs, Hall and Misa Lent j promotion. Mr. J^Uy, of Golden's

The rival ba&ket ball teami com-

IAUIB Sorrentlno. the popular tailor

who has a shop in the Roberts Build­

ing, and Ml«s Maud'Smith, of Ut

Kiseo, were married by Rev. Frank

Heartfleld at St Andrew's rectory

yesterday afternoon.

The newly elected oOeers of Star of

Brewster Circle, Companions of the

Forest, will be Installed at the meet­

ing of the lodga next Tuesday even­

ing. Refreshments will be served at

the cioee of the eersmoolea.

The postofllde fores baa been handl-

oapped this week by the enforced

Idleness a part of the weekofOlerk

Robert Walthen who baa been

tronblad with an atllietion of the

eyes. He Is on duty regularly again



Hoyt Bros, of Katanah, have m new

advertisement In this week's laane

which will beof Interest to people con­

templating the purchase of furniture.

The meeting of the Alumni AMOcia-

tloo of the Brewster High Bohool,

announced for last Tuenday evening,

has been changed to this evening at

8 o'eloek at the Casino.

Real Bstaie Agent A. P. Budd this

week sold the Charles U. Lyons plaoe,

comprised of dwelling house, build­

ings and 22 acres of land, to Frank

Wella Consideration •4,G0a '

Theflnder of a white silk scarf, lost

at the reception of the Hassayampa

Dancing Club on Wednesdav evening,

will ooufer a great favor by return­

ing tlie same to William Louse.

The new year was welcomed by the

Ave minutes blowing of locomotive

whistles at Putnam Junction at 12

o'clock. Aside from the dfn made by

the wbistles very little racket waa

huard about the village.

The newly elected offloers of the

Baptist Sunday school are Mlrn Joale

Head, Superintendent; George Char­

ter, Assistant Superintendent; MIM

Paoline Scharfenberg, Treasurer; Mr«

Charies Bristol, Secretary; Mtm Bthel

Bkiat, Librarian.

Wliih9i^aw«ftlng the bnilding of a

new tn'm. table at Pawling It Is

neeaasary for many of the engluM

attaebed to the Pawling trains lo

proceed to Dover Plains or turn at

the "Y" above this village, u there

are no other tnm tables between the

two stations.

1Kis«d of the young ladies of Brewster

Hi>{h Bcliool indulge iu spirited

practice every afternoon. Material

for a. strong team can be ite|eot«K) from

Bridge, has t>een aralgned an ulgbt

operator at the "V."

Carmel hait the basket

and aside from the

girlii' team there

Itall fever

Drew Beminnry

are several teams

among the playerf. Nefiotiations are composed of the yonuK men of the

Iri progrew for a game with the Drew -village. To morrow evening the G. Y.

Seminary Ave to be played iu the M. L. team, of Carmel, and the

I Midguts of Yonkers Will try con-

olutiioDB at Carmel. Two Carmel

The Boughtons, a musical company

of plavers under the management of

Will Boughton. formeriy well known

here, am negotiating for a date at the

Town Hall and will probably play

hera on Saturday evening, January

10th. The company Is a' fine class one

and has been meeting with flattering

snoosss this season.

Orders of Supreme Court Jusilne

Maddox were filed with County Clerk

Sutherland of Westchester County,

last week, revoking th^ license of the

new Bye Beach Inn. at Rye Beach,

conducted hy William H. Leonard,

who IR well known here, tieoanse, as

the complaint shows, he allowed

gambling with slot maehlnes In hia

summer hotel.

Mrs. Rarrieti Landon Cotoi, of Neir

York, the teaeher o( danelag* was In

town yesterday arranitlng for afterw

noon and evening elassas and will

organise the elMses and oonmenoe

teaebing the latter part of February.

AnnooneemMit later.

George HeCann, of Towners, died

In the Presbyterian Hospluj, New

York, on TneMay morning; from a

complication of- dlssascs from which

be had hoped tb flttd rsllet' at the

hospital. He was- twenty-six years Of

age. The remahis wcr« brought to

Towners abd the funeral held yester-

* * * ' • '•••'-'•' ;• •'• ^ •

William Pender wi before Justice

F. R Hallagaiu this week forvlolatlon

of hie promise to aend hts children to

school regularly and to see that they

behaved themselves properly while In

schfMl. The Justice two weeks ago

had promised to deal severely with

Pender, if he did not keep his agree­

ment Pender was this time repre­

sented by counsel and was Inclined to

question the truant officer's authority

to prosecute him, but quickly changed

hts mind. When the law was made

clear to him he signed an agreement

to obey the letter of the law In the

future. He cau thank the leniency of

the court that he was not heavily

fined and Is not now In jail, as the law

U very explicit lu such eases.

Two men from Croton Falls wera

found by Officer Arnold In a helpless

state of Intoxication last Friday after­

noon lying In the snow on Raflroad

avenue. They i|nere arrested and

after, being given ssveral hours In

which to regain their senses were

brought iKfore Judge Hftnooak. They

said they were out of work and

Intimated that ten day* In the warm

tiartnel Jail would about suit tbem.

The eoort couldn't see why the tax­

payers ahould be compelled to pay^

their board for the first offense and

discharged them with the tip that If

they wera brought before him again

they would get ptrar board and plenty

of work M Crow Hill for ilx n o itha

They wisely took the tip ftud hurried

out of town.


The proeeecllng toae^nlra lands and

*-lOhribliiiab tree elaborately trimmed

night labl, iu Ihe 78tii year uf liib agu. ' aud filled with prebcuts for the muui-

Hectuibtid liad lived iu Suuilmaiil tur' bere uf the huhool was a very attrac-

tbtf iMiHt ii yearband wab au liouebt, j tlve feature. Tilt) program of mublc

highly re«|ieclctl aud iuduflrolub far- aud lecltatiuub by the cliildreu was

mer. He cared little for lite uare^uud exoelleutly reuderud. The dibtrlbutiuo

flirtiiueb uf the world outbide lilb own ; of gifib wliieli uaiuc at the ciobe uf the

ueigtit>urli(>od but wabL-ver bulicltoub >exerciM-b, wa*i uot tlie leobt iiu|>url4Lut

fur llie Welfare of liib neighburb. He ptrt uf llie eulertaiumeut. U«v. Mr.

iiiarried Aiuelia Harueb, wliuburvives

hiui. The funeral berviueb were held

today at ll:ilU u'cluck lu llie Old

Soultieabl I'rebbyleriuu church, lu llie

i.erviceit uf which lie liad lung Ueeu au

urdeut worker.

btowiltb tliaoked hib cuugregaliou

aud frieudb for a purue cuutalulug

about flOO with a few well chobeu


The Grand Central Station was

threatened with deHtruetion by fire

early on Monday morning and only

the prompt work of the dremen oaved

It. A hot air pipe near thf roof of the

big building caused the fire. It had

biirued some time Iwfore discovered,

aud when the flreineu arrived flames

were leaping from the roof. The

Are was In a difficult place to dsht

but a half hours fight placed it uuder


The suit of Janieit H. Coineiikey

agaiuHt ChaHes Hopkiub v-Hxne IM--

fore .lustlcu E R- HI^H at MieTown

Hall oil Monday afternoon. From

theevidKnoebubmltted hy the plaintiff

il bceiiiH that Coinebkey Itoutclit and

paid for beven tonb of Imy and blraw

contained in a mow iu Hopkln|b barn.

He claimed lo have received er hall at 8 p. in.

Dancing In the lower hall from D to 13.

The program of eiiclit iiumberij in­

cludes a ttolo by Misb Uariuoo, which

ibsureloa4ld to the attractiveness of

the concert. The program followb:

1. Nutluudl I'n'iudt).

Uurcli,' lupi'rliU Edwiird" Hotua

bt:kcUuii, •'

Huug. bvluc'

for Mr. Cole's estate $850.

Miller, attorney, •43.50.

The Eatate of Benjamin D. Rverett

waa in poesession of 18^ acres all lying

on the east side of the road and well

watered. The Everett place entire

consisted of about 98 acres with fine

dwelling aud barns valued at tlS-SO.

The loss of 18^ acres cut off the water

supply. The value of the laud Uken

and the damage was estimated by the

claimants witnesses at •7.5U0. The

city witnesses conceded •8.000. The

Commissioners fixed the prloe at

•4,800. P. a Bariiom, attorney, •SIS.

A farm owned by A. F^ Lobdell,

oonststing of abont 87 acres, was

deprived of 48 aerae, while aooess to IB

aeres was entlraly ent off together

with all the avallatile water supply.

Two large bams were ak» taken leav­

ing the dwelling literally "high and

dry." Theelalmant'B witnesses valued

the land and buildings taken at

•l8.0Da The city witnesses estimates

averaged about •6,000, The award

waa •lO.OUO. A. J. Miller, attorney.


- Mra Armenia W. Bodd's farm of IfiO

aerea waa atrlpped of all bulldloga

valued at ffl.nun, and 16^ acres of land,

taking, aiHt, all the water. The

claimant placed the value and dam-

age at Vl.OOa The city experta made

the top price •O.OOO. The award was

•11.000. A. J. Miller, attorney, •SSO.

Thesumof •410.03 was awarded to

the heirs of Mary Governenr for undis­

puted Interest In a mining right aud

tocounaef. Hill, Sturcke & Andrews,


Nearly all the costs for witnesses and

disbursements were allowed as


Underwear In great variety,

able goods and low prices.



ror ^ sad Life iBSWSBOe •otoA.r.Bcai

Try s loal of tMsUV Boaioa Mown

Hwlcf^ >oa Bona sad mlsed


Fiss for •ale*

sevsD BrrkiUre pigs, tea weeks dd, vUlte

sold cb( sp inqnini a 8 Piaasa FISLS.

ITor Sala Cheap

Berkshtrs Bosr a yeara old. VsAint Towwnsa.

To tei^ •

A fecttc oi rooms ID ibe oomto Sows «a Bifl.-

ro»d Aveooe Apply to a A. MPMPALL.

"Holers B&lied Oboctriatss St Pleta's.

j ^

Four-Horte Knglne for Sale*

A four- boras power 0sxter engtne sad bt^Rt.

wUI be sold obesp. AU U ROOd ooudlttoo.' OU

andsee. AbsigaUu W. B. UMmm._ •

Kindling Wood.

Br tlie oord or load. DelUered spUt ta aay '

uze sod len^b desired. BDWASO M. WC -

BaUiusd Are, Brai

For Sal*.

one ooe-boTse PorUud tuetgti, Btsek Var

Robir, slBo a One BUinir of BeUs. almoM asw.

inquire of Mss. B. D. Bvsssrr. Bre>sl«.


BavltutiuBt boogbt two new Ooaobea, i tm

prepared to farola& tor ronersls or trsddliw fB

a low price. OBoaasAsim*.

For •alaChaap.

FsU- beavr work borses. doabia bariMm sag

beavy wapia wlib dirt body. .X- _ _

For •ale.

First class Sleigh, oewly palDied

sbafta, plumes aod acreea



wlUi pole,

cost siBUOO. si a

OsoaoB PowuuL

A wblte Bilk


scarf at tbe recpptlnn of Cbe


Thomas HorrlBeyU Skoeklag Beatk.

Thomas Morrisey, Jr., who when he

could find employment ran a hoisting

machine at different works in the

vicinity, and who lived near Carmel,

met a horrible death Wednesday

night. On Wednesday morning Mor-! iiui«iyuiQ[>a"uaticitiK ciub"oo New'Teiu^

r sey aud three oompanions secured a ; Kinder pleaae reiurolo William Loaw.

gallon of whlbkey in Croton Falls and

by the time they had reached Urew-

fter a few hourb later the liquor hud

dibappcared aud the four men were

hardly able to navigate about the

siruelb. Later In the afternoon liia

coiupaniooM found placea In wlilch to

bleep otf the elTectb of the whlbkey hut

Murrlbey remained on the streetb,

Cows and Wagons For Sale.

(lolDff to Europe, «lil Bell H One botses.*

Jerst-y cows, vnit, butfuleb. Hurrej. pbaetoa,

cutter, buruebseti, bud(]lvii,et«:. Uat«8reaaooable,

KoBKKT ijTOCK, Brewbtcr, N. Y,




lers Cbooolate Creun feppermluu al


iL tbe future 1 wui be M. the Bflflem depot tg

3oaauct my oommlsslun bubUieas tbr^e days ears

tr«ek,lQbieiidoi iwoniivbeuoli week as &en.'kC ure all filled wUh matter

dtiserviug aud tbe geuUeuieu bbuuld of up-to-date lutereal. It will be well

feci proud uf the addiiiuual bouors to call uu Mebhra. MuLeau broH. at

aud trust luipobed upuu them.~Wc«t- ouoe aud so make certikiu of bccuriug

obtwttir Kews. a copy.


ooal is belling for seven dollars a tun

iu thai village but that Brewster oual

mercliauib deuy tlie truth ofastate-

meut recently made iu these t^lutuus

that coal lb being brought from

Ijrewster to Daubury by l«am. Tbe

STANUAKU bays that coal is belug re­

ceived lu that place iu bmall quttuti-

tieb aod that theprlcewih uudoubt-

cdly be kept at §7 all wioler, but that

there wili probably^ be uo coal to

bjiare to Uaiibury people. The Mews'

btalemeut that coal was beiug Uuughi

iu Urewbier aud hauled Lo this city

wab made upouiufumiaiioaf uruished

by partiub who bsid that they b^id

received coal from Brewbteraud ouly

yeblerday au Kveulug News reporter

was iufortoed that a Hrewbter mau

bad promibed to send ooal iu tou lots

to bib fiieudb here.—Daubury News.

about SittU and the uext b^en or heard

ut him wab a report wliich reached

the vlllaKC on Tlitirbday inoriiliig that

he had Lwen found dead npuu the ii-.e

uuveriug the reservoir near Tilly

Fut-ter. Coroner Michell wab iiotlOed

aud from IIIM iuvebtlgullun it developed

that Morribey had probably been

walking on the Iraukb of the Putuutu

Division which cross the reservoir on

Ills way tu Ills liome 'and had been

struck by an engine aud throwu fully

forty feet upou the Ice. Death was

probably iubtantaueous from his con­

tact with the engine as his head and

body was terribly mangled. His body

was frozen and It bcCms reasonable to

iufer that he was struck by the train

which arrived iu Brewsterat OittU p. lu.

Wheu Morrisey had not put lu au

appearauce at his home yesterday

luoruiug his father, Thomas Morrisey,


.Light's oroasing, iustltuted a bcareh

for blm aud liail uot proceeded far

when he saw a body lying upou the

ice aud upon investigation recognized

tbe reiuaiub of lilb bou. This its uot

llie only sad feature of the man's

death. A few yearb aKO he married

Mary Douuvau, of Carmel, who sur

vives blm with three bmall children,

the oldest belug five years of age.

The ourouer gave permissiou for the

removal of tlie body which was taken

tu the home of liib widow.

Morribey was Ubually a hard work-

iug. iudubtrioiib mau who provided

well for bib family aud wab popular

aiuoug his auquaintauoeb. His great-

Notice of Removal of Bodies from the

Catholic Cemetery, Croton Falls.

All iiLTHouH bivliitf mi^udti liurli'd lu Uis

('nlliollL- I'-emumi'v ui Cniion FUIIH, N. Y.. WIU

iilcuKi- write lu M. IV. Hiullli Us Hay are to be

jvLu bvlure April l, )tn».

M. w. liHiTB, Croton Pdlis, N. r.



Juuuuo & ISM

Tbeamiual uuHlutfol llie BliureLolUt-rBuf ibis

biuiU, lor till! Kli-cll')U ur DinH'lortt urid the

iruiiHucUou or bucli uLlier bUbluL-bs iib muy be

bruu;;tii b.-t6ie U. wi!l bu beld lu IU buxiklnir

boube cm Tuesduy. Jauuar) la. IWS.

leu Iroiu 10 tu ll a. in. .

BuwASO U. STA-Uifkut. t'luibler.

FutlB Will be open Iroin lO tu ii a.

Hlbs Uarmuu.

6. pum-t^, -*Tbt'Vurklti'b lireuti" Mills

fl Muilx,**Ulue Duiiubf" bUaUbb

7. Hclei'ilull, -flonMirn" ttiuiut

b. Fluuli-. "lluullii tilQv«(iilllutf lu

lUf iiliibt wU( u It bUalt be removed by li! o'uluUt

uuoii iJie ut'xt day Auy pt-ruun uDeudUtK

utcalubL Uilb oi'dluauue bliu I UV uubjuul tu a

uI Uvt' duUuru luT (.'M'-b uud tiverjr

Traiu J7. north bound, arriving at

Hrewbterat &;t4, will liereafier stop al ^**^^^^

Muuut Veruou ou signal, to lake uu ' 1, lUcUard Mlulitdl. vliliwe uliu-kut tbuVUlai:*

pasbeugerb lor staUoub north of Vai- l^f^Ki^^^al^d'^^iiuSVilrValL^d^


% • • • • : : .



I On l^l!thi!er*9 |

I Brink !fi H ^

• ^^ ' . — • .

7 I-.'

tni«. .naB,.90ttfli|^ .rTh«tt IRTM «'

'*W1uit did you hare to go and pick

•ttt thli "pier forr* complained the

*vatchman. "You're only ttiakinc lOe


*Van Is bom to tnmble aa tbe sparks

tf apward/* quoted the man. "This

•warn tbe nearest one," he added. Be

vas panting a little.

"Yon'd never got a-past me If—jf—

If yon hadn't been taking a little

nap,** snggeetcd the man. *'WeII. It's a

Kood night for"—he pansed, glancing

.auy with

threw him dowu. lie turned on tho

iruB, but HODiebody turned It off again.

Buy. in three months he wua HO etuck

«n another ludy that be wua talking

about killing himself aguln."

"Curloua people, the Oennans," re­

marked the niuu absently.

The batUt^ wutt-hmun rubbed his

b(iud painfully and patieuUy tried

nt'uin. "If It's Klekuess that's driving

yuu to it, you don't want to be too qulek

itbout It, 'cause you can't never tell.

Kike as not it ain't us bud us you tbluk.

There wus a frieud of my brother's lu

tiu! groci'fy busluumt shut himself ou

account of uot huviug good hf-ulth, and

the autopsy showed thut he could have

IMVU fixed ul! rlghc]^ be hud went to a

j;ood doelor/' '••'

"I'm well euougb lu body," suid the

lusu shortly.

"You dou't talk like a oiau that's era-

jey," ventured the wuU'hmuu.

"Ko't Thut's tturprislng, all thiugs

coiuiderod." reuurkt^ the uiuu bitter­


"Kay, purduer." said the wutehmuu

upptsuliu^ly. "If you're bouud to go you

might as ^^'«U tfll me who jou utv uud

xrhut >'ou'ri) dolug it for. It'd suve b

lot of trouble Lu the eoroufr."

"Very thouyhtfui of you. Well. I'm

John tiuiith-tJiut's u lie; thiriy-four

yuurs old: no friends, uo rclutJves, to

«iiH!uk of—tiiul's the uuib; live ut iAi\>

fifth uvcuue-thut's u lit'. And I'ui

«Iuing this Uicuuse it's the ouiy thing

fur me to do."

"Thut's unother." said the watch*

auau jiruxupLly. He leuuud over the

•Idc of the pier, swlngluy his tu-m iu a

•duup, swwpliw jE««turti.

•pliiahliig samid^ jtofn;liflow/,lMudly.rto

W dAittbgntsbedfrou tbe.wasli of tba

•lilies, Ataid In t(ie\,watclimaii*0 attI-,

tildeioTtaln'alertiteas.' ' '

"bitiift t^ ariy Waka.** the man said,

'nnlessytftt irant tb haati^ matteta."

"Rlff»t a^roM - Uulrs.

lu Spite of their historic solidarity, lu

si'ite of the iwwerful uud biudJug iu-

Uueuce of their t;omiuuu wumuuhuod

uud lu spite of ull the thuughts uud

feelings lu which tUey ubure, I duubt

whctUur such u thing as frieudshlp lu

its very hlgbusl sense can ever exist

between two women, for the essential

elements of friendship ure uuhesltatiug

eoufideuee aiul uusu'erviug luyulty, uud

these ure precisely the two things which

euu never by uuy {KMisibility be glveu

by uue wouiuu to uuutlier.

Honor, in the muu's uuderstuudiug of

|Ms word, is somethiug thut has no ex-

iat4-ur. Wickbam leaned over blm and

with a pair of scissors proceeded to di­

vest blm of tbe lower portions of bis


"Won't you have some pity? Can't

we fix It up by arbitration? I don't

M'ish to lose my legs." Aud his sobs

were loud and iiatbetlc.

To Dr. Wlckham's mature mind It

was plain that the time for uctlou had

arrived. So, arresting her scissors, she

looked into his face aud said;

"Wtuit would you do to save tbem?"

"What would 1 not do?" he auswered.

"I shall Inherit great wealth. It shall

be yoiirs."

They looked at one another for a

time. Then Dr. Wlckham broke the


"If that is all, theu off they come."

And she reached for the saw once


"Hold! Hold! I will, moreover, sgree"

—tbe words clogged lu his throat—"I

will agree to murry you."

"Tbere, that Is sutUcient," answered

Dr. WickhuuL And then, cutting the

thong thut held his right hand, she

bade him write his propusul down on


With a treiubllug hand he did so, and

it ruu us follows:

My DuurvHt Dr. Wlckhata—Too buv«

•itved my Ule. and la my gratitude loi

your SiO-vlces I otttjr you my hund in wud-

lock. Your Hlavv.


The first suu thut arose ou the uew-

born yeur fuuud tUciu stuudJug before u

miuisler. ThuoiHutsluu. struuge euougb,

wus uiso their bin hOuy. She wus forty-

seven, uud be was tweuty.

. • . -,•.•< -• 'p,i'. ••••: J'l

It It a graat' aflllctlon (or a woman to

have hbr ri6e at^i^ited by ptmMS'or

sny form of eruptive disease; *atasm ODOnty, ic«w

^oHi. db ca IMore die sntb dsv nf Jniw. flin

;wted Decfinb^t^^sn.

AtasiKtnw F LesMix, admisistrstor:

Assia J. MtLMia^,

-lor Admlnisomuir.'

, .BasoeU BouiAsrd. sumivate pr ibe^county

Of social enjoyment Duffif^nnng erltp- vouchers thtrvui, lo tiie anderatmiod, Elocu­

tions are cstlfcdetora.tlta UUi

div ot Jaaiiary, iDog.

inl)M,'Juiy 4,19(M. I /;

OtoAS BAiitv, Bxecutor.

FSSCsaioS RAnNDM, Attunity. "^ • •

BrewstRr, N. T.

csnse disesse. UjperfeetlyafiA permapr

cntly cures scrbnilous sotes. eczema,

tetter, bolll pimiiMi'aiid other AijpUve

dlsesses which-aracknsed l^'the blood's

impurity. It increalics i tlJe action of

the blood-naking e^^^ds and fhui^ Jn-

creases the supply of |Kire rich blbodl

"For alMNit dne ycaranQ SlMtf iwp«ftt«wat^

very btdly brakca out" write* HIM,,Carrie

Adams, or tl« Went Mala nraet,*Mtt1

shall be conveyed to oeas-poois ana aeadBWsa,-

or conveyed at lesst sutty fevt mna soy awaSi

hiwseiiitlwTuwnotBomheMtt. . ^^^


11. AUprlfTSinitsititiie Town ot soaibsaa*

ud wltbln ms feet a' oay dweilUw ltoase73lsV>

be deodoruted aad disinfected, and fflpttneinei

oirnisive odors.

111.- AU_pri^ fltnia-witbin the limitsoltiM-

if aoathessft,

, „. ..asi oaos ta 1

each year.

' tv. Aliretase'tiisuer anil deoouboain^soib*

staooa within one iiaodred test ot say dweuioa

house in the town of soutUeast shau tw eftoct-

BMly distniected or removpd.

V. No decompOHing material, botwe atoss

garbage, or putruflcrlblfl sabstance, detnlmenw

to purillo heaiui, shall be damped or piaord in'

ahy ot tlie streets or hlgnways in tbe Ton f0

P tme^ANT TO AW nitbER OF" noN. j

ueomtt flonthard, suRogate ot tbe count}

of Putnam notlge la hereby gfrcD. accordttig ic

law, to all persOM I'aviBtr cluims anUnH Uenri

Bamum. late 01 the TUKO of anUlTieast ID said

(Jounty, aeceaswi tO present tho same, with tbt

vouclieca (bereof, to tbe undeislgoed, Adrotnls-

trStor (if all and Hlngulor the goods, cbauelt

aDd«i«dlieof tbesalddeoeased, st bis place 01

txansacuiig business at tbe uflloe o Frederlo 8

iMraam, Hrewstef.'N. Y;.on or eeiore the Sd

day of Pebmary.'lSPS. .

Patnl tills 1st dsy'bf August A D„ 1009.

' > •• - ^ ^./HSMSVB.aoi»s, Administrator.

FsKosoic S IBAnHDM, Attorney,

Bmniter,N, V -


Bennett Southard, BnrtogSteot tbeOfuntj

ot Pataam, notice Is hereby KiVen, seoordlsg to

law, to all poagos iisvug claims, agalnat (be

eatKtoof KiMAittBnMnct, late irtae Town

ot sontbeas', 10 Bsld Ooanif.. deeessad, to pre>

Milt the SHme. wittal&e Voocbers thereof, to the

uaderslgbctl^BaecaUMS of tba said deceased, at

tbeomceoi FrederioB BamunuBrewsier.HTy..

on or before tbe sd day disiMLAi'D;itD>, '

Dated October 1. IMS. ."

-pBtLI^J.BSnW I «nf.Mtnn

^WASasii 8. P^ppMis.f »«!tt«»*

PHBtMoS tfAaMSTAttdmSl',- ^'' • -

Brewster. M«V. . .



#. B FAOAH * BOH..

MsanfaotorefS ot snd desiers la

Cueterr Work of All KioHi.

Prom any of the Psreign or Ameilcan Oraolte M


Vaults, itmunBiits, Tatlets, HsalstooBi

Bnolotures, Bto.

Lattarlar Doaa la Cemetertei.

A good stock of dnlshed work «lway»

on hand. Designs and prices tarnished

on applloattoD.


A Lire At SUka,

If you but knew the i>plenresald town of {'Ormel ou Tueeduy ol eacL

weeit aud at tbe afllue c> till! County Judge oi

PuLuauiCouuly, 111 Ibe village ui *-^ld bprlug

lu Buid t'ouuiy. ou Friday ul eai-u wt«k, exuepi

dunug the U'Kiii liB ul .iiuiuury aud Augubt

Dated Jauuuo' ^< ^^"^

J BSNMSrr SouniAaDt

Puuuuii cuuuiy Judse

Filed January 8. iWUi

Putuoiu Couuty CD rk 'f Ofllce. a. s.

I. EvwAKU I' WKBKH, rierk uf tbe countj

counuiPuLniima)Uijiy,dobenljyuituy that

Uiu preuMtdlug 18 a true copy of tbe

[L. 8 3 orlglnsl ou Uie lu Uils ufllue

E.C Uaau. Clerk.

Ibis act on

: - ._ -'enutted

uBreto may reoelve the deeds en such sale. .

The following being a llBt ot such tax salea.


Lot on Stonielgh Aveuue. owners, chUdreo

of Huuun Uusb and A J Uopklua. Sold to

Addlbou J. Hopkins for suio.

Wuier Lot and lUglit near Xake Habopao

BUi'poBad owner iames O. Uullok. Sold to put-

nam County lor t8.4o.

KENT. • •

Lot of land contatniug atiout Id anres located

on Barrult UIU. Owner not icaowu Sold to

WUiiaui 11. Ueacom lor ft 71

Laud lucuied Bt Uonoutown> Owner Rlllah

Dari-Pti. sold to Putnam c^ounty for

Luud located ut Hurtoutowu. Owsur. Daniel

s. Ilorloii. Hold to Puinato Couuty fortisao.

Laud lualudin Hmukj Hollow. Uwuer, belm

ot Fruderlck raiver, deceased. Bold to Jaiuea

M. llyauiijr$ «.5l.

LuudlutuuidulUortontown. Owner,Benliuala

llorLun. bold lu I'utuiun County tor ^.w

Lot located uii-Towot-end hitlge. Owucr.belrs

ot liJesear furl, doceused. Buid to Churlus £.

Nlcuula torSO-llS.

!.4iud located In Hortontown. owner. Elljab

IJgbt. Sold to Putaam uouuty for ST us.

Laud located in Uortoutowu. "

owner. Heirs ol

Sold to Ueorge U.


By tbe oratie u( Ood iroe aud liiiiepi'iidt.'Ut:

To WiUtuiu Lyucb, Uie liuhUund or Mury Lyi'oli,

Nailuiiul buiviy ixiuipaiy, Vt Nuhbuu bmx-t,

New York t:ity, N Y , and to Uie crtidlUiiB, ut-Al

of klL, uiiU all ullicr pi-i-buiiU luu-nblud lu il.e

estaU- ul Mary Lyucli. lute ul iLu TUM'U K>1 tjuuili-

eubt. lu Lbu County ul I'uUituti, aud bUile uluro.

ittld. du t-aw-d, lutuMiuU', htt-u (>Hl£n'l^u:

Vol' *Ni> KAI'U oJ-yorurit'iLtduodnijulPed

purbuuully Ui IK-uud uppeuudej

Ute tg,'eul uviuty-uut.veurB, lliiyiuertMjulrod t'

apin-ar by u eir KuuJ'ilmu. li Uit-v liuvt i>ut', or |f

tlit-y liu\o uuiiv, to niiiii-ui' and upjiiy lui uue to

U- iiii|ii>luu:e, ur Ul the i-vtul ol klii ir u>ultMl

orluliurt'bu loduayuurdliui wUi \n- uitpuuiUid

l)y Uie r

' *••all or shell

or other similar projectile they emit a

ring of smoke which grows larger and

largei; as It ascends until at last before

It breaks It is big enough to surround

a ten acre field. Instead of hall

only rain falls when the guns are used,

and damage to cropa Is prevented.

— 1

•laUFMtMl Mall.

The postpfflce department has prepared

a set of statistics, aays the

Bprlngfleld. Republican, which amount

to an indictment against every fourth

person In the country for misdirecting

maU. The department handled 10,954,-

437 pieces of mall last year which were

wrongly or Imperfectly directed. Nearly

10,000.000 of the^ were either forwarded

vvith correct addresses or returned

to the sender. The money

taken from the tettfers that found their

way to the dead letter olDce and for

which no owners could l>e found, together

with the amount realised (nan

the auction sale of mdatmcd artlctea

Accumulated In t^ ofBCC^ • aggrefkted

N«w Vtmam of Ufo for mm l»w»


-1 •->•>.«.*-*•••%.-v, ..rrjtiwiK'fcir


Twenty-five per cent, off your

feeding bills and a better condition

of the horses is the result of

feeding the H-O Co.*s Horse

Feed regularly.

No better manual and gnlde tsan be

found than the devotional j^lma.

What the results of a changed life

Here is no speculatlfm on the: divine

mysteries. The thought Is not scientlflc.

but It Is meditative. It takes a

truth and tuma it over and over. It

regards It not so much critically to dis­

«bonld tie may be stated with absolute sect It and note Its parts as to watch

certainty. We ahould "cease to do Its Influence on one's own life. Medita­

«Tll and Icnm to do wetL" We should tion goes OT'cr the part with the lamp

"put off the old man and put on the of uK'tuory. It looks ovf>r all the pres­

new man." The liar should give up ent and notea Its meaning and with

lying and speak the truth; the thief Imoglnfltlon marks out the coming time

«bon1d abandon stealing and go to and course. It fccln as well as tblnka.

work; "all bitterness and wrath and The pulses tingle, the heart throbs as

4ngcr and clamor and evil epcoking It feels the meaning of the truth

faboutd] be put away, with all malice/* thought. The thews knit up with Drm

Good far tfM tlol W«&tf»ar.

I bn* bMS MU| tb« H.O Ca.'i Hon* Peed liir aboM BIM naatbi, ral lilll .11 rlfhl ud Uut It

«M« mt mmtf, l^mfedh aU thnmgk th. bat wnlhcLud •ipKtts COMIBIMIUBM, Itklfea

»Mt iblBi to f« fcMMi !• CMdltiM that 1 mr MW. A. roUHO,S9 Wltocf M., N«vatk, N. J.

and in their stead' we should "be kind resolve, add soul and body are one in

^S«a.% far Sr«i30-«t«r a.xid Vioiaityp

«tne to another, tender hcartNl, forgiv­ new strength of resolute life.

ing one another, even as God for

The great »oula who have wrought

Christ's soke has forgivien uo." Two

& K O . AV , H A. I. L

with God have In all ages been made

-clementa are .hovln Involved. Bvil

great by their hours of meditation with

mturt be abandoned, bnt that Is not

God. Moses stands pre-eminent among

«!!; It must be replaced by good.

•Tav^as*''^•'Wtli^'koaa. "

men as revealrr of divine law. No lest


Vices muBt be auperaeded by vlrtuea,

In Btockhcdih'iUiDMt every bonat-

Is he distinguished for his'^ommnnldb

iMld deeds by good.ones.

hotdeir la "bn the tAephone," and prac-


with the' divine mind In solitude. His

Bnt bow coo this be donet This Is

tlcaUy every kind'of dia- Livery Stablesi

eminence Is one of feeling and will as

. the Important question. How can a

cusaed by means of the .Instrument

well as of ideas. Whoever manifested

- B SO . V S

man get- otarted right lo a new, a

iTbla fact haa been, turned to account


mom clearly the flow of divine imr

•clunged. BfeT Everything depends up-

by the police authorltl^ In a. curious


puloes through the humfin .. channels

•on the anawer to thia Inquiry, and It

way. The creditors of a business man


tliau thla one who waa more at home

«an be answered In but one way. .It

who had Krlons doubts of j^ils Integri­

In the mountain top with Ood than' In

ID Oooneotlon with th« Urewmei

cannot be done by human resolutions,

ty employe'* a detective to obtain In-

Sorely BondtalaoiMmea. ofllDcRyderBBUdini

the camp with meh"? * /

bnt by divine regeneration. RegeneraftHtnation

about bim. The detective

Honse and Boutheaat HOIUP

Ma n street Brewster. M. T.

tion and not personal reformation' Is What examplea of exalted IntAvonrsa "tapped" the telephone wire' frum a

the necessary prerequisite to a new with God are given us In Abraham, bouse at which the suspect was stay­

Ufa Unman resolution ofttlmes ac* Elijah and Johnl

ing and overheard many private can- M-Clas Tunoats FimisM.

•compUsbea much, but It cannot go to But of all who have walked and versations. .The action of the detectlw. Por any ooooston at reaaoBODie raus

Ibe root of the matter. 8ln Is a disease watched on earth none has given us however, aroused considerable Indigna­

of the heart that manlfesta Itself In such lesBons aa Jesus.. To Him the tion among the community.

Speoial attention given to train o»

:tbe Uffc To be completely eradicated night watches were specially precious

therefore the heart must be changed. as seasons of meditation and com­

ders and to the traveling pnbUo 'nin

The WCi* ft»> Uutd iw'i.lUc t>d«

oiili i:iur Ti',i'...iu TuLi'III'uUitir.

UuMtt'jvuB BHIWUI udiut* *M4

•ii>M>- ti"J "' Juul I'r.iKf;! I « "fA

tikiur !••' rHrUi-ul'tr*. T«wtlB4 ^,_

M>a *•>;< ii'j tut l.utiiu>. '*> iiiur. hi *^




Lioii GoffN

has better itrenffth and

flavor than many so-call-

.ed*'fancy" brands.

Bulk coffee at the same

' price is not to be compared

with Uon in quality.


MsM pwkates.

Th« eoBtfowMy vwt M» parlor

matoh la sUll tolat on In 9«« Torfc.

The acitatloB brooicht abovtbf tha

dMiera baa preraotMl tta total baoMicDent

afcd It la no* propoaMi to make

atriet /AfcotntlmM aa to keaplnii It

The reqnlrementa tnolode flreproof

tnatoh boxei, placed fl»e and a half

rest from the floor, above the reach of

the ohlldren, a raparate receptacle

for holdlDR the bnmt onea and the

keepinff of not over one thoawnd

inatolies In a boi.

Santod-Dumont iBplanninR to eitah-

ItBh R Hoe of passenffer air ehlpe in

i Parts.

Holiday Goods.

You will And our store

full of useful gifts for

everybody. . . . .

Everything fi^om a Lace

Handkerchief to a Load

ofGroceries. . . ; .

A. F. Lobdell,

Main Street,

Brewster, N. Y.

Do You Go to Nevr York ?

Then let us demonstrate to yonr mtlBraction, that you are wastlns

nnneoPMAry money and time travelintc. Give na a trial order, either outright

or on a marRlo, If only ten shares, we'll be pleased, because you'll

find our way of plaoIuK ordera a aatisfaotory revelation to you. No

Interest Charxes.


Phone lOB. S T O C K B R O K E R . ^ Pbonc 18.

BetabliHhed 1892. B. fl. WHBKLBB, Mgr,

Danbury, Conn. Brewster, N. Y.


l» well prepared for the cold hard winter months that we have got to

, face yet. We can furninh yon with the best of goods for your Infant

^ XL baby, your great grandfather, your sons and daughters with

Clothing and Dry Goods

' and a full line of General Fancy Goods for ladies and Geota. Sytles

and prioes will sure please you all *


B. H. Brewer. Proprietor. Aaron Finehfrg, Mnnager.

Opposite Harlem DeiMt, Foster Building, Brewster, N. Y.



of Our Clearance


of Ladies' and Misses'

Coats and Ulsters.

Prices Ranging at About Half.

Frank M. Scott &; Co.,

183 Main Street, Danbury.

Flower Pots and Stone Pots.

I'liofb llio Jjowt'bt. Goodw Dtilivercd.


Opposite First Congregational Church, Danbury.

Headquartei s for Cluua, Crockery

and Kitchen Furniture, js


Mra. DaHdKen»apa«(.Satardayln


Haaaf*. J. «. and T. J. Kent apent

Monday tn the elty.

Two aaaea of the lerlppe ate reported

In town.

O. 8. Willlana of the News took n

bUBioesa trip to the city Monday.

Miss Harriet Herrlran wtll H|>end

several weeks with friends tn Sharon.

James Uerrltt and Hra. Srt.rah Weed

entertained a H. .Tudd, Misses Frankie

and Gertrude Jndd.

MIM Annie Ninkeiaon was entertained

at dinner on Cornwall Hill on


Mrs, F. B. Seofietd was the gnest

of J.oho Penny and lamily at Brewster

on Sunday.

Hrx. George Dibble, of Mt'Vernon,

was a guept at Cornwall Hill on Wednesday

and Thursday.

Mi& J. H. Cornwall has been entertaining

her friend HIsa Htlla, of New

Haven, the past week.

Coleman Lee who Is flntahing Ms

course at Albany BustneaB College was

at home for Christmas.

Mr. an4 Hra. I* L Baynea entertained

alwut eiiteen at a family dinner

party on Chriatmaa

Mr. and Mra. R 3. Stoat entartetned

Mr. and Mra. John Stephens and

daughter over Sunday..

Mra. W. D. Akin and daughter

apent aeveral daya recently at her

home nisar Dover Plalna.

Mr. and Mra. Lyman Brown, of

Dover Plain)), were gnesta of M. K.

Lee and family on Sunday.

Prof. WbUford left town last week

to enjoy the brief'Chriatmaa vaoatton

with relatlvea In Mew York and Mew


The dancing class under the charge

of Miss Cleveland was held in Btahl's

hall Saturday evening and^waa well


Mr, and Mra. J. C. Oerow have the

pleasure of entertaining their daughter

and iwp ehildreu of Mew Yotk

during the holidaya ''

ThelLadies Afternoon Whist riuh

was entertained by Mrs. Cornwall.

Mr, and Mra Cornwall expect to start

for Califoruiti where they will spend

the rest of the whiter.

Dr. and Mra. T. p. Blrdsall and sons

Joined twelve otiiers of the BIrdrail

fnnifly at their gathering In the

homeiitead at Mewb.irgh Christmas

and B|Mint an enjoyable day.

Men and teams were buity getting

ice for the wtlk factory ice houaes the

first of ttie week but it was not very

thiokfand some preferred to wait

longer lj*-fiire (leglnning to out.

hUM Lului Tucker eptertalned a

small company* at her home Friday

evening in honor of her guext MIM

Florence RIcharda The evening was

spent witl'i "progressive flinch" and a

dainty supper was served.

A very hatnlsome new altar rail wa

plaoud In ChrUt churoh lout before

the bPrvice on Chrlstmaa luorning. It

was bought and presented by St-

Mnrgaret'e Guild and was a complete

Hurprltte to moct of the parish. It la

hrubs of a very uuat and appropriate


Tlie new acf*iy ene gas plant placed

In the Judil hall wus usuil fur the first

titue. on Tuettilay evening The line

stage and aiMiessories now plac«-d In

pobitiou make it the tluest and must

complete hull in this vicinity and

One of the most enjoyable eooiol

eveuia of the Sfasoo was the dance

iriveu ' by HIH Misses Patterson iu

Judd's hall Tuesday evt-ulug. About

80 luviled guesis were present and a

very dainty bufl'el supper ufsaladi*,

ices and fancy cakes was served. The

Bruijo orchestra furuibbed excellent

uiUbio. The yo^uug ladies were assisted

in rt»ceiviug by Mrs. Matthew

P. Cornwall.


Afler an IllufbS uf mure than three

muiillis durtiiiuu Tliuiuas H. Lswreuce

eulert-tl Julu rett buuduy eveuiug, at

his iiuhiu ufur Jioauerburg. His

iti-fbruM^ (viil Lte greatly uiiM>i'-d iu the

old tSouthvast Pre«>b) tpriau cliurch

of which lie was a Ruliuic Elder for

over 4U yearK beiug uidaJued under

tiie paHtuiait^ of Kev. (ieorge F.

Goodhue iu ibUS, He was also a loyal

sui'purt«r of the uhuruh aud iu all the

ulliues wbii^h h** tilled he disuliarged

bis duties with ability aud prudeuoe

After a faithful aud couhista^t life of

IH yeais bis luouruiug frleutls caji but

rejoice that be baa entered the

iieaveuly tuaUttiotu ixgt made vitb

handfl and la Mcned toraver mora In

tlie praaenea oT hia redeemer. The

funeral aarvloa was held Friday at

11 :M a. tn. at the ehareh. Bev. Bdwlo

B*>hner, of Prlneetftn, eonducted the

aervlce aaslaied by Rev. J. Z. Falvre.

The interment waa made-In the

family plot tn the old Presbytarian


CeM Mprlag.

Frank Parrell, of Brooklyn, i« visiting

relatives during the holidays.,

Harry L. Timm and wife, of Detroit,

spent a few days wltn Postmaster


The dance at the Town Hnll Mew

Yearr tfve waa a decided succew,

everybody thoroughly enjoyjng themselves

to the fullest extent

A ohltnney on Are in the Paulding

house called out the fire company on

Wednesday morning. Owing to the

promptness wtlh which It responded

no damage waBsastained.

Hikey Parks, a local character, reeently

apptfeil to the poormaBter for

aceommadattons at the county houwe

for the winter. After being transported

and finding he waa obliged to

aaw wood h» walked home.

The dancing class reception Mew

Teara night waa well attended, many

oat of town peopla helping to make

It the attraetlve anoeesa Great oredit

la due the yonng ladleaforthe elBctent

manner In which the olaaa.ia eondqated.

,1^ . /., '

The numerona frienda bf^Mra. C- R

Cleveland, widow of the late Oreatea

Cleveland, Jr., were aurprlsed to hear

of her death. She waa taken .with a

alight cold which rapidly devetoiied

into pneumonia and sinking rapidly

she passed away Monday afternpus(>

it Is. It uud 'origluul' over it iu the

ue\vs])apcr 1 look it from."

It was u lirown uuiversity student

wliu bud tlie frout to auk I*rofessor

Ciiswcll wlietbor Uls uauie would uut be

u» Wfii without the C.

soiuetbiug of whiuh the (own muy

It WHS u Drown graduate wbo ut the

well fei'l proud.

age of sixty led tolbe bymcneal ultar u

The many friends of Miss Lillian bride of twt'nty-Uve and wbo, being

MoKeiizle of GrefUwiuli, a former askitl by u college claasiuute buw be

teacher iu the school here will be t-uiilriviHl at his fi-osty time of life to

shocked to hear of her di^lh on Sun­

wiu tlie uflTecUons of so young u wuiuun,

rejiUcd: "Ob, it was easy euougb. 1

day last after two weeks' iilness from

Just addr(!sst^d to ber two lines of t>oe-

typhoid fever. 8he was a girl of flue try, 1 wruu-:

charauter and bright »uuny dls[>osi-

"If lov« Is u llatne that Is kindled by Arc,

tlon and woo many friends during TlivD au old Kilck Is bust beuauMi ''tis

her st.iy hero.


It WHS a Harvard student Who mauy

The death of George McCunu oc­ years ago bud tbe coliruge at the sudcurred

at the Presbyterian Hospliul den apimrltlun of Professor P. at a

at one o'clock Tuesday moriiliig. boulliv wbicb the youth with other stu-

Burial was In the Caibollocemetery duuts bud Uudled iu tbe voUege yard

at Pawling on Thursday- Be was to staud and confront biui wbeu, us in

I 20 years of aice and had always lu-uo tbu caae of Cuaabiani:a on the buruing

in poor health since his service in the

deck, *^all but bim bud ded." "1 um

surprised. Tbumbuu, to llnd you In sncb

Cuban war. He la survived by one

company *." exclaimed the professor. "I

brol ber.

sec nobody hue but you aud me, professor/'

was tbe reply.


The Wvmau and Ibc Wlnduw.

Why is it, usks uu exi-bauge, tbut a

wuuiuu can sti-uggie until she Is red In

the face and worn out l>ulb In temper

and body by a window in a ruiiruud

trulu in ber vain eudeuvurs to close or

open it wht^u all tluit a luuu bus to do

is to walk up aud go over exuclly tiie

auuie Hue uf uct-iou that abehusuliviidy

cxbuusti'd. aud duwu uouics Lbu iWraelury

wiuuuw iu u jlffyV It is u utust

huinllluliiig fufl. but a very U-uc out-,

uevurtbclrst^. tbut not live wumcu out

vt a iiozi-u ever succeed iu uiTuUi^iiig a

wiuduw to ibt'ir autisl'ui-liou. Tbcy

pull uxjd tug until tbi'y ari'euibuiTUKSi'd

auJ linully Iu u pluudlug munucj- luok

ui'ouiid ut suiui' slJp of a muu, wliu

witbuut ui.'.v iiuiihi'iibc briiigs about Ibe

dt;tilrn bpalnia smMIrr oltlta BII

over tbe i>uunir> Tlila and tlilBaioDesliowatbalwecQUldiR'tdobuslatBBta ibMeplaoeB



tlitire wtrr BOUII t dU(«ini-nlB to set tbe people out ol Uie luriie dUea und to cuaw to



tntire wtrr Bonn i tiU(«ini-niB 10 get me peopie out 01 uie luriie dUea una to cuaw to S

uawlnyvtlle iui,tiy tli(>lrl-urnuiire. Yuu all know tbere are not mauy attractions htre Z

except t trt>iiifi,iii>df>i'iiiHiiit'Uli.v trt>iiifi,iii>af>i'iiiHiiit'Uii.v an auto ninnlnfir runninir tbrouKb tbe town and sUrrioir sUrriDa up ourZ ourS



^ i>u do





iiiiufi li'> ulT a row days and rocupeiate tx-rorp trolnif on wltb titelr d«lly E

ktiuw liiiw utit'xix'cU'd one oftbfBt; autos cimiOB down on the people

tbe wl](l|.ri)»«fi Tlicy nru nil Keltlfd down quietly 00 Uielr did tioiiiettl^-udB and eretyilil: peopleluS'

ruuHMv't't Hloii)rir(iin ymr Utyciir, csufptun Paulmrv Kuir wwei., Tlion tliuy iret outrh heoJJ

sprlnir WHifOu uiiu nil liHiioD niHit lur tlie F»lr.

iL-yifet outi ,

sprlnir WHifOu uiiu nil liHiioD niHit lur tlie F»lr. KtrncntbiT wn deliver all ^nnds free uf

oIittr^tKand puiintMceburtMli iiviry. Wlilli- wulllnirrurinitiiB ut liswleyvllle Juststepln to

ourrtfodlDg rooiu i^'licie jcu will iind inBgaziiteti auu pupurs to pass tbe time away. |

Q. F. BAKER & CO.,

Furniture, Cari>els and Kitchen Bangee, |

Telephone IM. J^j ^J ^ ^J J \ jiim Telephone IM. ^

Great Clearing Sale of Ladies',

Misses' and Children's 3

I Suits, Separate Skirts, |




^ Before taking inventory we are offering special 2

values in all departments of the'store..

^^ E. k' STONE. 229 Main St., Danbury.:

mmuummm imim imm mmmmmd

Pawnee 17312,

Record 2:26 x-2.

Dottr Boose Lirery Siabl&s,


Pawling. N. Y,


DAlil~Ul^^KyAUA,Ulauoof S in t-M and Bitter, lucludlug BesutUul Itells.

Dam ur 10.

six uf ilieKftoil'AWNKKbuvftijt«TfdUeaollBt, includliiB Kred I'nftor, KaTj,'.

Juliu U ifUUJt. tuid WuJLt;r It, 2-^^. (nU wlniilug rui e rfuirou } Tlie uittjurlty t-I tlie

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More diristmas Goods Received.

I'irst lot -all sold.

AntJlher shipment of Umbrellas with latest .designs

in handles, fast hlack covers and extra good quality.

One Lot, SjJecial Umbrellas, with Sterling

mounted handle and pearl trimmings at 98c each. Other

qualities from 39c up. Another sale of Table Linen, 50c

quality reduced to 39c; 75c quality reduced to 50c; $i.oo

quality reduced to 75c. Other Holiday goods in great

abundance, (jive us a call.


247 Main Street, Danbury, Conn.


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