Click here to download the catalogue - Dutton Vocalion

Click here to download the catalogue - Dutton Vocalion

Click here to download the catalogue - Dutton Vocalion


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Across three CDs, <strong>Vocalion</strong> presents six superb albums by one<br />

of <strong>the</strong> most famous artists ever <strong>to</strong> have recorded for Decca –<br />

Tom Jones. Not only is each album reissued in its entirety and<br />

sourced from <strong>the</strong> original master tapes, but much of this material<br />

is making its first appearance on CD. These recordings come<br />

from <strong>the</strong> early-mid 1970s part of Tom’s Decca years, which<br />

saw this man with <strong>the</strong> incomparable voice at <strong>the</strong> height of his<br />

powers and focusing on a reper<strong>to</strong>ire that consisted mainly<br />

of ballads and earthy R & B. All of which makes <strong>the</strong>se CDs<br />

excellent additions <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> collections of Tom Jones fans or<br />

indeed anyone who appreciates good songs beautifully sung.<br />

See inside back page (page 23) for ENgElbErT huMpErDiNck CDs<br />


SOMEThiN’ ’bOuT yOu baby i likE<br />

& MEMOriES DON’T lEavE likE pEOplE DO<br />

SOMEThiN’ ’bOuT yOu baby i likE<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5197 (1974) STEREO<br />

Recorded at Sunset Sound Studios, Hollywood<br />

Somethin’ ’Bout You Baby I Like (Supa)<br />

You Make Me Smile (Bruce; Lane)<br />

’Til I Get it Right (Lane; Henley)<br />

Rainin’ in My Heart (West; Moore)<br />

It Never Hurts <strong>to</strong> be Nice <strong>to</strong> Somebody<br />

(McGinnis)<br />

Run Clero Run (Bailey; Williams; Kent)<br />

Make Believe World (Macaulay)<br />

Which Way Home (Wilde)<br />

Sing for <strong>the</strong> Good Times (Frazier)<br />

Right Place, Wrong Time (Rebennack)<br />

cDSMl 8455<br />

MEMOriES DON’T lEavE<br />

likE pEOplE DO<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5214 (1975) STEREO<br />

Recorded at Devonshire Sound Studios, N.Hollywood<br />

Memories Don’t Leave Like People Do<br />

(Dean; Butler; Glover; Bris<strong>to</strong>l)<br />

I Got Your Number (Bris<strong>to</strong>l; Reeves)<br />

The Pain of Love (Bris<strong>to</strong>l)<br />

Mr Helping Hand (Ray; Warner)<br />

City Life (Provisor)<br />

Lusty Lady (Bris<strong>to</strong>l)<br />

We Got Love (Bris<strong>to</strong>l)<br />

Son of a Fisherman (Provisor)<br />

You Inspire Me (Furlong)<br />

Us (Bacharach; Russell)<br />

clOSE up<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5132 (1972) STEREO<br />

Recorded at Audio International Studios, London<br />

Witch Queen of New Orleans (P & L Vegas)<br />

Tired of Being Alone (Green)<br />

Woman, You Took My Life (Johnson)<br />

If (Gates)<br />

The Young New Mexican Puppeteer<br />

(Carr; Shuman)<br />

All I Ever Need is You (Holiday; Reeves)<br />

You’ve Got a Friend (King)<br />

Time <strong>to</strong> Get it Toge<strong>the</strong>r (Levine; Resnick; Feldman)<br />

I Won’t Be Sorry <strong>to</strong> See Suzanne Again<br />

(Stephens; Seago)<br />

Kiss an Angel Good Morning (Peters)<br />


ThE bODy aND SOul OF TOM JONES & ShE’S a laDy<br />

ThE bODy aND SOul OF TOM JONES<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5162 (1973) STEREO<br />

Recorded at Audio International Studios, London<br />

& Sunset Sound Studios, Hollywood, California<br />

Runnin’ Bear (Richardson)<br />

Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone (Wi<strong>the</strong>rs)<br />

(If Loving You is Wrong) I Don’t Want<br />

<strong>to</strong> Be Right (Banks; Jackson; Hamp<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Since I Loved You Last (Carr; Shuman)<br />

Lean on Me (Wi<strong>the</strong>rs); Letter <strong>to</strong> Lucille (Macaulay)<br />

Today I Started Loving You Again<br />

(Haggard; Owens)<br />

I’ll Share My World with You (Wilson)<br />

I Still Love You Enough<br />

/To Love You All Over Again (Mareno)<br />

Ballad of Billy Joe (Rich)<br />

cDSMl 8452<br />


clOSE up, TOM & bONuS SiNglE<br />

ShE’S a laDy<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5089 (1971) STEREO<br />

Recorded at Wessex Sound Studios, London<br />

& Wally Heider Studios, Hollywood, California<br />

She’s a Lady (Anka)<br />

Do What You Gotta Do (Webb)<br />

In Dreams (Orbison)<br />

Nothing Rhymed (O’Sullivan)<br />

’Til I can’t take it Anymore (Bur<strong>to</strong>n; Otis)<br />

Resurrection Shuffle (Ash<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Puppet Man (Sedaka; Greenfield)<br />

It’s Up <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> Woman (Goldberg; Renzetti)<br />

Ebb Tide (The Sea) (Maxwell; Sigman)<br />

(I Ain’t No) One Night Only Love Maker (Monda)<br />

You’re My World (Il Mio Mondo)<br />

(Bindi; Paoli; Sigman)<br />

TOM<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5045 (1970) STEREO<br />

I Can’t Turn You Loose (Redding)<br />

Polk Salad Annie (White)<br />

Proud Mary (Fogerty); Sugar, Sugar (Barry; Kim)<br />

Venus (Leeuwen); I Thank You (Hayes; Porter)<br />

Without Love (Small)<br />

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ (Spec<strong>to</strong>r; Mann; Weil)<br />

If I Ruled <strong>the</strong> World (Ornadel; Bricusse)<br />

Can’t S<strong>to</strong>p Loving You (Bicker<strong>to</strong>n; Wadding<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

The Impossible Dream (Leigh; Darion)<br />

Let T<strong>here</strong> Be Love (B, R & M Gibb)<br />

bONuS SiNglE<br />

ORIGINAL SINGLE F12854 (1968) STEREO<br />

Looking Out My Window (Jones; Mills)<br />

A Minute of Your Time (Westlake)<br />

cDSMl 8458<br />

2 cD SET cDSMl 8448<br />

kpM library<br />

big ciTy SuiTE & kpM 1000 SEriES cOMpilaTiON (1972-78) STErEO<br />

big ciTy SuiTE (David Gold)<br />


KPM 1194 (1977)<br />

Big City – Opening (i); Big City – Opening (ii)<br />

Big City – Closing; Rugged City; City Police<br />

City Centre; Impressions of a City<br />

City Airscape; Pulse of a City; City at Leisure<br />

kpM 1000 SEriES cOMpilaTiON<br />

Testing Time (David Lindup) ‘The Rhythm of Modern<br />

Life/Vaudeville’ KPM 1112 (1972); Four O’Clock<br />

Earthquake (John Cameron) ‘Jazzrock’ KPM 1097<br />

(1972); Smokey Joe’s Dilemma (John Cameron)<br />

‘Jazzrock’ KPM 1097 (1972); Al<strong>to</strong> Glide (Brian Bennett;<br />

Alan Hawkshaw) ‘Syn<strong>the</strong>sis’ KPM 1132 (1974); Jay<br />

Walking (John Cameron) ‘The Trendsetters’ KPM 1131<br />

(1973); Trial of Strength (Keith Mansfield) ‘Industrial<br />

Panorama’ KPM 1136 (1974); Go Getter (John<br />

Cameron) ‘The Trendsetters’ KPM 1131 (1973)<br />

TurNiNg pOiNT<br />

crEaTurES OF ThE NighT & SilENT prOMiSE<br />

crEaTurES OF ThE NighT<br />

ORIGINAL LP GULP 1022 (1977) STEREO<br />

Recorded at Morgan Studio no.1, Willesden, London,<br />

March 1977<br />

My Lady C (Clyne); The Journey (Clyne)<br />

Vanishing Dream (Tidball)<br />

Creatures of <strong>the</strong> Night (Miller)<br />

Princess Aura (Miller)<br />

Rain Dance (Clyne); Better Days (Clyne)<br />

Watchful Eye (James Clarke) ‘Suspended Woodwind’<br />

KPM 1143 (1974); Sunshine Special (Alan Hawkshaw)<br />

‘Sounds of <strong>the</strong> Times’ KPM 1170 (1975); Brass Bullet<br />

(Dave Richmond) ‘Sounds of <strong>the</strong> Times’ KPM 1170<br />

(1975); Good Vibrations (Keith Mansfield) ‘Contempo’<br />

KPM 1188 (1976); Unknowing Surveillance (Brian<br />

Bennett) ‘Drama’ KPM 1168 (1975); Theme for a Hunter<br />

(Steve Gray) ‘The Hunter (Drama Suite)/Adventure<br />

S<strong>to</strong>ry’ KPM 1157 (1975); Lap of Honour (Clive Hicks)<br />

‘Solid Gold’ KPM 1173 (1976); The Fix (Keith Mansfield)<br />

‘Contempo’ KPM 1188 (1976); Dossier (Brian Bennett;<br />

Alan Hawkshaw) ‘Hot Wax’ KPM 1177 (1976); Snake<br />

Hips (Keith Mansfield) ‘Contempo’ KPM 1188 (1976)<br />

Get Ready, Get Set – Fly (Alan Hawkshaw) ‘The Road<br />

Forward’ KPM 1192 (1977); Rock Breaker (John Scott)<br />

‘Flamboyant Themes Vol.5’ KPM 1158 (1975); Open<br />

Roads (Nick Ingman) ‘Industry & Awards’ KPM 1225<br />

(1978)<br />

SilENT prOMiSE<br />

ORIGINAL LP GULP 1027 (1978) STEREO<br />

Recorded at Morgan Studio no.2, Willesden, London,<br />

April 1978<br />

Silent Promise (Clyne)<br />

Awakening (Robinson; Clyne)<br />

May Day Morn (Clyne)<br />

Beginning Again (Clyne)<br />

Queen of <strong>the</strong> White E (Miller)<br />

Mirror (Clyne)<br />

Mirror, Mirror (Clyne)<br />

Green Tranquillity (Miller)<br />

2 Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk 3<br />

cDSMl 8450<br />

cDSMl 8449<br />

JaMES clarkE & STEvE gray<br />

harDcOrE, EXpOSÉ & lET’S gET laiD! FilM SOuNDTrackS<br />

harDcOrE<br />


Recorded at CTS Studio no.2, Wembley, 25 Oc<strong>to</strong>ber 1976<br />

Girl in <strong>the</strong> Picture; Tight for Time; Norfolk Pas<strong>to</strong>rale;<br />

Heavy Keyboard; Bicycle Girl; Open Tourer; Tale of<br />

Two Girls; Showbizz Town; On Stage – Part One;<br />

Typewriter Tune; Pho<strong>to</strong>play – Part One; Pho<strong>to</strong>play –<br />

Part Two; Tricky Hand; Driving Home; Fruity; Stately<br />

Style; Train Time; Home Again; Beautiful View; Off in<br />

a Hurry; Fiona Butterfly* JM ; Home Again - Alternative<br />

take, not used in film<br />

Fiona’s Theme (1) – Not used in film<br />

Fiona’s Theme (2) – Not used in film<br />

Syd Dale (conduc<strong>to</strong>r)<br />

James Kenelm Clarke (composer, arranger), except*<br />

James Montgomery; Graham Hurley arr James Kenelm<br />

Clarke<br />

JM James Montgomery (vocal)<br />

DES chaMp<br />

ThE bEDSiDE bOND & NuMbEr ONE ThEMES<br />

ThE bEDSiDE bOND<br />

ORIGINAL LP LK 4824 (1966)<br />


arraNgED & cONDucTED by DES chaMp<br />

The In-Spectre (Economides; Champ)<br />

Bond’s Lament (Economides)<br />

Yes and No (Economides; Champ)<br />

Case for Tiffany (Economides; Champ)<br />

The Silent Silencers (Economides; Champ)<br />

No Quarrel (Economides; Champ)<br />

Solitary Solitaire (Economides; Champ)<br />

Big “M” (Economides; Champ)<br />

Prisey Miss Galore (Economides)<br />

Tatiana (Economides; Champ)<br />

Honey’s Theme (Economides)<br />

Bond for President (Economides; Champ)<br />

NuMbEr ONE ThEMES<br />

ORIGINAL SINGLES (1965-79)<br />

The Hell Raisers (Dale)<br />

<strong>the</strong>me from <strong>the</strong> TV series “Orlando” SD<br />

Soul Thing (Mansfield) TN<br />

Afro Disiac P ; Break a Leg (Laurence) F10<br />

Number One Theme (Shakespeare) JS<br />

Fade Out (Shakespeare) JS<br />

Soap <strong>the</strong>me from <strong>the</strong> TV series (Tip<strong>to</strong>n) NSO<br />

Sapporo (S<strong>to</strong>ller) ST<br />

BBC TV 1972 Winter Olympic <strong>the</strong>me<br />

Laughing Sam (on <strong>the</strong> phone) P<br />

Pop <strong>the</strong> Question <strong>the</strong>me from <strong>the</strong> TV series TS<br />

Mean (S<strong>to</strong>ller) ST ; Summer Ice (Ardley) NA<br />

Scotch on <strong>the</strong> Rocks (Laurence) F10<br />

Number One Themes: SD Syd Dale Orchestra; TN Tony Newman; P Patchwork; F10 Force Ten; JS John Shakespeare<br />

Orchestra; NSO The Nashville Soul Orchestra; ST S<strong>to</strong>ller’s Team; TS The Squires; NA Neil Ardley<br />



Recorded at KPM Studios, London, 8 September 1975<br />

House of Straw – Short version; House of Straw<br />

House of Straw – Reprise<br />

Suzanne Comes Back - Short version<br />

Suzanne Comes Back; Drinks on <strong>the</strong> Terrace<br />

Steve Gray (composer, arranger)<br />

lET’S gET laiD! STEREO<br />


Recorded at CTS Studio no.2, Wembley, 30 June 1977<br />

The Tension Mounts; You Turn My Legs <strong>to</strong> Water band<br />

version**; You Turn My Legs <strong>to</strong> Water piano solo**<br />

Johnny Pearson (conduc<strong>to</strong>r), James Kenelm Clarke<br />

(composer, arranger), except** Steve Gray; Michael<br />

Robson<br />

bONuS Track STEREO<br />

On Stage – Part Two (James Kenelm Clarke) Barry<br />

Morgan’s drum solo from “Hardcore”<br />

cDSMl 8457

ShakaTak<br />

NighT birDS<br />

NighT birDS<br />

ORIGINAL LP POLS1059 (1982) STEREO<br />

Recorded: Jacobs Studios, Surrey; PYE Studio no.2,<br />

London; Rock City Studios, Shepper<strong>to</strong>n, Middlesex<br />

Night Birds (Sharpe; Odell)<br />

Streetwalkin’ (Sharpe; Odell)<br />

Rio Nights (Sharpe; Odell)<br />

Fly <strong>the</strong> Wind (Sharpe; Odell)<br />

Easier Said than Done (Sharpe; Odell)<br />

Bitch <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> Boys (Sharpe; Odell)<br />

Light on My Life (Sharpe; Odell)<br />

Takin’ Off (Sharpe)<br />

SiNglES<br />

Go for It (Sharpe; Odell)<br />


Fly <strong>the</strong> Wind (re-mix) (Sharpe; Odell)<br />

POSPX635 (1983)<br />

Personnel: Bill Sharpe; Nigel Wright; Keith Winter;<br />

George Anderson; Roger Odell; Simon Mor<strong>to</strong>n; Jill<br />

Saward; Jackie Rawe; Lorna Bannon; Stuart Brooks<br />

cDSMl 8446<br />

cDSMl 8454<br />

ThE allaN gaNlEy<br />

Jazz lEgacy<br />

JuNE TiME<br />

JuNE TiME<br />

Recorded: Phoenix Sound Ltd, Pinewood Studios,<br />

Buckinghamshire, England, 17 March 2009<br />

Vic<strong>to</strong>r (Ganley); Gentle Jim (Ganley)<br />

My Shining Hour (Arlen; Mercer arr Ganley)<br />

June Time (Ganley); Don’t Mention It (Ganley)<br />

Two for <strong>the</strong> Road (Mancini arr Ganley)<br />

Let’s Run Around (Ganley)<br />

Those Days (Horler arr Ganley)<br />

Around The Track (Ganley); Allisamba (Ganley)<br />

My One and Only Love (Wood; Mellin arr Ganley)<br />

One Morning in May (Coleman arr Ganley)<br />

De<strong>to</strong>ur Ahead (Carter; Ellis; Frigo arr Ganley)<br />

Personnel: Saxophones: Andy Mackin<strong>to</strong>sh, Julian<br />

Siegel, Alan Barnes, Roy Willox, Jimmy Hastings;<br />

Trumpets: Simon Gardner, Tony Fisher, Henry Low<strong>the</strong>r,<br />

Martin Shaw, Mike Lovatt; Trombones: Mark Nightingale,<br />

Cliff Hardie, Gordon Campbell, Bill Geldard,<br />

Ashley Hor<strong>to</strong>n; Piano: John Horler; Guitar: Phil Lee;<br />

Bass: Malcolm Creese; Drums: Mike Smith; Musical<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r: Andy Panayi<br />

STaN buTchEr<br />

MagiciaN<br />

MagiciaN<br />

ORIGINAL LP HO501 (1979) STEREO<br />

Recorded: Morgan Studio no.1, Willesden, London,<br />

January 1978<br />

House of <strong>the</strong> Purple Mist (Stan Butcher)<br />

Drowned Village (Stan Butcher)<br />

Playground (Stan Butcher)<br />

Bazaar (Stan Butcher)<br />

Musk (Stan Butcher)<br />

Morass (Stan Butcher)<br />

Personnel: Stan Reynolds, Leon Calvert (trumpets)<br />

Roger Williams (trombone); Barbara Thompson (tenor<br />

& soprano saxes, flute, clarinet); Fiachra Trench<br />

(keyboards); Ray Russell, John Girvan (guitars); Les<br />

Hurdle, Mo Foster (bass guitar); Barry Morgan (drums,<br />

percussion)<br />

picNic<br />

cDSMl 8447<br />

FrOM ThE FilM SOuND Track<br />

picNic<br />


Love Theme (Duning)*<br />

Hal’s Theme (Duning)<br />

The Owens Family (Duning)<br />

Flo and Madge (Duning)<br />

Hal’s Boots (Duning)<br />

Moonglow (Hudson; DeLange; Mills)<br />

Love Theme (Duning)<br />

It’s a Blue World (Wright; Forrest)<br />

Torn Shirt (Duning)<br />

Hal’s Turmoil (Duning)<br />

Rosemary Pleads – Rosemary Alone (Duning)<br />

Culmination – Hal’s Escape (Duning)<br />

That Owens Girl – Millie (Duning)<br />

You Love Me – Madge Decides (Duning)<br />

Orchestra conducted by Morris S<strong>to</strong>loff,<br />

except* George Duning<br />

cDlF 8138<br />

aNNiE rOSS<br />

yOu aND ME baby<br />

yOu aND ME baby<br />

– aN EvENiNg wiTh aNNiE rOSS<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5099 (1971) STEREO<br />

Part 1:<br />

Night Owl (Taylor); S<strong>to</strong>ne Soul Picnic (Nyro)<br />

Something in <strong>the</strong> Way He Moves (Taylor)<br />

Vegetables (Wilson; Parks); Cat Food (Fripp;<br />

Sinfield; McDonald); Wave (Jobim); I’ve Got it<br />

Hidden (Vinaver)<br />

Part 2:<br />

Country Pie (Dylan); Love S<strong>to</strong>ry (You and<br />

Me) (Newman); The Gentle Rain (Bonfá; Dubey)<br />

Crickets Sing for Anamaria (Os Grilos) (Valle;<br />

Gilbert); Rondo à la Turk (Mozart arr Solly)<br />

Love Peace My Bro<strong>the</strong>r (Dennen; Edwards)<br />

Free <strong>the</strong> People (Keith)<br />

arOuND ThE wOrlD<br />

iN EighTy DayS<br />

FrOM ThE FilM SOuND Track<br />

cONDucTED by vicTOr yOuNg<br />

cDSMl 8451<br />

cDlF 8139<br />

arOuND ThE wOrlD iN EighTy DayS<br />


Around <strong>the</strong> World – Main Titles<br />

(Young; Adamson)<br />

Passepar<strong>to</strong>ut (Young; Adamson)<br />

– El Ga<strong>to</strong> Montes (Penella)<br />

Paris Arrival (Young; Adamson)<br />

Sky Symphony (Young; Adamson)<br />

Invitation <strong>to</strong> a Bull fight<br />

– Entrance of <strong>the</strong> Bull March (Young; Adamson)<br />

India Countryside (Young; Adamson)<br />

Around <strong>the</strong> World (Young; Adamson)<br />

The Pagoda of Pillagi (Young; Adamson)<br />

Temple of Dawn (Young; Adamson)<br />

Prairie Sail Car (Young; Adamson)<br />

Land Ho (Young; Adamson)<br />

Epilogue (Young; Adamson)<br />

ThE MarTiN DrEw baND & TONy lEE<br />

briTiSh Jazz arTiSTS vOluME 3 & STrEET OF DrEaMS<br />

briTiSh Jazz arTiSTS vOluME 3<br />

ORIGINAL LP LAM003 (1978) STEREO<br />

Recorded at BBC Studios, Kensing<strong>to</strong>n House, London<br />

(November 1977)<br />

No More Blues (Jobim; de Moraes)*<br />

Re-Rev (Jackson; Heath)<br />

Child is Born (Jones)<br />

Strut Your Stuff (Scott)*<br />

Ano<strong>the</strong>r Star (Wonder)*<br />

Steelbender (Jackson)<br />

Easy Life (Scott)*<br />

Sound Down (J & G Farrell)<br />

puT ThE MuSic ...<br />

ORIGINAL LP PS653 (1974) STEREO<br />

Recorded at Morgan Studios, Willesden, London<br />

& Morgan Studios, Brussels, Belgium (1973)<br />

Grab It (Wingfield; Jammer; Harper; LeFleur)<br />

Put <strong>the</strong> Music W<strong>here</strong> Your Mouth Is<br />

(Wingfield; Jammer)<br />

Sproutin’ Out (Wingfield; Jammer; Harper; LeFleur)<br />

Mac B. Coolie (Wingfield; Jammer; Harper; LeFleur)<br />

Ev’ry One a Winner (Wingfield; Jammer)<br />

Do It Over (Wingfield; Jammer)<br />

Let Your Fingers Do <strong>the</strong> Talkin’<br />

(Wingfield; Jammer)<br />

Just Once is Enough<br />

(Wingfield; Jammer; Harper; LeFleur)<br />

Taco Toes (Wingfield; Jammer; Harper; LeFleur)<br />

Be My Main Squeeze<br />

(Wingfield; Jammer; Harper; LeFleur)<br />

OlyMpic ruNNErS<br />

puT ThE MuSic ... & OuT iN FrONT<br />

STrEET OF DrEaMS<br />

ORIGINAL LP LAM102 (1979) STEREO<br />

BBC Studios, Kensing<strong>to</strong>n House, London (February 1979)<br />

Li’l Darlin’ (Hefti)<br />

Loss of Love (Mancini; Merrill)<br />

Street of Dreams (Lewis; Young)<br />

Dick’s Mood (Lee)<br />

Love for Sale (Porter)<br />

My Funny Valentine (Rodgers; Hart)<br />

On Green Dolphin Street (Kaper; Washing<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

OuT iN FrONT<br />

ORIGINAL LP SHU8483 (1975) STEREO<br />

Recorded at Chipping Nor<strong>to</strong>n Recording Studio,<br />

Oxfordshire (February 1975)<br />

100 Yard Dash<br />

Exit City<br />

Drag it Over Here<br />

Go No Fur<strong>the</strong>r<br />

Out <strong>to</strong> Lunch<br />

(T<strong>here</strong>’s a) Freeze on Funk<br />

Dump <strong>the</strong> Bump<br />

Panic But<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Get This Thing Down<br />

Coucou ‘n’ Flying Fish<br />

’Til <strong>the</strong> Sun Comes Up<br />

(all Wingfield; Jammer; Harper; LeFleur; Vernon)<br />

2 cD SET cDSMl 8462<br />

4 Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk 5<br />

cDSMl 8460<br />

Personnel:<br />

Martin Drew (drums); John Taylor (piano)<br />

Ron Ma<strong>the</strong>wson (acoustic bass/bass guitar)<br />

Bill Le Sage (vibes); Brian Smith (soprano & tenor<br />

saxes); *Chris Fletcher (percussion)<br />

cDSMl 8463<br />

kpM library<br />

TiME TO Fly – kpM 1000 SEriES cOMpilaTiON (1970-76) STErEO<br />

The Great Outdoors (Keith Mansfield) from ‘Open<br />

Air – Vol.2’ KPM 1099 (1972); Holiday People (1)<br />

(James Clarke) 'Music Pic<strong>to</strong>rial' KPM 1096 (1972); Sun<br />

Lover (Keith Mansfield) ‘Open Air – Vol.2’ KPM 1099<br />

(1972); Hollywood Premiere (Keith Mansfield) ‘Open<br />

Air – Vol.2’ KPM 1099 (1972); Soft Memories (James<br />

Clarke) ‘Open Air – Vol.2’ KPM 1099 (1972); Fun in <strong>the</strong><br />

Sun (Neil Richardson) ‘Open Air’ KPM 1060 (1970);<br />

Life of Leisure (Keith Mansfield) ‘The Big Screen’<br />

KPM 1100 (1972); Sunseekers (David Lindup) ‘The<br />

Rhythm of Modern Life/Vaudeville’ KPM 1112 (1972);<br />

Friendly Faces (James Clarke) ‘Friendly Faces’ KPM<br />

1123 (1973); Whistle S<strong>to</strong>p Tour (Keith Mansfield) ‘Big<br />

Business/Wind of Change’ KPM 1124 (1973); Busy<br />

Spectacle (Neil Richardson) ‘Open Air’ KPM 1060<br />

(1970); The Loving Touch (Keith Mansfield) ‘Voices in<br />

Harmony’ KPM 1125 (1973); Husky Birdsong (Keith<br />

Mansfield) ‘Voices in Harmony’ KPM 1125 (1973); Time<br />

<strong>to</strong> Fly (Steve Gray) ‘Happy Hearts’ KPM 1139 (1974)<br />

JaMES clarkE<br />

ThE wilDcaTS OF ST. TriNiaN'S & vaMpyrES FilM SOuNDTrackS<br />

ThE wilDcaTS OF ST. TriNiaN'S<br />


Recorded at Lansdowne Studios, London, 5 November 1979<br />

Opening Credits (Clarke); Harry’s Strut (Flash Harry)<br />

(Clarke); Miss Higgs Rescues Roxanne (Clarke)<br />

The Minister is Greeted includes section of <strong>the</strong> St.<br />

Trinian’s School Song (James Kenelm Clarke; Malcolm<br />

Arnold arr Clarke); Angela <strong>to</strong> West Tower (Clarke)<br />

Dusk at St. Trinian’s (Clarke); Matilda on Mo<strong>to</strong>rbike<br />

(Clarke); Matilda’s Entrance (Clarke); Harry’s Strut<br />

through Telescope (James Kenelm Clarke; Malcolm<br />

Arnold arr Clarke); Girls' Disco (Clarke); Highdown<br />

School and St. Trinian’s School Song (James Kenelm<br />

Clarke; Malcolm Arnold arr Clarke); Swimming<br />

Sequence (Clarke); Work Apace (James Kenelm<br />

Clarke; Malcolm Arnold arr Clarke) includes section of<br />

<strong>the</strong> St. Trinian’s School Song; St. Trinian’s School Song<br />

(James Kenelm Clarke; Malcolm Arnold arr Clarke); St.<br />

Trinian’s School Song piano and voices (James Kenelm<br />

Clarke; Malcolm Arnold arr Clarke)<br />

Personnel:<br />

Tony Lee (piano); Tony Archer (bass)<br />

Martin Drew (drums); Tony Uter (congas)<br />

vaMpyrES<br />


Recorded at Air Studios, London & Sound Associates,<br />

London, 1 May 1974<br />

Main Titles (Clarke)<br />

Questions and Answers (Clarke)<br />

The Great Coupling (Clarke)<br />

The Legend of <strong>the</strong> House (Clarke)<br />

The Big Woodland (Clarke)<br />

Stalking (Clarke)<br />

Unexpected Arrival (Clarke)<br />

In <strong>the</strong> Shadows (Clarke)<br />

Blood and Guts (Clarke)<br />

Waiting for Death (Clarke)<br />

The Vampires’ Lair (Clarke)<br />

Jewel of Evening (Neil Richardson) ‘Open Air’ KPM<br />

1060 (1970); Silk Stream (David Gold) ‘Happy Hearts’<br />

KPM 1139 (1974); Forbidden Fruit (Gold; Rees)<br />

‘Image’ KPM 1141 (1974); A Tender Touch (Steve<br />

Gray) ‘Happy Hearts’ KPM 1139 (1974); Summer<br />

Season (James Clarke) ‘Amusement’ KPM 1174<br />

(1976); Balenciaga (Dick Doerschuk) ‘Flamboyant<br />

Themes Vol.5’ KPM 1158 (1975); Paradise Found<br />

(Dick Doerschuk) ‘Flamboyant Themes Vol.5’ KPM<br />

1158 (1975); Towards <strong>the</strong> Sun (Keith Mansfield)<br />

‘Love’s Themes’ KPM 1175 (1976); Elegance (James<br />

Clarke) ‘Tender Emotions’ KPM 1180 (1976); Gentle<br />

Breeze (James Clarke) ‘Amusement’ KPM 1174 (1976);<br />

Summer Dreams (James Clarke) ‘Orchestral Contrasts’<br />

KPM 1179 (1976); Violin Serenade (James Clarke)<br />

‘Tender Emotions’ KPM 1180 (1976); Life of Luxury<br />

(James Clarke) ‘Tender Emotions’ KPM 1180 (1976);<br />

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Sherwin;<br />

Maschwitz) 'The European Sound Stage Orchestra<br />

Vol.1' RPM 104 (1972)<br />

cDSMl 8464

cDSMl 8465<br />

Setting <strong>the</strong> Scene (Dick Walter) from ‘Super Sounds<br />

Unlimited’ AMPS 108 (1974); Melina (Ray Davies) ‘Big<br />

Band Sounds of Today’ AMPS 101 (1971); Winsome<br />

(James Clarke) ‘Smooth Themes/Swinging Percussion’<br />

AMPS 1006 (1973); Salvador Set Up (Ray Davies)<br />

‘Mortimer’s People’ AMPS 104 (1972); The Heavy<br />

Gang (Syd Dale) ‘Super Sounds Unlimited’ AMPS<br />

108 (1974); Two Tone (Max Harris) ‘Super Sounds<br />

Unlimited’ AMPS 108 (1974); Swayin’ (James Clarke)<br />

‘The Ot<strong>to</strong> Keller Orchestra’ AMPS 105 (1972); First<br />

Flight (Gerry Butler) ‘Sounds 80’ AMPS 114 (1975)<br />

Poltergeist (Steve Gray) ‘Sounds 80’ AMPS 114 (1975)<br />

Fly Me (Steve Gray) ‘Start <strong>the</strong> Day Right’ AMPS 109<br />

(1974); Nevada Sunset (Dick Doerschuk) ‘Sounds<br />

80’ AMPS 114 (1975); Soul Searching (Steve Gray)<br />

‘Special Assignment’ AMPS 112 (1975); Girl in a Whirl<br />

(James Clarke) ‘Melody All <strong>the</strong> Way’ AMPS 113 (1975)<br />

cDNJT 5308<br />

pETE rugOlO & hiS OrchESTra<br />

MuSic FOr hi-Fi bugS & braSS iN hi-Fi<br />

MuSic FOr hi-Fi bugS<br />


For hi-fi bugs (aka Stereo spacemen) (Rugolo)<br />

Once in a while (Edwards; Green)<br />

Fawncy meeting you (Hefti)<br />

These foolish things (Maschwitz; Link; Strachey)<br />

Later team (Rugolo; Lunham)<br />

Dream of you (Oliver)<br />

Snowfall (Thornhill)<br />

Oscar’s and Pete’s blues (Peterson; Rugolo)*<br />

chaQuiTO – JOhN grEgOry<br />

SpiES aND DOllS<br />

ORIGINAL LP 6308 111 (1972) STEREO<br />

They Call Me Mister Tibbs (Jones) film <strong>the</strong>me<br />

Bullitt (Schifrin) film <strong>the</strong>me<br />

The Anderson Tapes (Jones) film <strong>the</strong>me<br />

Spies and Dolls (Chaqui<strong>to</strong>)<br />

The Looking Glass War (S<strong>to</strong>tt) film <strong>the</strong>me<br />

The French Connection (Ellis) film <strong>the</strong>me<br />

When Eight Bells Toll (S<strong>to</strong>tt) film <strong>the</strong>me<br />

The Spy’s Wife (King) film <strong>the</strong>me<br />

Money Is (Jones) <strong>the</strong>me from <strong>the</strong> film “The Heist”<br />

Our Man Flint (Goldsmith) film <strong>the</strong>me<br />

The Spy with a Cold Nose (Or<strong>to</strong>lani) film <strong>the</strong>me<br />

Shaft (Hayes) film <strong>the</strong>me<br />

braSS iN hi-Fi<br />


My mo<strong>the</strong>r’s eyes (Baer; Gilbert)<br />

All <strong>the</strong> things you are (Hammerstein; Kern)<br />

Godchild (Walling<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Brass at work (Rugolo)<br />

Temptation (Freed; Brown)<br />

A rose for David (Rugolo)<br />

Everything happens <strong>to</strong> me (Adair; Dennis)<br />

Salute (Rugolo)<br />

Song for tuba (Rugolo)<br />

Can’t we talk it over? (Washing<strong>to</strong>n; Young)<br />

Jack parNEll<br />

Trip TO MarS, parNEll ON paraDE & SiNglES cOMpilaTiON<br />

Trip TO MarS<br />

ORIGINAL LP PMD1053 (1958)<br />

The hawk talks (Bellson); Sure thing (Hefti)<br />

Carioca (Youmans; Cahn; Eliscu)<br />

from film ‘Flying down <strong>to</strong> Rio’<br />

April in Paris (Duke); Cot<strong>to</strong>ntail (Elling<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Ca<strong>the</strong>rine wheel (Parnell; Watson)<br />

Trip <strong>to</strong> Mars (Paich arr Alder)<br />

Summertime from ‘Porgy and Bess’ (Gershwin)<br />

The champ (Gillespie); Skin deep (Bellson)<br />

parNEll ON paraDE<br />

ORIGINAL EP GEP8564 (1955)<br />

When <strong>the</strong> Saints go marching in<br />

(Trad arr Keating)<br />

Sugarfoot s<strong>to</strong>mp (Armstrong; Oliver)<br />

East meets West (Parnell; Roullier)<br />

Twilight in Turkey (Scott)<br />

SpiES aND DOllS & Tv ThrillErS<br />

Tv ThrillErS<br />

ORIGINAL LP 6308 087 (1972) STEREO<br />

Hawaii 5-0 (Stevens)<br />

The Name of <strong>the</strong> Game (Grusin)<br />

AN RD HS<br />

It Takes a Thief (Grusin)<br />

A Man Called Ironside (Jones) AN2<br />

Mission Impossible (Schifrin)<br />

Softly Softly (Fry)<br />

The Troubleshooters (Springfield) BP<br />

AN HS<br />

I Spy (Hagen)<br />

KB AH<br />

Mannix (Schifrin)<br />

The Un<strong>to</strong>uchables (Riddle)<br />

BP RD JP<br />

Callan (Trombey)<br />

F.B.I. (Kaper) KB<br />

Soloists: AN Al Newman (al<strong>to</strong> sax), RD Ray Davies (trumpet), HS Harry S<strong>to</strong>neham (organ), AN2 Al Newman (bass<br />

flute), BP Bill Povey (al<strong>to</strong> sax), KB Keith Bird (tenor sax), AH Albert Hall (trumpet), JP Judd Proc<strong>to</strong>r (guitar)<br />

aMphONic MuSic<br />

SupEr SOuNDS uNliMiTED – aMphONic MuSic (1971-81) STErEO<br />

Bow Street Runner (Keith Mansfield) ‘Pictures in<br />

Sound’ AMPS 118 (1976); Long Time Gone (Steve<br />

Gray) ‘Sounds 80’ AMPS 114 (1975); Dancing on <strong>the</strong><br />

Strip (Pete Smith) ‘Let Me Call You Swinger’ AMPS 125<br />

(1979); A Moment in Time (Dick Doerschuk) ‘Melody<br />

All <strong>the</strong> Way’ AMPS 113 (1975); Tom <strong>the</strong> Piper’s Son<br />

(Steve Gray) ‘Sounds 80’ AMPS 114 (1975); Vegas<br />

Venue (Dick Walter) ‘Metropolis Now’ AMPS 1011<br />

(1980); Counting <strong>the</strong> Clouds (Dick Walter) ‘Let Me Call<br />

You Swinger’ AMPS 125 (1979); Sky Cruiser (Alec<br />

Gould) ‘Sound Stage 3’ AVF 3 (1981); Tomorrow is<br />

Now (Ronnie Hazlehurst) ‘Pictures in Sound’ AMPS<br />

118 (1976); Shifting Sands of Sound (Dick Walter)<br />

‘Super Sounds Unlimited’ AMPS 108 (1974); Trumpets<br />

Ad Limbo (Syd Dale) ‘Start <strong>the</strong> Day Right’ AMPS 109<br />

(1974); Cross Talk (Dick Walter) ‘Sounds 80’ AMPS<br />

114 (1975)<br />

cDSMl 8466<br />

SiNglES cOMpilaTiON<br />

ORIGINAL SINGLES (1953-58)<br />

When Yuba plays <strong>the</strong> rumba on <strong>the</strong> tuba<br />

(Hupfeld)<br />

Sky blue shirt and a rainbow tie<br />

(Redmond; Berch)<br />

Love and marriage (Cahn; Van Heusen)<br />

from ‘Our Town’<br />

Ting a ling (Bellson; Shavers)<br />

Fanfare boogie (Fahey)<br />

Topsy (Battle; Durham)<br />

Cha cha rock (T Lennon)<br />

Topaz (Busby)<br />

Night train (Forrest)<br />

Dragnet (Schumann)<br />

Route 66 (Troup)<br />

Fuller bounce (Parnell)<br />

cDNJT 5309<br />

bill SNyDEr, hiS piaNO & OrchESTra<br />

TrEaSurE chEST & bEwiTchiNg hOur<br />

TrEaSurE chEST<br />

ORIGINAL LP (1958)<br />

Amber fire (Snyder)<br />

Turquoise (Snyder)<br />

Diamond dust (DeRose; Savino)<br />

Golden earrings (Young; Livings<strong>to</strong>n; Evans)<br />

Ruby (Roemheld; Parish)<br />

Jade (Clar)<br />

Sapphire (Bloom)<br />

Topaz (Snyder)<br />

Golden sands and silvery seas<br />

(Blaufuss; Van Alstyne)<br />

Pearls on velvet (Young)<br />

Baubles, bangles and beads<br />

(Wright; Forrest; Blanche)<br />

Ivory lace (Alter)<br />

bEwiTchiNg hOur<br />

ORIGINAL LP (1958)<br />

Bewitched (Rodgers; Hart)<br />

Soft lights and sweet music (Berlin)<br />

Cocktails for two (Johns<strong>to</strong>n; Coslow)<br />

I dream of you (more than you dream I do)<br />

(Goetschius; Osser)<br />

The nearness of you (Carmichael; Washing<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

The night was made for love (Kern; Harbach)<br />

Take me in your arms (Markush; Rotter; Parish)<br />

Speak low (Weill; Nash)<br />

Temptation (Brown; Freed)<br />

You’re mine, you! (Green; Heyman)<br />

Why can’t this night go on forever<br />

(Jones; Newman)<br />

Let’s put out <strong>the</strong> lights and go <strong>to</strong> sleep (Hupfeld)<br />

6 Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk 7<br />

cDNJT 5310<br />

cDNJT 5203<br />

DaviD carrOll & hiS OrchESTra<br />

DaNcE aND STay yOuNg, ThE FEaThEry FEEliNg & pErcuSSiON iN hi-Fi<br />

DaNcE aND STay yOuNg<br />


Louise (Robin; Whiting)<br />

No o<strong>the</strong>r love (Rodgers; Hammerstein)<br />

Sleepy Sunday afternoon<br />

Don’t get around much anymore<br />

(Elling<strong>to</strong>n; Russell)<br />

Elmer’s tune (Jurgens; Gallop; Albrecht)<br />

Lullaby of Broadway (Dubin; Warren)<br />

Somebody else is taking my place<br />

(Howard; Ellsworth; Morgan)<br />

I can dream, can’t I? (Fain; Kahal)<br />

Follow <strong>the</strong> leader (Fine)<br />

Love letters in <strong>the</strong> sand (Coots; Kenny; Kenny)<br />

Hey Rube!<br />

My man (Mon homme)<br />

(Yvain; Pollock; Arkell; Willemetz; Charles)<br />

cDNJT 5207<br />

FraNkiE carlE, hiS piaNO & OrchESTra<br />

arOuND ThE wOrlD & FraNkiE carlE aND hiS bEauTiFul DOllS<br />

arOuND ThE wOrlD<br />


American patrol (Meacham arr Avola)<br />

Too-ra loo-ra loo-ral (That’s an Irish lullaby)<br />

(Shannon)<br />

Loch Lomond (Scott)<br />

Under <strong>the</strong> bridges of Paris<br />

(Cochran; Rodor; Scot<strong>to</strong>)<br />

Sailor boy (Marianello)<br />

Tales from <strong>the</strong> Vienna Woods (J Strauss)<br />

Dardanella (Bernard; Black; Fisher)<br />

Arabian nights (Rimsky-Korsakov)<br />

Hindustan (Wallace; Weeks)<br />

Shina no yoru (Saijo; Takeoka; Sedores)<br />

Blue Hawaii (Robin; Rainger)<br />

South American way<br />

from ‘The Streets of Paris’ (Dubin; McHugh)<br />

ralph MarTEriE & hiS OrchESTra<br />

DaNcE parTy, cOllEgE DaNcE FavOriTE & JuMpiN' TruMpET<br />

DaNcE parTy<br />


Tricky (Jinkins); Cha-hua-hua (Roth; Lubin)<br />

Hesitation hop (S<strong>to</strong>ne; Seidman)<br />

Night stroll (Forrest); Hey babe (Sampson; Hor<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Popcorn (Johnson); Riffin’ around (Sagle)<br />

Shish-kebab (arr Carroll; S<strong>to</strong>ne); Tequila (Rio)<br />

Bop a doo-bop a doo (Hearns; Marterie)<br />

Just a minute (Richardson)<br />

Torero (N & R Carosone; Hoffman; Manning)<br />

JuMpiN’ TruMpET (highlighTS)<br />

ORIGINAL LP (1957)<br />

Big dip (Alagna); Travel at your own risk (Alagna)<br />

Soft shoulders (Marterie; Franklyn)<br />

S<strong>to</strong>p, look and listen (Mascari; Wenzlaft)<br />

Slippery when wet (Havemann)<br />

Quiet zone (Marterie; Franklyn)<br />

FraNkiE carlE<br />

aND hiS bEauTiFul DOllS<br />


The wooden soldier and <strong>the</strong> china doll<br />

(Jones; Newman)<br />

Dream of a doll (P Alpert)<br />

Paper doll (Black)<br />

The wedding of <strong>the</strong> painted doll (Freed; Brown)<br />

Cha cha doll (Hendler; Rizo)<br />

Doll face (Gray; Hendler)<br />

Doll dance (Brown)<br />

Cupie doll (Gray; Hendler)<br />

China doll parade (Zamecnik)<br />

Dainty doll (Barnes)<br />

Rag doll (Brown)<br />

China doll (Anderson)<br />

The syncopated doll (Carle; Avola)<br />

cOllEgE DaNcE FavOriTE<br />


Green light-go (Sagle)<br />

Cattle crossing (Sagle; Havemann)<br />

Red <strong>to</strong>p (Ammons)<br />

Don’t be that way (Goodman; Sampson; Parish)<br />

School zone (Sagle; Havemann)<br />

Daybreak (Grofé; Adamson)<br />

Red light-s<strong>to</strong>p (Sagle; Havemann)<br />

Dangerous curve (Sagle; Havemann)<br />

No parking (Sagle; Havemann); Lou’s blues<br />

Plymouth Rock; Ramona (Wolfe; Wayne)<br />

bONuS TrackS<br />

(1957) STEREO<br />

Rain<br />

Somebody loves me<br />

(Gershwin; MacDonald; De Sylva)<br />

ThE FEaThEry FEEliNg (highlighTS)<br />


Fascination (Marchetti; Feraudy; Manning)<br />

Swingin’ swee<strong>the</strong>arts (Goodwin)<br />

A beautiful Lady in blue (Cootes; Lewis)<br />

Dinner at eight (Fields; McHugh)<br />

The ski song (Slalom)<br />

I love you truly (Jacobs; Bond); Treadmill<br />

pErcuSSiON iN hi-Fi<br />


Hell’s bells; Bali Ha’i (Rodgers; Hammerstein)<br />

The chimes of swing<br />

Malagueña (Lecuona; Banks; Hansen)<br />

Discussion in Percussion:<br />

Quiet talk, Chatter, Controversy<br />

Jungle drums (Lecuona; Lombardo; O’Flynn)<br />

The cricket; Spanish Symphonique:<br />

The Pyrenees, Madrid, Bullfight, Finale flamenco<br />

cDNJT 5210

cDNJT 5211<br />

EMil STErN & hiS OrchESTra<br />

MuSic FOr ... & waiTiNg FOr yOu<br />

MuSic FOr ...<br />

ORIGINAL LP (1956)<br />

Speak low (Weill)<br />

Two sleepy people (Carmichael; Loesser)<br />

This heart of mine (Warren; Freed)<br />

Corner <strong>to</strong> corner (Mott; Marcus)<br />

Darn that dream (Van Heusen; DeLange)<br />

Somebody loves me<br />

(Gershwin; MacDonald; DeSylva)<br />

Dinah (Akst; Lewis; Young)<br />

Whispering (Schonberger; Coburn; Rose)<br />

Louise (Whiting; Robin)<br />

Why do I love you (Kern; Hammerstein II)<br />

Rose room (Hickman; Williams)<br />

Moonlight serenade (Miller; Parish)<br />

cDvS 1958<br />

gEOrgE MElachriNO<br />

waiTiNg FOr yOu<br />

ORIGINAL LP (1957)<br />

The man who plays <strong>the</strong> mandolino<br />

(Guaglione; Fanciulli; Nisa)<br />

Dis-moi quelque chose de gentil (Misraki)<br />

Le petit môme (Lemarque)<br />

Oui, chérie (Lucchesi)<br />

C’était trop beau (Hensen)<br />

La clef sur la porte (Contet; Durand)<br />

S’aimer d’amour (Stern)<br />

Autumn concer<strong>to</strong> (Bargoni)<br />

Hey t<strong>here</strong> (Adler; Ross)<br />

Le trot<strong>to</strong>ir aux chansons (Siniavine)<br />

Rêver (Lupart)<br />

Mon coeur n’etait pas fait pour ça (Misraki)<br />

My one sin (Mascheroni; Matlin)<br />

Small talk (Roberts; Morgan)<br />

MuSic FOr ThE NOSTalgic TravEllEr & MuSic FOr rElaXaTiON<br />

MuSic FOr ThE NOSTalgic TravEllEr<br />

ORIGINAL LP (1956)<br />

England: Big Ben chimes; English hymn; Oranges<br />

and lemons (Trad arr Melachrino); Ireland: Irish<br />

washerwoman (Trad arr Melachrino); Wales: David of<br />

<strong>the</strong> White Rock (Trad arr Melachrino); Scotland:<br />

The road <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> Isles (Trad arr Kennedy-Fraser)<br />

France: Sur le pont d’Avignon (Trad arr Melachrino);<br />

Madelon (Quand Madelon) (Robert); Le rêve passe<br />

(Krieg; Helmer); Auprès de ma blonde (Trad arr<br />

Melachrino); Il était une bergère (Trad arr Melachrino);<br />

Danse Apache (Trad arr Melachrino); Sous les <strong>to</strong>its de<br />

Paris (Moretti); Can Can (Offenbach arr Melachrino)<br />

Italy: Funiculi, funicula (Denza); Santa Lucia (Cottrau<br />

arr Hill-Bowen); Tarantella (Trad arr Hill-Bowen);<br />

Catari, catari (Cardillo); Gondola song (Vassini<br />

arr Hill-Bowen); Parlami d’amore Mariù (Bixio); La<br />

Danza (Rossini arr Hill-Bowen); Spain: España<br />

(Chabrier arr Hill-Bowen); Tango (Albéniz); Valencia<br />

(Padilla); Andaluza (Granados); Spanish Gypsy dance<br />

(Marquina)<br />

With Emma <strong>to</strong> <strong>to</strong>wn (Collins) AC<br />

Vanity fair (Collins) AC<br />

Bowin’ and scrapin’ (Casson) ST<br />

Poodle polka (Walters) GD<br />

Sombrero (Brown) ST<br />

Midsummer madness (Watters) GD<br />

Chiming strings (Richardson) GD<br />

Eternal melody (Hanmer) GD<br />

City centre (Ewing) GD<br />

Celtic snapshots (Pagan) ST<br />

The beachcomber (Richardson) JL<br />

Shop window (Hanbury) GD<br />

Getting <strong>to</strong>ge<strong>the</strong>r (Richardson) JL<br />

DaviD rOSE & hiS OrchESTra<br />

SONgS OF ThE FabulOuS ThirTiES<br />


Beyond <strong>the</strong> blue horizon (Whiting; Harling)<br />

Red sails in <strong>the</strong> sunset (Kennedy; Williams)<br />

Isle of Capri (Kennedy; Grosz)<br />

Let’s fall in love (Koehler; Arlen)<br />

Sweet Leilani (Owens)<br />

Love in bloom (Robin; Rainger)<br />

Sunrise serenade (Lawrence; Carle)<br />

It’s only a paper moon (Rose; Harburg; Arlen)<br />

Night and day (Porter)<br />

June in January (Robin; Rainger)<br />

The continental (Magidson; Conrad)<br />

Stardust (Parish; Carmichael)<br />

SONgS OF ThE FabulOuS ThirTiES<br />

Central Europe: Lieber Augustin (Trad arr Hill-Bowen);<br />

Wiegenlied (Brahms arr Hill-Bowen); Swiss dance<br />

(Trad arr Hill-Bowen); Vienna, city of my dreams<br />

(Sieczynski); The Blue Danube (J Strauss II); Komm<br />

Tzigany (Kálmán); Gypsy carnival (Krein); Tropics:<br />

Cieli<strong>to</strong> lindo (San<strong>to</strong>s); Jamaican rumba (Benjamin);<br />

Pila pilo (Melachrino arr Hill-Bowen); Brazil (Barroso);<br />

Solamente una vez (Lara); Aloha Oe (Trad arr Hill-<br />

Bowen)<br />

MuSic FOr rElaXaTiON<br />

(highlighTS)<br />


Moonlight serenade (Miller; Parish)<br />

While we’re young (Wilder; Palitz)<br />

Valse bluette (Drigo arr Melachrino)<br />

By <strong>the</strong> sleepy lagoon (Coates)<br />

La serenata (Braga arr Melachrino)<br />

Berceuse de Jocelyn (Godard; Capoul)<br />

The peanut vendor (Sunshine; Gilbert; Simons)<br />

Deep purple (Parish; DeRose)<br />

Two hearts in 3/4 time (S<strong>to</strong>lz)<br />

Body and soul (Sour; Heyman; Ey<strong>to</strong>n; Green)<br />

Little old lady (Carmichael)<br />

Begin <strong>the</strong> beguine (Porter)<br />

Thanks for <strong>the</strong> memory (Robin; Rainger)<br />

I’m in <strong>the</strong> mood for love (Fields; McHugh)<br />

How deep is <strong>the</strong> ocean (Berlin)<br />

Exactly like you (Fields; McHugh)<br />

And <strong>the</strong> angels sing (Mercer; Elman)<br />

S<strong>to</strong>rmy wea<strong>the</strong>r (Koehler; Arlen)<br />

cDNJT 5212<br />

lighT MuSic claSSicS<br />

vOluME 4 • bargaiN baSEMENT<br />

Paris interlude (White) JL<br />

Savoir faire (Curzon) NN<br />

Hey pres<strong>to</strong>! (Wilson arr Duncan) FC<br />

Melody at moonrise (Watters) FC<br />

Piccadilly spree (Watters) RdP<br />

Ski jump (Dollimore) FC<br />

The juggler (Liter) NN<br />

Making tracks (Duncan) FC<br />

Bob-sleigh (Jupp) FC<br />

A mood for lovers (Burns) JT<br />

Practical joker (Spass muss sein) (Van Phillips) LLO<br />

Bargain basement (Watters) JL<br />

Moonlight with Maxine (Van Phillips) LLO<br />

Recorded between 1945-58<br />

Orchestra/conduc<strong>to</strong>r: AC The London Promenade Orchestra/Anthony Collins; ST The New Century Orchestra/<br />

Sidney Torch; GD L’Orchestre Devereaux/Georges Devereaux; JL The New Concert Orchestra/Jack Leon; NN<br />

The New Concert Orchestra/Nat Nyll; FC The New Concert Orchestra/Frederic Curzon; RdP The New Concert<br />

Orchestra/R de Porten; JT The Symphonia Orchestra/Jack Talbot; LLO The Lansdowne Light Orchestra<br />

cDvS 1960<br />

wayNE kiNg & hiS OrchESTra<br />

DrEaM TiME<br />

DrEaM TiME<br />


An Affair <strong>to</strong> Remember (Our Love Affair)<br />

from film ‘An Affair <strong>to</strong> Remember’<br />

(Warren; Adamson; McCarey)<br />

Fascination from film ‘Love in <strong>the</strong> Afternoon’<br />

(Marchetti)<br />

My Heart Reminds Me (Bargoni; Stillman)<br />

adapted from ‘Autumn Concer<strong>to</strong>’<br />

Shadow Waltz (Warren; Dubin)<br />

Theme from film ‘Man of a Thousand Faces’<br />

(Chopin; adapt. Skinner)<br />

cDlF 8135<br />

FraNk chackSFiElD<br />

ThE NEw liMElighT & chackSFiElD playS bacharach<br />

ThE NEw liMElighT<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4072 (1965) STEREO<br />

Limelight (Chaplin; Parsons)<br />

The Man that Got Away (Arlen; I Gershwin)<br />

In <strong>the</strong> Still of <strong>the</strong> Night (Porter)<br />

Scarlet Ribbons (Danzig; Segal)<br />

Smile (Chaplin; Turner; Parsons)<br />

Tonight (Bernstein; Sondheim)<br />

Theme from ‘Picnic’ (Duning; Allen)<br />

introducing ‘Moonglow’ (Hudson; Mills; De Lange)<br />

Come Rain or Come Shine (Arlen; Mercer)<br />

Night and Day (Porter)<br />

Here I Am (Bacharach; David)<br />

Warsaw Concer<strong>to</strong> (Addinsell)<br />

chackSFiElD playS bacharach<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4230 (1971) STEREO<br />

Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head<br />

(all Bacharach; David)<br />

Alfie<br />

I’ll Never Fall in Love Again<br />

This Guy’s in Love With You<br />

Paper Maché<br />

Trains and Boats and Planes<br />

(They Long <strong>to</strong> Be) Close <strong>to</strong> You<br />

You’ll Never Get <strong>to</strong> Heaven<br />

The Look of Love<br />

To Wait for Love<br />

The Green Grass Starts <strong>to</strong> Grow<br />

Wives and Lovers<br />

Tammy from film ‘Tammy and <strong>the</strong> Bachelor’<br />

(Livings<strong>to</strong>n; Evans)<br />

Around <strong>the</strong> World (Young; Adamson)<br />

from film ‘Around <strong>the</strong> World in 80 Days’<br />

Stardust (Carmichael; Parish)<br />

Till (Danvers; Sigman)<br />

Dreamy Melody (Koehler; Magine; Naset)<br />

Forgotten Dreams (Anderson)<br />

Melodie d’Amour (Melody of Love)<br />

(Salvador; Johns)<br />

8 Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk 9<br />

cDlk 4382<br />

cDlk 4380<br />

wErNEr MüllEr & hiS OrchESTra<br />

auF grOSSEr EurOpa-TOurNEE & übEr SiEbEN MEErE<br />

auF grOSSEr EurOpa-TOurNEE<br />

ORIGINAL LP SLK 16249 (1965) STEREO<br />

Berlin Foxtrot Potpourri<br />

Hamburg Rock Potpourri<br />

Copenhagen Polka Potpourri<br />

Amsterdam Waltz Potpourri<br />

Lisbon Bossa Nova Potpourri<br />

Paris Foxtrot Potpourri<br />

Vienna Foxtrot Potpourri<br />

Munich Waltz Potpourri<br />

Venice Cha Cha Potpourri<br />

Naples Tango Potpourri<br />

Capri Twist Potpourri<br />

Rome Foxtrot Potpourri<br />

FraNk chackSFiElD<br />

My gypSy lOvE & lOvE ThEMES FrOM grEaT OpEraS<br />

My gypSy lOvE<br />

ORIGINAL LP SCL 1060 (1961) STEREO<br />

Gypsy Moon (Borganoff; Ey<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Tzigane (Neibher; Dumont)<br />

Play Gypsies, Dance Gypsies (Kálmán)<br />

from ‘Countess Maritza’<br />

Waltz of <strong>the</strong> Gypsies (Kennedy; Carr)<br />

The Gypsy (Reid; Lanjean)<br />

Golden Earrings (Young; Livings<strong>to</strong>n; Evans)<br />

Czardas (Monti)<br />

Play <strong>to</strong> Me, Gypsy (Vacek)<br />

Budapest (Heller)<br />

At <strong>the</strong> Balalaika (Posford)<br />

Gypsy Love (Coslow; Misraki)<br />

Dark Eyes (Trad arr Rogers)<br />

lOvE ThEMES FrOM grEaT OpEraS<br />

(highlighTS)<br />

ORIGINAL LP SCL 1049 (1960) STEREO<br />

Intermezzo from ‘Cavalleria Rusticana’ (Mascagni)<br />

Nessun Dorma from ‘Turandot’ (Puccini)<br />

Oh! My Beloved Fa<strong>the</strong>r<br />

from ‘Gianni Schicchi’ (Puccini)<br />

La Donna è Mobile from ‘Rigolet<strong>to</strong>’ (Verdi)<br />

Your Tiny Hand is Frozen<br />

from ‘La Bohème’ (Puccini)<br />

Caro Nome from ‘Rigolet<strong>to</strong>’ (Verdi)<br />

E Lucevan Le Stelle from ‘Tosca’ (Puccini)<br />

Musetta’s Waltz Song from ‘La Bohème’ (Puccini)<br />

übEr SiEbEN MEErE<br />

ORIGINAL LP SLK 16347 (1965) STEREO<br />

Rolling Home Shanty (Volksweise; Bader arr Müller)<br />

Helgoland-Lied (Förster; Bader); Alle Segel setzt<br />

March (Buchholz; Bader arr Müller); Farewell Slow<br />

Waltz (Volksweise arr Förster); Da lacht selbst der<br />

Klabautermann Polka (Buchholz; Bader arr Müller)<br />

Down by <strong>the</strong> Riverside Dixieland (Volksweise; Bader<br />

arr Förster); Kari Waits for Me Beguine (Gilkyson;<br />

Dehr; Miller; Bader arr Förster); Señorita Dolores<br />

Spanish Waltz (Volksweise; Buchholz; Bader arr<br />

Müller); Auf dem Meer blühn keine roten Rosen Slow<br />

Foxtrot (Buchholz; Bader arr Müller); Un denn segelt wi<br />

so langsam rund Kap Horn (Prigge arr Förster); Aloha<br />

Oe Slow Foxtrot (Volksweise; Bader arr Förster); What<br />

Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor Shanty (Volksweise;<br />

Bader arr Förster); Wir lagen vor Madagaskar Tango-<br />

Beguine (Scheu; Volksweise arr Förster); Einmal noch<br />

nach Bombay March (Germer; Leip arr Förster); Rolling<br />

Home Shanty (Volksweise; Bader arr Müller); Good<br />

Bye, Fare You Well Shanty (Volksweise; Buchholz<br />

arr Müller)<br />

cDlk 4387

cDlk 4390<br />

FraNk chackSFiElD<br />

playS SiMON aND garFuNkEl aND JiM wEbb & ThE bEaTlES’ SONg bOOk<br />

playS SiMON aND garFuNkEl<br />

aND JiM wEbb<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4217 (1971) STEREO<br />

Up, Up and Away (Webb)<br />

Homeward Bound (Simon)<br />

By <strong>the</strong> Time I Get <strong>to</strong> Phoenix (Webb)<br />

Mrs Robinson (Simon)<br />

Galves<strong>to</strong>n (Webb)<br />

Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon)<br />

Scarborough Fair/Canticle (Simon; Garfunkel)<br />

Wichita Lineman (Webb)<br />

Cecilia (Simon)<br />

The Sound of Silence (Simon)<br />

MacArthur Park (Webb)<br />

cDlk 4393<br />

TONy OSbOrNE<br />

braSS ’N’ ivOry & braSS iN ThE NighT<br />

braSS ’N’ ivOry<br />

ORIGINAL LP SML 723 (1969) STEREO<br />

Do You Know <strong>the</strong> Way <strong>to</strong> San Jose<br />

(Bacharach; David)<br />

Get Back (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Soul Street (Osborne)<br />

Goodbye (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Ali Baba (Osborne)<br />

In <strong>the</strong> Bad, Bad Old Days (Macaulay; MacLeod)<br />

Brass ’n’ Ivory (Osborne)<br />

Don’t Let Me Down (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Son of Hickory Holler’s Tramp (Frazier)<br />

Happy Heart (Last; Rae)<br />

Send Her Away (T & G Osborne)<br />

The Mountain (Trad arr Osborne)<br />

ThE bEaTlES’ SONg bOOk<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4191 (1970) STEREO<br />

Get Back (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Michelle (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Got <strong>to</strong> Get You in<strong>to</strong> My Life (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Yesterday (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Something (Harrison)<br />

Hey Jude (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

A Hard Day’s Night (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Norwegian Wood (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Ticket <strong>to</strong> Ride (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

The Fool on <strong>the</strong> Hill (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Come Toge<strong>the</strong>r (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

braSS iN ThE NighT<br />

ORIGINAL LP SML 704 (1967) STEREO<br />

All You Need is Love (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Okasan Little Bird (Nakada; Ema; Mason)<br />

Thoroughly Modern Millie from <strong>the</strong> film (Cahn;<br />

Van Heusen)<br />

Imogene (Reed)<br />

Helados (Osborne)<br />

Up, Up and Away (Webb)<br />

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Crewe; Gaudio)<br />

South of <strong>the</strong> Border (Kennedy; Carr)<br />

Sunspot (Osborne)<br />

Windy (Friedman)<br />

Cornflake (Osborne)<br />

Flowers <strong>to</strong> Moscow (Osborne)<br />

cDlk 4392<br />

MaNTOvaNi<br />

TO lOvErS EvErywhErE & FrOM MaNTOvaNi wiTh lOvE<br />

TO lOvErS EvErywhErE<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5112 (1971) STEREO<br />

The Way You Look Tonight (Kern; Fields)<br />

Tea for Two (Caesar; Youmans)<br />

September Song (Weill; Anderson)<br />

Whispering (Schonberger; Coburn; Rose)<br />

Quando, Quando, Quando (Testa; Renis; Boone)<br />

All of a Sudden (Schultz; Black)<br />

I Will Wait for You (Legrand; Gimbel; Demy)<br />

Me and My Shadow (Jolson; Dreyer; Rose)<br />

I Can’t S<strong>to</strong>p Loving You (Gibson)<br />

Yellow Bird (Luboff; Keith; Bergman)<br />

Winter World of Love (Reed; Mason)<br />

iNTErNaTiONal pOp all STarS<br />

FrOM MaNTOvaNi wiTh lOvE<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5092 (1971) STEREO<br />

Try <strong>to</strong> Remember (Schmidt; Jones)<br />

It’s Impossible (Manzanero; Wayne)<br />

My Prayer (Boulanger; Kennedy)<br />

If I Only Had Time (Delanoe; Fugain; Fishman)<br />

Loss of Love (Mancini; Merrill)<br />

Gwendolyne (Iglesias; Stillman)<br />

Rosy’s Theme (Jarre)<br />

Theme from Love S<strong>to</strong>ry (Lai)<br />

Little Green Apples (Russell)<br />

Last Summer (Man<strong>to</strong>vani)<br />

W<strong>here</strong> Have All <strong>the</strong> Flowers Gone? (Seeger)<br />

May Each Day (Wyle; Green)<br />

MaNTOvaNi<br />

ThE MaNTOvaNi TOuch & OpErETTa MEMOriES<br />

ThE MaNTOvaNi TOuch<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 4921 (1968) STEREO<br />

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever<br />

(Lane; Lerner)<br />

Alfie (Bacharach; David)<br />

Release Me (Miller; Williams; Yount; Harris)<br />

A Man and a Woman (Barouh; Lai; Keller)<br />

Almost T<strong>here</strong> (Keller; Shayne)<br />

What Now My Love (Becaud; Delanoe; Sigman)<br />

Edelweiss (Rodgers; Hammerstein)<br />

A Day in <strong>the</strong> Life of a Fool (Bonfá; Sigman)<br />

My Cup Runneth Over (Jones; Schmidt)<br />

Days of Wine and Roses (Mancini; Mercer)<br />

The Impossible Dream (Leigh; Darion)<br />

Puppet on a String (Martin; Coulter)<br />

rONNiE alDrich<br />

all TiME Jazz hiTS & TOp OF ThE wOrlD<br />

all TiME Jazz hiTS<br />

ORIGINAL LP ACL 1020 (1960)<br />


South Rampart Street Parade (Haggart; Bauduc)<br />

Petite Fleur (Bechet)<br />

Royal Garden Blues (C & S Williams)<br />

St Louis Blues (Handy)<br />

High Society (Piron; Williams)<br />

Dark<strong>to</strong>wn Strutters’ Ball (Brooks)<br />

At <strong>the</strong> Jazz Band Ball (La Rocca; Shields)<br />

Honeysuckle Rose (Waller; Razaf)<br />

After You’ve Gone (Creamer; Lay<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Dippermouth Blues (Oliver)<br />

Basin Street Blues (Williams)<br />

I’ve Found a New Baby (Palmer; Williams)<br />

OpErETTa MEMOriES<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 4093 (1960) STEREO<br />

The Merry Widow Waltz (Lehár)<br />

My Hero from ‘The Chocolate Soldier’ (Oscar Straus)<br />

Play Gipsies, Dance Gipsies<br />

from ‘Countess Maritza’ (Kálmán)<br />

O Maiden, My Maiden from ‘Frederica’ (Lehár)<br />

The Gipsy Princess Waltz (Kálmán)<br />

The Count of Luxembourg Waltz (Lehár)<br />

Serenade from ‘Frasquita’ (Lehár)<br />

Gipsy Love Waltz (Lehár)<br />

The Gipsy Baron Waltz (Johann Strauss)<br />

Die Fledermaus – Overture (Johann Strauss)<br />

TOp OF ThE wOrlD<br />

ORIGINAL LP SP 44203 (1973) STEREO<br />

Top of <strong>the</strong> World (Carpenter; Bettis)<br />

Summer (The First Time) (Goldsboro)<br />

Vado Via (Riccardi; Albertelli)<br />

If I Asked My Heart (Taylor; Marc)<br />

Ashes <strong>to</strong> Ashes (Lambert; Potter)<br />

I Got a Name (Fox; Gimbel)<br />

Jesse (Ian)<br />

Say, Has Anybody Seen<br />

My Sweet Gypsy Rose (Levine; Brown)<br />

Children of Rome<br />

from <strong>the</strong> TV show “Divorce His/Divorce Hers” (Myers)<br />

Touch Me in <strong>the</strong> Morning (Masser; Miller)<br />

grEaT FilM ThEMES FrOM MaNy laNDS & vibraTiONS arOuND ThE wOrlD<br />

cOOl DriNkS aND warM cOMpaNy & ThE FOlk hiTS<br />

grEaT FilM ThEMES<br />

vibraTiONS arOuND ThE wOrlD<br />

cOOl DriNkS aND warM cOMpaNy ThE FOlk hiTS<br />

FrOM MaNy laNDS ORIGINAL LP PFS 4167 (1970) STEREO<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4068 (1966) STEREO<br />

ORIGINAL LP LK 4726 (1965)<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4021 (1962) STEREO<br />

Aquarius (Rado; Ragni; MacDermot)<br />

People (Styne; Merrill)<br />


La Dolce Vita The Sweet Life<br />

Greensleeves (Trad arr Martin)<br />

Fly Me <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> Moon (in o<strong>the</strong>r words) (Howard) Colours (Donovan)<br />

(Rota; Verde; Vandyke) The Windmills of Your Mind<br />

The Alleycat (Bjørn)<br />

Mr Tambourine Man (Dylan)<br />

La Strada (Rota; Galdieri)<br />

(Legrand; Bergman; Bergman)<br />

Dear Heart (Mancini; Livings<strong>to</strong>n; Evans)<br />

Catch <strong>the</strong> Wind (Donovan)<br />

La Ronde de L’amour Love’s Roundabout Muss I Denn (Trad arr Couroyer)<br />

The Girl from Ipanema<br />

T<strong>here</strong> but for Fortune (Ochs)<br />

(Straus; Purcell; Ducreux)<br />

Lisbon Antigua (Portela; Do Vale; Galhardo)<br />

(Jobim; De Moraes; Gimbel) A World of Our Own (Springfield)<br />

Forbidden Games (Gomez)<br />

Tulips from Amsterdam (Arnie; Martyn; Bader)<br />

Who can I turn <strong>to</strong> (Bricusse; Newley)<br />

It Ain’t Me Babe (Dylan)<br />

Theme from ‘Black Orpheus’ (Carnival) (Bonfá) Vieni sul Mar (Trad arr Martin)<br />

Never on Sunday (Hadjidakis; Towne)<br />

As Tears Go By (Jagger; Richards; Oldham)<br />

Never on Sunday (Hadjidakis; Towne)<br />

Swedish Rhapsody (Alfven adapt Faith)<br />

Desafinado<br />

Come and Stay with Me (De Shannon)<br />

Theme from ‘Saturday Night and Sunday Lindbergh (Peloquin; Charlebois)<br />

(Jobim; Cavanaugh; Hendricks; Mendonca) The Times <strong>the</strong>y are a Changin’ (Dylan)<br />

Morning’ (Dankworth)<br />

Die Fledermaus Waltz (Strauss arr Couroyer)<br />

My Kind of Girl (Bricusse)<br />

This Little Bird (Loudermilk)<br />

Adieu Tristesse (Jobim arr Rys; Camus; Salvet) One Note Samba (Jobim; Mendonca; Hendricks)<br />

Goldfinger (Barry)<br />

I’ll Never Find ano<strong>the</strong>r You (Springfield)<br />

Anna (Roman; Giordano; Godfrey; Engvick)<br />

Aranjuez, Mon Amour (Rodrigo; Bontempelli)<br />

Moon River (Mancini; Mercer)<br />

Concrete and Clay (Parker; Moeller)<br />

Nadia’s Theme (Rota)<br />

(I Left My Heart) In San Francisco (Cross; Cory)<br />

Scotland <strong>the</strong> Brave (Trad arr Lockyer; Owen)<br />

The Rising of <strong>the</strong> Moon (Trad arr O’Gallagher)<br />

cDlk 4394<br />

cDlk 4398<br />

10 Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk 11<br />

cDlk 4395<br />

cDlk 4397<br />

cDlk 4396<br />

bill Savill & hiS OrchESTra<br />

wE cOulD havE DaNcED all NighT & iN a DaNciNg MOOD<br />

wE cOulD havE DaNcED all NighT<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 4019 (1959) STEREO<br />

Quickstep: So in love (Porter) – Do I love you (Porter)<br />

– June is bustin’ out all over (Rodgers) – Always true <strong>to</strong><br />

you in my fashion (Porter) – You’d be so nice <strong>to</strong> come<br />

home <strong>to</strong> (Porter); Waltz: I give my heart (Millocker arr<br />

Mackenben) – Glamorous night (Novello); Foxtrot:<br />

Lovely <strong>to</strong> look at (Kern) – The folk who live on <strong>the</strong> hill<br />

(Kern); Quickstep: Love walked in (Gershwin) – Shall<br />

we dance (Rodgers) – Let’s call <strong>the</strong> whole thing off<br />

(Gershwin) – Long ago and far away (Kern) – Can<br />

I forget you (Kern) – How high <strong>the</strong> moon (Lewis);<br />

Quickstep: I’ve got you under my skin (Porter) – This is<br />

my lovely day (Ellis) – Most gentlemen don’t like love<br />

(Porter) – The last time I saw Paris (Kern) – I love Paris<br />

(Porter) – C’est magnifique (Porter); Tango: No o<strong>the</strong>r<br />

love (Rodgers); Rumba: Wish you were <strong>here</strong> (Rome)<br />

Samba: Carioca (Youmans); Foxtrot: September song<br />

(Weill) – Bewitched (Rodgers); Quickstep: Dance little<br />

lady (Coward) – A room with a view (Coward) – Pick<br />

yourself up (Kern) – Easy <strong>to</strong> love (Porter) – All of you<br />

(Porter) – I could write a book (Rodgers)<br />

MikE lEaNDEr & hiS OrchESTra<br />

iN a DaNciNg MOOD<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 4065 (1959) STEREO<br />

Quickstep: I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair<br />

– T<strong>here</strong> is nothin’ like a dame – Happy talk – A cockeyed<br />

optimist – Bloody Mary – Honey Bun (Rodgers)<br />

Waltz: This nearly was mine (Rodgers) – When I’m not<br />

near <strong>the</strong> girl I love (Lane); Foxtrot: Smoke gets in your<br />

eyes (Kern) – My funny Valentine (Rodgers) – I didn’t<br />

know what time it was (Rodgers); Quickstep: You were<br />

never lovelier (Kern) – They all laughed (Gershwin) –<br />

We’ll ga<strong>the</strong>r lilacs (Novello) – I’m gonna sit right down<br />

and write myself a letter (Ahlert) – From this moment<br />

on (Porter); Quickstep: I could have danced all night<br />

– I’ve grown accus<strong>to</strong>med <strong>to</strong> her face – Get me <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong><br />

church on time – With a little bit of luck – On <strong>the</strong> street<br />

w<strong>here</strong> you live (Loewe); Cha-cha: Ol’ Man River (Kern)<br />

– I can’t get started (Duke) – The man I love (Gershwin)<br />

Samba: The Mayfair Samba (Rogers); Quickstep: All<br />

<strong>the</strong> things you are (Kern) – A foggy day (Gershwin)<br />

– Nice work if you can get it (Gershwin) – My heart<br />

belongs <strong>to</strong> daddy (Porter) – Sing for your supper<br />

(Rodgers) – It’s all right with me (Porter)

cDlk 4399<br />

FraNk chackSFiElD<br />

playS lErNEr aND lOEwE & rODgErS aND harT<br />

playS lErNEr aND lOEwE<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4356 (1976) STEREO<br />

My Fair Lady Suite:<br />

I Could Have Danced All Night, The Rain in Spain,<br />

“Lohengrin” – Wedding March (Wagner arr Shaw), Get<br />

Me <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> Church on Time, I’ve Grown Accus<strong>to</strong>med <strong>to</strong><br />

His Face, I Could Have Danced All Night (Reprise)<br />

If Ever I Would Leave You KB<br />

Wand’rin’ Star<br />

Camelot March<br />

Almost Like Being in Love<br />

I Talk <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> Trees JB<br />

Come <strong>to</strong> Me, Bend <strong>to</strong> Me<br />

Gigi Suite:<br />

Can-Can intro (Offenbach arr Shaw), The Night They<br />

Invented Champagne, Thank Heaven for Little Girls, I<br />

Remember it Well, Gigi<br />

Soloists: KB Kenny Baker (trumpet), JB Joanne Brown (vocal)<br />

cDlk 4401<br />

will glahÉ & hiS OrchESTra<br />

bavariaN & viENNESE MErry-gO-rOuND<br />

bavariaN MErry-gO-rOuND<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4372 (1976) STEREO<br />

Karlsbader Karussell (Glahé)<br />

Mádlenka Polka (Tichny; Auerbach)<br />

Donausagen (Fucik)<br />

Huckepack (Glahé)<br />

Kuckucks Walzer (Jonasson)<br />

Castaldo Marsch (Novacek)<br />

Leitmeritzer Schützenmarsch (Fucik; Hartmann)<br />

Schneewalzer (Trad arr Glahé)<br />

Egerländer Polka (Spieler)<br />

Amsel Polka (Vejvoda; Auerbach)<br />

Grillenhochzeit (Glahé)<br />

Quecksilber Polka (Glahé)<br />

playS rODgErS aND harT<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4331 (1975) STEREO<br />

Johnny One-Note<br />

Isn’t it Romantic<br />

Ten Cents a Dance<br />

Thou Swell<br />

My Funny Valentine JB<br />

Lover<br />

With a Song in My Heart<br />

Bewitched<br />

Falling in Love with Love<br />

W<strong>here</strong> or When JB<br />

The Lady is a Tramp<br />

Mountain Greenery<br />

viENNESE MErry-gO-rOuND/<br />

wiENEr praTErbuMMEl<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4404 (1976) STEREO<br />

Jetzt trink’n ma noch a Flascherl Wein (Lorens)<br />

Tanzen möcht’ ich (Kálmán)<br />

Gern hab’ ich die Frau’n geküßt<br />

(Lehár; Knepler; Jenbach)<br />

Luxemburg Walzer (Lehár)<br />

Liebste, glaub an mich (Lehár)<br />

Draußen in Sievering blüht schon der Flieder<br />

(Strauss arr Glahé; Adler)<br />

Komm mit nach Varasdin (Kálmán)<br />

Wiener Fiakerpolka (Pick); Dorfkinder (Kálmán)<br />

Dein ist mein ganzes Herz (Lehár; Herzer; Löhner)<br />

Liebe, du Himmel auf Erden<br />

(Lehár; Knepler; Jenbach)<br />

Souvenir (Drdla); Kaiserwalzer (Strauss arr Glahé)<br />

Das ist die Liebe (Kálmán; Stein; Jenbach)<br />

cDlk 4400<br />

iNTErNaTiONal pOp all STarS<br />

pErcuSSiON arOuND ThE wOrlD & TwElvE STar pErcuSSiON<br />

pErcuSSiON arOuND ThE wOrlD<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 34009 (1962) STEREO<br />

The Poor People of Paris (Monnot; Rouzaud)<br />

Frenesi (Dominguez; Charles; Russell)<br />

The Third Man Theme (Karas)<br />

Calcutta (Gaze; Stillman)<br />

La Montana (Moreu; Alguero)<br />

Nick Nack Paddy Whack (Arnold; Sharpe; Gould)<br />

Volare (Modugno; Migliacci; Parish)<br />

April in Portugal (Ferrao; Larue; Kennedy)<br />

Never on Sunday (Hadjidakis; Towne)<br />

Japanese Sandman (Whiting; Egan)<br />

Cieli<strong>to</strong> Lindo (Fernandez)<br />

Auf wiederseh’n Swee<strong>the</strong>art<br />

(S<strong>to</strong>rch; Sex<strong>to</strong>n; Turner)<br />

rOlaND Shaw & hiS OrchESTra<br />

MEXicO! & wESTwarD hO!<br />

MEXicO!<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4027 (1963) STEREO<br />

Cieli<strong>to</strong> Lindo (Trad arr Shaw)<br />

Pepe (Langdon; Wittstatt)<br />

The Three Caballeros (Esperon; Cortazar; Gilbert)<br />

Solamente una Vez (Lara)<br />

Bulerías (Trad arr Shaw)<br />

Las Chiapanecas (De Campo arr Shaw)<br />

Guadalajara (Guizar)<br />

La Cucaracha (Trad arr Shaw)<br />

Ti-Pi-Tin (Grever; Leveen)<br />

La Paloma (Yradier arr Shaw)<br />

La Bamba (Trad arr Shaw)<br />

El Relicario (Padilla arr Shaw)<br />

wESTwarD hO!<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4045 (1964) STEREO<br />

Riders in <strong>the</strong> Sky (Jones)<br />

The Yellow Rose of Texas (Trad arr Shaw)<br />

High Noon (Tiomkin; Washing<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

The Big Country (Moross arr Mayers)<br />

Streets of Laredo (Trad arr Shaw)<br />

Don’t Fence Me In (Porter)<br />

Wagon Wheels (Hill; De Rose)<br />

She’ll Be Comin’ Round <strong>the</strong> Mountain<br />

(Trad arr Shaw)<br />

Red River Valley (Trad arr Shaw)<br />

The Magnificent Seven (Bernstein)<br />

I’m an Old Cowhand (Mercer)<br />

Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Nolan)<br />

TwElvE STar pErcuSSiON<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 34011 (1962) STEREO<br />

I Got Rhythm (G & I Gershwin)<br />

We’ll Be Toge<strong>the</strong>r Again (Fischer; Laine)<br />

Three Blind Mice (Trad)<br />

Nice Work If You Can Get It (G & I Gershwin)<br />

Handsome Gigolo (Cassuci; Keyes; Brammer)<br />

Lover (Rodgers; Hart)<br />

But<strong>to</strong>n Up Your Overcoat<br />

(DeSylva; Brown; Henderson)<br />

Green Eyes (Menendez; Utrera)<br />

Pennies from Heaven (Johns<strong>to</strong>n; Burke)<br />

Beyond <strong>the</strong> Sea (Trenet; Lawrence)<br />

Why Don’t You Do Right? (McCoy)<br />

Adios Muchachos (Sanders; Vedani; Raven)<br />

cDlk 4402<br />

rON graiNEr & hiS OrchESTra<br />

ThE MaigrET ThEME & OThEr FilM aND Tv ThEMES SiNglES<br />

ThE MaigrET ThEME<br />


The Maigret Theme (Grainer); Bistro (Grainer)<br />

Night Prowl (Grainer); Petit Louis (Grainer)<br />

Arlette (Grainer); Golden Fleece (Grainer)<br />

Getaway (Grainer)<br />

Along <strong>the</strong> Boulevards (Grainer)<br />

Lost Memory (Grainer); Poker Face (Grainer)<br />

Ginette (Grainer); Thieves’ Den (Grainer)<br />

Midnight in Montmartre (Grainer)<br />

The Maigret Theme (Grainer)<br />

ray MarTiN & hiS OrchESTra<br />

ThE SOuND OF SighT & MEMOriES arE MaDE OF MuSic<br />

ThE SOuND OF SighT<br />

cOMpOSED aND cONDucTED by ray MarTiN<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4043 (1964) STEREO<br />

Introduction Leading in<strong>to</strong> Overture <strong>to</strong> End All<br />

Overtures<br />

Wes<strong>to</strong>rama<br />

Destination Space<br />

A Whale of a Tale<br />

Egyptian Epic<br />

Hoodunit<br />

Tearjerker<br />

Car<strong>to</strong>onik<br />

Flagwaver<br />

OThEr FilM aND Tv ThEMES SiNglES<br />

Petit Louis (from TV series “Maigret”) (Grainer) RG<br />

That Was <strong>the</strong> Week that Was (Grainer; Sherrin) RG<br />

Indian Blues (Grainer) RG<br />

Station Six Sahara (from film) (Grainer) RG<br />

Theme from <strong>the</strong> film “Sparrows Can’t Sing” (Bart) RSO<br />

The Seventh Dawn (from film) (Or<strong>to</strong>lani; Webster) RSO<br />

Main <strong>the</strong>me from film “Lolita” (Harris) TRO<br />

My Lost Love (from film “Big Red”)<br />

IRCO TR<br />

(Sherman; Sherman)<br />

Sky West and Crooked (from film) (Arnold) TW<br />

Madrigal (from film “The Chalk Garden”) (Arnold) TW<br />

The Kiss (<strong>the</strong>me from TV series “Love S<strong>to</strong>ry”) (Parnell) JP<br />

“The Hidden Truth” <strong>the</strong>me (from TV series) (Parnell) JP<br />

The Iron Maiden (from film) (Rogers) ER<br />

Sweet and Sour (<strong>the</strong> “Bootsie and Snudge”<br />

TV series <strong>the</strong>me) (Franks; Rusby) GF<br />

Theme from <strong>the</strong> TV series “Sam Benedict” (Riddle) GF<br />

“Hand in Hand” <strong>the</strong>me (from film) (Black) SB<br />

The Last Tycoon (from film) (Jarre) JD<br />

MEMOriES arE MaDE OF MuSic<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4275 (1973) STEREO<br />

Sing (Raposo)<br />

Release Me (Miller; Williams; Yount; Harris)<br />

Everything is Beautiful (Stevens)<br />

Keeper of <strong>the</strong> Castle (Lambert; Potter)<br />

I Can See Clearly Now (Nash)<br />

South of <strong>the</strong> Border (Kennedy; Carr)<br />

Black is Black (Hayes; Wadey; Grainger)<br />

Are You Lonesome Tonight (Turk; Handman)<br />

Cook with Honey (Carter)<br />

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round <strong>the</strong> Old Oak Tree<br />

(Levine; Brown)<br />

Quiet Nights (Jobim; Kaye; Lees)<br />

Blue Suede Shoes (Perkins)<br />

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cDlk 4403<br />

Singles’ artists: RG Ron Grainer & his Orchestra; RSO<br />

Roland Shaw Orchestra; TRO The Raymonde Orchestra;<br />

IRCO Ivor Raymonde, his Chorus & Orchestra; TW The<br />

Wayfarers; JP Jack Parnell Orchestra; ER Eric Rogers<br />

& his Orchestra; GF Gordon Franks & his Orchestra;<br />

SB Stanley Black, his Piano & Orchestra; JD John<br />

Dankworth with <strong>the</strong> Maurice Jarre Orchestra<br />

Recorded between 1961-77<br />

cDlk 4405<br />

cDlk 4404<br />

ricarDO SaNTOS – arraNgED by wErNEr MüllEr<br />

iT’S laTiN TiME & ThE NEw ricarDO SaNTOS SOuND<br />

iT’S laTiN TiME<br />

ORIGINAL LP 6.23007 (1977) STEREO<br />

Nice ’n’ Naasty (Montana Jr)<br />

Tangerine (Mercer; Schertzinger)<br />

La Novia (Prie<strong>to</strong>)<br />

Night Theme (arr Müller <strong>to</strong> a <strong>the</strong>me by Mozart)<br />

Samba Pa Ti (Santana)<br />

Tico Tico (Abreu)<br />

Cucaracha Brava (Trad arr Müller)<br />

Moliendo Café (Manzo)<br />

Bach Goes Latin (J S Bach adapt Müller)<br />

The Peanut Vendor (Simons)<br />

La Playa (van Wetter)<br />

Farewell Trumpet (Buchholz)<br />

will glahÉ & hiS OrchESTra<br />

STricTly OOMpah & OkTObErFEST<br />

STricTly OOMpah<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4166 (1969) STEREO<br />

Radetzky–Marsch (J Strauss arr Bohn)<br />

Kuckuckswalzer (Jonasson arr Glahé)<br />

Die Fischerin vom Bodensee (Winkler)<br />

Wiener Praterleben (Translateur arr Bohn)<br />

Hoch und Deutschmeister–Marsch<br />

(Ertl arr Bohn)<br />

Auf de Schwäb’sche Eisebahne (Trad arr Glahé)<br />

Ich hab’ mein Herz in Heidelberg Verloren<br />

(Raymond; Beda; Neubach)<br />

Wien Bleibt Wien (Schrammel arr Glahé)<br />

Die Dorfmusik (Fryberg; Donop; Kirsten arr Bohn)<br />

Schützenliesel–Polka<br />

(Bern; Haselbach; Sixt arr Rüßmann)<br />

Du kannst nicht treu sein (Otten; Ebeler arr Glahé)<br />

Der treue Husar (Frantzen arr Rüßmann)<br />

OkTObErFEST<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4194 (1970) STEREO<br />

Bayrische Schuhplattler (Trad arr Glahé)<br />

Bayrische Polka (Lohmann)<br />

In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus<br />

(Gabriel; Richter)<br />

Der treue Husar (Frantzen arr Rüßmann)<br />

Beer Barrel Polka Rosamunde<br />

(Vejvoda; Brown; Timm)<br />

Das Humbta-Täterä (Hämmerle)<br />

Trink, trink, Brüderlein trink (Lindemann)<br />

Alte Kameraden (Teike)<br />

Du kannst nicht treu sein (Otten; Ebeler arr Glahé)<br />

Liechtensteiner Polka (Kötscher; Lindt)<br />

Ja, so warn’s die alten Rittersleut (Valentin)<br />

Auf Wiedersehn (S<strong>to</strong>rch; Sex<strong>to</strong>n; Turner)<br />

ThE NEw ricarDO SaNTOS SOuND<br />

ORIGINAL LP 6.22393 (1976) STEREO<br />

La Bamba Samba (Trad arr Müller)<br />

Jalousie Tango (Gade)<br />

Eliza-Cha-Cha (Beethoven arr Müller)<br />

The Last Farewell Slowfox (Whittaker)<br />

Take My Heart (In a Persian Market)<br />

March Samba (Ketelbey arr Müller)<br />

Bianca Samba (Samuels; Whitcup)<br />

Zambesi Baião (De Waal; Carstens)<br />

Rumba Tambah Rumba Negra (Hernandez)<br />

Feelings Beguine (Albert)<br />

Bacardi Theme Bossa Nova<br />

(Tchaikovsky arr Müller)<br />

La Cumparsita Tango (Rodriguez)<br />

What a Diff’rence a Day Made Mambo (Grever)<br />

Taboo Bossa Nova (Lecuona)<br />

cDlk 4406

cDlk 4407<br />

FraNk chackSFiElD<br />

ThE iNcOMparablE kErN & playS hOagy carMichaEl<br />

ThE iNcOMparablE kErN<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4308 (1974) STEREO<br />

The Last Time I Saw Paris (Kern; Hammerstein)<br />

All <strong>the</strong> Things You Are (Kern; Hammerstein)<br />

The Folks Who Live on <strong>the</strong> Hill<br />

(Kern; Hammerstein)<br />

Look for <strong>the</strong> Silver Lining (Kern; DeSylva)<br />

She Didn’t Say Yes (Kern; Harbach)<br />

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Kern; Harbach)<br />

I Won’t Dance (Kern; Hammerstein; Harbach)<br />

Long Ago (and Far Away) (Kern; I Gershwin)<br />

Who? (Kern; Hammerstein; Harbach)<br />

Yesterdays (Kern; Harbach)<br />

Showboat medley: (Kern; Wodehouse; Hammerstein)<br />

Ol’ Man River, Make Believe, Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat<br />

Man, Bill, You are Love<br />

Soloists: KB Kenny Baker (trumpet), JB Joanne Brown (vocal)<br />

cDlk 4409<br />

caScaDiNg STriNgS – JOhN grEgOry<br />

caScaDiNg STriNgS & cONTraSTS<br />

caScaDiNg STriNgS<br />

ORIGINAL LP 6308 016 (1970) STEREO<br />

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head<br />

(Bacharach; David)<br />

Wand’rin’ Star (Lerner; Loewe)<br />

The Green Leaves of Summer<br />

(Tiomkin; Webster)<br />

Love is Blue (Popp; Cour; Blackburn)<br />

Plaisir d’amour (Martini)<br />

Those were <strong>the</strong> Days (Raskin)<br />

Somew<strong>here</strong> my Love (Jarre; Webster)<br />

The Fool on <strong>the</strong> Hill (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Four of Hearts (Gregory)<br />

Light my Fire<br />

(Morrison; Manzarek; Krieger; Densmore)<br />

Londonderry Air (Trad arr Gregory)<br />

The Good, <strong>the</strong> Bad and <strong>the</strong> Ugly (Morricone)<br />

playS hOagy carMichaEl<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4392 (1977) STEREO<br />

Skylark (Carmichael; Mercer)<br />

My Resistance is Low (Carmichael; Adamson)<br />

The Nearness of You (Carmichael; Washing<strong>to</strong>n) JB<br />

Ole Buttermilk Sky (Carmichael; Brooks)<br />

Georgia on My Mind (Carmichael; Gorrell) KB<br />

The Old Music Master (Carmichael; Mercer)<br />

Two Sleepy People (Carmichael; Loesser)<br />

I Get Along Without You Very Well<br />

(Carmichael) JB<br />

Lazy Bones (Carmichael; Mercer)<br />

Stardust (Carmichael; Parish) JB<br />

cONTraSTS<br />

ORIGINAL LP 6308 107 (1972) STEREO<br />

Diamonds are Forever (Barry)<br />

I Don’t Know How <strong>to</strong> Love Him (Rice; Webber)<br />

Look Around and You’ll Find Me T<strong>here</strong><br />

(Lai; Simon; Mark)<br />

W<strong>here</strong> Did <strong>the</strong>y Go? (Sklerov; Lloyd)<br />

The <strong>the</strong>me from “The Onedin Line”<br />

(Khachaturian arr Gregory)<br />

Devil’s Highway (Gregory)<br />

The <strong>the</strong>me from “The Persuaders” (Barry)<br />

Ano<strong>the</strong>r Time Ano<strong>the</strong>r Place (Leander; Seago)<br />

Contrasts (Gregory)<br />

My Chérie Amour (Wonder; Cosby; Moy)<br />

Sleepy Shores (<strong>the</strong>me from “Owen M.D.”) (Pearson)<br />

Spinning Wheel (Thomas)<br />

cDlk 4408<br />

MaNTOvaNi<br />

MaNTOvaNi’S gOlDEN hiTS & MOrE MaNTOvaNi gOlDEN hiTS<br />

MaNTOvaNi’S gOlDEN hiTS<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 4818 (1967) STEREO<br />

Charmaine (Rapée; Pollack)<br />

Moon River (Mancini; Mercer)<br />

The Moulin Rouge Theme (Auric; Engvick)<br />

Summertime in Venice (Icini; Sigman; Pinci)<br />

Diane (Rapée; Pollack)<br />

Exodus Main Theme (Gold)<br />

Greensleeves (Trad arr Binge)<br />

True Love (Porter)<br />

La Vie en Rose (Louiguy; Piaf)<br />

Around <strong>the</strong> World (Young; Adamson)<br />

Some Enchanted Evening<br />

(Rodgers; Hammerstein)<br />

Swedish Rhapsody (Alfven adapt Faith)<br />

chaQuiTO – JOhN grEgOry<br />

ThE grEaT chaQuiTO rEvOluTiON & laTiN cOlOurS<br />

ThE grEaT chaQuiTO rEvOluTiON<br />

ORIGINAL LP 6309 013 (1970) STEREO<br />

Revolution (Chaqui<strong>to</strong>)<br />

Aquarius (MacDermot; Rado; Ragni)<br />

Carol of <strong>the</strong> Bells (Leon<strong>to</strong>vich arr Gregory)<br />

Old Devil Moon (Lane; Harburg)<br />

Te Quiero Dijiste Echo of a Serenade (Grever)<br />

The Good, <strong>the</strong> Bad and <strong>the</strong> Ugly (Morricone)<br />

Carioca (Youmans; Kahn; Eliscu)<br />

Tierra Madre Mo<strong>the</strong>r Earth (Chaqui<strong>to</strong>)<br />

Desafinado (Jobim; Mendonca)<br />

Goin’ Out of My Head (Randazzo; Weinstein)<br />

Maria Elena (Barcelata)<br />

The Big Country (Moross)<br />

laTiN cOlOurS<br />

ORIGINAL LP 6382 106 (1972) STEREO<br />

Meditation Meditaçao (Jobim; Mendonca)<br />

Trains and Boats and Planes (Bacharach; David)<br />

Afrikaan Beat (Kaempfert)<br />

La Paloma (Yradier arr Gregory)<br />

Light My Fire (Morris; Manzarek; Krieger; Densmore)<br />

La Peregrinación (Ramirez; Luna)<br />

Do You Know <strong>the</strong> Way <strong>to</strong> San Jose<br />

(Bacharach; David)<br />

Little Boat O Barquinho (Menescal; Boscoli)<br />

Walk On By (Bacharach; David)<br />

One Summer’s Day Un Jour d’Été (Gregory)<br />

This Guy’s in Love with You (Bacharach; David)<br />

Upa, Neguinho Allegria (Lobo; Guarnieri)<br />

MOrE MaNTOvaNi gOlDEN hiTS<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5230 (1976) STEREO<br />

Cara Mia (Trapani; Lange)<br />

Stranger in Paradise (Wright; Forrest)<br />

Gigi (Loewe; Lerner)<br />

Deep Purple (De Rose; Parish)<br />

A Certain Smile (Fain; Webster)<br />

Limelight (Chaplin)<br />

The Way You Look Tonight (Kern; Fields)<br />

Love is a Many Splendored Thing<br />

(Fain; Webster)<br />

Long Ago (And Far Away) (Kern; Gershwin)<br />

Till (Danvers; Sigman; Gaiano)<br />

A Lovely Way <strong>to</strong> Spend an Evening<br />

(McHugh; Adamson)<br />

Toge<strong>the</strong>r (DeSylva; Brown; Henderson)<br />

cDlk 4410<br />

MaNTOvaNi<br />

Mr. MuSic ... MaNTOvaNi & MOrE MaNTOvaNi FilM ENcOrES<br />

Mr. MuSic ... MaNTOvaNi<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 4811 (1966) STEREO<br />

Smile (Chaplin; Turner; Parsons)<br />

Ebb Tide (Maxwell; Sigman)<br />

Softly as I Leave You (De Vita; Calabrese; Shaper)<br />

Spanish Flea (Wechter; Stellman)<br />

Theme from ‘The Oscar’ (Faith)<br />

How Soon (Mancini; Stillman)<br />

Yesterday (Lennon; McCartney)<br />

Strangers in <strong>the</strong> Night<br />

(Kaempfert; Single<strong>to</strong>n; Snyder)<br />

From Russia with Love (Bart)<br />

Love and Marriage (Van Heusen; Cahn)<br />

The Shadow of Your Smile (Mandel; Webster)<br />

Three O’Clock in <strong>the</strong> Morning (Robledo; Terriss)<br />

MOrE MaNTOvaNi FilM ENcOrES<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 4067 (1959) STEREO<br />

The High and <strong>the</strong> Mighty (Tiomkin; Washing<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

A Certain Smile (Fain; Webster)<br />

Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love)<br />

(Tiomkin; Webster)<br />

Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)<br />

(Evans; Livings<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Tammy (Livings<strong>to</strong>n; Evans; Skinner)<br />

Be My Love (Cahn; Brodszky)<br />

April Love (Fain; Webster)<br />

When You Wish Upon a Star<br />

(Harline; Washing<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Separate Tables (Adamson; Warren)<br />

Around <strong>the</strong> World (Young; Adamson)<br />

Fascination (Marchetti)<br />

Secret Love (Fain; Webster)<br />

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cDlk 4412<br />

FraNk chackSFiElD<br />

NEw yOrk & ThE bEST OF cOlE pOrTEr<br />

NEw yOrk<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4190 (1970) STEREO<br />

Broadway Medley: Broadway Rhythm (Herb; Freed;<br />

Brown); Sidewalks of New York (Blake; Lawlor arr<br />

Rogers); The Bowery (Gaunt; Hoyt; Gilbert arr Rogers)<br />

Harlem Nocturne (Hagen)<br />

China<strong>to</strong>wn, My China<strong>to</strong>wn (Schwartz; Jerome)<br />

Manhattan (Rodgers; Hart)<br />

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (Rodgers; Hart)<br />

Take <strong>the</strong> ‘A’ Train (Strayhorn)<br />

Spanish Harlem (Leiber; Spec<strong>to</strong>r)<br />

West Side S<strong>to</strong>ry Medley: (Bernstein; Sondheim)<br />

Something’s Coming; Tonight; Maria; America;<br />

Somew<strong>here</strong><br />

Autumn in New York (Duke)<br />

Give My Regards <strong>to</strong> Broadway (Cohan arr Rogers)<br />

SONgS OF praiSE<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 4152 (1961) STEREO<br />

A Mighty Fortress is our God<br />

(Lu<strong>the</strong>r; Hedges arr Milner)<br />

Whispering Hope (Hawthorne arr Man<strong>to</strong>vani) CH<br />

Nearer my God <strong>to</strong> Thee (Mason arr Milner) CH<br />

The Lord’s my Shepherd (Grant arr Milner)<br />

Abide with Me (Monk; Lyte arr Milner)<br />

Onward Christian Soldiers<br />

(Sullivan; Baring-Gold arr Milner) CH<br />

The Holy City (Adams; Wea<strong>the</strong>rly arr Man<strong>to</strong>vani)<br />

Eternal Fa<strong>the</strong>r Strong <strong>to</strong> Save<br />

(Dykes; Whiting arr Milner) CH<br />

Vocalists: CH with The Sammes Chorus<br />

ThE bEST OF cOlE pOrTEr<br />

ORIGINAL LP S30066 (1959) STEREO<br />

I Love Paris (Porter)<br />

Easy <strong>to</strong> Love (Porter)<br />

Begin <strong>the</strong> Beguine (Porter)<br />

In <strong>the</strong> Still of <strong>the</strong> Night (Porter)<br />

Wunderbar (Porter)<br />

It’s D’Lovely (Porter)<br />

Night and Day (Porter)<br />

Don’t Fence Me In (Porter)<br />

I’ve Got You Under My Skin (Porter)<br />

You’d Be So Nice <strong>to</strong> Come Home <strong>to</strong> (Porter)<br />

So in Love (Porter)<br />

Just One of Those Things (Porter)<br />

cDlk 4413<br />

will glahÉ & hiS OrchESTra<br />

TaNgO NOTTurNO & whEN ThE lilac blOOMS agaiN<br />

TaNgO NOTTurNO<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 16474 (1967) STEREO<br />

Tango Notturno (Borgmann; Beckmann); La<br />

Paloma (Yradier); Liebe war es nie (Markusch;<br />

Rotter); Schenk mir dein Lächeln, Maria (Denneke;<br />

Schwenn; Schaeffers); Wir wollen Freunde sein<br />

fürs ganze Leben (Meisel; Schwenn; Schaeffers);<br />

Ich hab’ dir so tief in die Augen gesehen (Böhmelt;<br />

Stemmle); Oh, Donna Clara (Peterburski; Beda);<br />

Tango Anjuschka (Jäger; Nebhut); Es war einmal<br />

ein Musikus (Schwarz); Lebe wohl, kleine Frau<br />

(Jäger; Nebhut); Bei zärtlicher Musik (Mohr;<br />

Richter); Spiel mir ein Lied aus alten Tagen<br />

(Breuer; Siegel); In deine Hände (Kollo); Es wird in<br />

100 Jahren wieder so ein Frühling sein (Dostal;<br />

Gilbert); Wenn du einmal dein Herz verschenkst<br />

(Rosen; Schwabach); Zwei rote Lippen und ein roter<br />

cDlk 4415 Tarragona (Sanders; Schwartz)<br />

MaNTOvaNi<br />

SONgS OF praiSE<br />

Beautiful Isle of Somew<strong>here</strong><br />

(Fearis; Pounds arr Man<strong>to</strong>vani)<br />

Jesu, Lover of my Soul (Parry; Wesley arr Milner)<br />

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach arr Milner)<br />

Little Brown Church in <strong>the</strong> Vale<br />

(Pitts arr Man<strong>to</strong>vani)<br />

All People that on Earth do Dwell<br />

(Bourgeois; Ke<strong>the</strong> arr Man<strong>to</strong>vani)<br />

Rock of Ages<br />

(Hastings; Redhead; Toplady arr Milner) CH<br />

whEN ThE lilac blOOMS agaiN<br />

wENN DEr wEißE FliEDEr wiEDEr blühT<br />

ORIGINAL LP 6.22111 (1975) STEREO<br />

When <strong>the</strong> Lilac Blooms Again (Doelle; Rotter); Bei dir war<br />

es immer so schön (Mackeben; Beckmann); Swanee<br />

(Gershwin); Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Berlin); Elizabethan<br />

Serenade (Binge; Wallnau; Hesten); The First Rendezvous<br />

(Sylviano; Poterat; Busch); Zhivago Melody (Jarre; Webster;<br />

Lilibert); Im Gänsemarsch (Glahé); Huckepack (Glahé);<br />

Quicksilver Polka (Glahé); Sophisticated Lady (Elling<strong>to</strong>n;<br />

Mills; Parish); Begin <strong>the</strong> Beguine (Porter; Hillman); Strangers<br />

in <strong>the</strong> Night (Kaempfert; Feltz); Sweet Sue (Young; Harris;<br />

Rotter); Oh, Lady be Good (Gershwin); Parlez-moi d’amour<br />

(Lenoir; Grau); Dreh dich noch einmal um (Gaze; Balz);<br />

Temptation Rag (Lodge); Kisses in <strong>the</strong> Dark (Micheli);<br />

Wonderful Copenhagen (Loesser; Brandin); Indian Love Call<br />

(Friml; Harbach; Hammerstein); Madonna, du bist schöner als<br />

der Sonnenschein (Katscher); Charmaine (Rapée; Pollack;<br />

Rainer); Mood Indigo (Elling<strong>to</strong>n; Mills; Bigard); Narcissus<br />

(Nevin); Avant de mourir (Boulanger); You are my Sunshine<br />

(Davis; Mitchell); Goodnight Ladies (Trad arr Glahé)<br />

cDlF 8133

cDlk 4381<br />

cDlk 4416<br />

lONNiEpOpS<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5068 (1970) STEREO<br />

Little Green Apples (Russell)<br />

Hey! Hey (Pavli)<br />

First of May (R, B & M Gibb)<br />

Both Sides Now (Mitchell)<br />

If You Go Away (Brel; McKuen)<br />

Love Song <strong>to</strong> a Princess (Donegan; Jones)<br />

Who Knows W<strong>here</strong> <strong>the</strong> Time Goes (Denny)<br />

briTiSh rOck ‘N’ rOll aT DEcca<br />

Tweedlee-Dee SM ; Dance with Me Henry SM<br />

Hearts of S<strong>to</strong>ne BC ; The Creep JB<br />

Dancing in My Socks MB<br />

Why Do Fools Fall in Love? AK1<br />

Rock Around <strong>the</strong> Island AK2<br />

I Want You <strong>to</strong> Be My Baby AR<br />

The Fish AR ; Baby Lover LJ<br />

Tryin’ <strong>to</strong> Get <strong>to</strong> You JC ; I-ay Ove-lay Oo-yay 3BS<br />

I Told Myself a Lie DC ; Turn Me Loose MS<br />

Teen Angel AM ; Ano<strong>the</strong>r Sleepless Night EH<br />

Race With <strong>the</strong> Devil RS<br />

bryaN JOhNSON, MikE prESTON & kEN DODD<br />

ThE MilliON SEllErS SiNg SONgS ...<br />

bryaN JOhNSON –<br />

ThE MilliON SEllErS SiNg SONgS<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 4108 (1960) STEREO<br />

Red Roses for a Blue Lady (Tepper; Brodsky)<br />

Don’t Fence Me In (Porter)<br />

Tennessee Waltz (Stewart; King)<br />

Heart of My Heart (The Gang that Sang) (Ryan)<br />

Around <strong>the</strong> World (Young; Adamson)<br />

The Yellow Rose of Texas (George)<br />

On a Slow Boat <strong>to</strong> China (Loesser)<br />

Careless Hands (Hilliard; Sigman)<br />

Tell Me Why (Alberts; Gold)<br />

Sioux City Sue (Thomas; Freedman)<br />

Someday (Hodges); Mockin’ Bird Hill (Hor<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

bONuS TrackS (1960-61)<br />

Looking High, High, High (Watson)<br />

Countin’ Colours in a Rainbow (Fishman; Carr)<br />

A Place in <strong>the</strong> Country (Page; Shaberman; Harris)<br />

Angel Face (Saunder; Bowers)<br />

Broken Wings (Jerome; Grun)<br />

vOluME 4<br />

Five Minutes More RS2<br />

Oh, How I Miss You Tonight GC<br />

Boots NG ; The Wild One OR<br />

Ginny Come Lately SP<br />

Two Initials (in a heart) RL<br />

Bésame Mucho JH ; Magic Eyes BF<br />

Party Time DF<br />

First Date, First Kiss, First Love VC<br />

Six-Five Nothing Special MM<br />

The Tommy Rot S<strong>to</strong>ry MM<br />

Picture Parade MM ; What is a Skiffler? MM<br />

Recorded between 1954-62<br />

Vocalists: SM Suzi Miller with The Johns<strong>to</strong>n Bro<strong>the</strong>rs; BC Billy Cot<strong>to</strong>n & His Band; JB The Johns<strong>to</strong>n Bro<strong>the</strong>rs;<br />

MB AK1 AK2 Margaret Bond; Annette Klooger with The Four Jones Boys; Annette Klooger with Ted Heath & His Music;<br />

AR LJ JC 3BS<br />

Annie Ross with Tony Crombie & His Orchestra; Little Johnny & The Three Teenagers; Joey Castell;<br />

Three Barry Sisters; DC Del Carson; MS Mort Shuman; AM Alex Murray; EH Eddie Hickey; RS Russ Sainty with The Nu-<br />

Notes; RS2 Robb S<strong>to</strong>rme & The Whispers; GC Glenda Collins; NG Nero & The Gladia<strong>to</strong>rs; OR Oliver Reed;<br />

SP RL JH BF DF VC MM Steve Perry; Roy Lee; Jet Harris; Billy Fury; Don Fox; Vic Chester; Morris & Mitch<br />

kENNETh MckEllar<br />

kENNETh MckEllar’S pEOplE & a DrEaM O’ haME<br />

kENNETh MckEllar’S pEOplE<br />

(highlighTS)<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5006 (1970) STEREO<br />

Black is <strong>the</strong> Colour of My True Love’s Hair<br />

(Trad arr Knight)<br />

Scarlet Ribbons (Danzig; Segal)<br />

Because You are T<strong>here</strong> La Peregrinación<br />

(Ramirez; Luna; Newell)<br />

Shenandoah (Trad arr Terry)<br />

The Dark Island (MacLachlan; Silver)<br />

Cindy, Oh Cindy (Barron; Long)<br />

Scarborough Fair – Canticle (Simon; Garfunkel)<br />

The Bard of Armagh (Hughes)<br />

Quattro Cavaiche Trottano (Trad arr Knight)<br />

Pavanne from The Capriol Suite (Warlock)<br />

The Wild Mountain Thyme (McPeake)<br />

The White Rose of A<strong>the</strong>ns<br />

(Hadjidakis; Bradtke; Newell)<br />

lONNiE DONEgaN<br />

lONNiEpOpS<br />

a DrEaM O’ haME<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5079 (1971) STEREO<br />

Think on Me (Scott arr Knight)<br />

Dream Angus (Trad arr Rober<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Come Under My Plaidie (Burns arr Knight)<br />

Wae’s Me for Prince Charlie (Trad arr Knight)<br />

O Gin My Love Were Yon Red Rose<br />

(Burns arr Knight)<br />

The Thistle of Scotland (Trad arr Knight)<br />

These are My Mountains (Copeland)<br />

Ro<strong>the</strong>say Bay (Trad arr Knight)<br />

Fairy Lullaby (Trad arr Knight)<br />

Maiden of Morven (Lawson; Boul<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

A Dream o’ Hame (McNab)<br />

Waggle o’ <strong>the</strong> Kilt (Lauder)<br />

What <strong>the</strong> World Needs Now is Love<br />

(Bacharach; David)<br />

My Lovely Juanita (Donegan)<br />

The Windmills of Your Mind<br />

(Bergman; Bergman; Legrand)<br />

The Long Haired Lover from Liverpool (Young)<br />

And You Need Me (Cousins)<br />

cDlk 4411<br />

MikE prESTON – FOur SONgS by ray NOblE<br />

ORIGINAL EP DFE 6635 (1961)<br />

Love is <strong>the</strong> Sweetest Thing (Noble)<br />

The Very Thought of You (Noble)<br />

The Touch of Your Lips (Noble)<br />

Not a Star in Sight (Noble)<br />

kEN DODD – lOvE iS likE a viOliN<br />

ORIGINAL EP DFE 6690 (1961)<br />

Love is Like a Violin (Laparcerie; Miarka; Kennedy)<br />

Dream that I Love You (Goell; Goehr)<br />

Jealous of You (Mascheroni; Harper; Mendes)<br />

Once in Every Lifetime (Magenta; LaRue; Ebb)<br />

The Treasure in My Heart (Mathieson; Kennedy)<br />

Just for a While (Geiger; Anderson; MacDonald)<br />

kENNETh MckEllar – bONuS Track<br />


Mary’s Boy Child (Hairs<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

cDlF 8136<br />

gEOrgE ScOTT wOOD & hiS OrchESTra<br />

Who walks in when I walk out? SB<br />

Love locked out SB<br />

This is romance SB<br />

Sitting beside o’ you from “Yes, Madam?” HB<br />

Dreaming a dream from “Yes, Madam?” HB<br />

Tick-<strong>to</strong>ck SB<br />

Let’s call it a day SB<br />

I’ve got <strong>to</strong> sing a <strong>to</strong>rch song<br />

from “The Gold Diggers of 1933” SB<br />

Shadow waltz from “The Gold Diggers of 1933” SB<br />

Dames from film “Dames” JP<br />

I only have eyes for you from film “Dames” JP<br />

Count your blessings from film “Joe Palooka” SB<br />

vOluME 4 • Tick-TOck<br />

Lover SB<br />

Oceans of time from “Mr Whitting<strong>to</strong>n” SB<br />

I’ve got <strong>to</strong> pass your house <strong>to</strong> get <strong>to</strong> my house<br />

from “Paradise Revue”<br />

Lovers’ lane (on <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r side of lovers’ lane) SB<br />

16 Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk 17<br />

cDEa 6154<br />

cDEa 6156<br />

Spanish eyes<br />

SB GSW<br />

aMbrOSE & hiS OrchESTra<br />

vOluME 10 • buTTON up yOur OvErcOaT<br />

Mean <strong>to</strong> me PN<br />

You’re <strong>the</strong> cream in my coffee PN<br />

Do something (unissued take)<br />

Walking with Susie EG<br />

Dear little café EG<br />

I’m bringing a red, red rose LA<br />

But<strong>to</strong>n up your overcoat LA<br />

I want <strong>to</strong> be bad LA<br />

My lucky star LA<br />

Pagan love song LA<br />

You wouldn’t fool me, would you? LA<br />

Thou swell LA<br />

My dream memory LA<br />

Too wonderful for words LA<br />

Recorded between 1929-30<br />

Vocalists: PN Phil Neely; EG Eddie Grossbart; LA Lou Abelardo<br />

I can’t remember SB<br />

Hiawatha’s lullaby SB<br />

I had <strong>to</strong> change <strong>the</strong> words SB<br />

S<strong>to</strong>rmy wea<strong>the</strong>r (keeps rainin’ all <strong>the</strong> time) SB<br />

You, or no one BB<br />

WB SC<br />

Doing an Irish jig<br />

WB SC<br />

Time and time again<br />

O SB GSW<br />

I shall be waiting<br />

Recorded between 1933-38<br />

Vocalists: SB Sam Browne; HB Harry Bentley; JP Jack Plant; GSW George Scott Wood; BB Betty Bol<strong>to</strong>n; SC Sam Costa<br />

Billed as: Scott Wood & His Orchestra, except WB Wally Bishop & His Band (A pseudonym for George Scott<br />

Wood); O with orchestra<br />

You’re <strong>the</strong> <strong>to</strong>p (Porter) Quickstep<br />

Little white lies (Donaldson) Quickstep<br />

Clopin clopant (Coquatrix) Slow foxtrot<br />

T<strong>here</strong>’ll be some changes made<br />

(Overstreet; Henderson) Slow foxtrot<br />

Enamorada (Lara) Rumba<br />

Amazonas (Silvester; Wilson) SD Samba<br />

On <strong>the</strong> little village green (DeRose) Slow foxtrot<br />

Baby face (David; Akst) Quickstep<br />

Long after <strong>to</strong>night (Drake; Shirl; Polk) Waltz<br />

You were meant for me (Freed; Brown) Quickstep<br />

Almost like being in love (Loewe) Quickstep<br />

Soriano (Silvester; Wilson) SD Tango<br />

Songs my mo<strong>the</strong>r taught me<br />

(Dvorak arr Silvester; Wilson) Waltz<br />

lEw STONE & hiS baND<br />

For <strong>the</strong> likes o’ you and me LA<br />

Who cares? LA<br />

If I had a talking picture of you LA<br />

Down on jollity farm LA<br />

Miss Wonderful LA<br />

How am I <strong>to</strong> know? LA<br />

You want lovin’ and I want love LA<br />

Painting <strong>the</strong> clouds with sunshine LA<br />

Tip-<strong>to</strong>e through <strong>the</strong> tulips with me LA<br />

Little by little LA<br />

I’ll be getting along LA<br />

cDEa 6155<br />

vicTOr SilvESTEr<br />

vOluME 5 • lighTS OuT<br />

The merry widow AK<br />

When you grow up, little lady JF<br />

Vilia<br />

Dinner for one, please James SB<br />

The call of <strong>the</strong> freaks<br />

Dinner and dance<br />

An amazon goes a-wooing<br />

You never looked so beautiful BL<br />

My shadow’s w<strong>here</strong><br />

my swee<strong>the</strong>art used <strong>to</strong> be RO’D<br />

You BL<br />

When did you leave Heaven? BY<br />

Love made <strong>the</strong> song BY<br />

Lights out RO’D<br />

Lookie, lookie, lookie, <strong>here</strong> comes Cookie TW<br />

My dance AK<br />

AN JF JC<br />

Cherokee<br />

On <strong>the</strong> night of June <strong>the</strong> third TW<br />

So close <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> forest JF<br />

Yes suh! JC<br />

Haunting me AK<br />

Seein’ is believin’ AK<br />

AN TR3<br />

Harmony Lane (Part 1):<br />

Intro – Oh! Susannah; My old Kentucky home;<br />

Camp<strong>to</strong>wn races; Massa’s in cold, cold ground<br />

JF TR3 AN<br />

Harmony Lane (Part 2):<br />

Intro – Come w<strong>here</strong> my love lies dreaming; Swanee<br />

River; Old black Joe; Oh! Susannah<br />

East of <strong>the</strong> sun JF<br />

Recorded between 1934-38<br />

Vocalists: TW Tiny Winters; AK Alan Kane; AN Alfie Noakes; JF Joe Ferrie; JC Joe Crossman; TR3 The Radio Three: Joy<br />

Worth, Kay Cavendish, Ann Carring; SB Sam Browne; BL Brian Lawrance; BY Bert Yarlett; RO’D Ronnie O'Dell<br />

kEEp TEMpO<br />

Keep tempo (Stanley; Little) Quickstep<br />

Have you seen Irene (Thorne) Slow foxtrot<br />

Serenata (Braga arr Silvester; Wilson) Waltz<br />

Green eyes (Mendendez) Rumba<br />

Sambrero (Silvester; Wilson) SD Samba<br />

You’re nobody (’til somebody loves you)<br />

(Morgan; S<strong>to</strong>ck; Cavanaugh) Quickstep<br />

T<strong>here</strong> goes that song again<br />

(Cahn; Styne) Slow foxtrot<br />

Tarragona (Silvester; Wilson) SD Tango<br />

After a while (Silver) Slow foxtrot<br />

Twelfth Street rag (Bowman) Quickstep<br />

S’Wonderful (Gershwin) Quickstep<br />

On a slow boat <strong>to</strong> China (Loesser) Slow foxtrot<br />

One night of love (Schertzinger) Waltz<br />

Recorded between 1934-51<br />

Orchestras: Vic<strong>to</strong>r Silvester and His Ballroom Orchestra, except SD Vic<strong>to</strong>r Silvester’s Strings for Dancing<br />

cDEa 6157

cDEa 6158<br />

rOy FOX & hiS OrchESTra<br />

vOluME 5 • TiME ON My haNDS • FEaTuriNg al bOwlly<br />

Memories of you AB<br />

You’re lucky <strong>to</strong> me AB<br />

Star dust<br />

Wedding bells are ringing for Sally AB<br />

A peach of a pair AB<br />

Writing a letter <strong>to</strong> you AB<br />

Them t<strong>here</strong> eyes 3G<br />

You’re <strong>the</strong> one I care for AB<br />

Overnight AB<br />

Time on my hands AB<br />

I’m glad I waited AB<br />

AB CH<br />

Alma mia<br />

Ten cents a dance BB<br />

Recorded 1931<br />

Vocalists: AB Al Bowlly, BB Betty Bol<strong>to</strong>n, 3G The Three Ginx, CH chorus<br />

cDEa 6160<br />

paul whiTEMaN & hiS OrchESTra<br />

vOluME 3 • happy FEET • FEaTuriNg biNg crOSby<br />

JF CG AY<br />

Manhattan Mary from show “Manhattan Mary”<br />

BC AR HB<br />

It won’t be long now<br />

Sensation s<strong>to</strong>mp<br />

Whiteman s<strong>to</strong>mp<br />

San<br />

Oriental<br />

Ma belle from show “The Three Musketeers” AY<br />

JF CG AY BC AR<br />

March of <strong>the</strong> musketeers<br />

from show “The Three Musketeers”<br />

I’m afraid of you BC<br />

JF CG AR<br />

Grieving from film “Two Lovers”<br />

JF CG AY BC AR<br />

My blue heaven<br />

CG AY BC AR<br />

My pet<br />

JF CG AY BC AR<br />

I’m wingin’ home<br />

One more time AB<br />

Thank your fa<strong>the</strong>r AB<br />

Betty co-ed AB<br />

Would you like <strong>to</strong> take a walk? AB<br />

Koppa-ka-banna AB<br />

You didn’t have <strong>to</strong> tell me AB<br />

Bubbling over with love AB<br />

Laughing at <strong>the</strong> rain AB<br />

Ya got love AB<br />

My temptation AB<br />

Fiesta AB<br />

By my side AB<br />

When you’re in love (with somebody else)<br />

Lonely eyes WH<br />

BC AR<br />

Wistful and blue<br />

JF CG AY BC AR<br />

Sunshine<br />

Back in your own back yard<br />

In <strong>the</strong> park in Paree from film “A Bedtime S<strong>to</strong>ry” JV<br />

Look what I’ve got from film “A Bedtime S<strong>to</strong>ry” PH<br />

AR HB BC<br />

Happy feet<br />

BC AR HB BXS<br />

A bench in <strong>the</strong> park<br />

BC AR HB<br />

I like <strong>to</strong> do things for you<br />

BC CH<br />

Song of <strong>the</strong> dawn<br />

Ragamuffin Romeo JL<br />

It happened in Monterey JF<br />

cDEa 6159<br />

Jack hylTON & hiS OrchESTra<br />

vOluME 7 • Digga Digga DOO<br />

You can’t have my sugar for tea<br />

JH HR CD’A<br />

You came along<br />

In <strong>the</strong> heart of <strong>the</strong> sunset SB<br />

Tip-<strong>to</strong>e through <strong>the</strong> tulips with me<br />

Painting <strong>the</strong> clouds with sunshine<br />

Body and soul PO’M<br />

Fancy you falling for me SB<br />

SB +2<br />

If you want <strong>the</strong> rainbow<br />

The song I love SB<br />

When summer is gone SB<br />

Swee<strong>the</strong>arts on parade SB<br />

Let me dream in your arms again SB<br />

Digga digga doo JJ<br />

SB JH +1<br />

Deep night<br />

Sitting at a table laid for two PO’M<br />

SB JH +1<br />

Roll away, clouds<br />

Dreams of yesterday SB<br />

SB JH +1<br />

A precious little thing called love<br />

Weary river SB<br />

SB JH +1<br />

That’s my weakness now<br />

JH HR CD’A<br />

Mississippi melody<br />

High up on a hill-<strong>to</strong>p SB<br />

Looking at you SB<br />

Considerin’ SB<br />

What is this thing called love? SB<br />

aMbrOSE & hiS OrchESTra<br />

vOluME 11 • OuT OF NOwhErE<br />

She didn’t say “yes” SB<br />

Try <strong>to</strong> forget SB<br />

It looks like love SB<br />

It must be true SB<br />

Little girl SB<br />

Wrap your troubles in dreams SB<br />

Thank you most sincerely SB<br />

Out of now<strong>here</strong> SB<br />

If <strong>the</strong>y ever had an income tax on love<br />

SB CC<br />

The Queen was in <strong>the</strong> parlour<br />

T<strong>here</strong>’s happiness over <strong>the</strong> hill SB<br />

Goodbye <strong>to</strong> all that SB<br />

SB CC<br />

(Yes Yes) My baby said “yes”<br />

You call it madness, but I call it love SB<br />

You’re blasé SB<br />

Mona Lisa SB<br />

SB PR<br />

One more kiss and <strong>the</strong>n goodnight<br />

Dancing in <strong>the</strong> dark SB<br />

Now’s <strong>the</strong> time <strong>to</strong> fall in love SB<br />

In <strong>the</strong> jailhouse now SB<br />

Sleep on SB<br />

Trees SB<br />

Leave <strong>the</strong> rest <strong>to</strong> nature SB<br />

I found you SB<br />

Recorded between 1930-32<br />

Vocalists: SB Sam Browne, CC The Carlyle Cousins, PR Phyllis Robins<br />

Recorded between 1926-33<br />

Vocalists: JF Jack Ful<strong>to</strong>n, CG Charles Gaylord, AY Austin Young, BC Bing Crosby, AR Al Rinker, HB Harry Barris,<br />

WH Wilbur Hall, JV Jane Vance, PH Peggy Healy, BXS Brox Sisters, CH Chorus, JL Jeannie Lang<br />

SB CC<br />

cDEa 6161<br />

SB +2<br />

SB JH JJ<br />

Recorded between 1928-31<br />

Vocalists:<br />

JJ Jack Jackson, SB Sam Browne, JH Jack Hyl<strong>to</strong>n, PO’M Pat O’Malley, HR Hugo Rignold, CD’A Chappie d’Ama<strong>to</strong><br />

Jack hylTON & hiS OrchESTra<br />

Zing! Went <strong>the</strong> strings of my heart PO’M<br />

My dance KT<br />

Far away in shanty <strong>to</strong>wn PO’M<br />

Olga Pulloffski, <strong>the</strong> beautiful spy<br />

Watermelon fête SB<br />

Down South SB<br />

Tiger rag<br />

Rose room<br />

Eeny meeny miney mo PD<br />

Solitude<br />

Goodbye, little dream, goodbye BY<br />

When a woman smiles BY<br />

Red, white and blue GB<br />

vOluME 8 • SwiNg iS iN ThE air<br />

Swing is in <strong>the</strong> air AM<br />

Moon or no moon TW<br />

AM SW<br />

Gangway<br />

The umbrella man SB<br />

That sly old gentleman<br />

(from Fea<strong>the</strong>rbed Lane) PD<br />

Sing a song of sunbeams BT<br />

Ridin’ home (t<strong>here</strong>’s a stray on his way) DD<br />

Lords of <strong>the</strong> air BT<br />

I’ll remember DE<br />

Blue orchids DD<br />

I hear a dream (come home again) BT<br />

18 Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk 19<br />

PO’M CH<br />

lEw STONE & hiS baND<br />

vOluME 6 • FarE ThEE wEll • FEaTuriNg al bOwlly<br />

AB NG JF<br />

The girl who thought ...*<br />

Let’s all sing like <strong>the</strong> birdies sing* AB<br />

TW AB JE NG<br />

Little Nell*<br />

A letter <strong>to</strong> my mo<strong>the</strong>r* AB<br />

Three wishes* AB<br />

Let me give my happiness <strong>to</strong> you* AB<br />

AB P’OM<br />

The bands that matter<br />

Weep no more my baby AB<br />

Gosh! I must be falling in love AB<br />

In a shelter from a shower AB<br />

Because it’s love AB<br />

The beat of my heart AB<br />

Fare <strong>the</strong>e well AB<br />

I double dare you AB<br />

You’re a swee<strong>the</strong>art AB<br />

Sweet Genevieve AB<br />

In my little red book AB<br />

I’m sorry, I didn’t say I’m sorry AB<br />

I won’t tell a soul AB<br />

Say goodnight <strong>to</strong> your old fashioned mo<strong>the</strong>r AB<br />

RS NG AB<br />

OK Decca – Part 2:*<br />

The old man of <strong>the</strong> mountains; Just ano<strong>the</strong>r dream of<br />

you; Georgia on my mind; Happy-go-lucky you<br />

GL EB FT<br />

OK Decca – Part 1:*<br />

Someday I’ll find you; My heart s<strong>to</strong>od still; Song of<br />

Recorded between 1932-39<br />

songs; The younger generation<br />

cDEa 6162<br />

Band billed as Lew S<strong>to</strong>ne & His Band except *Lew S<strong>to</strong>ne & <strong>the</strong> Monseigneur Band<br />

Vocalists: AB Al Bowlly, NG Nat Gonella, JF Joe Ferrie, TW Tiny Winters, JE Jim Eas<strong>to</strong>n, PO’M Pat O’Malley,<br />

FT GL Frank Titter<strong>to</strong>n, Gertrude Lawrence<br />

Soloist: RS Rudy Starita (xylophone), EB Edyth Baker (piano)<br />

Recorded between 1935-39<br />

Vocalists: PO’M Pat O’Malley, KT Ken Tucker, SB Sam Browne, PD Peggy Dell, BY Bert Yarlett, GB George Baker,<br />

AM Alice Mann, TW Tom Wareing, BT Bruce Trent, DD Denny Dennis, DE Dolly Elsie, CH Chorus, SW The Swingtette<br />

cDEa 6164<br />

cDEa 6163<br />

ruDy vallEE & hiS cONNEcTicuT yaNkEES<br />

vOluME 2 • i’M JuST a vagabOND lOvEr<br />

I’m just a vagabond lover<br />

That’s when I learned <strong>to</strong> love you<br />

Kitty from Kansas City<br />

If I had a girl like you<br />

Perhaps<br />

Everything’s in rhythm with my heart<br />

Say <strong>the</strong> word and it’s yours<br />

The gentleman obviously doesn’t believe<br />

(in love)<br />

Seein’ is believin’<br />

Is it true what <strong>the</strong>y say about Dixie?<br />

P.S. – I love you<br />

I don’t want <strong>to</strong> make his<strong>to</strong>ry<br />

Recorded between 1929-37<br />

Vocalist: Rudy Vallee<br />

Accompaniment: CG with Carroll Gibbons & <strong>the</strong> Savoy Hotel Orpheans<br />

Jack buchaNaN<br />

OcEaNS OF TiME • FEaTuriNg ElSiE raNDOlph<br />

RN JB<br />

Yes, Mr Brown<br />

RN JB<br />

Leave a little love for me<br />

RN JB<br />

Not bad<br />

RN JB ER<br />

Like Monday follows Sunday<br />

G JB<br />

One good tune deserves ano<strong>the</strong>r<br />

G JB<br />

I think I can<br />

RN JB<br />

So green<br />

RN JB<br />

Oh! La! La!<br />

JB ER<br />

I’m in a dancing mood<br />

JB ER<br />

This’ll make you whistle<br />

Without rhythm JB<br />

T<strong>here</strong> isn’t any limit <strong>to</strong> my love JB<br />

Everything s<strong>to</strong>ps for tea JB<br />

DS JB<br />

Sweet so-and-so<br />

PM JB BH<br />

Who?<br />

LHO JB ER<br />

T<strong>here</strong>’s always <strong>to</strong>morrow<br />

RN JB<br />

You forgot your gloves<br />

RN JB<br />

Alone with my dreams<br />

RN JB<br />

Goodnight, Vienna<br />

RN JB<br />

Living in clover<br />

RN JB ER<br />

Oceans of time<br />

RN JB ER<br />

Who do you think you are?<br />

RN JB<br />

Weep no more, my baby<br />

RN ER<br />

The sun is round <strong>the</strong> corner<br />

RN JB ER<br />

Fancy our meeting<br />

RN JB ER<br />

Now that I’ve found you<br />

Recorded between 1926-36<br />

JB ES<br />

From one minute <strong>to</strong> ano<strong>the</strong>r<br />

Vocalists: JB Jack Buchanan, BH Binnie Hale, ER Elsie Randolph, ES E<strong>the</strong>l Stewart<br />

With studio orchestra except DS Debroy Somers’ Band/Leonard Hornsey, PM Percival Mackey Orchestra,<br />

LHO RN G London Hippodrome Orchestra/Harry Perritt, Ray Noble Orchestra, Geraldo & His Orchestra<br />

When my ship comes in<br />

An earful of music<br />

Just an old banjo<br />

Dancing in <strong>the</strong> moonlight<br />

Orchids in <strong>the</strong> moonlight<br />

Flying down <strong>to</strong> Rio<br />

Old man Harlem<br />

The shadow waltz<br />

I’ve got <strong>to</strong> sing a <strong>to</strong>rch song<br />

Maybe I love you <strong>to</strong>o much<br />

The you and me that used <strong>to</strong> be CG<br />

Goodnight my love CG<br />

cDEa 6165

The Stately Homes of England (Coward)<br />

from “Operette”<br />

W<strong>here</strong> are <strong>the</strong> Songs we Sung? (Coward)<br />

from “Operette”<br />

London Pride (Coward)<br />

Don’t Let’s Be Beastly <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> Germans (Coward)<br />

Mrs Worthing<strong>to</strong>n (Coward)<br />

We Were So Young (Hammerstein; Kern)<br />

from film “Sweet Adeline”<br />

Dance, Little Lady (Coward)<br />

from “This Year of Grace”<br />

Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Coward)<br />

from “Words and Music”<br />

Let’s Say Goodbye (Coward) from “Words and Music”<br />

We Were Dancing (Coward) from “Tonight at 8.30”<br />

Parisian Pierrot (Coward) from “London Calling”<br />

NOËl cOwarD<br />

ThE arT OF NOËl cOwarD<br />

Nina (Coward) from “Sigh No More”<br />

cDvS 1961<br />

Recorded between 1928-54<br />

graciE FiElDS<br />

hEy ThErE!, by rEQuEST & prEviOuSly uNpubliShED bONuS TrackS<br />

hEy ThErE!<br />

bONuS TrackS<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 4522 (1963) STEREO<br />


A Certain Smile (Fain; Webster) April Love (Fain; Webster)<br />

Isle of Capri (Kennedy; Grosz)<br />

Three O’Clock in <strong>the</strong> Morning (Robledo; Terriss)<br />

A Woman in Love (Loesser)<br />

RS GM<br />

by rEQuEST<br />

ORIGINAL EP STO 8531 (1963) STEREO<br />

Mistakes (Leslie; Nicholls)<br />

The Last Mile Home (Kent; Farrar)<br />

Wish Me Luck (Park; Parr-Davies)<br />

If I Should Fall in Love Again (Popplewell)<br />

RS<br />

Wish You Were Here (Rome)<br />

Three Coins in <strong>the</strong> Fountain (Styne; Cahn)<br />

As Time Goes By (Hupfeld)<br />

Somew<strong>here</strong> (Bernstein; Sondheim) RS<br />

Always You (Robin; Jason)<br />

RS GM<br />

Now is <strong>the</strong> Hour (Scott; Kaihau)<br />

Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Evans; Livings<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Small World (Styne; Sondheim) RS<br />

Hey T<strong>here</strong> (Adler; Ross)<br />

I’ve Grown Accus<strong>to</strong>med <strong>to</strong> His Face<br />

(Loewe; Lerner)<br />

All at Once (Weill; I Gershwin)<br />

Love is a Many Splendoured Thing<br />

(Fain; Webster)<br />

The Loveliest Night of <strong>the</strong> Year<br />

RS GM<br />

(adapt. Aaronson; Webster)<br />

Accompaniment:<br />

cDlF 8137<br />

Directed by Bob Sharples except RS by Roland Shaw; GM with Chorus of Guardsmen of HM Forces<br />

MaNTOvaNi<br />

a SONg FOr chriSTMaS<br />

a SONg FOr chriSTMaS<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 4557 (1964) STEREO<br />

Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly<br />

(Trad arr Milner) SCS<br />

Once In Royal David’s City<br />

(Gauntlett; Alexander arr Milner) SCS<br />

Jingle Bells (Pierpoint arr Shaw)<br />

Matelot (Coward) from “Sigh No More”<br />

Sigh No More (Coward) from “Sigh No More”<br />

Josephine (Coward) from “Ace of Clubs”<br />

Uncle Harry (Coward) from “Pacific 1860”<br />

Sail Away (Coward) from “Ace of Clubs”<br />

I Like America (Coward)<br />

Why Does Love Get in <strong>the</strong> Way? (Coward)<br />

Time and Again (Coward)<br />

T<strong>here</strong> are Bad Times<br />

Just around <strong>the</strong> Corner (Coward)<br />

A Room with a View (Coward)<br />

from “Cochran’s 1928 Revue”<br />

Someday I’ll Find You (Coward) from “Private Lives”<br />

Poor Little Rich Girl (Coward)<br />

from “Charlot’s Revue of 1926”<br />

I’ll See You Again (Coward) from “Bitter Sweet”<br />

STill availablE<br />

Toy Waltz (Chaplin arr Shaw)<br />

Christmas<br />

The Holly and <strong>the</strong> Ivy (Trad arr Milner) SCS<br />

O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings<br />

from Handel’s “Messiah” (Handel arr Milner)<br />

It Came Upon The Midnight Clear<br />

(Willis; Sears arr Milner) SCS<br />

The Twelve Days Of Christmas (Trad arr Shaw) SCS<br />

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks<br />

(Trad arr Milner)<br />

Christmas Bells (Man<strong>to</strong>vani)<br />

Mary’s Boy Child (Hairs<strong>to</strong>n) SCS<br />

I Saw Three Ships (Trad arr Milner) SCS<br />

Accompaniment: SCS The Sammes Chorus & Singers<br />

cDlF 8122<br />

chriSTMaS wiTh<br />

rONNiE alDrich<br />

& hiS TwO piaNOS<br />

cDlF 8126<br />

chriSTMaS wiTh rONNiE alDrich<br />

ORIGINAL LP PFS 4051 (1964) STEREO<br />

ThE lONDON FESTival OrchESTra<br />

White Christmas (Berlin)<br />

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow<br />

(Styne; Cahn)<br />

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas<br />

(Martin; Blane)<br />

Winter Wonderland (Bernard; Smith)<br />

Silver Bells (Livings<strong>to</strong>n; Evans)<br />

Toyland (Herbert; MacDonough)<br />

Sleigh Ride (Anderson)<br />

The Christmas Song (Tormé; Wells)<br />

I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Kent; Gannon; Ram)<br />

By The Fireside (Noble; Campbell; Connelly)<br />

Count Your Blessings (Temple; Morgan)<br />

The Christmas Waltz (Styne; Cahn)<br />

haNDEl<br />

MESSiah<br />

FaMOuS 1946 cOluMbia rEcOrDiNg<br />

livErpOOl philharMONic OrchESTra<br />

Malcolm Sargent (conduc<strong>to</strong>r)<br />

huDDErSFiElD chOral SOciETy<br />

Herbert Bardgett (chorus master)<br />

Isobel Baillie (soprano)<br />

Gladys Ripley (contral<strong>to</strong>)<br />

James Johns<strong>to</strong>n (tenor)<br />

Norman Walker (bass)<br />

Edward Cooper (organ)<br />

Recorded at Huddersfield Town Hall,<br />

12-17 July and 26 September 1946<br />

2 cD SET • 2cDEa 5010<br />

20 Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk 21<br />

cDSa 6800<br />

cDSa 6807<br />

STill availablE<br />

JOhN wilSON & hiS OrchESTra<br />

wiTh richarD rODNEy bENNETT • OrchESTral Jazz<br />

John Wilson<br />

Watch What Happens (Legrand arr Slaski; Wilson)<br />

I'm in <strong>the</strong> Mood for Love (McHugh arr Wilson)<br />

My Melancholy Baby<br />

(Burnett; Nor<strong>to</strong>n arr R R Bennett)<br />

All Alone (Berlin arr Richardson)<br />

I Should Care<br />

(Cahn; Wes<strong>to</strong>n; S<strong>to</strong>rdahl arr Richardson)<br />

But Not For Me (Gershwin arr Wilson)<br />

Whistling in <strong>the</strong> Dark (Mancini arr R R Bennett)<br />

Lush Life (Strayhorn arr R R Bennett)<br />

ThE JOhN wilSON OrchESTra<br />

Recorded: Henry Wood Hall, London, 15-16 July 2000<br />

JOhN wilSON & hiS OrchESTra<br />

SOFT lighTS aND SwEET MuSic<br />

claSSic arraNgEMENTS by aNgEla MOrlEy<br />

April in Paris (Duke; Harburg)<br />

Soft Lights and Sweet Music (Berlin)<br />

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Kern; Harbach)<br />

Time on My Hands (Youmans; Adamson; Gordon)<br />

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square<br />

(Sherwin; Maschwitz)<br />

Ruby (Roemheld; Parish)<br />

Snowfall (C & R Thornhill)<br />

W<strong>here</strong> or When (Rodgers; Hart)<br />

ThE JOhN wilSON OrchESTra<br />

Recorded: Abbey Road Studio no.2, London, 24-25 July 2001<br />

Emily (Mandel; Mercer)<br />

Embraceable You (G & I Gershwin)<br />

I Don't Know What Time it Was (Rodgers; Hart)<br />

Lonely Town (Bernstein; Green; Comden)<br />

The Bad and <strong>the</strong> Beautiful (Raksin; Langdon)<br />

My Ship (Weill; I Gershwin)<br />

Nobody Else But Me (Kern; Hammerstein)<br />

With a Song in My Heart (Rodgers; Hart)<br />

Go Fly a Kite (Burke; Monaco arr Richardson)<br />

Then I'll Be Tired of You (Schwartz arr Wilson)<br />

Miss Otis Regrets (Porter arr R R Bennett)<br />

Love (Martin; Blane arr R R Bennett)<br />

You Made Me Love You (McCarthy arr Wilson)<br />

You Must Believe in Spring<br />

(Legrand arr R R Bennett)<br />

On <strong>the</strong> Sunny Side of <strong>the</strong> Street<br />

(McHugh arr R R Bennett)<br />

cDSa 6803<br />

JOhN wilSON & hiS OrchESTra<br />

ThE FilM & Tv MuSic OF aNgEla MOrlEy<br />

Introduction and Waltz<br />

from The Slipper And The Rose<br />

Transformation Music and Wedding March<br />

Theme from TV film Madame X<br />

Theme from film When Eight Bells Toll<br />

A Tender Mood<br />

Theme from film The Looking Glass War<br />

White Wing from TV series Hotel<br />

ThE JOhN wilSON OrchESTra<br />

Recorded: Abbey Road Studio no.2, London, 13-14 May 2003<br />

JOhN wilSON & hiS OrchESTra<br />

MOONlighT bEcOMES yOu<br />

paul wESTON arraNgEMENTS<br />

Moonlight Becomes You (Burke; Van Heusen) But Not For Me (G & I Gershwin)<br />

You Turned The Tables On Me (Mitchell; Alter) At Sundown (Donaldson)<br />

Time After Time (Cahn; Styne)<br />

It’s The Talk Of The Town<br />

This Can’t Be Love (Rodgers; Hart)<br />

(Symes; Neiberg; Livings<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Time On My Hands (Adamson; Gordon; Youmans) Poor Butterfly (Golden; Hubbell)<br />

Keepin’ Out Of Mischief Now (Razaf; Waller) All Of Me (Simons; Marks)<br />

Through (How Can You Say We’re Through?) Breezin’ Along With The Breeze<br />

(McCarthy; Monaco)<br />

(Gillespie; Simons; Whiting)<br />

I’m Confessin’ (Neiberg; Daugherty; Reynolds) Sleepy Time Gal (Alden; Egan; Lorenzo; Whiting)<br />

After I Say I’m Sorry (What Can I Say?) When Your Lover Has Gone (Swan)<br />

(Donaldson; Lyman) It’s A Lovely Day Today (Berlin)<br />

Judy (Carmichael; Lerner)<br />

Just You, Just Me (Klages; Greer)<br />

East Of The Sun (Bowman)<br />

Memories Of You (Razaf; Blake)<br />

You Go To My Head (Gillespie; Coots)<br />

ThE JOhN wilSON OrchESTra<br />

Recorded: Abbey Road Studio no.2, London, 14-16 May 2003<br />

Snow Ride<br />

Blues For Alexis from TV series Dynasty<br />

Rotten Row<br />

My Autumn Love<br />

A Canadian In Mayfair<br />

Music from film Watership Down:<br />

Venturing Forth, Through The Woods, Kehaar’s<br />

Theme, Final Struggle and Triumph<br />

Captain Nemo and <strong>the</strong> Undersea City<br />

cDSa 6808

cDSa 6812<br />


SyMphONy NO.1<br />

JOhN wilSON<br />

Symphony no.1 in E minor (1890)<br />

Overture – The Tempter (1893)<br />

Prelude – Romeo and Juliet (1895)<br />

Hamlet – Symphonic Poem (1897)<br />

The Willow Song (1922)<br />

bbc cONcErT OrchESTra<br />

John Wilson (conduc<strong>to</strong>r); Cynthia Fleming (leader)<br />

Recorded: The Colosseum, Town Hall, Watford, 24-25 May 2005<br />

cDlX 7202<br />

John Wilson<br />

Captain Horatio Hornblower RN<br />

Symphony no.2 in B major (Ottawa)<br />

Overture – The Frontiersmen<br />

Goodwood Galop<br />

Alcan Highway<br />

Three Impression: High Street, In a Calm, Manhattan Playboy<br />

Seventh Heaven<br />

Playtime<br />

Scherzo from Symphony no.1 in D Flat major – Modera<strong>to</strong> con Licenza<br />

bbc cONcErT OrchESTra<br />

John Wilson (conduc<strong>to</strong>r); Cynthia Fleming (leader)<br />

Recorded: The Colosseum, Town Hall, Watford, 1-2 June 2006<br />

JOhN wilSON & hiS OrchESTra<br />

Medley: Nice Work If You Can Get It, The Best Things<br />

In Life Are Free, Shall We Dance, A Fine Romance,<br />

You’re The Cream In My Coffee (arr Pete Moore)<br />

Medley: Just In Time, Get Out Of Town, I Thought<br />

About You (arr Andrew Cottee)<br />

Invitation (arr Andrew Cottee)<br />

Medley: Easy To Love, S'Wonderful, Our Love Affair,<br />

In The Middle Of A Kiss, Chicago (arr Colin Skinner)<br />

The Boy Next Door (arr Andrew Cottee)<br />

Lady In Red (arr Alan Roper)<br />

Medley: The Shadow Of Your Smile, You Must<br />

Believe In Spring, I’ll Close My Eyes<br />

(arr Mark Nightingale)<br />

DaNcE DaTE<br />

STill availablE<br />

ThE JOhN wilSON OrchESTra<br />

Recorded: Abbey Road Studio no.2, London, 24-27 January 2005<br />

cDlX 7156<br />


SyMphONy NO.2<br />

JOhN wilSON<br />

March Rhapsody on Original Themes (1897/1902)<br />

Symphonic Suite in D minor (The ‘Leeds’ Suite) (1895)<br />

First complete recording; Howard McGill (solo saxophone)<br />

Symphony no.2 in A minor (The ‘Norwich’) (1893)<br />

bbc cONcErT OrchESTra<br />

John Wilson (conduc<strong>to</strong>r)<br />

Recorded: The Colosseum, Town Hall, Watford, 26-27 June 2007<br />

RobERt FARNoN<br />

SyMphONy NO.2 & capTaiN hOraTiO hOrNblOwEr rN SuiTE<br />

JOhN wilSON<br />

Medley: Who’s Sorry Now, Whispering,<br />

Three Little Words (arr Roland Shaw)<br />

One Night Of Love (arr Andrew Cottee)<br />

Blue Tango (arr Alan Roper)<br />

Medley: The Carioca, Cherry Pink And Apple<br />

Blossom White, April In Portugal, Mu Cha Cha, My<br />

Heart Belongs <strong>to</strong> Daddy (arr Pete Moore)<br />

I Only Have Eyes For You (arr Roland Shaw)<br />

Medley: How About You?, I’ve Got My Love To Keep<br />

Me Warm, Thou Swell (arr Andrew Cottee)<br />

Mambo no.5 (arr Roland Shaw)<br />

Medley: Hello Young Lovers, I Whistle A Happy Tune,<br />

Shall We Dance? (arr Pete Moore)<br />

cDlX 7173<br />

Across three CDs, <strong>Vocalion</strong> presents six superb albums by one of <strong>the</strong> most famous artists ever <strong>to</strong><br />

have recorded for Decca – Engelbert Humperdinck. Not only is each album reissued in its entirety<br />

and sourced from <strong>the</strong> original master tapes, but much of this music is making its first appearance<br />

on CD. These recordings come from <strong>the</strong> early-mid 1970s part of Engelbert’s Decca years, which<br />

saw this brilliant balladeer in fine form and concentrating on material by some of <strong>the</strong> era’s leading<br />

songwriters. All of which makes <strong>the</strong>se CDs excellent additions <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> collections of Engelbert fans<br />

or indeed anyone who appreciates good songs beautifully sung.<br />

S e e i n s i d e f r o n t p a g e ( p a g e 2 ) f o r T O M J O N E S C D s<br />

ENgElbErT huMpErDiNck<br />

wE MaDE iT happEN & SwEEThEarT<br />

wE MaDE iT happEN<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5054 (1970) STEREO<br />

We Made It Happen (Anka)<br />

My Cherie Amour (Wonder; Moy; Cosby)<br />

Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head<br />

(Bacharach; David)<br />

Love Me with All Your Heart<br />

(C & M Rigual; Vaughn)<br />

Words (B, R & M Gibb)<br />

Something (Harrison)<br />

Everybody’s Talkin’ (Neil)<br />

Love for Love/Ciao, My Love<br />

(Martini; Natili; Polizzi; Albula; Owen)<br />

Just Say I Love Her (Val; Dale; Kalmanoff; Ward)<br />

Wand’rin’ Star (Loewe; Lerner)<br />

My Wife <strong>the</strong> Dancer (Mascari; Wenlaff)<br />

Leaving on a Jet Plane (Denver)<br />

My lOvE<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5181 (1974) STEREO<br />

ENgElbErT huMpErDiNck<br />

aNOThEr TiME, aNOThEr placE & iN TiME<br />

aNOThEr TiME, aNOThEr placE<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5097 (1971) STEREO<br />

Ano<strong>the</strong>r Time, Ano<strong>the</strong>r Place (Leander; Seago)<br />

Help Me Make it Through <strong>the</strong> Night<br />

(Kris<strong>to</strong>fferson)<br />

Our Love Will Rise Again (Russell)<br />

Talk it Over in <strong>the</strong> Morning (Williams; Nichols)<br />

T<strong>here</strong>’s an Island (Meshel; Welch; Gilutin)<br />

Revivin’ Old Emotions (Stephens)<br />

Nashville Lady (Beland)<br />

Morning (Graham)<br />

Twenty Miles from Home (Williams; Nichols)<br />

Days of Icy Fingers (Lambert; Potter)<br />

I’m Holding Your Memory (Belew; Givens)<br />

iN TiME<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5138 (1972) STEREO<br />

Baby, I’m-a Want You (Gates)<br />

Day after Day (Ham)<br />

Too Beautiful <strong>to</strong> Last (Webster; Bennett)<br />

(They Long <strong>to</strong> Be) Close <strong>to</strong> You<br />

(Bacharach; David)<br />

Without You (Ham; Evans)<br />

Girl of Mine (Reed; Mason)<br />

Time after Time (Dempsey)<br />

In Time (Backy; Det<strong>to</strong>; Newell; King)<br />

I’m Toge<strong>the</strong>r Again (Weiss)<br />

Life Goes On (Anka)<br />

I Never Said Goodbye (Reed; Mason)<br />

22 Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk Secure ordering at www.dut<strong>to</strong>nvocalion.co.uk 23<br />

cDSMl 8456<br />

SwEEThEarT<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5078 (1971) STEREO<br />

Swee<strong>the</strong>art (B & M Gibb)<br />

California Maiden (Sedgwick)<br />

Woman in My Life (Macaulay; D’Abo)<br />

I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (Dylan)<br />

Take Me for Now Love (Monda)<br />

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (MacColl)<br />

Santa Lija/Sogno D’Amore<br />

(Bigazzi; Poli<strong>to</strong>; Mason)<br />

Live and Just Let Live (Frank; Anka)<br />

For <strong>the</strong> Good Times (Kris<strong>to</strong>fferson)<br />

Put Your Hand in <strong>the</strong> Hand (MacLellan)<br />

When T<strong>here</strong>’s No You (Reed; Rae)<br />

ENgElbErT huMpErDiNck<br />

My lOvE & ENgElbErT – kiNg OF hEarTS<br />

You are <strong>the</strong> Sunshine of My Life (Wonder)<br />

And I Love You So (McLean)<br />

Pho<strong>to</strong>graph (Harrison; Starkey)<br />

Free as <strong>the</strong> Wind (Goldsmith; Shaper)<br />

My Love (P & L McCartney)<br />

Catch Me I’m Falling (Cot<strong>to</strong>n; Lloyd; Kipner)<br />

Killing Me Softly with His Song (Fox; Gimbel)<br />

Show and Tell (Fuller)<br />

Thankful for You (S<strong>to</strong>tt)<br />

Second Tuesday in December (Blanchard)<br />

ENgElbErT - kiNg OF hEarTS<br />

ORIGINAL LP SKL 5163 (1973) STEREO<br />

My Summer Song (S<strong>to</strong>tt)<br />

I’m S<strong>to</strong>ne in Love with You (Bell; Creed; Bell)<br />

Do I Love You<br />

(Pelay; Legovic; Dessca; Pirolot; Anka)<br />

Somebody Waiting (Nichols; Williams)<br />

The Most Beautiful Girl (Wilson; Sherrill; Bourke)<br />

I’m Leaving You (Haddles<strong>to</strong>n)<br />

Will You Be Here<br />

When I Wake Up in <strong>the</strong> Morning<br />

Eternally (Chaplin; Parsons; Turner)<br />

Only Your Love from film ‘The Valachi Papers’<br />

(Or<strong>to</strong>lani; Rudge)<br />

That’s What it’s All About (Scott; Dyer)<br />

Songs We Sang Toge<strong>the</strong>r (Macaulay)<br />

cDSMl 8453<br />

cDSMl 8459

cDlX 7242<br />

ChRis<strong>to</strong>phER WRiGht<br />

EvOcaTiON – STriNg aND OrchESTral MuSic<br />

Spring Overture for Orchestra (2007) GS Allegro con brio e ritmico<br />

A Little Light Music – Suite for String Orchestra (2006) BW<br />

Threnody for Orchestra (2002) GS Lacrimoso – Andante – Poco agita<strong>to</strong> – Lacrimoso<br />

Searching for Cor Anglais & Strings (2006) GS Maxwell Spiers (cor anglais)<br />

Idyll for Small Orchestra (2000) CW Andante sostenu<strong>to</strong> – Allegret<strong>to</strong> – Andante sostenu<strong>to</strong><br />

Divertimen<strong>to</strong> for Treble Recorder & Strings (2008) CW Pres<strong>to</strong> giocoso – Len<strong>to</strong> – Prestissimo ritmico<br />

John Turner (treble recorder)<br />

Capriccio Burlesque for String Orchestra (2003) BW Allegro vivace e ritmico – Grazioso e teneramente<br />

– Tempo di primo<br />

cDlX 7238<br />

shoWtiME<br />

25 yEarS OF bbc cONcErT OrchESTra FavOuriTES<br />

William Wal<strong>to</strong>n Crown Imperial<br />

Various (Compiled and arr by Sidney Torch)<br />

Les Petites Valses Parisiennes: Pigalle (Ulmer)<br />

– Mon Coeur est pour <strong>to</strong>i (Silesu) – La Ronde (Straus) –<br />

La Seine (Lafarge) – Domino (Ferrari) – W<strong>here</strong> is Your<br />

Heart (Auric) – Sous les Ponts de Paris (Scot<strong>to</strong>)<br />

Georges Bizet<br />

Farandole from ‘L’Arlésienne Suite no.2’<br />

Kenneth J Alford The Two Imps<br />

Alasdair Malloy and Stephen Whibley (soloists)<br />

Traditional (arr Robert Farnon)<br />

A La Claire Fontaine<br />

Ron Goodwin<br />

Aces High from <strong>the</strong> film ‘Battle of Britain’<br />

bbc cONcErT OrchESTra<br />

Roderick Dunk (conduc<strong>to</strong>r)<br />

Recorded: The Colosseum, Town Hall, Watford, 29-30 September 2009<br />

World premiere recordings<br />

rOyal ballET SiNFONia<br />

BW Barry Wordsworth (conduc<strong>to</strong>r); GS Gavin Su<strong>the</strong>rland (conduc<strong>to</strong>r)<br />

MaNchESTEr SiNFONia<br />

CW Chris<strong>to</strong>pher Wright (conduc<strong>to</strong>r)<br />

Recorded: Angel Studios, London, 15 March 2007 & 9 July 2007; St Thomas’ Church, S<strong>to</strong>ckport, Greater<br />

Manchester, 19 January 2009<br />

Cole Porter (arr Stanley Black)<br />

I Love Paris from <strong>the</strong> musical ‘Can-Can’<br />

Miklós Rózsa (arr Roderick Dunk)<br />

Main Titles & Love Theme from <strong>the</strong> film ‘Ben-Hur’<br />

Richard Hayman ‘Pops’ Hoedown<br />

Various (arr Gordon Langford)<br />

Showtime Carousel: Carousel Waltz (Rodgers;<br />

Hammerstein II) – Oliver (Bart) – Sunrise, Sunset<br />

(Bock; Harnick) – Hello, Dolly! (Herman) – Goodbye,<br />

Dolly Gray (Barnes; Cobb) – I’m a Brass Band<br />

(Coleman; Fields) – How Are Things in Glocca Morra?<br />

(Lane; Harburg) – Charlie Girl (Heneker; Taylor) –<br />

People (Styne; Merrill) – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang<br />

(Sherman; Sherman) – Tonight (Bernstein; Sondheim)<br />

Eric Coates Calling All Workers<br />

cDlX 7240<br />

ViC<strong>to</strong>R hERbERt & ARthuR FootE<br />

aMEricaN SErENaDES<br />

Vic<strong>to</strong>r Herbert Serenade for Strings op.12 (1897) *<br />

Arthur Foote<br />

Serenade for Strings op.25 (1891) *<br />

Philippe Honore (solo violin), Dietrich Bethge (solo cello)<br />

Suite in E major op.63 (1907)<br />

* World premiere recording of <strong>the</strong> complete work<br />

lONDON OcTavE<br />

Kypros Markou (conduc<strong>to</strong>r)<br />

Recorded: St Paul’s Church, New Southgate, London, 23-24 July and 2 September 2008<br />

EliNoR REMiCk WARREN<br />

ThE lEgEND OF kiNg arThur<br />

The Crystal Lake (1946) Len<strong>to</strong> – Piu allegro – Allegro<br />

Scherzo (1924 orch. 1938) Allegret<strong>to</strong> *<br />

The Fountain (1933 orch. 1938) Andante espressivo – Agita<strong>to</strong> – A tempo *<br />

The Legend of King Arthur (1939)<br />

(i) Intermezzo (Andante – Poco anima<strong>to</strong>); (ii) Aria: King Arthur’s Farewell (1939 arr 1941) [text: Tennyson] * BBC<br />

Roderick Williams (bari<strong>to</strong>ne)<br />

Along <strong>the</strong> Western Shore (1941-47 orch. 1942-54)<br />

Symphony in One Movement (1970)<br />

Andante – Anima<strong>to</strong> e marca<strong>to</strong> – Agita<strong>to</strong> – Andante mol<strong>to</strong> tranquillo – Mol<strong>to</strong> anima<strong>to</strong> e marca<strong>to</strong> – Andante cantabile<br />

Suite for Orchestra (1954)<br />

* World premiere recording<br />

rOyal ScOTTiSh NaTiONal OrchESTra<br />

Ronald Corp (conduc<strong>to</strong>r)<br />

BBC bbc cONcErT OrchESTra<br />

Martin Yates (conduc<strong>to</strong>r)<br />

Recorded: Henry Wood Hall, Glasgow, 4-5 August 2009; The Colosseum, Town Hall, Watford, 6 Oc<strong>to</strong>ber 2009<br />

cDlX 7235<br />

vOcaliON lTD pO bOX 609 waTFOrD wD18 7ya ENglaND T: (01923) 803 001 F: (01923) 803 002<br />

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