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Top to Bottom: Blue Lotus (Nymphea cerulea) - Styrax - 16th century Ruínas de São Paulo, Macao

- Cassia - Rice, Sabah - Jasmine - Li River, Guangxi Province - Roses, Java

The Plant Language

Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy: New Offers

process aims to improve health quickly and

effectively, enabling the student to choose

oils most suited for her or his specific

requirements and constitution. Plant Language

encourages the student to explore how one’s

own organism reacts to different essential oils,

gradually learning their effects in ways never

possible by theoretical study alone.

Plant Language recognizes that essential oils

are product of living organisms and not of

the laboratory. Only if essential oils are truly

authentic, exclusively arising from the plant

organism, their therapeutic properties are an

expression of the struggles and live processes

of the plant organism. By understanding the

The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils

presents the entire contents of the original three volume Plant

Language Course in the form of one inexpensive yet richly

illustrated paperback. The Healing Intelligence of Essential

Oils introduces a new, biology based, theoretical framework

to explore and apply the healing properties of essential oils.

Among other things it describes for the first time how essential

oils can be used appropriately to ameliorate Hepatitis B and

C as well as the side effects of conventional cancer treatments

such as chemo or radiation therapy.

The PIA seminars in the first half of 2012 are in celebration of

this release. (The Plant Language Course is now available

from PIA with Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils as textbook

and the original essential oil collections, toolbox and media).

Asia Aromatherapy

is a very special presentation included in the upcoming

seminars. Applying the new theoretical basis of aromatherapy

to the study of Asian aromatics reveals many stunning, yet

under reported healing qualities.

biological qualities of complex mixtures,

Plant Language reveals a scientific basis

of healing, which moves far beyond the

limited logic of the pharmacology of single



Aromatic plants native to Asia have the

longest history of use as spice, medicine

or in ritual. Asian aromatics, often from

rhizomes, trees and resins, result in dense

extracts with deep metabolic benefits such

as sustained reduction of inflammation,

tumor prevention and liver regeneration.

The combination of real healing with

thousands of years medicinal and ritualistic

appreciation lend the study of these

substances unparalleled mystique.


Singapore March 3 & 4, 2012 *** Tokyo March 24 *** Seoul March 31 & April 1***

Seattle April 14 & 15 *** San Francisco April 21 &- 22

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