Design Firm -

Design Firm -


Textile, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals

Light engineering, electronics and IT Consulting and services activities information and reference

Contemporary Handicrafts & Handlooms

Medical,Automobile,,Furniture,Electronics,Lighting,Packaging Design

Mineral Processing, Beneficiation

Engineering, Architecture, Manufacturing

Automobile, Engineering Industries, Fabrication and Machining

Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Minerals,Re-infereed Plastics



Banking & Financial Services, Retail, Education

Cultural sector,Graphic design, Product and textiles

Wireless, Hi-tech, Electronic products, Upcoming technologies for emerging market

Foot wear

Any sector

Branding and Advertising

Branding and Advertising

Industrial Design

Textile and Non Textile Handicraft Industry

Mechanical Industry

Any sector

Appliances, Automobile Parts

Not Mention

Education Toy and Game Design and Educational Consultancy

Electronics, Power & Controls including Solar photovoltaic, Solar-thermal, Small wind &hydro,

Captive power including biomass gassification and engineering/assembly-based manufacturing process

Media, entertainment including theme parks, engineering, building

Construction, Design&Manufacturing Consulting and service

General engineering machine tools

Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Appliances, Machinery & equipment

Rubber, Plastic Consulting and service activities Information and references

corporate travel solutions,Consulting and service activities Information and references

Product, Innovation, System, Interaction, Engineering, Automotive, Furniture, Space, Identity, Branding,

Packaging, Web

Electronics and Machine Sector, Railways and Locomotives

Product design, craft, lifestyle accessories

Textile-Fashion and Lifestyle

Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals

Rubber Industry



Retail,Space,and Exhibitions

Branding and Advertising

Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals

Medical, consumer electronics, home appliances

Textile, Jewellery,Natural Fibres, Crafts


Healthcare & medical devices, engineering equipment, machinery

All consumer products,Biomedical Devices, Electronics and IT integrated

Consumer Products, Industrial Products, FMCG, Mechanical systems

Light Engineering, Consumer Durable, Electronic Products, Cookware

Blue Pottery

Automotive , General Engineering

Textile, Automobile


All types

boiler engg

Industrial Design

Machine Tool Industry

Consumer Goods, Lifestyle products, Agricultural Products, Design and Innovation

Graphics & Display

Automobile, Banking, Railway, Government

Industrial Design

Design and systems Thinking (Product / Process / Business Design )

Machine Design/Engineering & Integration

Industrial Design


Furniture, Advertising

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