A Report of USAID Activities In Collaboration with the Venezuelan ...


A Report of USAID Activities In Collaboration with the Venezuelan ...

A Report of USAID Activities

In Collaboration with the

Venezuelan Ministry of Education

for the Per iod 1961 - 1966

..... c r':'80-(. these needs. It is planned that this type of organization ".Iil::"

t.nen t;j?read to the local level.


American homes and working in ll.merican shools t.o give first-hand

practical e:> .... perience in putting theory into action and IDgeting real

si tua tions tha t need solutions.


'rlhe grm.;th and development of the EDUPLAN Curriculum


Commission as described earlier in this paper evidences the Implementation

of these recommendations.

Other recoTInnenda tions made in the S8.me report which have ser.red

as a basis for UHM cooperation and have result.ed in assisting change in

Venezuelan education are:

+ Close cooperation and a harmonious relationship should pre­

vail amopg USAID, U1-lM and ME. Perhaps the most immediate

area of study for these groups should be the designing of

a program of mutua.l assiDtance whorein the combined resources

could ,.,ork to assist the basic educational reform Hhich is

certain to develop in the immediate or near future. The

total scope of such assistance lies beyond the resources of

any single university or organizat.ion; hm·rever, it \-,ould be

very advantegeous to utilize the resources of a single

university (in this ·case, UHM:) to the fullest. He must

continue to plan participant programs·to the United States

and other countries and local programs to develop Venezuelan

training and research centers.

+ A tripartite, university-type contract among USAID, mM

and ME should receive immediate and careful consideration

by all parties concerned. An integral part of such a con­

tract "muld be the careful selection of personnel to study

abroad, clear statements of purpose and e)..'""Pectations to be

derived from such study and plans for the effective utili­

zation of' the participants upon their return to Venezuela.

conferences with offici;qls from the Ministry of Education haye also

been held concerning program development, volunteer placement, etc.

Several days of joint consul tatiol1 "Jere held in May 1966

"Ii 1,h r epresentatives of the I .sti tut o Lingul stico Color.1bo-flJnericano who


had been invited by USIS to present and nemonstrate their unique programs

for teachillg English to high school students and for teacher training.

These prograllS in Colombia are being supervised by Peace Corps yolunteers

and are under consideration for modificotioY) and adoption b;\r t.he EDUPL.A.1IJ

sub-commission on foreign language instruction.

The USJUD education officer is also called on for briefing

sessions with ne", Pence Corps groups as part of their regular orierltation

programs in Vens·zuela.

Such cooperatio!1 in education is in line with the general

working relationship that exists beh'ee" the Peace Corps and other

divisions of USAID as \olell.

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