GRABENER Coin and Medal Embossing Press ... -

GRABENER Coin and Medal Embossing Press ... -


Coin and Medal

Embossing Press

Model GMP



Cost-eff icient embossing

oT supenor qua ry corns

ano meoats

f/lod fication of the GRABENER Coin and Medal

Embossing Press, GMP model series, has created

an outstand ng mach ne that measures up lke no

other to meeting the exacting requ rements ot

minting valuab e col ector\ colns and meda s.

The GRABENER range encompasses co!n and rneda

emboss ng presses wth nom nai ratings of

3,600 kN, 6,300 kN and 10,000 kN.

A o_gs oe the 'ra- uäl / op6'dled a N/D \4 ' odo

GRABENER offers the Gl/lP-TK mode, with

automatic transfer feed and cassette convey ng

system for high y economical product on of arge


Based on the proven design prinr p e of

GRABENER knuckle-joint presses, we have

imp emented a nurrber of requirements and

rdaa,r' (lo proope thou'c-(ron"'


The enhanced performance of the press, and the

top qua ity co ns and meda s it produces are

delight ng mints and the r customers al ke.


Advantages of the

GRABENER knuckle-joint system

Typical of GRABENER knuckle-joint presses is the

extremely rig d press construction and favourable

time-path sequence n the embossing area.

The principle:

The press frame fLrnctions as a ram wh ch is moved

downwards by tfle knuck e-loint. The bo ster plate

and press housing are rigidly connected

to each other

The advantages:

The softer mpact ofthe die on the coin, compared

with other drive types, and the length er contact

liTe p.olong

roolIfe and


rre en bossrng

oJ diffic!lt re iefs-



Even parts of intricate des gn can be produced wth a

single stroke. For top-qualty m rror f nish. GRABENER

coin and meda embossing presses can additona ly be

equ pped for mult'strike operat on.

Multi-strike for

mirror f inish


On multFstrike operation, the roli is swLrng away from

the drive cam. The ejector is deactivated

for a programmed number of strokes. With a second

pneurnatic cy indet the bottom dle can be moved into

the c ean ng position above the ejector

Convincing design...

. compact, space-sav ng press drive wth

p anetary gear and ntegrated pneumat c

clutch brake unit

precision gu dance of the press frame wth

self-centering ba I bear ngs '

avoidance of air turbulence by

counterbalanc n9 the pressjrarne weght wth

oil springs instead of pneurnatic cylinders

centra o I ubrication with closed o I tank to

eiminate o lm st

cam controled elector with clean ng post on

muh -strike operation for h gher-qua ity

ernboss n9 and m rror t nish

v bration absorbers forjolt-free and low

vibration operatlon



...and simple operation with

comfortable control

. PLC controland operator panelwith dispay

. operator guidance to täke the operator

through machine operation and help with

data entry

. easy-to-read operating and fault repofts on

o spray

. storage of tool data sets

. press force monitoring with programmable

upper and lower values

. swivel-type operator panel



Upper and lower tool rith

wedge-type adjust m( enr

The errbossing too consists of an upper and ower tool

with wedge-type adlustment. Adjusting the wedge at

the upper tool for applcation of the press force is ear y

done with repettive precis on with the he p ot a

geared motor. The adjustment path and press force are

shown on the operator panel disp ay. W th the wedge

adjustment at the lower tool, the embossing die can

be postioned accurately n the embossing co lar.


Fast tool change with

hydraulic quick-clamping

tool ch uck

To minirnize tool-change time, we have equipped the

presswth a hydraulc quick-camp ng toolchuck. The

embossing die is c amped in the direction of the

embossing force to ensure t remains firrnly clamped

even under load.

Lower-cost change parts

Hydraul c tool clarrp ng makes re too ing eas er and

qu cker t a so alows the use of favourably priced

change parts.

. Upper tool disengagement

eliminates dust nuisance on multistrike


The fourfold colLrmn guided upper tool is disengaged

from the press frame during multi strike operation and

remains in the embossrng co lar in contact

wiits rhe Lo n.

Dust turbulence on opening the tool s avoided.

Universal ball joint for adaptation

to eccentric relief

Mounting the upper tool in an adjustable un versal bal

joint allows the die to be adapted

for eccentric rel efs




Centering the uppertool

through playfree x-y adjustment

The upper tool s centered to the emboss ng cotar

from the front with two adlust ng screws while t

rema ns under hydrauiic pressure from the back.

Fast changeover to


Through preselecton at the operator pane, the

tTansfeT ra ls move automatically aside and nto ä

parking positon at the reat ready ng the press

for manua teed.

Cost-eff icient embossing with

automatic transfer feed

d .dssalle onvey ng ,yste1 ens- er d-tordtic

operat on wthout interrupton

. Ie.", f n"le,loddi-gids "ndedsr

. cassettes are positioned automatica ly

f nished coins are deposited n co n trays at the front,

.r" latt" rpr''r.r _r_g n Ly.le \^i L p e,s oper"lio I

.or'. a'p rdn polöd 'o- '"d' to lronr d low g "e

operator to exercse ongo n9 qua ity control

. the cassette convey ng system can be moved away

to the rear to allow optimum access for retool ng and


. the press operates cont nLroLJs y, nrin m zing clltch

ano oraKe weaT


... how automatic tra nsfer

feed works:




the b anks are separated at the magaz ne,

the stacked b anks are held pneumatically

a ift table loweß blank after b ank from the

mr^r?in6 r^ ih6 rrrn(n^d lovÄ

synchronous y operating grippers convey the

h:nL < da^,^/

O Perfection to the last detail...

tripartite embossing co lar for coins and meda s wlth

raised (convex) edge etter ng

prograffmab e coin tLlrnlng station to tlrn co ns n

any Sequence for vLsua lnspectlon

lin shed coins are altomatca ly deposted n coln trays

on the front depost table

air let to c ean blanks on manla leed

a r p sto to c ean tools


Noise enclosure




to keeP out dust

. modern ndustrial des gn

. optinrized sound and dust proofing

. arge doors ior opt mum access



. arge windows for better v slra control

. inside steps instead of outs de p atforms

. round column with swivel-type operator pane

and s gnal indication

. opt m zed interor lightng

. rnodu ar construction that can, if necessary

be dismantled for inställatlon


Good reasons

th at speak volumes


Inrproved embor5rn!

mLrit nr ke lor m rro, 1. !h

conrpa.l. 5pä.c 5,rr'rnq prr5s dr !c

sL. l'..ftcr fq ba bcar fg5 lor prc. s of qr d i.!

ol prols frim.

avo daf.e ol a r turb! en.e w th .o srir rig!

to.oLnlerb: af.e the franre vr'e qhL

ceftrd o Lrbr !.1or sy5tem wth,: osed oi tarl


.am-.onlro .d ole.tor !r th r:l8in fq po5l on

ope'.tor qr d.i.e lor e.5y m.chine h.nd n!

oper.t n!.nd l.Lr t report nq n teit torn on d sp,ry

pre;s to,,:e mon tollnq $ th proqramm.b e !pper

moLor. uDper too adllnmenL

hvd,au ,c q!.k nq loo .h!.k

olver con r:hange p.rt5

drrengi! !pper too io avod dLrn i!rbr ef.e

o I m! I sl Ke op-or.i or

lourio d.o !mr oLr d,"d Lrpper .oo

un ver!,r ba lo.i ror.! to.F..ent, . e e_!

.cntl]r n!tof !pp.r to., r tl p..r'lr.c r i rdl!sLllir'r:

i!1o r.r. trfllLr ,r t'

.rr5*fi-; rof!.i, r! !!nefl

tä!;ts.1F lt

tr pa.t,te erbois fll.o . ror.of\'er!

p.ogram c .o I tr 1r .r! sr;t of

roft depo! t L.ri !

i r let


Flexible, Precise, Economical

Good service naturally

G ib-"r-.r PL"$eny(eme GmhH & Co KG

\'.retz irer Str.ße l, 57250 Netphen \'1,r-".t renbJ.h / Gem.ry

Ph..e +19 \21 a7) 9 52 0, FrN +49127l7r9 62 200

elJa iilo@qraebenerm iii{

!tutuqr,reLrenerm nt n.l .onl



' r'1:1;,.l;:;''







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