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eBooks and Online Resources 2012/13 - Routledge

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Online Resources 2012/13

is going on in the world of eBooks and eResources at Taylor & Francis

I hear you ask?

Well, you have come to the right place for an answer, in the form of our glossy centre-spread! Here

we bring you up-to-speed with all our recent developments and tell you how you can get in touch

if you have any questions or need more information.

As we approach 2013, we are seeing more and more institutions and libraries investing in electronic

information products and resources. There is increasingly less space for physical books, and students

are now accessing more information remotely.

A recent IFLA report rightly makes the point that ‘eResources present a number of challenges not


encountered with the selection and acquisition of traditional analogue materials’. For this reason,

at Taylor & Francis we endeavour to offer you as much support as possible to help you integrate our

eProducts into your library as easily as possible.

This year has been a very

exciting one for Taylor & Francis

eBooks. In July we launched

a new eBooks platform at


We are also pleased to unveil

three new eCollections, within

the areas of Education,

Psychology & Mental Health,

and Sport, Exercise & Leisure.

These collections have been

hand-picked by our editorial

teams to bring you the best

cross-section of titles in these

popular areas of study.



If you have any questions at all about our digital products, please get in touch. All our contact details

are on the back page.

We hope you enjoy this update.

Best regards,

The Online Reference Team

Introducing three new eCollections for 2012



From introductory texts, such as Mike Fleming’s Starting

Drama Teaching, to high-level research and long-standing

reference works, including The World Year Book of

Education, our Education eCollection covers all the key topics

studied within the discipline. These eBooks will be of interest

to teachers, teacher educators, educational professionals,

researchers and students.

Psychology & Mental Health

Our Psychology & Mental Health eCollection is jam packed

with titles from some of the field’s most respected authors,

including William Hartup, Jean-Pierre Malrieu and Deborah

Belle. Covering some of the most widely-studied sub-disciplines,

including Cognitive Psychology and Social Psychology, users

will be able to access both introductory texts and more niche,

cutting-edge research.

Sport, Exercise & Leisure

This eCollection is a great resource for any student or

researcher with an interest in these dynamic, emerging

subjects. Our portfolio includes books at all levels, from

market-leading undergraduate textbooks, including

Research Methods for Sports Studies and Physical Activity

and Health: The Evidence Explained, to Handbooks,

monographs and reference works.

Europa Online Resources



Looking for accurate global political and economic information?

Well, look no further than Europa World, keeping

you up-to-speed with global change.


“Which US state has

the highest GDP per

capita and which

has the lowest?”

AMississippi is the poorest

with $31,186 per capita

District of Columbia is the

richest with $71,044 per capita

“Which are the three

largest petroleum producers

in Central and South America?”


$ $ $

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

The Europa World of Learning


The Europa World of Learning

is your digital guide to the

organizations and institutions

currently active in higher education

and learning, from universities

and colleges to museums and

art galleries.

Did you know that Budapest has

a fantastic Museum of Ethnography

or that there is a very active

Singapore Art Society? No other

online resource offers such global

coverage. Just take a look at our

World of Learning map for a

selection of some of the

institutions profiled.

Universidad Autónoma

de Zacatecas, Mexico

Chilean Public

Health Institute,

Santiago, Chile

orld Who’s Who





British poets


Mexican entrants


i Tromsø, Norway

American Federation

of Arts, New York, USA

Federal Institute

of Industrial

Research (FIIRO),

Lagos, Nigeria

Institute of

Agricultural Soil

Science, Buenos

Aires, Argentina

Al-Khozam Palace

Museum, Jeddah,

Saudi Arabia



Mexico Venezuela Brazil

Economic Society of

South Africa, Pretoria,

South Africa

Politicians, sports stars, scientists,

philanthropists, artists, musicians,

fashion designers, economists.

The list goes on.



(in ‘000 metric tons)

Giving you access to information on over 30,000 academic institutions worldwide

Indian Ministry

of Culture, New

Delhi, India




Profiling over 60,000 of

the world’s most influential

personalities, World Who’s Who

is a fantastic resource for students

and researchers looking to find

hard-to-find biographical details

on individuals who have risen

to the top of their field as well

as the unsung heroes and

up-and-coming stars.


Research Council,



Routledge Reference Online www.routledgeonline.com

For the first time, our finest Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks and Companions

are now online in 9 subject areas

Routledge Reference Online is your go-to digital

resource for our most popular Encyclopedias,

Dictionaries, Handbooks, Companions and other

reference works. There are nine subject areas

available, from Education and Literature to

Philosophy and Sociology. All subject areas are

updated with new titles on a regular basis, enabling

your collection to grow under one subscription.

In the spotlight ....

Routledge Media and Cultural Studies Online


How will Routledge Media and Cultural Studies Online

benefit my institution?

• Regular updates as new titles become available

• Cross-reference linking between titles for easy research

• COUNTER-compliant usage statistics

• Athens and Shibboleth authentication options.

The ACD is an ideal

resource for departments

of Military and Strategic

Studies, or government

agencies. It gives users

instant access to data

and independent analysis

on all current and

recent conflicts.

History of Art

World Theatre

British Cinema

Theatre Anthropology

Gender & Cinema

Film & TV Communication

Popular Culture

Latin American Cinema

Film Theory

Performance Studies

Asian Cinema

Social History of Art

Film History

Quick Links

The Armed Conflict Database (ACD)

From The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)


Users can benefit from: Some of the conflicts detailed in

the database include:

• targeted reports on specific conflict

data going back to 1997

• accurate information on the human

costs of conflicts, including refugee


• detailed descriptions of the historical

background of each conflict

• lists of selected non-state armed


and much more ...

We’re happy to talk about your eBook and eResource needs.

Just drop us an email using the info below:



East/Southeast Asia


Routledge Education Online


Routledge History Online


Routledge Literature Online


Routledge Music Online


Routledge Philosophy Online


Côte d’Ivoire India-Pakistan (Kashmir)


(War on Drugs)

USA, Canada and Latin America




Routledge Politics and International Relations Online


Routledge Religion Online


Routledge Sociology Online





(Polisario Front)

Routledge Encyclopedia of

Philosophy Online www.rep.routledge.com

Over 2,700 articles on everything from Aesthetics to Phenomenology


Brand new articles for 2012 have included

its easy, intuitive user environment and special

Metaethics by Stephen Finlay of the

resources for users at all levels, REP Online is a living,

University of Southern California, and

regularly-updated online resource suitable for academics,

Instrumental Rationality by Jonathan

students and general readers worldwide.

Way, University of Southampton, UK.

Charles Robert Darwin

Wrote On the Origin of Species

and developed Theory of Natural

Selection. Populations adapt to local



Explanation of behaviour.

Behaviour has strategy to secure

fitness and advancement of the



In Modern Darwinian theory,

selection works by changing

the frequency of genes within

a population.


Central theoretical problem

of Sociobiology. Why do

creatures help other creatures

at own expense? Goes against

Natural Selection.

What do I need to do if I want to add T&F eBooks

and eResources to my collection?

Our lovely sales teams are happy to

answer any questions you might have

about our eBooks and eResources.

Whether you want to set up a free trial

for your institution, enquire about specific

eBook collections or digital subscriptions,

or simply get a clearer picture of how

our products can be integrated into your

library, please drop us a line.

‘‘ With

Get in touch! UK/Rest of World

From Darwin to Game Theory in 5 moves

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online is

cross-referenced throughout, allowing students and

researchers to effortlessly jump from one area of

philosophy to another.

To mark the fact that the article for Charles Darwin

was given a facelift this year (thank you to Peter Bowler

of Queen’s University, Belfast!), we thought we would

take REP for a spin and see how far we could get.

And what an interesting journey it turned out to be!

We went from Darwin’s theory of evolution to the

Repeated Games model. If that is all Greek to you,

here’s a little diagram.

Prisoner’s Dilemma

Where there is chance to be

taken for a sucker combined

with opportunity for a free

ride, e.g. sharing food or

hogging it.

+44 (0)20 7017 3804 or

+44 (0)20 7017 6062


USA/Canada/Latin America

Toll free: 1-888-318-2367

International: 1-561-998-2505



Game Theory

To cooperate or defect?

Studies decision-making

where an individual’s

choices affect another


Free trials

are available for ALL

our digital products

East/Southeast Asia

+65 6741 5166, Ext. 120



+91 11 4315 5118 or

+91 11 4315 5100

journalsales@tandfindia.com or


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