Welcome to your library Borrowing books - University of Liverpool


Welcome to your library Borrowing books - University of Liverpool

student quick start guide

When can I use the library?

The library operates 24-hour opening throughout the

academic year:

Sydney Jones Library:

8.30am Monday – 9.30pm Saturday; Sunday 12noon – 9.30pm

Harold Cohen Library:

8.30am Monday – 11pm Saturday; Sunday 12noon – 11pm

Check the library website for public holiday and summer

vacation opening hours.

How do I borrow books?

• Use the self-service points located throughout the

libraries to borrow and return books. You can also return

books and pay fines using the machines at the Service

Desk. Follow the on-screen instructions and place

returned books in the correct bin

• It is your responsibility to know when your books are due

back. Fines are charged on late returned books – check

the website for current fine rates.



– how many and for how long?

Welcome to

your library

Which library should I use?


Computing, engineering, health

& life sciences, medicine,

sciences, veterinary science*

Arts, humanities,

law, social sciences

All subjects

What if the book I want has been borrowed by

someone else?

• Request the book via the library catalogue and it will be

kept for you to collect when it is returned

• If a book is not due to be returned for a long time, you can

complete a recall card at the Information Support Desk –

the person who has borrowed the book will be contacted

and you will be informed when it is ready for you to collect.

How many at one time?


15, including up to two from short loan

Taught postgraduate:

25, including up to two from short loan

How long?

Standard loan = two weeks

7-day loan = seven days

Short loan/overnight loan = one day

(or until Monday if borrowed at the weekend)

Harold Cohen Library

building 431 on the

campus map

Sydney Jones Library

building 433 on the

campus map

Electronic library


*note there is also a library at the Leahurst Veterinary Field Station on the Wirral.

University study is all about

researching your subject –

and the library provides a huge

range of resources to help you

find the information you need.

• You automatically join the library

when you join the University

• Your University ID card is also your

library card – you need it to borrow

books, journals and other materials

• You need your ID card to enter and

exit the libraries

• You can access resources, advice

and further information at:


How do I find the books I need?

• Use the library catalogue:

• On the web at http://library.liverpool.ac.uk

• On your mobile phone at http://library.liverpool.ac.uk/airpac

• At one of the dedicated catalogue computers in the libraries

• Check the status to see if the book is available or on loan

• If the book is available, note down the location and class

number (where you will find the book on the shelves)

• If all the copies of the book you need are out on loan

you can reserve a copy – see the library website for

details at www.liverpool.ac.uk/library

What if I need the books for longer?

You can renew your books if they are not required by

anyone else. Either:

• Telephone 0151 794 5412

• Log into ‘Your library record’ on the online catalogue

and renew online.

Sydney Jones short-loan/Harold Cohen overnight-loan

material cannot be renewed.

The library is more than books

During your studies you will use more resources than

just library books. Other material provided by the

library includes:

• DVDs, government publications, music scores,

newspapers, maps and plans

• Tens of thousands of journal titles, with hundreds of

thousands of individual issues, many available online

• Unique and rare material housed in

our Special Collections and Archives –

see http://sca.lib.liverpool.ac.uk/collections

for more details.

student quick start guide

More than

a place

to study

– relaxing in the library

Mobile phones

You can take calls in both libraries

where you see this sign:

Please set your phone to silent

when you enter the library.

Respecting others

Eating and drinking

There are vending machines in

both libraries and a café in the

Sydney Jones Library. You can eat

snacks and hot dand cold drinks

in both libraries apart from in

some clearly marked areas.

Please use a lid with hot drinks.

If you need to work together or if you just want to relax

with friends, please use the appropriate study areas.

In the Sydney Jones Library, book a group study

room, use the ground floor or the Link building. In

the Harold Cohen Library, use the Foyer, Postgraduate

Study room or Group Study Room.

If you are in a silent study area, respect the fact that

others in that area want to work in silence and take

your conversation elsewhere. If the behaviour of

others disturbs your work, please inform a member

of staff, who will be happy to help.

If the behaviour of others disturbs your work,

please email either sjlnoise@liverpool.ac.uk or

hclnoise@liverpool.ac.uk with details of your location,

or speak to a member of staff who will be happy to help.

Where can

I study?

PCs, photocopying and printing

Both libraries offer:

• Networked PCs

• Laptops available for loan

• Print/ scan/ Photocopiers.

Wireless and wired internet access is

available throughout both buildings

for your laptop or mobile device.

Want to get good marks

in your assignments?

Being able to find, evaluate and use information is a key

skill, both in an academic environment and beyond. The

library organises training sessions – often in conjunction

with your tutors and related to specific assignments – to

help you develop these skills and get better marks in your

assignments. It is particularly important to be able to tell

if an information source is trustworthy or not, so make

the most of any training opportunities.

Your Liaison Librarian can also help you with

specific queries. Contact details are available from


We are here to help

Library staff are happy to help you make the most of our

collections and services. At each library you will find:

• Liaison Librarians – for in-depth assistance with

finding and managing information for your studies.

Go to http://libguides.liverpool.ac.uk to find out more.

• Information Support Desk – for basic enquiries

and study room booking

• Roving Assistants – these staff walk around the

library and are available to answer your questions

• 24-hour support – telephone 0151 794 2679/5411

after 9.30pm Mon-Fri and after 5pm Sat/Sun for help

The online library

always available from your desktop

The library pays for you to access high-quality online

information resources only available to students and staff via

the library website. All you need is your University username

and password. Try Discover, our service which searches for

journal articles and ebooks by keyword.

The library wherever you are

Access information sources for your work with library widgets

and plugins for Facebook, iGoogle, Firefox and more.

See the library website for further details


Different environments

for different needs

Both libraries provide a mixture of:

• Open silent study areas

• Relaxed study areas where you can chat freely

• Group study rooms

• Bookable study rooms*

* Sydney Jones Library only – time slots for study room

can be booked via Open Room on the Library Homepage.

Paying for printing

and photocopying

• Credit your print account online via the Digital

University page (https://student.liverpool.ac.uk or

at the print kiosks in both libraries. Printing and

photocopying costs 5p per A4 sheet.


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