M. - Northern New York Historical Newspapers


M. - Northern New York Historical Newspapers

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uunl. ]llnlii;;(:|iiilrt>, ^i.CrUuud uiiuunt. Fliiu

uebui1iiii.'ut ul Uuulilhi^if,

Picture Frames and Notions.

RepfriDgin all its branebes attended to.

Undertaking a Soecialtv.


I'rvepOfttit., UULWti'l'KU, N. Y.


Ff>iliv:J> iiiii) parlifii MU|i|>lirL'liuVf it call ni


Ami get IViccs.

A Good Aaaortinunt uf

rToiiet Articles

A Miiu Cnso of


Tim Cliot(X!bt bliimla uf

Imported and Domestic Cigars.

Carbfully Ki-luvivd




8u|i|dlud In any ijunutlty.

Garden 8eeds,

r«^^icry kind. In bulk, fnini lliu wcll-kiiuwn

I.amlixUh Ijuuil IIOIIBU, I'hlliulvliiliiu.

Oraiii 5 Feed!

p>lii'('l Murlr hair

iii'iiM'o. Oi'iU'inliy iiiiill ii'i'dvi' )iiuiii|il aU-iitloiiu

Bund iLi.iJ;:t-t imr rulali>;.-ii>' litr. MurlcUU aim

uui' K1VI:II UU uy. A i.'uaJ'aiiti:c lio- tvii vuire uucu

uitlivvu|-y.(JJtUAN uud J'JA^U.





Fur Inliii'uiaLluU, iiv.v of i'liart;(- Milia- Iv

Dlt. A. L. Tl'JtNi::U, Uildtfi-iKUt. Cwuu.


Flower and Vegetable Garden,




Ttu: l-UtTicuttl Stock auU ibv Uuat VuJ'lcUv > li>

Seeds and Plants

l-MTuIl'i'I'ud LO till' |iuhlll'. i'll'MnC Kit t- tUL' U Ulll

luid L-Xutulliu uiy btutiL.

Prices to Suit tbe Times.

Strawberry Plants of all kinds

Quick Time! Close Connections

Low Rates of Fare to all Points


West, Northwest & N Duthwest


FOCit 'J'ltACK ItUtTF: ii< nnili>iiliU^i>intii In Ilii' riillAjiI rSUiU-B UIKI

Camillas ll 1» Hii: UM.V I.INK iKiuni'ilint; In

('KION imi'tyi'S anil runnlii); lliruuKli tuna uvvr

lliu l.ukt! blitirv uii>l Uli'lilcau )>uullH-rii uml

Mlrlil^un tVniral Miuilfi; ll iilon tumiitMUn uilli

IliL-ljii'unil Trunk llulhvuy lu t'ulou Ui'iiul ut

buhin'iihluu llrliliEi'.

'J'lic lai'l or Itb liiivln^ fuur TruckK, |\vu uf

Wlili'li aiv Unod uxiriunlvi-ly fur iiUhbciiKi't' liuul-

IIL-l>^. fllullllB It lu UnnUrv lU> I'ltUullb (^I'lCK

TIMh iindrurt'('4>iii>irili>nF. ltaU-» uf tuiv ita

lu« if lliuDi' ulTiTid ''J- dllar Uiiee.

Tlt'ki'lp Milil ami ltU);^ii>:u rlivfi^iul llil'out.'l> tu

all |>i)lnli.nun>- ]H')iut

It. II' lUihli', Uciiurul A^ulil, i'UtiaUiigL-i- iJvjiuit

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mill J.'i jojiih til UKt'anil uti-r. Nu JIIVVIUUB i:\-

IK'i'li'iicc liurt-nnai'V, TtTiiiit fivi'. Aildivop

(r>laUii>; ii);i.-anil nicluBini; nlanijO It' ^- (-'liant;

& lAi., (ji'iiL-vu, N. Y. \\ u uUl )>uy all t\|M-ut>t'(>

and liii'u

On Salary,

jLv'tijiW^ul luN. JU..

i'liui'inuu, Ni>u' Ywi^.

The Largest Stock


Lowest Martet Prices!


Plicjenix Feed Mill,


Dice. IM. Ib6i



Patte-rsoD, N. Y.

Special attention |[iven to EQUln*

And Bovln« CaKtratlon.

Mllcji ^^'^p^l•ut•'ll by Uu' laid al » rvuhunablu

rati'. 'I'liuiiiuKl'nit-'d fouln and vfi^a Kit lUl

M^aUl^fur nalo t'uiminUliii; low In (a Imm:

nuiull (|UiuiLlllvaa»Ur.luid. 4^-CiUU by mall

ti'li'iii'ajdi t>ruuil>tly uLU-uduu tu>

A i-cnl, tin mist iiknblo, girlish g^gglo

re90tintlf!il through the cosy parlor of

Mr. Dnniel Dove's house. Mr. Dovo

wna ft bftchelor, but Iio hni) a nolco and a

lirelty nt'icK, who was jat this presf'tit

moment indulging in a giggle lliat tiarwl

not I>c nn honest jimgli, oincc it wns nl

the expense of a discomntcil gentleman

(ieFceniliiig tho Btcps into tho street; a

gentlcmnn wlio had laid stmiething lie

called her heart at his feet. Mr. Cooper

was fl bachelor, too, not quite as vener­

able as Unele Daniel, not In tho least

littcliim; bnl nn unattached man, verg­

ing on his fifties, with ii small property,

and a Mrong desire to inficaily.

"How did 1/OH know P" exclaimed one.

"Yes, how ilid you know P" put In the

other; and with paroxysms of lauglier

tiiflso girls compared their cxponenco

of Peter Coopor—or Plerrio Cowpor. and

resolved lo have their revenge on him.

It had been lucky for Iiim that his

formula once learned by rote could bo

adapt d to Iho initial of these three girls

it saved [him trouble; but In anotlier

aspect it proved how heartless liis court­

ship iiad been, how purely merconnry,

and demanded his ptmishment in the

eyes of tlicse damsels.

No creatures aromoi'o crueUhan young

girls; they took no tliouglitof the sad

fact that tills old beau was old, half

crippled, and poor, without any other

way of replcnisliing his fortunes matri­

mony ; pity never entered their l)rests,

but contempt for Iiis concict, and tiis

wiekodness in thinking ho could profane

tlio holy sacrament of mai rlago and for

the almighty dollar's sake.

"And how he's dangling after that

sweet silly little girl from California,

whose father is so awfully sick, and she

really sooms taken with him. Nasty old

thing !" Lydiii's liglit tiny figure seemed

to expaud witli wrath as slie said it, her

black eyes sparkled, her sliort hair curl­

ing about her dark, keen face seemed to

crisp up more tightly as she clicked lier

little wlilte teeth and sliuok lior puny fist

at tlio spectre of Peter Cooper.

"Keep cool my dear," said Lily quiet­

ly, "ho sinin't beguile that llltle girl;

they used lo say in my geometry that

things tiiat were equal to one another

and I suppose it's just as good reversed

most axioms are ; we're certainly equal

to one anotlier in the mailer of Peter


"Or Pierre Cowper," laughed Laura.

"Did he get that off on you too't'*'snap­

ped Lydia.

"And on me!" said Lily, with a comi­

cal little laugh.

"Hut to go on; wo must show iilm up

to Miss King ; what's her first name do

cither of you know ?"

"'ICvlngs ! as Tilly Slowboy says; It's

Ivoruine 1 for 1 was struck witli llie oddity

of tile name on the card ; we wern'l in

when she relnriied unrcull, and there it

was—'Miss Loralne Iting," said Lydia.

"Anotlier L! the formula will go

round Hie fourth time," exclaimed


"Well, the equilateral triangle may

confound iiim before tiiat lime," said

Lily Luvejoy, ami forthwith Iho triangle

entered into a duse committee on Peter's


A Week after there was to be a relicar-

sal of eoslumcts, and as ftliss King was to

appear as Ki^ther in HIeuk House, she

was one uf llie number invited, though

tliere was nothing purlieularly individual

about tier eo&limie.

Very few gentlemen were asked, be-

caute very few had lochangethcirdress;

Sum Wellcr, Mr. Oujipy and Mr.Pegotly

Were of the few ; Mr. Cooper had wisely

chosen Mr. Mieawber's jiarl. wiiieh only

necetiitaled sliabby clollies, so he was nut

nuLifieil of the rehearsal, which was sim­

ply for tiie purpubcs of erilleism and cor­

rect lou.

Uut luek would iiuve it, he ctiaiiged

his^iud about the ehuraeler, finding

that no suit of his ohl clothes reiiiuiiied ;

tlie secutid-liand dealer liud made his

visit to the huuse lou lately ; so lie tte-

eided lo tigure as the inast4;r of Bleak

House, espociully us thai had a new

meuning to him, aud he intended tu usk

lx>raiue King lu adopt iier character and

iidajjt it to his for Itie future.

Tills he had done, uud been refused by

the timid, frightened girl, who euuld

only Kay :—

"Oh. don't!" but on hearing his

p.itlietic sung about "the last link," she

burnt into t^iars, sull'ered Peter to wijie

the tlueiil drops away, and hud ut last

lukeu tlie matter into eunsideratiun.

So hu wus to eseoit her lo Miss Dove's

house for the rehearsal, and in due time

Uii-y made their uppearaiico there to-


Whcllier IVter trembled inwardly as

he haw Laura. Lily and 1-ydia lugetiier,

their c}cs alight wllh fun and llieir faces

sparkling with dimpled uiii>ehief, nobody

knows or will ever tell; he c^^rtuinly

showed no tremor, lie was inwardly ex-

ulUug al his probable success wilh the

fourth L.

The bubiuehS of ihe evening over,

Lydiasuggcfted that (here hhouid be a

little u'Ubie, uiid iugeiiiuunly drawing

Mi>s King before liie piuno, and giving

lier ail easy ehair, saw with juy ihat Mr.

CoojHjr bluliouud himself Lmliiud it.

Some one played Bomething, then Lydia

sat dawn, and Lnura wilh Lily gi*oupod

ihcniselvos behind her, and they broko at

once into Peter's own love-lorn ditty,

*'Tho I«Bt link la lirokcn."

Mr. Cooper turned whUo and Miss

King red; could it bo a coincidence F

But this faint hope was dostmyed when

the three broke nut into an ImproTlacd

chant of

"I Ioi-o my lovo wllh an L,

Will) nn L bocAiiBO fihc Is lovely.

I look her to tho Lyre

And ireatcil her U* llllos.

To lilies, to llllen, nnd to lovo-knotn."

Miss King gasped; Peter Coopor

turned all colors, sneaked behind the

other guests, out of tho parlor door, and

wns seen no more. I^oraino King grasp­

ed Laura Dove by tho shoulder as sho

stepped from behind tho plnno, nnd led

her into tho bay window; tho rest woro

laughing at this raid performance of tho

triangle, but none of them attached any

meaning to it, or even suspected tlint It

had a meaning.

"Miss DovoP" exclaimed Txiralne.

"Wliat! Wliy? Oh! do tell mo why

you sung tlmtP"

"You've heani it boforor' queried


A fiood of scarlet dyed Ixiralno King^

delicate face.

"Yes," she said reluctlantly.

"So Iiavo wo, all throe of us,^ uid


"We saw ho was playing tho same

same wilh you, tho miserable old for­

tune-hunter! and wo determined to con­

found him and show him up to you."

Jjoraino King's sweet blue eyes flashed.

"You ought to bo ashamed of your­

selves ! every ino of you!" sho cried out.

"It was a mean, unladylike thing to do,

nnd I'll never. «et?cr forglvo you I I'm

going home," so sho turned and went,

leaving the group of conspirators aghast,

and tliat night tho downcast Peter ro-

ceived a little nolo which made his old

heart throb.

"Will vou come nnd SOD mo this morn­

ing P I have made up my mind."


"P. S. Don't givo a thought to that

hateful nonsense last night. I dont."

In due time tho triangle received an­

nouncements of "The marriage of Piorro

Cooper and Lorulno King," though none

of them wci*o asked to tho wedding, but

they knew that tho happy pair had gone

back to California, and lived there In

elegance and luxury.

Tho girls liad not reckoned on the 0D9

thing that overset their plot, i. e., that

silly little [.foraino luvod and admired tbe

old lieau wilii all her heatt. and only re­

garded lier money as a means to make

him comfortable and happy.

"Dear me!" said Laura, tho next Umo

tiiey met. "(icomctry Is not to be relied

on in tlio exigencies of life, is It P We

three were equal to old Peter Cooper

after ull? Tho t^iuilatcral Triangle Is

not i}. H. D., it is an Ignominious fall-

ui-o!"—Gooci Cheer.

A French Swindle.

A Prcnch nobleman pluyod a game ot

ecarte with a foreign count. The latter

won, and tiio Fi*enchman pulled out tun

thousand fiimes and lianded them to the

winner, wlio quietly secuix'd them in hit

pocket book and went homo, Karly Iho

next morning u gentlemuii of arlstouratlo

bearing, and deeurated witii the order of

tlie Legion d'Hoimcur, wag shown Into

Iho apurlment of llie foreign count, who

was btlll asleep.

"l^Ionsieur," ho said. In tones IrembU

ing wilh cxeittMuent. "you hold in your

iiands tho lionor of a wholo family."


"Kindly tell mo. was it you

played with M. doX.P"


"Vou won ten tliousand francs?**

"(iuite correct."

"And he paid youP"

"Yes, in bank-notes. I have




"Well, sir tho notes aro false!"

"It is possible?"

"It is. alas, too true! Last night we

were ajiprised of the nefarious ' practices

of uur rclalive, and this moruing 1 start­

ed off at daybreak to call liere and ask

yuu in Heaven's name to exchange tho

notes fur leu others M-hich I have brought

wilii me."

The noble foreigner, out of consldera-

liuu fur his visitor's grief, exchanged the

notes. But, on returning lo the club tho

same evening, he was not a little sur­

prised to meet his opj>onent of tho pre­

vious night, and, what wiui still more

surprising, tlie latter pro|>osod to haTo

his revenge. The foreiguer curtly refuft-

ed, uud the other iusistud, which Ittd to

au explunuliou. The count drew from

his pocket the fresh oolcs he had roceived

iu the uiurniiig. The French nobleman,

quite slu])etied, examined them care­

fully, and f'juud thut they were false.

The gentleman with ihc decoration lura-

ed out to be a nolorious thief aud swiud-

ler, who had thus contrived lo nut ten

Ihousund fraues iu genuiuu bank-uoieti.


you uware of luiy miiiguiing circum*

btauce in your case?" uskod a Texas

judge uf u uegro couvictud or horso


"Yes, suh, lots ob'cm. £f 1 had time,

judge, 1 could talk to you for a week on

dut subjoci."

"Ifyoukuowof any luitigating t:iita

cumstance, please stulu it."

"Yes, buh, I'll tell you ob ono right

now, bah. How easy would it hub been

fur me lo briug my fumily iuler disgrace

and misery, suh, by steului* dut hoss.

Bui I didu'l do lilt, suh. 1 jess remiuued

singU-. ] ueber muiriud, suh. Auuddur

mitigulin' cireumsLuuce um "

".SUeritl'remuvu Lhu prisuuur."—Tcuu

•I'mMt^ -Mj/m - - • " • •- - • • — -


'i^hc §^l;uu\uv(U

ItUKWSTKi;. .ir I,Y ;l. ISS^).

Oo>as-Yon-Plcatc Marriges no More.

TIM' fjjn-i^t-yim-pli'.iKi- inarri:\;;«r pv^lrtii

th:il h:\-i re a notary or

other ofllfi-rs ronipittcnl to take ncknnwl-

odgiiH'nl-". Miui-itt'rs. jnsliees or ollicrs

who shall [MTronu a nianiiige L'fn*ninny

withoul Mil- pr.s.'Uiation of tlii- Hccnsr,

will 111! liiii-d ^t'li for the hcndil of the

couuly. and any man wiio persuades a

minor lo become his wife witlinut u

license, invite.'* a pndouged residcni'i! in

the penitentiary. Tlie license fco is only

fifty cents, BO that it will be in mi de^^n^i!

oppressive upon the poor.

This net is one of tlio best aehiev-

inunls of the ln.

Tlic great obsUiele in expanding con-

suniplioii is the lack uf inUirnal Irant-

portatioij, and Ihe fact Ihat llie mass of

the people have never been accustomed

to iiFjc Hour. Itiey bi'ing Katislied with the

flour made from llie maniocu root, and

whicli they liabltually eat mixed with

their stewed black beans usd dried beef.

A huge part uf the interior population

produce and buy but little. Tliey live in

u primitive manner, in cheap dwellings

with thatched roofs and eaitli Hour.-.

Cnnsiimptlon and many ntlicr diseases aro

oiitBrnnlhi* of Hit"! Imimrlly ol tho Mood.

llonn'H SAiisAi-Aiiii.i.\ tins n wonrtnrfiil

power over nil scntfiiltnis tronI>li's, as II10 rc-

tn.irkn1>lo tcMlmnnlals wu liavo received

iiiimlstakAbly prove.

'Mrssns. r. T. noon & Co.: nmllcmpn—

' • • My yoimi-Tsl si>» Iiii^ nlwnvs In-cn

Imalilcd vlih Scriirnloiis llnmor; sores la


nlnn sitro on tlio hack of his car for iwn

\oars! 111!* cyt'lids wmild fvstor ami wlccratc,

Jliiclinrjriiiff P» tlial l"\v:i')ii lilm till

tislsjiiiiiir.l"'^'.wr yavc lilintwdlioiitcsot

tlimilnSariU'iMrllla. Iltsaj'i"'UI('lTiii»rliMliAtidt>OAuUaai.3So.

tftcrmanCo mUcmuverliill •Comi, Dunl on i.lGo

Hurt HalrKHd Whliker Dyft-Ui*wf

Fulda up Ilk.' 11. rMibrvllH.

uviiihiivxii.li. la ii». (lu

lit' ml'i'i' ••


Easter Cards

WHi>I,KS.M,K nnd KKT.MI..

Iroiilili! to Miow KtKxtx, at

• »-So

•ISO our rdlloiiat rolaimis to speak ot any

n-iiipily we advorlise. Imi wo feel warrantcu


n-iiiPiIy we advorlise. Imi wo feel warrantcu.

iiiti .1 word for Itoml's Sarsnpitrltln.

SnisnpaMmlias t«>en kniiivn ns a remedial

imiat lor cfiiUiiirs nnd Is rcpoijnized hyall

fihuolsotpinpllco nsn v.iliiatilf hloodmirl-

i;iT, it Is pal lip In forms of almost InflnllQ

ilctv. lull Messrs. Ilnod ft Co., (Lowell,

iss.) wtiii are lhoriuif;hIy rellaljlo pharmn'

(M»r l » I





Book of the Dog.

Wc liurc rvi-4-lvt!il fruiii Die A8H(Mrlulc>il Kandtira

237 Soulli KiiKllhli blrt-L-l, n **>\ty of tlii-lr ]> juM |iurrliubud uti

iuiiuuiiAf htock of Mi-ii.-) uud Jiu^'h* rlutli-

iii;; of om; uf the lurj^*'ht wliuiutiulc flotll-

uiliiU- WooU-U bUil^. ^J AHJ, ^.W. ^ti.UU

uiid $7.'Mj. «iK.W. $y.t>U aud $10.00 will

buy r>uiiii-Lbiij>; t>xtj-u. liuyii' uiid Clilld-

I'Uitj' uuiu fi'uiu $:;.oo upwui'du. Couiu

biiorc lUty tuu uli gout-.


Encourngod liy Uio Kuvcr of Eiicrfryi HoUcrod liy

llio fuvors of Uic innsKUH, girojialli'd by ihv

jMiuvr uf bUHliivsit luU;(n1ly. Imii iio\r

doing butiliiossuf II lilgli onliTi

on u low pruHHUTv HyiiU'iii

B8 lo iirlcea. I liuvo

The Largest Stock,

Tht Best Assortment,

The Lowest Prices,

The rinest Goods

Ever brouglit lo llrcwBlcr. Nvvur bufuro

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BolmnI, fi|H!iit Ko luucli Uiiiu

In niilQvtliig n dtovk

of Uie best

Dry Goods, Boots & Shoes,


Call find bo oon^-incod.

Field OaNun


Black and Colored

S I L K S ,

Black Cashmeres,


Colored Dress Goods,


Fancy Paids to Match.


For the Farm and Garden in bullv. Also Fertilizer

Imperial Egg Food. Prepared Oystei* Shell 2c per lb atl

J.^H. Ives' SeedStope,^^

White street, - Danbiuy, Conn.

Cut Flowers, Potted Plants and Canary Birds.

"A penny saved is a penny earned !''


Great Reduction in

oots and Shoe 8^11

NOW is your time to buy! Stock must be reduced I


The NeAV Itoute I

AIFordH ducldcdl) (liu iiioitt dotill'Ubli: uuy of go-

lug lo and I'OluruluK froui.

Nil ikud Uidr

BruMbtiK. fktwui Mudicuua

•Dd txoprietWT Artiolta.

FerMul ukd «tili!t •tteiitioB will te

SlTClll to

PhytdciAns* Prescriptions,

wlikib will U koottrftkil7 aud oartifaUr

poondttd ftt kU Loun, !>»}' uid Mi|[bt.

At N. Bamum*s




Vou ullllliid ullui: of


Fraiiii;>>ilD lull ii;iaitii'oiiM lu^iculloUilJuil ul-

U uulll bl! Jili-UM'il to nbtiW you.

N. BAR N U M ,

•JJU Mllill ».[., (>|>|.uxlLv HuimUl- JlmiM.






IT VUlUJi »«.. Al. V.

K^ Idr. Uuckwuud (ivua l'

111 uttmictUluii wltli

Mahattan ElBvaled Railway.


HuuOay, AYKut 3:UUaudT4:i)i. in-

ItEXeUSlKU.li^uvulKrtiibl,, Ki-»v York, diUlj-,

L.'xwiil>iiiiid>'ti. U:1U u. Ul.; 4:3Uuiiii:i:lU |>. Ul.

bl'KllAV.S, U.4Ua. Ul.

4U-KurlU-r, fioiii houUi Korry U uiluuU'.ii. (iruiid

St., 14, JIUi SI. tl7, £ld bl. U&, lid 61. », aud Uhl til.

•£!> uduuU:i).

TIC'KKTS, iiKludiiiiu.M'r AJtuut.



215 Main Street,


Rose Leaf. Fine Cut


and Snuffs




3d Ave. & 54th SL, N. Y.

Furniture, Bedding,

Carpets, etc. To close

out quickly we offer

luu I'ui-lor SulLM, T lilcvvu, t^U UG

lUUt'luuubcrbulU^.Ouk.'liU'JUH, JH UU

lUU ik:dBlca (4U->urdj lUiUd Kaui'y MalUuj;, iiurroU Ii Xt

100 Itolitt oll-CluUi, ifcr yard. ii

Seme excellent bar­

gains are offered. A

visit wilJ i:ay an in­

tending purchAser.


txi'j, b'lil, tS)> jiroducliig {lonuru, wilboul icgurd lo t^ixt.

KECAUbE ibu (ci-caU-'nl ailviilluii U glvtui to Itit iiiuiiuiatliiic, to ht^i-un- uiilfonii iiuulliy und VAUI

dltloii, ull Ibu run- UIUUTIUIH an ucll ux tliu tiiaimlaiiuivd iiroiliirl U-liii; dally uiiulyzod'bv coui|iiI

Uiul >'IIVUIIBU. TIIUB UILTU IB iiuKiiiBti work, uvorylbiiig bi'lu); ivdutx'd luu MtUiitUItt IIUBIB. ]

liEUAUbE iu COIII|M)B1I1UII U buni-d oil lii> fixillnb tbcory, but oil llaiBt.' )>rllli-i))li'B uf fi'tNlliiK idaull

u'blc.b urv rt:)CuUtMl by ibv 1I1)C1II-B| uulborUlt'B ai liiuiic mid abrnail at- tbv only |ii'ui;tli'ublv aiif

jjiolllttblv uicLliudB of I'uturiiliig lo Uu; BOII IIIOM: VII-IIICUIB i-xliaunlod by Uit; (TUIIM. I

itur )ialruuB, ubvlliiTagi'iilB or fanm-rB, aroIntlivil u> vlhlt our farioriCBaud tn'.a for lliiiiii

iUilvi:ii boH- our ftrtllUvi'H ai-L' iiiailu. rauiiihlfiB fur J^^.') M-III rm- itt ii|>|>l


liUKWSTKR. .lUI.Y a. 1H86.

Time Tables.

HAni-KM llAU.UOAn.

Trnlnn lonvr IlrrwfUT Tor Ni-w VnrV «t fl :K n.

m.; 7;3; «.m.; f::\H n. m.;S:Viit. m.; (!:riO [i. m.

liCHVf llrcwKter Tor I'nnltncnt lO^IAn. ni.;&:38

p. m.i 7.11 !>• ni*

IJCKVC ItrtiWNtcr for Chnthntn nmt Atlmny ht

I3:l!li). m.;>t;43 I*' m.

liOavc Urnml OoDlrnl Dcpol tor ItrcffBtor lit

fl::iOA. m.; ia:30fi. m.;!t:4np. m.; 4.-M, p. m. 9:15

p. m.


Trnlnn ft"liifC onrt leave BrowBlcr for Wntprtm-

K , inlxt' p. m. The f o'rlnck a. m.

train f mm the (JrniiilCcntral Di'itot, N. 1., nnd

the 3:40 p. m., Imhi €-o:im'ct wUli trntnB for Lltch-

llclil. via N. v. Jt N. II., nml Mnnliury A Nonvalk

K. H. Tlic Snnilay tram leavPB Ilawlevvllle at

11:1.%a.m. Uctnmlng, leaves !,lu:h3(!.'l al 8:80

p. m.


SCIHIDI clnsctl yi>sU>nliiy.

Ml. KiBcci lifts an mvhestm of elglit


out It.

Friends havo investigated the spiritun-

lislie "Uiuinp ! thump !" nnd tho neigh­

bors have listenr-d to the sweep of tho

ghostly garments, but no cxplnnntion

other than the supci*natural one has bceti

yet foilhcomlng. Yesterday moming

Miss Lizzie Ilubboll, tho only member of

tho fnmily living In Uio house, locked up

her rooms ami fled t>efore the nmiy of

would bo investigators.

When a reporter went up to interview

the ghost he was eorat>elleil to talk

through Iho key hole, but even when

laboring un lev these disadvantages tho

ghost made n good showing. From the

pnictically unanimous t«>stImony of tho

neighbni*s the following story was

gleaned. The placo was occupied for

mnny years by George Ilubboll whose

wife, Mary, survived him, dying n short

timo ago nt Uie ago of eighty-four.

Since her death her granddaughter, Mis.j

Lizzie Ilubboll has retained two or three

rooms, but Iho rest of the house has been

occupied by tho family of tho llov. Dr. A.

D. Madeira, of Uio Mt. Kisco Presbyter­

ian Chuixsh. One of old Mrs. Hubbell's

peeullarllles was tn be always sweeping

and these sweeping sounds, say Uie en-

tii*cly veracious and respectable neigh­

bors, are Interspersed with tho thumping

sounds in the rooms formerly occupied

by her. As tho rci>ortor stood outside

tho locked door tho muffiod Ummps

were hoard at Intervals within tho empty

room. Tho sounds ara heard at all hours

during the nftonioon and evening, it is

said, but never in the moming. Any

particular number askod for has novcr

failed to bo given, and quesUons regard

ing tho Huhbelt family are promptly an­

swered while tho silence of fate has been

maintfiined on all other matters. These

things aro vouched for by Dr. Madeira,

and othera, who without putting any faith

In tho popular idea of spiritualism are

puzzled to account for them. Gilbert

Ilubbell, who lives in a half deserted

house a little fuilhor up the road, be­

lieves that tho Bounds aro caused by his

mother, and that she and a thousand

other spirits are having a cotivenllon In

the collar. Tho credulous ncighbora aro

going to hire a "medium" to investigate

It "scienUfieally."

^ —

Two Young "Tongha."

A pair of half grown tueii who wished

to Imiiress upon tho minds of everybody

wilh whom tiioy came In contact

tbttt thoy tvuro ••touf^ha^* wol*o lockod up

In tho Westchester county jail on Mon­

day night. One was eighteen and the

other seventeen years old. They were

committed for Udiiy days each by Jus­

tice Hellew, of Tuekahoe, for being

"land pirates." A land pirate down iu

that region Is a person who steals every

Uiiiig ho caii'earry away. It soems these

youth look to Uie ixiad for thu jiurposes

indicated. They came acniss a clam

wagon and bore down upon it stealing

all tho clam-* they could eat and carry

away. Then they traveled along unUl

they encountered a couple of young

ladies whom they insulted and pelted

with clams from a pall which they had

filled wilh their stolon goods. They

were sjieedily arrested, when they maile

a stout resistance ihreatenlug t]'iiig Hats direct

lioin llic iii:inu] act UI el's at facLoi y J>i'ict'r:.

M:ii'(:us Budt's, cur. Muiu sllV-el uud Put'k

' uveuue, Bieuoiei, N. V-

Gumt Bargains iu Parubuls. All lUe

leading styles jusl ii-ce''\-d fioiu Phila­

delphia and Busluu luunufaeturcrs.

Cheap Butter and Cheese.

New York whulcsulo dealers refused

tu sell at thu low prices last week pre­

ferring to keep Uieir stock in cold stor­

age until prices had improved. At the

same lime Uiero was u slight ineruasu

in thu foreign deumnd, and Uie re­

sult is that butter is onu cent a pound

higher thau it was last week. Thu Im­

provement doles from last Wednesday,

but It is not expected to conUnue, as the

cellars will soou bo ovourruwed. Only a

coiiUnued foreign demand can keep the

prico up, unlusa spuuulaturs recover

fruiu the oleomargarine scare and buy

fur the fall trade. Mitst of the butter

uouiiug into market is of fine quality.

The average price is IB cents,

The receipts un cheese In New York

siucu May first have been .H(>0,797 pack­

ages as against i'Ji,i7'J fur iho same

Ume last year. Mouufuctures do not

care lo seud Uieir product to thu city

white prious are so low, Thu market

stiffened a litllu on Tuesday uud Wed­

nesday under thu exi>ort uf il2,000 boxes

to Euru|>e, but sellelud back to Uie poor

prices of last wook. Dealers rejKtit Uial

il is going lower yet. It now averages

from 6 to 7 cents u puuud. Most of the

chuesu in market has u pinkish color,

known as "natural," while thu demand

is fur dead wliile, which is hui'd tu get.

_ ^

A siul fululily seemud lo prevent tho

marrirge of Dr. Kmil Bossels, a (ieruiun

seleutiut residing ut Washington, aud

Madame Uuveuuu, a siugcr. On Satur­

day, the 2OU1 ult., tliey weixi to hai

been married but the bridegruom w

taken suddenly ill. On the Monday

following they went to the minister's wlio

was tu marry them, aud found hlu absent

The wedding was then puslj>ouod Ull

Wednesday, but on that day thu bride

was taken suddenly sick aud Uiud ilmt


Collector Robertson's Retirement.

|Fn>m tlicTribnnr.)

William n. Uoberlson's term as Col­

lector of tho Port of Now York expires

to-day. If nil the professions of tho

Administration wilh rofcrance lo Civil

Scnico i-eform were genuine, Mr. Rob­

ertson would bo retained In office. Ho has

been honest, capable, efflclont. NobreaUi

lo the contrary blows from any qnnrtor.

Nor has the office that he has filled been

drafi:gcd Into politics. An active, ener­

getic, loyal Republican, Mr. Robertson

has labored incessantly onl of his office

for tho welfare of his party. In his

office ho has labored incessantly for tho

welfare of the country. There can be no

higher typo of public official. The rec­

ord bears out this praise of tho retiring

Collector. He came into officountlcr ex­

ceptionally difficult and trying circum­

stances, branded by the self-assertlvo

friends of Civil Service reform as n poli­

tician, from whom no good thing could

be expocled. In four years ho hns col­

lected nearly $000,000,000 of rcvonuo.

Tho cost of this collccllon to the Govern­

ment has been constantly lessened under

his watch fulness. During his term tho

rate of enltecUon has not only been less

than for any preceding four years, but

for the last year it has been one-fourth of

one per cent, loss than for any pr-ivIouB

year in the history of tho office.

In the matter of Civil Service reform

Mr. Robertson Is able lo show a remark­

able pngo of history. Ho has not been

loud nnd pretentious in his professions,

but ho has been enrncst and persistent in

his efforts to ean-y out the spirit of the

reform tvi well as the letter of tho Civil

Service statute. In four years his re­

movals In a corps of some 1,200 em­

ployes have numbered only twenty-ciglit.

Those were all for ciuse—continued In­

toxication, neglect of duty, dishonesty.

At a perioil not remote the annual re­

movals exceeded 200. Beginning In Uie

early part of Uie first year of his ser\'Ico.

wherever a vacancy occun'cdfrom dcaUi,

i-esignatlon, or removal, and the sorviccs

of an official could be dispensed with,

Mr. Robertson omitted lo fill Uio vacancy,

continuing this pracUcal method of re­

ducing tho force up to tho present time.

In his recent letter lo Secretary Manning

who had asked for a report as to whether

Uie Customs Sorvlee hero could bo re­

duced without detriment to the public

necessities, the Collector was abie to say

emphatically that no fuilher reductions,

could well bo mado. In four years tho

force has undergone a reduction of

seventy employes, with n correspond­

ing annual saving of $90,000 to the


Tho manner In which tho Collector's

duties have been performed is worthy of

noUco. TIio door of his office has al­

ways swung open. Every man having

business with tho Government has had

prompt access to the Collector, nnd could

always obtain a prompt decision upon

any matter subinittcd. No merchant in

New York is able to say Uiat any other

merchant obtained a privilege or con­

cession or ruling that was not open also

to him. With such a record, Mr. Bob­

ertson can retire from Iho office with Uio

confident knowledge that his ser\'ices

havo met with public approval. Mr.

Cleveland will do well if tlie man lie

selects for Collector shall be able to pre­

sent as excellent a balance sheet four

years licncc.

jlaudsomeiit line of I.4ulius' made up

Musliu Underwear uud lufuuls' Dresses

uud Slips ever shown in any city or town

OfFWith Her Old Love,

.Minnie). NcwiiiTin, of While Plains,

ran away from home last January nnd

joined J. 1). Flsko In Philadelphia. FIsko

had boanlod previously at her mother's

houso. He had been m:iiTled before to a

woman who is still living. Two months

ago Mrs. Newman tmced her daughter

to Philadelphia and took hor homo.

Fiske went to White Plains last week,

and threatened to sue Mrs. Newman for

tho value of jewelry which he had given

to her daughter. Ho ohinined an inter­

view wilh Minnie. The sequel is that ho

went to White Plains again on Tuesday

night, and Wednesday ho appeared at

Iho Newman r'esidenco with n clo.se car­

riage. Miss Minnie opened tho door to

admit him. Presently ho nppe.ired at

tho door with a trunk, and then with an­


Minnie ran down the walk to tho cnr-

ringe. wnsholpedinto it by Fiske, nnd

they were whirled away to tho depot,

whom they took n trnin to Now York. It

was reported that the pair had been mar­

ried seeratly on the previous evening, but

Mrs. Newman said she could tell nothing

about it.

A dispatch from Bmckton, Mass., says:

"John D. Fiflko, of Philadelphia, a law­

yer, fonnerly of this city, credilctl wiUi

doping with Miss Minnie Newman, of

Willie Plains, N. Y., on Tuesday last,

was hero this morning, accompanied by

a lady answering her description. After

breakfasting nt the best hotel nnd view­

ing tho city from Ihe best public cniTlage

obUiInnble, lliey loft for Boston. Fiske

has Iwo wives in Now Hampshire, both

of whom obtained divorces for entcl and

abusive treatment.

ucipiiut anu I>UMUU luunuiaeiurcrs. uuu oiips ever suuwn in uuy city or town

Prices lower Uiau ai any More iu New cau uuw be M:eu ut Maicus Buul'*; (ireat

Voik eil., or Danbury. Call at Mui-cus Bazaar, cor. Muiu slivel and Park uve.

Badt's (ireut Bujt^aar, cojiu-r Main SUeut. You c4iu buy them fur less Ihuu Ihe luu-

und Park Aveuue. i vr'uti ulouu would oust you.

The Cow-Boys.

The cattle industry of tho Noithweet

has developed a new race of creatures

Uial aro called by soino cow-boys, by

others cow-punchers. These Individuals,

indigenous to tho country, are totally

diflerent from their brothren a few miles

further south, fur there is as much difl'cr-

eiice between Ihe eow-boys of Montana

and Ihe cow-boys of Texas as there Is

between Now England Yankees and

New Orleans Creolca. In short, there

has grown up with the marvelous In­

crease of the cattle industry another set

of beings that aro very much unlike tho

herders uf a few years ago.

A docude or so back cow lierdera on

the plains were rcgai-ded as tho very

worst class of ineu In our country; a

class who were always ready to make a

gun fight, had marked to each one's

credit the "killing of his mau," and who

Invariably died with his boots on. In

the vernacular of iho frontier, ho was a

b-a-d man altogether, and a cutter and

shooter from away back. They looked

ujion a tenderfoot wilh becoming scorn,

bore Uio appearance of couUnually thirst­

ing for gore and had uo hopes of heaven

or fear of hell.

The typical cow-boy of by-gone days

should wear a largo white sombrero,

bound with a fia^hy gold curd and tassel,

high Loj) bouts, leather punts, fringed

buckskin shirt, no vest, and & pair of

Mexican spurs us big us saucers. He

should also be uriued to the leuth, be

well mounted on u fiery bucking broncho,

have u long sinewy lariat trailing behind

his steed. Indian fusbion, :uid hubitually

be half full of his fa\ orito beverage.

Now us a mallor of fact tho real cow­

boy of the Northwest Is a very diflerent

l>ersou from what he Is sujiposed to be.

Many of them are college graduates who

blood high with Uiu faculty of Eastern

universities, and uot a few aru able to

solve u mathemuUcid pro'jlein or jtarsu a

LuUu bcnleucu with us much eusu as they

can throw u steer or punch a brund.


A game of buse-bull was cummcnced

last Sunday at Kenosha, Wis., in the

presence of 6,00U spectators. The crowd

was urderly, the duy line, the players in

splendid conditiou uud everybodv in

good spirits aud amiable leiupcr. At Ihe

lifth iuniug a Sheriff and jiusse arrived,

wilb warrants issued uu Uie cuniplalut of

two (.'uugreguliuuul ministers, und ur-

rcsted the pluyers, who were followed lo

Ihu J usUee's office by an curugud, yul-

liug. sweariug, disorderly aud riol-iuvit-

iug mub. Thu arrests were made iu Uie

iuteresU of morality tu jii-eserve the

sacred ehui'uclur of the Sabbath.

If you are iu need of Spiinu und Sum­

mer I'luUiing, Moll. Buys and Chiliben,

cull at Marcus lladrs, the (Jicul CloUier,

cor. Main sired und Park uvcuuc, and

you will tiiid guods made and liimuied

equal lu the tiuchi eustom-iuade. ut ubuut

half ihu prices you have to pay the mer-

huiil Uuloi's.

A Sartoga Spring Closed.

One of tho leading mineral springs

"The Hathorn," was Tuesday morning

"closed for repairs." The spring Is

valued at over $200,000, The Messrs.

llaUiorn had found that for Uio past two

days that tho mineral fluid was losing

its transparent color nnd becoming clay­

ey hi appearance. Tho spring has two

tubca passing through a bod of clay

of about thlrly-fivo to the bed rock where

tho perpendicular tubes rest upon Im­

mense hoppers. It is believed Uiat tlic

tubus, which are made of cedar

have becorao separateil from the hoppers

and nllowed tho clay to filter nnd ooze

into the spring. Tho work of pumping

out the spring to ascertain if this is the

cause was begun this afternoon. It is

probable that the spring will havo to bo

excavated to tho bed-rock and now and

stronger lubes built. Tliia will involve

an expense of about $20,000. Tho qual­

ity of Uio waler Is unimpared Uie pres­

ence of tho clay simply discoloring it.


A young man In Brooklyn after con-

sulUng his watch, dropped it into his

pocket, when he was startled by an ex­

plosion, which was followed by many

others In rapid succession. Be­

fore ho could remove Ills eloUiing it h:id

been burned through lo the flesh and a

paiuful wound inUieled. The hand In

which he held the watch was also severe­

ly burned. An examination proved the

explosion to have been caused by chlor­

ate of potash tablets, wliieh he was in

Uic habit of carrying loose in ids pocket

and which were ignited by the watch

being droppf'd (luickly upon them.


At the M. K. parsonage, June 2:i, by

Rev. Horace W. Byrnes. Henry Bymn

Whitlock aud Hannah M. I.Ackwood,

both of Weston, Conn.

At tho M. E. parsonage. Juno 27, by

Rev. Horace W. Byrnes, Joseph C. Bar

nett, of Danbury, and Miss Katie Bixbee,

of South Norwalk, Conn.

At Ihe M. E. parsonage, June 28. by

Rev. Horace W. Bvnies. Leonard Elseii-

bossund Minnie jJell Wilson, both of

Brookfield, Conn.


In SouUieusl, June 2il, James Doyle,

aged 66 years.


For Sale.

In any quanUiy, Silver Hull Buck­

wheat for sueding, raised from seed sown

Uie 4th of August, 1«84.


Any ouu who is iu want of a House or

Rooms can be accommodaled by apply­

ing to Wm. Thomas, Brewsa-r.


A large line of Mens', Youths' Boys',

aud Ladies'shoes just received from the

munufuclurers. All going at very, very

low prices. >:. w. DIXON.

Julius Stone, manufacturer of sliirts,

offers great bargains in shirts. One-half

dozen line white shiru lu uiderfor$4.60.

One-half dozen cambric shirts, collars

with each shirt, for $2.26.

Strayed or Stolen

From the jiasturo of Uiu subscriber on

Monday mgbl, a brown mare cult ;jyears

old. while slur in foreheud. Any jierson

giving iiiformatiuu leadint; to her leuov-

cry will bu auiiuhlu rewurded.


Wagon for Sale.

In good rej>air. square-box, two-seuts.

uphulsleivd. polo aud shafLi. A great

buigaiu to m eai-ly ]>urchusur. Sold fur

want of usu. Inquire of S. B. QLICK

Brewster, March 6U1 l«tJ6.

Julius Stone tho hatter offers great

bargains iu liubj for the spring seuson.

A hue stylish derby, ut $1.60. Fine

soft fur huts ut $1 .uu. Boys' luid cbild-

ruus' hats ut ull prices.


All pei'Hous are hereby noliiiud Uial

Uiey must not engage in clam-bukes or

liicmcson the privuU; grounds known us

Murviii s Hill, or Uespuss on the premises

on the Subbulh duy. Tlie full peualty of

the law will be inflicted upon all who

disregard this iiulieu.

Miw. A. B. MAUVIX.

Bruwtfler. Juuu 26th. lBtt6.



No. 62 Wall Street,

^'liw Voik, June 2d. 18K6.

Tho annual meeting of the siockhuld-

ers of this eompany will Iju held ut Uiis

office on J'ucsday. July 7ih. promi.tly al

eleven o'clock H. m.. for the election of

U-Ustucs. and fur the liaiisaclioii of (.ueli

other buMues us may pro]jcrly come be­

fore the mceliu-. H. O, Vtxjxi;, Sou'y.

P rnsUANT TO AN imnKU of wiiiinm

Wood, Siirrojrntcnf Ihe roiinty of rulnam.

iiollce Iwln-n-Iiy jiivon, nrconling in law, lo alt

iHTMons hnvlni; tliilms ngntnst Ihe estate of

Snnfont Iteynoldf, Inle ofihe townof SoHlbeast,

In Rntdconntv, drrensrti, lo prepent the snms,

wilh the vow'hcrs Ihcrcor, dulv verified, to tfes

tiTnlerflgned npr:tcxenii>hlIediiitlielBWBho luu

niiiile fnriliu crcatun-R whom ho lian nlaccd un-

; cfthelrrnnlnd. Neither the chilli's tniBtfuI

Our I-Mher," nor the old man's "Forgot me not

niheinldslof uiluifilnllrmltluH," will alter tills

hy UIU weight of a Hfiiglo grnln.

Kclennoniiflnrt flrsl—then fallh and prayer-

la Uio onlur of Ileiivcii ItHUlf. Divinity hoals

UiniURli Its ugents, aud tliosu agents arc tlio difl.

ciiverlcBof man; iiDtihe vnguu aunountremciita

of inoiihots or wi'crs. la life a burden to youP

l)[H|B Uiiiediiig:'' Is you jiower Ui copo with

life fl probiciii and [duUoM weakened. You are

not well. Vour blood Is slugglflh and talnleil,

perhnpa: or some iiuiiiirlnnt orKnii In tor)ili| or

oyenvnikcd. This fad may havo taken the fonn

of riiejiiiiatlsm, goal, uiwlarin, pnlus In the

r. ."['.'."• V.''''*^"'*^ liendiirhe. or a doxen other 111B.

rAUhl.lCS Ti}\W will liivlBorale you, as

n-oi-linlrhivIgoralCB IhoBO who nave been Hliut

iiplii.Iniup, ffUd cells. It Is powerful, pure,

dullclouB, eclcnUlle, safe—Iho kcyBtono of Uie

central arch of tho bridge of llfo.

New Law Books


Business Men, Constables and



edition. Thoroughly revised anil adapted to the

New Code. "The Clerk's Hsslsiant," eonUlulng

11 large VHi-ieiy of ii'fTiti fonns nud InsirumeutB,

lubililn Hot only tu Jer-

fvy mt Ui. JO ami ii Uattoii leugUis. evwi-

lag uud sUeel Bbudes, rcduwd iroi »11«

ajj. dot. ludUs pure bilk lac* tup Jurwy

MlUB.exU;u Hue




What** Next?

A Pnilor iTltnniiiji ftoni u l^uy niiiM-

InwHcIit Willi liiiii :i jmiiip ii:iii..i. uliii ]i

hf bcMmvrd ti|".n liU linlf rtiilnl M.H.

nm! ltii>ii ;iinf the corruls till.

Small, But a Match for a Big Swindler

A good-looking, middle-aged man,

whoso slow Ktep betokened feebleness of

health, entered a little shop downtown,

yesterday, and purchased a M-iekel basket

for$I 7r.. Ho took cut a roll of bills,

looked them over, anil then said:

"I find I have nothing smaller than a

$10 bill. If you will send your boy to

my ollice with gf.l 2o in change, I will

give him a 8"' bill in payment."

The b(»y was sent out a few minutes

after the man had gone, with Iho change

fur the 85 lall in his pocket. When he

vjached the top of the stairs on the floor

of tlie building in which tho man said

that lie had an ofllce, he was greeted by

the pnrelmser. who took tho change.

"My boy, I And I haven't got a 85

bill," said he In a very benevolent way.

Would yon mind waiting here until I go

down into tho street and get this $10 bill

broken ? '

'J'he ofllce boy was uuxions aljoul the

8:1 7.') which lie had given the man. He

looked at the man sharply as if todiscov-

er his game, but he appeared to have

bUfh ioi huuest fjice that the boy decided

nut to say anything about it, but would

keep his eyes open all the same. As

soon as the mild nmnnered man had

reatrlied tlie street tlie buy followed, but

kcjit out of sight as mueh as possible.

Ho soon discovered that the man with

his money had recovered the active use

of his legs and was hurrying down tlie

street at a surprising rate of speed. The

boy hesitated no longer. Hefan swiftly

y, whero two

sons have caught the tune frotn a father,

who also Inherited it from his fatller.

They were none of them "repressed" in

their childhood as they siiould have been.

They are all people who feel mostkindly

toward their households, but they have a

queer way of showing it. As a most

natural accompaniment of such si>eeeh

(hey slam doors a good deal and bang

things around, making poor, inanimate

things do a good deal "wooden swear­

ing." It is a bad way, dear mother, to

let yimr b'ty get into. Watch and guanl

against it as you would a fever.—

Arthur's Jlomc Magiizinc.

Wiiiisr: Ttiw M'isdist cliureh after this." "Ah, and

why sop" asked the minister. "Well if

ynu don't got your shoes made at my

slKfp, I won't get my preaching done at


"Why arc Ihoy called pyi-aniidx, pa?"

asked (ieorge, who was looking at a

plelure of those wtaidcrs of Kgj|>(.

"Tln^y are called jiyraniiils-, my .oon," re­

plied his fiitlier. without hesitating, "be­

cause, you see, they appear amid the

general desolation of tlio desert."

-^ _

Two little boys, aged five and six-

years respectivtdy, wlln(!S.'ii

URITK ItKMKDY In uUo a L'nut pruU'ctlOQ

from attacks tliat oriflnato hi cUanHo of life,


liiivi-llir ivMilis "f tlie mii-i iiilt-llijjout

Miiilv mid wii-iiiiiii- iii'iuiry bm-u bo

t-tfut'iily and i.iu;iu->>ively uiili/.nd as

ill AjeVh .Surna|iiirilla. Jt U-•ad^ Ihe li(*l

ur> a Iruly M-it^iililU- pujiuraliuu

Ltluud diaL'a^CP.

fui- lUl

Caught and Drowned by an Octopus.

Ill 4iur liarbor )it< a iiuiiibfr of (.'hiiiutiu

juiik;j l>i'L-iiai-iii '''^^"rciiiovcdliiftBhort

tiuio. If you Aio

' wlEo and UBO

m •


"You SCO those Iwo New Jersey boys

ovi'r there P" said the train buy. "Well,

IheyS'o reeently eonie inlu possession of

some uioiiey, and they are goinJ cure.


I'rlui. IwuDiy-fiTO MDU.


The Druft'ft'ist,

IB tlio tflnoi lo imrcliuBc ytmr


auU I'roiirlotury AtUdoi,

Paper aud Envelopes,

Perfumery, Soaps, Domestic and Imported

Toilet Aiiieles and Cases


Brushes for the Toilet or Painting in Great Variety,


We iWe in stock one oi'lliu IHOHI complete linesoi'finel

AVALL rlVPEKS to he Ibuiul on tlic line of the Ilurli-m

Kaih'oail. AVe also ollVr an extensive aasorlnieut of Ijaeel

Curtaina^AV^intlow Shades, etc.

Hoyt Brothei*s, Katoiiall^




S P I R O'S,


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Gold Leaf nnd Bronze, Window Glass and Patty,

Maeliiue Oil, Paris Green, Pipes, Tobacco,

Hazors Straps, Pociiet Knives, Pocket-books. Purses and Perfumery.

Kalsomine. Garden Seeds.


uud will U'lUfiieiiBed bv Mr. JUllN M. tiUJANU.


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going, pa sa^'B. Cured him of rheumatism

end iiiti of cartlcltc—two drops—Mubter

Horace Urcnizcr, Clinton, Iowa.

Try it for a timp.

Try it for a lameoeis,

Try it for a pain.

Try it for a strain.

Trom bhouldcr to ankle joint, and for

thrt^ monUiB I had rhcumatistn which

^•iildcd to noUi'my hut Thomas' Eckctric

Oil. Thomas' Jicltctric Oil did what no

plnt^ician seemed ablti to accumplibh. It

cuicd mc.—^Johu N. Gregg, Supt. of itaii-

v/uy CuubLruction, Niagara Foils.

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Try it for a bruise,

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WeUikuplctuiuruliibliuuiiigyuuuurHlouk al uU tliuc, uid

Uiifurc iiurcluiiiliiif elbcwhvrc.

alui lu jiluubu 111 |ii1u!ii uml 'luullly.


Youngs, Gailiiii &: Smith,

Have tile Futest Line of



Main Street, Near DANBURY News Office.

llavlllg liurclui8l!ii>'>Jit' 'i' isui'dr-. ci' luki- I'U (:ul)iUili

I,.IWB OP NBW VonR.-ny ATtltmrltr.

,If« • rltflVr. nl limp ih»ll tv^MT-rrtlrrt

- - • - • - - , ^

Kimi'.oniiiicl not IHT

^•i),ntj!nniil|«»ni-". •• n-nin-^ iii

BWllP. Mry, IJ. line trhnri!'inn 1.1lrvl«^|

niAr. m

AN AtTtonmi-n'li'hniilcrfwiiliiinilnvlnnil tn-ii

nf the Mwn nf Hvlitn-n hiiiKtrYvl nmi (Itrtily-


III' rillM




; imvllninnf ihr

•M*"4 I .•••••

.n(tm'laiir«>i r.ir (iiliisi (•t.pFn*)*,

flnrtlnr clorlc rthnitwml.Inllani.

KTtTE i.imunr.

nfllii-Mutt-lltirarj-.fnr till


.ili-t l->iik> ii'i-t th.-n-from niiil nf ihir wlmii-nf

•aM ortfflaal law. JuHKI-ll li I:AUII.

^ ^ . '»«Trl«tT of Htalo.

i'lKli1i.i>n linnrtn-.

IE. l-liln lift fill



Ill rluhty.

!• laa-K .if



tiirrrr in' AITKAIJI.

-nii' ii.nrl Inttican^

Ml nvlillniiln Ibi- iimnt

I ("inii'cn'oillnn. pnraiiBti

Iriil 1 nUly-llvo „I tl

'ln-i\ nniUUly-clBlit. nii

in.l twi-nly-i'ti nf tin-lawn

nn.1 (-I|tlitv-I1i.iT, nt Ihr lain

'lirlil'i-nhitii.lnilnnili'lKhty-tlir.v. ai-tini tl


. fiiniltiin-. iHHikii.liln.llnir, bl.iiika, prlnHiiB

InllH'Tnivtwnry nxia-nii'-a nf thi' "mi* nf tin

y-tnufrnl. w-y.-n hiimtnil an.l llfty.l.il

.if tlii-iillnrn.wmirviiiii KtaiiitiK. |

fllAI'. ITT.

AN AITl'i pnivMi- fnr Ih.- nimiiitmi-Urin nl

traatr inili* lapiJJHuy In Ihcwiittlii-mliiink-

in.-iiinilh.T,ri.-.iinHl. In Ih.- villain, nf Kwtli-

llartHir In tlH-iniiiity nf nrl.wm.

rAH. April an, IfWl; n-nriha IH-IHK imm-ut.

The (wi|il« ut Ihr Sln^t.r Krw I'lirfc, rr|>rranir(«l

Wu. l(..(|JnfllU./.4Jl.l.•

rH.|•ll|^.•nl1l•llt.li titib1l.'iv.irkii

runilnijiiln-ii In jmn M.-f.ir


III M-milc iind Amr

nitm.iH 1. Th.-Nl

lahrn-hy iiiilhtirlri-


llll'illw-liiirH'-nl fil

iBiiknii-ainf lli.-i:i

Klfllarlmrlntlii' i



i|.lanl>} lli..tiit


in.Tiilmiiii[hiiiil Itii

Ih ilay afn-r lb.

ilay of llinnaliH>HaF,ai>.>...i.,ill,in

fx-o mid ..mii-.-XTH'iiHTw. til.' Kiini ..f nni.

'I'lnllnn, I 111.- iiUKiitiii iniLlrhnll In

I. tl' ii-Hllli-l b> till- nitnni.-y-irpncrel.

iHtMH-a anil ilMiiirH-mcnta nf ihi-ntt.ir-

nllimtill.i hini in




nry, Hfrhiii-ii linii.ln

itaJKtiin hiiiidnii d

; andthi. Fiim nf tiro

tlH.nw* iinil .ii'.liiir«i-in.'nl

tlnnii-y.(fi-iii-nil«lill.. 1

irrvt liny Ih.



••.fnr I III



jil mi-irv-]iv

ii-ndHhiill b

Ihi' hliiill tl

n, .1,-1,1,1,..


in ilii. .,m,-

iivl by tin

I- llll Illlllin

1.1'-1.-1 k'liHii


Ill n-ln mnili'.


hon-tn niiiili-

niidfnr mm


(triiphiT. I



d I'lirhty-h

•K. imyi.1 i.nir-

iiiRiiirl iliilliini fnr

a nf lliiih-inithK

n tlii'af-MuH« i.i S(Tt Y.itk,

Ihinr thouMOd dollars.

For UrtfitpDOTt and IHtTMUon of craa bundiwl

too iiajiroTP^iMiragiwijt ^Tomtwi M BQT-

itnfl Jw-Tork._

ailtiitlnn for tMTiDpnnvd n«traotton of IMKf

MiiimBt RoRMktlitnT-tlirMtlianHuidfBnnbnB-

divd and nrtj- dolbin.

For tM mpport wid ttntniotlon qt OH ktnidnid

and *cr«ntr pnpllB Bt the SL JoatMi^ inMJtathn

forttxi Tmpronid iMtrvoUnti of DeBr-Mntn «t

PordhBin, rortr-t*o thmWBml flrehiindrnd dol-


Fnr the BiirpnTt anil tturtnictSon of nn« hundred

and f1fiiw.n pnplli at the WMteni New York In-

atltittn fur the lmpraifMf-

Mtitra, at Malonp. New Yorh, tm tbnuaand dot


A proixirttonBtPBinoimt forBahnrtwpprlodof

tltni. than one yt*T, or for a BmBllor niimlior of

iiipHu In CBuh riv, ihall tw allowsd in eauh of

ho lalt wn-on llnma, and iwid Itt Ibo

pomptmllor, upon the portllloBtc \-ntlllod Iw the

oath nt the pmtdnit and apcrptarr of nich Inril-

tutlnn and upon the aMirni'al ot the aiipptintpn-

dimt nf pntilln IttMruHlon.

mowAB Aartint.

PnrthoThoinB«Aai'liimfnrOr|dintKand Ihwll-

tiito Indian llilldren, for thppdni-«t ion and ninln-

tonanee of oiw hundrm ehlldTPT, for onu yenr, at

tliPHitr of one hundred dollan iwr cnplla. t-.-n

thmi«aliddollara,ora pronnrttntinto nin.iiint for

« RhnrtPf period of timo than nm. j-i-ar. or fi

KmallFT "





Ptn-Iho aii|>|Hirt and Inltnii'lLin nt two hiindml

rtiplla, for nttn year, at iho Inatllnlinn of the

nilnd. In New Ynrli. Itrtr tLnnmiid dnllan. or a

pnnHirtinnate amrnmi for a fhirtiT jH-rli*! nr

time than one jTdr.nrfiT a t.mBlli'r numlHT nr

piiplU, M ahallly. duly veriniil liy tbi- alTlilnvllanf

the prealdf-nl and Hircinry nf the Inatllnlinn.

Fnr the malntimanrr of Ibi- Inmnbn nf the Tn-

Hliliitlon for Hie niind at llalavta and for orrli.

nfiry n-iaiin of Imildlnins forty thmiaand dnl­


JiiVENii.B iiKi.iKQi'nrra.

For Ihi- Poplrty fnr the Iterormatlnn tit Juven­

ile IM-iiniiDenla fn the nlB-

rln,r NithBuobflneandlmprlaon'

ment r'H.B'r,in- 111.' iHi'Dil.-ih Ilay afi.T llir

day iiC 111 Dilial iiaakaiir. wi.-rnill.d by lb.< ii.i-r.'lunr nf

Mlali'. bM>. U. irUB4..1iab:. jiiin Llbiia-ii Hialub*!

CHAP. an.

AN AIT t.. aniind nn lul onlllL-.I "An nil In In-

ilniil tHH'le1l.ii Inr tin'|

n-triilnli»U tlir ju


I'AMiiiii May 1. IKH-'i


(H&tui(T aliil Ai»t.iul^ii.

CiB'riow I. Nii-lLin Ih

A|irii tim. HiriiUa'ii Lii

lltldl -An ui'l In liU'ii

bir ilic jmriHiw-

iitiyalu uid Biiriii

•r |>h}iii.' mid

: O-llliL

of AVM




Kiilulliiir tl

I bin Mnl.-.

1 la-iiiu jirtw'iit.

r.irt;, rrirri-wtitdl


I tin- Bi-i laMHil

Hi Ibirlii'ii, I'li-






iLiH inl.m

lit II, Ih.' 1,1

,'iii r.H'l.-fi

llnll"', nnd




IIU. AiidlH'll fnrlli

inay br luwlul l.iruiiy


•UU- „r Ka» Vi

I.AU'f> UF KKW VUUK.-U> AmkaHly.

IKii-ry luf>.uiil,'H*'iin'i",''ill"l

Uuin'lu.ktull I'l,mill, n, I unil inVn B.-i'I llmniuliiiul llu<

Mall'. «n HIiJ 1,"1 l>il"iv III.' IH.iilML dti) vdi'r Ihr

.lay nf llB lUJal |4a>u,', a* ti'tlLtb-J Iry Ui*- h>-.'r.-lart t4

Uato. Bn-. ll.bUi'Ti^luiii,;, liiul l.lU'klHHlHlaiuI.-*.]

rilAF. nua.

AN A(*r tn lUtitiid (liupli-rHli buiidnal mid Iblr-

ly-tbrfl-ntlb>>luwa ..f I'lubbi-ii bniidn',1 mid

illti. uun.',

rAaaiai Uu) l.kM.

fA* JWfiliu/U'Wdtai/A'Ma V'tfA, rrjirr^nUn/(•

Araul* tHHf J1M(II.M>. rff Miui* (•• /ulluu^t .'

Kaoriim 1. bunion niii'nl ('.Iui|il4ti alx biinaiail

aud llibly-tbiia' ui tiic laHi, nl I'luliiouii LuiidM-d

iiudM'wiUI>-Uin*'. clitllU-d "Aaui'l In uiilbnrlu'

Ibi- Iui'nr|.itiill,,ii nf lki|,IUiI cbiiK'b.a In UK-

BUit(-ut N.-M v.,Ik. mid Hii|>|,l.'iu.in1iiry ui un ui-l

enlitliHl 'All-"I I" piniidc forth.- liituninrullnn

iitn'll^'lnui.>" uritBUlu>d lu thlaaUrit'i ••' bi' liiixinMinitMl

tuwuitUiiH tn the tuuvUlulUi uf tbla ui'l U( till-


le. llu'U(lr »I auld ui-l IK bi-mby muiiidiMl anu*

lurutdaa lullu"',: "An uct I" auilmn^-Ih.' lii-

uuriHintUiMi of llaidim mid (unKii'KUtl'uiul

I'LuruUiw lu tbi ainli' nf N.'W 1 nrk, uiid riiiiiilu-

uumUU-i tu un unt I-IIIIIIIKI 'An uri lu pmililclnr

t^ luimriHiiuUnn uJ ii-lluniUh bii|.nMi.

— wlilil



wi/ien UI

hiiinlml d,d[iini.

L'imi-tm. lit .,f piilil

iltniMliiii .'iiimlinil

• -Ulll.'nli'S.lwn hull


itli-r 111.

nidi.' liiHlnii'lLin

luy )•'liniiniil II


mdr i .itln-rln

in nf Ihln d.-iwH-

.1- iiiHtnii'11,,11, fnr

l,>ll< nl up|dl'dina.i-ll,in ihlrl



lile.1 111

nl Ih.

.•.,. tlfl)




l.irrul. .

I'-nri-li-rk LI

b.rlriok.. llll



ra L.UiiK..



ml I




I-In tin

Unit. I



Ill ilnilmv.

il:lni/ d.'i«



III.' tl.





aufd Mil


ikH. lilndiiiK.


tin- In



1.1., I'li'ik LI


"I lh nnd.lit

rlmll 1>

> lit Ih.-

iinln^l I

iMtt;n,n Ha­

ni I




.-111. Illl>



imLil I.I tin

ui hi-iiiiimi'

III uK.'nl- I'.

Hilt)-MIX .•!


lUniiwnd ilnllHiw.

KTATi: tlklllMllKHlIn*.

Fnr UK- ntuu, uiliiuiiilniilat, lor •Mbu'), tun

UlnUMlIld llnlbUB.


Fni Ibi-aiiia-rinU-iiili-iti nf wi-liilitn uml lui-u*-

uruk (iirialiu-y, llvi-buiidiul dulliu*.

ixiMMihriinauiui or uraiiAkiiM:.

For llll-(,iuimliwniin-in nl iinuninllnu. l.ir aul-

unm. a.-i.-n tbnUHUid lli.-bunil»ildnlluia.

i.ANn iu'wirt.

For luMiKiu.'UI mid .itbiT i^iaiuaui nl Uii'inib

Ik' liuiila, und Inr Hi.'iiilL'iiui.'HUdcxpniuui nf tbr

aia llkl'r nt HI I-BMuuiUl) b>r HHI'IKIBUU'a* inui-

UiW'liter nf Ibi.-lul id nlln'.'.niK-tbnUMind didlun

I tiMt




mm llll 11

i.if Bbur, '.•

lit «l jiuiill.

I'UlilliU'j- unJ

I'tnr-ui'U.'nil. i li

iHIUld nl I 111,111

Ut,I I

.itUiUll L'tU-iK.

li,y mad by tl

|,Ii,,ll,r. tnau.

U'iiili.|il nt ]inldli' wnrk' li Imn-liy .11

nn'liiltn aii-iin. MIU'II (tinininli-.- fnnn Hn- wii.l

rlty of Nynu-UHi'iix will n-lii-i.-thi- Miiii- fi.ini iinv

(IntlUiire wliatevi-r. iH-fnn' innHlrin-lliiK iln-wild


1 traoM'HiitUii'n.rruniBnil of ifa,. wimii, or

•aliliirlBltiBllaw, JlMKI'll II I'AUIt.

l«,-H'Lary ut lilal.-.

I.AW'H OF NKIV VOHK.-lly ABlh*rll*.

,w,unl'wiadliri-rr-ntilim.•Iiall IH-iinwHIinl

> nir In

fe tlinn niny 'H.iid In. or

tinnd rlren by

nurofBocrahnll toanb^^-t to the provTalona '

I leTTn all proaocuuona under thIa act relaH..„

to the aale add tnairafaetinv of unolean. Impure,

ttniMwMir, Mnn«tMed or unwlmMome mfih, tf

the iBiik m Bhown to onntatn more than eighty-

flntpereemuncf wM«rorffu»,orl«aa than

tiTBlre petcwilum of tntlk solioi, which ahall con­

tain not hm than three per centum of fBt.ltBhall

be deeHred adulinnnM. Bud milk drawn from

eowawithlnflrteendu'abefore,and (Ivedayiaf­

ter, parlurtUon, or from anlraak fed on dtotinety

WBBIA, or any lutaBtanoe In tlio atato of putrofao-

twn or fermeutatloti. or upon any unbealth*

food wtmterer, Miall he declared iin*lean,nnhf«r>

thy, tmpnre and unwholreome milk. Thii tectlon

ahUI not preiTnl the feedint of ennllBvo from


I K. The dolnff of anj-thini rrohlbHod bdnii

doiMi, and tbe not dome of >nythli« dlnwled to

be done tn tUt act, BMI bepreBuimiUTBWiaence

of B wllNtil Intent to i-folMn tho dlfferont Beotlona

and pravlilonB thoreor. If any pntsnn ahall nf-

m-anyvfohtttonof tbepravMonaaf thbBet by

hit aKent, anrrant, or In any room or Mlldlnt oo-

niM or oontmlled by hfm, he ahall be deemed a

InoltMd tn aiieh violation and ptinlahed acpord-

. Ik! dhaplera fotir hiindrod and aiity-aevon of

tbe lawa of eijiliienn hunditvl and altty-two. fl^-e

hundred and forty-four and rre hundred and

HRhteen of tlie lawa of rlrhlnm hundred and

IriBty-fOiir, Ave hundrfd and flfty-nino ot tho

tawB of elihleen hiindirai and ality-flre, fmtr

hiindna) and tirtoen of the Inwa of elxhteon hun*

•dred and aevontT-aeven,twnhundrwl and taronty

aad two handrad and thirty-aevnn of the lawi of

edfbteen hundtvd and aeventrelfht, four hun

dred and thlrty-ntne of the hiwa nl elRhteen hun

dred and etshty, Bud two hundred and fouMeon

of tbe lawi of effhteen hundred and riality-twn.

are tiereliy tepealed.

I la. Ifanynermm abnll, tiyhlmaelf nrnnother.

Moiate an yofthB pro\-1alnn« nt aeetinna ono, two,

thme. fmir or live of thh net, or knowinnly mit-

fer a vlnlatlon thenwif by hii airent. or in any

biilldinir or mnrn oeeiipleil bv him. he ahall In ail-

dltLinio thallnraaml punhhrnmita thereinjire-

aerllieil foreaeh nlTeti«>, fnrtell and pBJ a fixed

penaltr nt ime hundred dnllan. If any petwin

by himaelf nr annther. ahall vinlate any nf tbe

provtaiona nf aivtionaix, anrrn nr elBbl nt thia

aet, he ahall, In addition in the nim anil PeiMltloa

lieretn nttwert tied fnr each ofFenm, fnrfeli and par

a fiBPd penalty of lli-e bnndnd dnihira. fliteh

penalUn aliall he rrani-ered with eoMa In any

eoiirtnf thlaMatehBtlniriurlMllrHnn Iberent. tn

itedtiytlie dalrj'eumml

, -ila In the namo of Hi

people of tlip atale of New Vnrk

• an. Tlila ael and mi-h aeetinn thiTiiir la de-

elamllnlw-fmnetiil tnpmvi-nt dei-f-ptlnn In the

mil., nt.liilry prn.bii..|n.Bnd In prnw-n-e the iniblli.

health wlili-h la endanip-rtil by the ituiniifai'liiro,

aale nr iiiw nf Hip nrtlelra nr aiilaitanra'a hen-ln

miiiiluteil or or. ihi Id tut.

fvi. 'Itibi Hit ahnll tnkp elfn-t Itnme.1 lately,

H.i-llnnii all nnd wven ahnll not npbly In itny

pr.Hlnel mnniifHi-lnre.h nrlnpmi-iiBof mnnnfiii'-

(nmallL" llmi-nf thepnaniin'.ir Hil« ni-t ; Iml

neltbertLla eiiiiiptlnn n.ir ihM nel ahall Imimlr

tlie iKiwer lo nrmH•elite nny Vliilatlonil hi'retntnn'

commuted of ami ton alx nf ibc BPI nf which iblii

act la aiipplementnl.

Hrirr nr Xaw Yona, I „ .

omre i,r Itie Hwrelarj nt Biale, i "•••

t hair rompared thn pneertlna with Ilia mifiBBl law

nn nirtn thb..iinre, and dnhmCyrvrtl^ that Ihr aame



ntinn, nnd ohnwlnr tliMr pi«t-o(r.,i' niMre* when

h atiH-khnldiT-, the n'linber o( ilinm nf atorh

h.-ld by eni'h nt thi-m, when tl"'J n'lpii'tlvelv

iHi'nme thi' owniraof "iiph •hi"-', fnim whom

n-hawil tl'eanmc.thi-nniinn.l jwil thpm-

H'hi-iin'nrfltliin.end by»''">m pdid; Inil

tratwrferor an) "itrh rertllleill''"I xlti'kbylhe

niT thenvir HIIHII lie vnli.l'•' le/nl iintti the

tniiiofen'e or aiii-liatix-k ahBll ellill.li Iln-pcrttfl-

cale or cerlllleatea nnnraenHnf "'uli «tnf-k.to-

•Btber with B written ttanrt*i tlM'n-nf under

aMi. to the Mid troaaurtT.wh)-iinii fntihwnh

make tba prOMT entrlra in aueh Ix.'k

BnahoerttfleBttoroerttlMtei,tc-i"ahpi withvuch

tMBrinr, to tbe p«non fwnn wli'm h- recHred

tliMB. Bneh bonk ahatl.dnriny l^i- HHIBI i

tiewilimiiint iheday, ftitndaf'^i 1,1 ioratlon.ff)rany HiimothiT than iL.'nii

remalntiwunpaid iirmn thecniiliatai.xk in

th«tn,anadueorto)inpnmpdni> thi-n'ontn


lu. It Bhall lie unlawful fnr the laamlor tnia-

teea or any ofneer nf auch enn-nrniion to Imii

any of iln tnoneyor i-reitlt b, any •tm.khnl.L-r

tWrpfif; andlhelriiileei vnlliiir III favnr then-

of, orttm oftleiT making anj niii-h limn, or ai--

quleaclnii In the mnkliw of am aiieh limn, almll

bepilltyof amtademrannr, ntnl "hull IH- L.tnily

Bna aevorally Itabln, IBUIO eti.iil nl ani'li imm

BndlnterraltfnriinrBndall d"iit"nrHiieh.i>rii.r-

Btton, hefontbepaymmtofilii' 'imian Innmil.

lit. It ahall he unlawful for tlu'limrilnt tnia-

teea of aueh oorpnratlnn to iliMliin- ..r nnv any

dITldnnd wlMBi the mitBtandlnji iiidi-iiteilni-w ei-

oeeda the full i-aluenf ltaeniiH>riiti- jimiierly. nK

•hnarn by the appraiaal iipiin ilie Lw'l i-nmpfiiiii

Baaeaament-mll rondo andnie,i i.i th.- N.*4iw.irli .-I.

an action to lai nrnaeout<

ainner or any of hla aaaiatanla In the name


ahnll la- imnUh.il by n IIIH...!


•ii.H.(li1"*.rhiip. ;, iwn 1, Bf^ltwIHtiit'.lliiil

till Vhft"

41 rtv* *'"• *•"• i'"'"t^"* >-"•"• "» tuu jriii'iiu iltp itoctiMLni n^

hi«lth,«nai1iproirttrfiil"ti of viul iMfiKiin. M M prvmlar*. m

r«MnilfBf i:Mn^:a-flrih»I)rtiisir"••• MIII»M nr n

S w m n l . Uthtilbribedntrof tbanRimon . j u i M M I m ft>

e m m A upon the notnimtl^'n of tlnSu-in if t WnnaiiMahi..

1»«w for*. nulTiilo, Alt«oy nna X-nk-n i.nrtlih«i •wmini »!.

pii««llon ol thl- act, I u-..iiii n t>.«r I TiHnr Mi:ill in'nomlntii'.i niiil

appolltlMlaUkviniinmi- r.ir iho tPim

Inoon-orated rlllnitr In llili Plati' in ni't"ittit nniv

InVMihyrar,atxmnl »l ht-nlili iir *iii-h tiil>Ki>,

to ooBMat of not Ifw tlmn tlitiT not- innri' tiinn

•PWn poroonii (who ari'lint viiiniMrui'tM^.niiin

•hall bold onpcfiir onfi}(«r.nr iinitl llnii' tii •.

o.^aonabalibMvotiM^Rpti>r nnil \liil1

iriilotull tx-ioKtiiiii


lor ail]

Itlon: 11

tllliilT' I





Bit HI rxt-riilliu lit

It hlin fitnn ilmi.- i

' Iiiiii1iitlKrililn>.'l

lNtt1'U-.l |IIV. ;;a


tavt*. tfnii<

iiipniMblt nnd i>i

iniinl.-utt..ii 11111.

.1 mil.

• iii-n


M' li'r Hik

.tliliil lor:


I i>r. iio~'"^

il, II MK'l-S-

iinititi I'll-



mitlj' 11



.... , -n'i.Mw.ot.„

liiiE.'k'.VI I.HT.M,.>i.ril.

>.upi>ltiiulM.ld liiii-i

nnowiik. i.n'l»liall»i

HII 1 Klfi.- VrillUlHllim

Jiirl-dlailiin whiiti.li)

«. Tom-, ii.'und.i

(hniiiijulliiii ii'iLiIi I1V II








- 1 P .



ii III


1 lli'iltlli-llllllol.l

it mil iM.:* ii'ii .

1 ii

• XlKl.


11111I III'

11 III •'


I tlfl? Ot

mil I.J

t 111 .1 ('


i.| llii'

M.i •>! ,

llli- llll


nthralihlii 1


only on tIP'

tiiwnB: nnil t

nndpnM IntliPf

Invp iind IKOIM

li.'l.il iin.l liaM.

in. Wbpi.fvM any

poniii|il"u» dWraM) til

ty iHMir-hiliiw' In '

vMniiy nt nny "ii

anl ihi' phyilclRi


ilHu-nw !• lILi-Iy In 1


.null nl' li

i.w.'rl' (lalii

"•Il 1 ,



lio.iMi. or ail




l..iiiw.;iiiill l.ri'liniil.'.l

itKl pn.il.l'"! fur Bi t

itiilialln.K'.wwiry nipd.

:ll1iltlliy»;iilll tK'Ht.'.

lO'i-lnniw fmiu »bi


tti> nit IT


of mi.'h

tliincf. iiiny n-tiTm

U.P amount I-.M I.J

•.*!# uii.l i'S|ipn"i'« In

Hi'll'in np tinx'.'i'.tliiB

. .w-a-lMO, Willi H'MIHT

I' auh n-1'in|ill.iM I'P

jhl of Ihr piinlmMT

: itl.» m.-h iiPinimr

' |.nM I.) bliii 1.1 Ml.

illi-nor Inpimilimrp.

.-, ti) llie nl.l.-at. and

..t ttio niilure Ibnrfor

, .•m.'.lyoiliiiitp'ltliprf-

. 1 li) the aaroral iHiarda

BII.I IHTt.irinnni.'ot

nrl iih.tll Iw nrl iiiK pramit.

n , l-r-iJ, nTMf Miitf 1/ ^•nr Ytirt. trprttmird In

RtX-noN 1 8ii'V.'UilH-..'ii itienri(.iiitli

.liiyot Velniiaij an.l Hie nftm...il..l,i) „r June,

In any yi'nr. Any iH-rnon VIIII.IIMK iii.y nt the

I.rnvlii[oii> i.f thia t 1 Hon ihj.ll IM .I.I'.I... I KUI.I

ttaoTiety mkef, 1".'. ^ ^

Bpwwtary otlnati'.

I.An-« OP mew TOVK.' liy AMWrity. . . . r- -..

IKT.'rr iHir.natoaaaitlffarrM •«»--•—ii tiniBiai III-ILI 1 drm and HablT.onri. and rhapitT one bimdml

i i l i . - i f ^ ^ i f ^ S S I ^ T S i u k T ^ ^ t h l ^ ^ ^ und nny oT I6P i»wa of HvliirttihiindrtKim

^ .1 . - - i v - H - .._.....— -->iiiidatwi and atnend-

. — All ptnwtna who are

now mrmbprt. of ihp ItaBao Urpban AtyluiB,

andall l^r-ona wbn mav hnmripr be fifieied

Rirmbna IhiTi'nr, Mre h.'r. byivinllniied and Mn-

itnatpd n hndy port""""'" liy tl'e namenfTiM

mrtrWo OrpliRn An) tt.m." f.-r ibppnmiiip of mo-

tccll r. tv'li'vliur"nd(.dnp4lln|nrrnHn, trlttiA-

ICMor dcalltniechllilirn In the iliy nt flitiraln,

wllhpnwi-rtoralalHIiihand maintainnn aarlum

Dn-ancht^lldrpn, InelndlnB no tnfanl wnntfnr

tbp pare of InfanI rtipdirn.

11. The nmcpia of thp Mid corpnrntlnn aliHll bp

ptMideni, a vK*'pmHdi'ni, n ann^ry, a

tmnin-r and nrrlvp iniitifv. whofhall tie flppi-

m frimi and hr tlir inemtxta nt lln- MM punm.

ratlnn tiy Inllnt. An annual tniwtlne of Mid

corporation t.ir the Heiilni nf nfllepra ihalllic

heM on the ai pond TunBlay nf OptalaT- In niph

jrn, nr on tmM other day aa ibp rartHmitlon In

nndby itRliy-awannyetTntni. end a mnlnrtiy

of the rotMpaat at an elprtlmi aliall l«> trwulalip

toalppt. _ AI Hie iinil plp«fHon held anor tlir rw:.

Mre of tbhiact Iherf alnill lallna Ihp Mie,

ihni>f'n>^nor[ipr4 rotim lion*

ThCTiPi-rr any llpn nlmn

' l.p.'iimp niod aa ntoir^

1^•1n•>tbp B. liavlna Ihi'llke

' 'MLLan.! ll.Plennnf

•a- .'Ttpndftl .liirliiK a

iHirtlnn toll.piirtalnni

' It'll e.a .llff.n-nl tin.'-.ha'lbp PTPWHIHNI

•akp pffPTl thmoRhnui ihp HHTPIO. -'.all pi.mm.np.- m,.1 ink. .IT.-, t I1ih-nul.i>ai Ihi-

•wpntl"th day afl.T IhP l"iite..m and n.n l.-lirr,- th.' i«-..nil('ih .lav nfter Ihe

" •• nip(ipprnur»nr ilay of tn. nnal ina-jier.n" pprtlll.'n l.y th.'^^Tetarj-.if

'rlHsttnaliifpa.] N««tP. B-p. II. illlpj,.'hn|i. ;.(mrl I. fl.-vlu-l MntuW)

CRAP. nr. I cnAP. SIS. ' I-IIAP. ntn.

AN Arrioamendctiai>lornn aa t.. rojil ni

• 11. AI


IUP Blior..* ..r nr M

li.biililti'.l t.)

I If Ihi


Inaln hla or her |a.a«a.

iilera ot il.la ^Uli-.or IIIH.II

lila 111 un. WHii'ia..r iliii

Mlin.in tniiii, lukt!

.r enjuliiiillir llila

iiilili..>r uiiy uiiini-


1 Itien-of, ur iiia.n

ny vllliiyK or anv

'Otlii-r.-l iiiiyi'lty.


I >.l Li-alll

l>'rll..'tk Iman. iliwein kHM, airlpiil I

iniiaPBlniiiiP, williout Ihn iiprmlaalon of lli.

nilM|.>niTa nt ll .rftl.-p.Bn.r.ti. I.i-n^y .»nl(y ihui tl...Mii,

II • mrm'i tntiM'rild th-n-ln*. and nf IIH- 1. k..!.' .

aalJ nnatnal law, JuHlJ'lt ix lAllll,

Nvn-lary iit ttUile,

L A W M (IV NIIH' VUllK.-IlT ABIbarlly.

[KTerjr law. uuleaai din.'rpiii lluH' iliill ••• iirm-rltnl

tlu-rvlu.alialln •iii-r ami ink,' .'rtP,'i Hinniiibuui Ua-

bUU. (in and mil Irfiira itia |i*i-uilulh ilay Blt<

day tit Ita Oiul IHHBIUI., n> nTUlU-.! I>y ih« HnTPt

auto. Uni. Illtllc4.rlii

CIIAr. ail

AN A(.'rinuiiiuolM'|.|lnn UIKIII ut diaplor nne

huiidivd nnd H-t'-

M-ti4l •.! lltu l.itri of ii||[ III. I'll l.u.tiln-U Hill


rAHNMiMHy 1. HKi;!! hl1li»Uilt1|ilinT.i'nl

Ihi ra..|ilc„,T lir .',l.ile .1/.V. I, Vixl., ir,nrK.„lal

III SriltKr .ii.'l .lu.niMll. il.'.'io.f'U. 'iifl'iiii;

KKiTti.N 1. Si'.-iii.ii uUhl •• .'i.iii't.'r ..no bun.

tin-.! u.i I n't.'i.t)-au ol the luna ••• t'Ul. ixn

l.iin'lr.'.l .mil fitl) -on.', eoltlli-.t -An ml P.H id

llin Liw l.ir Ihu uHMinint-nl un.l i-.ill... _.

laril. IUi ABtbarlly.

.__..I,.,IM... iiri-^rlU-.!

«) ..t Ita nual IHUuuia, lu .-urlll..

hLiii'. H'.^.i'f.lniuT,bill.. 1,1.. .1


A.\ A(.'l'iouii..-ndlbiit.'.ide

lU-HiiiMuy l.lwBiS-m.

7.tr /-f/Jr •/Ut SluU 1/ A'c

riMnioN I. K.'.il.ii.a Iw.. Ill

ilnilHiid iiiiy, IH..III...IIBI1.1

Bliiy, IW.. ii...ii...i.d

I'll.) I'l.I

• l.'ltili].

It I.I 111U11


IHii th

1 WH I hoi.annit M-t i-ii I <

Biidiw.i Hi.iua.ilol PPtPi

IUentH.ol'iKlnnr lllrll

l» r.'H•• «»"-l'i «" niuef. Iluiniil aa la

within H.eliiihilk'th'nol HH'town nf lallp iinil

L'Indiil In tlHi llr.xkhnM-nun.1 HnilHi imt-

oiita,and Hi.' .iMten.,ir |.iik.-Hrl.,..r lirinf nny

Hahaotnken laaiieli watoia lu Uip ahnnv ahma

theannie, orl«pnj[tupot«bil nnd crdleeiPd by Hm Hi'

•nrnwl aMraament and eollwH.in of invi- for 11'

that year. In the manner pnm-rltii1 by htw.and |

•hatl bp paid by the arrernl mnnty irenminTa . Ii

Inio the treoaiiryoT ihlaatnle, tolm heldliy the "

Hate IrfMntrer for apnrnmlHtlnn lothe pnrrHaaw

berolnnrtrr dedrnatrd.

It. The whole of n.e IBT levied and .-.illerfeil otiK

I rniniimni-eot the pn-vlnna PII'I Ion aliall I-' imM

Ifo the innaurj- of >h|a Flute. I.i Ihe emlll oi^ Hi.'

ennal fund, nml la tien-liy nppn.]irlnli.t


le tiulMl

il >I'H-I:a

la I.. 11..'


1 Slul<


ililli' H-eiii'llle

ir\ll1niti-Hof HilB^lnte.

SriTB Ol- VBW VoH«,

itll.i-.il till- HnTrlary ..I Mate..

1 hBfp pnmpami Ihr nrpepdlnt wllh Ihn orlKtn

"• " i.IdelHTphr r-rltfythal Hteaami'

nn flip tn thia ntllpp, an.l d« berptiy p-ntf r

I*apnnnn tranaeHtil Iherefnini and nf Ih* *lii,lr nf

NI.I orlinBal law, J.nKl'll ILIAIIII,

He.-r.'Urj- ..f Wata.

\ji\\H OF KKW YORK. Oy Aalhertly.

tP.nry law unlpw. a different time >halllip prpHTtbid

Uteniln. alMli .iiiiiiiHtHi. alid Ukenlft-n Ihnaialinvl HR-

Hute .IB and n.!! l«'t.«i, ihe la. nili'ih .1* afn r ll..<

day ..I lla Hnnl iaia>a.:.',n>.i rlllliil i.v llp'ttir. Uity nf

auil... He,-. II, lull'1. ,'W. ': imn 1. fi.'il Mnnifp-.)

niAi'. -y^t.

AN" AiTlnnuthoHreihp pn*''iit oann^ot Hi«

i-npllnlalia'hiif Hie Aiilnim nlid Hwapiii [.-lire

Uallwiiy I.I llh-nii nii.eii'lia] |iriiir tn Ihu |MWBB(u nt

Ihla u.-i and ull niKala liu|ainul ur lo lai liii|Hirtud

•uiii fori'lmi wiiiiilrliwiif funilKti inniiultHitntw

m uiE^mptial from Hn- ornt laluua nf tlila uiit.

14. Atiy Iiaeker .ir .linil.r wbnaluUI vluluUiany

f Hi.- iiroi laloiia nt thin iiel, alinU laideiiiuial null-

ly nl I .111.


eiiauol H'tull il.'iili

.leul.iiH und piieken

Immlnil ilolliU). iiiii

luiH t..rivi.'U,I ll-ntihaU'liiHpnM-ui.*

Ttu IV|i|l.ni, ta- pnldhhiil nt ledBI

twill'1.1 a.ini.- p.iixT piiblEi.lt.'.l In Hi.' vlllrute of

Mriinmi I'ulli. Any IHrwu iifTeMilliiir upniiiat miy

of Kiihl ..r.llniinii-1, liy-liii'r'i.riili-. nnil ii-BuliiHolla

aliiiii i>' .h-.'iu.Hl (.'iillty of n m!-«1.'ni.'.tnor and. nn

e.itnl.'lloti.mne la'jnml.1i,-d liv n line nol rx-


11, ll'-nl nml larHmil i.roia.rty miv la-irninbil.

(iinvfjul. lKKiii.-til1i.l1 or.h-vl-il toiin.l Tuhen l.y

the aluli- nf N.'W V'Tk in nid ot Hn- |.iiniiv-.Ir.-ivvn up by tlie ainle rnirlniier

liinn.' iMl.'ly ulltr Hrt- ixiaanite ol Ihla net. fluah

iibti" an.l a|xi-lfli-ati..n'"Iinil I'n.vl.lP forthnoon-

•iiie-:lini..l amh l.rldin'for H aum not l.ietoepd

tv..illi.oi»Hn'l .h.lNin.

t J. I i.-ni IIM' ii.nii'h-llim of auuh plain and

•:ai'lil.iitl(ili« l.yth. atnle enalmxT, the anporln-

i.-n.leiit ot piibflp work" ahall prixiw! at (mco

.«IHi 1 Ml- ponalnn-tinn of aitih tiHitee. whleh ahall

I-- .iiifiru.-tfl'In nei-onlam-v wllh tuch platw



I mn)

I the nl d.illara. or an mu(-b

le mii-B«nry, I" hcn-by

tit nny moneya In the

i-.t'Uii nol i.HierwIapnppr.iprlBlc'l tor tliooon.

I n.'l l-n of IhP liH.IitP niH-jdlliil In iwt ion one of

iN u.'t, iwj-nble on tlip n-iirtnnt of tha comp-


I I. Ilil^ Hit ahnll Inke idfiii Immmllnlclr.

m.TKoi- M:w Vi.i.u. ( „ .

m--...r III.- s—nlorr' ..f ftnle. I*"'

il.nV' i-.Hnimi.lil,ui.r.«-.1lnB With the.irlalBBl law

i ni. I:i li.l>..nl'-i',UB.I diihi'TT-MiiTtl^lhBIUiPwn*

B iiimi-l imn"Tli.| thi-rrfriBn and of Ihn whota 0^

.Id.iHirtnaiUw. JIOIRI'II IV (UHIIL.

_ ^ _ appTPtaty nf ttato.

I.AIVM or Mm- VnltK.-tty Aalkaritr.



a1 )«>anKi',


I.—a .lirrefeni time ahall h- 1.. .

nimeii.-* nail lattrrfrpa-nhmnirbniit....

1 Ix-fiir,' tti" t».'ntlPlh day altpr Iks

,n«.iTlin.--1 lijiti

•luip;. part 1,Il«r


AN ACTtn nnicnd ehn|Hi-r thni- biindn-l an.l

ilfty-nineof the hiwaof elatiKTn bundrwl and

ality-iw.,, enllHM-Anni'l 1.1 im-nrpnmie ihP

New V-nk (^.mmereinl Awuxdiillim." nnd Ihi'

ni-lH iiiiicn.liilnri- tlK-nvif.

t'ABKtinyiayn. iwn.*

n.( /Vol* o/ Ihr filalr -if Ai-ie r.irti, rrprrBmfrd

fn.ijfmirr .iiid.1iapinf.ltf. ini rnoil (U/.Jbrim;

Hl.iTi..> I. M H o n twnof ehnpK-r tlir.'e hiin-

dtKlnti.lllfli-nineoftlieliiwi.il .-luhlnti btin-

.in-l nifl mvtylwn. .'ntlll.1l "An uit lu InnorfHir-

nt.- Hie New York i-.>iiimi-r.-lnt AHHH'latl.>n" b

hrri'liy um.'nd.ilai..ia lo nii.l na f.dhiaa:

»;. riH'proi"'rly,uniilr«.liit«lmnB«nd oomtTmi

nf till'.-orpi.niil.Ill li.'n-by eif-iiiiil ahall IH> mnn-

ainil by a pi-.i.lil.'n1. v|i'o-iii-.--1.l.-nt,lpeni'urrrnnd

tiii'lvi' mmiiuri-ri>, uho. toi-i'iln-r, aWl ninninie

nlxiiir'lol TiiiiniiiP-ri.. Tiiii|.| pii-aldpnl, vlpp-

pif.i!.l.-Ml un.l In-uaniv^' alinll lailiitiil nnminllr

AI I1ielli>t .'l.-.lloiilii-|.l aiiliKiniPMt tn llie|«a.

sain- of thla n.-l, alK of th.- RBM iimtiHii.-r< almll Im

elpp .i.m|«r>il Ik.' i.r.ii'.iiiiu w

>n nip lu t llll.. .111.-1', a U.I .1.1 ii.-ti'liy .'•Tilly thalinvaal

• BB.lin.'rv



ltB>l •'•


.m i.ud I

11- lit.311


.lun-, lu..



then 111 almll.. .11 111.


dull hi



.hiir -11.1

H'Uil I'-mi L-ll'(-,l11






un.i III.

tIeeiT-iary ul tub-.

1I Ih.'


i.-niKther.-lo. und aee

Jprnixr reHlalmtlnu 1

.'lutx-t.iie aixi'itli'd. ui

I uniil Hn. Hiid hxiil


Hull mi


aid hli.te I


i-inlr«d by lu



lllll.if nt UWIMl

leii.1 tH.dy. Ill

led b>

. ilulyot

.iMtr.il of

Liid ri Mu.

J11' their

llhiu Hu­

ll to luu-

i-xinl nt

of li.wllh




U In HI.

il Midi.


ly inn Ul nilMii.

ili'n.-M.il III Hll'

PUM'til il,r IPJI



!• B.umi'l lluuai


I.A\VM OP NEW VdUK. Dy Aalbarllv.

.U'Tprtiaw.uBkaaadHlBrrBiU.iM. ahall IHIWMITI had

Uu-n-liiphluill .laiiuiPUDp aud lakeefteet IbUHiahMit tbr

nlalr,.,naudnul ix'fMu Ibu Iwaullelb ilar atler the

lla) Id lla nual inaaaae. Bin-rUnixl lii UMhopriiUiT of

Man-, a.1- 11. llllrT..luip 7, lairt I. iu-rbvd UtoUUil

rllAP, III

auiliuriiE mial u-iiiL-lpry aMUulallutia

r Iniruaa.. ll... IIUUIIMI of Ibulr truBtoaa.

Ainlla:, l»S: anitln IKIHE prMuui.

IVoj4« 0/ thf SInwf Arte l".**, rrjirrarlillif

"' • -iu/ .MT I

1.1 i„du.t



In Srnalt und AtfinM)/, ill


ly Baair


f..n) a.'


J lu p,

1. Il almll l«la lll.l f.i

' or I..'


iidlus Ik.

i« lu I.ul

Dl loH


Ill f.ir rk.'l


i.'ritli'.l 1.) „i

(uieh ixini-l.


i< inuii


tu IH*

Ml.f |.|

tiled l.y u |x.rnill loraui-libiirlulor leninvnl, duly

laaucd II) 111. l-

dli-H.iiiuherein.' d h oeunrn d, nud nn) oDl-

uvr nr Ixuird tlmt HIIBII n.'trlivl nr ICIIIM' tn n-Nl -

tKraii.l pnMirtetheiydd itHnrdi-und li.raar.l ilo-

ia.rtlll(wl>-* to t\iv ntule I.UK'UU ol \lUil a:utl>Ho

Haalx.ver.i|iilM'.l aball l>e di«iu

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