MEN'S SUITS - Ann Arbor District Library

MEN'S SUITS - Ann Arbor District Library



Uui»ersity Librnry




They Discussed Topics of Live Interest to the District

Schools of the County.


They Organized a Permanent Association and will Meet

Again to Continue the Good work so

well Begun.



In Many Respects the Most Imposing and Complete

Edifice in the County.


Improvements on the Building Have Already Cost the

Society Over $32'000. It Makes a Beautiful

Building of which the City Should be Proud.


A lot of $10.00 Suits, medium in

weight, for summer or fall wear.

Some light colors but plenty cf medium

shades—Also Blue and Black

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The school officers of Washtenaw

county held a conference in the supervisors

room at the court house yesterday.

Nearly every township in the

connty is represented and a great deal

tf iuterest is manifested by the 40 or

50 school officers who are present.

The topics discussed in the morning were

the hiring of teachers, the term schedule,

the length of the school year and

school fnnds.

On the subject of hiring teachers,

there was no dissenting voice from the

n that the teachers should be

hired for the full year. Michael

Brann, of Ann Arbor town, was the

only man who mentioned salaries and

he brought out the interesting fact that

Jiis district had only had two teachers

in 11 years. In the past three years

pnpils had graduated from the

eighth grade.

It was decided that the school year

under ordinary conditions and in a

proper sized district should be at least

i)ine months long and that the winter

term should be as long as possible and

not less than fonr months. Also that

the fall term sbonld begin on the first

Monday in September.

The meeting of the school officers of

the connty at the court house was couclnded

yesterday afternoon and the interest

was sustained to the end.

Tbe subject of the adoption of a

course of study was taken up. Commissioner

Lister said that the course cf

study which was sent out by the state

department two years ago has been

placed in every school house in the

county. He urged that at the next

meeting of the school boards they

adopt tbat course of study for the

-eighth grade at least. This led up to

tbe discussion of the next topic, the

ninth grade in the district school. All

seemed in favor of the ninth and tenth

grades being taught where conditions

permitted.| Where the schools were too

large they did not believe the smaller

children should be slighted to main

tain the extra grades.

"School Apparatus." Commissioner

Lister discussed this question by paying

his compliments to school apparatus

agents, who foisted upon districts

worthless or nearly worthless

devices at exhorbitant prices. There

was nothing in the line oE necessary

apparatus that could not be bought

from their own local dealers. One

chart man came into Washtenaw

county during the past year and took

out $4,000 in school money. Mr.

Lister advised them 1 the discussion was the appointment of Whac is known as the First Presby-

a committee consisting- of A. D. Critterian church of Ypsilauti, whose histenden.

of Saline, M. J. Braun, of tory dates back over a period of 70

Ann Arbor township, and R. C. years, will soon occupy its fine new

Allen, of Milan, who were to examine edifice, the third place of worship

into the question of text books and which the society has erected during

recommend to the school officers of the the years of its existence. The develop-

county a complete list of text books for ment of the church from its small be-

use in the district schools D. B. Mc-ginnings

to its present position of wide

Clure, the deputy superintendent of influence and constantly increasing

public instruction, gave a half hour demands properly falls into three per-

talk on general school emblems of iniods, each of which is very fittingly

terest to the officers present and re- portrayed by the building erected

ceived a hearty recsption at the hands

of the meeting. He gave a great

many statements of value to school

officers which were highly appreciated.

The meeting created such an impression

of its value on school officers present

that it was unanimously agreed to

make the organization a permanent

affair, and the following officers were

elected: President, Hon. J. K. Campbell,

of Augusta; secretary, A. D.

Crittenderi, of Saline; treasurer, M. J.

Braun, of Ann Arbor township, and

these three together with the school

commissioner were to constitute an executive


The results of this meeting in Anu

Arbor will be tbat the officers who

were present will have a better appreciation

of the responsibilities of their

position. It will tend to more nniformity

of work in the various districts

which logically means that the

district schools will be more perfectly

iu tune with the general educational

progress-of the state. Every district

not represented suffers a distinct loss.

An effort will be made to extend the

benefits of the School Officers' Association

of Washtenaw county to the utmost

corners of the county. It will

also tend towards improvement in

school architecture and a hundred other

questions of importance to be taken up.

It is possible that the next meeting will

be called in connection with the next

teachers' convention.


Northfield Has a Candidate

for County Clerk.

to stand by their THE YOUNGEST MAN

local dealers, because if they did not

get what they wanted they could get

back at the dealers. That apparatus Who will Be Before the

specified it] the school law as necessary

apparatus should be bought first. Democratic County Con- %

The qestion of irregnlar attendance vention Next

WJS first spoken on by Commissioner

Lister He explained the California Emory, Mich., Aug. 24.—Although

system of distribution of primary the conventions to nominate county

tohool monies, that being the distribu officers will not be held for a year yet,

tioa ot the fund on the basis of the candidates are popping up from all

total number of half days' attendance parts of the county.

This was one of the greatest incen- M The latest is Supervisor Tueodore

tives to regularity, because every time Proctor, of Northfleld, who is an aspir-

a boy or girl stayed out of school, it ant for the nomination of county clerk

raised the rate of taxation. Under the 'ou the detnocratric ticket. It is un-

Michigan system the matter devolved derstood that Sid W. Millard was at

upon the hearty co-operation of the Whitmore Lake one day this week and

teaohers, of the school district officers, tbe news was broke to him in a semi-

and truant officers. K. H. Wheeler, of official sort of a way that he aud Phil

Dexter township, said they had en- Blnni are not the only ones iu the race.

forced the truancy law to the letter Supervisor Proctor is a young man

during the past year. At first it had and a graduate of the Ann Arbor high

created a great deal of friction, but school. He is about 24 years years old

now they were glad they had made and will have the solid backing of his

the move. R. P. Copeland, of Dexter, section 01 the county.

village, said they had not been success- Two arguments will be set forth by

ful in enforcing the truancy law. R. his irieuds why he should receive the

C. Allen,of Milan, said the same thing nomination. First, Northfield has not

was also true in his village. The had anything since Billy Welch's time

majority of the district offioers said and it is a democratic township that

that they bad been lax in the matter, should be recognized. Second, the

but all agreed that it onght to be en- repubicans are thinking very strongly

forced to the letter.

of nominating Jim Burke, of the same

"What to do with incompetent teach

town, for sheriff and unless the demo-

WB," was the next topic. It was gencrats

show a disposition to do someerally

agreed that there must be cothing

for Northfluld it is likely to play

operation between school officers and

havoc with the normal democratic

the examining board.


All three of the aspirants for thu

-John K. Campbell, of Augusta, dis-

democratic nomination are deserving

cussed admirably on the moral influence

young men and the democratic party of

of clsanly out buildings. The last

the county can well feel satisfied with

topic for general discussion was the

the adornment to their ticket, which

matter of text books. Commissioner

ever lands the nomination.

lister said he had found in several

districts text books in geography in An Eastern Trip in the Falls.

which Washington, Montana and others It may be made at low fare by pur-

of the newer western states were repchasing G. A. R. National Encampresented

as territories, while the ment excursion tickets fom Michigan

Dakotas were not divided. He also via Pennsylvania Short Lines. They

found old text books on other subjects, will be sold September 1st, 2d, 3d and

some of them edited in the 40 's and 4th. For particulars address F. M.

not revised and some not revised since BUSHHONG, T. P. Agt., 66 Griswold

the '60's while throughout the county st., Detroit, Mich.

there was a general lack of uniformity.

He callod for an expression of the Think of salt at 70 cents a barrel.

school officers present regarding this Buy it at Miller & Pray's, the Farmers

matter. it Was agreed something Shed Grocery, 300 N. Main Bt., Ann

onght to be done. The outcome of Arbor. 37tf

1 Sunday school primary class rooms

You can buy them by yaying $1.00

are up stairs. There are double parlors

with a grate in the rear addition

per week if it is more convenient for

also. In the basement of this addition


your purse.

are the kitchen and dining room with

Copyright 1898,

their respective complete equipments. Fechheimer. Fiskai * O

Thejctmrch is complete in all its appointments

and the society has cause

to be proud of their place of worship.

The improvements which have been

made have already cost the society


. Jby

the society for its place of worship in

each of the periods. The cut which illustrates

this article shows the final struc- BOYS IN BLUE

ture which is soon to be dedicated.

It is not entirely new, it being the

second church remodeled and enlarged, j

It is entirely safe to say however, that) ARE INJHE CITY

is in many respects the most imposing

and complete church edifice in the


The Reunion of a Fighting

The building is a wide departure

from the usual church architecture. It


is in the main what is known as


Grecian Doric style modified or renaissance.

As has been truly said. "A

The following is a small List of our Deep Cut Prices:


main element of Grecian character was

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moderation, and at the same time a

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reverence for the Godlike the holy and

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the lawful." The human race has prob- Olden Times.

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ably never approached nearer to perfection

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The thirty-second reunion of the 22d

beauty and harmony than did the ancient

Greek, None have known bettar the

Michigan Infantry, held in this city sizes in Ladies' Tan Shoes—only 98c.

ends of architecture as an art than yesterday, was more largely attended

they. Their imagination was able to than usual. Before the day was over,

picture the most beautiful and finished upwards of- 100 comrades were in the

conceptions as is shown by their myth- city. They felt in good spirits, and

ology. This same element enabled visited to their hearts' content ; in

them to so arrange all those elements fact, they enjoyed the visiting more

which go to mase up the completed than anything else. At 10 o'clock Seth

edifice as to give to it beauty, symmo- Randall, of this city, president of the

try power. The new Presbyterian association, called the meeting to order

church has these factors iu large in the court house. Secretary Ingalls, 218 S. MAIN ST., - ANN'ARBOR.


of Mt. Clemens, read the minutes of

The front elevation iu general effect the last meeting, which were approved.

is quite like the west front elevation of Treasurer Hiram F. Daniel, of Bir-

St. Paul's on a small scale. The

mingham, showed in bis report that

effect of a tower at either corner, in

after all outstanding bills were paid,

stead of the sterotyped tower at one

corner is pleasing. The entrance is

there was $4.50 in the treasury. Messrs.

most happily planned. There are four Goodman, Hamilton and David were Bargain Giving Sale

columns of polished granite supporting appointed a committee to select the

the stone work above. The wainscoat- place of the next meeting and nomi-


ing of the porch is of polished Tennate officers for the ensuing year. They

nessee marble and the floors of the reported Detroit as the next annual

porch and vestibule are mosaic. meeting place, and the following offi-

Above the entrance is a beautiful stone cers who were elected: President,

rose window and all the window cas- Charles E. Toole, Detroit; vice-presiings

are of cut stone. The best materdent, Lewis C. Mead, St. John's; secreial

is used in all the -work. All wintary, William Davis, Detroit; treasdows

are memorial wiudows bearing

urer, H. F. Daniels, Birmingham.

the names of many who have been

prominent workers in the church.

They are of the best stained glass made The well known Cowles life.and drum

by the Tiffany Glass and Decorating corps of Durand is ia the city. The

Co., of New York. The organ was venerable Dr. A. G. Cowles plays the

built by Geo. Jardine & Sons, of New fife, and his brother William and

York, and cost $3,500. The organ is daughter Daisy the snare orum?.

in the east end of the auditorium and

Their music has the ring of thirty

is elevated somewhat as is the choir

years ago, when heard daily from the

gallery. The pulpit platform is immediately

in front of the choir gallery aud

recruiting squads tbat marched up

much lower. There is a gallerv in theand

down the streets It made the

west end over tne vestibule. The thoughts of many gj back to the

finishings are in quarter sawed red oak times when men's hearts stood s till

and the floors which are tilted from wondering if the couulry viould remain

the entrance to the pulpit platform are united or bs divided.3 As one professor

of the same material highly polished. who was a" young boy when the soldier

There are to be no carpets except in boys moved to tbe front said: "When

the aisles. The decorating was done I heard that music I found a frog ris-

by James Roach, of Detroit, and is ing iu my throat." Many of the com-

handsome in design and in colors rades brought their wives and children

which are soothing to tbe eyes. The

with them. They felt like a band of

building will be lighted with gas and

electricity. The fixtures were bought

brothers who had gone through priva-

of Morean, of Cleveland. The church tions and dangers side by side. The

will be heated with a furnace and ven- thoroughly enjoyed themselves in their

tilated by the fan system.

talks about old times. Occasionally

a story of a chicken or other necessity

On the lower part of tbe beautiful

would be jokingly told.

stained glass windows appear the following

memorials: Deacon Jacob

Bacon and his wife Betsey Kellogg INJUREDIY

Bacon; John Boyce and Prescilla Vinning

Boyce, "Hitherto hath the Lord A RUNAWAY HORSE

helped us;" Isaac Newton Conklin,

Harriet Green Conklin ; Hattie Atwood

Pattison; Frank Allen Stewart;

Mrs. Emil Golz, while riding on her

Sarah Maria Pardee; Ario Pardee, Eliza

bicycle near the gate of Forest Hill

Platt Pardee; Charles Williamson

cemetery Wednesday, was run into by

Glover, Mary Ann Glover; Charles

a runaway hor»e, which approached

Thompson, a ruling elder from 1358 to

from behind. She was very severely

1889, and Sarah A. Thompson, Dr.

shaken up and bruised but no bones

Henry Van Tnyl; Ira Mason Weed,

were broken. She was carried some

first pastor, 1830-47, Caroline Dutton

distance and the wheel was completely

Weed ; Francis Karthalo Rexford, Har-

smashed. The hors* was in charge of

riet Newell Rextord. These are the

L. D. Carr, who claims he had tied it

names on the memorial wiudows ex-

to a post. That Mrs. Golz was net

tending from the farther end of the

killed outright is surprising.

auditorium on the north side, across G. A. R. Route to Philhdelphia.

the west end and the length of the Trains from Michigan over Pennsyl-

south side to the bacK end of the audivania Short Lines land passengers

torium. The wing at tne far end of tbe near the entrance of the City Hall,

church constitutes the chapel which is Philadelphia. Low fare tickets to

used for prayer meetings and Sunday Philadelphia for G. A. R. National

school assembly room. On the east Encampment will be sold Sept. 1st,

and 7iorth sides of the chapel are six 2d, 3d and 4th. For special informa-

rooms for Sunday school classes. All tion about rates, time of trains, etc.,

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as second-class mail matter.


The war department is arranging to

e Gen. Otis with 65,000 men

Just why Gen. Otis should be left in

command and that number of men

given him, when be has insisted all

along that he had men enough is net

clear. If that many men are needed

to bring the Philippine insurruction

to an end, and most people believe

they are needed, then there should be

another general to command! them.

The assasins bullet removed Labori

from the Drefyus trial for one week

4>ut it is thought he will be able to resume

his plaje again today. That his

absence from the trial has been a great

loss to Dreyfus is probably true but, if

reports can be relied upon, it is not

Dreyfus who is now on trial but the

military caste in France and hence his

absence may not have been so great a

loss as would otherwise have been the

case. Under these circumsances an acquittal

is scarcely to be expecteed no

matter how weak the evidence against

the accused.

The talk about making Teddy Roosevelt

a vice presidential candidate on

the republican ticket is all idle noise

Teddv would rather be first where he is

than second at Rome. He is a man

with a wrong kind of mentality to play

second fiddle to McKinley No Teddy,

-when he goes on the ticket will stand

at the head of it. He's no more Friday

like Hobart. Hanna of course

d be glad to get him on the ticket

o boost McKinley but Teddy knows he

is pretty certain tOj head the ticket in

1904 if not in 1900, so he will pull no

-chestnuts out of the fire for William


There is said to be a reapproachment

between the Netherlands and Belgium

en one side and Germany on the other.

It is said the Dutchmen are afraid

Uncle Sam has his weather eye on their

colonies in Asia and the West Indies

;and that he is preparing to swipe them

and that they must therefore have

some powerful friend beniud whom

y may shake their fists and make

laces at the gooa Jonathan. But in

their fear of trouble to come they are

going a much longer distance from

-home than is necessary, for Germany

undoubtedly has infinitely more desire

inferior articles.

weiiuii/s, schools.ehureties and publir building*

terma r.i throe and Hve vear«


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us, art! ifyoultve

ithin TOO miles ollliicajo. vre Rill scad you this TOP BUUGY I!V KIU.U.HI CO. I>.

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par the freight agent OUR SPECSAL P3ICE S38.9O,

and freight charges, less the51.00 sent wick orcior. "

IN on; ' ~ Washtenaw, ss. Notice is hereby given,

that by an order of the Probate Court for the

County ofe Washtenaw, made on the 1st day

of July, A. D. 1899, six months from that

date were allowed for creditors lo present Real Estate

their claims against the estate of Caroline

Everest, late of said County, deceased,

and that all creditors of said deceased are re- Bought, Sold, Rented

ouired to present their claims to .said Probate

Court, at the Probate office In thecity of Ann

Arbor, for examination and allowance, on or and Exchanged.

before the 2nd day of January next, and ihat

such claims will be heard before said Court, on Special attention given to care of

the 2nd day of October, 18U9, and on the 2nd

day of January 1900, next, at ten o'clock in property.

the forenoon of each of said days.

Dated,'Ann Arbor, July 1st. A I). >8!ifl Lawrence Block, State 'Phone 470.


1 udgre of Probate. ANN ARBOR, niCH.


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The Fore and Aft ". ?n{,, though pro-

tected from direct fire by the rocky

knoll tinder which it had sat down, fled

at the first rush. Jakin and Lew would

have fled also, but their short legs left

them 50 yards in the rear, and by the

time the band had mixed with the regi-

ment they were painfully awaro that

they would have to close in alone and


"Get back to that rock," gasped

Jakin. "They won't see us there."

And they returned to the scattered

instruments of the band, their hearts

nearly bursting their ribs.

"Here's a nice show for us," said

Jakin, throwing himself full length on

the ground. "A bloomin fine show for

British infantry! Oh, the devils!

They've gone an left us alone here!

Wot'll we do ?" ,

Lew took possession of a cast oft wa-

ter bottle, which naturally was full of

canteen rum, and drank till he coughei'


"Drink!" said he shortly. "Ttwy'ii

come back in a minute or two--you


Jakin drank, but th



Who Was Born in Ann Arbor

in '37.


His Wife was Summoned

from Ann Arbor Sunday


Charles M. Jones died at Wichita,

Kane s at midnight Monday. He was

well Known and very popular iu Ann

Art or, where he was born and spent

prsttily decorated with flowers, rich

golden rod being most prominent.

Some 60 relatives and friends witnessed

the ceremony. Light refreshments

e served after which the groom

and bride left amidst a shower of rice

and many good wishes. It is understood

they will visit Mackinaw Island.

They were remembpred by a large

number of beautiful, useful and costly

presents. Among the guests present

e friends from Ann Arbor, Ypsi-

Janti, Detroit and Pittsburg, Pa.







The 21st annual Farmers' picnic at

Whitmore Lake next Saturday promises

to be a very enjoyable occasion. The

music will be furnished by the Brighton

Band. There will be a number of

Bnjoyable games. At 2 o'clock the

speaking in the grove begins. Rev. F.

E. Pierce will open with prayer and

after the election of officers, President

Philip Dnffv will deliver the address of

welcome. Addresses will be made by

Hon. Geo. B. Hortou, of Fairfleld,

master of the Michgian State Grange,

M. J Cavanaugh, W. W. Wedemeyer

and others.

This basket picnic always draws a

large crowd and every effort is being

made this year to make it as successful

as any of its predecessors.

Heinrich has bromised me a snap

Und Ileiurich '11 keep his vord.

For Pond ve don't gate von rap

(Der news, I dinks he's heard.)

Bud vot id is dot droubles me

Is der noise dot Shudson makes;

He says dot awful snap vill be










The office of the Argo Mills in the

Nortbside, Ann Arbor, was burglarized

last night and 81 cents "secured.

From all indications it was the work

of amateurs. They gained an entrance

through a front window which they

pried up. They broke off the knobs

of the sate with a big 150 ponnd iron

shaft but could not open the dcor.

They wrenched open the money drawer

in toe desk and found 81 cents which

they took tlong. Maj. Stevens, the

treasurer c the company,"never leaves

ajy money at night in the drawer or

safe. All bank bills are taken out of

the office. He had to send to the Detroit

Safe Co., for an expert to open

the sate as all the books are iu it.

The bnrglars evideutly knew about the

marriage of the. bookkeeper Colin M.

Stevens, and calcnlatpd that some one

might forget to take the usual care of

the cash.



For Business or Dress Wear

You will find just the rightly cut clothes here, Ready-to-Wear j

that any first-class custom tailor would charge you double th<

price for. We've ali the fashionable styles in the garments !

as well as the fabrics, and you have the advantage of trying

on the clothes made up, so that you can tell whether thevare

becoming before you buy them.

'Tjs not so with Clothes Maje-to-Order.

There you take all the risk, the tailor none. Here, we take

all the risk, and you none, not even after you've paid the

money, because you can get your money back if you're dissatisfied.

Take a Look at our Suits at

$12,00, $13.50 and $15.00.

much of his life. A telegraph dispatch

in answer to a query of the Ann Arbor HE WAT SHOT AT ROYAL OAK

Oommandery says that he died from the


effect of a serious operation and that

Drew the Bicyote.

the funeral will be held on Wednesday.

Pinckney, Mich., Aug. 23—This

Mr. Jones visited in this city about LAST BAD^ESCAPED OF A YPSI- And Escaped with a Broken week and next the teachers of Livings-

three weeks ago and his wife, who if

ton county are attending the institute



the sister of Mrs. B. P. Watts, was

at Howell. The work is being con-

visiting here when she received a tele-


ducted by Messrs. Kenney and Ferris

gram announcing his illness Sunday

WHO are two of the best instructors iu


night. She left Monday morning for Late Sunday night, Frank Temple

the state. It will not be through any-

"Wichita, which she will reach tonight.

fault of theirs it the work is not

rode to the residence of Attorney

She had been much worried over Dot

thoroughly understood by the teachers.

Alfred^F. Wilcox, at Royol Oak, left It Was Not so Sweet When

bearing from him. He was to take his bicycle at the side of the building,

part in a national Masonic event on

Applied Externally—

Attention Creditors.

the top of Pikes Peak, Aug. 6-13, and

quietly removed his shoes and entered

In veiw of my aSvanciug years I

s Illustrious Deputy Master in the through a cellar window. He secured, Beat the Hotel. want everybody who holds any note or

conferring of the degrees.

it is alleged, a quantity of silverware

claim against me to present the same at

Mr. Jones was born in Ann Arbor in and went up stairs. He gained en-

once for settlement.

1887. His father was the well known trance to the room of Cicero Milling-

Chelsea, Mich., Aug. 22.—While re-


moving the roof of a porch on the front

'Squire James Jones, who ran a cooper ton, Mr. JWilcox's father-in-law, who

35-? No. 311 N. Fifth are.

of James Geddes' house yesterday, Ed-

shop in the Fifth ward. He obtained gave the alarm.

ward Munroe and his son Claude,had a

his schooling here and went to the war

Estate of Ann Canwell.

Temple went down the stairway, cluse call. They were prying off the

as a member of the 20th Michigan. He


with Mr. Wilcox in hot pursuit. Temple roof and had planks arranged to slide >* Washtenaw, es. At a session of the Pro-

"went into the post office after the war

as a clerk under Capt. Dick Beahn and

turned and snapped a revolver several the roof down to the ground, but inbate Court foT the County ot Washtenaw, holden

at the Probate ©ftice in the City of Ann

later became a bookkeeper in the First times at Mr. Wilcox. He had made stead of sliding it came down end Arbor, on Thursday, the 24th day of August

over end. Claude jumped out of the in the year one thousand eight hundred

Natiorial Bank. For 15 or 20 years he the mistake of loading a center-fire

and ninety-nine.

way but bis father could not get out

s a bookkeeper and teller in the bank revolver twith rim-tire cartridges,

Present, H. Wirt Newkirk, Judge of Pro-

of the way. It struck him, knocked bate.

and was one of the most popular who which failed to explode. Wilcox fired uim down into a trench which had been

In the matter of the estate of Ann

were ever in the city. He then went

Canwell, deceased.

and brought down the burglar with a dug for cement sidewalk and broke a On reading and filing the petition, duly veri-

to East Saginaw as a manager of a bullet in the back.

bone in his leg just above the ankle. fied, of Louise Canwell. praying that a

clothing store. A year later he went

certain instrument now on file in this court,

He was given into the care of Dr. The trench saved Mr. Munroe from purporting to be the last will and testament

to Charlotte, where he remained for

five years in the clothing business. George B. Hammond and Deputy what might have been a serious in-

of said deceased may be admitted to probate

and that administration of said estate ni»y

He then removed to Wichita, Kansas, Sheriff A. Lewless. Yesterday mornjnry.

be granted to herself, the executrix, in said

will named or to some other suitable person.

where he has been for the past 12 or 13 ing the doctor and the officer, accom- " This morning the conductor of a way Thereupon it is ordered that MoniJav.

the 18th day of September next, at 10 o'clock in

years. He was in the clothing busipanied by Supervisor H. N. Lavery, of freight, John Ryan, was unloading a the forenoon, be assigned lor the hearing

ness up to three y jars ago. At theRoyal

Oak, brought the injured man barrel of molasses at the dock of the of said petition, and that 'he devisees, legatees

and heirs at law of said deceased, and all

time of his death be was serving his to the city physician's office. The

freight house, when the end of the other persons interested in said estate, are re-

second year as chief of police, an office

barrel came out. Mr. Ryan slipped and quired to appear at a session of said f'ourt,

man was subsequently removed to St.

then to be holclen at the Probate Court, in

which in that city takes the place of a

fell and the molasses completely covered the city of Ann Arbor, and show cau»e. if

police commission. He had purchased

Mary's hospital. His left arm is him from head to foot. It was a very any there be, why the prayer o( the peti-

a new home just before coming to Ann paralized and as he lost considerable

tioner should not be srantPd. .And u

funny thing for everybody but Mr. is further ordered that s:ml petitioner

Arbor ou a visit.

blood, the injury is likely to prove Ryan.

(rive notice to the persons interested

in said eBtate, of the pendency of said peti-

g Mr. Jones was twice married, the serious. Temple is reticent as to his Jay Woods, constable, returned tion, and the hearing thereof, by oaustnif a

copy of this order to be publ^lied in the Ann

second time about 20 years ago to Miss identity. He says he is a painter and this morning from Grand Rapids, will] Arbor Argus-Democrat, a newspaper print-

D. M. Webster, who survives him. He decorator, and lately he has been one Frank Diamond, formerly of this ed and circulated in said county, three

successive weeks previous to said day of hoar-

leaves two brothers and three sisters boarding out .Michigan avenue. He place, who had been serving a sentence ing

living iu Port Huron: Mrs. Jane

said his mother lives "twenty-eight there of three months for larceny from

White, Mrs. Sarah Orowell, Mrs. Ella

Minnie James and John Jones. He miles from Detroit." An uncle con- a hotel. He was charged here with

has one son in New York city. ducts a store at Wayne. Under Sheriff

having put up at the Boyd hou.s9 for a

period of 153 days, and with intent to

Wellman, of Oakland county, will take

He was high up in Masonic circles,

defraud the keeper, Merrifct Boyd, out

him to Pontiac.

being Deputy Grand Commander of the

of the pay, therefore he absuouuded

Knights Templer of Kansas and one oi Chief McDonnell, of the detectives, and left the premises without paying

the few 33d degret; Masons.

received information las); night that for the same. He plead guilty to the

He was a whole souled man, happy the young man's real name is Ganung charge and Justice B. B. TurnBull

cheerful, a good story teller and was and that his home is in Ypsilanti. A sentenced him to pay a fine of $15

always one of the most popular men man living in the western part of the

and costs, or 15 days in jail. He took

in the cities where he lived.

the latter.

city gave the information to Chief



McDonnell.—Free Press.

It is believed that this is the same

man who touched up Henry Miller for

$50 a short time ago.

Ganung's mother and sister live in


Henry Heal, of Freedom, talks of go

ing north.

Frank Koebbe is on the sit-k list.

One of the happiest home weddings

occurred last evening at the noaie ol

JUr. and Mrs. M. F. Clements at Dix

Ypsilanti in the old Follett house, and Mrs. Rev. C. W. Ross, of Detroit, is

carred for the late David M. Uhl dur- visiting old friends in Freedom and

ing illness. The mother and daughter


boro, the occasion being the marriage are very respectable people of Ypsi- Mrs. Louis Koebbe was in Manches

of their daughter, blanche, to Mr. lanti and the former will go to her ter recently.

Colin M. Steveus, of Ann Arbor. The son today. This is a brother of the

ceremony took place at 7 o'clock, Rev.

Mr. and Mrs. Voegeding spent las

Ganung who stole bicycles and was

Mr. Fields, of the Dixboro

Sunday afternoon with her parents

the bride's pastor, officiating, the cere-

arrested in Ypsilanti and escaped Mr. and Mrs. Heal.

mony being most impressive. As the from the officers by asking to go into

Quarterly meeting of the Evaugeli

procession entered tiie loom, Mrs. another room to get some clothing and cal church in Freedom will be held on

Field played Mendelsohns' wedding making his way out of a back entrance the first Sunday in Septemebr. Rev

march. The bridal conple stood under to freedom. The wounded man is W. A. Kohlei-, ot Blissfleld, will con-

a floral arch composed of green and said to have served time in the peniduct the meeting.

white. The best man was the grooms entiary for sheep stealing.

brother, Nelson Stevens,and the brides-

Rev. and Mrs. J. Schmans returned

maid was Miss Mvrtie Bush. The

home from a two weeks' visit with

bride appeared most charming in a

their children near Benton Harbor.


«ream white landsdowne gown an train

They report a good time.

and carried white roses. The bridesmaid

wore a white organdie and car-

SATURDAY It is very dry. Crops are suffering

for want of rain.

ried pink carnations. The rooms were

The ice cream social at Mr. and

Mrs. Reno's was a success. jThey

cleared over $20 for the church.

1 Estate of Daniel W. Amsdem.


r> Washtenaw, ss. At a session of the Pro- EXTRACT

bate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden

at the Probate Office in the City of Ann

Arbor, on Tuesday, the 1st day of August

in the year one thousand eight hundred and


Present, H. Wirt Newkirk, Judge of Pro- OF


In the matter of the estate of Daniel

W. Amsdeuj, deceased.

On reading and filing the petition, duly

verified, of Lonida C. Amsdem praying that

the administration of said estate may beVANILLA

granted to herself or some other suitable


Thereupon it is ordered that Monday, the

28th day of August next, at ten o'clock in

the forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of ( OUR OWN MAKE )

said petition, and tnat the heirs-at-law of

said deceased and all other persons interested

in said estate, are required to appear at a

session of said Court, then to be holden at

the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, Absolutely pure, from

and show cause, if any there be, why the

prayer of the petitioner should not be granted.

And it is further ordered that said best Mexican Beans.

petitioner give notice to the persons interested

in said estate, of the pendency of

said petition, and the hearing thereof, by

causing a copy of this order to be published in Don't use a Vanilla

the Ann Arbor Argu> Democrat, a newspaper

printed ard circulated in said county, three

successive weeks pluvious to said day of hear- made from Chemicals



Judge of Probate. or Tonka but get the

LA true copy.l

P. J LKHMAN Probate Register.

best at

Enoch Dieterle,

Funeral Director. Mann's Drug Store,


Ho. 116 E. Liberty St.

H. WIRT NBWRIRK >?,«.f,ice 533 S. t< h &.va.

213 S. MAIN ST.,

[A true copy.] Judge of Probate.

P. J. LEHMAN, Probate Register.

i one 12). ASM AK.3OR. MICH




Mr. Stevens, the groom, is the efficient

bookkeeper of the Argo Mills.

Miss Clements is well known in Ann

Arbor and Ypsilanti circles. Both of

the young people are very popular

and have the best wishes of a very

large circle of friends. After their

.return Jbome they will stop with Mr.

Stevens' parents, Maj. ana Mrs. W. 0. YPSILANTI

Steven,?, 304 N. Inaglls st., for a time

until they go to house keeping.



At the council meeting la,


Dundee, Mich., Aug. 23.—Perry

Francisco, aged 14 years, had his right

foot and leg terribly mangled while

attempting to steal a ride on an Ann

Arbor freight train at Milan. He was

saved from instant death by one of his

companions, who dragged him from

under the car after the front wheels

had passed over him. Doctors amputated

the leg below the knee.

u City Attorney Green reported at the

Ypsilanti council meeting last night

that the Glazier sidewalk suit against

the city is probably dropped as he had

beard from Saline parties that tht lady

had moved to Dakota and that nothing

more would ba done.

In the John White case which was

referred to the committee on ways and

means, mayor and city attorney, Mr.

Green stated that they hare arranged

it that it cau be deferred until the next

meeting. It involves several pecnilar

questions of law. The city's ordinance

states that any suit arising out of defective

sidewalks for which the city

t night the

must pay damages for injuries received

City Band asked that they be hired

can be collected from the property

for $15 per month to play every Thurs-

owner, and that in case the city settles

day night in some park in Ypsilanti

a suit it should make the property

and Sunday afternoons. The contract

owner a party to the settlement.

dating from Aug. 18 to Nov. 1.

The motion to grant them this That Throbbing Headache

privilege went through with three Would quickly leave you if you used

nays—Aid. Huston, Davis and Lamb Dr. King's New Life Fills. Thousands

probably don't like music or are, of sufferers have proved their match-

perhaps, protecting the city's exless merit for Sick and Nervous Headchequer.aches.

They make pure blood and

strong nerves, and build up your

health. Easy to take. Try them. Only

The Busy Kieep.

25 cents. Money back if not cured. Sold

Sheep arc used as beasts of burden by Eberbach & Son, Ann Arbor, and

in India, and Persia.

Geo. J. Haeussler, Manchester.

Lindenshmitt & Apfel, MODERN


The above is « picturp of the new Tire Setting Machine in the Ferguson carriage

factory. It sets the tire while yon wail without either heating or dampening it. It is

claimed also, thac it dots the woik more satisfactory than the old process. -awn.*.'. «

To reset a fire by tin; old process the operations are: Remove tire bolts, remove

tire, traverse wheel, traverse tire, upset tiro, traverse tire, heat tire, apply tire to wheel, rebore

bolt hole, apply bolts, cut of! bol{>.. paint.

Better resnhs can L>e produced by ihis machine in an opera-ion requiring less than ten

minutes time than can be obtained from the above twelve operations.

Capacity: The machine will npset a i % inch by % ' n

Your Room Need Repapering ?

George Wahr




CONCRETE WAS GOOD—GeorRe A RICE SHOWER—Justice George association meeting will continue

Oiaxken tells a good story on himself B. McCaughna and bride, of Owosso, thoraghout the week. Tbe Sunday

We have just received a lot of In- which he enjoys. When the foreman passed through Ann Arbor last, evening ichool convention for the game terriexpensive

of the Bell Telephone Co. was having OD their way to Toledo. They were ;ory is also in session at the same

the concrete on the Washington and well showered with rice while the carplace.

Main st. intersection picked to digwas

in the depot. Their surprise may

the trench for the conduits, Mr.


be imagined. If Charles Zeifle ever


Calrken walked up to him and remark-

Warren H. Smith, recently principal of

Coming Up,

comes up before the judge he may exed

: "'That's poor concrete yon are go-

he Pontiac high scohol and before WHEN PULLED OUT.

pect 90 days sentence.

ing through." The answer Mr. Clar-

hat principal of the Lanising high


ken received: "Yon are jnst like all

ichool, has decided to quit teaching DEXTER SCHOOLS MAY NOT

Hurst a colored woman of substantial

in all the new and latest Colorings and of the rest of the ct—d cranks ahout

and go into business. He nas formed

proportions was arrested last evening



here. That concrete is some of the

a partnership with his father, under

for being drunk. She denied the charge

hardest picking I have ever had."

he firm name of Frank Smith & Son. OF SCARLET FEVER.

before Justice Duffy, although the

The foreman was so mad that he

They will continue the drug and book

officer claimed that it was with the

Remember Some of These Prices. wanted to punish Mr. darken. The

business which has been conducted for Dexter, Mich., Aug. 24, (Special to

utmost difficulty that she was taken to

latter did not feel hurt hy the remarks

many years by the senior member of Daily Argus)—The Dexter schools may

jail. Her trial was set for next Thurs-

Best White Blanks 4c per roll. in view of all the criticisms as to poor

the firm and at the old stand. W. H.

day. In default of $100 bail she was

not open Sept. 1, on account of the

concrete that he has received.

Smith has located at 202 S. Huorn st.,

Best Glimmers, 5c, 6c, 7c, per roll.

remanded to jail.

prevalence of scarlet fever.

and his wife and daughter, who nave

Embossed Papers, 12c, loc per roll.

been spending the summer at Cass William H. Bostwiek, a former Bex-

From Wednesday's Daily Argus. YPSILANTI LOCALS. Lake, near Pontiac, will soon join him. ter boy, has enlisted in the 33d U. S

Imitation of Leather, 18c, 20c per roll.


OPEN A COTHING STORE—Hon. volunteers from Colorado.

Best Ingrain, 12c per roll.

Andrew Eisele, one of the German From Tnesday's Daily Argus. J. B. Wortley formerly representative The framework for Dennis Warner's

Window Shades, complete and ready pioneers of Freedom, died Monday ASPHALT WALKS—The normal of the second representative district new house on Fifth street is up.

to hrng for 10c each.

evening, aged b'9 years. The funeral college is having fine new asphalt of Washtenaw in the legislature, siys

services will be held at his house at 10 wilks put down through and around be is everlastingly out of politics and O. C. Bostwiek is making a big im-

o'clock a. m Thursday. The inter- the grounds. They constitute a fine that soon after the first of September provement in the property purchased

ment will take place at 11 o'clock at improvement.

he will open np a new clothing store of D. D. Holder.

Thomas cemetery.

on Huorn st. He went out of the firm

IMPROVEMENTS -Father Kennedy

The two-story addition to the house

NEW CONNECTIONS — Manager is making irnporvements about his res-

of Clark S. Wortley & Co., something of John Taylor is nearly completed.

McGregor of the State Telephone Co. idence. He has added a fine wide

more than a year ago and he says be

left this morning with a gang of men porch across tne front aud along the

cannot t stand it out^of business any A social hop will be given in the

for Stockbridge, Plainfield and Pinck- east side.

longer. His stock ofjgoods is already opera bouse by the Young Men's dan-

310 S. State St. and Down Town, Op-

purchased andd he will commence putcing club Friday evening, Sept. 1.

ney. He intended putting a number SMALL BLAZE—The fire departting them in as it is"determined

posite Court House, Main St., Ann Arbor. of connections with a number of new ment was called out Tneseay night about


which one of two stores he is to oc-

telephone subscribers today. The con- 6 :40 o'clock for a run over tne river. iupy. Eevrybody knows Jabe and he

nection with WhUmore Lake will also Some sheds and outbuildings in tbewill

undoubtedly have his share of the

be completed.

rear of Davis' store caught fire in some trade.

NOW HE KICKS—H. B. Dodsley, way unknown, but it was soon exting-

LOCAL BREVITIES jj of Detroit st, is kicking vigorously uished with a loss probably no; exceed- FORMER YPSILANTIAN—Cicero

about the Western Union Telegraph ing $50.

Melliugton who had such a narrow

employes. He says he was asked tor LESS FORCE—The Michigan Cen-

escape last Sunday n'ght at Royal Oak

From Tuesday's Daily Argus. permission to cut off a few small limbs tral is cutting down its force of em-

from a murderous midnight visitor,

BROKE INTO JAIL—Ernest Crump on his shade trees that were interferployes here, having already dispensed

said to be a young man by the name

who broke into the county jail Saturing with the wires. This he granted, with some and it is reported that it is

of Ganuing, whose mother and sister

day received 10 days by Justice Duffy but he ( was greatly surprised when his the intention in the near future to com-

reside in this city, was a former resid-

this morning.

trees were mutilated and branches as bine the functions of telegrapn operaenet

of Ypsilanti and highly esteemed.

A LONG WALK—Dr. Louis P. thick as his arm cut off. He proposes tor and ticket agent, thus reducing

He is the father-in-law of A. F. Wil-

Hall, of Hill st., is having 1,200 feet to secure danms'ps for the ruination of the force by one. This would seem to

cox at whose home in Royal Oak the

of stcne walk laid. John Baumgardrier his beautiful mes. He thinks the peo- indicate that the D., Y. & A. A road

attempted burglary occurred. Mr.

has the contract.

ple of the city should be warned of is doing the passenger business here.

Mellington is an aged man and he was

what is going on and ri3e up and pro

awakened abont 11 o'clock at night by

PLEAD GUILTY—Fred Johnson tect their trees trom destruction by the SAYS HE'S SANE—Drs. Owen and the presence of a stranger who held a

arrested by Officer O'Mara for disturb- telegraph company.

Wilcoxen, of Ypsilanti, who have ex- revolver 011 him and tola him not to

ing the peace on Main st Saturday,

amined into the sanity of Alfouso move or he would be shot. At the same

yesterday placed guilty before Justice Y. M. C. A. MEETING—Miss Ben- Markham now in the county jail re time he was told that he should give

Doty and paid $5.94 fine and costs. Oliel, an English young lady, daughter ported to Judge Newkirk that they up any coin he might have about him.

A $2,000 CONTRACT—Robert of the well known missionary, Rev. A. found Markham sane but that he was Mr. Mellington called tor help when

Lake, of Jackson, has a §2,000 con- Ben Oli el, and for several years a a monumental liar. Markham will the'burglar snapped his revolver at

tract for laying a cement platform resident ot Jerusalem, will address the now have to stand trial for assault and him but it did not go off. Mr. Wilcox

about the Michigan Central depot in 1. M. C. A. at their meeting next Sun- battery. He is the fellow that claims responded promptly to the call for help

this city, which the Argus stated the day afternoon at 2:4o. Miss Ben-to

be married and has been following and shot the burglar as has been be

other day was about to be bnilt. Ohel is a very interesting and charm- the lady.

fore stated in these columns. Mr.

ing speaker, and those who heard her


A BIG COAT—The atmosphere be- Mellington was formerly proprietor of

when she was here several months ago

First M. E. church holds its fouith

ing a little torrid Tuasday, Mayor Allen the store where the Carpenter hardware

and gave the illustrated talk on

quarterly meeting uext Sabbath. Love

while attending to his official duties now is and still owns the building.

'Shepherd Life in the East," in the

Feast 9:30 a. in., Communion 10:30 a.

laid aside his coat while in the city His many friends in this city are much

Y. M. C. A. rooms, should not fail to

m. Every official member is urged to

clerk's office, and when he left he for- pleased over his escapo from injury.

hear her next Sunday. Her subject

be at the fourth quarterly conference

got it. Deputy Clerk Jay Worden

will be, "Esekiel's visions in the light

Tuesday evening, Aug. 29.

slipped into it, folded it twice aroand

of Palestine." The opening exercises himself, it was still very loose in From Thursday's Daily Argus.

O'DONNELL A CANDIDATE— will begin with a song service. front, and started in pursuit of the CALLED OUT— Yesterday afternoon

Hon, James O'Donnell, of Jackson, is Special music will also ba rendered. captain. His was a wonderful figure abont 5 o'clock the fire department was

out after the next republican nomina- FOUND HIS WHEEL—A lost wceel it was not altogether in good form. called out by a fire in the Rcxford coal

tion for governor and is not at all bash- has been restored to its owuer by

ful in saying so. He spoke at three

THE PRINCESS BONNIE—Rehear- sheds over the river by the Michigan

Marshal Gerstuer. It proved not to

farmers' picnics last week and speaks

sals for the opera "The Princess Central tracks. It was soon exting-

have been stolen. It was loft where

at three more this week.

Bonnie," to be given by 60 children uished and probably not to exceed S'25

found in front of Trinity Lutheran under the direction of John W. Dodge damage was done.

REMOVED CENTER STONE— church by its owner, Fred Weinberg at the Ypsilauti opera house, Thursday TRAINING DEPARTMENT—The

John Banmgardner took out today the last Sunday and he did not miss it evening next and matinee Friday after- training department of the State Nor-

center stone between the floors of the until yesterday; which would go to innoon, have been held at tne opera house mal College will opsn Tuesday, Sept.

new St. Thomas' church and replaced dicate tbst he was not a bicycle fiend. every evening for the past week. The 5. Diractor C T. Grawn will be in

it with a new one. It was a very After being left there for so long the children are rapidly gaining proficiency his' office Saturday, Sept. 2, from 9 to

difficult operation on account cf the wheel was takwn charge of under the in their respective parts and the chorus lla. m. and 2 to 4 p. m. to meet the

weight resting on the stone. This had uspicion that it had been abandoned. is doing most excellent work. Mr. patrons A large number of scholars

caused it to crack.

POCKETBOOK FOUND—A ladies Dodge is an excelleut drill master and are desired.

WHO ARE HEIRS—A petition was pocketbook was discovered lying on apossesses

accurate judgmen t and a SUMMER SCHOOL CLOSES—To-

filed yesterday asking that the lawful bench at the Ann Arbor depot this good taste as to proper form in such morrow will see the close of the sum-

heirs of Samuel Hathaway, who died morning after the excursion train for work and hence always secures good mer session of the State Normal College.

in York township in 1852, be deter- Toledo pulled out. Miio S. Bott, of results. All who attend this entertain- Many students were leaviug for home

mined. His son George has been Owosso, a plumber of the company who ment will find it thoroughly enjoyable. today having completed their work.

living on his fathers farm of 80 acres first saw tbe article, turned it over

and now that he wants to sell the laud to the office. It contained some $0 in


The session has been a success in all

he wants the title h'xect up.

money and a ticket to Toledo and re-

C. Allen, son of Hon. E P. Allen, were

respects. Hereafter it is to be a part


turn. From a receipt found it was

be married Tuesday afternoon to Miss

of the-regular work of the college year.

darken is quite a hustler as a real

believed the pocketbook belonged to

Gertrude Foreman, daughter of Mrs. INVITED TO RTDE—Gen. Man-

estate salesman. This morning he

Mrs. John Kuehnle. Agent Gilmore

Emily J. Foreman, of 810 Congress st. ager F. E. Merrill, of the D., Y. &

sold tnree houses and lots for Fred

telegraphed the conductor of the train

Only the immediate friends of the con- A. A. railway, City Clerk McGregor

Besimer to Fred Wuerth. It is in-

that it had been found. The latter

tracting parties ^were present. These and H. P. Glover will go to Saline totimated

that Mr. Clarken has his eye

probably relieved Mrs. Kuehnle's

young people are well known and prom morrow to invite the village officials

on a purchase of a number of vacant


lnent in all social affairs aud deserved- to participate in the festivities of the

ly popular. The groom is auditor of opening of the Ypsilanti-Saline electric

lots which he intends improving. A BRIDAL COUPLE—Justice of the Detroit, Ypsilanti fe Ann Arbor road at Ypsilanti at an early date yet

BURNED A CEMETERY—Sunday tbe Peace George B. McCanghan and electric railway and the bride is one of to be named. These exercises will

afternoon fire started from a cigar bride of Owosso, will pass south this Ypsilauti's handsomest and most ac consist of lunch to the invited guests

thrown in the grass at the cemetery in evening on the Ann Arbor train for eomplishfcd daughters They will take and speakers.

Pinckney and the flames were not Toledo where they will take the boat a trip up the lakes to Mackinaw leav

checked until the entire cemetery was for Mackinaw and Chicago. They

NEW GROCERY—The city will

ing this evening and on their return

burned over, destroying much of thewere

roamed this morning. Mrs. Mchave

a new grocery tomorrow. The

will take up their residence in Yp

shrubbery and about half of the fence Caughna was Miss Mae Webster,

name will be Seymour




Brooks the 72 year old man from near

Milan who was arrested some days ago

oil a o large of indecent exposure was

Drought before Justice Duffy yesterday

aud after an examination he was

aeld to the circuit court. It was

brought out by the evidence that he

bas been guilty of the same offense before.


Alexander Scnlonpe, of 1202 Traver ft ,

died last evening at 11 o'clock, aged

about 39 yeasr. His funeral Services

will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3

o'clock at hi? late residence. He was

born in Arch, Switzerland. He came

to Ann Arbor some 20 years ago. He.

has worked as laborer in the city aud

farms of the vicinity. He leaves a

widow, a daughter of the late Mr.

Eberspecker, of the Dexter road, and

oue child. He had a strong individuality

that occasionally made him have

a difference of opinion with those

around him.



The Methodist Church is Nearing



And Unlike Any Other Church

Building in the




It is officially stated that the Ypsilami

& Saline electric road will be

completed in two weeks. The road

has been completed as far as the crossing

tor several weeks, but it bas been

impossible to proceed farther with the

work on account of delay in proouring

the material for the crossing.





Will Be President "of State

Normal System.


And is Now President of the

Brockport State Normal



"I have been using CASCARET«r

Insomnia, with which I have been afflicLnri V*

over twenty years, and I can say that Ca* (ot

have given me more relief than any other rS ts

dy I have ever tried. I shall certainly rS"

mend them to ray friends as being all tW*°"

represented." TBOS. GILLABD lriJ-?.?*

What does your mirror say?

Does it tell you of some little


Pleasant. Palatable, Potent Tfl«ta n^*

streaks of gray? Are you

pleased? Do your friends of


Good, Never Sicken. Weaken or' Grfpe WcTc $>

the same age show this loss


of power also?

Saline, Mich., Aug. 21.—(Special to

People are talking on the street to Sterling Uomedj Compnny, Chicago, Montreal, !«cw YorkV'si.

Just remember that gray

Daily Argus).—The new Saline M. E.

tbe effect that Dr. David Eugene



hair never becomes darker

church now in the process of erection

Smith, formerly professor of mathe-

without help, while dark hair

will be a unique church building.

MENT, SUPPER AND matics at the college and now Presid-

rapidly becomes gray when

There is none other in toe country


ent of the Brockport State Normal

once the change begins.

From Monday's Daily Argus. which resembles it. Its beauty grows

school of New York, may yet be the

HELME FOR CONGRESS—An on one. At first sight it seems too

president of the normal school system

The Washtenaw Country Golf Club

Adrian dispatch in the Detroit Journal low, "but when one gets a second glance

of the siate. It is known that the

will celebrate its opening next Satur-

says that Senator James W. Helms is at it the full force of the massive effect

board is still in communication with

dry at 2 o'clock. In the afternoon

being groomed for the democratic nom- is felt. It is built where the old

him relative to the matter and he may

there will be putting and driving conination

for congress in this district. church stood on the corner of Ann Ar-

yet decide to accept it. Dr. Smith is

tests and a general golf tournament.

bor and McKay sts., facing Ann Ar-

an able man and would fill the posi-


Supper will be served on the piaza

bor st. Its length is 82 feet 10 inches

tion admirably. There is probably no

from 6 to 8 o'clock, after which the

Fanny the only daughter of Mrs. and its width 57 feet. The front is

mere thoroughly normal school man in

party will spend the evening in danc-

Martha Duncan, of Miller ave. died of stone and the upper part of the sides

the country than Dr. Smith. He is a



suddenly this morning between 5 and is of pressed brick, all surmounted by

scholarly man and possesses great tact

6 o'clock. She was 20 years of age. a pressed brick tower, which, however,

The club house will be completed and exective ability. The board ap-


does not rise very far above the build-

Saturday and the furniture will be parently is not finding the position an

hee and Lester Wallace, of Hamburg,

ing. The entrance is through a mas-

brought there from Ann Arbor. easy one to fill. At the time Dr.

were araested Friday and fined for being

sive stone arch into a vestibule which

Smith left the normal college, one, of

mixed up in the Tuesday evening's

opens into an auditorium 38 by 38 feet

the members of the board is alleged

in size, seating 265. The pulpit is in

brawl at Pinckney in wfiich a man was


to have said that his going was no

one corner ind a choir stall is on the

particular loss to the institution for the

l bring back to your hair shot.

the color of youth. It never

side, bo^h of which are entered with-

woods were full of just as good men.

fails. It is just as sure as A HANDSOME BLOCK—The out passing through the auditorium.

Tney are evidently finding this an error

that heat melts snow, or that Pardon brick block on N. Main st. is The seats will be of quarter sawed oak

or else why tne persistency in trying to

water quenches fire.

approaching completion. It looks very and very handsome. They are arranged

secure his services in the present junc-

It cleanses the scalp also handsome and is a great improvement in a circular form around the corner on

ture? Had the board shown a small

and prevents the formation of for the street. If some of the old which the pulpit stands. In the rear Seven New Houses Are Being part of its present persistency in trying

dandruff. It feeds and nour- pioneers could come back and see the of the auditorium are two class rooms,

to keep Dr. Smith in the institution,

ishes the bulbs of the hair street they would feel lost.

separated from the auditorium by fold- Erected There. he could now have been at hand for

making them produce a luxuriant

growth. It stops the

ing doors, so that if there is a large

the present need. By making him

A SHED BURNED—The tire depart-

hair from falling out and gives

audience 150 can be seated in chairs

vice principal and increasing his salary

a fine soft finish to tbe hair

ment was called out at 7 o'clock this in these rooms. Adjoining these is an AND ALSO A NEW CHURCH $500 he undoubtedly could have been

morning by the burning of a shed back Epworth League room. The arched

kept here.

We have a book on the Hair and of August Hinz residence, No. 721 and vaulted ceilings of the auditorium

Scalp which you may obtain fr»e Spring st. It was burned down but with its panel work will give a pleas- More Houses will be Started

upon request.

If you do not obtain all the benefits the house was not injured. It is suping effect to the room, while the

you expected from the use of the

This Fall Continuing LAYING OUT

Vigor, write the Doctor about it. posed the fire started by a 'itt'e boy stained glass windows will be large

Address, DR. J. C. AYER,

t Lowell, Mass, i playing with matchess.

and handsome. In the basement is a the Boom,


dining room, cloak room and kitchen.

TWO NEW HOUSES—Architect The church is piped for gas and wired

George Scott, of Ann Arbor, has pre- for electricity indicating the faith of Saline, Aug. 19. A building boom FARMERS AT YPSILANTI ARE

pared plans for a two-story frame resid- its builders in the fnture of Saline. has struck Saline. There is as much ALREADY BUYING BOXES.

ence for O. M. Van Kleek, to be built

building this year as for an entire de-

on S. Ingalls St., to cost $4,500. Also This is the third M. E. church build-

LOCAL BREVITIES. for a two-story frame residence for

cade past. When asked for the cause

ing in Saline, the society being or-


Prof. Julius Schlotterbeck, to be built

the reply of the business men is that

ganized in 1834, some 65 years ago.

on Israel ave., to cost $2,500.—Free The work of building the new church they don't know unless it is the build- COMMENCE ABOUT SEPT.


was commenced April 10 and it is ex- 'ng of the Ypsilanti and Saline electric


From Friday's Dailv Areus.


pected to dedicate it in October. Clark road. The new M. E. church is now

Pittsfield, who broke her left arm at botanical garden on the campus some

& Munger, of Bay City, are the archi- nearing completion. Seven new resi-

the wrist last week is doing nicely and fine large tobacco plants are in bloom.

tects and Schaffer & Son have the con-

A number of farmers were in

dences are being erected and rumor

will fully regain the tsse of her haud. They are au evidence that tobacct

tract for building. The cost of the new

Ypsilanti this morning purchasing

has it that there are more to follow.

The accident happened while she could be grown in this county as wel

building aud furnishings will be

mail boxes to be used on tbrf rural

A. J. Warren, the editor of the Obser

walked from oue room to another. She as in Wisconsin. It would start up a

88,000, besides a large amount of do-

mail delivery routes which is to run

slipped and fell.

new industry if some of the farmers in

nated work. A determined effort

veris preparing to build a house on E. out from Ypsil^ti to trie surrounding

this vicinity would hire some young

will be made to clear the church of all Chicago st. opposite to W. H. Daven- country. There are to be three routes

HEAVY BOX-Supt. Reeves has man who understands tobacco growing

debt on account of the new building. port's ^residence. It will be the Charles Arnold and James Bemis have

just finished the removal from the en and curing to instruct them.

A new cement sidewalk is now being first house on that side of the street and been appointed a committee to lay out

Ann Arbor freight car to the university

built on both sides of the chnrch lot. the celler is now being dug. The house

and arrange these routes. Tbe routes

of au elfctric commutator. The box GIVES SCHMID THE CREDIT— From the depth of the excavation it can

are designated as tbe Soutn route, or

will cost SI 500.

3n which it was packed was not so very The Jackson Evening Press says be seen that a good job is intended.

No. 1, with W. Hi Bulan as carrier;

George J. Nissle is building two the Cnerryhill route, or No. 2, with

large. It only weighed 3,000 pounds "Nate Schmid. of Manchester, the orig- Rev. F. E. Dodge, the pastor of the houses on the old school house site to Harry Holmes as carrier; the Rawson-

and threrefore received very carefu inator of the Washtenaw-Jackson Ger- church, is now serving his second year.

handling with jack screws and "block man Day celebration, at Saline Thurs-

cost about $3,000. He has removed ville and Superior town house route,

He is greatly esteemed by his congregaday

made a strong p!ea for Jackson as tion. He is a young man of much

100 loads of dirt from the lots and got- or No. 3, with Eugene Koch as carrier.

the place for holding the celebration promise, and au earnest and sincere ren tbem in good shape and cleared up The carriers after the routes are laid

From Saturday's Dailv Argus. next year. Mr. Schmid is a wide worker.

an old eyesore in the village.

out will take a census of th« respective

routes and Mr. Arnold will accompany

AN ENGAGEMENT—The approach awake business man of Manchester and

Chas. Carvin is building a house op- them and arrange for mail boxes,

rag nuptials of Miss Helen Ames, of his influence did much towards bringposite

the Baptist church to cost about furnishing lock boxes where desired.

this city, ini Dr. McDonald, of Oalu ing the celebration to this city." THE DEATHS


It is expected that mail will be de-

met, Upper Peninsula, are announced. A GOOD VOICE—Miss Lillian

John Gates is building a house on livered'over these routes by Sept. 15.

They both ha-*e many friends in this, Cowley, of Harrisville, sang in e?c;l- IN WASHTENAW Adrian st. which will cost $1,000. It was promised for Sept. 1 but it is


lent voice yesterday in St. Thomas'

Chas. Coukling has been practically nut now thought to be possible to get

BIG BROOM CORN—At Miller & chnrch an "O, Salutaris" as offertory.

Pray's Farmers Shed grocery is

THE RATIO TO THE POPULATION building a new dwelling, remodeling a

everything ready by that time.

It is one of the most cultivated as well

broom corn stalk, 12 feet and six inches as one of the most dramatic voices


building which has been usedfor other All farmers spoken to are enthu-

Jong on exhibition. It was grown by ever heard in Ann Arbor. It is not

pnrposes and building a large addition. siastic over having their mail brought

S. J. Beardsley of Spring st. often that one listens to a young lady

Leonard Bassett has just completed

to their doors each day. Ypjilanti is

whose voice compass easily carries the THAN IS THE DEATH RATE IN

disposed to crow a little over Ann Ar-

a $1,600 house on E. Chicago st. Mr.


bor because she is to have the improve-

tones of a basso. Miss Cowley's voice THE REST OF THE STATE Bassett recently removed here from

John C. Burns, of 540 N. State st.,

ment first.

would make her remarkable among a

died yesterday about noon of tubercu


Ann Arbor.

thousand altos.

losis. He was 34 years of age and un-

Mechanics are here from Detroit,

married. The funeral will be held

Ypsilanti ond Ann Arbor there not be- GOING UP

Monday it y o'clock from St. Thomas

The Michigan Bulletin giving the ing enough talent to supply ihe de-



vital statistics of the state for July has mand.


just been received. During July there

DEXTER—On account of the annual

mission festival to be held in Chelsea

THE QUEEN were 42 deaths in Washtenaw county

As was said before in this article, it

which is slightly below the ratio of is probable ihat there will be several THE 'DERRICK FOR THE NEW

tomorrow, there will be no services in

deaths to population in the whole other houses started this fall.


St. Andrew's Evangelical church Bernard Keenan, of N. Fifth ave state. Of this number 23, or over half

.Sunday, Aug. 27, the pastor Rev since he came to Wasntenaw county, were aged 65 or over, while 4 were

Xouis F. Koelbin will preach in the


lias seen many chauges. He was born under 1 year of age Two died of con-


afternoon in Dexter.

in the county of Armough, Ireland, in sumption, 8 of cancer, 1 of violence, 4

ARE MARRIED—Emmet Magnee the same year Queen Victoria was born. of diarrheal diseases and 1 of measles.


head chef at the Portland cafe, return In speaking of hie early school days he


There were 14 deaths in July in Ann

d Jast night from Detroit where he said the pupils each had to, in winter, Arbor and 10 deaths in Ypsilanti. Of


was united in marriage with Miss bring along some turf to keep the fire the Ann Arbor deaths 7 were over 65


The derrick being constructed on

Blanche Marquette, of Arlington, O in the school room replenished. years of age and 5 were over that age

the campus for the well to be drilled

They will start on their honeymoon When he came to America he first in Ypsilanti. Two died of consump-

trip next week.

worked for a General Coe, near Le

BUTSUPERVISOR HAUSER FAR- for water is beginning to loom up trtion

in Ypsilanti, 1 of typhoid fever,

Roy, N. Y. He did not draw much of


and and 1 of violense. In Ann Arbor ED BETTER THAN HIS wards the heavens. By this evening

it will have reached a height of 50 feet.

his wages until he determined to go to

& Co., the grocers are fitting up and

1 died of whooping cough,3 of diarrheal


The additional 25 feet making a total

Michigan. When he informed iris

l scon occupy one of the finest

disease and two of cancer.

of 75 feet will probably be finished by

employer, the latter said he would give

grocery stores in the city. The walls

There were no deaths in the villages

him the money on the day he left.

Saline, Mich., Aug. 19.—(Special to Monday night. This derrick is one of

are covered with a very tasty paper

of Chelsea, Dexter, Saline or Milan.

He did this but Mr. Keenan was as-

Daily Argus).—Supervisor Ed Hauser the best object Jessons of the change

and the furniture is new and there is

There was 1 death in Manchester, a

tonished to receive all his money in $1

had nine acres of wheat which threshed in framing made in the last 50 years.

a fine office at the back end. The

child minder 4.

bank notes. He asked the general what

146 bushels this year. But his wheat Then such a derrick would have been

whole will make most complete quarters it meaut. He said, "You are going

The deaths in the townships were as was much better than that of his framed of heavy solid timbers. To-

lor an up to date grocery.

to Michigan where they have nonthing

follows: Dexter, Lodi a»d Wesbter 3 neighbors. One farmer secured 52 day it is all what is called balloon

FARMER'S PICNIC—Tne annu: but wild cat money. If you pay a

each; Northfield and Saline 2 each; bushels from 38 acres, which is just framing. Planks and boards are nail-

picnic of the farmers of Washtenaw, man for anything with a $1 bill, he

Bridgewater, Salem, Sharon and Sup- about the quantity he planted. Another ed togetner giving as great strength as

Livingston, Oakland and Lenawee will give you change in silver. " Mr.

erior 1 each. The other 11 townsnips secured only 22 bushels from 20 acres. tbe formerly used solid timbers. Great

counties, will be held next Saturday at Keenan found his master was right.

reported no deaths.

But the average of the township it is .strength is necessary as it'must not

Whitmore Lake. President Philip He went to Detroit where he, like The average temperature for July in said, will be about eight bushels. Mr. only be built to withstand all wind

Duffy and his fellow directors are doing young men naturally do, fell in love the southern counties of Michigan was Hauser's 10 acres of oats yielded 42>£ pressure, but the internal weight of a

all in their power to make it as pleas- and married. His father-in-law gave 71 degrees, about half a degree cooler bushels to the acre. The corn crop is heavy cable and a 4,000 pound drill.

ant occasion. Among the Ann Arbor him 40 acres of wild land in .North- than the normal. The average precip a good one.

The derrick is constructed so that no

speakers will be ex-School Commisfield. Mr. Keenan and his young itation for the month in these counties

change will be necessary if the well

The Saline Arbeiter Verein took in

sioners W. W. Wedemeyer and M. J. bride wunt to house keeping in a log was 2.98 inches.

should be drilled 3,000 feet or more.

SI,200 at tbe German-American Day

It is 20 feet in diameter on the ground


cabin. By their industry they made

celebration and cleared about $600.

and will be about four feet at the top.

;hemselves a good home. Mr.


WATER WAS Tommy McNainara, of Chelsea, when

Seunan's wife died and he was mar-

be came over here on German-Ameri- The heavy timbers for the belt and

Ivanoff, a young Russian and graduate ried a second time. He is now a large

of the University of Michigan, was and owner. Although well up in

ALL RIGHT can day, brought nine horses with him. bull wheel are being put in position

east of the derrick. The boiler and

in the city last evening for a short 'ears he is as systematic in all busi-

A. i*'rank Clarke .was the first secre- engine will be placed east of this. The

time visiting a few of his college ness transactions as of yore.

Of late numerous cases of typhoid

tary of the Tri-State Band Association contractors hope to get their arrange-

friends. Ivanoff is a bright young man

:'ever have occurred in Ypsilanti.

which held its meeting in Detroit this ments completed to start up the drill

and holds a bne position in New York

Many blamed the impure condition of


week after next. It will then probably

as a custom houfe interpreter, he hav- 'I had a running, itching sore on the city water. The board of health Will Coiluin, of Jackson, was here run day and night. Tbe first 800 feet

ing mastered well eight different lang- ny leg. Suffered tortures. Doan's

uages. He is certainly a splendid ex- Ointment took away the burning and

caused a sample to be analyzed by Ann yesterday visiting his father.

will be run through in a hurry. Then

ample of the output of Michigan uni-

itching instantly and quickly effected Arbor experts. Tbe result of the test Leou Shaw, of Ann Arbor, was here eevry inch of rock will be watched at?

a permanent cure." C. W. Lenharf shows that such fears are groundless. -- yesterday. He has secured no trace of what will be struck after that distance

versity.—Battle Creek Journal. Bowling Green, O.


his stolen bicycle.

will be unknown ground.


I gists to C1

Sheriff's Sale.


*-* cias issued out of and under the soa I oftiJ

Circuit Court of the County of Wayne *i

State of' favor of Josep'i 8 Vjr<

25th day of January, A, D. 1899, levy upon an

take all the ritrht, title and interest of ROW

UlyssesT. Foster, In find to the following d«.

cribed real estate, situated iu the Townshin

of Ann Arbor, County of Washtouaw. Stati

of Michigan. Known and described as


The east half of the southeast quarter oi

section 23, also the north half of southwesi

quarter of section 24, also north half of east

half of northeast quarter of section 26, a|,

northwest quarter of east half of southwei

quarter of section 24, all in Town 2, Soutll

Range 6 east, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Countvl

State of Michigan, '1

All of which I shall expose for sale at Dub-I

lie auction or vendue, to the highest bidder!

as the law directs, at the front dosr oftbel

Court House in the City of Ami Arbor, (that!

being the building- in which the Circuit (Jourtl

of the County of Washteoaw, State of Michi-I

gan is held) on Monday the 21st day of August

A. D. 1899, at 12 o'clock noon (local time)


Dated, JunelTth, 1899. Sheriff


Bears the ^rf The M Voii Have Always Bougfj





McFarlane, who recently returne

from Europe, was called to Greenville

Ohi, recently to do institute work. H

is the only professor of geography i

Michigan and is a most interestin

lecturer on his subject.


The Normal College is arranging

best lecture course in its history,

list of attractions has not been con

pleted as yet, but the first number wi

be W. D. Howells, who will appear

Normal Hall, Friday evening, Oct. 3


Miss Gertrude E. Woodard of the No

mal library is acquiring a reputatio

as a maker of catalogues of librarii

She has had a number of calls outsit

of the state to do this work. She i

eently gave a lecture also on libra

administration work before an associ

tion of librarians at Cleveland. Obio.


Manager Merritt of the Detroit, YDI

lanti and Ann Arbor electric railwi

is in town today. He is planning

trip over the Saline road for the pent

at some date in the near future, pro

ably about Sept. 1st. He proposes

take the officials of the city to Salii

and bring the Saline officials back

Ypsilanti. The car will be run i

entire day, and any one who desires

make a trip over the road can do

free. The road is now complete, e

cept the overhead bridge at Pittsfiel

some of the timbers for which tl

managers claim they have been disa

pointed in getting. This bridge w

be completed, however, in a few day

and as soon as it is the free excursi

will be arranged for.

A LIVELY CASE.—The case ofti

people vs. Etta Crasly came up in Ju

tice Child's court this morning and w

adjourned to Monday, Aug. 29th. T

case grows out of a slight niisundi

standing between two dusky worn

of Ypailanti. The complainant is

leged to have accused Etta Crasley

going in swiming with the eomplai

ants husband without having on t

regulation bathing suit on, or even

assortment of fig leaves. This repi

having come to the ears of the sa

Etta, she started out it is claimed

vindicate her character and consideri

this done when she had smashed tt

face of the complainant who now brini

suit for assault and battery. Ne

Monday the matter will be aired.

Death of Miss Alta Beal.

Miss Alta Beal, «only daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Beal, died li

night in Detroit at about 6 o'cloc

Some weeks ago she went on a visit

Mt. Clemens and Detroit and while

the latter city she was taken ill

the typhoid fever. This was about

days or two weeks ago. Most of tl

time she was dangerously ill but

or three days ago she was reporti

better and it was thougnt she would i

oover. Even yesterday she appear!

better but toward evening she

suddenly passed away.

Miss Beal had just passed her 18

birthday. She was a beautiful cbi

acter and Highly esteemed by all «

knew her. Her remains will

brought here tnis evening on [th

o'clock train and tbe interment fl

b9 in Forest Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Bf

have thfl sympathy of all in their gi


American lilood.

Lady Randolph. Churchill is electio

eering for her son, who is a Candida

for the house of commoas.



Never Know the Moment

en This Information May

prove of Infinite Value.


Washtenaw German Day Will

be Held in Jackson.


Mayor Loennecker, of Jackson, gave

everyone a warm invitation to come to

Jackson. He read a dispatch from the

Wellfare Association asking the societies

to hold their celebration in Jackson

next year and promising them a warm

welcome, free use of balls and every


When the final vot6 was taken it

stood Jackson 12, Chelsea 2, and Ann

Arbor 5. This was made unanimous

aud the best of feeling prevailed. Nearly

every delegate expressed himself.



Mr. Smith Says Two will be


&K K&K K&K K&





I original with lira. K. & K., will ])O8i-|

I tively cure forever any form of Blood or I

I Sexual disease. It is the result of 30 I

I years' experience in tho treatment of |

these diseases.


This terrible Blood Poison, the terror

of mankind, yields readily to our NEW

TREATMENT. Bewarq of Mercury,

I Potash, etc. They may ruin your system. I

If you have sores iu the mouth or tongue, I

pains in the joints, sore throat, hair or I

I eyebrows falling out, pimples or blotches, I

I stomach derangement, sore eyes, head-1

aches, etc., you have the secondary stage ffT

of this Blood Poison. We solicit the H

I most obstinate cases, and challenge the |

world for a case we accept for treatment

and cannot cure. By our treatment the I

ulcers heal, the hair grows again, pains I

disappear, the skin becomes healthy, and

marriage is possible- and mte.


Thousands of young and middle-aged

men have their vigor and vitality sapped

by early abuses, later excesses, mental I

worry, etc. No matter the cause, our I

New Method Treatment is tho refuge.


And restore all parts to a normal condi-1

tion. Ambition, life and energy aro renewed,

and one feels himself a man I

among men. Every case is treated indi-1

virtually—no cure-all—hence our wonder-1

ful success. No matter what ails you, I

consult HS confidentially. We can fur-1

nish bank bonds to guarantee to accom-1

[ plish what we claim.

250,000 CURED

, We treat and cure: EMISSIONS, I




ES, KIDNEY and BLADDER Diseases.


FREE. If unable to call, write for I



$Tart the Day

Right .

and everything will go smoothly

The proper way is to start with a

steaming cup of our delicious

Jt is worth considerable to anyciti

' yen of Ann Arbor to know the value

and use of a medicine.for if there is no

flocha and Java

occasion to employ it, in the meantime

frail humanity is subjectedto so many AND THE FUR FLEW


iuf.uences and unforeseen cdutigenciea



that the wi6est are totally unable to When the Matter of Next

One Route will go North and

>'auge the future. Know then, that


The best Coffee in the country

the Other will Go

Doan's Ointment will cure any case of Year's Meeting Came

Try it to be convinced. If you are

hemorrhoids,commonly known aspiles Up for Discussion. John Kearns, a young employe of


not satisfied with your Coffee, try

or any disease of the cuticle or skiD,

the Argus office, attempted to catch a

ours, and you will find it does make

generally termed eczema.

ride on a freight car at Wayne Satur-

Saline, Mich., Aug. 17.—(Special to

Congressman Henry C. Smith was

a difference where you buy your

day night aud slipped falling un-

Mrs. T. Martiny, ot No. 501 Detroit Daily Argus).—The meeting of the

in Saline yesterday of course. He was


derneath the car. He vvould have been

st. says: "I suffered a great deal from delegates of the societies, who father

chaperoned by W. W. Wedemeyer, and

cut in two had he not been exceedingly

fever sores and at times the infiama- the celebartion of the German-Ameri-

there were but few of both male and


quick, and he is a quick mover. As it

tion caused a burning sensation which

can Day, met on the band platform

female that Heinnch did not meet.

wa9 he got out with having the big toe

after the speaking had been concluded.

When accosted by the Argus reporter

was intense. I nsed numerous oint-

on his right foot cut off.

When the last notes of the Concordia

he stretched forth the glad hand and

ments and lotious but nothing ever Singing Society died out and the hearty

gave me permanent relief. I saw

A blessing alike to young and old;

answered the first question with a story.

applause ceased, John Frank, the presi- Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Straw- At this point his escort threw in his

106-108 E.Washington St.

Doan's OintmeHt highly recommended dent of the day, called tne delegates to berry. Nature'f specific for dysentery oar and informed Mr. Smith that he

and got a box at Eberbach and Son's order. Mr. Ehnis acted as secretary. diarrhoea and summer complaint. was talking to a reporter. Perhaps he


drug store. On applying it it relieved On motion of N. Schmid,of Manchester

thought that Heinrich might; tell tales

the meeting adjourned to the Arbeiter

out of school, but the smooth gentle-

all the distress and irritation almost at hall in the village. This was a wise SIR JOHN

man from Adrian only laughed aud

once. I continued the use of it untill move, as with a merry-go-round Ferris

kept on talking.

the part looked healthy and nicely wheel and one or two bands of music in READE'S ESTATE "You can say that the three rural


full was difficult to hear one's

mail carriers from Ypsilanti have been

Doan's Kidney Pills for sale by all own voice.

appointed," said Mr. Smith. "They

dealers. Price 50 cents. Mailed by The delegates soon assembled in the The first legal *suit]Jin Washteuaw are: South routu, L. H. Bulan;

3?oster-Milburn Company, Buffalo, N. osy room of the Saline Arbeiter Ver- over the property of which Sir John Rawsonville route, Eugene Koch;

Y . sole agents for the United States. eiu. It was cool and nice, but the dele- Stanhope Keade, of Webster, was heir, Cherry hill and Superior town house

Remember the name, Doan's, take

no substitute.

gates enjoyed tne hottest kind of ex has been commenced in the circuit court route, H. N. Holmes. The routes

hange of views,without being personal and is the suit of Maria Louisa Pierce, average 22 miles in length, and include


or accrimonious, that it was possilbe to of Ypsilanti township, against Leon- the following number of farm houses:


have. Some of the speakers in their hard Gruner as sole executor of the South route, 162; Rawsonville route,


earuestnness, tactful turns to conciliate will. Sir John died March 1G, 'S3, 140; Cherryhill route, 186. This

opposiste views, would have done credit leaving a will which divided the pro- makes 2,400 peoplo who are reached on

A LIEUTENANCY ;o any legislative body of the land. perty he expected from the Compton the free rural mail delivery routes.'


Here were both north and south Ger- estates among his five children uneqal- "What do you think of the chances IKENNEDYSKERGAN

Tb\ W. Green, of Ypsilanhti, the remans all striving to carry their point ly. Mrs. Pierces' share, $10,000, relative to Ann Arbor's routes?"


cently appointed assistant inspector- and at the same time make no personal which she says is now in Mr. Gruner's "Well, I'll tell you. When Mr. Cor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby St.

general, first lieutenant in the former Motion, \itev an hour's debate it was hands, was put in trust, interest to beCarson

left here he asssured me that he DETROIT, MICH.

Co, U of the 31st, received from Col. decided that the next annual Washte- paid her during her husband's life with would be back soon and that he thought

Gardener an offer of a lieutenancy in naw German-American Day should be a contingent remainder to her child- it quite certain that there would be a K&K K&K K&K K& SHORT ORDERS A SPECIALTY.

the colonels' regiment of 30th U. S. held in Jactson.

ren. The tangle is over the contingent route established form Ann Arbor south

remainder and she wants the will con-

Volunteers. Mr. Green decliued the After sparring for the organization

and one north. Mr. Carson is a nice


offer, however, as he has determined and who wereentitld to be deleagtes, the

fellow and is going to be the next ser-

to remain in civil life.

'ollowing were recognized: George

geant at arms of the house in Washing-

Lutz, Ann Arbor Arbeiter; Charles


ton. No, I have no doubt but that


I!? flWE fifll I AD ana this ad, and wo win

Bodily pain loses its terror if you've Vogel, Germania Lodge, D. O. H.; H.

these two routes will be established,"

UO UflC UULLAn Bend you this bis 32»-lb.

IIC» 1803 pattern high-grade KKSEBVO1K COAL ASD WOOD

a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eelectric Oil Kannegieser, Jackson Arbeiter; Jacob

COOK STOVK, by freight C.O.D., subject to examination.

in the house. Instant relief in case of

Examine it at

Simon, Jackson Schiller Lodge, A. O.

turns, cuts, sprains, accidents of any


your freight

0. W., Jaokson; Emil Golz, Ann Arbor


depot and if

foui:d perfect-


ly satisfactory

Landwehr; George H. Kempf, Chelsea

Want Free Rural Mail Delivery on and (iic : - r l U

SI,...' i.Ai..

Arbeiter; Rudolph Worch, Haromnie,

Saline Road.



Dr. .C R. Wendt, Concordia, William

Boodistel, Schwaebischen Unterstuet-

All along the Saline road are posted

AT DEXTER nngs, John Schwemlin, Jackson Ar- His Declination to Sign Peti- large yellow signs, "We want Free

beiter, No. 2, Hugo Loeser Jackson tion Caused a Delay. Rural Delivery. " They are placed in

beiter, No. 1, Jackson; A. G. Schnee-

front of every farm house. One was

Dexter, Mich., Ang. 19.—(Special to Jerger, Phoenix, Samuel GeHnnne,

also noticed on the cemetery fence.

Daily Argus.)—Work upon the new Schwaebischen Unterstuetzungs, Chris-

; This ought certainly to convince the

bridge across the Huron will be comtian Gauss, Ann Arbor Turn Verein, WAIT FOR FREE DELIVERY government that it is wanted on the

lnonced within a week. The stone .Haul Dietas ,Ann Arbor Lodge, No. 27,

Saline road, when the dead arise from

work has been finished for some time. A. O. U. W., Ann Arbor; Samuel He Should Have Pushed the their long slumbers in the graves and

Tne bridge is to be 150 feet in length Josenhans, Saline Arbeiter; John

ask for rural mail delivery.

and will cost $5,500.

Terns, Ypsilanti Arbeiter; N. Schmid, Free Rural Delivery-

Vlaucnester Arbeiter; Jacob Knapp,


How It Was Lost.

Snighrs of Houor, Manchester,; total

Saline, Mich., Ang, 18.—(Special).


Ann Arbor lost the German-Amn-

When the question came np to hold Owing to the fact that the congsescan Day celebration because Ann Arbor

e next annual celebration outside of sional uommitterxian of this county, and Ypsilanti did rot stick together

ihe county the fur flew. Delegate Vogel Eugene J. Helber, was so busy in his and more so becouse Ann Arbor only

asked if the rjame Washtenaw would be new and humble capacity of poet and had a few representatives on the

^ X t c d Emotions. dropped This he was assurred would neglected his duty or was afraid to per ground. Jackson came over with a

fie: -Are you sure that I am the only not be the case. Delegate Lutz, of form it, Ann Arbor has to wait another special train and bands. This is

man you ever i eally and truly loved? Ann Arbor, said he was one o? the first month before anyone of its three rural simply another instance of Ann Arbor

She: Perfectly sure. I tfent over committee on theGerrnan Day in Wash- mail delivery routes, whico have been being asleep.

the whole list only yesterday.—New ;enaw county which was Held in Ann planned for, will even be inspected.

York Weekly.

Arbor. If they wanted to give up the In the meantime the special appopria-

day, it was asjwell that the next celetion for that purpose is likely to be E PIECES

An American Railroad in China. aration should be held in Jackson. If entirely expended and the people about

Moneyed men from the United States they planned to enlarge the circle, why Ann Arbor will have to wait another

lave seemed a fanchise for building a not take in Wayne county.

year. As the representative of Con-

railroad from Hong Kong to Han Kow, Dr. Wendt, of Jackson, said they gressman Smith, had he been onto his

€111118, a distance of nearly 700 miles. had come to Manchester last year as job and possessed of any influence at

While railroads are necessary to a brothers and tbeir six or seven societies all, he would have pushed the matter,

nation's prosperity, health is still more

necessary. A sick man can't make

who lived isolated from other Germans first because of the advantages to the

money if there are a thousand railroads. wanted to unite in helping to make fanners along the various routes, of Removed from the Skull of

One of the reasons why America is so she celebration a greater success. Why free delivery, thereby making himself

progressive is the fact that in every not as brothers give them the pleasure solid with them and also showing Mr. Martin Keck.

irug store is sold Hostetter's Stomach of assisting.

Smith that he was a safe man to trust

Bitters, that celebrated tonic for the N. Schmid, of Manchester, reviewed with his interests in this county. As

weak, appetizer for the dyspeptic and the past history of the German Day it was, when he was appealed to he A TERRIBLE ACCIDENT

sedative for the nervous. It is taken, celebrations. He called attention to declined to sign the petition. It had

with great success by thousands of men

and women who run down, pale and the work done in the southern part of to be worked up therefore without any

weak. Itincreases the weight, and the the county to make the first celebration assistance from him at all. This oi A Forked Piece of Iron from

in is per manent and substantial in Ann Arbor a success. He then bit- course caused delay with the result

terly arraigned the Aim Arbor societies that Ann Arbor rural delivery routes a Windmill Strikes

for the want of interest they had shown have not as yet received attention. Keek's Head.

Bees For Sale.

in the last celebration held in Manches- If Mr. Helber does not intend to give

I have a fine lot of Italian swarms ter. Ypsilauti likewise had taken little attention to such matters ot public in-

"which I will sell very reasonable. I interest. If it had not been for the interest which Congressman Smith cer- A terrible accident took place Satur-

also have a lot of first-class empty terest shown by their Jackson friends tany desires to give prompt attention day night which may result fatally to

double-walled hives, standard size the Mancheser people would nave lost ro,|he had better resign. By his neg- Martin the 18 year old sou of John

brood frames and sections for sale. money.

lectful course public interests suffer Keck, of Lodi, residing at the end of

Call on or address Henry T. Schulz,

and the congressman's personal wel- the gravel road. Mr. Keck was up in

733 Spring St., Aon Arbor.

! Rudolph Worch of Jackson, made anfare is certainly not advantaged. the tower fixing the wind mill.

loquent and witty speech, h pour-

Martin climbed up on the water tank

ed oil upon the troubled waters. He

to see if it was fall. At this moment

Estate of Catherine Kuebler. said Jackson county had once beeD a

a strong gunt of wind blew down a

WTATE w OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF part of Washtenaw county. They were CHICKENS

Washtenaw, ss. At a session of the Pro-

forked piece of iron which struck him

bate Court for the County of Washtenaw, hol- really an elder son of the county and

on the head fracturing his skull and

deu at The Probate Office in the City of Ann he did not think they really should be


Arbor, on Tuesday,;the 1st day of August

driving the pieces of bone into the

in the year one thousand eight hundred treated as an undesirable step-son.

brain. Dr. Lee Kapp and his father

and ninety-nine.

Most of their members in Jackon were

Dr. John Kapp were soon on the spot.

Present, II. \Virt Newkirlc, Judge of Probate.

north Germans, but this should not WHILE OTHERSARE FOUND DEAD They found it necessary to trepan the

In the matter of the estate of Catherine make any difference, for did not the

skull. Nine pieces of bone were re-

Kuebler, deceased.

On reading aud filing- the petition, duly Germans go to Wurtemberg and get a


moved. If the iron had struck either

verified, of Louise Winogar praying that family to govern Germany. His re-

way half an inch the wound would

a certain instrument now on file in this

court, purporting to be the last, will and testamarks caused considerable laughter. THE QUESTION IS WHETHER have necessarily been fatal. If it

ment of said deceased may be admitted to He thought that after once being taken

heals up the yonng man may recover.

probate and that administration of said

estate may be granted to herself as admin- up in their midst they should not be THEIVES OR ANIMALS He was resting easy this morning so

istrator with will annexed in said.will named thrown out so uncerimoniously.


that there are hopes that he may be

or some other suitable person.

Thereupon it is ordered that Monday, Einil Golz, of Ann Arbor, called at-

benefited by his one chance in a thous-

the 2«th day of August next, at ten o'clock in tention to the difficulty in reaching

and and get well.

tne forenoon, be assigned for the hearing

01 said petition and that the heirs at law of said Manchester and Saline which was an

Dexter, Mich., Aug. 21.—(Special to

deceased, and all other persons interested in excuse for the societies not attending

Daily Argus).—Dexter has been with-

said estate, are required to appear at a session

of said Court, then to be holden at the Pro-as

largely as they would otherwise

out time for the past few days while

Date Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and have done. The Ann Arbor members

the faces of the town clock were re- MRS. MILLS

snow cause if any there be. why the prayer

pi the petitioner should not be granted: And were mostly laborers and could not aiceiving

a new coat of paint.

it is further ordered that said petitioner give ford to spend three or five dollarsr fora Those who raise chickens in and BREAKS HER HIP

notice to the peersons interested in said

estate, of the pendency of said petition, and day's" outing.

about town are afraid that it ia not a

hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this

"«ier A to be published in the Ann Arbor

Delegate Schmid, of Manchester, paying business. The chickens have Mrs. Stephen Mills, mother of F. E.

>'Sus-D3inocrat, a newspaper printed and thought if the Ann Arbor socitiee oared been found dead by the score, with Mills, ot Ann Arbor, and Charles

circulated in said County, three successive

weeks previous to said day of hearing.

so muoh about the German Day they wounds in the neck. At first it was Mills, of Pittsfield, fell Sunday morn-


would have attended the Saline cele- thought to be the work ot animals but ing and Viroke her hip while passing


Judge of Probate bration iu larger numbers. At the as only the bodies of the smaller ones from one room to anuther. As she is

p IA true copy.1


meetiug last year only four or five dele- are left w-hila i -3 larger ones disappear 79 years of age the accident is a serious

J LEHMAN Probate Register.

gates were present, none from Ann Ar- entirely. Scue think that thieves one. The accident occurred at the

bor and Ypsilanti having appointed the take this course to cover their work. residence of Charles Mills, with whom

Saline delegate to represent them. Prof. Clyde A. DeWitt is spending a she makes her home.

DelegateJWorch made a good point few days with his father Prof. A. D Spring tiredness is due to an impov-

that as the minutes of the Manchester DeWitt before commencing his duties erished condition ot the blood and is

meeting had been- accepted they could as superintendent of public schools at cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla, which

not go back on them.

Saginaw, Mich.

enriches the blood.


" you


or heard

Cook's Duchess Tablets,

of,pay tin

Are successfully used by orae



10,000 Ladies; are prepared by an


old and experienced physician.


Ladies ask your druggist for

Cook's D»beu Tiblett, as they aro


the only gafeand reliable monthly

less the 81.00 WRITE FOR OUR BIG FREE medicine known. Price, $1. By mail, $1.08. Send

sent with or- STOVE CATALOGUE. 4 cents postage for Free Sample and fall

der or 812.00 UL UUWXCD. This stove is size No. 8, oven is particulars. Address The Cook Company,

and ICJ.'XISXU, freight top charges. is £2x23; made from best pig iron, extra Boom 3, No. 253 Woodward Are., Detroit, Mich.


large 6JSil Hues, heavy i £22covers,

heavy linings and grates, i

large oven shelf, heavy tin-lined oven door, handsome I Sold in Ann Arbor at Brown's Drug Store.

nickel-plated ornamentations and trimmings, extra

large deep, genuine StandUh porcelain lined rcsonoir, handsome

large ornamented base. Best eoal burner made, and

we furnish FKEE an extra wood grate, making it a per- j

feet wuod burner. TCK ISSCE A BINDING GUARANTEE with i

every stove and guarantee safe delivery to your rail- .

road station. Your local dealer would charge you *25.00 ' Children Cry for

for such a stove, the freight is only about 81.00 tor ,

each 500 miles, PO we save you at least SiO.OO. Address, j

S£ARS,ROE3UGK&CO.(iNC.)GHlCAC0,ILLi Pitcher's Castoria,

(Seare, Eoebaefc & Co. are thoroughly reliable.—Editor;) j

The Best Beer You Can Drink


Pure Export and Lager Beer

Send in your orderfor

a case or keg.

Give it aerial and you

will use no other.

Both Phones No. 101


At Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the close of business, Dec. 1, 1898.



Loans and Discounts, 1437,953 26

Stocks, Bonds, Mortcrasres 659,911 59 Capital stock paid in t 50,000 00

United Stales and Mich. Slate Bonds 24,700 00 Surplus fund, 150.U00 00

Overdrafts 1,984 S6

Banking House 20,500 00

Undivided profits less current expen-

Furniture aud Fixtures 7,417 32 ses, interest and taxes paid 14,964 16

Other Real Estate 48,78143 Dividends unpaid, 398 09


Due from banks in reserve oities ... 151,679 33


Due from Treasurer School Dist. No.

1, Ann Arbor 10,282 30 Commercial deposits, subject to

Exchanges for clearing house 3,490 93 check 199,562 21

Checks and cash items 765 38

Nickels and cents 324 57Savings

Deposits 838,810*79

Goldcoiu, 40.257 50 Savings Certificates of Deposits 101,204^9

Silver coin 1,365 00 Due to Banks and Bankers 22,633 91

U. S. and National Bank Notes 27,980 00

11,437,393 36 $1,437,393 3«


County of Washtenaw. f 88-

I, Charles E. Hlseock, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the

above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. CHAS. E. HISCOCK, Cashier,

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 6th day of December, 1898.

MIOHAEL J. FRITZ, Notary Public.

CORRECT ATTEST: Christian Mack, W. D. Harriman, L, Gruner, Directors.

Capital, $50,000. Surplus, $150,000. Resources, $1,000,000.

Transacts a general banking business; buys and sells exchanges on New

York, Detroit and Chicago; sells drafts on all the principal cities of Europe

This bank, already having a large business, invites merchants and others

to open accounts with them with the assurance of the most liberal dealing consistent

with safe banking.

In the Savings Department interest at the rate of three per cent, is paid

semi-annually, on the first days of January and July, on all sums that were

deposited three months previous to those days, thus affording the people of this

city and county a perfectly safe depository for their funds, together with a reurn

in interest for the same. Money to loan on approved securities.

DIRECTORS.—Christian Mack, Daniel Hiscock, "Willard B. Smith, TP. D

Harriman, William Deubel, David Rinsey, L. Gruner.

OFFICERS.—Christian Mack, ^vesident; W.D. Harriman,

Chas. E. Hiscock, Cashiei M. I. Fritz Ass't-Cashiei.



William Erdman Fell

a Ladder.












While Shooting at A Hawk










appreciate the fact that a third of each day is spent

in slumber will endeavor to have the bedroom both comfortable

and substantial. The line of Bedroom Furniture which we are

showing will give the purchaser the greatest satisfaction.

The designs are new and attractive and the prices surprisingly-

On South Main Street2in the

City of Ann Arbor and

Died Instantly

William Erdman, of 53a Third st.

fell from a ladder at about 5:30 o'lcock

last.night aud broke his neck. He was

working as masons' helper at 446 S

Mains St., aud had been carrying a hod

\ip and down a 28 foot ladder all day

while Gottlob Schneider, the mason,

was finishing the chimney of the three

story house of Mrs. Catherine Rayer.

Erdman was coming down the ladder

with an emrty hod and his dinner

pail. He had got dowu below the

second story window and was probably

10 or 12 feet from the ground when he

fell striking probably on his head.

Schneider heard a fall and not heariu

Erdman say anything looked over the

eaves to s?e what had happened anc

saw him lying on the ground. He went

down the ladder, wlrich had not been

moved. Erdrnau breathed once >oi

twice after he got down. There was

blood on his month.

A crowd quickly gathered aud Coroner

Watts was summoned. Dr. S. R.

Boyce was called and worked over him

to restore respiration in vain.

Coroner Watts summoned the following

jury: V. Crittendeu, M. C. Peterson

Fred R. Gillen, Chas. F. Saur, Fred

Huhn, John R. Miner. The body was

taken to Dieterl9's undertaking rooms.

Dr. M. L. Belser made an examination

and found his neck broken. When he

turned his head, the grating of the

broken bones was heard by the by

standers three f8et away.

The testimony at the inquest was

taken this morning. Mrs. Catherine

Reyer saw him pass the second story

window and heard the fall. Mrs.

Elizabeth Paul saw him falling. Gottlob

Schneider testified to his going

down the ladder and hearing the fall.

Dr. S. R. Boyce and Dr. M. L. Belser

furnished the medical testimony. The

jury found that William Erdman

"came to his death at 446 S. Main st.

Ann Arbor, Mich., on Tuesday, Aug.

*22, 1899, about 6 o'clock p. m. by

breakage of the neck from a fall from a

lender wnile descending from the

suof and that no blame is attached to

any one."








Saline, Mich., Aug. 23.—George R.

Lntz and Henry Lindenschmitt are

spending a week in Detroit.

;:_1Dr.'Sheeder,has heen the victim of a

chicken robber'. Thieves have nearly

depleted the doctor's coop.

The electric road has been extended

south on Monroe st. as tar as Oakwood

cemetery. The road intends putting

in a long switch for the storage of cars.

Messrs. George J. Missly, FredNissly

and Louis Sturm and their families,

went as a party by the electric roid to

Detroit They will return on a special


|Milton Hitchcock^and Miss Bertha

Backmer, of Milan, spent Sunday at

SjfEditor A. J. Warren made a business Detroit on Monday. |.',;.; -«J^-H£

E. D. Stair, at one time editor ef the

Observer, is having trouble with the

employes in his theatre in Detroit.



Judge W. D. Harriruan is on the

street today, having returned from

Paris and London last evening. He is

looking well and if not so well known

in the city would pass for a member of

parliament. His clothes and indication

of mutton chop whiskers all go to

make up the disguise. The judge talks

very interestingly of his trip. Ho enjoyed

the ocean voyage very much.

He says the steamers are crowded, all

the berths being booked up until November.

The tipping system on the con

tinent is very annoying. In England

it is becoming less, many restaurants

having notices posted that it is strictly

forbidden. These are always crowded

with customers. In Paris his eon Carl

and himself took all their meals OH the

streets in the open air. The judge

and Oarl enjoyed their trip but are

gJad to be back in Michigan again.

Cheap Ticketsjto the East.

They w*ll be sold via Pennsylvania

Short Lines frum Michigan to Philadelphia

for G. A R. Encampment in

September. The low rate, will be

open to the public. For paiticulars

apply to F. M. BUSHONG, T. P. Agt.

(ifi Grin ' 7 d Rt., DPtirnt, Mich.

If yo ' v aut a bargain, cail on Miller

& Pray he Farmers Shed Grocers,

300 N. M iij st., ;md bay a barrel of

salt for :< ; Milan, Mich., Aug. 23.—Pythian

The arbitration of the claim of

Day, Tuesday, was a .success from start At a $10 Dollar Bill Kept Thomas Kearney, of Northfield,against


to finish. Music, games, dinner and

the Washteuaw Mutual Fire Insurance

banquet were carried out according to Under a Bed Tick and Co., was completed yesterday after-

the program. Geo. Steidle won the

noon M. J. Cavanaugh and Johu OUR STUDENTS' ROOM

bicycle race, C. Butler won both egg It is Missing.

F. Lawrence were the attorneys for the

and foot race. The ball game between

company and A. J. Sawyer for Mr. We are preparing the greatest line we ever had for this fpll.

Dundee and Milan stood 2'A to 24 in

Saline, Mich., Aug. 23.—Frank

Kearney. Most eloquent speeches

favor of Dundee. The streets were full

Goruer, a young colored man who

were made by the attorneys who all

of strangers aud the village was deco-

has been working on the new M. E

tried the case conscientiously. This Respectfully,

rated in Pythian colors and everything

church here is missing, and so is a $10

morning two of the arbitrators Andrew


was free to the guests. Ann Arbor,

bill belonging to Billy French, which

Campbell and William Aprill filed

Ypsilauti, Dundee, FowlerviJle and

the latter had carefully folded up and

their finding, the third arbitrator Peter

other placse were represented. The

kept under hia bed tick. He used to

Cook dissenting. Their finding was

Colored Male Quartet from Adriau,

take the f 10 William out frequently

as follows omitting the formal parts:

sang some fine selections ou the street

and look lovingly at it, but it is mis-

"We find that the claimant Thomas P.

in the evening.

sing and he remembered that Gorner

Kearney has attempted to defraud the FUrijitUre, Carpets ai)d praperi}.

Hon. and Mrs. J. Sprague, of Annhad

been buying silk shirts recently.

Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

Arbor, are the guests of Attorney and He swore out a warrant and Deputy

and that the liability of said company

Mrs. G. R. Williams for a few weeks. Sheriff Kelsey is after him.

on said policy has ceased on accouut

u2, 114 and 116 E. Liberty st.

of said attempted fraud and that said

Mrs. C. M. Fuller aud little Hazel Michael Wackenhut, of near Bridge- policy is null and void,"

PASSENGER ELEVATOR. are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. water Station, went out to shot a hawk


Goodrich of Ann Arbor, for a few days.

Mr. Kearney, the claimant, says he

Monday moruing. When he fired the

will appeal from this award on ac-

Miss Mabel Calkins was callad home guu, it kicked so hard that he sustained

count of it not being withiu their

to Monroe Wednesday by the sickness injuries from which he died Tuesday

province, the prejudice of the arbitra-

of her aunt, who is visiting there. morning.

tors and the mercilessuess and unjust

F. Carr, of the Dundee Reporter, was John Welker, who worked for Jacoo opinion expressed in the award.

in Milan Tuesday.

Sturm last winter,died at the resideuce Paragraph 10,932, section 9, of

The village is putting in a new fire of Charles Fiukbeiner in Bridgewater Howells Annotated statutes refers to

cistern on the corner of County and township of typhoid fever.

appeal from the award of arbitrators

Leonard sts.

There are four of the family of Seb- as^follows:

W. F. Stimsoo, of Detroit, is in astian Finkbeiner dowu with typhoid Paragraph 10,932, sectiou 9. Any

town for a few days.

fever and only one well person in the party complaining of such award, may

family to care for them

move the court designated in such sub-

M. A. Palmer, Lucy Clark and little

Violet visited Toledo Wednesday. S. T. Fairbanks has put a peddling mission, to vacate the same, upon

wagon on the road aud is now dispen- either of tiie following grounds.

Mrs. W. H. Housman visited friends

sing groceries frcru it.

1. That such award was procured Is a Delightful Mount.

in Jackson this week.

by corruption, fraud or other undue

Rev. J. W. McGregor is quite ill at


In designing and building «< OUR BICYCLES" for the present

Dr. Mesic's residence on E. Main st.

2. That there was evident partiality Season, we have endeavored to build a BICYCLE that will gain hundreds

Miss Ida Buroughs returned Mon- MARRIED IN or corruption in the arbitrators, or

day from her Saline visit.

either of them.

of new friends because of its absolute worth.

Miss Anna Delaforce returned Mon-

3. That the arbitrators were guilty

day from her Wisconsin visit.

of misconduct, in refusing to postpone


We Sell Strictly High=

the bearing, upon sufficient cause

Mrs. Otto Bennett and Florence, of

shown, or in refusing to hear any evid- Grade Bicycles at from

Ann Arbor, are the guests of Mr. and

ence, pertinent and material to the con-

Mrs. J. C. Rouse.

The Happy Allen-Foreman troversy, or any other misbehavior by

Miss Julia King returned to Saline

which any parties shall have been



$20.00 to $40.00


Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kelsey and son,

The claim of Mr Kearney is for 600 Furnished with your choice of Saddle, Handle Bars, Tires, Etc., are

of Detroit, are the guests of Mrs. Alex

bushels of beans which he claims were the best Value.



up in a barn and insured under

Lyrnan Burnham is erecting a new

a policy of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire


house on First st.

Insuran ;e Co. There seems to be much

To Be Delivered to the Newly feeling in the case and as there are We also have a complete livery of '99 White bicycles.

Lieut. Jordan and wife, of Dundee, Married Couple at Din- eminent counsel in the case, the claim

are the guests of Prof, and Mrs. Car-

will be thoroughly tested before it is


rick for a few days.

' ner Today.


Miss Sara Reevps returned to her

home in Azalia Saturday.


The wedding of Elmer C. Allen, son BROKE THTOUGH

Miss K. Lamb will return to Tecum- of Mayor Allen, of this city, to Miss

119 North Main Street.

she the first of next week to be ready Gertrude Foreman, daughter of Mrs.

for school work.

ErniJy J. Foreman, of 810 Congress st.


Miss Nellie Delaforce will leave for

occurred yesterday afternoon at 4

Dexter in a few days.

o'clock at the home of the bride's

mother. Dr. C. T. Allen, uncle of the Birkett, Mich., Aug. 22. —Mr. F. J. Biermann,! TELEMAQUE

Mrs. Koester has an interesting clas: groom and pastor of the Methodist Birkett was in Ann Arbor[twoj days

in French. Mrs. P. D. Campbell, who

-DEALER INchurch,

officiated. The wedding was last week. _ ,'ZZ£1

is over 70 years of age, is gonej of^the quite exclusive, only the immediate

most active aud brilliant pupils*in^|the

A jolly lo

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