2012 Ironman 70.3 Race Booklet - Laguna Phuket

2012 Ironman 70.3 Race Booklet - Laguna Phuket

2012 Ironman 70.3 Race Booklet - Laguna Phuket


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1.9km Swim • 90.1km Bike • 21.1km Run<br />


2 DEC <strong>2012</strong><br />

IRONMAN® and <strong>70.3</strong>® are registered trademarks of World Endurance Sport Group. www.ironmanphuket.com

A Holiday that’s Packed with Variety and Fun<br />

from a Resort that has Plenty of Choice<br />

Experiences at <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> promise to be some of your most memorable, with a fine selection of hotels<br />

and luxury villas to choose from, abundant activities, kids clubs, spas, restaurants, bars,<br />

breathtaking excursions, pristine beaches and resort golf.<br />

Make <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> your next holiday destination.<br />

Banyan Tree <strong>Phuket</strong> l DoublePool Villas by Banyan Tree l Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary l Angsana <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

Dusit Thani <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> l Outrigger <strong>Phuket</strong> Beach Resort l Outrigger <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> Resort & Villas<br />

Best Western Allamanda <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> l <strong>Laguna</strong> Holiday Club <strong>Phuket</strong> Resort<br />


Welcome from<br />

Deputy Prime Minister<br />

Dear athletes, supporters and guests<br />

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to <strong>Phuket</strong>,<br />

Thailand, for the <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong>. I am very<br />

excited to supoort this spectacular international event and<br />

take part in the carnival atmosphere on race day.<br />

Whether you have travelled here from overseas or<br />

from within Thailand, I am sure you will appreciate the<br />

spectacular location of <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong>. Known for its<br />

beautiful beaches and warm sunshine, <strong>Phuket</strong> has always<br />

been a traveller’s paradise – and with its abundance of lush<br />

tropical greenery, calm ocean waters and scenic coastal<br />

roads, it really is a triathlete’s paradise too.<br />

I am very proud of Thailand’s growing reputation as an<br />

international sporting hotspot and <strong>Phuket</strong> is playing a key<br />

role in spearheading this growth. <strong>Phuket</strong> now plays host<br />

to over a dozen international sporting events, including<br />

the <strong>Phuket</strong> International Rugby 10’s, Soccer 7’s, Cricket<br />

Sixes and 7’s, not to mention the long-standing <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

King’s Cup Regatta and the <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> Triathlon. This<br />

year, the <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> International Marathon – currently<br />

the island’s largest participatory event – welcomed a<br />

record number of runners and saw over 50 nationalities<br />

represented. This was a tremendous achievement for<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> and the island as a whole.<br />

On behalf of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and the<br />

Government of Thailand, I would like to thank the many<br />

organisations and individuals who have made this event<br />

possible and wish all the <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

competitors the best of luck for a race – and a holiday – to<br />

remember.<br />

Mr. Chumpol Silpa-archa<br />

Thailand Deputy Prime Minister and Minister<br />

of Tourism and Sports<br />

Welcome from<br />

Governor of <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

Sawadee krap, “hello”, and welcome to<br />

the <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

On behalf of the Government of <strong>Phuket</strong> Province,<br />

I would like to bid a very warm welcome to all<br />

competing athletes and supporters. If you’ve<br />

travelled from near or afar, thank you for making the<br />

journey to <strong>Phuket</strong> – we hope you enjoy your stay.<br />

Whether this is your first, second or even third visit<br />

to <strong>Phuket</strong> for this iconic race, I’m sure you will take<br />

advantage of all the cultural activities, excursions<br />

and shopping on offer here at <strong>Laguna</strong> and on<br />

the island. There is always plenty to see and do<br />

and many delicious local dishes just waiting to be<br />

sampled.<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> does a wonderful job at staging this<br />

triathlon and we are honored to assist them in their<br />

preparations to ensure your race experience is a<br />

positive one. Thank you to the sponsors and the<br />

Cherng Talay Municipality for supporting this event.<br />

Good luck and best wishes.<br />

Mr. Maitri Inthusut<br />

Governor of <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

Welcome to the <strong>2012</strong> <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong><br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

Welcome to our destination resort and thank you<br />

all for joining us for the <strong>2012</strong> <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

Now in its third year, this <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> is growing<br />

in stature and popularity and many seasoned<br />

triathletes now regard it as one of the sport’s<br />

leading destination races. This is a wonderful<br />

accolade for <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong>, as well as our<br />

partners and sponsors who support this event.<br />

We understand that training for an <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> –<br />

and of course completing one – is no easy feat. It<br />

requires smart preparation, dedication, and most<br />

of all determination. Congratulations to all of you<br />

for making it to the start line – the finish line is now<br />

just around the corner.<br />

As in past years, our <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> event will be<br />

raising money for a local charity project. Throughout<br />

our Tri-Fest we are aiming to raise 500,000<br />

baht to help fund a mobile library and learning<br />

centre for local children. Titled ‘Fully Booked!’, the<br />

project aims to make learning more accessible to<br />

Thai children in rural areas and encourages book<br />

reading. American pro triathlete Chris Lieto and his<br />

More Than Sport organisation have pledged their<br />

support for the project. For more information on<br />

how you too can contribute, please see page 25.<br />

Staging this event would not be possible without<br />

the support of our key sponsors and partners –<br />

Thai Airways International, the Tourism Authority of<br />

Thailand, <strong>Phuket</strong> Provincial Administrative Organisation<br />

and the Government of <strong>Phuket</strong> Province.<br />

Thank you all for your continued assistance.<br />

On behalf of the team at <strong>Laguna</strong>, I would like to<br />

wish all competitors the very best of luck for Sunday’s<br />

race and hope you take home many special<br />

memories of your time here with us.<br />

Mr. Ziya Birkan<br />

Deputy Managing Director<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> Resorts & Hotels Plc<br />

6 IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> 7

Welcome to<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong>, Thailand<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong>, a destination resort of seven world-class hotels and luxury villa properties just 20 minutes from the <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

International Airport, offers guests boundless opportunities for recreation, relaxation and exploration. Set on 1,000 acres of<br />

idyllic tropical parkland dotted with picturesque lagoons and fronted by an 8km-long white sand beach, this scenic retreat is<br />

filled with abundant activities including four luxurious spas, several stylish restaurants and bars, breathtaking excursions, 18hole<br />

resort golf course, retail galleries, resort shopping and even a waterfront wedding chapel.<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> comprises:<br />

Banyan Tree <strong>Phuket</strong> An exclusive spa resort featuring<br />

173 intimate villas, each with a private garden and either a<br />

jet-pool or private swimming pool. There are 12 luxurious<br />

dining options including “Dinner of the Senses” for two on<br />

a special floating platform in a tropical lagoon.<br />

Angsana <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> This hotel offers 409<br />

luxuriously appointed rooms, lofts, suites and private<br />

residences with concepts such as a tree house-inspired<br />

double-storey Kids’ Club and the chic and stylish XANA<br />

Beach Club. A total of seven dining and entertainment<br />

venues await you.<br />

Dusit Thani <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

Banyan Tree <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

Angsana <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

Dusit Thani <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> A grand beachfront<br />

colonial-style resort flanked by two lagoons with 226 rooms<br />

and suites, and 28 pool villas, which offers the finest of<br />

traditional Thai hospitality.<br />

Outrigger <strong>Phuket</strong> Beach Resort<br />

Outrigger <strong>Phuket</strong> Beach Resort (opening April<br />

2013) This magnificent beachfront property consisting of<br />

246 rooms and suites has been completely renovated with<br />

modern interiors subtly blended with contemporary Thai<br />

touches. Three restaurants, an enhanced water park and a<br />

variety of sports activities provide extensive options for all.<br />

Outrigger <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> Resort and Villas<br />

An exclusive property containing 78 villas where guests<br />

can choose from a two-bedroom tropical home to a fourbedroom<br />

extravaganza with large pool, as well as 19 one-,<br />

two- and three-bedroom suites.<br />

Best Western Allamanda <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> An<br />

all-suite resort offering 90 comfortable and spacious one<br />

and two bedroom units, each with a living and dining area,<br />

kitchenette and separate bedrooms with balconies.<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> Holiday Club <strong>Phuket</strong> Resort A hotel offering<br />

79 generously-appointed suites overlooking the manicured<br />

fairways and greens of <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> Golf Club.<br />

www.lagunaphuket.com<br />

8 IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> 9<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong><br />

Grove<br />

3<br />

2<br />

Outrigger <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

Beach Resort<br />

Dusit Thani<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

Latitude<br />

Marquee<br />

1. <strong>Race</strong> Office Tel: 076 362 300 ext. 1105<br />

2. Swim Start Outrigger <strong>Phuket</strong> Beach Resort<br />

3. Triathlon Expo Show;<br />

Registration; Swim Exit; Transition Area;<br />

Finish Line; Bike Mechanic; Medical & Food<br />

Booths; VIP Hospitality Tent, Press Conference<br />

4<br />

5<br />

1<br />

Canal Village<br />

Shopping<br />

Angsana <strong>Laguna</strong><br />

<strong>Phuket</strong><br />

Best Western Allamanda<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

4. Pasta Party, Athlete Briefings in English,<br />

Awards Banquet Latitude Marquee<br />

5. Pro Athlete Briefing,<br />

Athlete Briefings in Thai & Japanese<br />

Outrigger <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> Resort and Villas<br />

Best Western Allamanda <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> Holiday Club <strong>Phuket</strong> Resort<br />

Banyan Tree <strong>Phuket</strong>

Your race kit will<br />

include:<br />

• <strong>Race</strong> number for<br />

bike & run<br />

• <strong>Race</strong> belt<br />

• Swim cap<br />

• <strong>Race</strong> bag<br />

• Bike and run<br />

gear bag<br />

<strong>Race</strong> Briefing – 1 December <strong>2012</strong><br />

Latitude Marquee <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong>, opposite Canal Village.<br />

A mandatory race briefing in English, Thai and Japanese<br />

at Dusit Thani <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> will be held on Saturday 1<br />

December. See <strong>Race</strong> Week Schedule for details.<br />

There will be 3 sessions conducted as follows:<br />

12:00 - 13:00 for individual athletes and relay<br />

teams in English<br />

13:00 - 14:00 for individual triathletes and relay<br />

teams in Thai<br />

13:00 - 14:00 for individual triathletes and relay<br />

teams in Japanese<br />

Mandatory Bike Check, Bike Bag and Run Bag Check-in –<br />

1 December <strong>2012</strong> 10:00am – 5:00pm<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

The bike and bag check-in is mandatory for all athletes.<br />

Failure to check-in during the advertised hours may lead<br />

to disqualification from the race.<br />

Transition Area<br />

All athletes must check-in their bike, bike bag and run<br />

bag the day before the race. No gear is to be placed<br />

on the ground next to the bicycle. Bike shoes must be<br />

clipped in or put in the bike gear bag. Helmets must be<br />

placed in the bike gear bag. All run gear must be put in<br />

run gear bag. Access to bike and run gear bags is permitted<br />

on race morning. However athletes are encouraged<br />

to put all gear in the gear bags at check-in.<br />

Age Group Awards<br />

First, second and third finishers in each age group category<br />

will receive a trophy at the Awards Banquet.<br />

Label Gear<br />

Label every piece of clothing and gear, including both<br />

shoes, before coming to <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong>.<br />

Athlete Wristband<br />

All individual and relay athletes will be given an athlete<br />

wristband at registration. Athletes are required to put on<br />

the wristband at registration in front of our registration<br />

staff. The athlete wristband will give athletes the right to<br />

access the pasta party, the bike transition area and the<br />

athlete only area after they have finished their race.<br />

Pre-<strong>Race</strong><br />

Information<br />

Weather Conditions<br />

Average air temperature for December in <strong>Phuket</strong> is<br />

27°C/81°F with 85% humidity. Contestants MUST hydrate<br />

properly during race week, race morning and throughout<br />

the race. Bikes should be equipped with at least two water<br />

bottle cages.<br />

Personal Safety<br />

Always train with another person, especially in the water.<br />

While in the water, please wear a brightly coloured swim<br />

cap. When biking and running, please take precautions as<br />

<strong>Phuket</strong> drivers and motorcyclists are unpredictable. Take extreme<br />

caution when biking on ALL public roads. On Thursday<br />

of race week, an organised ride on the bike course will<br />

depart from <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove at 8:00am, led by a police escort<br />

vehicle. It is strongly recommended that athletes train on the<br />

bike course only during this organised ride.<br />

Pasta Party – 1 December 6:00pm<br />

Latitude Marquee <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong>, opposite Canal Village.<br />

Triathletes and relay teams are invited to attend the Pasta<br />

Party free of charge, upon presentation of wristband. Additional<br />

tickets for family and friends will be on sale during<br />

Registration on 1 December (Saturday). A limited number<br />

of tickets may be available for sale at the door. Tickets cost<br />

Baht 900 for adults and Baht 450 for children.<br />

Bike Storage<br />

Bikes will be permitted to be stored in athletes’ hotel<br />

rooms. Furthermore there will be bike racks at the Lobby<br />

of each hotel (no liabilitiy). However, all maintenance must<br />

be done in hotel car parks in order to prevent damage to<br />

room furnishings.<br />

Bike Shop / Bike Mechanic<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> Grove Transition Area<br />

28 November – 3 December<br />

It is difficult to rent racing or mountain bikes in <strong>Phuket</strong>.<br />

We recommend athletes bring their own bikes with them.<br />

Athletes are encouraged to bring spare bike parts with<br />

them. A bike mechanic will be stationed at <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

from Wednesday, 28 November to Monday, 3 December.<br />

Opening hours vary. Refer to the <strong>Race</strong> Week Schedule for<br />

operating hours.<br />


Parking<br />

Athletes and spectators driving to <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> on race<br />

morning should follow all signs and volunteer directions for<br />

available parking areas. Please arrive no later than 5:30am.<br />

Transition Area 5:00am – 6:00am<br />

Transition Area opens at <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove for body marking<br />

and final bike preparations. From the Transition Area<br />

at the <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove, athletes will be transferred to the<br />

Swim Start via ferry or shuttles bus. Free shuttle buses<br />

will circulate between the hotels. Fill bike bottles from your<br />

hotel room or home before arriving at Transition. Pre-race<br />

aid stations will be available at the Transition Area and the<br />

Swim Start. In addition, there will be 3 aid stations on the<br />

bike course, 7 aid stations on the run course and a postrace<br />

aid station and medical facilities at the finish area.<br />

<strong>Race</strong> Start<br />

Pro Wave 6:30am<br />

Wave # 1 6:31am<br />

Wave # 2 6:35am<br />

Wave # 3 6:39am<br />

Wave # 4 6:43am<br />

Please see maps for course details.<br />

Finisher Medals<br />

Will be presented to every athlete who<br />

completes the race at the finish line.<br />

Finisher T-Shirts<br />

Finisher T-Shirts will be given to every athlete who completes<br />

the race and will be distributed at the Information<br />

Tent near the finish line immediately after the race. Please<br />

report to our staff to claim your finisher t-shirt. Athletes<br />

who don’t collect their finisher shirt after the race will have<br />

the chance to claim it at the Awards Banquet.<br />

Athlete Hospitality & Massage Service<br />

10:30am – 3:00pm<br />

Post race hospitality shall include lunch and a complimentary<br />

15-minute massage behind the finish line. Note: Massage<br />

services are only available for triathletes.<br />

Medical Tent 5:00am – 4:00pm<br />

A Medical Tent will be located in the Finish Area at <strong>Laguna</strong><br />

Grove for athletes who require medical attention before<br />

and after the race. This area will be closed at 4:00pm. Any<br />

athletes in need of medical attention after 4:00pm should<br />

go to the Bangkok Hospital <strong>Phuket</strong> clinic at Canal Village.<br />

Post <strong>Race</strong> Equipment Pick-Up<br />

The bike transition opens for bike, swim and run gear<br />

check out after the bike cut-off at 12:30pm. All bags,<br />

equipment and bikes must be claimed and removed from<br />

the Transition Area by 3:30pm on race day.<br />

To claim left items show race number which must<br />

correspond to the number on the bag(s). You will be<br />

responsible for transporting your own gear back to your<br />

hotel after the race.<br />

Lost and Found<br />

This will be located at the Information Tent in the Transition<br />

Area at <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove and will be open until 3:30pm on<br />

race day. After this time, any remaining lost property items<br />

will be transferred to the race office. Please remember to<br />

label all of your equipment before the race.<br />

Finisher Certificates<br />

Finisher certificates will be made available for download on<br />

the results list.<br />

Slot Allocation and Roll Down for the 2013<br />

<strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> World Championship, Las Vegas,<br />

Nevada 3:30pm – 4:00pm<br />

The slot allocation will be held at Dusit Hall, Dusit Thani<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong>. The 2013 slot allocation and roll-down<br />

policy is as follows:<br />

Prior to race day, at least one slot shall be tentatively<br />

allocated to each Age Group category (both male and<br />

female). Please see the official Age Group category<br />

breakdown listed below.<br />

Final slot allocation will be determined on race day based<br />

on the number of official starters. If there are no starters in<br />

a particular Age Group, then that slot will be moved to the<br />

next calculated Age Group within the gender.<br />

Final slot allocation shall be representative of the actual<br />

number of Age Group starters in each category in the<br />

race. For example, if 8% of the Age Group starters are<br />

Female 40-44, then 8% of the slots are allocated to the<br />

Female 40-44 category. Athletes MUST claim and pay<br />

for their slot in-person during the designated registration<br />

period for the World Championship.<br />

Age Group breakdown<br />

18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49,50-54,<br />

55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+.<br />

Roll Down Policy<br />

At the conclusion of onsite registration for the automatic<br />

qualifiers, any unclaimed slots within an Age Group will<br />

be rolled down to the next eligible finisher within that Age<br />

Group. If an athlete chooses not to take the slot, does not<br />

attend the roll down ceremony or has already qualified,<br />

the next eligible finisher in that Age Group may claim the<br />

qualifying slot. Following roll down, any unclaimed slots<br />

within an Age Group will be reallocated to another Age<br />

Group within the gender based on the athletes-to-slots<br />

ratio. The Age Group within the gender with the largest<br />

athletes-to-slots ratio will receive the first reallocated slot,<br />

followed by the next largest ratio receiving the second reallocated<br />

slot (if applicable), and so on.<br />

Pre-Awards Cocktail Party<br />

2 December 5:30pm – 6:30pm<br />

Latitude Marquee, <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

AWARDS PARTY 2 December<br />

6:30pm – 11:00pm<br />

Latitude Marquee, <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> opposite Canal Village.<br />

All athletes are invited to attend the Awards Party by purchasing<br />

tickets in advance online. Tickets and wristbands<br />

must be presented to gain entry to the dinner. If not sold<br />

out, tickets will be sold at Registration on 30 November<br />

and 1 December and possibly at the door. Tickets cost<br />

Baht 1800 for adults and Baht 900 for children.<br />

10 IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> 11

<strong>Race</strong> Week Schedule<br />

WED 28 NOV<br />

Date/Time Activity Venue<br />

07:00 - 10:00 Swim Course open for practice (no lifeguards on duty) Southern end of Dusit Thani Beach<br />

08:30 – 10:00 Thanyapura swim session Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club<br />

08:30 – 10:00 Thanyapura swim session Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club<br />

10:30 Thanyapura Q&A Brunch Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club<br />

(led by <strong>Ironman</strong> legend Juergen Zack) Divine Restaurant<br />

11:00 - 17:00 Bike Mechanic Service <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

18:00 Loy Kratong Festival Latitude Marquee & Elephant Park<br />

THU 29 NOV<br />

Date/Time Activity Venue<br />

07:00 - 10:00 Swim Course open for practice (no lifeguards on duty) Southern end of Dusit Thani Beach<br />

07:00 - 17:00 Bike Mechanic Service <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

8:00 Practice bike session with <strong>Ironman</strong> legend <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Bike Course<br />

Juergen Zack - police escort<br />

15:00 - 16:00 Open Water Swimming Competition Southern end of Dusit Thani Beach<br />

19:00 More Than Sport chairy dinner with Chris Lieto (Invitation only) Saffron restaurant, Banyan Tree <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

FRI 30 NOV<br />

Date/Time Activity Venue<br />

07:00 - 10:00 Swim Course open for practice (no lifeguards on duty) Southern end of Dusit Thani Beach<br />

07:00 - 17:00 Bike Mechanic Service <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

08:30 – 10:00 Thanyapura swim session Thanyapura Sports&Leisure Club<br />

10:00 - 17:00 Expo open <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Big Marquee<br />

11:00 - 17:00 Athlete Registration <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Big Marquee<br />

18:00 - 19:30 Meet the Pros Cocktail Party (By pre-purchased ticket) XANA Beach Club, Angsana <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

SAT 1 DEC<br />

Date/Time Activity Venue<br />

07:00 - 10:00 Swim Course open for practice (no lifeguards on duty) Southern end of Dusit Thani Beach<br />

09:00 - 17:00 Bike Mechanic Service <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

09:00 - 17:00 Expo open <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Big Marquee<br />

09:00 - 17:00 Athlete Registration <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Big Marquee<br />

10:00 - 17:00 Mandatory athlete bike, bike/run gear check-in <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Transition Area<br />

10:00 Pro Athlete Briefing Dusit Hall, Dusit Thani <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

11:00 Press Conference <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Big Marquee<br />

12:00 Athlete Briefing in English Latitude Marquee<br />

13:00 Athlete Briefing in Thai Suriyan Room, Dusit Thani <strong>Laguna</strong><br />

13:00 Athlete Briefing in Japanese Dusit Hall, Dusit Thani <strong>Laguna</strong><br />

18:00 - 20:00 Pasta Party Latitude Marquee<br />


Date/Time Activity Venue<br />

05:00 Transition Area opens for athlete check-in, numbering, <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Transition Area<br />

special needs bag check-in<br />

05:00 - 16:00 Medical service at finish line <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

5:00 - 06:30 Bike Mechanic Service <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

5:30 - 06:15 Triathletes transfer to swim start Southern end of Dusit Thani Beach<br />

06:00 Transition Area closes <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Transition Area<br />

06:30 <strong>Race</strong> Start Pro Wave Southern end of Dusit Thani Beach<br />

06:31 <strong>Race</strong> Start Wave 1 Outrigger <strong>Phuket</strong> Beach Resort<br />

06:35 <strong>Race</strong> Start Wave 2 Outrigger <strong>Phuket</strong> Beach Resort<br />

06:39 <strong>Race</strong> Start Wave 3 Outrigger <strong>Phuket</strong> Beach Resort<br />

06:43 <strong>Race</strong> Start Wave 4 Outrigger <strong>Phuket</strong> Beach Resort<br />

06:50 VIP ferry from swim start to view swim finish & Transition Area<br />

06:55am (app.) First athlete swim finish - Transition <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

07:00 - 15:00 VIP hospitality tent at finish line <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

07:41 Swim cut-off – swim out Wave 1<br />

07:45 Swim cut-off – swim out Wave 2<br />

07:49 Swim cut-off – swim out Wave 3<br />

07:53 Swim cut-off – swim out Wave 4<br />

08:00 - 15:00 Expo open <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Big Marquee<br />

09:10 (app.) First athlete bike finish - Transition Area <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Transition Area<br />

10:30 (app.) First Men’s Finisher <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

10:30 - 15:00 Athlete hospitality and massage service <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Behind finish line<br />

10:50 (approx.) First Women’s Finisher <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

11:46 Bike cut-off Wave 1<br />

11:50 Bike cut-off Wave 2<br />

11:54 Bike cut-off Wave 3<br />

11:58 Bike cut-off Wave 4<br />

12:00 - 15:30 Bike Check-out <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Transition Area<br />

15:00 Finish line closes <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

15:30 Transition Area closes. Competitors MUST collect <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

equipment from the Transition Area before 15:30.<br />

15:30 Medical service at finish line closes. Anyone in need <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove - Canal Village<br />

of medical attention should go to Bangkok Hospital<br />

<strong>Phuket</strong> clinic at Canal Village.<br />

15:30 - 16:00 Registration <strong>Ironman</strong> World Championship <strong>70.3</strong> Dusit Hall, Dusit Thani <strong>Laguna</strong><br />

Las Vegas and Roll–Down<br />

17:30 - 18:30 Pre-awards cocktail party Latitude Marquee<br />

18:30 - 23:00 Awards Party Latitude Marquee<br />

22:30 - late Awards After Party XANA Beach Club, Angsana <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

MON 3 DEC<br />

Date/Time Activity Venue<br />

10:00 - 14:00 Bike Mechanic Service <strong>Laguna</strong> Grove<br />

12 IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> 13

Let’s <strong>Race</strong> for <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong>’s<br />

“Fully Booked!” Mobile Learning Centre<br />

Welcome to the third annual <strong>Laguna</strong><br />

<strong>Phuket</strong> Tri-Fest Fundraiser!<br />

Each year <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> fundraises for various initiatives<br />

under its CSR program, channeling 100% of all money<br />

raised to target beneficiaries. Since 2010, professional<br />

and amateur triathletes and fun runners have helped to<br />

raise over 2 million Baht (approximately USD68,000)<br />

for <strong>Laguna</strong>’s ‘Developing Sustainable Schools’ program<br />

and Survival Swim lessons for children under the age of 15.<br />

This amount, combined<br />

with money<br />

raised via our other<br />

annual fundraisers,<br />

have enabled two<br />

rural schools to have<br />

new roofs and safer<br />

learning environments,<br />

and an initial<br />

1,000 students<br />

have learnt basic<br />

water safety and drowning prevention skills!<br />

This year, we are fundraising for <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong>’s<br />

“Fully Booked!” Mobile Learning Centre which aims<br />

to re-introduce reading, the basis of self-empowerment.<br />

Through our work with rural schools and disadvantaged<br />

students in <strong>Phuket</strong> and nearby provinces, we have<br />

witnessed firsthand the disparities of educational quality<br />

between urban and rural schools, and literacy problems<br />

among rural children as old as Grade 6. The National<br />

Statistical Office Thailand reported in 2008 that more than<br />

14% of Thai people can’t read, and over one third of Thais<br />

don’t read for pleasure or self education.<br />

The Mobile Learning Centre, a small flatbed truck equipped<br />

with an especially designed container, will provide a<br />

2-in-1 service as a library and a classroom. It will service<br />

kindergarten and primary school students in rural <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

and nearby areas, and will promote environmental<br />

awareness and healthy living alongside reading. The centre<br />

will be in operation by the 2013 academic year.<br />

Our goal is to raise 2 million Baht this year to purchase<br />

books, learning supplies and equipment, and, of course,<br />

the truck. Funds raised over this target will be used for<br />

ongoing maintenance and monthly operational expenses<br />

of the centre. <strong>Laguna</strong> Resorts & Hotels has donated 1<br />

million Baht to jumpstart this initiative, and to date we<br />

have raised over 400,000 Baht. So please help us to<br />

reach our goal and share your love for reading by donating<br />

online at www.lagunaphuket.com/donate-CSR, or visit our<br />

booth at the event’s Expo area and donate a book!<br />

Partnership with <strong>Ironman</strong> Chris Lieto’s<br />

“More Than Sport”<br />

This year, <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> is partnering with <strong>Ironman</strong> Chris<br />

Lieto’s “More Than Sport” foundation to support our<br />

charity initiative.<br />

Renowned as the fastest American <strong>Ironman</strong> and one of<br />

the top professional triathletes in the world, Lieto has<br />

recorded 15 major victories including three <strong>Ironman</strong> wins,<br />

a U.S. <strong>Ironman</strong> Championship and three top 10 finishes<br />

at the <strong>Ironman</strong> World Championship in Kona, Hawaii,<br />

highlighted by a second-place finish in 2009.<br />

His More Than Sport organisation harnesses the<br />

enthusiasm of competing athletes in triathlons around the<br />

world to raise funds for local communities where races are<br />

held, through website donations on event registration, and<br />

hands-on community assistance. LPT and <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong><br />

athletes have been encouraged to contribute to “Fully<br />

Booked!” with online sponsorship and direct donations.<br />

A HUGE thank you to those of you who have already<br />

supported this worthy cause. Lieto will also join pro<br />

athletes and age group racers for more fundraising<br />

activities during the <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> Tri-Fest in the week<br />

between LPT on Sunday 25 November and the <strong>70.3</strong> on<br />

Sunday 2 December.<br />

IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> 19

<strong>Race</strong> Rules<br />


1. Each swimmer must wear an official swim cap provided<br />

by the race. Wearing swim goggles or a face mask is recommended,<br />

but not required.<br />

2. No fins, paddles, snorkels, wetsuits* or flotation devices<br />

of any kind are allowed. Tri-suits and full body suits must be<br />

sleeveless. Shoulders must be completely uncovered.<br />

3. Please be sure your timing chip is properly fixed to your<br />

right ankle.<br />

4. Swimwear must be 100% textile material, which is defined<br />

as materials consisting of natural and/or synthetic, individual<br />

and non-consolidated yarns used to constitute a fabric by<br />

weaving, knitting and/or braiding. Simply put, this would<br />

generally refer to suits made only from nylon or Lycra that do<br />

not have any rubberised material such as polyurethane or<br />

neoprene. Swimwear must not cover the neck, extend past the<br />

shoulder, nor extend past the knees. Swimwear may contain a<br />

zipper. A race kit may be worn underneath swimwear.<br />

5. No individual paddlers or escorts allowed.<br />

6. Swimmers will be required to have race officials mark their<br />

race numbers on both their shoulders. PLEASE DO NOT<br />



7. Time penalties will be imposed on athletes not behind the<br />

official start line 5 minutes prior to the race start.<br />

8. Swimmers are required to stay on course, swim clockwise,<br />

and keep course markers to the right. Failure to do so may<br />

result in disqualification.<br />

9. A swimmer experiencing difficulty and in need of assistance<br />

shall raise an arm overhead, pump it up and down, and call<br />

or seek assistance. A swimmer who has received assistance,<br />

whether voluntary or involuntary, must retire and withdraw from<br />

the remainder of the race, unless such assistance did not aid<br />

the swimmer in making forward progress. No swimmer shall<br />

return to the race if the official rendering assistance requests<br />

that the athlete withdraws from the race or receive medical<br />

assistance.<br />

10. The swim course will be CLOSED 1 hour and 10 minutes<br />

after the athlete’s actual wave start time. After 1 hour and 10<br />

minutes athletes will not be permitted to continue in the event.<br />

11. After the swim, athletes must pick up their bike gear bag.<br />

This is a security measure designed to maintain an accurate<br />

count of swimmers in and out of the water.<br />

12. After the swim, athletes must dress for the bike portion of<br />

the race in designated changing tents only. No dressing will be<br />

allowed in the bike holding area as it impedes traffic through<br />

the bike lanes. Public nudity is prohibited.<br />

Wetsuit Restrictions<br />

• Wetsuits cannot measure more than 5 mm thick.<br />

• Wetsuits are permitted if the water temperature is up<br />

to (and including) 76.1 degrees Fahrenheit (24.5 degrees<br />

Celsius) or colder.<br />

• Wetsuits will be prohibited in water temperatures greater<br />

than 83.8 degrees Fahrenheit (28.8 degrees Celsius).<br />

• Athletes who choose to wear a wetsuit in water tempera<br />

tures between 76.1 degrees Fahrenheit (24.5 degrees<br />

Celsius) and 83.8 degrees Fahrenheit (28.8 degrees<br />

Celsius) will not be eligible for awards, including World<br />

Championship slots.<br />

• The De Soto Water Rover wetsuit is PROHIBITED<br />


A. Position Rules: a. Absolutely NO DRAFTING of another bike<br />

or any other vehicle is allowed.<br />

b. Athletes must keep 7 meters (~4 bike lengths) distance<br />

between bikes except when passing. Failure to do so will result<br />

in a drafting violation.<br />

c. A pass occurs when the overtaking athlete’s front wheel passes<br />

the leading edge of the athlete being overtaken.<br />

d. Overtaking athletes may pass on the right for up to 20 seconds,<br />

but must move back to the left side of the road, after passing.<br />

Failure to complete a pass within 20 seconds will result in a drafting<br />

violation. Athletes may not back out of the 7-meter draft zone once<br />

it is entered (drafting violation).<br />

e. An overtaken athlete must immediately fall back 7 meters (~4 bike<br />

lengths) before attempting to regain the lead from a front running<br />

bike. Immediately re-passing prior to falling back 7 meters will result<br />

in an overtaken violation.<br />

f. An overtaken athlete who remains within 7 meters (~4 bike<br />

lengths) for more than 20 seconds will be given a drafting violation.<br />

g. Athletes must ride single file on the far left side of the road except<br />

when passing another rider, or for reasons of safety. Side-by-side<br />

riding is not allowed and will result in a position violation.<br />

h. Athletes who impede the forward progress of other athletes will<br />

be given a blocking violation.<br />

i. Athletes committing rules violations will be notified “on the spot”<br />

by an official.<br />

j. Do not attempt to discuss the penalty with the official.<br />

k. The official will:<br />

i. Call out your bib number, stop you and notify you that you have<br />

received either a RED CARD for drafting, or a YELLOW CARD for<br />

any other penalty. The official will show you the corresponding<br />

colored card and mark your bib with a “/” for drafting or a “P” for all<br />

other penalties.<br />

ii. Instruct you to report to the penalty tent (PT) in transition. There<br />

are no penalty tents on the course. THE EXACT LOCATION OF<br />


l. The athlete will:<br />

i. Report to the PT and tell the PT Official whether you were shown<br />

a RED CARD or a YELLOW CARD. If you fail to report to the PT, you<br />

may be disqualified.<br />

ii. Register, via the sign-in sheet.<br />

iii. Remain in the PT for four minutes for each drafting violation<br />

(RED CARD).<br />

iv. Be disqualified if you receive any combination of three penalties.<br />

If you are disqualified, you may finish the bike course but may not<br />

start the run.<br />

v. Be disqualified for not reporting to the PT.<br />

2. Bicycles must be racked in a manner such that the majority of the<br />

bicycle is on the contestant’s side of the bike rack.<br />

3. A shirt or sport top must be worn at all times. Contestants caught<br />

without a shirt or sport top may be disqualified.<br />

4. No tandems, recumbents, fairings, or any add-on device<br />

designed exclusively to reduce are allowed. Any new, unusual, or<br />

prototype equipment will be subject to a determination of legality by<br />

the event organizer and/or Head Referee.<br />

5. The sole responsibility of knowing and following the prescribed<br />

cycling course rests with each athlete No adjustments in times or results<br />

shall be made for athletes who fail to follow the proper course<br />

for any reason whatsoever.<br />

6. Athletes must obey all traffic laws while on the cycling course<br />

unless otherwise specifically directed by an official, race monitor<br />

or designee with actual authority. Failure to do so may result in<br />

disqualification.<br />

7. No athlete shall endanger himself or another participant. Any<br />

athlete, who intentionally presents a danger to any athlete or who, in<br />

the judgment of the Head Referee, appears to present a danger to<br />

any athlete may be disqualified.<br />

8. If a bib number for the bike is provided by the race organizer,<br />

athletes must wear the bib number at all times while on the course. The<br />

bib number must be placed low on the BACK of athlete’s jersey where it<br />

is clearly visible. Folding or cutting bib number or intentional alteration of<br />

any kind is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. <strong>Race</strong> belts may be worn.<br />

9. If a bike helmet number is provided by the race organizer, athletes<br />

must wear the number on the front of their helmet.<br />

10. Athletes must have a bike frame number fixed to their bike and<br />

the entire number must be clearly visible from the left side.<br />

11. CPSC-approved helmet is required during the entire bike portion<br />

including in and out of transition area. Any athlete riding without<br />

an approved helmet or chinstrap not fastened may be disqualified.<br />

Alterations to hard-shell helmet, which affect its integrity, are not<br />

allowed.<br />

12. No individual support allowed. Ample aid and food stations will<br />

be provided. Friends, family members, coaches, or supporters of<br />

any type may NOT bike, drive, or run alongside athlete, may not<br />

pass food or other items to athlete and should be warned to stay<br />

completely clear of all athletes to avoid the disqualification of an<br />

athlete. It is incumbent upon each athlete to immediately reject any<br />

attempt to assist, follow, or escort.<br />













13. Athletes must be individually responsible for repair and maintenance<br />

of their own bike. Athletes should be prepared to handle<br />

any possible mechanical malfunction. Assistance from official race<br />

personnel is permitted.<br />

14. Athletes may walk bike, if necessary, but may not make<br />

progress on the bike course unaccompanied by their bicycle.<br />

15. Bike inspection is not mandatory and will not be provided at<br />

bike check-in, although technicians will be available. Athletes are<br />

ultimately responsible for their own bikes.However, race officials<br />

may at their discretion make final judgment as to the soundness of<br />

bikes. In the event of foul weather, large plastic bags, which cover<br />

the entire bike, will be permitted as long as the bags are securely<br />

fastened to the bike.<br />



17. MEDICAL SUPPORT. If you need minor medical assistance, Sag<br />

Wagons will pick you up and take you to the medical tent, where<br />

you shall receive treatment. Alternatively, depending upon medical<br />

emergency, ambulances will take you to the nearest hospital to<br />

receive treatment. If you have a technical problem or have bonked,<br />

the Sag Wagons will take you to the next aid station. At every bike<br />

and run aid station, there will be rest areas and medical personnel<br />

to assist in any medical problem. Additionally, there will be radios to<br />

contact ambulances and medical assistance. If you have a problem,<br />

please go to an aid station for further assistance.<br />

18. Yellow Flag Area and Rules: The purpose of the Yellow Flag<br />

Areas is to slow all bikes to a safe speed through a dangerous<br />

area and to assure athletes that they will not suffer a competitive<br />

disadvantage by riding carefully through the area. The Yellow Flag<br />

Areas will be pointed out in the race briefing. A white line across<br />

the road and a race official waving a yellow flag identify the start of<br />

the Yellow Flag Area. Inside the Yellow Flag Area riders must: ‘‘Sit<br />

up on handlebars with hands on the brakes.” Ride no faster than<br />

20 kph.”Not pass any other athletes. Any athlete failing to follow<br />

Yellow Flag Area rules and restrictions will be penalized between 1<br />

and 5 minutes depending upon the severity of the violation. Athletes<br />

attempting to take a competitive advantage in a Yellow Flag Area<br />

will be most heavily penalized. A white line across the pavement<br />

and an official waving a green flag identify the end of the Yellow Flag<br />

Area. Once the rider exits the Yellow Flag Area he/she may<br />

immediately resume racing.<br />

19. Cyclists are individually responsible for following traffic<br />

laws and are solely responsible for the consequences of any<br />

infractions. Cyclists riding in violation of traffic laws may be<br />

disqualified. At all times, contestants should remain on the left<br />

side of the road.<br />

20. While there will be traffic control on the bike course, it may<br />

be impossible to close the roads. Therefore, at all times during<br />

the race, contestants should assume that cars may be on the<br />

road and take all necessary safety precautions.<br />

21.Yellow Line Rule: On out and back sections (two way bike<br />

traffic) on the course, contestants must stay on the left side of<br />

the road at all times, except when a contestant is directed to<br />

cross the yellow line by a race official. Any contestant crossing<br />

the mid-point of the road will be disqualified or time-penalized.<br />

22. The bike course has both flat and some steep hilly sections.<br />

We recommend 24-28 tooth rear sprockets. Athletes are<br />

advised to take extreme care on all turns and in areas where<br />

there are driveways.<br />

23. Bike cut-off is 5 hours 30 minutes after the athlete’s actual<br />

wave start time. Athletes still on the course after the cut-off<br />

time will be listed in the results as DNF (Did Not Finish) and will<br />

not be permitted to continue in the event.<br />


1. No form of locomotion other than running, walking or<br />

crawling is allowed.<br />

2. Athletes must wear their officially issued bib number in front<br />

of them clearly visible at all times on the course. Bib numbers<br />

identify the official athletes in the race. Folding, cutting the bib<br />

number, intentional alteration of any kind, or failure to wear<br />

race number is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and may result in<br />

disqualification.<br />



is an individual endurance event. Teamwork as a result of<br />

outside assistance, which provides an advantage over single<br />

competitors, is not allowed. Individual support vehicles or<br />

non-participant escort runners will result in disqualification. A<br />

non-participant escort runner includes athletes who have withdrawn<br />

from the race, have been disqualified or have finished<br />

the race. Friends, family, members, coaches or supporters of<br />

any type may not bike, drive or run alongside athlete, may not<br />

pass food or other items to athlete and should be warned to<br />

stay completely clear of all athletes to avoid the disqualification<br />

of an athlete. It is incumbent upon each athlete to immediately<br />

reject any attempt to assist, follow, or escort. It is permissible<br />

for an athlete who is still competing to run with other athletes<br />

who are still competing.<br />

4. Athletes are expected to follow the directions and instructions<br />

of all race officials and public authorities.<br />

5. The sole responsibility of knowing and following the prescribed<br />

running course rests with each athlete. No adjustments<br />

in times or results shall be made for athletes who fail to follow<br />

the proper course for any reason whatsoever.<br />

6. Run cut-off time is 8 hours 30 minutes after each athlete’s<br />

actual wave start time. Athletes still on the course after that<br />

time will be listed in the results as DNF and given the opportunity<br />

to unofficially finish the race.<br />


1. Public nudity is prohibited and will result in disqualification.<br />




<strong>Ironman</strong> reserves the right to make changes to these rules at<br />

any time.<br />

20 IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> 21

Athletes to Watch<br />

Name: Chris McCormack<br />

Date of Birth: 4 April 1973, 39 years<br />

Nationality: Australian<br />

Residence: Sydney, Australia<br />

Results:<br />

<strong>2012</strong><br />

• 1st ITU Longdistance<br />

World Championship Gasteiz<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> Tokoname<br />

• 3rd <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Austria<br />

2011<br />

• 1st Challenge Cairns<br />

2010<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> World Championship<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> World Championship<br />

Name: Chris Lieto<br />

Date of Birth: 7 Feb 1972, 40 years<br />

Nationality: American<br />

Residence: California, USA<br />

Results:<br />

<strong>2012</strong><br />

• 3rd <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Hawai<br />

2011<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> US<br />

Championship, Texas<br />

• 2nd <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> World<br />

Championship, Las Vegas<br />

• US National Champion<br />

Name: Leanda Cave<br />

Date of Birth: 9 Mar 1978, 34 years<br />

Nationality: Welsh (British)<br />

Residence: Bath, England<br />

Results:<br />

<strong>2012</strong><br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> World Championship<br />

Clearwater/USA<br />

• 1st ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ Triathlon<br />

2011<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> Arizona<br />

• 2nd ITU Long Distance World<br />

Championships Las Vegas<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Miami<br />

• 3rd <strong>Ironman</strong> World Championship<br />

Name: Belinda Granger<br />

Date of Birth: 20 Nov 1970, 42 years<br />

Nationality: Australian<br />

Residence: Noosa Heads, QLD Australia<br />

Results:<br />

<strong>2012</strong><br />

• 3rd <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Philippines<br />

• 4th <strong>Ironman</strong> Cairns<br />

• 4th <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Busselton<br />

2011<br />

• 1st Challenge Wanaka<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Busselton<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Philippines<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Japan<br />

• 4th <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Port Macquarie<br />

• 5th Challenge Roth<br />

• 6th <strong>Ironman</strong> South Africa<br />

Name: Cameron Brown<br />

Name: Massimo Cigana<br />

Name: Melissa Hauschild<br />

Name: Radka Vodickova<br />

Date of Birth: 20 June 1972, 40 years<br />

Date of Birth: 5 May 1974, 38 years<br />

Date of Birth: 13 Apr 1983, 29 years<br />

Date of Birth: 7 Nov 1984, 28 years<br />

Nationality: New Zealander<br />

Nationality: Italian<br />

Nationality: Australian<br />

Nationality: Czech<br />

Residence: Auckland, New Zealand<br />

Residence: Venice, Italia<br />

Residence: Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia<br />

Residence: Jablonec nad Nisou,<br />

Results:<br />

Results:<br />

Results:<br />

Czech Republic<br />

<strong>2012</strong><br />

<strong>2012</strong><br />

<strong>2012</strong><br />

Results:<br />

• 2nd <strong>Ironman</strong> Asia-Pacific Championship<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Mergozzo (Italy)<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Augusta<br />

<strong>2012</strong><br />

(Australia)<br />

• 1st Olympic distance Grado (Italy)<br />

• 2nd <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Cozumel<br />

• 2nd ITU Triathlon Stockholm<br />

2011<br />

• 2nd <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Italian championship<br />

• 4th <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> World Championship Las Vegas<br />

• 2nd Ixtapa ITU Triathlon Pan America Cup<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> New Zealand<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Kona<br />

• 2nd <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> New Zealand<br />

• 3rd Olympic distance Mondsee (Austria)<br />

2011<br />

• 1st <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> Triathlon (Thailand)<br />

• 1st Sprint Trieste (Italy)<br />

• 2nd Desafi-Donana (Spain)<br />

• 4th <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Austin (Texas)<br />

• 5th <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Italy<br />

• 6th <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Asia-Pacific<br />

Championship (Thailand)<br />

2011<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Muncie<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Vineman<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> Steelhead<br />

• 1st <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> World<br />

Championship, Las Vegas<br />

• 1st Noosa Olympic Distance Triathlon<br />

• 3rd Mazatlan ITU Triathlon Pan America Cup<br />

2011<br />

• 1st ITU European Triathlon Rankings<br />

• 1st Darmstadt 5150 Triathlon (Germany)<br />

• 1st Klagenfurt 5150 Triathlon (Austria)<br />

22 IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> 23

Jewel in the crown<br />

Thailand is home to some of the world’s most scenic beaches, mouthwatering food and charming<br />

traditions. And <strong>Phuket</strong> – basking in its tropical island glory and distinct cultural history – really is the<br />

jewel in the crown.<br />

Brief history<br />

In the early Christian era, the cape of<br />

<strong>Phuket</strong> was generally referred to as Jung<br />

Ceylon. While locals called it Thalang<br />

(now the name of the main town to the<br />

north of the island) Jung Ceylon was the<br />

perfect stopover sheltering traders from<br />

monsoons. It welcomed merchants from<br />

India, Persia, Arabia, Burma, China and<br />

also Siam, and during the 16th century, was a popular<br />

trading port for tin.<br />

In 1785, Thalang town was surrounded by Burmese<br />

troops who invaded the coastal area.<br />

It was under the leadership of Chan, the widow of<br />

the governor, and her sister, Muk, who united the<br />

local residents and successfully fought and drove<br />

the invaders out of <strong>Phuket</strong>. It took over 30 days for<br />

the defending troops of <strong>Phuket</strong>, under the command<br />

of Chan and Muk, to claim their victory. As a result<br />

of such heroic deeds, noble titles were granted to<br />

Chan and Muk as ‘Thao Thep Krasattri and Thao Sri<br />

Soonthorn, respectively. They are still highly respected<br />

by <strong>Phuket</strong> residents today and are commemorated<br />

at the Heroines Monument.<br />

When the city was in a peaceful state, mining commenced.<br />

Chinese businessmen and miners migrated<br />

to <strong>Phuket</strong> and soon began to enjoy thriving wealth.<br />

The island’s long history has shaped the distinctive<br />

<strong>Phuket</strong> of the present with its diverse ethnic groups,<br />

culture, architectural influence, and fine cuisine.<br />

<strong>Phuket</strong> has a lot more to offer its visitors than its<br />

natural heritage of sea, sand, blue sky, forest, and<br />

world-renowned diving sites. Sino-Portuguese architecture<br />

casts its spell delighting travellers, while the<br />

<strong>Phuket</strong> style of hospitality has never failed to impress<br />

visitors from all walks of life.<br />

Activities<br />

As one of Thailand’s premier tourist destinations, <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

has numerous activities on offer and sights to explore,<br />

ensuring visitors are well entertained on their <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

holiday. Here are just some of the many things you could<br />

chose to do in <strong>Phuket</strong>:<br />

Buddha Temple or Wat Pra Yai<br />

Situated atop Nag Gerd Hill in the south of the island, the<br />

25.45 metre wide and 45 metre tall Buddha temple faces<br />

19 degrees northeast and is considered a landmark respected<br />

by both the people of <strong>Phuket</strong> and visitors alike.<br />

Phang Nga Bay<br />

Spectacular Phang Nga Bay is best explored by kayak<br />

and is known for its giant stalactites, caves and limestone<br />

cliffs. Visit the <strong>Laguna</strong> Tours sales desk at your hotel for<br />

more information on Phang Nga Bay day trips.<br />

Old <strong>Phuket</strong> Town<br />

Famed for its Sino-Portuguese architecture, <strong>Phuket</strong> Town<br />

offers visitors a unique slice of <strong>Phuket</strong> history along with<br />

quaint cafes, art galleries, tailors, local delicacies and<br />

more.<br />

Promthep Cape<br />

This peninsula, at the southern edge of <strong>Phuket</strong>, is the<br />

largest cliff on the island and a beautiful place to watch<br />

the sun set.<br />

Chaofa Variety Market – <strong>Phuket</strong> Town<br />

The Chaofa Variety Market held from 3pm until late on<br />

Saturdays and Sundays is <strong>Phuket</strong>’s largest outdoor mar-<br />

ket featuring local street food, clothing, arts and crafts,<br />

accessories, home ware and even pets.<br />

Food & Drink<br />

Most restaurants in <strong>Phuket</strong> serve a variety of cuisines,<br />

including Thai and international foods. Most guesthouses<br />

and resorts have restaurants that serve both,<br />

while in the more popular tourist beaches,<br />

such as Patong, there are restaurants<br />

specialising in various international cuisines,<br />

such as Italian and German.<br />

Beachside seafood barbeque restaurants<br />

are also common, as dining on fresh seafood<br />

is certainly a <strong>Phuket</strong> attraction. Thanks<br />

to the diversity of visitors to <strong>Phuket</strong> and the<br />

variety of restaurants established to cater<br />

to them, tourists are hardly starved for<br />

choice when dining in <strong>Phuket</strong>. Even vegetarians<br />

are in for a treat as <strong>Phuket</strong>’s local<br />

residents celebrate the Vegetarian Festival<br />

around September/October each year.<br />

Shopping<br />

As in most other Thai tourist destinations,<br />

<strong>Phuket</strong> offers outstanding shopping<br />

opportunities, from local street<br />

markets to shopping malls. Visitors can<br />

buy souvenir products from all over<br />

Thailand, such as Thai silk and chopstick<br />

sets, or essential beach supplies,<br />

such as swimwear, sun block, and children’s beach<br />

toys. Locally produced handicrafts that are popular with<br />

visitors to <strong>Phuket</strong> include cultured pearls, nielloware,<br />

pewterware and dried seafood.<br />

Specialist shops dealing in souvenir products can be<br />

found in and around <strong>Phuket</strong> Town and at the more<br />

populated beaches of Patong, Kata, Karon, and Rawai.<br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong>’s beautifully landscaped courtyard<br />

shopping centre, Canal Village, offers the finest selection<br />

of quality goods and services available in <strong>Phuket</strong> – from<br />

regional handicrafts and silk to quality gemstones and<br />

fine leather goods.<br />

Jung Ceylon Shopping Centre, set in the heart of Patong,<br />

is home to more than 300 shops organised in zones for<br />

fashion, entertainment and dining. Central Festival<br />

<strong>Phuket</strong> is the another major shopping complex on<br />

the island, bursting with world-class fashion labels,<br />

entertainment, and a variety of sumptuous international<br />

cuisine.<br />

International Events<br />

Every year <strong>Phuket</strong> plays host to a number of international<br />

sporting and cultural events. Along with<br />

the <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> Triathlon, <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> <strong>Laguna</strong><br />

<strong>Phuket</strong> and the <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> International Marathon<br />

all staged at our destination resort, <strong>Phuket</strong> also<br />

attracts visitors from all over the world for a host of<br />

international sporting events, including the <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

International Rugby 10’s, Soccer 7’s, Cricket Sixes<br />

and 7’s and Asia’s biggest and most popular sailing<br />

event, the <strong>Phuket</strong> King’s Cup Regatta. With fastgrowing<br />

infrastructure, <strong>Phuket</strong>’s status as a prime<br />

international sports venue is only likely to surge over<br />

the coming years.<br />

24 IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong> 25

Acknowledgments<br />

The <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong> <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> wishes to acknowledge and<br />

thank the following parties for their contribution to the success<br />

of this event:<br />

Event Director : Debbie Dionysius<br />

<strong>Race</strong> Director : Roman Floesser<br />

Assistant <strong>Race</strong> Director : Chatree (Charlie) Sae-Jung<br />

Event Manager : Laurence Hebel<br />

Government Liaison : Niyom Tassaneetipagorn<br />

Event Coordinators : Prapa Hemmin, Tananun Nakakitviboon,<br />

Paveena Angkanawest<br />

<strong>Race</strong> Announcer : Whit Raymond, Nantanee Chuaychu<br />

Press Relations : Robin Wilson, Lee Blake, Bhatara Amornrattanakij,<br />

Jittra Pornpitakkul<br />

Website : Josh Tinson<br />

Aid Station Coordinator : Kampee Kaewprom<br />

Swim Course Coordinator : Teerawut Totarat<br />

Bike Course Coordinator : Suchart Takthin<br />

Run Course Coordinator : Anucha Kahapana<br />

Volunteer Coordinator : Tony Sowton, Keith Andrew<br />

Construction, Course : Anthony Loh, Kriangsak Damrongcholtee<br />

& Site Preparation Srangsan Thongtan<br />

Community Relations : Suthasinee Rukmit<br />

Bike Mechanic Service : Thalang Bike<br />

Communications : <strong>Phuket</strong> Amateur Radio Club (HAM Radio)<br />

Co-Organizer : Go Adventure Asia<br />

Timing : ChampionChip Thailand<br />

<strong>Ironman</strong> Live Coverage : Emma Bishop<br />

Hotel Hospitality : Banyan Tree <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

: Angsana <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

: Dusit Thani <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

: Best Western Allamanda <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

: Outrigger <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> Resort and Villas<br />

: <strong>Laguna</strong> Holiday Club Resort<br />

Medical Services : Bangkok Hospital <strong>Phuket</strong><br />

Photography : FinisherPix, Colin Dunjohn<br />

Road Safety : <strong>Phuket</strong> Police<br />

Sponsors & Supporters : <strong>Phuket</strong> Provincial Government<br />

: <strong>Phuket</strong> Provincial Administrative Organization<br />

: <strong>Phuket</strong> Tourism and Sports Office<br />

: Tourism Authority of Thailand<br />

: Thai Airways International<br />

Volunteers : <strong>Phuket</strong> Hash House Harriers, <strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> staff<br />

and all the other volunteers far too numerous to list here.<br />

Water Safety : Sea Cave Canoe Thailand, Sea Bees Diving,<br />

Marine Police<br />

Regrettably we cannot mention everyone who has played a part in the <strong>2012</strong> <strong>Ironman</strong> <strong>70.3</strong><br />

<strong>Laguna</strong> <strong>Phuket</strong> on one page. But you know who you are and we couldn’t do it without you.<br />

Your support and assistance is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU.<br />

26 IRONMAN <strong>70.3</strong> LAGUNA PHUKET <strong>2012</strong>

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