Brochure Biogas Plants - STRABAG Umweltanlagen

Brochure Biogas Plants - STRABAG Umweltanlagen

Biogas Plants

sustainaBle energy Production

for a Better future


More than 25 years’ exPerience

in the Biogas Plant Business

STRABAG Umweltanlagen GmbH is one of the world’s leading players in the field

of biogas production. We offer an exceptional range of processes and technologies

for biogas production that have been developed in-house and proven in various

reference plants. Perfect qualifications for finding the best project-specific solution

to your problem.

We have been developing and constructing plants for the biological treatment of

wastewater and sewage sludge since as far back as 1971. In 1980, we expanded

this area of our work by adding another important specialty: the anaerobic

digestion of organic material. The first industrial-scale plant for the production of

biogas from semi-liquid manure with a 500 m 3 digester went into operation in 1983.

To date, we have successfully completed a large number of anaerobic digestion

plants for the widest variety of input materials to the satisfaction of our customers.

As a process engineering-orientated plant construction company, we are

constantly developing, enhancing and extending our range of process products

and technologies. More than 25 years’ experience in the planning, construction,

commissioning and long-term operational support of more than 50 reference plants

ensure the economic efficiency and, more importantly, the operational reliability of

the plants we build.

turnkey solutions for any

Waste ManageMent ProBleM

We desiGn and install BioGas Plants for the folloWinG inPut


• Manure / dry manure

• Renewable primary products (energy crops) e.g.

• maize silage

• grain silage

• grass silage

• crushed grain

• beet silage

• Source-separated biological waste and garden waste

• Organic suspensions from potato processing plants and distilleries

• Other organic degradation products such as brewers’ grains and marc

• Restaurant waste / market waste

• Organic sludge

• Heavily-loaded organic sewage

• Organic fraction of domestic waste

our ranGe of serViCes

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Biogas Plants

• Engineering, supply and commissioning of components, plant sections or

complete plants

• General contracting for turnkey plants

• Financing concepts

• Long-term operational support by means of service contracts

• Operational management of plants

• Laboratory and small-scale technical tests

• Consultation, planning

• Execution of planning and approval procedures

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straBag Processess for Biogas


STRABAG Umweltanlagen GmbH offers two fundamentally different processes

for generating biogas from different sources. They have been developed in-house

and patented. These are the wet anaerobic digestion process in the LARAN ® loop

digester, conventional biogas plants using the LARAN ® mixed digester and the dry

anaerobic digestion process in the LARAN ® plug-flow digester.

Wet diGestion in the laran ® looP diGester

• Patented and approved in large-scale plants

• Especially suitable in combination with specific auxiliary units (mashing /

incorporation and maceration of substrates) for digesters up to 12,000 m3 • Preferred process for co-digestion with manure or for digestion of food remnants,

sewage sludge or mash

• With specific control and removal of scum and sediment layers

The outstanding feature of our wet digestion process is the anaerobic digester

with internal loop for hydraulic agitation induced by injecting gas into the centrally

arranged draft tube (gas lift g mammoth pump effect) and thus without rotating

parts inside the digester.

The desulphurization process integrated in the digester comes into use depending

on the input by air dosage causing suppression of H 2 S-formation.

ConVentional BioGas Plants usinG laran ® Mixed diGester

• Preferred process for digestion of semi-liquid manure and renewable raw

materials or for use as post-digesters

• Conventional agitation technology in flatter, circular tanks that are less expensive

to build with special feed system

• Double membrane roof mounted on biogas holder / no fixed roof

• Standardized series production solution

dry diGestion in the laran ® PluG-floW diGester

Biogas Plants

• Patented and approved in large-scale plants

• Especially suitable for mono-digestion of critical / structure-rich substrates or for

the digestion of waste with a high solid content or manure / dry manure

• Digester dimensions up to 2,600 m 3 , designed as standardized series production


• Very sturdy agitators for mixing the digester thoroughly when using very critical

waste with an extremely high solid content

• With specific control and removal of scum and sediment layers

Dry digestion is a thermophilic or mesophilic process which takes place in the

horizontal plug-flow digester with a rectangular cross-section. Input materials with

a solid content ranging between 15% and 45% can be treated in the digester.



uPgrading of Biogas to natural

gas Quality or Vehicle fuel

Raw biogas from anaerobic digestion processes is essentially made up of highenergy

methane (CH 4 ) and carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) in addition to secondary gas

substances such as hydrogen sulphide (H 2 S) and water (H 2 O). The requirement for

using biogas as a substitute for natural gas or vehicle fuel is adjustment of the gas

quality and the technical combustion characteristics of the biogas. This includes

increasing the calorific value by means of CO 2 separation (methane enrichment)

and by removing contaminants such as water and hydrogen sulphide.

We have used various technologies in the form of high-pressure water scrubbing

and unpressurized amine scrubbing in the plants we have already installed in

order to meet these requirements. Unpressurized amine scrubbing has certain

advantages depending on the specific local conditions and the requirements of the

project itself.

Process features and

adVantages of unPressurized

aMine scruBBing (BcM Process)

• Very low electric energy consumption < 0.1 kWh/Nm 3 raw biogas

• High flexibility in terms of throughput g large control range of 1:10

• Low methane loss g high yield of saleable biomethane

• Low methane emissions g no process stage required for emission control

• Significantly lower heat requirement for regeneration compared to other amine

scrubbing processes due to 2-stage regeneration with intelligent interconnection

of heat exchangers

Biogas Plants

technical exPertise - the key to

the successful iMPleMentation

of enVironMental engineering

STRABAG Umweltanlagen GmbH has already completed over 400 environmental

plants worldwide for biogas production, waste and wastewater treatment in

addition to flue gas and exhaust air purification. It therefore has access to a

comprehensive knowledge base in the field of environmental technology which you

can benefit from too.

creating inVestMents for the


The success of our customers is our life-blood. With innovative technology and the

extensive knowledge of our employees, we consistently make your aims our own.

Fairly, transparently and cost-consciously. Therefore every plant that we construct

is simultaneously a reference for the next - creative in its concept, efficient in


As one of the world’s leading companies for the planning and construction of

environmental plants, we offer our customers the security of constantly high

quality standards. Together with reliable business partners, we link up capacity and

competence in order to complete projects of any dimension.

We see every job as an opportunity to redefine the market standard and therefore

to further develop our strong position among international competitors. Buoyed

by pleasure in our own performance, it is our aim to make the STRABAG name a

symbol for quality worldwide with plants that speak for themselves and for us.


STRABAG Umweltanlagen GmbH

P.O. Box 50 01 24, 01031 Dresden, Germany

Phone +49 (0) 351 263 59-0

Fax +49 (0) 351 263 59-4826


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