7th December 2010

Antique & Art Catalogue

An exciting large sale to end the year on – includes copper kitchenalia, zebra and leopard skins, turtle shell,

Victorian instruments including opthamoloscope, microscopes, embalming pump and sextant, bucket, dump and

bell weights, music boxes, two large kauri gum boulders, large slices of greenstone, spinning wheel, vintage rugby

items, vintage fishing equipment, bayonets, American c.1800 midshipman’s dirk, stunning Canton silk embroidered

shawl, stamps, Victorian glass, Waterford glasses, Lalique bowls and sculpture, Pacific and African tribal pieces,

vintage Maori folk art, Winks & Hall inlaid box, Mirek Smisek pottery, Crown Lynn lamp base, fine selection of Chinese

jade pieces, Canton enamel, Chinese scrolls, export porcelain, rare pair of large cinnabar lacquer stands, Chinese

and Japanese ivory, Katana and Wakisazhi, Japanese ceramics, Staffordshire figures, Meissen, Delft, majolica, hand

painted porcelain plaques, Royal Worcester, Ruskin, Clarice Cliff, Royal Doulton including Maori Art trio and a Kia

Ora jardinière, Moorcroft, Victorian and Edwardian jewellery, amber, an interesting selection of antique and vintage

jewellery boxes including New Zealand jeweller branded boxes (Kohn, Frank Curtis, G. Coates), diamond rings,

brooches, bracelets and earrings, ruby and emerald rings, solid gold Cartier box, Tony Buller silver brooch, Mikimoto

pearls, carriage clocks, wall and mantel clocks, a superb gilt mantel clock, silver vinaigrettes, four figural pin cushions,

silver photo frames, candlesticks, coasters, Georgian silver cutlery, Nouveau enamel christening spoon and fork set,

George III silver sugar bucket, Russian silver presentation cigarette case, Fred Money 9ct. gold trophy cup, impressive

boxed silver trophy, George II silver coffee pot, silver tea sets, trays, etc., Persian, Gabbeh, Baluchi, Afghan rugs,

stools, whatnots, boxes, wine tables, dining tables, Colonial furniture including a large kauri Beaconsfield, large table

vitrine, fine quality mirror back sideboard, Victorian and Georgian card tables, desks, matched pair of mahogany

washstands, French, Chinese and Japanese furniture including a magnificent Japanese Meiji period hardwood

cabinet on stand liberally carved and decorated with ivory, mother-of-pearl, hardstone and gilding, mirrors,

chandeliers, a fine selection of paintings and prints including Kees Hos, Sylvia Robins, J.D. Perrett, Lance O’Gorman,

Austen Deans, Marilyn Webb, Fumpston, Stanley Palmer, George Chance photos, K. Arini Vane and many more.

Tuesday 7 th December 2010 at 9.30am

Miscellaneous 1-166

Glass 167-179

Tribal – Artefacts & NZ Historical 180-198

Oriental 199-319

China & Porcelain 320-387

Tuesday 7 th December 2010 at 5.00pm

Jewellery 400-492

Clocks & Watches 493-504

Silver 505-634

Rugs 635-652

Furniture 653-745

Paintings & Prints 746-805

The Sale may be viewed at the following times:

Friday 3 rd December 9.00am - 5.00pm

Sunday 5 th December 11.00am - 3.00pm

Monday 6 th December 9.00am - 5.00pm


A 12.5% percent buyers premium applies to this sale

plus G.S.T. on premium = all up 14.375%

FRONT COVER: Adjusted detail of lot 154



180 Great South Road, Remuera, Auckland 1051, New Zealand

P.O. Box 74071 Market Road Phone (09)523-1049 Fax (09)520-7186

Email Website



1ST SESSION at 9.30am



A Georgian period coopered brass

bound mahogany ice bucket of boat

shape with a brass liner and a brass

swing handle. Length 375, height 300.

Honourable wear. See page 5. $350


A St Clair copper circular saucepan

with a domed cover, heavy brass

side handles and a brass finial. Diameter

280. $100


Three copper saucepans with long

brass handles, two with lids. Diameters

90, 160 and 210. $150


A steel flat wire measuring tape on

a copper hand held drum marked T.

Peacock & Son, Opticians, Auckland.

Diameter 170. $80


A French, St Clair copper hemispherical

kitchen mixing bowl. Diameter

325. $60


A St Clair, French, copper and brass

kitchen pan along with a two handled

copper and brass pan. $50


A late 19thC large brass kettle with

stamped manufacturer’s mark to the

side, J.C. & W. Lord. Polished and

lacquered. Height 320. $125


A late 19thC brass ecclesiastical candlestick

with five sconces arranged on

an angled bar supported on a knopped

column stand. Height 670. $130


A Victorian brass padlock with key

by J. Bates, Wolverhampton, along

with a Champion and Union six lever

padlock. $90


Five old padlocks, four with keys,

includes one Victorian with “VR”

marked escutcheon cover etc. $90


A pair of large brass column table

lamps with square plinth bases and

cream fabric shades. Height of each

1180. $600


A vintage Zebra skin backed onto

black felt with a shaped edge.

Length 3000 from head to end of tail,

width 1340. $1050


A vintage leopard skin rug backed

onto black felt with a shaped edge, in

good condition, some claws remaining.

Length 2500, width 1350. $1050


A Black Forest carved wood study of

a stag’s head mounted on a naturalis-


The Catalogue

Measurements throughout are given in millimetres.

The figures given along side each lot are guide prices only.

tic branch trophy wall plaque. Finely

carved and with dark rich brown

patina. Height 860. See page 5. $700


A large turtle shell with lacquer polished

surface, slight losses. 700 x 500. $110


A pair of Victorian period ivory opera

glasses, minor damage. $100


A bronze sun dial, the face with

Roman numerals, calendars and a

verse. Nice green verdigris patina.

Diameter 120. $350


An old oak desk calendar of tall oblong

form with apertures for day, date

and month with old paper rolls turning

on wooden rollers. Height 105, width

135, depth 80. $150


A Victorian period optician’s opthamoloscope

in original satin and

velvet lined case. Length 120. $100


A mahogany stick barometer, the dial

marked St James and accommodating

a Vernier type adjustable scale,

the case set with a thermometer.

Suspended on a brass gimbal wall

mount. Height 915. $450


An early 20thC mahogany cased

brass and ebonised steel microscope

with auxiliary lenses and a selection of

slides. See page 5. $275


A Victorian brass embalmer’s pump,

the cylindrical body with affixed

label “Matthews, Carey St, Lincoln’s

Inn, London”. The pump shaft with a

turned ivory handle. Height 265. See

page 5. $250


A quality Victorian cased brass binocular

microscope by R. & J. Beck,

London No. 14057, complete with

quatrefoil objective lens mounts,

adjustable table mirrors and multiple

lenses as well as additional table

stage and an illuminating magnifying

glass. See page 5. $3500


A 19thC cased brass microscope

along with a selection of various

lenses. $450


An Eccles miner’s lamp, steel and

brass cased with maker’s label affixed.

Height 230. $80


An early 20thC surgeon’s kit labelled

inside the lid of the leatherette case

“Boyd Gardner’s Bone Operating

Instruments”. 250 x 150. $100


An uncommon table top centrifuge

device with four brass removeable

containers driven by a geared handle,

table mounted. $80


A graduated set of eight brass metric

weights from 5-500 gms. $110


A selection of 16 graduated nesting

brass bucket weights and various Troy

weights as three sets, some part. $150


A graduated set of cast iron weights

from 56 lb. to 2 lb., various makers

including Avery & Airbanks. $150


23 cast bronze brackets from an

Edwardian display cabinet to support

glass shelves. Length 292. $125


A Sikes hydrometer, c.1880, in original

mahogany box, additionally fitted

with an ivory backed thermometer.

200 x 95 x 50. $150


An early 20thC brass Theodolite by

E.R. Watts & Son Ltd, London, No.

36031, with silvered Vernier horizontal

and vertical scales. Complete with

an adjustable platform base. Height

315. See page 5. $300


A “Husun” micrometer sextant by Henry

Hughes, London, 1941. Complete with

accessories in a mahogany case with

original certificate, japanned finish with

a brass arc, silvered scale and brass

lenses. See page 5. $1000


A 20thC cased sextant by the “Hezzanith

Instrument Co.”, London, No.

68347. Japanned finish with a brass

scale. $800


A field compass in an ebonised metal

case with mother-of-pearl dial. Diameter

60. With original leather travelling

case. $120


A collection of four Edwardian period

Italian walnut folding wall brackets

with ornate carved and pierced

decoration and coloured oval inlays

of groups of figures. Heights 500, 500,

460 and 315. Hinges detached on

one. $200


A Victorian period rosewood tea

caddy, sarcophagus shape with

three compartments to the interior,

two with original lids. Mixing bowl

missing. Height 130, width 280, diameter

150. $200


A Victorian period tortoise shell and

ivory card case of plain design with

silver stringing. Length 105. $120


A 19thC Indian Vizagapatam cushion

shaped serpentine travelling pocket

watch case, hardwood with intricate

engraved ivory inlay. Width 120,

depth 120. See page 8. $200


An inlaid wooden tray, the oak tray

inlaid in ivory and mixed woods with

the Union Jack, four square columns

to each corner with turned wood

stretchers also inlaid with ivory.

Length 520, depth 305. $150


A tortoise shell needle case inlaid

with silver flowers and silver mounts.

Length 100. See page 32. $100


A Victorian period ivory calendar in

the form of a turning wheel. Diameter

45. $100


A heavy brass desk cannon with

a mahogany carriage and brass

wheels. Length 330. $200


A brass Coat of Arms doorstop - Honi

Soit Qui Mal Y Pense. Length 290. $100


An unusual gilded utility fob with four

slide-out tools including a propelling

pencil, a pen knife, a button hook

and a bodkin. $40


An Art Nouveau silver plated lady’s

sectional belt formed of linked medallions

depicting portrait busts and with a

similarly embossed buckle. $100


A Dutch silver framed lady’s purse,

the hinged frame opening to reveal

two compartments decoratively

pierced and embossed with figures,

masks and flower heads. $100


A 19thC French table top music box

playing eight airs, the walnut lid inlaid

with a trophy group of instruments.

Affixed label inside lid marked “Qualite

Excelsior Super Extra” along with a

programme list. Some borer to case.

Width 455, height 150, depth 215. See

page 5. $750


A 19thC table top music box, the

ebonised case with a group of trophy

instruments to the hinged lid, the

mechanism visible beneath a glazed

interior lid. Width 515, height 145,

depth 225. $600


A Continental rosewood jewellery

box of serpentine outline, the hinged

lid carved in high relief with leafy

tendrils and a scallop shell. The front

similarly decorated with an ornate

silver metal escutcheon. Restored lid

bowed. Width 310, depth 210, height

85. $500


A Japanese elm multi-drawer small

cabinet of oblong shape with drawers

of various sizes. Width 445, depth 195,

height 240. $100


A late 18thC Scottish treen chalice,

the fruitwood bowl with a bright cut

unmarked silver rim raised on a turned

rosewood circular spreading foot.

With later silver plated inset. Height

140. See page 8. $325


An unusual turned coconut wood jardiniere

or brush pot, capstan shape

with lappet border at the mouth.

Height 210, diameter 230. $125


A pair of brass “Pascall Atkey & Son,

Cowes” boat’s running lamps of narrow

dimensions, fitted with spirit burning

lamps along with a brass blown

fog horn. $150


A vintage optometrists model of an

eye, professionally made by the

“Central Scientific Co.”, Chicago,

U.S.A. of a large size with moveable

parts and painted detail, housed in a

mahogany glazed case with maker’s

plaques, one detailed “Myers’ Model

I Eye, patented October. 1912”.

Height 400, width 500, depth 80. $250


Four brass bell weights, 1lb, 2lb, 4lb

and 7lb, on specially made splay

board. $250


A large heavy thick walled circular

Southland Beech wood bowl made

by Jim Robbie. Diameter 520, height

200. $200


A New Zealand colonial kauri music

stand of plain oblong shape on a

circular section column stand with X

shaped base. Height 1290. Minor attention

required. $300


A 1920’s period lady’s ball gown travelling

bag, English Jekmoth brand,

the top with brass bound hinges, fittings

and handle. $120


An unusual ivory tusk elephant bridge

with four elephants to one end and a

crocodile with open jaws to the other

end, minor damage. Length 630. $200


Three various page markers, one

silver of trowel form, Birmingham 1901,

another of gilded brass sword form

with banded agate handle and one

carved ivory as a gum leaf. $110


An old sperm whale’s tooth of natural

curved form, small cut to jaw end.

Length 160. $150


A taxidermy group of a hawk with

raised wings being confronted by a

pale coloured stoat, wood base with

trunk form section. $200


A taxidermy cock pheasant with

wings outstretched, mounted on a

driftwood section. $200


An old massive kauri gum boulder in

natural form, unpolished with some

bark attached. Length 640, width

280, weight 11.2 kilos. $350


Two old kauri gum boulders of natural

unpolished form, weights 3 and 4.5

kilos. $300


A pair of hand painted Emu eggs, one

with a scene of a village entitled “Kaffir

Kraal”, the other untitled, depicting

a seated Zulu smoking a pipe. Height

140. $300


A heavy cut slab of greenstone.

Height 215, width 55, depth 50. $220


A heavy cut slab of greenstone.

Height 220, width 80, depth 45. $220


A greenstone block cut from a river

boulder with a natural worn surface

to the back, four cut faces, formed as

a book end. Height 200, width 125,

depth 115, weight 5kgs. $200


A lion’s tooth pendant, the fancy

mount modelled as a lion’s head with

open mouth and well detailed mane,

the tooth with an old crack. Length

96. $160


A piece of black tourmaline crystal in

natural state. Height 70. $80


An early 20thC Australian “Queen’s

College” rowing oar for the “University

of Melbourne 1910” Rowing eight, the

blade with gilt inscription, naming the

university, college, crest, members

of the crew, along with their weights

and “Head of the River” with original

dark red/brown paint to the blade

and varnish to the shaft marked “5”

(W.M. Abbott, 12st. 4lbs.) beside the

old leather fitting. Length 3270. $650


An old bronze Art Deco pillar with

classically decorated capital with two

separate bottom panels. Height 137.

Originally part of the old Auckland

Railway Station. $350


A colonial period pharmacist’s bottle

label multi-drawer cabinet, the

64 drawers each with a label to the

front, some enclosing multiple labels,

dark canvas cover to wood frame,

two drawers missing. Width 675,

height 400, depth 120. $220


A large heavy Victorian period cast

iron two section garden urn of classical

campana style. Diameter 535,

height 440. $500


A vintage child’s porcelain toilet with

coloured floral transfer decoration

and a wooden seat, by Twyfords,

Hanley, England. Height 315. $200


A Victorian period porcelain toilet

“The Lucania” - all-over brown floral

transfer decoration. Height 410.

Some faults. $250


A case of mounted moths in a variety of

vibrant tropical colours. 300 x 450. $100


A vintage painted plaster mannequin’s

display hand for jewellery.

Height 240. $100



Three copper sauce pans with long

brass and steel handles, two with lids.

Diameters 200, 210 and 230. $200


A graduated set of six old copper

saucepans with long iron handles, the

largest diameter 185, the smallest 85.

See page 5. $200


A large Pacific Islands Baler shell table

lamp on a shell base. Height 290. $150


A wooden carved knitting sheath,

possibly of Scandinavian origin, owner’s

initials marked into top. Length

240. $80


A 19thC French leather vase with a

leather handle and gilt brass fittings,

the lock engraved A Girardeau, Paris.

Length 740. $120


Three old curved wood panels from

the base of a carousel with bright

vibrant polychrome painted decoration.

Length of each 1400. Some

distress. $250


A gilt brass five branch chandelier of

French style with leaf and scroll decoration

and facet cut glass pendant

lustres. Height 450. $300


An antique English fruitwood pedal

driven spinning wheel of traditional

design with a large spoked wheel.

Height overall 920. With maker’s label

Peter Stewart Spittalfield, Dunkeld.

See page 5. $350


An ornate Victorian period cast iron

freestanding stove with elaborate

raised and pierced decoration of

leaves, flowers, scrolls, etc., the open

base with a brass finial and original

metal tray, the twin bowfront doors

with a flying bird handle and a black

enamel finish with gilded highlights.

Width 620, height 800. $1000


A vintage Three Castles “The All

Blacks 1924” lithographic print from

the original team photo complete

with member’s names below, 330 x

410, original frame under glass. $220


A 1925 official rugby programme

“England v. New Zealanders” complete

with players, times, dates and

advertising etc., 250 x 370, in mahogany

frame under glass. $900


A vintage photograph of William

Gilbert Grace depicted with a long

beard and cricket bat under his left

arm, a section of picket fence to his

right, 215 x 160. In mahogany frame

under glass. William Gilbert Grace

(1848-1915) made cricket perhaps

the first modern spectator sport and

developed most of the techniques of

modern batting. $200


An original Michael Jordan signed


Bulls jersey, Chicago Bulls #23 with

black and white detail on red ground,

unworn, framed under glass. $600


A Hardy Brothers rare Limited Edition

gold sovereign fly reel in original soft

zipped case, complete with two extra

spools, the back plate engraved “The

Sovereign 7/8 Serial No. 821”, gold finish

all over with wooden handles. $220


A vintage Hardy Bros. Ltd fly box with

japanned blackened finish, rectangular

form, the lid with original chamois

cast case slide fitting to the lid, the

interior with plastic sliding lids to the

12 compartments, interior lid fitted for

casts etc. Original maker’s plaque.

Length 155, width 90. $175


A vintage fishing creel, fine weave

with a fish design leather and metal

strap to the lid, c.1920’s/30’s. $150


Two framed fly displays, one Taupo trout

flies, the other Taupo nymphs. $130


A vintage Efgco line winder dryer,

wood, steel and alloy with a German

dam fly reel. $130


A Hardy Bros. England, fly reel “The St

John”, 3 7/8”. See page 5. $70


A large fishing reel with oak faces

and bronze fittings complete with silk

line. Diameter 175 along with a small

walnut fishing reel with twin handles.

Diameter 64. $100


Two early 20thC small brass fishing

reels. $70


A rare 4” brass Ogden Smith salmon

reel, sliding large brass line guide with

a raised spoke type tensioner and

heavy ebonite handles, c.1910. See

page 5. $320


A J.A. Coxe 25 casting reel, black ebonite

end plates, fully embossed under

foot, complete with original leather

case also embossed (J.A. Coxe was

the reel maker who designed the Zane

Grey big game reel). $160


A Heaton’s 5” Eaton Sun oak and

brass salmon reel, star back, on/off

check, brass backed spool, rolling line

guide, with vintage line and copper

name plate from previous owner,

c.1890’s. See page 5. $180


A Heatons 5” Eaton Sun reel, mahogany

and brass star back with on/off

check, brass faced spool, c.1895. $140


A large 5 3/4” Peetz mahogany and

brass Ltd. Ed. big game reel, for North

America, on/off check, wide drum,

brass backed spool with line guide

and a wing nut break tensioner. $230


A large 6” Peetz oak and brass

salmon reel, large wooden handles

to side, strong on/off check, brass

backed spool, line guide, working

break tensioner, two wing nuts,

c.1940. $180


A vintage American skeleton reel, 2

5/8”, good working on/off check, pre-

1900’s. $100


Two English 2!” brass fly reels,

permanent check, ebonite handles,

c.1885-1910. $120


A Hendryx 1!” raised pillar vintage fly

reel, on/off check, bone handled, embossed

and dated to top of foot. $100


A vintage 2 5/8” gun metal reel,

made by the Southbend Bait Company,

U.S.A. Pre 1900’s. $120


A vintage American skeleton reel,

on/off check, pre 1900’s. $100


A Victorian wood and brass extension

gaff, turned rosewood handle,

knurled butt end, c.1880’s. $180


A Hardy alloy and brass extension

gaff, extends to 44”, c.1950. $180


An Abu 15 extension gaff, stainless

steel, together with a Hardy silver

water temperature gauge. $120


A large Tatler Supreme big game reel,

in original cardboard box, in good

order with little use, c.1950. $240


A large size Wheatley fly box, with

alloy clip page, over 100 Old English

hand tied flies, c.1930. Length 155,

depth 90. $120


A large black metal fly box, in the

Hardy Test style, the cream interior

with old English flies in cork, a cast

container and a factory fitted silver

emergency whistle, c.1890. Length

150, depth 90. $180


A Hardy slimline black japanned fly

box, original label to lid with 80 old

English wet flies, 1895-1910. Length

155, depth 95. $180


A rare small waistcoat size black

japanned fly box, by Pape, Newcastle,

with original metal label to lid and

interior with old flies, c.1890’s. Length

105, width 75. $180


A set of WWI white metal folding wire cutters.

Length when extended 345. $80


A Midshipman’s dirk, probably

American c.1800 with a turned ivory

handle, gilt metal ferrule and annular

guard and a steel blade. Length 250.

See page 5. $550


A traditional vintage Moroccan knife

(Koummya) with a wooden hilt and






























ass and copper scabbard, decoratively

engraved. Length 460. $275


A 19thC naval cutlass with a brass

hilt, curved guard and quillon, single

edged, un-fullered blade in a leather

scabbard with brass fittings. Overall

length 750. See page 5. $280


A 19thC inventory sabre with a steel

pommel, wood grip (borer), steel

guard and quillon, single edged, double

fullered blade and a steel scabbard.

Overall length 960. $220


A Hardy Bros. Ltd split cane three

section fly rod with spare tip (one tip

reduced) pattern #6 “The L.R.H. Dry

Fly Palakona”. Length 8ft 9inches. In

original Hardy cloth bag with original

affixed label. $150


Two military bayonets. One Swiss

for the M1911 rifle marked Elsener,

Schwyz to the double sided blade,

steel scabbarded, the other British

1907 pattern Mark I SMLE with single

edged fullered blade and leather

scabbard. $140


Two French military bayonets. One

Chassepot-type with wood grip and

brass fittings engraved to the back of

blade: “Alsine de Steyr 1899”. Steel

scabbard (dented), along with another

single edged blade engraved

to the back 1886, steel scabbard. See

page 5. $150


A British 1942, No. 4, Mk II, spike

bayonet, marked SNA, with matching

steel scabbard. $50


A WWI double edged short bayonet

by Wilkinson’s, London, with wood

grip, nickel plated mounts and

leather scabbard, complete with

leather frog, Martins, Birm., along with

NZ military stamp. See page 5. $110


Two Belgian 1889 Mauser bayonets,

with curved quillons, double fullered,

single edged blades and steel scabbards.



Two military bayonets, one German

marked Alex Coppell, Solingen with

diagonally ridged wooden grip, spear

pointed double fullered, single edged

blade and steel scabbard. The other

with Mauser fitting, steel grip, single

edged double fullered blade and a

steel scabbard. $130


Two military short bayonets, one

Spanish with a Mauser fitting, bird’s

head pommel checkered wood grip,

single edged double fullered sabre

shaped blade, the other an American

model 1942 marked UFH with a

hard plastic grip, bird’s head pommel,

single edged double fullered

blade, resin scabbard and metal

mounts. $160



Two military short bayonets, one with

a tubular metal hilt, double edged

fullered blade, steel scabbard and

leather frog, the other a Commando

knife shape with a leather hilt, double

edged blade and a plastic scabbard.



A book, “Moko: or Maori Tattooing”

by Major General Robley, a reprint of

the 1896 publication, red cloth binding

with slip case. $350


“C.F. Goldie Prints, Drawings & Criticism”

book published by Alistair Taylor 1979. In

original solander type case. $400


Approximately 15 volumes of “The

Studio - An Illustrated Magazine of

Fine & Applied Art”, c.1909. $100


A similar lot to above, c.1920. $100


A similar lot to above, c.1925. $100


A 1975 reprint book “Maori Patterns,

Painted and Carved” by Menzies in

hard cover sleave, Ltd.Ed. 229/750. $120


A Roderick Burgess bronze sculpture

of a kneeling naked woman, hands

to her sides, on textured rug type

base, Ltd. Ed., signed and impressed

with foundry mark for Artworks.

Height 390. See page 5. $1750


A bronze statuette of a Portuguese

fisherman, the figure stands casting

his line, wearing loose breeches and

an open waistcoat, raised on a circular

wooden plinth. Unsigned. Height

overall 480. $500


A bronze statue of a gentleman, possibly

Spanish, signed Beneder at the base,

raised on a circular granite plinth. The

figure stands holding a walking cane, a

heavy cloak wrapped around his shoulders.

Height 400. $400


A Sherratt & Simpson model of “The

Siberian Tiger”, No. 6 of a Ltd. Ed. of 100,

reproduced after the original, hand

decorated in England, with original

certificate. Height 410, width 710. $350


An unusual 19thC English ironware

ovoid shaped vase in the manner of

Coalbrookdale, patterned with an

encircling band in low relief of stylised

Lily-of-the-Valley, unmarked. Height

250. $175


An onyx ash tray surmounted by a

cast bronze, dark patinated figure of

a stalking lioness. Small chips. 130 x

95. $95


A 1930’s plaster bust of a young Turk,

raised on a socle plinth base. Height

485, a.f. See page 5. $200


An old New Zealand poker work sew-

ing box, all-over decoration of kaka

beak with red, green and yellow colouring,

initials to the oval lid enclosing

fitted interior. Length 315, depth 220,

height 145. $200


An early 20thC New Zealand burr

totara turned wooden bowl of squat

circular shape. Diameter 130, height

50. $90


A small Dunedin Exhibition, 1920,

wooden lidded container. Height

45. $35


A large blank book of fine quality rag

paper bound in an old 16thC vellum

binding, folio size with decorative

gilding to front and back. Height 515,

width 350. $150


An Art Deco period beaded evening

bag decorated with geometric

shapes and flowers in colours of

white, cobalt blue, pink, grey and yellow,

minor damage. $150


A superb Canton hand stitched silk

shawl, square black cotton ground

worked in embroidery silks in polychromatic

colours with landscape

scenes, exuberant florals, birds, figures,

elephants, horses and lions amongst

temple grounds. A separate border

outlines the worked square ground

and is decorated with a landscape

of pagodas, temples, arched bridges

and zigzag fences amongst detailed

landscape. The whole central panel

framed by a black crocheted silk

border with a long fringe. 1300 square

excluding fringe. See page 5. $850


An early 20thC horn and silver walking

stick handle as a swan’s head

and neck. The head in silver with a

beaten finish and glass eyes and

a wide matching band between

handle base and remains of shaft.

London 1910. $220


A Georgian period cut steel

chatelaine with four chains and

hooks, one with a small whistle.

Length 380. $100


An antique Thornton Pickard Victory

Reflex half plate camera, in original

leather case with a tripod stand. $300


A WWII Army Issue ice axe with

original wood handle, iron head and

spike. Length 835. Impressed marks:

Beades, 1943. $150


An old six prong hay fork with a long

wood handle. Length 1150. Together

with an old garden edging tool with

a long wood handle, Sheffield maker.

Length 1000. $150


A carved folk art study of a leaping

marlin with an inlaid pearl shell eye,

raised on an oval integral plinth base.

Height 710. $150


An album of stamp blocks, miniature

sheets, United Nation/London scenes,

etc. $80


A large album of world wildlife First

Day Covers. $150


An album of British stamps, Winston

Churchill, China, etc. $200


An album of American First Day Covers,

Nicaragua, etc. $400


A Railways overhead shelf with cast

iron brackets and a brass rod and

wire grill framing. Width 840. $200


An Art Deco glass spherical lampshade

moulded with alternating

cream and orange scales resemblant

of a hot air balloon, with original fitting.




A Victorian period glass table centrepiece

the round spreading foot

leading up to a large central tray with

a glass column and another smaller

central tray leading up to a glass

epergne at the top, the glass etched

with florals and foliage, minor damage.

Height 650, diameter 340. $150


A Victorian cranberry glass epergne,

the central flower shaped trumpet

with two baskets hanging from

supports from its side, raised from a

circular scallop rimmed dish. Height

410. See page 8. $250


A Victorian period Davidson’s primrose

yellow Vaseline glass swan together

with a single trumpet epergne

in a silver plate base in the form of

nasturtium tendril leaves and flowers.

Height of epergne 90, height of swan

80. $100


Two Victorian Davidson Vaseline

glass cream jugs, each with moulded

patterns to the walls and tinted serrated

rims, both on a circular raised

foot. The tallest, height 120, the other,

height 80. $100


Three Davidson Victorian moulded primrose

Vaseline glass dishes each with

serrated rims and moulded with segmented

panels. One circular, diameter

190, one oval, width 185, one circular

with a handle, diameter 120. $100


A Whitefriar’s commemorative drinking

glass, the clear trumpet shaped

bowl etched with the cypher of

Edward VIII and dated 1937 beneath

the crown. A blue glass annular knop

separates the spreading circular clear

glass foot. Height 190. $100


A large pair of fine quality 19thC

Bohemian cranberry glass baluster

vases with richly gilded decoration,

each one with an oval polychrome

painted miniature medallion of

elegant women. Height 350. Tiny rim

chips. See page 8. $600


A Lalique, France, glass scalloped

formed bowl, the flattened rim moulded

and frosted as dahlia leaves, with an

engraved mark. Diameter 280. $100


A Rene Lalique opalescent bowl of

shallow flared form decorated with

repeating radiating designs with acid

etched signature. Diameter 254. See

page 8. $500


A Rene Lalique Coquilles opalescent

plate, relief moulded with four shell

forms and radiating designs, wheel

cut mark “R. Lalique France No. 3011”.

Diameter 232. See page 8. $500


A 1950’s Lalique deco style sculpture

of The Madonna and Child of tall

oblong form with the figures deeply

etched to the back of the glass,

signed Lalique France to the side, in

a special black wood stand. Height

without stand 240, width 55, depth

40. See page 8. $1100


A set of 12 Irish Waterford Lismore pattern

wine goblets. Height 180, etched

marks. $720


A set of nine Irish Waterford Lismore

pattern wine glasses on tall stems.

Height 105, etched marks. $450




A Fijian tapa cloth decoratively stencilled

and hand painted in dark and

ochre colours in panelled sections.

Approx. 3600 x 720. $120


A massive Fijian hardwood kava bowl

of traditional design with a broad flat

rim and six trunkated legs. Diameter

645. $600


An old Pitcairn Island carved wood

flying fish “Made By Lancy Christian”

raised on a short turned column and

a rectangular platform base, good

old patina. Length 450, height 150.

See page 8. $220.


An old Papua New Guinea figural

foot stool, the circular dished top held

aloft by a crouching woman with shell

inlaid eyes. Height 410. $120


An African baule carved wood figure

in ebonised dense wood. The female

figure with scarification to her

face stands with hands to abdomen.

Raised on stone plinth. Height 310.

See page 5. $650


A vintage embossed Maori deco-

rated brass fire screen depicting a

carved meeting house with many

figures, embossed “Tama Te Kapua”

and with initials “C.H.H/Wm”. Height

560, width 650. $350


A carved kauri ornament of a kiwi

surmounting a block plinth inlaid with

a paua shell. Height 175. $60


A New Zealand folk art money box

modelled as a pataka with a recessed

porch and poker work fascia

raised on four legs. Height 150, width

180. $110


A folk art cigarette box modelled as

a Maori whare, the fascia with ornate

carved tiki figures and gable koruru

mask finial, the roof hinged to form a

lid. Height 165, width 190. $150


A dark stained carved wooden Maori

cigarette box, the hinged lid decorated

with a Koruru mask face with inlaid

paua eyes. 135 x 100 x 45. $80


A dark red/brown stained carved

Maori wooden figure standing in

flexed stance with tongue extended.

Height 540. $100


Two Maori carved wooden folk art tiki

figures, one mid brown wood, well

carved in flexed stance with hands to

abdomen and inlaid paua eyes, height

205. The other dark stained and more

simply carved, height 235. $110


An unusual Maori folk art figure of a

man performing a haka. The naked,

realistically carved figure stands

issuing from an uncarved wooden

base, his enlarged head detailed with

incised Moko, tongue extended and

paua shell teeth displayed. Raised on

a circular plinth base. Height 410. See

page 5. $400


A dark stained wooden portrait bust

carving “The Ariki”, carver unknown.

Carved for the 1939-40 World Trade

Exhibition (Wellington), worked with

heavily chiselled features, moko and

coiffure tied in a topknot, raised on a

plinth wooden base incised with title.

Height 410. See page 5. $1200


A fine quality New Zealand colonial

native woods dressing table box

of oblong shape with a domed lid,

cross banded decoration either end

with central eight pointed star inlay.

Length 280, depth 130, height 80.

Maker’s label, Winks & Hall, Shortland

Street, Auckland. See page 8. $1850


A Mirek Smisek salt glazed flagon, the

ovoid body with a wide band of cut

decoration, strap handle, manganese

glaze effects in brown and olive green

tonings, cork stopper with woven cane

top and impressed potter’s mark to

base. Height 280. See page 5. $220































237 interior view






A set of six Mirek Smisek salt glazed

goblets, the bowls with cut decoration,

flared circular pedestal bases

and manganese glaze effects.

Height 117. See page 5. $120


A Crown Lynn table lamp of round

spherical form on three square feet,

lathe style decoration to exterior, in

colours of a green trickle glaze leading

down to a creamy yellow, with

original metal and bakelite fittings

and cord. Stamped and impressed

marks to base. Height 260, diameter

200. See page 16. $350


A large white Crown Lynn swan.

Length 300. $120


A lacquer box with university crest in

mother-of-pearl decoration to top of

lid containing Sir Robert Muldoon’s

cap, gown and mortar from the Seoul

University, together with another

lacquer box decorated with university

crest in mother-of-pearl to the lid

containing the Korean certificate and

an English translation of the honorary

degree of Doctor of Philosophy that

was presented to him in 1976. $150



A Chinese pale green jade circular

pendant with carved and pierced decoration

of a butterfly, leaves and coin

tokens. Diameter 60. See page 8. $100


A Chinese white jade pendant

carved in the shape of corn-on-thecob.

Length 80, on red silk cord. $200


A pair of plain Chinese pale green

jade bangles. Diameter 80. $120


A pale Chinese jade pie disc with a

gold metal suspension hanger. Diameter

50. $90


A Chinese jadeite carved pendant of

oval form, as two well detailed long

tailed birds carved in deep relief with

pierced highlights. See page 16. $150


A large Chinese jade pendant of

ovoid form and triangular cross section,

in relief with gourds, leaves and

fruit, mid-green with paler highlights.

Length 68. $180


A Chinese carved jade hook form,

as a bird, its domed back with scroll

decoration, mid green with darker inclusions,

pierced through the centre.

Length 77. $160


A Chinese carved lavender green jade

pendant of shaped bamboo form with

leaf and scroll highlights, a pale colour

with darker vibrant green inclusions.

Length 64. See page 16. $200


A Chinese large carved mutton fat

jade handling piece of ovoid form with

raised relief decoration of animal form

(Son of the Dragon), the rest polished

smooth. Length 84, width 48. $260


A Chinese carved jade pendant of

oval disc form with pierced centre, a

deep relief dragon to one side, the

other side carved with scrolls, mid

green with darker and paler inclusions.

Length 60, width 41. See page

8. $160


A Chinese mutton fat jade large bead

necklace of irregular lozenge form

with smaller dark stone bead spaces.

Length 640. $260


A Chinese jade tablet carved and

pierced as a dragon supported on

cloud forms within an arch surmounted

with two stylised bird forms, mid

green with darker inclusions towards

the top. Length 90, width 57. See

page 8. $160


A Chinese jade tablet of rectangular

form, carved decoration of stylised birds

within a square panel surmounted by

calligraphy, a scroll border, shallow relief

decoration, mid to dark green. Length

72, width 53. See page 8. $160


A Chinese carved jade pendant of oval

form in deep relief with a well detailed

sinuous dragon, clouds to the reverse,

mid green colourway with vibrant

darker green highlights. Length 48. $120


A Chinese jade “Zong” of rectangular

block form with a circular hole

through the length and an incised

band to the centre, stylised mask repeating

decoration to each section,

pale green with rust toned highlights.

Length 44. $160


A Chinese carved green jade pendant,

relief decoration of a sinuous

dragon, cloud forms to the reverse,

pale green with darker highlights.

Length 60. See page 16. $200


A Chinese jade carving of a mythical

turtle-dragon of yellow jade rind.

Width 85. $110


A Chinese jade bracelet, archaic

style, decorated with four lion mask

motifs. Diameter 95. $130


A dark Chinese jade carving of a

mythical dragon tortoise, a lion climbing

across its back. Width 65. $100


A Chinese jade bangle in dark and

light mottled green colours with a lilac

inclusion. Diameter 80. $90


A Chinese jade carving, bottle

shaped with a dragon in high relief to

one wall. Height 60. $50


A carved Chinese pale jade dragon

beast. Width 80. $100


A Chinese dark stained wood jewellery

chest with ornate engraved

and cut brass mounts and inset with

carved and pierced jade panels, the

pair of doors enclosing four drawers

above larger base drawer. Height

290, width 185, depth 145. $240


A Chinese lacquer panel decorated

with applied mother-of-pearl and

hard stones depicting two cavorting

foo dogs. 300 x 400. $90


An old Chinese figural snuff bottle

formed as a woman standing

on one leg, famille rose decoration

with green and red highlights to her

yellow/green jacket, red pants, gilt

highlights, her left shoe and cuff as

the stopper. Length 95. $450


A pair of Chinese famille rose figures,

of woman clad in colourful robes and

holding branches of flowers in colours

of iron red, green, blue enamel and

gilt, both with arms raised, each the

opposite of the other. Height 205.

Minor faults. See page 8. $450


A large Chinese calligraphy brush

with bone and green jade sectional

handle. Length 400. $50


Four small Shanghai silver pieces,

includes a miniature figure at a

processing wheel, figure carrying

items on rod over his shoulder, a miniature

junk and a child’s pusher/feeding

utensil, impressed marks. $120


A Chinese silver coin from the Gansu

province featuring the head of Yuan

Shi Kai. $320


A late 19thC Canton famille rose “100

Butterfly Plate”, gilt enrichments. Diameter

245. $140


A 19thC famille rose bute shaped cup

and saucer decorated in panels with

figures, butterflies and flowers. $70


A 19thC famille rose London shape teacup

and saucer decorated in panels

with figures, birds and flowers. $70


A 19thC famille rose Chinese porcelain

teapot, cylindrical shape, decorated

with panels of figures, birds and flowers.

Height 145, diameter 130. $250


An old Chinese famille rose small

vase of baluster form, finely decorated

with figures, animals, etc.,

the base with applied gilded scroll

decoration and a gilded band to the

shoulder. Height 105. $850


A mid 19thC Chinese famille rose

lidded tureen of oval baluster form,

decorated in the “Rose Medallion”

pattern with figures, florals and sacred

objects, ornate gilt enrichments and


floral form large finial. Length 320, width

205, minor flaw. See page 13. $1650


A late 19thC Canton famille rose

plate, traditional decoration in a four

panelled design with gild enrichments,

figures, florals and green and

red highlights. Diameter 247. $140


A vintage Canton famille rose vase

of baluster form, traditional decoration

with two pairs of salamanders to

the shoulders and kylin to the waisted

neck. Height 250. $160


A pair of Chinese famille rose cylinder

vases with everted rims, painted in

coloured enamels with seated figures

and calligraphy. Height 160. See

page 13. $500


A rare fine Chinese famille rose decorated

porcelain bowl, the exterior

with four circular panels depicting

animals and birds amongst florals on

a yellow complex interlocking diaper

ground with red highlights, the interior

with red ground finely decorated with

florals and leaves, fine gilt highlights,

pictorial mark to base, early Republic/late

Ching period. Diameter 132,

height 80. See page 8. $10,000


An old Chinese famille rose cream jug

of ovoid form with a sparrow beak,

figures within a seaside walled garden,

gilt handle. See page 13. $650


A Chinese blue and white porcelain

circular dish painted with figures in a

garden. Diameter 190, seal mark. See

page 8. $500


A Chinese blue and white oblong

shaped table jardinier decorated

with flowers, tendrils and four frogs

clambering up each corner. Six character

Qianlong seal mark under the

base. Width 225. See page 8. $2000


A pair of Chinese porcelain blue and

white shallow dishes, each decorated

with three figures of sages in

landscapes and a square seal mark

to reverse. Diameter 200. $110


A small Ming porcelain kitchenware

bowl. Diameter 135. $40


A Chinese export porcelain two handled

cup and saucer, decorated in

enamels with butterflies and flowers, a

blue trellis pattern at the saucer’s rim.

Minor frits to the rim. $80


A kitchen Ming blue and white plate,

decorated with foliate designs. Diameter

220. $100


A Chinese porcelain blue and white

Gu form vase decorated in underglazed

blue with buildings and figures

in a landscape. Height 235. See

page 8. $150



An old Chinese blue and white plate,

underglazed blue figure in landscape

decoration, the border with butterflies

and sacred objects, soft blue ground,

minor frits to rim. Diameter 227. See

page 8. $160


A Chinese blue and white porcelain

Mei Ping vase painted with child

figures, leaves, flowers and scrolls.

Height 270. $550


A mid Ching Dynasty blue and white

plate, hand painted to the interior

with exterior scenes with a blue border

and geometric shape to the rim.

Diameter 220. See page 8. $120


An old Chinese painting on paper of

a fearsome bearded man holding a

sword, character and chop marks/

signature to bottom left corner, patterned

silk border mount. Height 1000

x 390. $350


A vintage Chinese watercolour on

paper of a flowering plant scene

with calligraphy and chop marks to

top left corner, monochrome and silk

border mount. 1320 x 295. $350


An old Chinese scroll, finely hand

painted in watercolour on paper with

a scene of birds on fruiting branches,

calligraphy and seal mark detail. $300


An old Chinese scroll, watercolour on

paper depicting five women within

an interior scene, dominant tones of

red, blue, etc., calligraphy and seal

mark to top right corner, image size

1200 x 450. $350


An old Chinese scroll, watercolour on

paper depicting an old man seated

asleep within the twisted trunk of an

old tree, a crested crane looking on,

calligraphy and seal marks to top left

margin, image size 880 x 470. $350


An old Chinese bronze two-handled

incense burner on a tall tripod base,

decorated in relief with birds, masks,

scrolls, etc., the pierced cover with Kylin

finial. Height 240. Together with a pair of

matching two-handled tripod baluster

vases. Height 255. See page 13. $400


A Chinese bronze and champleve

enamel lidded censor, the squat

circular body with two handles to

the sides raised on three feet, the lid

pierced and surmounted by a kylin.

Height 410. See page 13. $300


A Chinese bronze baluster shaped

vase of hexagonal shape, the walls

decorated with applied panels of

champleve enamel on a diaper

ground. Elephant head handles issue

from the sides. Applied tablet seal

mark under the foot. Height 305. See

page 13. $175


A pair of large Chinese baluster

porcelain vases with polychrome

painted decoration with fish, leaves

and lotus flowers. Height 440, printed

seal marks on base. $400


A large inverse baluster jar and cover

decorated in polychrome enamels

with warrior figures. The foot and

shoulder decorated with pennant

designs, the neck and lid of the rim

decorated with square fret patterns.

Height 420. $900


An old Chinese red and black lacquer

vase of squat circular shape with

a cylindrical neck decorated with hoho

birds reserved in panels on a floral

ground. Slight losses and crackle to

lacquer. Height 305. $500


A Chinese fine contemporary porcelain

vase of ovoid form, elaborately

decorated with a mountainous village

landscape scene and calligraphy,

finely decorated borders, and

underglazed blue character marks to

base. Height 400. $800


A pair of fine Chinese porcelain mallet

shaped baluster vases with polychrome

painted decoration of kylin

wave forms, symbols and two glaze

firings. Height 205, painted character

marks on base. See page 13. $10,000


A fine quality Chinese porcelain

beaker of tapering circular section

with a flared rim, polychrome famille

rose enamelled decoration of butterflies

in a garden. Height 60, Imperial

seal mark Ching dynasty. $600


A Chinese lidded cylindrical jar,

polychrome enamelled on an aubergine

ground, birds and florals, with

“Dayazhai” mark painted to the side.

Character marks to base. Height 180,

diameter 185. $120


A Chinese baluster porcelain vase

with polychrome decoration of birds

and flowers on a honeycomb green

ground. Height 260. See page 13. $100


A Chinese porcelain double gourd

vase with an ox blood and lilac drizzled

glaze. Four character seal mark

under the foot. Height 200. See page

8. $250


A Chinese turquoise monochrome

glazed double gourd vase. Height

280. See page 8. $150


A pair of Chinese porcelain peach

ground vases, baluster shape with

handles at the neck, decorated with

gilt designs of scattered circular rondels

and stiff leaves at the shoulder. Six

character Qianlong mark under the

base. Height 165. See page 8. $225


A golden olive cloisonne baluster

shaped vase decorated with song

birds amongst chrysanthemums. Lappet

panels decorate the rim and foot.

Height 305. See page 13. $175


Two Chinese cloisonne ginger jars of

ovoid shape, each decorated with

blossoms and flowers on a cloudy

ground, one blue and one black.

Height 210. $125


A Chinese porcelain brush pot, the

cylindrical shape decorated in relief

with a flowering cherry tree on a pale

yellow glaze. Height 115. $150


A Chinese porcelain ovoid jar decorated

in enamels with song birds and

flowers reserved in panels on a turquoise

and floral decorated ground,

raised on gilt elephant head feet and

with elephant head handles to the

sides, the lid with bat finial. Four character

Yongzheng seal mark under the

base. Height 190. See page 13. $300


A Chinese Song style pottery vase,

with a dark celadon glaze, the ovoid

body moulded with figures of eight

heroes and two dragons chasing a

mystic pearl. Small chip to one handle.

Height 210. $130


A pair of Chinese porcelain cylindrical

vases decorated with landscapes

with a four character chop mark

under the base. Height 285. $300


A pair of Chinese porcelain ovoid vases

decorated with figures in a landscape

and a calligraphic poem inscribed

verso. Small chip under foot ring on

one. Height 230. See page 8. $280


A large Chinese porcelain vase

decorated with four panels of figures

in garden scenes reserved on a

complex diaper patterned ground,

cylindrical shape with shoulder and

cylindrical neck. Height 500. $300


A Chinese porcelain Song style celadon

glazed ovoid jar moulded with

handles to either side. Height 85. $100


A pair of late 18thC Chinese export

porcelain squat circular jars, a sea

floor salvage. Moulded walls and

decorated in underglazed blue brush

point. Diameter 95. $200


A Chinese porcelain celadon glazed

circular bowl with incised foliate

decoration inside the well. Diameter

150. $100


A Chinese porcelain shallow dish,

decorated in the Ming manner with a

pair of foo dogs to the centre and a

trailing vine to the exterior. Diameter

155. $100


A Chinese porcelain “tulip” vase of

bulbous shape with five flower holders

- covered in a fine olive green tea

dust glaze. Height 165, impressed

seal mark. $250


A quality Chinese porcelain seated

female Buddha, finely detailed in

black and gilt to the five glazed

colours, red, blue, yellow, black and

mauve, she holds a scroll in her left

hand. Height 260. See page 8. $2000


A collection of 12 ancient Chinese

bronze cross bow arrow heads of

triangular section, some with shafts attached,

old patina. $120


A Japanese triptych folding wooden

framed porcelain table screen, the

central panel depicting an ancient

pine tree, the side panels with a dragonfly

and a carp, all with calligraphic

inscriptions. Overall width 405, height

335. See page 13. $200


An old Chinese black wood framed

screen of five unhinged sections,

each panel with pierced and gilded

decorative inserts along with inset

glass panels etched with foliate

designs and figures in pavilions. Each

panel 940 x 280. $300


A rare pair of Chinese red cinnabar

plant stands of traditional form with

shaped square plinth tops and tall

elegant cabriole legs, profuse intricate

decoration of dragons chasing flaming

pearls, flowers, scrolls and Greek

Key patterns. The top 300 x 300, height

980. See page 13. $1200


A pair of old ivory Chinese temple

lion dogs, male and female, one with

left forepaw resting upon a cup, the

other with forepaw resting on a ball.

Each raised on carved dark wood

stands. Height 125. See page 13. $500


A Chinese carved ivory tiger raised

on a carved wooden plinth base.

Length 205. See page 13. $150


An old carved ivory study of a reclining

sage with darkened patination,

signed with an engraved chop mark

underneath. Raised on a teak wood

plinth base. Old age cracks. Length

220. See page 13. $225


A Chinese ivory libation cup carved in

the manner of a rhino horn cup with

numerous lions climbing over its surface

raised on a carved wooden plinth.

Height overall 100. See page 13. $180


An old Chinese carved ivory puzzle ball

on stand, the ball intricately pierced

and carved with figures, trees and buildings,

some internal damage, raised on

figured pedestal. Height 195. $220


A vintage child’s ivory bangle, of

plain design. See page 24. $100


A well carved ivory study of a rhinoceros

modelled naturalistically. Length

215. See page 13. $500


An old Japanese carved ivory hippopotamus

naturalistically modelled, the

animal stands with a gaping mouth.

Ebony inlaid eyes. Two character

signature underneath. Length 170.

See page 13. $350


A Chinese carved horn libation cup

decorated in low relief with numerous

figures, temple buildings and ancient

pine trees in a landscape. Height

100. $90


A small circular ivory Japanese box

engraved at the top with two lion

portraits and landscapes. Diameter

70. See page 13. $250


A pair of carved Japanese ivory

studies of mythical lion dogs. Lightly

tea stained. Each carved in a mirror

image in a playful stance. Length 75.

See page 13. $250


A Japanese carved Okimono of the

god Hotei. He stands exposing his

corpulent belly, wearing an engraved

patterned robe. Signed under the

base. Height 55. $80


A Japanese ivory carved netsuke of the

god Daikoku, signed. He stands holding

a wooden staff, wearing an engraved

patterned robe. Height 60. $90


A Japanese ivory Okimono of a man

standing holding a bow and arrow.

Signed. Height 65. $90


A Japanese ivory Okimono of a

peasant fisherman. Signed under the

base. Height 55. $100


A Japanese ivory Okimono of a pair

of gymnastic twins, lightly stained,

carved to form a compact handling

piece. Width 50. See page 13. $100


A Japanese carved and stained ivory

tusk section figure of a seated god,

carved in a compact and contorted

manner to conform with the shape

of the tusk section. Signed under

the base with four character mark.

Height 125. $325


Two Japanese items, an ivory paper

knife with a leopard carved to the

handle and a short woven fibre fob

chain with a stained and carved bone

toggle and a small box, the sliding lid

enclosing two miniature dice. $100


An old Japanese ivory carved figure

of a peasant standing on a rocky

plinth grasping a vine with numerous

gourd fruits. Signed under the base.

Height 250. See page 13. $675



A Shinsakuto (contemporary Japanese

sword) by Sasshu ju Minamoto

Moriatsu, the 72.5 cm. blade displays

an exuberant hamon, the hilt typically

ribbon bound and ray skin covered

with floral menuki and gilt-bronze fuchi

(collar) with chrysanthemum and paulownia

leaf mons. Patinated bronze

tsuba and a black lacquer scabbard

with gilt painted mon. Overall length

1050. See page 13. $8500


A Japanese Wakisazhi in shirasaya

along with its associated lacquer

scabbard, hilt and sword furniture, the

fuchi-kashira and tsuba all decorated

with dragons. A kozuka and kogata

are accommodated in pockets to either

side of the lacquer saya. Length

of blade 520. Saya and hilt overall

785. See page 13. $8500


A good Japanese cloisonne vase,

baluster shape, hexagonal section,

decorated with coloured flowers on

a turquoise ground. Height 185. Meiji

period c.1900. See page 13. $150


A fine quality Japanese Satsuma

bachelor’s teaset, with finely painted

and gilded decoration, panels of

figures, moulded dragon handles and

spout, teapot, lidded basin, cream

jug and a single cup and saucer.

Gilded seal marks, Meiji period c.1900.

Honourable wear. See page 8. $350


A pair of fine quality Japanese Satsuma

vases of elongated ovoid form,

finely painted, enamelled and gilded

with scenes of warriors and dragons.

Height 160, painted multi- character

mark on base similar to Meizan Hododa.

Meiji Period (1868 - 1912). See

page 13. $1200


A pair of Japanese Satsuma earthenware

baluster shaped vases decorated

in panels with figures and landscapes

reserved on a cobalt blue ground.

Marked with Satsuma mon under the

base. Height 195. $150


An oriental porcelain 12 sided shallow

dish of Kakiemon style with restrained

polychrome painted decoration of

birds and flowers. Width 255. See

page 13. $300


A pair of late 19thC Japanese Imari

inverse baluster vases with covers,

each decorated with panels of flowers,

foliage and birds reserved on a

floral diaper ground in traditional iron

red, cobalt blue and gilt. With restoration.

Height 265. $175


A Japanese Imari baluster vase

with traditional painted decoration,

panels of flowering branches, leaves,

butterflies etc. Height 245. $400


A Kutani censer, modelled as a

young boy supporting a koro upon


his shoulders, decorated in typical

iron red and gilt, the koro with phoenix

motifs and diaper patterns, the

pierced lid surmounted by a foo dog.

Height 260. See page 8. $150


A pair of Japanese baluster shaped

bronze vases decorated with birds

in flowering boughs. Light brown

patination with rubbing on the high

points. Height 280. $400


A Japanese blue and white porcelain

ginger jar with a wooden stand and

a wooden cover decorated with a

selection of vases, tables and boxes.

Star crack to side. Height overall 170.

See page 8. $120


A Japanese group of smoker’s paraphernalia

comprising a lacquered

woven cane covered cigarette box,

the lid inset with two fan shaped

metal panels engraved with flowers,

along with a matching ash tray and

rectangular tray, a tortoiseshell container

for a matchbox. $100


A large framed Nepalese Thangka depicting

a Buddha, painted in watercolours

on cotton, laid on a board ground

and gilt framed. 1390 x 1050. $450


An old Tibetan Thangka depicting a

deity seated in a cross-legged pose

before a blue and green mandala in

an alpine landscape with two attendees.

Watercolours on cotton. Overall

size 970 x 690. $300


A Sawankhalok lidded jar with traditional

decoration. Diameter 120,

14th-15thC, Thailand. $120


A large Burmese bronze opium

weight modelled as a mythical beast

along with an Indian brass oil lamp,

the back raised and decorated with

a yakshi. Height 130. $80



Four Victorian green majolica leaf

moulded circular plates together with

a similar two-handled oblong dish. $200


A pair of late 19thC Dresden china

candlesticks, floral encrusted and

hand painted, with blue crossed

sword marks under the base. A.F.

Height 240. $100


A Meissen porcelain plate decorated

with a bouquet of flowers to the

centre with a ribbon and gilt painted

border, serpentine outline. Diameter

240. $50


Two Victorian period Staffordshire

flatback figures, one a Scottish couple,

the other a farming couple with

baskets of fruit. Slight faults. Tallest

230. $160


An early 20thC Staffordshire spaniel

character jug, sitting on haunches

with front paws raised. Height 255,

diameter 90. $120


A large Victorian majolica oval centrepiece

bowl, serpentine rimmed,

the walls decoratively moulded with

ribbon framed cartouches, raised on

four squat columnar feet. Restoration

to rim. Width 435. $250


Two Meissen porcelain plates each

decorated in the Oriental manner

with stylised ho-ho birds and dragons,

one in purples, the other in ochre

tones, both enriched with gilt, serpentine

rimmed. Blue crossed swords

mark to back. Diameter 245. $90


Five Delft tiles decorated in underglazed

blue, each 125mm square. $150


A 13 piece Limoges, France, fruit

service consisting of nine plates and

four various dishes, all decorated with

floral designs, some rubbing. $120


An Aynsley decorative plate, commemorating

the Coronation of

Queen Elizabeth 2nd 1953, a portrait

of the young queen to the centre

with lavish gilding on a cobalt ground

border. Diameter 265. $150


Two Aynsley bone china plates, each

decorated with a medallion of flowers

signed J.A. Bailey, in a gilt border,

one with a cerise ground, the other

cobalt. Diameter 270. $125


A Royal Worcester blank porcelain

plaque that has been later hand painted

with a male and female pheasant in the

snow, signed F. Clark, framed in a new

gilt frame. Height 175, width 130. $150


A pair of porcelain plaques (one

marked Worcester to back), later

painted with a young boy getting

dressed, the other a young girl blowing

bubbles in a barn doorway, both

signed F. Clark with two gold gilt

frames. Height 180, width 140 and

130. $250


A porcelain plaque hand painted

with a girl selling fish at the market,

signed F. Clark and in a gilt frame.

Height 180, width 140. $100


A porcelain plaque, hand painted

with scenes of a Dutch mother and

son at the harbour side, signed by F.

Clark and in a gold gilt frame. Height

220, width 150. $100


Two porcelain plaques (one marked

Worcester) later hand painted, one

with the head and torso of a Flemish

girl, the other of an elderly gent fixing

a clock, both signed F. Clarke, with

gold gilt frames. Height 180 and 140,

width 140 and 180. $200

























256 255










Two porcelain plaques hand painted,

one with a young village maiden

with a basket of washing on her hip,

the other with a young girl sitting in

a field putting flowers in her hat with

two sheep in the background, both in

gold gilt frames, one marked Francis

Clark Ceramics, Ireland Cottage, Herefordshire.

Height 175 and 85, width

120 and 110. $200


Two porcelain plaques, hand painted

with country scenes, one of a young

girl with baby chicks, the other of a

young girl feeding geese, both signed

F. Clark, unframed. Height 180 and

129, width 125 and 180. $150


Two porcelain plaques hand painted,

one with a young boy and girl fishing

at the river bank, the other of a family

at the wharf mending fishing nets, both

signed F. Clark, unframed. Height 185

and 130, width 125 and 180. $150


Two porcelain plaques, hand painted,

one with an animal farmyard scene,

the other with a fishing boat and

seaside scene, both signed F. Clark,

unframed. Height 205, width 255. $250


Two porcelain plaques, hand painted,

one of Highland cattle in the snow from

a painting by B. Bradley (1842-1904),

the other of a Kingfisher in a river bank

with coloured iris flowers in the foreground,

both signed F. Clark and both

in bold gilt frames. Height 200 and 130,

width 240 and 170. $300


Two porcelain plaques, both hand

painted, one of a hay making scene,

the other of black faced sheep in

the Scottish highlands, both signed

F. Clark and both in gold gilt frames.

Height 135, width 170. $200


Two porcelain plaques hand painted,

one a naked woman sitting on a

chair drying her feet, the other in

the manner of Henri Matisse, both

signed F. Clark and in gold gilt frames.

Height 70, width 30. $150


A small Royal Worcester circular

pin dish painted with fruit, signed

Bowkett. Diameter 100. Date marks

c.1950. See page 13. $100


A Royal Worcester pot pourri baluster

vase painted with pink roses signed J.

Smith, moulded and gilded. Height

130. Date marks c.1951. See page 13.



A large Royal Worcester rack plate

with shaped, gilded, gadrooned border

- painted with fruit, signed Ayrton.

Diameter 275. Date marks c.1950.

See page 13. $450


A Crown Devon “No. 1 Jerry” propaganda

Potty, the domed interior base


with a portrait of Hitler, the rim with

the sayings “Have this on Old Nasty”

and “Another Violation of Poland”,

missing musical movement to base.

Diameter 215. $160


A Dutch St. Lukas Brecht two handled

vase with a lustre glaze to the ovoid

body, two handles issue from the neck

to the shoulder. Height 180. $140


An Australian Eichwald Art Nouveau

vase, of tall square form, a long thin

handle to either side at the base,

dark greens with trailing flowers and

foliage to top. Height 250, width 80,

depth 60. $150


A Bretby pottery vase with a compressed

triangular section, multiple

apertures and handles to each side.

Unusual seaweed glaze. Impressed

marks. Height 130. $250


A Dunmore Pottery small vase in a

dark emerald green lustre glaze, baluster

shape. Height 100. See page 8.



An English Arts & Craft vase with four

handles issuing from the neck, sea

green and dark blue glazed. Height

210. See page 13. $80


A Ruskin pottery vase, baluster shaped

in a lilac-red hare’s foot glaze. Impressed

factory mark and dated 1906.

Height 200. See page 8. $600


A Ruskin baluster shaped pottery

vase with a plum and emerald glaze.

Impressed factory mark. Height 165.

See page 8. $400


A pottery vase by Christopher Dresser

of squat hemispherical shape and an

ox blood red glaze. Signed under the

base. Diameter 115, height 80. Small

chip to rim. See page 13. $450


A pair of small Ault Pottery posy vases

of squat circular form, moulded as

three scallop shells. Impressed factory

marks and registration number

under foot. Diameter 95. $250


An unmarked Amphora china study

of an Arab and camel, the rider sits

upon an ornate draped saddle with

a flintlock musket and two timpani

drums. Height 380. See page 16. $300


A French Art Deco, cubist model of a

hare by Jan and Joel Martel. Speckled

granite glaze, impressed and incised

maker’s marks under base. Width 150,

height 130. See page 13. $1200


A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Delecia jug

decorated with the Oranges and

Lemons pattern, Athens shape.

Factory marks printed under base.

Height 150. $225


A Clarice Cliff Bonjour sugar caster,

painted in the Rhodanthe pattern, in

tones of orange, yellow, brown, etc.

Height 127. $375


A small Carlton Ware circular dish,

hand enamelled and gilded on an

orange ground with an Art Deco pattern.

Diameter 130. $250


A Carlton Ware hexagonal two handled

small dish, hand enamelled and

gilded with a Chinoiserie exotic tree

and bird on a rouge royale ground.

Diameter 140. $250


A Corona Ware “Cremorne” hand

painted cylindrical vase with a flaring

mouth decorated with bright abstract

flowers. Height 195. $90


A Carlton Ware Bleu coffee set consisting

of a coffee pot, cream, sugar and

six demitasse cups and saucers. $200


A Maling bowl, with pink thumbprint,

yellow, blue, purple and white flowers

to the rim. Diameter 70. $120


A Falcon Ware bowl, of oval form, relief

moulded with oranges, apples, pears,

grapes, plums and leaves in multi colours.

Length 310, depth 255. $150


A pair of Staffordshire style Beswick fireside

spaniels, gilt decoration on a white

ground. Height 200, width 150. $150


A Beswick Beatrix Potter Benjamin

Bunny figurine. Height 110, gold

marks. $100


A large English vase decorated with

ceramic hail in varying shades of green,

the rim in five shaped and “folded”

sections with mauve edging and cream

ceramic hail decoration, the front with

large press moulded flowers and leaves

in shades of red, yellow and green.

Marked England to base, minor damage.

Height 350, diameter 200. $120


A small Royal Doulton figurine “Ivy”

H.N. 1768. Height 120. $80


An Edwardian period Royal Doulton

jardiniere decorated with poppies

in cobalt blue on a gold and white

ground, the border in gilded floral

decoration on a cobalt blue ground.

Height 90, diameter 235. See page

16. $300


A Royal Doulton African series charger

“Good Morning, Zulu Girl, Zululand”

D6367. Diameter 340. $125


A Royal Doulton large wall charger

in the “Jackdaw of Rheims” pattern

depicting “Bishop & Abbot & Prior Were

There”, in traditional tones with a yellow

and brown border, printed marks.

Diameter 395. See page 16. $425


A Royal Doulton jug in the Gnomes

pattern, professional restoration to

rim. Height 115, diameter 100. $120


A Royal Doulton dinner set, Belmont

pattern, gilded decoration on a

white ground, consisting of ten dinner

plates, ten luncheon plates, nine soup

coupes and saucers, nine teacups

and saucers, nine coffee cans and

eight saucers, eight dessert bowls, ten

side plates and one milk jug. $350


A Royal Doulton titanium bowl in the

Tutankhamun pattern, Egyptian geometric

shapes to the exterior, the interior

decorated with Egyptian chariot

figures etc. Height 95, diameter 200.

See page 16. $220


A Royal Doulton Maori art coffee cup,

saucer and plate, together with a

large plate that has been broken and

repaired, the cup hairline crack. $150


A Royal Doulton stoneware Kia Ora

Maori design jardiniere, the widest

band of raised relief decoration with

stylised masks flanked by “KIA ORA” on

a dark blue ground and other carved

type designs on the mottled green/blue

ground with pale highlights and impressed

maker’s marks to base. Height

189, diameter 240. See page 16. $2200


A Royal Doulton flambe leaping

salmon, signed Noke 1914/36. Height

320, diameter 140. See page 16. $1200


William Moorcroft lidded Coronation

jar of wide short cylindrical form,

the domed lid with ball stopper, the

body with tube line decoration “King

Edward VIII Coronation 1937” and

various UK floral emblems, tones of

white and blue, full signature in brown

and impressed marks. Height 135,

diameter 145, minor paint flake to rim,

See page 16. $950


A William Moorcroft pansy vase of baluster

form decorated with red, purple

and yellow pansies on a deep cobalt

blue ground, painted green signature

and impressed marks to base, also

with original paper label with facsimile

signature and hand made pottery.

Height 210. See page 16. $450


A William Moorcroft vase in the pansy

pattern, squat circular base with long

tapered neck, rich cobalt ground,

impressed marks and painted initials in

green. Height 155. See page 16. $450


A Walter Moorcroft bowl decorated

in the anemone pattern, red, purple

and green tones on blue/black

ground, impressed marks and painted

initials in blue. Diameter 225. $400


A William Moorcroft vase of baluster

form, pomegranate pattern in traditional

tones on dark cobalt ground,

impressed marks and painted initials in

green. Height 203. See page 16. $650


A William Moorcroft large baluster

vase in the pomegranate pattern,

traditional decoration on a variable

dark blue/green ground, early

impressed mark and full signature in

green, glaze fritting to top rim. Height

350. See page 16. $700


A William Moorcroft potpourri jar with

pierced screw lid to the ovoid body,

traditional decoration of fruit on a

dark blue ground, impressed marks

and painted initials in green. Height

137. See page 16. $850


A William Moorcroft Dawn landscape

design vase of baluster form in traditional

banded decoration with rolling

hills and trees in blue tones on a pale

blue ground with yellow highlights to

the chevron band, impressed marks

and painted initials in blue. Height

127. See page 16. $1350


A William Moorcroft baluster vase

decorated in the pomegranate pattern,

rough repair to top rim. Height

130. $100


2ND SESSION at 5.00pm



A 9ct. gold and coral charm in the

form of a miniature Georgian/Victorian

teether/rattle. Length 30. See

page 24. $150


A vintage 9ct. gold lady’s locket of

oval form, the cover with engraved

and enamelled decoration “Forget

Me Not”. See page 21. $220


A vintage lady’s 9ct. gold oval locket,

the hinged cover mounted with two

co-joined horse-shoe forms, one set

with rubies, the other pearls. See

page 21. $320


A vintage orange twig form coral

pendant with 15ct. yellow gold cap

mount. Length 70. $160


A Victorian period 9ct. gold buckle,

the frame of decorative scrolls, the

three prong rod to the centre. Length

50. See page 21. $120


A Victorian period 9ct. yellow gold

Albertina bracelet, the fancy triple

strand circular links with an engraved

ball to the centre and tassel and clip

to one end. See page 21. $400


An Edwardian period gold hinged

bangle, the central panel to the top

set with four small pearls and an old

mine cut diamond, a further panel to

either side also set with a small mine

cut diamond, 9ct. yellow gold with a

15ct. or 18ct. wash. See page 24. $350


An Edwardian period 15ct. gold

brooch, two crossed pins with a

greenstone set shamrock to the front,

marked 15ct. on stem, old solder

repair on the back, with safety chain.

Length 50. See page 24. $120


A Victorian period gold brooch in the

form of a sword with a swallow set

to the centre, the hilt, swallow and

base of the sword set with cabochon

opals, marked 9ct., maker’s initials H.

& N., possibly for Harrop & Neill, Dunedin.

Length 75. See page 21. $150


An Edwardian period Art Nouveau

15ct. gold brooch, the heart form with

scrolling wings set with an oval facet

cut peridot and three small rubies,

marked 15ct. with English hallmarks,

maker’s initials H.G.S. Limited. Length

40. See page 21. $150


A Victorian period silk bracelet with

decorative gold caps to either end,

the gold section to centre mounted

with a decorative shield with initials,

gold chain and dog clip, marked 9ct.

gold and R. Bros., possibly for Read

Bros., Symonds Street, Auckland.

Length 190. See page 21. $130


An Edwardian period opal and gold

bar brooch, the large oval black opal

disc claw set to the centre of a quatreform

shape with two decoratively

engraved side bars. Length 60. See

page 21. $150


An Edwardian period 9ct. gold bar

brooch set with four large cabochon

garnets spaced by three seed pearls,

original box. See page 21. $160


A Victorian suite of 15ct. gilded gold

and carved cameo jewellery each

with a crowned Maltese cross central

panel, the brooch with a fancy scrolling

frame of oval form, the earrings of

lozenge form with a rope twist border,

for pierced ears and the ring with

a rub-over mount and a wide plain

frame. See page 24. $500


An Edwardian period 18ct. yellow

gold and natural ruby brooch, the

bird set with 11 rubies mounted on

a double bar with two rubies and a

seed pearl to each end. See page

24. $380


An old Chinese carved green jade

stick pin, the pierced floral and fruit

decorated panel held in a hinged

silver mount on pin, strong mid green

tones. See page 16. $120


Four pieces of jewellery including a

miniature gold and citrine spinner, a

tooth with a silver cap, a small agate

pendant with Masonic symbols and

gold suspension bale and a gold



444 450 465 454 445 447 459 456 453 455 458 451




























plated fob chain with dog clips and

T-bar. See page 24. $100


A vintage Japanese Satsuma hat pin,

the long oval china head with traditional

decoration. Length 240. $120


A late Victorian 9ct. gold Etruscan

“Dearest” bar brooch, the various

stones in a row, the first letter of each

spelling “Dearest”, scrolling and beaded

cap ends. Chester 1898, maker

Hollis & Newman. Length 50, original

green velvet box. See page 21. $360


A necklace consisting of polished

amber chips of graduated size. Length

when open 440. See page 21. $100


An amber bead necklace, the graduated

square beads with chamfered

corners leading down to 16 round

faceted larger amber beads. Length

when doubled 350. See page 21. $200


An amber bracelet, the triangular

shaped sections threaded on elastic.

See page 21. $130


A necklace made of Millefiore glass

beads of graduated size with a

turquoise glass bead between each.

See page 24. $130


A string of facet cut garnet beads of

brown/red tones, knotted between

each bead with an unmarked gold

clasp. Length when doubled 520.

See page 21. $150


A pair of Victorian period gold earrings

in the form of a gloved hand holding a

wreath of flowers, seed pearls to the top

of each glove and one to a finger as a

ring, fish hook wires for pierced ears, in

old velvet lined box. See page 24. $200


A selection of antique and vintage

jewellery boxes for rings, brooches,

necklaces and earrings. $100


A selection of antique and vintage

jewellery boxes similar to above. $100


A selection of antique jewellery

boxes, similar to above. $100


A selection of antique jewellery boxes

similar to above. $100


A selection of antique jewellery boxes

similar to above. $100


A selection of antique jewellery boxes

similar to above. $100


A selection of antique jewellery boxes

similar to above. $100


A selection of jewellery boxes similar

to above. These jewellery boxes are

all from New Zealand including Stewart

Dawson, Frank Curtis, Ashburton,

Brown & Kerr, Nelson, etc. $150


A selection of antique jewellery boxes

similar to above, again these jewellery

boxes are all from New Zealand

jewellers including Kohn, Auckland,

G. Coates & Co., Christchurch, Stewart

Dawson, Auckland etc. $150


A gold and black pearl bracelet, the

9ct. gold belcher link bracelet with

three round black pearls suspended

as charms. See page 21. $180


A lady’s decorative gold bracelet,

the oblong links with circular star

shaped decoration joined by faceted

round links, 9ct. yellow gold, with later

dog clip. See page 21. $550


An 18ct. yellow gold and diamond

bangle, the hinged bangle in the

form of three spaced bands set with

eight Chevron shaped panels containing

six small round brilliant cut diamonds,

with a further 16 small round

brilliant cut diamonds individually set

to the central band. Sealed slide fastening

with two safety catches. Total

diamond weight 1.67cts., valuation

available. See page 24. $2500


A modern 18ct. yellow gold bracelet

of wide chevron style links, impressed

gold and other marks, weight

28.9gms. See page 21. $1300


A modern 18ct. yellow gold brooch,

the four relief figures depicting a classical

scene of the slaying of a centaur,

shaped back panel, impressed

marks. Length 35, weight 12.2gms.

See page 24. $550


An antique gilt metal brooch, the

central star shape set with a facet

cut almandine garnet surrounded by

six cabochon round opals, the outer

frame of scrolling rings, with a safety

chain. See page 24. $120


An early 20thC 9ct. ruby and diamond

brooch, the diamond set bow

with central sapphire, a further pair

of rubies and diamond to each end,

original box. See page 21. $360


A gold sovereign ring, the Victorian

sovereign, 1887, set in a large heavy

9ct. gold mount. See page 21. $650


A turquoise and ruby dress ring, seven

small round turquoise stones set to

the centre of a large decorative high

floral mount with six small facet cut

rubies around the exterior, 14ct. rose

gold. See page 24. $250


A lady’s dress ring, the scrolling London

Bridge style mount set with two

almandine garnets and three facet

cut citrines, in 9ct. yellow gold. See

page 24. $180


A lady’s turquoise dress ring, five small

cabochon turquoise claw mounted

to the top of a wide gold shank which

narrows at the base, 9ct. yellow gold.

See page 16. $150


An 18ct. yellow gold and turquoise

ring, the oval cabochon turquoise

claw set to the centre of a floral engraved

band. London hallmarks for

1930’s, maker’s initials W.D. See page

16. $200


A diamond and gold wedding ring

set, the central ring set with nine small

round brilliant cut diamonds in a

white gold mount, the upright shoulders

each set with a small diamond,

the two bands on either side set with

five small diamonds in a semi-circle

mount, 9ct. yellow gold. $280


An 18ct. gold sapphire and diamond

estate ring, the small round brilliant

cut diamond claw set with a square

cut sapphire to each side, upright

decorative white gold shoulders and

an 18ct. yellow gold band with engraved

decoration to exterior sides.

See page 16. $180


An 18ct. gold and diamond estate

ring, the stepped Art Deco white gold

mount set with five round brilliant cut

diamonds, engraved upright shoulders

with an open scrolling mount, 18ct.

yellow gold shank, approximate total

diamond weight .65cts. In original old

heart shaped box. See page 24. $400


An aquamarine and diamond dress

ring, the oval cut aquamarine claw

set with two small round brilliant cut

diamonds to either side, split shoulders,

set in 14ct. yellow gold. See

page 24. $300


An 18ct. Art Deco diamond ring, the

.25ct. round brilliant cut diamond set

in a square white gold mount with

a smaller diamond to each upright

shoulder and an 18ct. yellow gold

shank. See page 16. $250


A gold and diamond ring, the London

Bridge style ring set with four

round brilliant cut diamonds, a plain

unmarked gold shank, possibly 18ct.

and one stone a replacement cubic

zirconia. See page 16. $150


A gold diamond and ruby dress ring,

the horizontally set oval cut ruby in a

split shank with six small round brilliant

cut diamonds to each side, 9ct. yellow

gold. See page 24. $180


An Edwardian period 15ct. gold ring,

the plain curved rectangular panel

set with central star set diamond and

flanked by two rubies, hallmarks for

Birmingham 1901. See page 16. $160


An early 20thC 18ct. yellow gold

lady’s ring set with three facet cut

rubies spaced by two pairs of small


diamonds, pierced lower mount,

hallmarks for Birmingham 1915. See

page 16. $220


An early 20thC 9ct. yellow gold lady’s

ring set with a central recessed diamond

flanked by two pairs of small

facet cut rubies, shell form shoulders,

Chester hallmarks. See page 16. $190


An early 20thC 18ct. garnet and

diamond ring, the three bright

toned garnets spaced by two small

diamonds, pierced lower mount,

hallmarks for Birmingham 1912. See

page 16. $120


A 9ct. gold gent’s signet ring set with

an oval bloodstone panel. See page

21. $90


A 9ct. Art Deco period lady’s ring set

with a central cabochon garnet flanked

by three seed pearls to each side,

Birmingham 1931. See page 16. $140


A Victorian period 18ct. gold lady’s

dress ring, the three sapphires

spaced by two diamonds, pierced

mount, hallmarks for Chester 1895.

See page 16. $240


A ruby and diamond ring, the 1.12ct.

emerald cut ruby claw set and surrounded

by small single cut diamonds,

the split shoulders also set with single

cut diamonds, 14ct. yellow gold, total

diamond weight .40ct., valuation available.

See page 21. $650


An emerald and diamond ring, the

1.30ct. square facet cut emerald

claw set and surrounded by small

single cut diamonds with a further

four small diamonds bead set to

each shoulder, 14ct. white gold, total

diamond weight .25cts., valuation

available. See page 24. $750


An emerald and diamond ring, the

1ct. oval mixed cut emerald claw set

with five single cut diamonds claw set

to top and bottom of emerald, each

shoulder has three emeralds channel

set to the centre with three single cut

diamonds to both sides, total diamond

weight .30cts., total emerald weight

1.35cts., in 14ct. yellow gold, valuation

available. See page 24. $750


A ruby and diamond ring, the 1.40ct.

oval facet cut ruby claw set and

surrounded by a double row of small

single cut diamonds, total diamond

weight .40cts., 14ct. white gold, valuation

available. See page 21. $700


A three stone diamond ring, the

.40ct. round modern cut brilliant claw

set with a .23ct. round modern cut

brilliant to each side, both sides of

mount with small round brilliant cut

diamonds bead set, with a further 19

diamonds bead set to each up-


right shoulder, 14ct. white gold, total

diamond weight 1.36cts., valuation

available. See page 21. $1450


An estate three stone diamond ring,

a .20ct. old European cut diamond in

a rub-over mount to the centre with

two modern brilliant cut diamonds to

either side and three small diamonds

set to each high shoulder, in 18ct.

white gold and platinum, valuation

available. See page 16. $700


A green tourmaline and diamond

cluster ring, the 4.02ct. rectangular

scissor cut green tourmaline claw set

and surrounded by a double row of

small round brilliant cut diamonds

with a further six diamonds set to

each shoulder, set in 14ct. white gold,

total diamond weight .78ct., valuation

available. See page 21. $1550


A diamond solitaire ring, the 1.30ct.

round modern cut brilliant light yellow

diamond claw set in 14ct. rhodium

plated yellow gold, valuation available.

See page 24. $1300


An emerald and diamond dress ring,

the .74ct. oval cut emerald claw set

and surrounded by ten small round

modern brilliant cut diamonds to

each shoulder set to the centre with

three small square cut emeralds with

a further three small round brilliant cut

diamonds to each side, total emerald

weight 1.04ct., total diamond weight

.42ct. set in 14ct. white gold, valuation

available. See page 21. $800


A gold and diamond cluster ring, the

large flower design set with 41 round

modern brilliant cut diamonds and

14 tapering baguette diamonds, total

diamond weight 1ct., set in 14ct.

yellow gold, valuation available. See

page 21. $800


A sapphire and diamond dress ring,

the 1.50ct. oval cut sapphire surrounded

by 18 round modern brilliant

cut diamonds, each shoulder set

with a further 34 small round brilliant

cut diamonds, total diamond weight

.85ct., set in 14ct. white gold, valuation

available. $850


A platinum and diamond eternity ring,

set with 28 princess cut diamonds,

approximate total diamond weight

1.20cts. See page 24. $850


An emerald and diamond cluster ring,

the 2.07ct. oval mixed cut emerald

claw set and surrounded by 12 round

modern brilliant cut diamonds, total

diamond weight .88ct., set in 18ct.

white gold, valuation available. See

page 21. $2000


An 18ct. white gold diamond cluster

ring, four round modern brilliant cut diamonds

surrounding a small central set

stone, the shank with a rounded profile.

Valuation available. Total diamond

weight .63ct. See page 24. $2200


A lady’s 14ct. white gold multi-stone

diamond ring, the central 0.73ct. modern

brilliant cut diamond of colour F

and clarity I1 held in four claws framed

by a lowered surround of 18 round

brilliant cut diamonds, bead set with a

further six round diamonds set on either

side of the under bezel. Valuation

available. See page 21. $3250


A three stone diamond ring, the

.90ct. heart shaped fancy light yellow

diamond claw set with a .25ct. round

modern cut brilliant diamond to each

side, 14ct. yellow gold, total diamond

weight 1.40cts., valuation available.

See page 21. $2500


A platinum and diamond solitaire ring,

the 1.07ct. princess cut diamond claw

set, rounded shank with swept up

rounded shoulders, colour D, clarity Vs1,

valuation available. See page 21. $5000


An Edwardian period 18ct. and

platinum diamond dress ring, a .62ct.

old European cut diamond of champagne

colour, rub-over set to the

centre with a .39ct. old European

cut fancy yellow diamond to one

side with a .26ct. old European/early

modern brilliant cut yellow diamond,

to the other 30 small old European

and old single cut diamonds grain

set to the surrounding decorative

gallery, a further single old European

cut diamond to each shoulder, set in

18ct. yellow gold and platinum, total

diamond weight 2.15cts., valuation

available. See page 21. $5500


A modern lady’s diamond dress ring,

the 9ct. white gold mount with a wide

triple row cut-out design with straight

“L” shaped blocks, fully bead set with

278 round brilliant cut diamonds, valuation

available. See page 21. $3100


A pair of 18ct. white gold diamond

cluster earrings, four round modern

brilliant cut diamonds surrounding a

small central diamond, double claws

with heart shaped tips, for pierced

ears, total diamond weight 1.50ct.,

valuation available. This lot matches

lot 472. See page 24. $4200


A pair of white gold diamond cluster

earrings, each earring contains

a cluster of seven round modern

brilliant cut diamonds to the centre

with a surround of 20 and 22 tapered

baguettes with an outer surround

of 24 round brilliant cut diamonds,

pierced decorative linings with heart

shaped piercings, for pierced ears,

total diamond weight 2.89cts, valuation

available. See page 21. $4200


A Cartier gold accessories box, of

rectangular form consisting of machine

decorated panels of rose gold and yellow

gold, marked “Cartier” and “14K”

to the inside lid. Length 95, depth 70,

height 10. See page 29. $4000


An 18ct. white gold multi-diamond

pendant of rectangular form, entirely

pave set with seven rows of round

brilliant cut diamonds with a curb link

silver chain. See page 24. $800


A pair of gold diamond and pearl

earrings, the round shield shape with

a pearl to the centre, surrounded by

four small diamonds, 9ct. gold, for

pierced ears. See page 24. $250


A pair of 9ct. gold sapphire set earrings,

the oval facet cut sapphires in rubover

mounts suspended from hooks for

pierced ears. See page 21. $90


A small round pearl set with a gold

bar with an emerald cut emerald

coloured stone suspended from the

base, with fine 9ct. gold chain. See

page 24. $250


A 14ct. gold and jade pendant, the

round circular jade band set with a

decorative gold “wheel”, the centre of

which is set with a jade bead and 12

small cabochon jade and other coloured

stones, gold suspension ring and

bale. Diameter 45. See page 21. $350


A malachite and silver pendant, the

stone of tear drop form held within a

pierced pendant frame. $80


A uniform strand of Mikimoto cultured

pearls with an 18ct. yellow gold

push-in ball clasp, in original named

box, plus a pair of matching Mikimoto

cultured pearl earrings with 9ct. screw

on fittings, boxed. $275


A mid 19thC 12ct . natural pearl and

diamond brooch of circular form, the

raised central claw set pearl framed

by eight claw set diamonds above

the outer frame of ten pearls spaced

by engraved loop form bands. See

page 21. $450


Three pairs of 9ct. gold cufflinks, one

pair with English hallmarks. See page

21. $150


Three pairs of 9ct. gold cufflinks with

English hallmarks. See page 24. $150


A Tony Buller silver brooch, in the form

of a flying phoenix, marked “STG SIL”

to the back. Height 120. See page

24. $300


Two tribal necklaces of palm ivory

beads, ambers, horn, ostrich shell and

clusters of small glass beads. Lengths

700 and 800. $100


A Rolex box, the brown leather box

with belt decoration to the exterior, the

Rolex crown on the buckle, the interior

lined with wood with a lift-out suede

and leather display fitting for the watch,

with two books on a Rolex Oyster, the

leather box contained in a cardboard

Rolex box decorated in green with an

ancient map of the world and images

of pocket watches, the Rolex brand

name and symbol to the top. Also has

a Rolex notebook. Height of leather box

55, width 195, depth 150. $100



A gent’s stainless steel Tag Heuer

automatic wrist watch, the silver satin

dial with luminous baton markers, seconds

hand, date aperture, rotating

circular numbered bezel and original

segmented bracelet, valuation available,

in original box. $550


A sterling silver cased pocket watch

with fusee movement, the back plate

engraved John Forrest, London, chronometer

maker to the Admiralty and

No. 79357. The machine engraved dial

with subsidiary seconds dial, six gold Roman

numerals and blued steel hands,

hallmarked Chester 1835. $100


An Edwardian period French brass

cased carriage clock with a plain

cream enamel face with circular Arabic

numerals, the movement in working

order. Height 110. With original

travelling case. The face is distressed

and there is no key. $250


A brass cased carriage clock with

11 jewels Swiss movement made for

Matthew Norman, London. The single

barrel movement with a white enamel

dial, Roman numerals and blued

steel breguet-type hands. Height 115.

See page 16. $350


A wooden cased carriage style

clock, the case with ionic columns to

the corners. The single barrel movement

with engraved silvered dial,

Roman numerals, and blued steel

hands. Height 135. See page 16. $400


A French carriage clock, the case

with decorative foliate scroll mounts,

a white enamel dial with Roman

numerals and blued steel hands. With

key. Height 115. See page 16. $450


An oak cased mantel clock with

Japanese movement by Seikosha,

Tokyo. Height 170. $125


A turn of the century walnut balloon

cased mantel clock, the cylindrical

French movement with a white

enamel dial, Roman numerals and

blued steel hands. Fascia of the

case inlaid with fruitwoods. Height

250. See page 16. $250


A mahogany circular wall clock, by

Woodhouse-Wild, Camden, London,

with Swiss made “Zenith’ 18 day

movement. The shallow domed face

studded with brass Arabic numerals

and minute marks. Diameter 330. See

page 5. $400


A Smiths Astral wall clock, brown

wooden frame with later Maori carving

and motifs. Platform escapement.

In working order. Diameter

290. $150


A three piece French clock garniture in

gilt metal with hand painted porcelain

handles and a circular dial, the clock

panel painted with a romantic couple,

the dial with birds. The case raised on

paw feet decorated with foliate and

mask swags, surmounted by a laurel

leaf wreath along with a pair of birds.

The side vases of a conforming nature.

Height 410. See page 16. $550


A large shop veranda clock, black

metal cased and with architectural

mountings, electrically driven movement,

the white illuminated double

faced dial with Roman numerals.

Diameter 740. $800


A good French Louis XV mantel clock,

the gilt metal architectural case

with twinned, square fluted pilasters

supporting the movement with a

white enamel dial, Arabic numerals,

marked “Houlet a Paris” and intricate

pierced gilt hands. The face surmounted

by a trophy finial of torch,

laurel wreath, bow and quiver of arrows.

The whole raised on a conforming

lozenge shaped white alabaster

plinth base. The French cylinder

movement striking on a bell. Height

400, width 340. See page 16. $5500



An engine turned silver cigarette box

of oblong shape with sandalwood interior.

Birmingham 1959. With inscription.

Length 160. $150


An Edwardian period silver sovereign

case of unusual square form, leaf engraved

decoration and a push button

mechanism revealing spring loaded

interior fitting, Birmingham 1909. $175


A late George III period silver case,

of rectangular form with chamfered

corners, hinged lid and engraved

decoration to sides and top. Length

85, depth 15. See page 29. $150


An unmarked Continental silver

hinged lidded pill box of oblong

shape with foliate engraving to the

lid, 31 x 21. See page 29. $100


A George III silver small vinaigrette

with gilt washed interior and pierced

hinged grille, by Samuel Pemberton,

Birmingham, 1799. 23 x 16. See page

29. $220



A George IV silver vinaigrette by John

Betteridge, Birmingham 1827, the interior

with a pierced hinged grille and gilt

washed, 40 x 27. See page 29. $220


A silver lozenge shaped table snuff

box by Aspery, London, with a machine

engraved hinged lid and foliate

moulded rim. Hallmarked Birmingham,

1911. 87 x 52. See page 29. $300


A pair of Edwardian period silver

handled glove stretchers, Birmingham

1907, maker William Devenport.

Length 250. $100


A silver dressing table hand mirror

with ornate embossed decoration,

together with a matching brush. Birmingham

1971. $120


An Edwardian period silver plated lady’s

shoe pincushion. Length 165. $80


An Edwardian period silver pincushion

in the form of a boot, gilt cushion and

lacing, Birmingham 1906. Length 55.

See page 29. $150


An Edwardian period silver boot

pincushion, well detailed as an old

work boot with black velvet pincushion.

Chester 1905, maker Sampson,

Mordan & Co. Length 80. See page

29. $425


An Edwardian period silver “fledgling

bird” pincushion, well modelled,

head held high with worn pincushion

to back. Chester 1910, maker Sampson

Mordan & Co. Height 40. See

page 29. $400


A late Victorian period silver photo

frame of plain oblong shape with

wirework decoration. Height 215,

width 160. Birmingham 1900. Minor

faults. $200


A large Art Nouveau silver photo frame

with shaped scrolling border decoration.

Height 300, width 250. Birmingham

1905. William Devenport. Fault. $280


A Victorian period silver photo frame

with embossed and pierced decoration

in the French manner. Height

215. Birmingham 1896. $200


A small silver purse with engraved

decoration, original leather interior

and chain handle with a large silver

suspension ring. Birmingham 1915.

The engraved monogram dated

25.12.16. $100


A silver bladed letter knife with a

decoratively engraved handle crested

with a castellated tower surmounted

by a bird. Birmingham 1885 by George

Unite & Son. Length 220. $100


An Edwardian period silver and

mother-of-pearl wheelbarrow trinket


holder with shell bowl back supported

by the silver frame. Birmingham 1910,

maker Adie & Lovekin. Length 70.

See page 29. $130


A pair of silver candlesticks, octagonal

bases with Doric columns, damage

to one drip tray. Birmingham

1915. Height 140. $250


A Continental Art Nouveau silver

plate chamber stick with a leaf shape

tray incorporating a small lidded well

to hold wax vestas, the handle of

whiplash form. See page 29. $85


A WMF Art Nouveau silver plate jewellery

box, oblong shape, decorated

with whiplash floral designs to the

walls, a hinged lid and with legs similarly

shaped in each corner. Width

160. See page 29. $110


An Art Nouveau silver plated oblong

centrepiece bowl decorated with applied

relief figures of women and putti

flanking a trellis section to either side.

Handles issue from either end. Inset with

a matching glass liner. Width 450. $150


A silver plated crumb tray with an

ivory handle by Elkington & Co., the

tray with a monogram in a circular

cartouche on a hammered background.



A Victorian period silver plated single

wine coaster with foliate rim and

wood base. Diameter 190. See page

29. $100


A pair of William IV period Old Sheffield

Plate wine coasters with foliate rims and

wood bases. Diameters 185. $250


An old Sheffield plate wine coaster,

wooden base, copper bleeding

through, slight gadrooning to the rim.

Diameter 145. $150


A Regency period silver berry spoon,

London 1810, maker Geo. Wintle. $100


A William IV period fiddle pattern silver

sifting ladle. Length 160. London

1830. Maker James Britton. $120


A 19thC silver punch ladle with plain

oval bowl and tapered fitting to the

repaired turned wooden handle, unascribed

maker, possibly American. $150


An 18thC English silver mote spoon

with a beautifully pierced oval bowl

and a spearhead handle. Length

135. $110


A George III silver Old English pattern

soup ladle, London 1807, Solomon

Hougham. Some dents to bowl. $150


Two silver ladles, the sauce ladle of

fiddle pattern, London 1820, maker

William Chawner II and a sifting ladle

with a fancy pierced bowl and leaf

scroll decorated handle, Birmingham

1911, maker Levi & Salaman. $110


A pair of George III period fiddle pattern

silver tablespoons, London 1811,

maker William Troby. $100


A pair of good quality Georgian period

bright cut bottom marked silver

tablespoons. Length 230. London

1800. Maker’s marks unascribed. $120


A matching set of seven heavy

George III period crested fiddle pattern

silver tablespoons. Length 220,

London 1814. $360


Two George III period Old English silver

tablespoons, London 1782, maker

George Smith, and 1808, maker Thomas

Daniell. $160


Six Victorian period crested bright cut

silver dessert spoons, London 1863,

1874 (4) and 1883. Makers include

George Angell. $150


A matching set of four Victorian period

fiddle pattern silver tablespoons, London

1873, maker George Angell. $175


A single Georgian period Old English

silver tablespoon, London 1807, John

Lias. $80


A set of five William IV period fiddle,

thread, and shell silver dessert

spoons. London 1831. Maker William

Chawner. $175


Three 19thC silver Queen’s pattern

tablespoons. Various makers and

dates. $120


A set of six fiddle and thread pattern

silver tablespoons, London 1863 by

George Angel. $180


A double struck King’s pattern silver

dessert spoon, London 1824 and

matching fork 1819, maker William

Chawner. Some wear. $65


A George III silver table fork, fiddle

pattern, some wear to tines, London

1817, maker Paul Storr. $100


A set of seven good quality Georgian

period crested fiddle, thread and

shell pattern table forks, London 1808,

makers William Eley, William Fearn &

William Chawner. $340


A set of five old German 800 standard

fiddle and thread pattern silver table

forks, maker W. Breede Sohn. $80


A matching set of three Edwardian

period fiddle pattern silver table

forks, Sheffield 1902, maker Walker &

Hall. $100


Six fiddle pattern silver table forks,

London 1803, William Eley & Wil-






466 476












409 411

















483 440


liam Fearn, London 1840 (5), makers

Samuel Hayne & Dudley Cater. $200


A matching set of six early Victorian

period fiddle pattern silver table forks,

London 1840, makers Samuel Hayne

& Dudley Cater. $240


Five fiddle thread and shell silver table

forks. London 1820,maker George

Piercy, 1839, John Whiting and London

1842 (3) also John Whiting. $200


12 antique table knives, the French

950 standard silver handles in a variation

of the King’s Pattern design with

English steel blades marked Lambert,

Coventry Street, London. London

import marks, c.1895. $200


A Siam silver 74 piece cutlery canteen,

12 place setting comprising

table forks, dessert spoons, dessert

forks, soup spoons, teaspoons, serving

utensils and a condiment set along

with ivorine handled table and

luncheon knives. $400


A part set of early Victorian period

crested single struck King’s pattern

silver cutlery - 6 table forks, London

1840 (3), 1841 (2) and Glasgow 1827

(1) - 6 dessert spoons, London 1841

(5), 1858 (1), together with six large

and six small table knives with Sheffield

steel blades and silver plated

King’s pattern handles. $850


An impressive silver cutlery canteen,

Old English pattern feather edged, principally

18thC, various makers and dates.

87 pieces, comprising of 12 tablespoons,

12 dessert spoons, 12 teaspoons, 12

table forks, 12 luncheon forks, 12 table

knives, 12 luncheon knives, one soup

ladle and one pair of basting spoons.

The soup ladle uncrested, the basting

spoons crested with a Merman, the

balance of spoons and forks crested

with an ostrich holding a horse shoe in

its beak, the crest of the MacLean clan.

Makers include Hester Bateman and

others. The knives with later replaced

blades. See page 29. $15,000


A cased silver christening set of a

spoon and fork of Art Nouveau style

by Daniel George Collins, Birmingham

1905. Both with enamelled foliate

finials. the spoon with a heart shaped

bowl decorated with a stylised fish,

the fork with trident tines. In original

velvet lined leather case. See page

29. $2200


A boxed set of silver handled dessert

knives, Sheffield 1915. $100


Eight Victorian period King’s pattern

silver fruit knives, two with engraved

blades, various London and Sheffield

hallmarks. $100


A cased set of silver fruit knives, pistol

grip handles with acanthus scroll


detail, Sheffield 1917. J. Deakin & W.

Deakin. $90


12 silver teaspoons and tongs with

a note that they were made from a

solid silver ladle by Ashton Jewellers,

Invercargill, in an old box, tongs do

not match, spoons marked stg. silver,

one damaged. $100


A pair of small Victorian period silver

condiment spoons with ornate leaf

and vine handles. Length 90. Birmingham

1852, makers mark DT. $150


A boxed set of six silver teaspoons

with decorated handles, Birmingham

1940. $75


Six Georgian period Old English silver

teaspoons, London 1800, maker Solomon

Hougham. $90


Ten Victorian period fiddle pattern silver

teaspoons, London 1840 (5), maker

Charles Boyton and London 1844 (5),

maker Thomas Wimbush. $150


A set of six Victorian period fruit

knives with plated steel blades and

decorated silver handles. $75


A set of 12 Edwardian period fiddle

pattern silver teaspoons. Sheffield

1901. $200


A set of five George IV period fiddle,

thread and shell pattern silver teaspoons.

London 1828. Maker William

Chawner. $80


A cased set of six sterling silver

teaspoons by W.H. Leather & Son,

Birmingham 1925. $50


A cased Victorian silver christening

set of a spoon and fork, Birmingham

1890 by Hyam Archer & Co., both

pieces decoratively engraved, in

a red velvet lined leather box. See

page 29. $65


A cased set of six silver teaspoons

and sugar tongs, the spoons with

bird’s head finials. Sheffield 1929 by

Thomas Bradbury & Sons Ltd. $80


A late George IV period pair of sugar

tongs, fiddle pattern. London 1827,

maker Randall Chatterton. $80


A pair of early Victorian silver sugar

tongs, fiddle pattern. London 1841,

makers Samuel Hayne and Dudley

Cater. $80


A George III period silver sugar

basket of boat form on a shaped

oval base, decorative reeded rim to

the top with a hinged handle and a

monogram engraved to the front.

London 1795, maker John Robins.

Height 75, width 130, depth 90. See

page 29. $850


A rare Russian silver presentation

samorodok cigarette case with a gold

applique to the hinged lid, overall

textured finish, gilded interior, impressed

Kokoshnik and maker’s marks, the back

with a cylindrical hollow sleeve for suspension.

Length 110, width 75, depth

20. See page 29. $1100


A large heavy and impressive 19thC

silver table centrepiece modelled

as a tazza with rearing horse in the

centre - the base with three classical

child figures and round rim with

beautifully modelled details of horses

heads, oak leaves and acorns. Diameter

265, height overall 310, total

weight approx. 2.3 kilos, no hallmarks.

With original fitted black Moroccan

leather octagonal domed travelling

case. See page 32. $1800


A 1970’s 9ct. gold trophy cup on

a turned wooden base, the fluted

spreading foot with a round knop

leading to bowl, the lower half with

lobed decoration, the rim with decorative

beading, large ear shaped

handles to the side, stamped 9ct. and

FM for the New Zealand silversmith,

Fred Money. Height on wooden

stand 270, diameter 90, weight approx.

250 gms. See page 29. $4000


A rare George II silver coffee pot by

Richard Gurney and Thomas Cook,

London 1734. The tapering cylindrical

body with a hinged dome cover

decorated with a foliate pennent

frieze at the rim and at the foot.

Fruitwood double scroll handle with

slight charring. Height 225. See

page 29. $10,000


A George III period Old Sheffield Plate

tea urn of barrel shape with lion mask

ring side handles and square base

with ball feet. Length 300. $900


A silver coffee pot of plain design with

lobed base and lid, wood handle

and knop. Birmingham 1919. Height

230., $450


An Edwardian period silver hot water

jug of Georgian style with half fluted

body, shell and gadroon rim, ebonised

handle and finial. Height 220.

Chester 1907, makers George Nathan

and Ridley Hayes. $350


A George III period crested silver

teapot of oval section on a short

stem and oval foot with four ball feet,

gadrooned rim, finely engraved floral

decoration with later wicker bound

handle. Height 210. London 1813,

makers Thomas Hobbs & James Taylor.

See page 29. $500


A William IV period three piece silver

teaset of melon shape standing on

four feet, the teapot with ivory heat

rings and a flower finial. London 1835 &

1836, makers Charles Gibson & Edward

Barton. Some old repairs. $500


A Continental 800 standard silver

coffee pot of baluster shape with lion

mask spout, eagle finial and ebonised

handle, in a plain design with bands

of embossed leaf and scroll decoration.

Height 280, maker’s mark Knauer.

Probably Austro-Hungarian. $250


An early Edwardian silver three piece

teaset by George Nathan & Ridley

Hayes, Chester 1902. The bodies

ornately chased and engraved with

foliate designs. $750


A quality Georgian period silver three

piece teaset, the bodies of rounded oblong

baluster form with a reeded edge

and an engraved band of acorn motif,

raised on ball feet, the teapot London

1821, maker probably Richard Pearce,

the sugar bowl London 1806, maker Alice

& George Burrows II and the cream

jug London 1805. See page 29. $750


A Victorian period silver plate coffee

pot of baluster shape, on floral four

footed pedestal base with decorative

engraving and lobing to exterior, flower

and leaf knob to lid and ivory heat rings

to handle. Height 280. $160


A Victorian period silver plate coffee

pot of pear shape, on four decorative

feet, heavily embossed floral decoration

to the exterior with the base of the

spout in the form of a bearded man’s

head and the mouth of the spout as

a bird’s head and beak and a heavily

embossed lid with the knob in the

shape of a bird. Height 270. $160


A 19thC English silver plate on copper

wine jug of classical baluster shape

with finely engraved cartouche and

wooden handle. Height 305. With attached

Antique Dealer’s Association

certification seal. $140


A George III period helmet shaped

silver cream jug with beaded rim

and classical engraving. Height 130.

London 1788, John Lambe. $400


A Georgian period crested silver cream

jug, oval with gadrooned border,

reeded acanthus leaf handle and four

ball feet. Length 150. London 1823.

Makers Rebecca Emes and Edward

Barnard. Small dents. $300


A small late Victorian period silver tripod

cream jug of helmet shape with

ornate embossed decoration and

scroll handle. Height 75. Birmingham

1900. See page 29. $100


A silver Art Nouveau cream jug of

baluster shape with a whiplash handle

and mouth. Hallmarked Murrle

Bennett & Co., London 1903. Slight

dents. Height 95. $120


A silver water jug of vase shape by

J. Gloster Ltd, Birmingham 1923 with

fruitwood finial to the hinged lid and a

cane bound handle. Height 245. $125


A three piece sterling silver coffee set,

the vase shaped pot with a domed

hinged lid, ebonised handle and finial

along with a conforming sugar basin

and milk jug. Sheffield 1909, by William

Latham & Son. $550


A Victorian silver large christening mug

of tapered form, engraved with repeating

bands to the entire body, short

flared foot, gilded interior, Edinburgh

1876. Height 105. See page 29. $280


A vintage silver tea strainer with a

turned ivory handle, the circular

pierced bowl with a fine bead rim.

Birmingham 1924, maker William

Locke & Co. Length 160. $260


A William IV Old Sheffield Plate salver

with an ornate leaf, flower and scroll

border and flat chased decoration.

Diameter 255. $140


An Edwardian silver plated salver with

flat chased decoration and ornate

shaped rim. Diameter 330, maker J.

Dixon & Co. Ltd. Some wear. $100


A heavy good quality Victorian period

silver plated two-handled butler’s

tray of octagonal shape with pierced

gallery and beautiful flat chased floral

decoration, standing on four feet.

Length 510. Maker’s marks Philip Ashberry

& Co. $400


A silver oblong tray with ornate foliate

decoration framing a vacant cartouche

to the centre, Birmingham 1899 by

William Devenport. 285 x 195. $125


An Austro-Hungarian 800 standard

silver tray of angular design with

embossed grapevine decoration.

Length 450. Hallmarked. $250


A heavy hobnail cut crystal spirit barrel

mounted on a silver plate stand

with a tap and small barrel. Height

210, width 130, depth including tap

240, minor chipping around cork

bung. $200


A Victorian period silver plated ovoid

bacon dish standing on four pad feet,

finely engraved decoration, beaded

border and original internal liners.

Width 300. $150


A Victorian period silver plated cruet

stand of oval shape with a pierced gallery

and central handle - together with

six matching bottles. Height 315, maker

J. Dixon & Sons. See page 29. $150


A Britannia standard silver lidded

porringer c.1910, the cup with two

scrolling handles and a flattened dish

shape cover, hammer finished. Width

155, height 85. See page 29. $200


A cased silver five piece condiment

set by Army & Navy Stores Ltd, London,

1936. $175


A pair of Victorian silver cauldron

salt cellars by Hilliard & Thomason,

Birmingham 1868. Each with associated

and matching salt spoons with

scallop shell bowls and replacement

red liners. See page 29. $150


A French Art Nouveau silver tray modelled

as a leaf shape with a naturalistic

branch handle and flower heads

chased to the bowl’s surface in high

relief. Width 380. $350


A tall Victorian sterling silver clover

leaf shaped pierced and embossed

bonbon dish. London 1899. Width

130. $130


An Edwardian period oval silver fruit

dish, Chester 1903, the walls pierced

with a trellis pattern and embossed

with flowers and fruit. Serpentine

rimmed. 270 x 205. See page 29. $220


A small heavy Edwardian period

circular silver table dish with shaped

rim and lobed design. Diameter 125.

London 1902. See page 29. $100


A George III period silver marrow

scoop, marks rubbed, possibly London

1774. $350


A Georgian period silver skewer,

marks rubbed. Length 280. $150


A Victorian silver fish slice, fiddle and

shell pattern with a pierced blade.

London 1842 by John Whiting. See

page 29. $120


A George III period silver fish slice,

fiddle pattern, crested handle with

a decorative pierced blade. London

1811, maker Thomas Peacock.

Length 310. See page 29. $280


A cut glass hip flask with a silver integral

cup forming the lower part of the

body and a hinged sterling lid, by S.

Hall & Co., London 1901. Height 145.

See page 32. $175


A glass hip flask with a silver integral

cup to the lower part of the body, the

upper section with leather casing and

a hinged lid. Hallmarked Sheffield,

1913 by John Dixon & Sons. Height

145. See page 32. $150


A silver and crystal scent bottle, the

large spherical body cut in a hobnail

pattern, with a silver collar, crystal

stopper and a large silver lid. Chester

1911, makers Joseph and Richard

Griffen. Height 160. See page 32. $140
































A Victorian period scent bottle, tear

drop shaped crystal body with a silver

gilt screw top. London 1881, maker

Frederick Purnell. Height 150. See

page 32. $160


A Victorian period silver scent bottle

of square section with all-over

engraved decoration, the hinged lid

enclosing a glass stopper. London

1899, maker Sampson Mordan & Co.

Height 55. See page 29. $260


A sterling silver christening mug,

London 1897 by Horace Woodward

& Co. Ltd. Half wrythen lobed body.

Height 85. $100


A silver scallop shell shaped butter

dish, Chester 1908. Width 120. $90


A 20thC sterling silver miniature loo

table and four salon chairs each

ornately decorated, the chairs with

putti to the backs and seats. $60


A pair of Chinese silver table salts modelled

as miniature jardinieres with panels

of flowers and bamboo to the sides,

glass lined, along with a pair of napkin

rings decorated with calligraphy. $90


A Danish silver Art Deco centrepiece

bowl, circular with scrolling handles to

either side by Jens Sigsgaard, hallmarked

1936. Diameter 245. $300


A silver vase shaped sugar caster.

Sheffield 1915 by Atkin Bros. Height

170. $200


Two vintage silver golfing trophies

each with golf clubs to the base,

Birmingham 1937 and Chester 1937,

both Walker & Hall. Height 103 and

95. See page 29. $120


An Art Deco period silver plated quality

cocktail shaker, the internal moveable

body giving 15 various cocktail

recipes, Great Britain patent to base,

gilded highlights. Height 270. $325


A rare William IV silver lancet case

containing two original knives with tortoiseshell

covers, the case of tapered

rectangular form with engraved seaweed

decoration. Birmingham 1833,

maker Taylor & Perry (Joseph Taylor &

John Perry). Length 60, width 22. See

page 32. $375


An Edwardian period silver desk set,

the curved rectangular tray with a

deep wide well to the front, the two

faceted glass inkwells with silver lids,

reeded and ribbon borders, raised on

four feet. London 1909, maker Goldsmiths

& Silversmiths Co. Ltd. Length

155. See page 29. $375



An old finely knotted Persian rug, the

field with a central floral medallion

and trailing leaf and flower motifs,

seven border guards with a central

wide guard in colours of green, blue,

rose pink, brown and dark ivory. Width

1230, length 2000. Some wear. $250


A hand-knotted Persian rug, the field

decorated with three central diamond

shaped medallions, multiple narrow

border guards, stylised floral motifs in

shades of red, green, brown and ivory.

Width 1320, length 1850. $250


A hand knotted Pakistani prayer rug,

the mihrab supported by two columns,

one on each side, and from

the top hangs a flower resembling an

oil lamp, seven border guards with a

central wide guard, in colours of rich

reds, blues, green, brown and rose

pink on an ivory ground. Width 1280,

length 1900. $350


A hand knotted Shiraz rug with central

medallion and three border guards,

stylised floral motifs in colours of rich red,

dark blue, green, orange, brown and

ivory. Width 1520, length 2400. $350


A hand knotted Shiraz runner, the

field with five medallions, three border

guards, stylised floral motifs with birds

and animals, in colours of rich dark

red, dark blue, orange and ivory.

Width 900, length 2580. $250


A hand knotted Persian Hamadan

runner, the field decorated with five

oblong medallions with butterfly antennae

borders - three narrow border

guards, in typical colours of rich red,

dark blue, green, brown and ivory.

Width 1000, length 3050. $400


A hand knotted Persian Shahrbabak

rug, the field decorated with rows of

diagonal boteh motifs, three border

guards, in colours of blue, green,

rose pink, brick red, brown and ivory.

Width 1200, length 1600. $350


A hand knotted Persian Baluchi rug

of unusual colours and design, the

field decorated with two rows of large

geometric medallions, all-over stylised

flower motifs with four narrow border

guards, in shades of blue, green, mustard

and brown on an ivory ground.

Width 1500, length 2250. $400


A hand knotted Persian Gabbeh runner

decorated with a stylised figure,

tree, butterfly and animal motifs on a

blue ground with a wide red band.

Width 1200, length 3500. $500


A hand knotted Persian Bakhtiari

runner, the field decorated with

“honeycomb” floral medallions and

one wide border guard in colours of

faded red, blue, green, brown and

ivory. Width 1050, length 2950. $550


An old hand knotted Caucasian Kasak

Adler rug, the field with two large

medallions, geometric floral motifs,

three wide border guards in shades

of red, blue, brown and ivory. Width

1720, length 2500. Worn. See page

32. $950


A long hand knotted Persian Tabriz

runner, the field decorated with small

boteh motifs, three border guards

with central wide guard, in colours

of blue, green, turquoise, ochre and

ivory on a rich red ground. Width 825,

length 6650. $750


A hand knotted Afghan Turkoman

runner, the field decorated with two

rows of small gul motifs, multiple border

guards, in typical colours of rich

dark red, dark blue and ivory. Width

750, length 4000. $700


A large hand knotted Afghan

Turkoman carpet, the field decorated

with rows of small gul motifs, multiple

narrow border guards, in typical colours

of rich dark red, dark blue and

ivory. Width 2500, length 3500. $1100


A hand knotted Afghan Andkhoi rug,

the field decorated with geometric

tribal motifs, multiple narrow border

guards, with central wide guard, in colours

of rich red, dark blue and ochre.

Width 1700, length 2300. $1000


A hand knotted Persian Shiraz tribal

rug with single central medallion, the

field decorated with stylised plant,

bird and animal motifs, the four corners

decorated with groups of birds,

three border guards, typical colours

of rich red, dark blue, green, brown,

orange, ochre and ivory. Width 1500,

length 2100. See page 32. $750


An old hand knotted Caucasian runner,

the field decorated with a single

row of nine large diamond shaped

medallions, four border guards with

serrated leaf motifs, typical colours,

shades of red, blue, green, pale yellow

and ivory. Width 1060, length

4300. Some wear. See page 32. $800


A large fine quality hand knotted

Persian Tabriz carpet of traditional

formal design with central hexagonal

medallion and intricate floral motifs,

six border guards with central wide

Herati border, in colours of red, blue,

green, magenta, ochre and ivory.

Width 2500, length 3050. $2500



An old pine country stool with boarded

top and sides. Length 510, height

420. $100



A small modern two stage mahogany

wall shelf of Regency style with rounded

ends, turned and carved supports and

classical gilt brass decoration. Length

710, depth 200, height 280. $150


A Victorian period iron rocking chair

frame. $200


A Victorian period cross band rosewood

side table of oblong shape on

twin square section supports with a

turned stretcher base and original

brown china casters. Length 1000,

width 520, height 720. $250


A Sheraton Revival mahogany whatnot,

the four shelves inlaid with urns

and trailing vines, 12 turned columns

and a small carved frieze to back, on

four bun feet. Height 1230, width 500,

depth 320. $200


A Victorian dark stained barley twist

tripod wine table, the circular top with

Georgian floral silk needlework embroidery

under glass. Diameter 420,

height 770. Some faults. $200


An old pine four stage painter’s step

ladder, the T. Hatherley Patent Lattistep.

Height 1020. $120


A vintage oak bow-front corner umbrella

stand with barley twist supports,

restrained carved decoration and

original metal drip tray. Width 550,

height 760. $120


A Victorian brass and black iron double

bed with a tall ornate headboard,

iron side rails, post ends and replacement

wood slats. With 1520. $200


A long Victorian walnut foot stool

with ornate carved and pierced

scroll decoration and a modern floral

velvet seat. Length 1360, width 250,

height 150. $200


A Victorian walnut revolving piano

stool with a carved, pedestal and

tripod scroll base. Diameter 350. $200


A Persian occasional table of dark

timber, inlaid with silver wire, shell and

bone, the small lozenge shaped top

raised on a hexagonal baluster stem

from a tripod base. Some losses.

Height 585. $125


A small old iron bound storage box

of oblong shape, metal handles and

lock, the original paper lined interior

with maker’s label, I.J. Greenin, Trunk

Maker, Brighton. Length 610, depth

380, height 300. $175


A late Victorian period walnut circular

wine table on a tapering turned and

fluted pedestal support with architectural

style base and three bun

feet. Diameter 570, height 750. Some

attention required. $200



A Victorian period pine storage box

of plain oblong shape with ion side

handles and plinth base. Width 810,

depth 450, height 480. $350


A pair of Victorian period walnut

balloon back single chairs of French

style with cabriole front legs, carved

and pierced back rails and rose pink

velvet covers. Some faults. $200


A Victorian period walnut open elbow

grandfather chair with serpentine

front cabriole legs and deep buttoned

rose pink velvet covers. Together

with a matching grandmother

chair. $450


An Old English beech and elm stick

back Windsor elbow chair with a circular

seat, turned legs and stretcher

base. $250


A set of six good quality William IV

period mahogany bar back dining

chairs with turned and fluted front

legs, beautifully carved back rails

and drop-in rose pink velvet covered

seats. $1800


A small Edwardian mahogany parlour

settee, light elegant style with cabriole

front legs and floral needlework

tapestry covers. Width 1240. $350


A pair of green deep buttoned brass

studded wing back armchairs with

loose cushions and reeded square

section legs. Minor wear. $750


A pair of ornate Art Deco cream

painted metal garden chairs with

scrolling arms and basket weave

decorated backs. With bright red

vinyl covers. $450


A good quality 19thC English beech

and elm Windsor elbow chair with

shaped seat, turned supports and

a stretcher base. Good colour and

condition. $400


A dark stained New Zealand kauri

circular dining table, the plain top with

a thumbnail moulded edge on an

octagonal turned support with a tripod

base and original black china casters.

Diameter 1130, height 750. $320


A New Zealand colonial kauri extension

dining table, the plain oblong top

with a deep thumbnail moulded edge

and cut corners standing on four well

proportioned turned legs with original

brown china casters - with two extension

leaves. Width 1100, length extended

2300, height 7500. $1400


A long old New Zealand kauri country

dining table, the plain two plank oblong

top with a moulded edge and cut

corners supported on tapering oblong

section legs chamfered on the outside

edges, single drawer on one side with

a turned wood handle. Length 2320,

width 880, height 780. $950


A small New Zealand colonial kauri

side table, the plain oblong top with

a single drawer, on four turned legs.

Width 860, depth 590, height 750. $250


A Union Steamship Co. ship’s chair

from the S.S. Wairarapa, shaped back

with spindle decoration, central ship’s

company monogram and gilded

Wairarapa name, on quadrupod

swivel base with rocking mechanism.

Together with printed ephemera

relating to the wreck of the ship. $600


A large impressive New Zealand

colonial kauri Beaconsfield (wardrobe),

two mirrored doors with central

cupboard, open shelf and four drawers

in the centre, two deep drawers

across the base, mottled panels, ornate

carved borders and decorative

panels and large impressive carved

pediment. Width 1920, depth 600,

height overall 2500. $2500


A museum quality New Zealand

colonial kauri table vitrine with glazed

sides and top and velvet lined interior,

supported on well proportioned bobbin,

turned legs and stretcher base

with original brass casters - the top

with thumbnail moulded border and

six turned finials. Width 1000, depth

660, height 1130. See page 32. $1500


A large rare fine quality New Zealand

colonial kauri mirror back twin pedestal

side board with plain and mottled

kauri, the base with three drawers and

two panelled cupboard doors, the

back with full turned baluster column

mouldings, three bevelled mirrors and

impressive panelled pediment with a

central shield shaped medallion, deep

thumbnail moulded top edge and

restrained inlaid decoration in a variety

of timbers. Width 2000, depth 630,

height overall 2100. An impressive New

Zealand timber side board with great

colour and in excellent condition. See

page 32. $8000


A New Zealand colonial kauri bench

seat of plain country style with a solid

seat, turned legs and turned arm rails.

Length 1530. $350


A rare New Zealand colonial kauri

child’s push chair with curved X

frame, turned top rail, studded tan

leather seat and back, foot rest and

large spoked iron wheels. $300


A Victorian period pine country chest

of five drawers, two across the top,

three graduated full width drawers

below, thumbnail moulded top

edge, rounded corners, turned wood

handles and short turned legs. Width

1180, depth 500, height 1220. Some

attention required. $500


An early Georgian period walnut chest

of five drawers, two across the top with

three graduated full width drawers below,

the deep cross banded quartered

top with a thumbnail moulded edge,

the drawers with “double D” mouldings,

brass handles and key holder

escutcheons, oak linings and bracket

feet. Width 980, depth 530, height 900.

See page 32. $5000


A rare matching pair of Victorian

period light mahogany wash stands,

each with twin bombe breakfront

drawers, turned gun barrel column

supports, short upstands and shaped

platform bases with a recess for a

chamber jug. Width of each 1060,

depth 470, height 840. $1200


A regency period chiffoniere, the

square front with two small drawers

over two cupboards, the sides

with half columns with acanthus leaf

decoration top and bottom, the

back with scrolling uprights supporting

one shelf with scrolling carved gallery,

on plinth base. Height 1420, width

1070, depth 460. $850


A Georgian period mahogany demilune

side table of plain design on four

tapering square section legs. Width

1150, depth 570, height 710. Restored.



A Regency period mahogany card

table with a rectangular top which

swivels and unfolds to double in size

revealing a green baize interior and a

concealed games compartment. A

hexagonal column leads down to a

quadriform base with four bun feet on

white china casters. Height 140, width

920, depth when closed 455. $850


An Edwardian period Sheraton Revival

envelope folding card table,

opens to reveal green baize and

depressions for dishes, drawer to the

front with two brass handles, domed

cross stretcher base and brown china

casters. Height 790, width 555, depth

555. $750


A Victorian period mahogany flap

top card table, the plain oblong top

with thumbnail moulded edge and

cut corners, on Cathedral base with

four scroll feet in original brown china

casters, the interior with original blue

baize. Width 960, depth 480, height

740. $450


A Victorian period amboyna wood flaptop

card table of plain oblong shape

with rounded front corners and an

apron beneath the top edge, on tapering

hexagonal section column support

with a decorated platform base and

four bun feet. The interior with original

green baize. Width 910, depth 450,

height 720. Some fading. $2000


A Victorian walnut nine drawer pedestal

desk with thumbnail moulded

edge, tooled green leather top,

wood handles and original brown

china casters. Width 1230, depth 650,

height 730. $900


A fine quality Edwardian period mahogany

flat top writing bureau, the fitted

interior with a spring loaded stationery

box, inkwell, calendar, pen holder

and writing well with a hinged green

leatherette top. Width 430, depth 530,

height 800. See page 32. $450


Georgian oak and elm bureau, fall

front opens to reveal three fitted oak

drawers with shelf above, base has

three graduated oak drawers with

brass handles and key escutcheons,

raised on bracket feet. Height 1015,

width 950, depth 485. $1100


A Victorian period walnut writing table

of oblong shape with rounded ends,

thumbnail moulded top edge, carved,

turned and fluted legs with original

large white china casters, two drawers

on one side the beautifully tooled

green leather top. Length 1750, width

875, height 745. See page 32. $2500


A mahogany D-end extension dining

table of Georgian style, the cross

banded top with reeded edge, on

twin tripod supports with sabre legs

and brass lion’s paw terminals, with a

single leaf. Width 970, length extended

2160, height 730. $650


A Victorian period burr walnut tilt-top

loo table, the oval quartered top

with thumb nail moulded edge on

pedestal quadrupod base with scroll

feet and white china casters. Length

1180, width 880, height 710. $450


A Regency mahogany Pembroke

table, the plain square top with rule

joints and rounded corners, on a turned

pedestal support with quadrupod base

and lion paw feet with a single drawer

each end. Width 1210, length extended

2100, height 1400. $500


A Georgian mahogany dropside

dining table of plain oval shape with

moulded edge, rule joints, tapering

circular section legs with original brass

casters. Width 1200, length extended

1560, height 720. Some surface

marks. $500


A Georgian period oak dropside

country dining table, the plain oblong

top with rule joints, standing on four

square section legs (single gates).

Width 1070, length extended 1460,

height 740. $350


A colonial period cedar circular dining

table, plain top with thumbnail

moulded edge on a simple tripod

base and a bulbous pedestal. Diameter

1200, height 730. $250


A Victorian period mahogany dining

table of plain oblong shape with

rounded corners, thumbnail moulded

edge and four well proportioned

turned legs with original large brass

casters. Length 1400, width 1240,

height 730. $450


A modern country hardwood side

board or dresser, the single central

deep drawer with a metal ring handle,

the thick two plank oblong top

on boarded supports with stretcher

base. Width 1530, depth 580, height

800. $450


A late 19thC oak, three stage buffet

side board with single top drawer and

deep moulded breakfront plinth base

- ornately carved with full relief term

figures, lion masks, leaves, flowers and

scrolls, three open shelves, thumbnail

moulded top edge. Width 1400,

depth 5590, height 1090. $1200


A good Arts & Crafts mahogany mirror

back side board, the base with three

small drawers, central bevelled glass

door and four open shelves, the back

with three bevelled mirrors, an open

shelf, the sides also with open shelves.

Slender turned supports and spindle

decoration, original brass bale handles.

Width 1320, depth 550, height

1680. $750


A good quality Victorian period burr

walnut display cabinet of plain design

with a deep thumbnail moulded

top edge, restrained banded inlay,

plinth base and bun feet, the twin

arched glazed doors with two internal

shelves. Width 1200, depth 360,

height 1100. $1200


A tall walnut two stage show case

of plain design with half column

mouldings and a plinth base, the

top section with a single glazed door

and seven adjustable shelves. The

stepped bottom section is a single

glazed cabinet. Width 600, depth

240, height 1920. $1000


A Victorian period walnut pier cabinet

of French style with a single glazed

door and two internal shelves, gilt

metal embellishments and restrained

inlaid decoration. Width 790, depth

310, height 1030. With key. $650


A good quality Victorian burr walnut

music cabinet, the single mirrored

door with silvered trailing leaf and

flower decoration with the name

“Music” in the centre - full turned and

fluted column mouldings either side,

restrained inlaid decoration and fitted

interior. Width 620, depth 390, height

965. With key. See page 32. $650



A Georgian period bowfront black

lacquer hanging corner cabinet with

chinoiserie decoration of figures, birds

and mountainous landscapes, three

internal serpentine shelves and brass

butterfly hinges. Height 920, width

600. See inside back cover. $3000


A good quality vintage English oak

court cupboard of traditional 17thC

style, the base with two drawers

and two panelled cupboard doors,

the top section with full turned and

carved baluster supports and two

panelled cupboard doors, typical ornately

carved decoration and wood

handles. Width 1240, depth 470,

height 1470. Good colour and patina

and with key. $750


A 19thC French ebonised open elbow

chair with ornate carved decoration,

lion masks, leaves, scrolls, etc., brass

studded rich red velvet covers and

carved and turned stretcher base. $550


A fine quality 19thC French ebonised

display cabinet with gilt metal mounts

and classical cut brass inlay in the

style of Charles Andre Boulle, twin

glazed doors and white watered silk

lined interior with three adjustable

shelves. Width 900, depth 350, height

1570. See inside back cover. $1400


An old French gold paint finish open

elbow chair of Louis XVI style with leaf

scroll and ribbon decoration, turned

and fluted front legs and plain cream

linen covers. Some distress. $350


A decorative reproduction of a

French serpentine chest of three

graduated full width drawers, green

paint finish with five plank pine top,

restrained carved decoration and

metal handles. Width 760, depth 610,

height 810. $450


A small late 19thC Chinese hardwood

plant stand on four legs, ornate carved

and pierced decoration, the square

top with a marble tablet. Width 260,

depth 260, height 460. $250


An old Chinese elm chair, the sloping

circular section horseshoe shaped

back with slat supports, panelled

seat, rounded legs, the front stretcher

with good old wear. $350


A Chinese horse shoe armchair with

a solid seat, broad shaped back splat

and stretcher base. $200


A small Chinese teak opium table of

traditional style, oblong with rounded

ends and carved frieze beneath the

top edge. Width 380, length 900,

height 400. $120


A Chinese blue and white porcelain

rectangular table screen, within a

carved and pierced rosewood frame,


depicting a mendicant traveller arriving

at an inn in an alpine landscape.

Height 690, width 490. See inside back

cover. $450


A Chinese table screen, with a circular

panel inset with hardstones depicting

figures and birds, the reverse with

gilt painted dragons amongst clouds,

raised on a carved and pierced

black wood stand. Height 870. See

inside back cover. $550


A nest of three Chinese teak side tables,

plain oblong shape with carved

and pierced friezes beneath the top

edges, slender circular section legs

with shaped stretcher bases. the largest

table length 485, width 345, height

620. $450


An old Chinese teak storage box with

camphor wood lining, all-over carved

decoration of figures, bamboo and a

village scene. Width 1030, depth 520,

height 600. Brass lock and internal

tray. $250


A small old Chinese hardwood screen

with a Greek Key border and a

carved frame, oblong shape with a

black lacquer panel decorated with

coloured hard stones on one side

and painted and gilded decoration

of birds and water lilies on the other -

supported on fitted wood stand. $500


A small low Chinese red cinnabar

lacquer side table of oblong shape

with intricate decoration of flowers,

dragons, bats and cloud forms and

open aprons beneath the top edge

and trestle base. Width 900, depth

400, height 400. $450


A good quality Chinese teak cabinet

with two doors and panel base,

ornate well carved front with designs

of dragons, cloud forms and mountainous

landscapes, brass hinges and

lock, the interior with a single shelf

and a storage bin. Width 1000, depth

460, height 1650. $1200


A Chinese teak low table of plain oblong

shape with aprons beneath the

top edge and four legs with carved

scroll feet. Width 490, length 680,

height 400. $300


A large impressive ornate Japanese

Meiji period hardwood cabinet on stand

with small cupboards and open shelves,

carved and pierced floral decoration

and richly gilded borders. The lacquer

panels beautifully decorated and richly

gilded and embellished with Tokyo

School ivory carvings, abalone, motherof-pearl

etc. The low base with ornate

carved and pierced decoration, the

pediment with scrolling ends. Width

1560, depth 470, height overall 2080.

See inside back cover. $6000.


A Japanese two stage tansu chest of

four full width drawers with original

metal handles, locks and mounts.

Width 940, height 1020. $350


A Chinese teak altar cabinet with two

drawers and an internal bin, panelled

front, ornate carved and pierced

decoration and an upturned oblong

top. Width 1510, depth 480, height

830. $1000


A rare pair of Chinese hardwood display

cabinets each with a pair of small

cupboards (one with sliding doors, the

other with hinged doors) and five open

shelves, the panels of the cupboard

doors with bone and carved wood

decoration of flowering branches, baskets

of flowers and loquats, the shelves

with beautifully carved and pierced

galleries and turned “bamboo” column

supports. Width of each 1220,

depth 400, height 1670. See inside back

cover. $5000


A large Japanese lacquer and painted

panel, the black ground painted

with scattered clouds and cranes,

emblematic of longevity. A massive

gilt raised calligraphic symbol of Shao

(long life) along with a red lacquer

table stand in high relief from the

background. Decorative diaper and

floral scroll patterned frame. Overall

2230 x 1050. $450


A small Korean hardwood coin chest

with multiple small drawers and a

small cupboard, brass hinges and

lock, the plain oblong top with upturned

ends. Width 650, depth 260,

height 780. $250


A large impressive carved hardwood

group sculpture as a tall coral reef

surrounded by various tropical fish,

tortoise, lobster, etc. in full three dimensional

form, finely detailed with ebony

inserts to the eyes. Height 2130, approx.

maximum width 750. $2500


An impressive large Edwardian Sheraton

Revival toilet mirror, shield shaped

bevelled mirror on sinuous uprights,

three drawers to bow front, inlaid with

lidded urn, swags and flowers, brass

handles and bracket feet. Height

920, width 630, depth 260. $1250


A Victorian period walnut cheval

toilet mirror, the oval glass on carved

and pierced supports, the shaped

platform base with twin flap top jewel

compartments. Width 730, height

820. $200


A small Victorian period mahogany

cheval mirror, the plain oblong glass

on twin scroll supports with a platform

base and four scroll feet. Width 7500,

height 1380. $450


A Regency period mahogany cheval

mirror, the plain oblong glass on slender

turned column supports with ebonised


507 511 624



611 611




510 509 508

525 629 526


516 517 515

















anding, turned top rail and ball finials,

double turned stretcher base with

sabre legs and brass lion’s paw feet.

Height 1560, width 900. $750


An Italian capodimonte porcelain

framed wall mirror in the rococo manner,

the frame painted with flowers

and embellished with putti. Height

1000, width 630. $550


A large gilt wall mirror of French Louis

XV style with an ornate leaf and scroll

border. Length 1760, height 1060. $350


A metal eight branch twelve light

chandelier of French style festooned

with pendant lustres and supporting a

central facet cut glass ball. Height 760,

width 460. Wired for electricity. $650


A metal six branch, ten light chandelier

of French style festooned with

clear and amber coloured pendant

lustres and supporting spherical glass

balls. Height 630, diameter 400. $450


A metal six branch, nine light chandelier

of French style festooned with clear

and red glass pendant lustres and supporting

a circular spherical glass ball.

Height 700, diameter 450. $450


A late George III mahogany long

case clock of small proportions,

the domed hood with rope twist

type pediment and brass finials, the

painted dial with Roman numerals,

the case with satinwood strung door

and base, finely chamfered reeded

edges. Height 1950. $3000



Basil Nightingale, set of four hunting

prints, each 220 x 340, matching

wood frames with gilt slips. Some foxing.



L.A. West, peacock with tail up,

Edwardian period watercolour, 350

x 400, signed, original gilt frame.

Foxed. $150


W. Menzies Gibb, “Pool Near New

Brighton”, watercolour, 200 x 350,

signed. Original gilt frame with gilt

slip. $200


Morton Willis, Cattle in a Landscape,

Victorian watercolour, 240 x 490,

signed, original oak frame and slip

but requires attention. $150


Arthur Henry Enock (fl. 1869-1910, British)

Dartmouth Castle with Boats, Victorian

watercolour, 250 x 350, signed.

The original gilt frame distressed and

some foxing. See back cover. $250


An old mother-of-pearl and painted

glass picture depicting Notre Dame

Cathedral in Paris and surrounding

buildings on fire during 1813 siege


of Paris by the Russian and Prussian

armies, on concave glass and in old

gilt frame. Height 360, width 445. $100


A 19thC orientalist print “The Harem”

in a plaster gilt frame. 460 x 720. $300


J.E. Cook, “Returning Home”, oil on canvas

laid on board, glazed in an ornate

plaster gilt frame. 395 x 600. $450


Contempory artist unknown, figures

on a beach, signed Vettriano, oil on

board, late 20thC. 77 x 96. $150


R. Krause, oil on canvas, “D. Rhine

at Coblenz”, signed, 19thC. 190 x

300. $275


Carratala, oil on board, “Mountain

Landscape, Canary Islands”, signed,

dated 1982, 475 x 725. $300


John Speedy, oil on canvas, “Study

of Cambridge”, signed, entitled on

reverse, 505 x 415, original frame. $175


Artist unknown. Portrait of Christ

with Crown of Thorns, antique oil on

canvas, 460 x 380, unsigned. Modern

red paint finish wood frame. See back

cover. $320


A.C. Bowen, English Village Landscape,

watercolour, 240 x 340, signed. $100


May O. Gilbert, Old Houses - Burford,

watercolour, 220 x 310, signed. $100


Elise Mourant “Galway Landscape”,

oil on board, 450 x 500, signed, title on

reverse. $200


D.J. Payne, still life vegetables on a

table, watercolour, 350 x 530, signed

and dated 1912. $150


W.J. Rush, “Maloga” - Austrian alpine

scene with figures and chalets, watercolour,

340 x 530, signed and titled. $200


A. Kees Hoss vintage lithograph,

“Aotearoa II”, 10/50, signed and

dated ’67, 520 x 685, framed under

glass. $160


Sylvia Robins, “City People”, abstract

oil on board, 340 x 440, signed. $120


J.D. Perrett, South Island Lake &

Mountain scene, oil on canvas, 500 x

750, signed. Requires cleaning. $300


J.D. Perrett, Lake & Mountain Scene,

pastel, 300 x 460, unsigned. $120


John Speedy, oil on canvas, “The

Swimming Hole, Matapuna”, signed,

entitled, dated ’77. 525 x 700. $200


John Speedy, oil on artist’s board,

moored boats, signed and dated ’74,

505 x 650, original frame. See back

cover. $450


Ian Scott, oil on board, Bethell’s

Beach, signed, 445 x 600, framed. See

back cover. $850


J.D. Perrett, oil on canvas on board,

“Mount Sefton”, signed indistinctly,

labelled and signed on reverse, 240 x

165. $220


Marjorie Naylor, two Takaka Hill

Country Landscapes, one with farm

buildings, watercolours, 210 x 260 and

230 x 300, both signed. $200


Frances Irwin Hunt (New Zealand artist

b.1890, exhibiting with the Rutland Art

Group - d.1946), Bush Track, watercolour,

260 x 200, signed. Original

frame with foxing on mount. $120


Lance O’Gorman “True Grit”, acrylic

on artist’s board, signed, entitled on

reverse, 600 x 760, framed. See back

cover. $1500


Rodger Harrison, “Coromandel Estuary”,

oil on board, 400 x 800, signed,

for details see reverse, $600


Ron Maddock, oil on board, “Poley

Bay - Coromandel Peninsula”, signed

and dated ’83. 520 x 830. $225


Alan D. Cooke, oil on board, “Old

Farmhouse near Arrowtown”, Lake

Wakatipu, signed, entitled, dated

1968. 340 x 440. $100


D. Knowles, oil on board “The Chateau

Tongariro”, signed. 370 x 550. $250


Alan D. Cooke, oil on board, “Coronet

Peak, Autumn”, signed, entitled,

dated 1968. 385 x 485. $140


A New Zealand Railways advertising

poster “Fuel Efficient Railways......Use

Them” c.1980. Height 690, width 460,

framed under glass. $100


An old map of New Zealand published

by E.A. Petherick and Co.,

London, 440 x 340, unframed. $150


Archibald F. Nicoll, “Albert Park”,

when the army barracks were next to

synagogue, pastel, 160 x 225, signed

in pencil. $400


Zoe Ireland, “Te Maika-Kawhia Harbour”,

oil on board, 325 x 405, signed

c.1960. $100


Ron Tizard b.1908-d.2000 “From One

Tree Hill”, ink and coloured pencil,

260 x 350, signed and titled beneath

mount c.1968. $160


W.J. Rush, Te Mata Peak, watercolour,

320 x 450, sighed and dated 1955. $200


W.J. Rush, Hill Country Landscape,

watercolour, 220 x 260, signed. $100


W.J. Rush, Evening, watercolour, 280 x

370. $120


Christine McConnell self portrait, oil

on board, 350 x 330, signed with initials.



Esther Hope (New Zealand artist

b.1885 exhibited at the Royal Academy

and the Paris Salon - d.1975). Two

naked women bathing in a hot pool,

watercolour, 215 x 290, signed. $500


Geoff Fairburn, five unframed watercolours,

abstract and Pacific designs,

various sizes, sold as one lot. $150


Marilynn Webb monoprint “Clouds in

the water-Ida Burn” (from being in the

Maniototo Suite). Signed, inscribed

Dunedin, entitled, dated 1989. 410 x

555. $275


Rodney Fumpston, print “Wet Season”

edition 12/75, signed, entitled. 350 x

240. $150


Stanley Palmer, Bamboo Lithograph,

“Rocks & Sea”. Edition 2/50, signed

and dated 1972. 445 x 445. See back

cover. $225


Aston Greathead, Between Fox and

Franz Josef Glaciers, Westland, oil on

board, 450 x 1200, signed. See back

cover. $450


Bruce Bryant Glendhu Bay, Lake Wanaka,

oil on board, 650 x 800. Signed.

Kelliher Prize entry label on reverse.

See back cover. $250


Peter O’Hagan, Magnolias with my

Bora Bora Parero, gouache and

watercolour, 600 x 600, signed and

dated 1995. See back cover. $1500


Jos. Kivits, Cobb Valley, Nelson, oil on

board, 600 x 900, signed, ornate gilt

frame. See back cover. $550


J. Malcolm, Lake Manapouri & Cathedral

Peaks, colonial watercolour, 440

x 620, signed, ornate frame. $500


Austen Deans, oil on canvas, “Cloudy

Peak”, signed and dated 2003, 380 x

540, contemporary brushed bronze

frame. See back cover. $5800


George Chance “Autumn in South

Canterbury” original photograph,

230 x 270, signed and titled. Label on

reverse no. 5146. $120


George Chance, Evening Light, Hagley

Park, original photograph, 240 x

260. $100


A.H. Messenger (Attributed) The

Barque “Cynisca” entering Wellington

Harbour, watercolour, 225 x 335,

signed and titled. $200


David Payne, Captain Cook setting

foot on New Zealand shores, watercolour,

220 x 330, signed. $100


K Airini Vane, “Landscape from a Terrace”,

gouache on paper, signed, 233

x 335, gilt framed under glass. $300


A 19thC cross stitch embroidery by

Christina. S. Caverhill Woodhouse.

Decoratively worked with an alphabet

and foliage, later framed. 440 x

310. $200


The Staff at Cordys would like to wish all their valued customers

and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you all again

in the New Year.

Cordys will be closed from Midday on the 17th December 2010 and will reopen

for business on the 17th January 2011 with out first weekly auction that night.





















Chinese vase.

Achieved $4,500

19thC French

brass cased petite

sonnerie carriage


Achieved $2,800

3.01ct diamond ring.

Achieved $30,000

Invest in

the future

Douglas Badcock, “Haruru

Falls near Waitangi”.

Achieved $2,700

German Karl Bub

Nuremberg tinplate

clockwork limousine.

Achieved $600

Royal Doulton

Sung ware

specimen vase.

Achieved $3,250

Maori pre-European

stone adze head (toki).

Achieved $1,400

recycle the past.

Recent Auction Highlights

Clarice Cliff figured

“Subway Sadie”

Achieved $1,200

Chinese silver box.

Achieved $1,450

Chinese porcelain

baluster vase.

Achieved $3,800

18thC Dutch silver


Achieved $11,500

Victorian period

malacca cane parasol.

Achieved $2,400

Six Edith Morris

silver spoons.

Achieved $3,000

John Dickson 12 guage round

action sporting shotgun.

Achieved $12,500

19thC Japanese

cloisonne wall plate.

Achieved $2,200

New Zealand folk

art blanket.

Achieved $1,000

Royal Doulton white bone

china Maori Art part teaset.

Achieved $1,900

Alice F. Whyte “Lillies”.

Achieved $1,025

Len Castle “Volcanic

& Geothermal” series

shallow bowl.

Achieved $2,800

19thC Fijian tabua.

Achieved $2,100

Edith Morris (NZ) silver &

garnet Arts & Crafts period


Achieved $7,700

The Empire Stamp

Album collection.

Achieved $3,000

Queen Anne

silver mug.

Achieved $3,400

Vintage leopard skin.

Achieved $2,000

Louis Vuitton suitcase, Louis Vuitton flat

trunk and a large Louis Vuitton travel trunk.

Achieved $2100, $5750 & $7000


Postal Bidding

Ph: (09) 523 1049 / Fax: (09) 520 7186 / Email: /

There is a 14.375% Buyer’s Premium (including GST) on the hammer price

Bidding Number If applicable, otherwise we use your surname

Full Name


Email Address

Phone Bus. A/H

Lot # Brief Description Bid Amount $

Please bid on my behalf at the above sale for the following lots. These bids are to be executed as cheaply as

permitted by other bids or reserves. Buyers are reminded to get their bids in early to ensure their placement.

I agree to comply with the Conditions of Sale as printed in this Catalogue.

SIGNATURE Date: / / 2010

Catalogue Subscription

Please return completed form to Cordy’s Auckland office.

Please forward me the following catalogues,

(postage within New Zealand included,

overseas subscribers please add costs as noted):

Antiques, Estate Jewellery, Oriental, Tribal Art, Fine & Applied Art

Tick NZ Australia EUROPE

Cost /Pacific /USA

for Monthly Photo Catalogues $100 $130 $180

All costs noted are in New Zealand dollars. I enclose my cheque or money order payable to John Cordy

Ltd for the above ticked catalogues, totalling NZ$_______.00

If extra catalogues in the categories chosen are produced, these will be sent to you at no extra cost.

Overseas subscribers must provide a bank draft in New Zealand dollars to John Cordy Ltd.



City Country

1. The highest bidder to be the purchaser subject to the

Auctioneers having the right to refuse the bid of any person.

Should any dispute arise as to the biddings, the lot in dispute to

be immediately put up for sale again at the preceding bidding,

or the Auctioneer may declare the purchaser which will be


2. No person shall advance less at a bid than a sum nominated

by the Auctioneer and no bid shall be retracted.

3. All lots are sold subject to the right of the seller or his agent to

bid or else to impose a guide or reserve price.

4. The purchaser to fill in bidding form before the sale giving details

of name, address, bank etc, and to sign such form declaring

knowledge of buyers obligations. Immediately after the sale,

the purchaser to pay down 10% of the purchase price in part

payment and shall pay the balance within five days of the date

of sale. All lots to be paid for in full and removed from Cordy’s

premises same week of sale.

5. The purchaser shall pay to John Cordy Limited (Cordy’s) a

premium of 12.50% of the hammer price together with GST on

such premium at the current rate.

6. All lots are sold as shown and with all faults, imperfections (visible

or not) and errors of description. Neither Cordy’s or its vendor

are responsible for errors of description or for the genuineness

or authenticity of any lot or for any fault or defect in it and

make no warranty whatever. Buyers proceed upon their own


7. Cordy’s act as agents and have full discretion to conduct all

aspects of the sale and to refuse any bidding or to withdraw any

lot or lots from sale without in either case giving any reason.

8. All lots are at the buyers risk from the fall of the hammer and

are to be taken away at the buyers expense immediately after

the sale. Cordy’s will not be responsible if any lot is lost, stolen,

damaged or destroyed after the sale. If the lots are not cleared

and paid for the same week of the sale they may then be sold

immediately either publicly or by private treaty, without notice

being given to the defaulter.

Instructions to bid at sales are accepted by Cordy’s and are carried

out free of charge. Lots will always be bought as favourably as

allowed by other such bids, bidding in the saleroom and any


INSPECTIONS are made and advice given concerning the sale of

Antiques and Works of Art free of charge at Cordy’s in Auckland,

and for a reasonable fee elsewhere.

VALUATIONS for insurance, probate or family division are undertaken

on either a quotation basis or a small percentage plus travelling


Conditions of Sale

Postal Bids

Charges and Commissions

1. All lots sold with hammer price between $1.00 to $99.00 will be charged at 17% commission.

2. All lots sold with hammer price $100.00 and over will be charged at 12% commission.

3. Vendors will be charged insurance at the rate of 1% against each lot. GST at the current rate will be charged against expenses.

A buyers premium of 12.50% will be charged and GST at the current rate will be charged on the premium.

All lots sold are to be paid in full and removed from Cordy’s premises the same week of sale.

General Information

9. Upon failure of the purchaser to comply with any of the above

conditions, the money deposited in part payment shall be

forfeited and the defaulter shall make good any loss arising

from the re-sale together with the charges and expenses in

respect of both sales.

10. No goods are to be removed while selling is in progress.

Receipted invoices must be produced prior to delivery of any


11. The Auctioneers reserve the right to request identification in the

case of any purchaser not known to the Auctioneer who pays

by cheque and can insist on cash or a bank cheque.

12. Charging to credit cards or payment by overseas cheques will

not be accepted as means of payment.

13. No person purchasing an item which falls within the provisions

of the Antiquities Act 1975 or the Arms Act 1958 shall be entitled

to take possession of the item unless and until such person has

produced to Cordy’s a licence under the appropriate Act.

14. All lots to be paid for in full and removed from the premises the

same week of the sale.

15. The buyer shall be responsible for any removal or storage

charges on any lot not taken away the same week of the sale.

If for any reason storage is not available at Cordy’s premises

arrangements will be made to transport and store uncollected

goods elsewhere solely at the buyers expense. Cordy’s will not

be liable to the Purchaser for them in any respect.

16. The Auctioneer cannot be held responsible for any injury or

damage to persons or property through attempts to fire firearms

which are sold as collectors items only.

17. All electrical goods are sold on the basis of their decorative

value only and should be assumed not to be operative. It is

essential that prior to any intended use, the electrical system

is checked and approved by a qualified electrician.

Important Notice

All lots sold ‘as is’ in accordance with Paragraph 6 of the Conditions of Sale. Intending buyers should always satisfy themselves

as to the condition and description of any lot and their attention is drawn to Paragraph 6.

VENDORS are requested to read and are bound by the Conditions

of Sale printed on the reverse side of Cordy’s Contract to Sell.

PRESALE ESTIMATES are intended as a guide only. Cordy’s staff are

available during viewing times to assist prospective buyers with

estimates and auction room procedures.

IF BUYING FOR EXPORT, please enquire as to GST status of


INSTRUCTIONS to bid at sales are accepted by Cordy’s and carried

out free of charge. Lots will always be bought as cheaply as is allowed

by the bidding in the saleroom and any reserves imposed.


29th November Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

7th December Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 12th November

13th December Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

17th January Weekly Auction: View Friday 17th December until midday

& Monday prior

25th January Antique & Art Auction: Entries Close 10th December

1st February Weekly Auction: View Friday & day of auction

(Monday is a holiday)

7th Feburary Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

14th February Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

22nd February Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 28th January

28th February Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

7th March Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

14th March Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

22nd March Art & Antique Auction: Entries close 25th February

Major art collection already confirmed including Guy Ngan

paintings and bronzes, Robin White, Gordon Walters, etc and

good collection NZ studio pottery.

28th March Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

4th April Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

11th April Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

19th April Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 25th March

26th April Weekly Auction: View Friday & day of auction

(Monday is a holiday)

2nd May Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

9th May Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

16th May Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

24th May Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 28th April

30th May Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

7th June Weekly Auction: View Friday & day of auctio

13th June Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior


Upcoming Auctions

21st June Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 27th May

27th June Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

4th July Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

11th July Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

19th July Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 24th June

25th July Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

1st August Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

8th August Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

16th August Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 22nd July

22nd August Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

29th August Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

5th September Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

13th September Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 19th August

19th September Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

26th September Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

3rd October Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

11th October Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 16th September

17th October Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

25th October Weekly Auction: View Friday & day of auction

(Monday is a holiday)

31st October Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

8th November Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 14th October

14th November Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

21st November Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

28th November Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

6th December Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 11th November

12th December Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

19th December Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

PLEASE NOTE: Cordys will close Friday 23rd December at midday and re-open

Wednesday 18th January, 2012 with the first weekly auction

23rd January 2012 at 5.00 pm




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722B reverse view


















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