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August 14, 2007 is a day I will never forget. My husband, Brent, was

at home with our two sons, Jackson (4) and Noah (17 months), while

I was at my prenatal check-up for our third baby. My dream in life has

always been to have a really strong marriage and a big, healthy family.

Well, the big family part of this dream was to become a reality a lot

faster than my husband or I had expected. At my prenatal appointment

we discovered that baby number three was actually babies three and

four … yes, twins! And on top of this incredible news, I was returning to

my full-time job as a seventh grade teacher in one week.

Now, I loved teaching, but nothing could change the fact that I was

leaving my young sons every day for someone else to take care of.

And with two more babies on the way, I knew I had to find a way to

be at home indefinitely. The last thing I thought I was looking for was to

start my own business, but that all changed quickly when I heard ENVP

Becky Young’s story. Becky’s story gave me hope and pushed me to

start dreaming again!

At first I wasn’t sure if I could do this. What if I failed? What if people

thought I was pushy? Was the timing right? Maybe I should wait until

after the twins were born. Every excuse came into my mind. But the only

thing stopping me was fear. Brent, being a logical-minded Chartered

Accountant, quickly helped me put everything into perspective. He said,

“Annique, what if this does work? What have you got to lose?” At that

moment, it hit me that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. By

not choosing Arbonne, I was risking losing out on the most important

dream I had — the time to be present with my children as they grow up.

Arbonne was the answer I had been searching for.

Brent and Annique with their kids, Jackson, Lilly, Noah

and Sam.

e y e o n a r b o n n e

Annique with her amazing sponsor,

EAM Dana Knihnitski.

annique dean

Arbonne Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Annique Dean Region; Saskatoon, SK

In November of 2007, I was officially in business, and by December I

was not only eight months pregnant, but also a new District Manager.

Sam and Lilly were born on January 21, 2008! We were busy adjusting

to our new family. Eight to 10 hours a day were spent nursing the

twins, and at the same time listening to Arbonne Learn & Burn recordings

— multi-tasking at its best! By March, I was back in activity and

by May, my first two business partners, AM Kori Michnik and AM Lisa

Nordstrom, joined our team and were an Area by June. The momentum

and excitement was magnetic and our team just kept growing. ERVP


Annique with her husband, Brent.

success strategy:

Don’t wait for life to happen;

choose to make it happen —

you have that power!

Nichola Treble once told me, “You will get to a point where you couldn’t

stop the momentum if you wanted to.” She was right, because by the

fall of 2008, our team was exploding and in November, a year after I

began my Arbonne journey, we became a Region.

I am often asked: What did you do? How did you do it? What is the

secret? All I know is that I had an extremely strong Why. Nothing I had

to do to grow my Arbonne business was more difficult than the thought

of packing up all four of our kids on a cold winter morning to take them

to daycare. You must dream big, set goals and then take action. You can

decide to take your life by the reins, lead it and shape it to be whatever

you want. Don’t wait for life to happen. Decide to make your dreams

come true and then go out and do it!

It is incredible to see where our life is now. Next week, my twins, Sam

and Lilly, turn one, and I am not heading back to school to teach. I will

be at home with my kids. The best part of my day is having morning

playtime with Sam and Lilly, getting settled in every day for 1:30 story

time with Noah, and picking Jackson up from Kindergarten in my new

white Mercedes-Benz, which I earned through the Arbonne Mercedes-

Benz Cash Bonus Program. This is my dream and I am living it!

To AMs Kori Michnik and Lisa Nordstrom: Your spirit, tenacity and

no-excuses attitude are the reason you will both be Regions very soon.

Thank you for everything you bring to my business, but most of all, for

everything you have brought to my life.

To all the Consultants and DMs: Thank you for all your hard work,

dedication and dreams.

To EAM Dana Kinhitski: Thank you for giving me this gift and for your

friendship and support!

To ERVP Nichola Treble: Thank you for your belief, guidance and wisdom.

You lead your organization with grace and integrity and I appreciate

that so much.

To ENVP Becky Young: Thank you for paving the way for everyone in

Arbonne Canada. You are an inspiration to all and I am so thankful to

be part of the Young Nation.

Annique with her first two business partners and ACEs, AM Kori Michnik and

AM Lisa Nordstrom.

Annique with her upline, ENVP Becky Young and ERVP Nichola Treble.

To Arbonne Canada, and especially John Darraugh: Your support and

guidance make being successful with this business so much more fun.

To my parents, Bernie and Jackie Etcheverry: Your never-ending supply

of love, support and encouragement is a huge reason why I am where

I am today. You both believed in me when I started out and I thank you

for that. I am so grateful and blessed to have you as parents. I love you

both more than words could ever express.

And most importantly, to my family: Thank you to my husband, Brent, for

making all my dreams complete. Because of you, I have this amazing

marriage and four beautiful, healthy children. You are my rock, and I

love you so dearly. And most of all, to my four Whys, Jackson, Noah,

Sam and Lilly: I love you more than life itself. You each make me laugh,

smile and sing on a daily basis. You are my world. Thank you for keeping

me real and grounded.

Members of Annique’s amazing team with her upline, ENVP Becky Young, ENVP

Deanna Herrin and ERVP Nichola Treble.

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