farmers, but Kamaljit Kour's own family were not poor and

had one of the better houses in their village, with a courtyard

and garden. What is intriguing about this story is that in fact

her family in this life felt rather uneasy about the whole business,

and worried about "what the neighbors might think."

However, what I find most telling is that Rishma's own family

admitted that, although they did not know much about their

religion, or even whether reincarnation is accepted or not by

Sikhs, they were convinced beyond any doubt that Kamaljit

Kour was in fact their Rishma.

To anyone who wants to study seriously the possibility of life

after death, I suggest looking at the very moving testimonies

of the near-death experience. A startling number of those who

have survived this experience have been left with a conviction

that life continues after death. Many of these had no previous

religious belief at all, or any spiritual experience:

Now, my entire life through, I am thoroughly convinced that there

is life after death, without a shadow of a doubt, and I am not

afraid to die. I am not. Some people I have known are so afraid,

so scared. I always smile to myself when I hear people doubt there

is an afterlife, or say, "When you're dead, you're gone." I think to

myself, "They really don't know." 7

What happened to me at that time is the most unusual experience

I have ever had. It has made me realize that there is life after

death. 8

I know there is life after death! Nobody can shake my belief. I

have no doubt—its peaceful and nothing to be feared. I don't

know what's beyond what I experienced, but it's plenty for me...

It gave me an answer to what I think everyone really must

wonder about at one time or another in this life. Yes, there is an

afterlife! More beautiful than anything we can begin to imagine!

Once you know it, there is nothing that can equal it. You just

know! 9

The studies on this subject also show that the near-death

experiencers tend afterward to be more open and inclined

toward accepting reincarnation.

Then again, could not the amazing talents for music or

mathematics that certain child prodigies display be attributed

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