or thoughts we have done in the past. If we examine our

actions, and become really mindful of them, we will see there

is a pattern that repeats itself in our actions. Whenever we act

negatively, it leads to fain and suffering; whenever we act positively,

it eventually results in happiness.


I have been very moved by how the near-death experience

reports confirm, in a very precise and startling way, the truth

about karma. One of the common elements of the near-death

experience, an element that has occasioned a great deal of

thought, is the "panoramic life review." It appears that people

who undergo this experience not only review in the most

vivid detail the events of their past life, but also can witness

the fullest possible implications of what they have done. They

experience, in fact, the complete range of effects their actions

had on others and all the feelings, however disturbing or

shocking, they aroused in them: 19

Everything in my life went by for review—/ was ashamed of a

lot of the things I experienced because it seemed I had a different

knowledge ... Not only what I had done, but how I had

affected other people ... I found out that not even your thoughts

are lost. 20

My life passed before me ... what occurred was every emotion I

have ever felt in my life, I felt. And my eyes were showing me the

basis of how that emotion affected my life. What my life had done

so far to affect other people's lives.. , 21

/ was the very people that I hurt, and I was the very people I

helped to feel good. 22

It was a total reliving of every thought I had thought, every word I

had ever spoken, and every deed I had ever done; plus the effect

of each thought, word, and deed on everyone and anyone who had

ever come within my environment or sphere of influence whether I

knew them or not...; plus the effect of each thought, word, and

deed on weather, plants, animals, soil, trees, water, and air. 23

I feel that these testimonies should be taken very seriously.

They will help all of us to realize the full implications of our

actions, words, and thoughts, and impel us to become increas-

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