Again and again, I have heard Khandro say that if your link

with your master is kept really pure, then everything will go

well in your life. Her own life is the most moving and

exquisite example of this. Devotion has enabled her to

embody the heart of the teachings and radiate their warmth to

others. Khandro does not teach in a formal way; in fact, she

does not speak a great deal; but what she does say can often

be so penetratingly clear that it becomes prophetic. To listen

to her fervent and blissful chanting, or to practice with her, is

to be inspired to the depths of your being. Even to walk with

her, or shop, or simply sit with her is to bathe in the powerful,

quiet happiness of her presence.

Because Khandro is so retiring, and because her greatness is

in her ordinariness, only those with real insight see who she

is. We live in a time when those who thrust themselves forward

are frequently admired the most, but it is in the humble,

like Khandro, that the truth really lives. And if Khandro were

ever to teach in the West, she would be a perfect master: the

very greatest kind of woman master, one who incarnates with

a mysterious completeness the love and healing wisdom of

Tara, enlightened compassion in its female form. If I were to

die, and Khandro were there next to me, I would feel more

confident and more at peace than if any other master were by

my side.

All that I have realized I have realized through devotion to my

masters. Increasingly, as I go on teaching, I become aware,

humbly and with real awe, of how their blessings are beginning

to work through me. I am nothing without their blessing,

and if there is anything I feel I can do, it is acting as a bridge

between you and them. Again and again, I notice that when I

speak of my masters in my teaching, my devotion to them

inspires a vision of devotion in those listening; and in those

marvelous moments I feel my masters are present, blessing

and opening the hearts of my students to the truth.

I remember in Sikkim in the 1960s, not long after my master

Jamyang Khyentse had died, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche was

giving a long set of initiations, the visionary teachings of

Padmasambhava, which can take several months to bestow.

Many masters were there in a monastery in the hills behind

Gangtok, the capital, and I was sitting with Khandro Tsering

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