devotion and realizing the nature of mind, than the practice of

Guru Yoga. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche wrote, "The words Guru

Yoga mean 'union with the nature of the guru,' and in this

practice we are given methods by which we can blend our

own minds with the enlightened mind of the master." 7

Remember that the master—the guru—embodies the crystallization

of the blessings of all buddhas, masters, and enlightened

beings. So to invoke him or her is to invoke them all;

and to merge your mind and heart with your master's wisdom

mind is to merge your mind with the truth and very embodiment

of enlightenment.

The outer teacher introduces you directly to the truth of

your inner teacher. The more it is revealed through his or her

teaching and inspiration, the more you begin to realize that

outer and inner teacher are indivisible. As you gradually discover

the truth of this for yourself, by invoking it again and

again in the practice of Guru Yoga, a deepening confidence,

gratitude, joy, and devotion are bom in you, through which

your mind and the wisdom mind of the master do actually

become indivisible. In a Guru Yoga practice he composed at

my request, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche wrote:

That which accomplishes the great purity of perception

Is devotion, which is the radiance of Rigpa ...

Recognizing and remembering that my own Rigpa is the master—

Through this, may your mind and mine merge as one.

This is why all the wisdom traditions of Tibet have placed

so much importance on the practice of Guru Yoga, and all the

foremost Tibetan masters have treasured it as their innermost

heart practice. Dudjom Rinpoche wrote:

It is vital to put all your energy into the Guru Yoga, holding onto it

as the life and heart of the practice. If you do not, then your meditation

will be very dull, and even if you do make a little progress,

there will be no end to obstacles, and no possibility of true, genuine

realization being bom within the mind. So by fervently praying with

uncontrived devotion, after a while the direct blessing of the wisdom

mind of the master will be transmitted, empowering you with a

unique realization, beyond words, born deep within your mind.

What I would like to give you now is a simple practice of

Guru Yoga that anyone, whatever their religion or spiritual

belief, can do.

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