The Innermost Essence

NO ONE CAN DIE FEARLESSLY and in complete security

until they have truly realized the nature of mind. For only

this realization, deepened over years of sustained practice, can

keep the mind stable during the molten chaos of the process

of death. Of all the ways I know of helping people to realize

the nature of mind, that of the practice of Dzogchen, the most

ancient and direct stream of wisdom within the teachings of

Buddhism, and the source of the bardo teachings themselves,

is the clearest, most effective, and most relevant to the environment

and needs of today.

The origins of Dzogchen are traced to the Primordial Buddha,

Samantabhadra, from whom it has been handed down in

an unbroken line of great masters to the present. Hundreds of

thousands of individuals in India, the Himalayas, and Tibet

have attained realization and enlightenment through its practice.

There is a wonderful prophecy that "in this dark age, the

heart essence of Samantabhadra will blaze like fire." My life,

my teachings, and this book are dedicated to lighting this fire

in the hearts and minds of the world.

My constant support and inspiration and guide in this is the

supreme master Padmasambhava. He is the essential spirit of

Dzogchen, its greatest exponent and its human embodiment,

with his glorious qualities of magnanimity, miraculous power,

prophetic vision, awakened energy, and boundless compassion.

Dzogchen was not widely taught in Tibet, and for a while

many of the greatest masters did not teach it in the modern

world. Why then am I teaching it now? Some of my masters

have told me that this is the time for Dzogchen to spread, the

time alluded to in the prophecy. I feel too that it would be

uncompassionate not to share with people the existence of

such an extraordinary wisdom. Human beings have come to a

critical place in their evolution, and this age of extreme confu-


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