famous evening, Patrul Rinpoche gave him the introduction. It

happened when they were staying together in one of the hermitages

high up in the mountains above Dzogchen

Monastery. 3 It was a very beautiful night. The dark blue sky

was clear and the stars shone brilliantly. The sound of their

solitude was heightened by the distant barking of a dog from

the monastery below.

Patrul Rinpoche was lying stretched out on the ground,

doing a special Dzogchen practice. He called Nyoshul Lungtok

over to him, saying: "Did you say you do not know the

essence of the mind?"

Nyoshul Lungtok guessed from his tone that this was a

special moment and nodded expectantly.

"There's nothing to it really," Patrul Rinpoche said casually,

and added, "My son, come and lie down over here: be like

your old father." Nyoshul Lungtok stretched out by his side.

Then Patrul Rinpoche asked him, "Do you see the stars up

there in the sky?"


"Do you hear the dogs barking in Dzogchen Monastery?"


"Do you hear what I'm saying to you?"


"Well, the nature of Dzogchen is this: simply this."

Nyoshul Lungtok tells us what happened then: "At that

instant, I arrived at a certainty of realization from within. I had

been liberated from the fetters of 'it is' and 'it is not.' I had

realized the primordial wisdom, the naked union of emptiness

and intrinsic awareness. I was introduced to this realization by

his blessing, as the great Indian master Saraha said:

He in whose heart the words of the master have entered,

Sees the truth like a treasure in his own palm. 4

At that moment everything fell into place; the fruit of all

Nyoshul Lungtok's years of learning, purification, and practice

was born. He attained the realization of the nature of mind.

There was nothing extraordinary or esoteric or mystical about

the words Patrul Rinpoche used; in fact, they were extremely

ordinary. But beyond the words something else was being communicated.

What he was revealing was the inherent nature of

everything, which is the true meaning of Dzogchen. At that

moment he had already brought Nyoshul Lungtok directly into

that state through the power and blessing of his realization.

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