dark nest. All limitations dissolve and fall away, as if, the

Tibetans say, a seal were broken open.

Imagine you were living in a house on the top of a mountain,

which was itself at the top of the whole world. Suddenly

the entire structure of the house, which limited your view, just

falls away and you can see all around you, both outside and

inside. But there is not any "thing" to see; what happens has

no ordinary reference whatsoever; it is total, complete,

unprecedented, perfect seeing.

Dudjom Rinpoche says: 'Your deadliest enemies, the ones

who have kept you tied to samsara through countless lives

from beginningless time up until the present, are the grasping

and the grasped." When the master introduces and you recognize,

"These two are burned away completely like feathers in

a flame, leaving no trace." Both grasping and grasped, what is

grasped and the grasper, are freed completely from their very

basis. The roots of ignorance and suffering are severed utterly.

And all things appear like a reflection in a mirror, transparent,

shimmering, illusory, and dream-like.

When you naturally arrive at this state of meditation,

inspired by the View, you can remain there for a long time

without any distraction or special effort. Then there is nothing

called "meditation" to protect or sustain, for you are in the

natural flow of the wisdom of Rigpa. And you realize, when

you are in it, that is how it has always been, and is. When the

wisdom of Rigpa shines, not one shadow of doubt can

remain, and a deep, complete understanding arises, effortlessly

and directly.

All the images I have given and the metaphors I have tried

to use you will discover to be fused in one all-comprehensive

experience of truth. Devotion is in this state, and compassion

is in this state, and all the wisdoms, and bliss, clarity, and

absence of thoughts, but not separate from one another, all

integrated and linked inextricably with each other in one taste.

This moment is the moment of awakening. A profound sense

of humor wells up from within, and you smile in amusement

at how inadequate all your former concepts and ideas about

the nature of mind were.

What springs from this is a growing sense of tremendous

and unshakable certainty and conviction that "this is it": There

is nothing further to seek, nothing more that could possibly be

hoped for. This certainty of the View is what has to be deepened

through glimpse after glimpse of the nature of mind, and

stabilized through the continuous discipline of meditation.

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