that the whole space around you is him. Then invoke him

and go over in your mind every moment you spent with him.

Merge your mind with his and say, from the depths of your

heart, in your own words, 'You see how helpless I am, how I

can no longer practice intensively. Now I must rely totally on

you. I trust you completely. Take care of me. Make me one

with you.' Do the Guru Yoga practice, imagining with special

intensity the rays of light streaming out from your master and

purifying you, burning away all your impurities, your illness

too, and healing you; your body melting into light; and merging

your mind, in the end, with his wisdom mind, in complete


"When you practice, don't worry if you feel it is not flowing

easily; simply trust and feel it in your heart. Everything

now depends on inspiration, because only that will relax your

anxiety and dissolve your nervousness. So keep a wonderful

photograph of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, or Padmasambhava,

in front of you. Focus on it gently at the beginning of your

practice, and then just relax into its radiance. Imagine it was

sunny outside, and that you could take off all your clothes and

bask in the warmth: slip out of all your inhibitions and relax

in the glow of the blessing, when you really feel it. And

deeply, deeply let go of everything.

"Don't worry about anything. Even if you find your attention

wandering, there is no particular 'thing' you have to hold

onto. Just let go, and drift in the awareness of the blessing.

Don't let small, niggling questions distract you, like 'Is this

Rigpa? Is it not?' Just let yourself be more and more natural.

Remember, your Rigpa is always there, always in the nature

of your mind. Remember Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche's words:

'If your mind is unaltered, you are in the state of Rigpa.' So

as you have received the teachings, you received the introduction

to the nature of mind, just relax in the Rigpa, without


"You are lucky enough to have some good spiritual friends

near you now. Encourage them to create an environment of

practice around you, and to go on practicing around you up

until and after your death. Get them to read you a poem you

love, or a guidance from your master, or an inspiring teaching.

Ask them to play you a tape of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, a

chant of the practice, or an exalting piece of music. What I

pray is that your every waking moment should mingle with

the blessing of the practice, in an atmosphere alive and luminous

with inspiration.

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